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gemz2001 a month ago
Before and After photo. No family is Perfect but together they are stronger
Tumblr media
Bonus: just before Casita's "Hug"
Tumblr media
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lonely-ghost-daddy a month ago
Tumblr media
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balkanbitch a month ago
Part two to this post! Since I have so many ideas!
-Isa trying to connect with mirabel through embroidery and accidentally breaking a project she was working on for a long time so she has to get the other grandkids to figure what to do before mirabel sees it
-Bruno has to make some sort of speech in front of a bunch of people and he's getting extremely anxious about it so some of his family tries to do stuff with him the that calms them down but it just makes him worse
-The kids arguing on who's bruno's favorite niece/nephew
-Lusia and isa being put in charge of decorating Antonio birthday and they have very separate ideas that more cater to there style than anotonios
-Pepa having a mother daughter day with Dolores
-Alma trying to reconnect with mirabel but only knows stuff she liked before she was 5
-Camilo is asked by so many people to be them at different places at different times that he starts confusing the stories together to the point where hes shifting as the wrong people at the wrong events causing mass confusion in the town
-Mirabel gets hurt in a way that's almost fatal so her older siblings and cousins don't let her go anywhere or do anything without one of them breathing down her neck
-All the kids getting sick and having there powers go haywire and the only adult around to help is felix
-Bad things start to happen around the town ie. crops dying, farm animals being eaten by wild ones, weather knocking homes down. Some villagers start to believe its because of the return of bruno. Camilo, isa and mirabel try to figure what's the real reason is.
-There is a town event where everyone competes against eachother in teams of three. Each set of madrigal siblings decide to compete and get way to competitive.
-Antonio making one of those extremely complatied and hard to follow board games kids make. He makes his family play it and everyone gets way to invested
-Dolores trying to avoid spoilers for a book shes looking forward to reading until she can get home
-Its someone in the families birthday and this time they decide to mix up who usually does things for the party (example julieta-baking, isa-decrorating, Dolores- presents, etc) only for everything to go horribly and everyone that got assigned a new task does it horribly wrong
-Isa dragging her sisters for a spa day of sorts
-Flashback episode to the triplets teen years
-A sherlock spoof episode where things keep going missing in the village and camilo forces lusia to be his "watson" and the "good cop"
-The triplets first birthday since bruno disappearances. Both pepa and julieta want it to be a big celebration with the whole town while bruno just wants it to be a family thing
-Someone tries to kidnap one of the madrigal so they can make money off there power only for them to pick up mirabel. Mirabel messes with them until her family finds her
Bonus: sometimes when bruno is doing something where hes waiting for another character to appear or hes not the main focus you can hear him humming "we don't talk about bruno"
Part 3 Part 4
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mickeywabbit 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
finally saw this movie and i love them sm 馃グ馃グ
1 | 2
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cherryblossom2134 29 days ago
Can I request for a Camilo x reader angst (happy ending?) fic (or headcanons - whatever you feel comfortable writing) where everyone is happy, then a bunch of invaders (the same ones who killed Pedro) find Encanto
This is gonna be epic, I actually cried when I wrote this.
Hope you like it :)
Dos Oruguitas
Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for reader
Summary: All things have to come to an end, right?
Warning: Angst, prepare yourself to cry
Tumblr media
Life with you was perfect...
"Camilo!" You chuckle, while you're trying to escape his holding. He on the other hand is holding you tightly and trying to spread butterfly kisses on your face.
"Mi amoooorrrr just let me kiss you!" He whines and purses his lips, you covering his face with your hands, making him frown.
I finally found someone, with who I can be myself with.
"Hey Y/N check me out!" you hear Camilo say, you turn around and see him shapshifting in you. Your cheek rise up with heat. "Camilo!"
The Madrigal smirks and is about to pull your dress up while he is still in your form. "I wonder how- ARGH!" He says, you immediately slap him in the face, making him to fall.
Someone I could give me whole heart to, through the pain.
