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#lulu..... i love u
bearsorti · 12 days ago
@tctidem asked :  [ sing ] and maybe a little [ caress ] 👉👈 Lulu to Smoker // PROMPTS.  accepting. 
It was as if a dam had broken, with each encounter a new learning, words and actions combined and together creating something new. Never before a gentle man yet surprising all the same the minute actions brought forth beneath her gaze and in her presence. So astounding the affect, should he be another might be staggering. In truth what could be wrapped up in pretty poetry and texts, weightless feelings are all simplified to a single thing: a man that has finally accepting the course of his actions and call. Even now he rests beside her, warmth enveloped in warmth. 
A sigh leaves him unhurried, rough calloused palm slides down her side and over the jut of her hip. As angelic bells grace his ears he turns into her, nosing under her chin and enjoying the light sounds of laughter breaking her song. Teeth teasing at her neck, affectionately nosing along soft skin, he grunts at the hands in his hair. Pulling back and reaching with a free hand to grip her wrist as her hand caresses his cheek. His gaze flicks down to the slight pink on her neck from his stubble and to her lips before locking gazes. Raising a thin brow, he mutters, voice rough and low, “Somethin’ special about that song? You were singin’ before.” 
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kyunsies · 28 days ago
Mäaaadch hope you're having a great day love uuu mwah! ❤💕💓💞💗💝❤💕💓❤💝💓💞❤💕💗
lulu my LOVELY angel 💗💘💕💓💞💖💗💘💕💓💞💖 thank you :((( sending u the biggest hug right now :(((( i hope u have a good rest of your day too bubbie MWAH 🥰
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tamriel-fave-idiots · a month ago
which oc is this JSJDHSKDNDKDNKDDK love all your characters they live in my head rent free
Tumblr media
Miraak, Alinaary : how to stop reliving the past
Martin, Julia : how to stop replying bad memories
Calimi, Sorno : how to stop reliving traumatic events
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jaehyukkies · 2 months ago
it HAS to be to keep them humble but also prolly to like.. strengthen their bonds or whatever djfdnfjdj personally i think my bonds w anyone would be stronger if i got my own room but anyway....... get ur adoption papers ready!! i hope u like fake plants JFKDKDJD and oh maybe its like a bonus clip from one of those. whats it called. the 3 minute smth or whatever rip i forgot the name
I prob should actually only have fake plants as I am terrible at keeping real ones alive ... even my air plant I’ve failed 😭 so he can put all the fake plants he wants in here ! hahaha I mean I am BIG extrovert and love to have roommates and when I get along with people I am like ... well for example me and one of my best friends met working together on one of my travel jobs and we literally would opt to share a room or at least we’d spend all day hanging out together in one even when we would book places with 2 lol so that’s what I am like, I always opt to be around people vs not unless I’m uncomfortable or like... don’t really like you... lmao but I also respect that is not the case for everyone and there’s no way it’s the case for all these kids (maybe some of them though !)
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andrakesffxivdump · 2 months ago
so.... amaurot in ff14 makes me feel,,,,some kinda way
its based off a city of the same name in a book called utopia (also apparently where hythlodaeus comes from i think) which uh. has a lot of implications as to what amarout was like/its society and what regard it was held in to other societies at the time
but the two dungeons after the main 5.0 story - akadaemia anyder and anamnesis anyder - are what im ranting about rn.
so i finally got around to searching up what these words actually mean and
now anyder doesnt really have a specific definition bc its not really a word. it is another word taken from utopia as it is the main river that runs through amaurot in the book. its taken from the word anhydrous which means waterless (which is kinda ironically funny, but im pretty sure utopia is meant to be satire anyways as its a book on a utopia that doesnt really exist)(side note: amarout is apparently taken from the greek word amaurotous which means disappearing so theres kinda a theme going on that really sets the tone for this so called utopia) also hey, amaurot is kinda underwater rn on the first so the whole water theme kinda has various meanings depending on what youre analyzing
akadaemia is simple: it kinda obviously comes from akademia, so smth like a school or university. considering the dungeon is a place where amaurotines researched and experimented on stuff like you might at a university or smth, its pretty accurate.
now anamnesis on the other hand gives me a lot of stuff to work with. the word means to reminisce about the past. so the first meaning for that is obviously: amaurot was an ancient civilization whos sundered souls were passed onto us (ie. azem and wol) and our souls can still somewhat remember the whole planet dying bc of whatever shit storm happened (but thats another post).
then we've got the explanation that is in context for the dungeon specifically. if you dont remember, or didnt pay attention, we end up fighting the concepts that amaurotines had created and preserved for ages (hmm memory motif), but more importantly, we get to see a recording of venat. now idk much about venat bc i havent done much research into their lore (someone can add that onto this post if they want) but we learn that venat is the one in charge of the whole hydalyn thing to oppose zodiark.
(im pretty sure that venat was also planning on become hydalyn's heart just as elidibus became zodiark's but id have to rewatch the cutscene)
ANYWAYS this is a pretty important memory as we piece together the major events that happened in amaurot. and when we tie it in with the memories theme that is somewhat explicitly stated in the very name of the dungeon, yeah it makes a lot of sense.
this information makes me feel a lot of ways esp considering that amaurot is one of my favourite areas in game (part of the reason to this is bc on first sight it reminded me of zanarkand with ffx, then all the dream zanarkand parallel with amaurot and....well you get the idea) (it only makes me more excited for the other ffx stuff in endwalker - ANIMA MY FAVOURITE AEON FOR ITS LORE, GAMEPLAY, AND DESIGN - so yeah)
ill prolly make a post about how i think how anima might play into the lore we have so far. so yknow.
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jaehyukkies · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
HI LULU yes I’ve crawled out of my hole in the ground & I missed u all so much! also I know you didn’t send me a 🎨 but I’m gonna pretend you did and give some love to some of your recent sets too 🤗
1. prince Soobin - I mean you’re just a genius for this but also your coloring is so nice, Soobin is glowing!! like these kinds of sets remind me what I even come here for, it’s so fun and cute and yeah maybe a little self-indulgent but CLEARLY we all needed/wanted it even if we didn’t know it so thank you for this
2. favorite songs: wlts - I am always saying how much I love your song sets and this is just your most recent but really, all of them are so distinctly your style and you always nail the mood and clip choice and coloring. the blues in this one especially are sooo nice.
3. way home tyunning - you transformed this cold pale video into a warm cherry pie and I just love how soft they look! filed under: gifs I feel like I could reach into and feel their hair. I love your 02 line sets bc honestly, I think everyone’s faves looks amazing when they’re giffing them hehe.
creators send me a 🎨 & I’ll tell you my favorite of your last 10 creations and why
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dailuna · 4 months ago
just think, i used to be scared to talk to dee
but now, im just scared to talk to dee*
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leopard-print-slippers · 6 months ago
fam if u have ever done anything that made me punch my hands together or jump around or flap my hands excessively (all with my silly little grin or my silly little biting lip smile) i love you more than words can say
(arbitrary tag list of ppl that have achieved this level of love: @jaelynn-is-slightly-confused @your-lover-crutchie @meekspoetsfilms @daveyjacobss @auxctor among others)
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