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yaboi-julien · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 2: Clown
Day 2 for @blupjeansweek! I was at a little bit of a loss for this prompt, but I think it all worked out lol
 A four panel comic in a cartoony flat-coloured style. In the first panel is Lup in her litch form, a red-robed figure with hands reminiscent of smouldering charcoals and a little spout of flame poking out of her hood where her hair would fall. Under the hood it’s completely dark, except for two glowing white eyes and two sharp white canines. She looks down dejected as she wanders down a darkened street with old-timey shops in the background, the moon and stars in the sky. She is thinking: “want to hug husband want to hug husband want to hug husband”.
In the second panel she looks up, a large lightbulb appearing beside her as a sign on one of the buildings in the background reads: “necromantic wares”
In the third panel, we see Lup’s red robe from the back as she looks at a shelf inside the store. On the shelf is the clown doll from the MBMBaM TV show’s Haunted Doll Watch segment with a tag underneath it saying: “Ready-to-be-haunted doll. Sale! 400 gp”. A thought bubble coming from Lup says: “Perfect.”
In the fourth panel is Barry, a human man with short brown hair wearing a white tank top, as he is sleeping soundly in bed. The clown doll, now posessed by Lup, looms over him in preparation to give him a hug. A thought bubble coming from Lup in the doll says: “This couldn’t possibly go wrong”.
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 2 months ago
A little late but!! My favorite trans twins for tdov :)
Tumblr media
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vedlei · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
powerful woman/regular guy gotta be one of my favourite tropes
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lovelyblupjeans · a year ago
congratulations to the adventure zone for being the only podcast to have lup I think that's very cool of them
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ambystomas · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
The Coming Storm 🌧
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starryflowered · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
oh lord i’m a couple of days late but uhh
my piece for @thecandlenightszone gift exchange, specifically made for @fandomsnstuff! again, really sorry for being late, so here’s some blupjeans
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magicman-fryingpan · 5 months ago
sorry not sorry
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twixtedspoon · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i had a craving for the twins in tokyo street fashion.
this has been in the works since like the day after my last drawing was posted and i finally finished it lol
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andromedadoodles · a year ago
Tumblr media
I have one brain cell and I use it to love Lup.
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di0bran · 2 months ago
stuck with you ; taakitz
Tumblr media
pairing: taako x kravitz (taakitz)
word count: 2.9k
genre: arranged marriage, modern royalty au
warning(s): n/a
author's note: hello lovelies! i am so excited to put out a piece that, as much as i love jojo's, is not jojo's. it is another fandom i have gotten a huge hyperfixation on once again, and that is the adventure zone which if you like d&d and have not listened to it, please do. it is simply amazing. now onto the writing! <3 i hope y'all enjoy reading this first part as much as i enjoyed writing it!
Tumblr media
“i simply don’t understand why i’m the one who has to get married, lup could certainly be the one getting in an arranged marriage.” taako crossed his arms across his chest, his usual nonchalant attitude replaced by one of irritation now that he was the one forced to marry someone he didn't even know.
lup snickered, "do you not remember i'm with barry? or does that just conveniently slip your mind at the most perfect moments?" her twin had always kept his cool - but in this situation, it was understandable for him to be annoyed. “barry and i have been together for how many years now?”
“i have most certainly not forgotten, but i would like to know why you and barry cannot be arranged to marry.”
"barry isn't royalty, so it wouldn't benefit anyone. but your marriage to someone with some high status will definitely be beneficial to all of us, including you."
the twins had continued their bickering until their aunt intervened, "listen, you two, we have a reason for this. i need both of you to stop bickering so taako can get ready. today, he will meet his suitor... the raven queen requested a meeting between you and her son.”
‘her son?’ taako thought to himself, ‘she’s talking about kravitz.. they want me to marry him?’... “we’re polar opposites!” the last of his thoughts were being voiced out loud, “you want me to marry kravitz? he and i are nothing alike!”
"and why does that matter?" it gives you two more things to discuss, just wait. you're sure to fall in love with him after learning something about him." their aunt continued, but taako was only half paying attention.
an arranged marriage with the raven queen’s son? taako had never met kravitz, but heard stories about the men and women who were enamored with him. as far as taako was concerned, if just about everyone who had seen him thought he was attractive, he supposed that it was something that he could give a chance.