"Cari帽o.... don't cry" you say gentle and pull him over. He cries silently letting you hold him. You rub his back gentle, while your nuzzle in his curly hair.
He sobs gentle against your chest. "I'm not able to be myself, Mi Amor" he tells you, it's one of these nights, when he feels empty and the only thing he need now, is you.
"You can always be yourself around me" you whisper in his ear, making him cry more. You tight your hold around him, trying your best not to cry.
It was bliss...
You both stare each other lovingly in the eyes. Not wanting to break it, because you both love this tingling feeling inside of you.
"Te Amo" he whispers, having his hands on your waist. You feel the butterflies in you stomach clearly. You have your hands rested on his shoulder.
"I love you too" you whisper back, he smiles at you softly then he leans over and presses his soft lips on top of yours, and you both share a gentle kiss.
When it came crumbling in an instant.
Fire, fire everywhere. People screaming, children crying. It's like time has been rewind for Alma Madrigal. As if she is back 50 years ago, as if she was back to that day, when she had to leave her beloved home. People running away, trying to save their lives.
Children running around, trying to find their parents while crying. Dead bodies on the ground. Houses on fire, animals escaping trees which are in fire. It's a horrible and terrifying sight.
"EVERYONE SAVE YOURSELVES!" Felix yells, as he holds his youngest son, Antonio in his arms who is crying, because he is scared. Casita, their beloved house ... on fire. Everything lost.
"MAM脕 WE HAVE TO GO!" Bruno screams at his mother, also like everyone else terrified. Holding his mothers wirst and pulling her with him. "casita.." she whispers.
Invader's found the small village Encanto. The same ones, who killed that day Alma's beloved husband.
Camilo, who is with his family. Terrified to think of something, tries to escape with them. When he remembers: Y/N
His eyes widen. His mother Pepa, looking back at him. "CAMILO WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" You can hear the fear in her voice. She tries to pull her son with the rest of the family.
"I-I CAN'T I HAVE TO FIND Y/N!" He yelled, before he started running again to the village which is mostly on fire. "CAMILOOO!" His mother screams in tears while her oldest child, Camilo's sister, Dolores holds her back with tears.
"WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" Luisa screams, and the family like the rest of the people of the village try to escape in the forest. Till all of this is over.
Camilo runs the streets that are on fire, looking for his Girlfriend. His heart is beating as fast as it can, you can see the fear in his eyes. Especially when he sees dead bodies on the ground.
"Please be okay, you have to Y/N!" He tells himself, he runs to your house. Which is completely on fire and almost burned to ashes.
Tears escape his eyes. "MI AMOR?! MI AMOR, ANSWER ME!" He screams through the disaster. He is running around, already black because of the ashes. Coughing a lot because of the fire.
"Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!" He screams from the deepest of his loungs, his throat already hurting. His heart breaking every second more and more.
Houses start to crumble and fall apart. That the streets get blocked, the only way to escape now is to run in the forest. With a broken heart, Camilo runs for his life. Tears escaping his eyes.
He runs deep in it, trying to find someone he knows.
He hears his family, his mother. In the next moment, he runs into his mothers arms and cries. Pepa blinks in confusion first, not realizing who is in her arms. Then, she gasps and tightens her grip around him and cries with him. "Camilo!" She sobs.
Felix, with Antonio in his arms and Dolores hug both of them. The family crying. The others Julieta, Augustin, Luisa, Isabela, Maribel, Bruno and even Alma joining. All of them crying one more the other less.
This is the second time that this happens to the Madrigal family. And one... losing again their beloved.
"I-I couldn't find her mom" Camilo sobs into his mothers arms, Pepa sobs. She loved you as a second daughter, you were already a part of the family. She holds Camilo tighter. "I'm so sorry my love" she whispers
Alma, knows exactly how Camilo feels. Oh she knows how much his throat hurts because of the crying, the endless pain inside him which gets worse every second, the emptiness filling inside his heart... losing his beloved.
