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zvezdacito · 2 days ago
Tried drawing some Genshin characters🕺🕺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mostly drew this to try and see if it would get cl0ut. If it works, expect a few more of these maybe. If it doesn't, what is genshin (feel free to use as pfp just credit me somewhere on ur page lol)
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animepopheart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
★ 【ショットガンマン】 「 原神 」 ☆ ⊳ lumine // genshin impact ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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yun-shuten · a day ago
Tumblr media
has this joke been made yet? no?? ill take it
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seraphravenflight · 2 days ago
Imagine if genshin had phones
Lumine: Hey Childe, are you busy?
Childe: Yeah, I’m doing paper work
Lumine: Oh..I was going to ask if you wanted to commit a crime with me in Inuzuma but alright
Childe suddenly in inuzuma: I’M IN
Lumine: wHAT THE FUCK-
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winphoria · a day ago
A Contract of Curiosity
zhongli x lumine!reader preview — continuation from Greed & the Teyvat Indulgences series
"The contract hereby states that you are under both my responsibility and my disposal for the rest of the night. Beginning at dusk and terminating at dawn the next day, you will legally belong to me.” His golden eyes are dilated, in them holding the soul of a powerful god. Yet he gazes at you with such calmness. You try to decipher whether this gentleness is a reflection of his role in bed or rather a deception, a facade hiding the archon’s intentions of domination and power. In time, you decide the mystery of it is alluring enough to make you desire him even more. So without hesitation, you find your lips uttering a soft yes to his imminent question— “Do you accept, darling?”
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idonthaveabackupplan · 2 days ago
Traveler: Kaeya, I’ve been meaning to ask, but… if the eyepatch is a family heirloom then what‘s behind it?
Kaeya: Oh, do you want to see?
Traveler: If that’s alright with you.
Kaeya: Alright, but you have to come take it off me yourself.
Traveler: A-Ah okay. *Leans forward and slowly removes it to reveal…* ANOTHER EYEPATCH!!?!
Kaeya: *Falls off his chair laughing*
Traveler: I don’t think we can be friends anymore. I’m gonna go hang-out with Diluc and Venti.
Kaeya: Wait, *Gasp for air* no *Giggle* I still need your help with this job.
Traveler: *Already leaving*
Diluc: *Groan* He didn’t really, did he?
Traveler: He DID
Venti: *12 drinks in, only here because the Traveler is paying for his drinks and thinking he‘s on to something* Hmm… We should prank him.
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moontofuu · 2 days ago
I love your headcanons! What about an AU where both twins are trying to fight over who wins Ayaka's heart? I'd imagine they try to sabotage each other when possible. And Ayaka is very clearly crushing on the two of them
[ ✉;;  ohohoho, late response. :runs away: 😰
Tumblr media
by nature, the twins are most likely competitive, through their early stages of childhood. helping you with chores became a freindly competition but as years go by these only grow more... serious, it soon reaching a climax once they’ve met the famed kamisato ayaka, a beautiful woman hailing from inazuma.
kamisato ayaka, a figure of high reputation to the inazuman council. depsite not even belonging apart of said council. she serves as an important figure in campus, mainly to the inazuman students. they see her as a model of perfection, no one ever bad mouths her. she’s kind, elegant and beautiful, her social status as the shirasagi himegimi far preceeds her true nature.
ayaka prefers etiquette classes and is the best well manered lady throughout campus, perfect grades, a seemingly equally perfect social circle, the little sister of kamisato ayato, who serves under the council president; baal or rather raiden shogun.
lumine is the first of them to fall for her, it happens hard and fast. shes also the first one of the two to meet ayaka. they are first introduced by thoma who in turn showed lumine around as one of the exchange students. fortunately for lumine, aether was stuck at home. courtesy of you as he caught a rough cold and is now staying in bed with a runny nose and a pounding headache.
- 1 points for aether.
she realizes her feelings once ayaka caught her alone in chinju forest after a day spent in a festival. (basically ayaka story quest, sorry aether :3)
aether finally meets ayaka a few weeks after lumine did. he would meet her once a problem arises within inazuma. they were both called, as per the problem miraculously involved the exchange program.
ayaka was present at that time, filling up her elder brother's seat as he was 'busy' as he put it.
eventually lumine was forced to introduce aether to ayaka and the rest is basically just history. he and ayaka immediately hit off to which lumine made it her goal to intercept any possible interactions with them.
one day she just snitches to you saying that aether was trying to steal her 'freind'.
the two aren't idiots, they can clearly tell the other has something for her.
an all out war just breaks out, aether planning to share an umbrella with ayaka once he finds out its gonna rain today? lumine steals it and walks her home instead, leaving him drenched and annoyed.
oh! how about lumine purchasing baked goods from the bakery right around the street to gift to ayaka? she turns around one second to bring out her phone and the next thing she knew when she turned around was that the paperbag was literally gone. non existent.
ayaka is just so confused, a little flustered but nevertheless clueless about everything. the two constantly fight so she doubts they were gonna be happy if she told them that she liked both.
thoma is amused, baal thinks it's cute but it's damaging inazuma in some way with the chaos, yae doesn't care but finds it entertaining. the rest are just mixed feelings.
I'll leave the rest to you. 😘 :leaves:
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Venti: Do I look like I have crippling depression?
Traveler: No offence intended, but yes.
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giyokaizine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
To all things big and small, funny and strange, and maybe even a little creepy - are you ready to join our Night Parade?? (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
👹 Yokai Impact Zine's Applications are finally open! 👺
App Guide:
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yenanng · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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