“where am i supposed to be meeting him at?”
“at the raven queen’s estate, of course. so please go put on your best attire, taako.”
“fine, i’ll go.” taako raced up the stairs with lup following behind, “why are you following me?”
“do you not want my help?” lup asked, crossing her arms over her chest as she stopped on the middle of the steps.
“oh i most certainly do.” taako laughed, stopping to look behind him, “you always know how to braid my hair just right.” he smiled softly as he continued up the stairs with lup following suit. he opened the door to his quarters, now sitting on the edge of his bed. “come on, i don’t have all day. i get to go meet my suitor,” he spoke the last part with a hint of sarcasm behind his voice, and it made the pair laugh.
“i don’t think it’ll be that bad,” lup started, now sitting behind taako and pulling his long blond hair back behind him into a braid, “if i’m being honest, he seems like your type.” lup giggled as she put the braid over taako’s shoulder, “as your twin, i am obligated to know your type in men, and kravitz seems to be just that.”
“and you would know that… why?”
“oh, because i’ve seen kravitz before.” lup, now laid back on taako’s bed, knew this was going to rile taako up.
“and you’re just telling me now?!” taako exclaimed, turning around to face lup, “what does he look like, lulu? come on, you can at least give me that, right?” he had a grasp on her shoulders, and she couldn’t help but laugh.
“he’s tall, dark, and handsome according to your standards.” lup snickered at taako’s instant change of attitude after she said those words. “but i’ve heard he’s very… quiet. he keeps to himself, and isn’t one to open up quickly.”
“are you trying to scare me away? i’m going to have to marry him if it’s what the raven queen wants, lup. i’d do anything so you wouldn’t have to give up your relationship with barry, and you know that.”
“yeah, but hearing you say it definitely makes me want to get teary still.” lup smiled with small tears forming in the corners of her eyes. taako was always going to do whatever it took to make lup happy, they were twins after all. if he had to be in an arranged marriage so lup could stay happy with barry, he was going to jump head first into it.
“oh lulu, don’t start crying. you don’t want to make me cry before my date, now do you?” taako laughed as he held back the few tears from seeing lup cry. “why don’t you distract yourself by helping me decide on a color to wear. and don’t say red. because red is one hundred and ten percent your color.”
“fine, if you won’t wear red… then, wear neutral colors with your purple cloak and hat. i know you’ll feel silly with your hat but-”
“i will not feel silly with my hat, you know it’s my favorite accessory.” taako took offense to lup’s comment about him feeling abnormal while wearing his rather large wizard hat to his date. kravitz had to have known who taako was, he and lup were constantly seen around town, and taako always wore his obnoxiously large hat and a cloak. see, both lup and taako were magic users and taako wanted to make sure everyone knew so they didn’t try and mess with him.
“sure, sure. but i feel like if you do the neutral shirt and pants, it won’t feel as obnoxious as if you tried to match everything to the purple.”
with the twins finally reaching an agreement on taako’s attire, he had gotten himself together and prepared for this date. it was something he was rather nervous about now that he thought about it. he walked down the stairs and let out a gentle sigh as he realized it was time for him to face his fears about meeting kravitz. it was time for him to go and meet with both the raven queen and kravitz, and he gave lup a hug before he made his way toward the door, “don’t do anything stupid until i get back.” he sounded like a parent scolding their child, which caused him to stifle back a laugh.
“how can i? you’re taking all the stupid with you.” lup crossed her arms over her chest, “i should be telling you to not do anything stupid or reckless around the raven queen or kravitz, you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, do you?”
“no, now stop psyching me out.” taako grumbled lightly as he now walked out the door and toward the raven queen’s estate. he knocked on the door, and a gentleman in a suit answered.
“hello, how may i be of assistance?” the man asked, looking at taako as he stood there nervously.
“i’m… here to meet with the raven queen,” taako spoke, trying to keep his composure. “and with the prince.”
“oh, are you here about the arranged marriage? i will gladly show you the way to the raven queen. or, i could point you in the right direction if you would rather take a look around for the time being.”