The Villagers come back to Encanto, seeing their home ruined. Almost everything in ashes, mostly nothing left. Just a tragedy.
"Dios M铆o" Alma whispers, the village she built ruined, just like her home before. Bruno, hugs his mother. Looking heartbroken to his home.
Everyone, looking around. People trying to find family members. Crying, screaming...
Camilo looks up, his eyes widen. His heart racing when he heard this voice. He looks around in fear, not that he only just imagined it.
"CAMILO!!!!" Someone screams his name frustrated and scared.
He doesn't waste a second, running around. "Y/N, MI VIDA WHERE ARE YOU?!" He looks around, still not seeing you.
"CAMILO!" You sceam under tears, shaking in fear. "C-Camilo" you sob.
He turns around, heavy breathing when he finally sees you, looking terrified for him. You turn around and see him too. Your eyes widen. "CAMILO!" You scream and run over to him, your dress is slightly burned on some spots.
"Y/N!!!" He says, running to you over as you both finally approach each other in a tight embrace. You cry loud against his shoulder gripping on him tight.
"I finally found you" he says breathless, his voice shaking and kissing your head while holding you tighter to his body.
You grip tight on his ruana, letting your tears coming down your cheeks. Relived that he is alive, and so his family. You were so scared not seeing him again.
"I thought I never see you again" you whimper, Camilo takes your face gentle in his hands. Looking at you with puffy eyes from the crying. "I will always find you, no matter what. Even if it's in the next life. I find you" he assures you which makes you cry even more.
The next second he kisses your lips, holding tight on you. You also holding tight on him both of you scared the other will disappear any second.
For Camilo, was this the scariest experience he has ever been through. Losing his home again, is pain enough for him. But losing the one he loves the most, unthinkable for him.
Alma, who watches the two teenagers being reunited, cries silently. Glad for her grandson that he found his love again, but sad for her village and also that she and her beloved never had a happy ending.
You both pull away from each other a couple of seconds later, hugging and just staying like this. Glad and happy to be reunited again.
"I'll never let you out of my sight again" he whispers kissing your forehead gentle. Holding you protectively, to comfort you. You sniffle and have your eyes closed while enjoying being in his arms and relived that in the end... you didn't lose him.
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esmiblood90irisglimmer 18 days ago
Encanto Headcanons Pt 2
Mariano: *seeing a creep hitting on Mirabel*
Mirabel: *uncomfortable and scared*
Mariano: Oh hell naw *immediately heads over and places Mirabel behind him* That little girl, is a child. I don't wanna see you sniffing around her anymore for my rest of my life do you understand?!
Creep: *scared* I....
Mariano: *pick up the creep by the shirt* Boy, have you lost your mind?! Cause I'll help you find it
((Mariano would be like the protective older brother toward the youngest kiddos within the Madrigal family, and no one can tell me other wise))
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starrmaiden a month ago
alright encanto fandom. if encanto took place in a more modern time/less remote area, the madrigals would need a van to get around.
where's everyone sitting?
Tumblr media
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toothmint 25 days ago
Okokok Mirabel has no power and we all agree that's valid and a good plot point and we love her anyway but I was bored so here are some concepts of what I think her power could've been.
Tumblr media
Based on the candle motives of the movie, could also be some form of pyromancy, making lanterns burn brighter, fireworks exploding in the sky and putting out bonfires with a snap of her fingers, a bonus that when she uses it she glows.
Tumblr media
Could mean a lot of different things, maybe she could understand them like Antonio or Turn into them kinda like Camilo's shapeshifting, personally, id think shed have a beautiful pair of wings on her back, gliding around town and eyes going wide at Isabelas beautiful flowers.
Tumblr media
Everything she touches shatters like glass, worsened by negative emotions, this one could potentially have alot of angst, Pepa and Lusia could help her cope with her strength and emotions, though im sure Bruno would appreciate a roommate.
Tumblr media
She opens her bedroom door, and suddenly, she's somewhere else, Magical doors appear and disappear in walls to where she wishes or needs to go, I picture she'd be more closely in tune with the casita because of the building themes.
