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#luna moth

This is the start of a beautiful series of nyalenas based on real moths! We’re starting it out with some heavy hitters!

$5 for each of $12 for all three!

Luna - open
Cecropia - open
Death’s Head - open 

Custom Nyalenas are available for $10 each

Nyalenas are a species of mammal that resemble moths but behave similarly to cats. They chirp and purr and have an insect-based diet. They are about the size of kittens and like to curl up on your lap.

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Made a process video of me painting my moth..

I hate doing these cause I always have a problem showing work that isn’t done yet since it looks crappy and I think it’s never gonna look complete but then I get done and it’s like oh holy shit it does look good, but anyway, enjoy!!

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I’ve decided Fallout needs more insects.. Passive ones. I designed two moths and a butterfly native to America. 

Deathclaw moth is a mutated version of Cecropia the largest moth in the US. It bares scary markings to frighten predators even fooling the fearsome deathclaw.

Glowing One’s Guide is a mutated version of the rare Luna moth. Radioactive and more active at night giving off a soft glow.

Great Swallowtail is a mutated version of the Giant Swallowtail which is common in the US.

These insects are passive enough that if you stood still they will land on or near you, they’re attracted to settlement crops and can help pollinate them and add happiness to your settlers. When killed they drop rare moth/butterfly eggs, common moth/butterfly meat, and most common moth/butterfly wings which can be used to make clothing or can be mounted as a trophy/decor.

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