“i suppose i could spend a minute or two looking around.” taako smiled gently as the man pointed him in the direction of the raven queen’s throne room, and taako followed the hallway down until he heard the sound of a piano. despite the frantic pace of the song itself, the pianist playing it had to be a real expert, someone who really knew what they were doing, since they played each key without missing a beat.
taako knew it to be beethoven’s ‘moonlight sonata - third movement’ from the sounds of it. a classic piece to learn, but a hard piece to master to the extent that this individual was playing at. he followed the sound down a hallway that was off course for the raven queen’s throne room, but not too far away to where he would get lost. as he peeked his head into the room to see who was playing such a beautiful piece so perfectly… it was a face he did not recognize, but could definitely have placed as kravitz. the description lup gave about him was simple yet described him perfectly. he leaned against the doorway as he still tried to keep his existence unknown to kravitz, who was laser focused in on playing on the piano. it wasn’t until taako started to lean a bit too much and lost his grip on the doorframe that he finally fell down.
kravitz’s hands that had been so peacefully playing beethoven now quickly banged on the keys out of habit as he had been startled. “who dares interrupt my piano practice?” he had an accent, a cockney accent to be exact.
taako grumbled as he tried his best to get up off the floor without grabbing onto anything. “i didn’t mean to disturb you. you just… sounded so beautiful playing and i couldn’t help but be enthralled. so i followed the sound of the piano and it led me here.”
“who are you and what are you doing in here?”
“i was supposed to be heading for the raven queen’s throne room when i got distracted by your piano playing skills,” taako explained, “my name is taako.”
“no last name there, is that right? just a first name?”
“yeah, i’m mononymous, what about you, hot shot? got a name you care to share?”
“it’s kravitz. nothing else. as for the last name, it isn't relevant, since it does not exist.”
hearing kravitz reveal himself made taako’s face turn a soft pink. this was who he was meant to marry? he couldn’t be mad when he looked this good. his dark hair pulled back into a sleek bun with an undercut, he was wearing a pair of gray pants, a white button-up, a black vest and a cloak. taako didn’t feel so out of place with his cloak now, as he saw kravitz wore one casually as well.
"well, kravitz, i don't know if you were informed, but we're destined to marry. actually, we're arranged to get married in the near future."
“arranged marriage? do you know why?”
“i haven’t the slightest idea. your mother requested me, and i couldn’t refuse.” taako smiled, leaning lightly against the piano as he looked down at kravitz, as he was still sitting on the piano bench.
“oh, because you’ve just got a long list of suitors and i was your top choice?”
“no, because i was afraid no one else would have me. and because if i wasn’t the one to have an arranged marriage, my twin would be parted from her soulmate. i would do anything to keep lup happy.”
“that was quite admirable of you, taako. you know that right?”
“well like i said, if i didn’t give this a chance, i would have ended up the town’s hermit wizard who keeps himself locked away in a tower or something.” taako slightly joked, but was also being semi-serious. he had no idea what would have happened had he not taken this ‘arranged marriage’ deal.
kravitz realized that taako was only mildly joking, and now closed the piano. he placed his elbows against the wooden cover that easily slid over the pieces, his fiery red eyes now meeting with taako’s icy blue ones. “you said you were here to speak to my mother, is that correct?”
“that is correct, she was the one who wanted to see me. and have me meet you, but it seems like we’ve got that part out of the way,” taako tried his best to stifle his laughter, but couldn’t help it as he let out a small laugh. “sorry, it’s just ironic that i was coming here to have your mother introduce us and i somehow ended up doing that part for her.”
“she’ll appreciate having less work to do in that department, i just know it,” kravitz finally decided it was time to get up from the bench and taako realized that kravitz was definitely taller than he was. probably by at least a few inches.
‘just tall enough where i can rest my head on his shoulder,’ taako thought to himself, but with the look on kravitz’s face, taako could have sworn kravitz read his mind. but taako also failed to realize that he had been staring at kravitz from the moment he stood up, which was why kravitz was giving him such a quizzitive look. in addition, taako had failed to realize that kravitz had extended his hand to him, not to romance him, but to be his guide without him getting distracted again and wandering off.