Tumblr media
She mended her family, and have you seen that woman's dress? Mira can mend anything with her endless spools of colourful, indestructible thread, fixing buildings and helping her mother heal her father's wounds, all while making beautiful patterns.
Tumblr media
EMPATH (idea from @magical-clock)
Mirabel passively experiences the same emotions as her family and friends around her, She can also manipulate them with her own. (Ex. Making them happy when she's happy) Perhaps she and Dolores could bond over getting overwhelmed by people.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cubesandbones 10 days ago
Encanto head canons because why not:
*Mirabel makes Antonio鈥檚 animals some toys to play with, and Antonio makes sure they don鈥檛 destroy them and tells the animals to play with them gently.
*Antonio will be whispering with his animals and then look over at a certain family member and then giggle and quickly look away, and everyone knows that he鈥檚 talking about them to the animals. Everyone gets a little freaked out by this, because they have no idea what they could be talking about, but even though she can only understand what he鈥檚 saying, Dolores knows that it鈥檚 not really anything bad and is mostly silly things, like Camilo tripped over a sock the other day.
*Abuela starts to indulge more in Mirabels interests and they make crafts together, and start to grow closer that way.
*Pepa and Felix dance together super often, and at the most random times, Felix is usually the one to initiate it.
*When Bruno left, there were such terrible storms and a huge risk of flooding, so Felix had to get Pepa as far away from town as possible and console her.
*Felix sings to Pepa a lot and she loves it.
*Julieta has tried teaching Augustin how to cook, and if he weren鈥檛 so accident prone in the kitchen, he鈥檇 probably be pretty good at it.
*Felix is a huge hugger, and is the only one who can handle Luisas long, back cracking hugs.
*Luisa has a box containing a collection of things she likes and finds really pretty, like a crystal she found in a lake, a gold button, a locket with little gems stuck to it, some rings, a tiny bow with a pretty design, etc.
*When Bruno is back the whole family helps to revamp his room and make it livable again, and they all get really excited and all start adding their own touches to it, until it鈥檚 kind of an unorganized mess full of random things bruno doesn鈥檛 really want, but he doesn鈥檛 want to hurt their feelings either. Later Mirabel helps him sort it all out and make it much more to his liking. He does keep some of the drawings that Antonio stuck to his wall up though.
*Bruno likes Antonio鈥檚 capybaras a lot, as they鈥檙e super chill and the largest rodent, and will listen to Antonio talk about his capybara and other animals all day.
*Bruno thinks that Camilo鈥檚 description of him in the song was actually hilarious, but gets a little bit of revenge when he starts describing what Camilo was like when he was a baby to the townspeople, and describes him as a little terror, that was super cute and chubby but would throw his food into peoples faces constantly, and Camilo also thinks it鈥檚 funny but is still a little bashful about it.
*Camilo is very protective of Antonio because he鈥檚 so quiet and doesn鈥檛 know how to make friends with a lot of the other kids in the village, so sometimes he鈥檒l shape shift into a kid and brag about how cool Antonio is to the others, and will stay with him like that until he feels comfortable enough around the other kids.
*Dolores likes to write poetry with Mariano, and they watch a lot of romantic telenovas together.
*Isabela wants to travel and learn more about herself, and starts exploring the mountains of the encanto.
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onaluvstowrite a month ago
just dance ;
summary: you and Camilo have an argument鈥bout who really won just dance
camilo x reader
gender neutral!reader锟
he/they pronous used for camilo
鈥 c鈥檓on Princesa you can't really be upset that I beat you in just dance 鈥 your partner Camilo smirk as he sat next to you and put his arm over your shoulder.
鈥 yes im still mad. you know i won鈥 you said back to the curly haired boy.
鈥測eah im your dreams鈥 he scoffed.
For the past two days, you've been ignoring him, and yes over just dance. you both hit superstar before the dance ended so you two technically made tied in first, unlike his sister and cousin. 锟糓aribel got 5 stars, his sister and Isabela got 4 stars and Luisa got 3 because Antonio took her spot.
