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Lilith and Eda are now both OUTCASTS living in a house with a bird tube for a door.  Lilith’s apprentice must now choose between her MENTOR! and her FAMILY!  And she chooses her mentor because she has clearly demonstrated awareness that her parents are garbage.

So now she lives with Lilith! Which means… RUH ROH! She lives with LuZ noW oH nOoOoooOoo

Yes this does mean another episode dedicated to Amity’s Gay Panic Attacks, don’t look at me like that wasn’t the entire reason I came up with this.

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And hear we have an event one year later, the Arc Crew getting involved in one of the more important events in the One Piece world, following just Luz’s side of course. 

There is some blood and character death(not anyone people actually care about, hah) in this one, so please beware. It’s not to graphic, but still feel it’s best to warn you.

You can also read Part 1 Here 

Once again, please continue under the cut for the new piece and enjoy

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- His father is an Elvish warrior named Alea and a Giant father named Bjorn

- He’s the youngest Clawthorne at the age of 39

- His last name (GaravHen) is Elvish for Wolf Child

- His father was a famous blacksmith (He even made Belos’s staff)

- Due to his giant heritage he can speak to ancient creatures like Titans 

- His birth name was Hammergutt (Norwegian for Hammer Boy) because he was often picked on for having the gutt part of his name

- His favorite food is Chocolate Mochi

-His favorite drink is a Prairie Oyster With Vodka

- His least favorite food is Godsfruit ( Basically think a apple with the outer shell of a pineapple)

- He was trained in swordplay by Alador Blight

-Before living with Eda And Lilith he was a famous thief named The Shadow Dancer

- He was also raised by a dragon named Judas, who taught him fire magic

- Judas also taught him how to learn Reishi (Think of Belos’s omnipotence) which increased his senses (Mainly sight, smell, and hearing)

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Alavro is the adoptive brother to the Clawthorne sisters Eda and Lilith. Due to his heritage (Elvish and Giant) He not only has superhuman strength, speed, and durability, he also has a extremely high connection with the animals and creatures of the Boiling Isles. At the age of 15 Alvaro embarks on a quest to find his biological parents. Later discovering that they were enslaved by Emperor Belos. Later on he falls in love with Camilla Noceda (Luz’s mom) and they agree to move to the human realm together. But, After about 5 years of normal life, Alavro decides to return to The Demon Realm to start a rebellion against Belos. Which after another 5 years he gets thrown in jail. Until he discovers that Luz attempted and successfully freed Eda from petrification. And after escaping prison he loses his rebel friends to a storm at sea which luckily brings his to Bonesborough.

Thanks for all your support, I hope somebody will eventually make this AU of mine into a comic series. This was originally something that I came up with when I was bored and I never expected it to get this popular. Again, thanks for all your support.

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‘’Little Eye’’

WOOO it’s been time since i last posted ahah i am sorry :’DD just a lot rn to do and sick and eh

Anyways i hope you like it and maybe considering ko-fi? ;w; it helps me but if not still thank you for liking my work!

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