“come along, let's go meet the raven queen,” kravitz said in a soft voice, waiting patiently for taako to grab his hand. “i’m sure she’s going to love you.”
and with those words leaving kravitz’s mouth, taako had finally grabbed a hold of kravitz’s hand as he followed behind him. he was looking around at the scenery as they walked through the long hallway to the throne room, and he was amazed at how beautiful the interior was… not that he expected any less, but it was astonishing to see in person. “no wonder you’re pulling me along, it is really easy to get distracted by all of this gorgeous interior decor.” taako mumbled just loud enough for kravitz to hear.
when they finally made their way to the throne room, taako hadn’t noticed until he felt kravitz let go of his hand and glanced down to see him bowing. taako quickly caught on and bowed, “your highness, my most sincere apologies. i wandered off and simply couldn’t find my way back.” that was a lie, taako made sure he knew his way back to the main hallway that lead to the throne room. but something held him in the recital room where kravitz had been practicing. was it kravitz himself, or was it simply the atmosphere that was created between the beautiful music and kravitz’s irresistible charm? it didn’t matter, because here they both were, bowing before the raven queen. the pair had risen at the same time, as taako hadn’t been around true royalty in what felt like forever, so he was mirroring kravitz’s actions towards his mother.
“i see the two of you have already met. i have arranged an outing for the two of you, there is a pottery class that i believe might help the two of you get to know each other better.” the raven queen spoke, “it would not be my ideal choice, but i believe you both are… artistically inclined.” she added on before getting up from her throne. “it is later tonight, so you both have time to get yourselves prepared and changed into less fancy attire. i’m sure you wouldn’t want to ruin your clothes with clay.”
“of course not, your highness.” taako replied, his cheeks looked like they were stained with a tinge of pink as just the thought of going out with kravitz, in public, nonetheless, was a huge deal for the both of them. “and what time is this arrangement, so i can be properly prepared?”
“it is at six tonight, that gives you about,” she glanced up at the clock, calculating just about how much time was left between then and now, “three hours, which is a reasonable of time, wouldn’t you agree?”
just as taako was going to reply again, a familiar accented voice replied, “it’s plenty of time, mother. now if you would please let him go on his way so he can get ready, i would like to have a word with you in privacy. if it isn’t too much trouble.” kravitz had chimed into the conversation now, it had seemed that when he and taako were talking previously that he had dropped the accent at some point within their conversation before meeting with the raven queen, and had picked it up again while talking to her.
“of course, darling. it’s absolutely no trouble at all. taako, you may be dismissed. i am hoping to hear good things about tonight,” she smiled as she waved taako goodbye, and taako gave his goodbye bow and went on his way back home to tell lup about what had just happened.
“now what is it you wanted to talk about?”
“it was nothing particularly important, but i just wanted to tell you that i believe you may have made the right choice in my future husband. he seems rather nice,” kravitz had started to speak, but had been cut off midsentence by the raven queen.
“he’s not hard on the eyes, either. especially not by your standards, because i can see a little bit of red on your cheeks.”
“you cannot!” kravitz instinctively covered his cheeks, which had certainly confirmed his mother’s suspicion. she knew that she had made the right choice, but it was certainly going to take some time for the two to get acquainted. there would be plenty of time for that after they were wed, as they would have the rest of their lives to learn about one another.
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shittykinaesthetics · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shitty Lup Taaco aesthetic: oh you wrote a series of wizard novels and then turned out to be a transphobe? hahaha you are like little baby. watch this trans wizard obliterate you out of existence
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yaboi-julien · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Based on this post by @questbedhead)
Full image description below cut!
Image Description: A long form comic including three pages, all set in a dingy necromancy store and illustrated in a cartoony, fully-colored and shaded style.
In the first panel, a hooded figure sits behind a desk with his back to us.
In the second panel, we see part of his face which has a big sly smile on it as he looks over his shoulder. Behind him, a door opens with the ring of a small silver bell.
In the next panel he spins around in his chair and says: “Welcome to Blood-Bath and beyond, your home for necromantic wares! Anything I can help you find--”
Next: “...Today?” he finishes, seemingly dumbfounded. In the middle of the frame are three new people. Barry Bluejeans is in the middle, he is a white middle aged chubby man with brown and grey hair, stubble, and wearing a white shirt, brown coat and glasses. To the left is Taako, a dark skinned elf with straight choppy dark brown hair died lavender at the bottom, wearing a large purple wizards hat, a purple cape with gold stars, a frilled shirt and high-wasted pants. To the right is Lup, a dark skin elven woman with a face identical to Taako’s but with longer curly dark brown hair died red at the tips, and wearing a wine red wide-brimmed hat and wine red dress. The twins each are resting an arm on one of Barry’s shoulders, framing him.