So obviously they asked the other who they thought won, but it also came to a tie. Maribel and Delores锟 voted for you and Lusia and Isabela voted Camilo ( only because he bribe them but shush) and little Antonio didn't vote for anyone no matter what you two bribed him with.
鈥 you know you can't ignore me forever Princesa鈥 they mumble in your ear and lay his head on your shoulder. shrugging his shoulder off you say 鈥淚 know what you're trying to do Camilo, I'm not admitting you won鈥
鈥淥h come on, you know I did so theyres's no trying to deny it !鈥 he responded as they got up to follow you. 鈥 you know, you obviously didn鈥檛 win if you had to bribe your cousins鈥 you mouthed and looked back at him.
鈥渂ribe? me? wow I can't believe you would think I've done that!鈥 they said with a shocked face. 鈥測eah鈥kay鈥 you rolled your eyes and said.
鈥淵ou know what mi amor? how about this鈥 Camilo says and grabs your wrist to spin you around to face him 鈥 round 2, just us, and 3 judges, and whoever wins has to do whatever the other one says, deal?鈥 they said as they looked into your eyes
鈥淥h your on Madrigal.鈥
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arcemohs a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh no鈥ot another Disney movie I鈥檓 going to become emotionally attached and obsessed with.
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gemz2001 a month ago
Dinner scene Part 2 gifs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a chaotic engagement dinner between households, nothing to see here
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dark-empress-justice a month ago
Y鈥檃ll, Bruno in Encanto is literally a theater kid. I mean, his entrance was something only a theater kid could do.
I mean, do you think a non-theatre kid could do the lighting with the sudden vanish and the standing there for just a second more? I don鈥檛 think so.
Also, Camilo is defiantly genderfluid, like I鈥檒l fight y鈥檃ll. Plus, he defiantly had a very loose sense of identity, seeing as he constantly changes.
I wish we could have seen more of him. He felt really 2d and like comic relief.
Anyway, Lusia was hot as hell.
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balkanbitch a month ago
Episodes I would want to see if we got encanto tv show
- Isa and lusia competing on who's the better older sister
- lusia having to babysit Antonio for a day
-bruno trying to bond with all his necies and nephews
- mirabel needing to be two places at once and asking camillo to go to one of them but he also had to be at another place at the same time so hes just bouncing between these places
- the triplets going on a road trip type adventure
-an episode about the triplets childhood
- bruno having a crush on a guy from a the town over and mirabel and dolores trying to set him with him (with a bit of help from there siblings )
- mirabel getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and all her siblings/cousins giving them the shovel talk
- isa and lusia (once again) competing on who can get mirabel the better gift for her birthday
- camilo trying to help mirabel impress all the townspeople
-bruno trying to get on the good side of the town's people and learns he doesn't need there approval
- how felix and pepa met
- Antonio and bruno trying to put on a show with rats for the family or a festival but they can't agree on the plot
- Bruno predicting something like one of his nieces/nephews dying, trying everything to prevent it only to realize it was a play they where gonna put on
- Dolores starting a business where she sells gossip she hears until it gets so out of hand that most people in the village hate eachother and she has to get help from her family to fix it
- camilo still being scared of bruno and bruno trying to make him less scared of him but everything he does makes camilo even more scared
- the kids are are home alone for some reason and they spend the whole time sitting in a circle telling scary stories
- felix insisting that there should be a "boys trip" and dragging all the boys in the house out for a disaster
These are just some of the ideas I came up with I might do more later
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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rae-arts777 a month ago
Isabela: I鈥檓 a le鈥.le鈥.lesssssss鈥eeeeeees
Lusia: What?
Isabela: leeeee鈥eab鈥..bean鈥.bean鈥..
Mirabel: take your time
Isabela:鈥*clears her throat* ////鈥.woman /////
Isabela: I like girls鈥.
Dolores: 鈥︹︹.Hpm! Oh sorry, say it again so I can pretend to be surprise. *heard her convo from earlier*
Camilo: *wheezes* *also knew cause Dolores told them*
Isabela: I鈥檓 a lesbian
Antonio:鈥.I thought you were a madrigal
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cherryblossom2134 27 days ago
Hihi! I love your Camilo fics! They鈥檙e so good!
Could you do Camilo w/ a fem reader that is v popular in town bc she鈥檚 so sweet, helpful and can cook v well she gives major wifey vibes and everyone loves her, unfortunately that makes her have many suitors waiting in line for her and Camilo has a massive crush on her but he鈥檚 too nervy to talk to her so the whole Madrigal family help him out to set him up!
Thank you ilyyyy<33
Aww Darling thank you! And sure I do that.
Hope you like it :)
Un poco de ayuda
Camilo Madrigal x fem!Reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for Reader
Summary: Y/N is the sweetest girl known in the small village Encanto, also popular for her delicious food. Julieta and she are the best cookers in town, Camilo who has a big crush on her is to nervous to talk with her. So the Madrigals help him out.
Tumblr media
Camilo is not the Typ for being flustered or nervous because of girls, it's the opposite. Girls get usually these things when he flirts with them. He's pretty popular with them.
But ever since he noticed you, he doesn't care about them anymore.
He heard about Y/N a lot, of how kind she is and that her food is as good as Julieta's. He never believed it. How can someone's food be better than his T铆a ones, there has to be a mistake, right?
But when one time, Antonio brought something from your food and Camilo tasted it. He was to stubborn to admit it, but it was delicious no doubt about it.
He wanted to know you, get to know more about you.
And when he saw you, he fell in love. Your gentle e/c eyes, with so much kindness and love inside it. Your h/c hair, which is shining in the sunlight. Your beautiful smile, it made him fall for you hard right away.
The way people in town love you, how you try to help everyone out. You're basically the perfect girl for him.
He wants to make you laugh and smile. He wants to be the reason you're happy. He wants to make you happy, just as you deserve.
So ever since then, he tried to talk with you. He really did, but when ever he was about to do it you got called by someone, and disappeared.
He also noticed how other guys tried to talk with you, he got so angry and frustrated when he saw it. But was relived right away when you showed them off.
Sometimes he would imagine how you both cook together and he tries your delicious food. Or imagine how his family would definitely love you.
Daydreaming is something normal for him to do when he has a crush.
And here he is again, sitting on a bench, and watching you. Helping an old lady out with their grandchildren.
If he doesn't get to marry you, he will be heartbroken.
"Okay Primo you gotta talk with her" Isabella appears out of nowhere next to him, the Oldest child of the Madrigals noticed it right away how he fell for you and never was able to speak.
Camilo flinches at her voice, looking over confused. He rolls his eyes and looks back to you, how you play with the children.
"Yeah, as if I didn't try" he scoffs at her, Isabella looks over to her cousin mad. She noticed his face expression when he looks at you, full of admiring.
She sighs, looking also to you and the children. "How many times?" She asks carefully.
"Lost count" Camilo mumbles. It's either he is to shy to talk with you or someone comes before him and takes you right away from his eyes.
"She doesn't even notice me, so what is the point?"
"If you don't try, you will regret it"
Isabella makes a bouquet of beautiful roses and gives them to him, she smiles at him. "Worth the shot, right?" She smirks.
He blushes, he should give you these flowers?! They are beautiful, of course they are from his prima but what will you think of him?!
"Come on!" Isabella pushes him to you over, the trips a few steps and is right before you. So close that your noses almost are touching.
The whole family knew about this, they've been watching Camilo trying to talk with you for almost a Month. The lost patience and helped him, made the plan which Isabella is doing right now.
He told his mother about you, Pepa noticed the shine in his eyes when he talks. He reminded him of Felix, when he was younger.
Mama's boy, can't hide anything from her. But he actually wanted advice what he should do to talk with you.