In the next frame, Barry has a finger resting on his chin as he says “Uh... yes, I’m looking for a spell book with level 12 or higher spells.”
Next is a close-up of the shopkeeper’s eye, squinting forwards with a thought bubble that says: “Level 12?”
Next is the same close-up of the shopkeeper’s eye, only this time it is wide and looking up past Barry.
Next is a frame of just Taako and Lup, with Barry just slightly out of frame. Taako covers his hand as if to whisper something to Lup as they both look judgmentally in the direction of the shopkeeper. A speech bubble comes from offscreen as the shopkeeper says “Right away, sir.”
Starting the second page is a frame of the shopkeeper dropping a large book onto the table in front of him. The book looks to be stitched together from skin, with a large green eye-shaped jewel on the front cover and small fangs on the spine.
Next, Barry has picked up the book and is looking at it with a smile of curiosity as he says “Oh, neat!” The twins both peer over his shoulder as the shopkeeper looks at the three startled.
Next is a close up of Barry’s hand sliding a collection of very different looking coins across the table, including some golden hoops, a silver perforated coin with a dragon emblem, a pale blue coin, a canadian loonie, and a thin gold bar with line markings on it (it’s not a loss easter egg don’t worry about it)
The next panel is shot from over the shopkeeper’s shoulder. Barry excitedly shows an interested but calm Lup something in the book as Taako rolls a bunch of teeth around in one hand, bored. The shopkeeper thinks: “Who is this guy?!”
Next is a panel showing half of the shopkeeper’s face, the border of the panel cutting him off vertically as he stares forwards intently.
The next panel is exactly the same, except he has narrowed his eye, the pupil now glowing, as the words “true sight” are spelled above him
In the next panel, Barry is shot from the neck up, looking excitedly at something offscreen.
Next is the form of Barry’s red robe litch form, shot from the exact same position as the previous panel. He glows a faint red, the inside of his hood empty and black save for two glowing white eyes.
Starting the next page the shopkeeper recoils in surprise, his thought bubble reading: “A litch!” In the foreground, Barry and the twins are starting to leave, Taako dropping the coins Barry had paid for the book with into a small bag.
Next the shopkeeper lunges forwards with urgency, shouting “WAIT!”
Next, “Who are you?!” he shouts at the trio. Barry is looking over his shoulder at the shopkeeper, and Lup had put her arm over his shoulder.
Next is a very close shot of the bottom of Barry’s face, his mouth in a null position.
Next is the same close up shot of the bottom of Barry’s face, only this time he has a large sly smile on his face.
Next is a medium shot of Barry, he has a big gentle smile on his face, his eyes closed and one hand up in a polite wave as he says “Name’s Barry Bluejeans!”
In the final panel, the shopkeeper lays passed out over his desk, a small cartoon of a round ghost floating away from his body as the door in the back of the room closes. A small creature sits on his desk, eating the chocolate gelt which had been swapped out for the real coins.
End Image Description.
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 26 days ago
No longer naked!! (Taako not pictured because he is still naked I'm working on his clothes next lol)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eyeofahurricaneart · a year ago
Tumblr media
"Taako, what if she's just gone?"
"... Who?"
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foxy-alien · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Fuck Grimauldus!
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bellaraeart · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
"Hear that, babe?"
And her hands catch fire, and she says, "We're legends." 🔥
[Lup stands away from viewer before the shadows of the Hunger with her hands outstretched in a hooded red robe with an IPRE patch on the back. There are mysterious shadowy figures leaching out from the columns of darkness the Hunger produces. The Hunger looks like a dark storm with small flashes of colour sporadically placed.]
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nillial · 8 months ago
smoking the shit that made lup who???
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unprofessional-author · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lup Taaco Cosplay and Face Reveal In One
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aly-en-art · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Day 1: Ghost 👻
Plants brushes by Devin Elle Kurtz. They're lifesaving when I have so little time to draw!
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andromedadoodles · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
May I offer you a Lup in these trying times.
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