And of course she knew you, you helped her sometimes out. She wished that he would have the courage to talk to you, so you both could get to know each other and get together.
If not, pepa would made a hurricane.
You gasp shocked and look at him, suprised that someone is this close to you from out of no where.
Camilo's eyes widen, trying to register what his cousin just did. "DAMN YOU ISABELLA!" He curses his cousin in his mind, Isabella watches the scene with a satisfied smirk from afar.
Camilo backs up, and laughs nervously "E-Eheh... s-sorry" he stutters, gripping on the roses tight. Trying to calm his nerves down.
"I-it's okay" you tell him, your sweet voice bringing him goosebumps all over his body. "Ehm.. t-these are for you?" He tells you, giving the flowers his cousin made, more sounding like a question.
You look more beautiful in his eyes from close, he even notice the small freckles you have, which you can't see from afar.
You take them, your eyes sparkle. Even if it's clich茅, you love roses. Especially red ones, symbol of love.
"T-thank you, they are beautiful" you say, with a gentle smile on your face. Camilo blushes, getting a big goofy smile on his face. "I'm Camilo" he introduce himself.
"I know" you chuckle "The shapeshifter Madrigal, you're quite famous" you smile "I'm Y/N, nice to meet you"
The children you were watching over, giggle at the scene and run away. "CAMILO AND Y/N SITTING ON A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G" the laugh while running away. Making you both blush madly.
Camilo coughs, rubbing his neck. "uhm I noticed you a while now, and uh... " you look at him with your e/c curious "if you wanna hang out sometimes?" He asks
You smile, you noticed him too. Also for a while now, but were just like him to shy to talk. "I would love to"
Camilo smiles, he's in heaven. He actually made it, he talked with you. Even with a little help from his family.
You both make out to meet tomorrow, at 3pm to eat something together. And that's how your love story started. With a little help.
Isabella and Maribel give each other a Highfive
"We're so gonna tease him about this"
"We definitely will"
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esmiblood90irisglimmer 21 days ago
Headcanons Encanto Pt 1
Pepa: *Seeing Bruno dressing his rats up*
Bruno: *Heavily distracted and focus on tonight telenovela*
Pepa: *smirk mischievously* Pussy!!!
Bruno: *glaring at Pepa* I will knock your ass out
Pepa: *giggling a bit*
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goodvibes24hrs a month ago
Babysitter Bruno where when the family is busy he watches over the kids. Bruno with a baby strap on holding Luisa while one hand holds Isa and the other holds Dolores hand. He鈥檇 take them out to walks, play with them in the nursery, or have them build sandcastle in his room. The kid he鈥檇 watch most would be Mirabel and the kid he鈥檇 watch least is Camilo (he鈥檇 refuse to leave his Mami鈥檚 side). When Camilo does go with Bruno, he likes to do impressions with Bruno and make a little play for his primos. When it was just Mirabel, Bruno would make crafts with her. When he鈥檚 watching all the kids at the same time he likes to plan a picnic outside of Casita. Luisa would chase Mirabel, Camilo, & Isabela and Dolores would sit with Bruno and listen to him read.
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Scrapes and Feathers (mini-drabble)
- - -
Encanto Flightless AU - Isa, Dolores, Julieta & Mirabel hurt/comfort
Prompt by: @omfals
- - -
It was always that stupid bike.
Isabela sat with Luisa and Dolores in the square, taking a short break from daily chores. It was sunny out, the sky was a pristine blue. The villagers bustled out as they normally did, trading, chatting, or simply moving from one place to another. All was well.
Until of course Mirabel flew in.
And she definitely flew in. The jump was straight off one of the low rooftops, launching her forward at impressive speed. Her figure was silhouetted by the afternoon sun, and people scrambled to get out of her way as she hit the ground and crashed shoulder first to the pavement. Her bike skittered across the square鈥檚 warm stones as she whacked her face against the ground, losing her glasses and coming to a stop back first against one of the traders carts.
On the rooftop, several other figures watched the landing before darting away, not to be caught by the Madrigals.
Running towards their smallest member, the girl was only down for a second or two. She shook her head to rid the dizziness from her brain, holding a hand to her lip and nose which began to bleed.
鈥淧rima. Are you ok?鈥 Dolores asked, kneeling down to pull Mira鈥檚 arm from her face to look, 鈥渋s it broken?鈥
鈥溾ine鈥︹ she muttered unhappily, pushing Dolores鈥檚 worried hands away as she moved to stand, only to stumble and slam back down onto her knees, 鈥渏ust need鈥 minute.鈥
鈥淲hat were you thinking, going off the roof like that?鈥 Isa chided her, removing a cloth from her inner pocket and pushing it against her sisters nose to stem the bleeding. Mirabel said nothing, glancing back towards the rooftop. Only Luisa seemed to have noticed the presence of others, her large wings splayed out in anger.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 Mirabel insisted again, though as they spoke a dark ring was already forming around her left eye from hitting it against the ground.
鈥淵ou look like you just got stampeded on,鈥 Dolores commented flatly as Mira huffed a bit of blood, only to grunt as Isa grabbed her waist first and pulled her in.
鈥淣o more today,鈥 she ordered, 鈥淲e鈥檙e done,鈥
鈥淚sa!鈥 Mira whined, 鈥渟top. Not out here, I said I鈥檓 fine!鈥
鈥淎nd you鈥檙e a bleeding liar,鈥 the elder snipped, 鈥測ou鈥檙e lucky Mama wasn鈥檛 here to see you botch like that,鈥
鈥淚sa鈥et鈥o!鈥 Mira ground out, kicking her legs a bit to try and break free, 鈥淟uisa! Help me out!鈥
The bigger middle child merely shook her head silently from side to side, folding her arms in a firm 鈥榠f you run I鈥檒l catch you鈥 stance, 鈥淒-Dolores come on! I鈥檓 fine, see? It鈥檚 f-fine!鈥
Dolores too gave a little head shake as Mira continued to thrash in Isabela鈥檚 grip. She managed to break free, stumbling away in any other direction, but vines soon sprouted around her, tripping her up by the ankles and wrapping them together so she couldn鈥檛 run.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not going anywhere until Mama gets back,鈥 Isa insisted, summoning more vines to curl around Mirabel鈥檚 torso to bind her arms and keep her from moving.
鈥淜idnapping!鈥 Mira squeaked as she was hauled back into Isabela鈥檚 grip and dragged from the center of the square by force, 鈥淚鈥檓 being kidnapped! Somebody help!鈥
Of course nobody did help, because no one would ever mess with a peeved Isabela Madrigal. So she was pulled off to the side, tucked into a warm alcove where she thrashed and snarled in her sisters arms, still bleeding profusely from her nose, and her eye beginning to swell closed. Using her pinkish feathers, Isa held the girl down against the warm pavement, hoping to settle her. Dolores soon came to join her, wrapping both her cousins up in brown and creme patterned feathers.
Luisa was the last to arrive, Mirabel鈥檚 bike in one hand as she set it against the wall and leaned casually against the brick, crossing a leg and extending a wing to block them all from being seen by passers by. Mirabel continued to struggle, but she was no match for Isabela鈥檚 heavy down. So she flopped with a small grunt of exhaustion, determined to wait it out till the trio wasn鈥檛 watching and she could slip away.
By the time Julieta returned from gathering supplies, the villagers told her of the incident. They pointed her to the alcove, where Luisa still stood guard, moving her feathers so her mama could pass to see what had happened. Mirabel had long since fallen asleep, rivers of crimson still staining her upper lip and her eye closed by bruising. Isabela and Dolores were chatting quietly, weaving crowns of flowers in their hands.
鈥淎y,鈥 Julieta sighed as both girls smiled at her, looking down at the little menace still held down and snoozing under Isa鈥檚 feathers, 鈥渨hat am I going to do with you all.鈥
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