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#luther hargreeves

>:0 oh my god

yes. he deserves the honor

but like, also no? because it’s not loop (i don’t think) so he still went to the moon after [first man on the moon]. hmmn this is a very good question. i think his siblings would tease him for being the first man on the moon, but he’d deny it, because like technically he isn’t. but technically… he is. incredible

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Some of the Hargreeves family in ‘The Day That Wasn’t.’ (I only need to work on ‘I Heard a Rumor,’ and then I’ll have made icons from every episode. 😱) If you want to see the other TUA sets, you can find them here. If you want to request a set, please see my post here

If you like/want to use, then liking/reblogging is much appreciated. 💖

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The Hargreeves playing mafia with their one (1) shared brain cell

Klaus: screams “I THINK BEN IS SUSPICIOUS” as soon as the game starts just to fuck with him

Diego: starts fighting with Luther for no reason, gets way too passionate about the game

Luther: unintentionally helps out the mafia by wrongfully accusing all the civilians

Ben: actually tries to figure out who the mafia is

Five: gets eliminated on the first round bc everyone thinks he’s suspicious (he was indeed a mafia but it was unfair he was killed off so early since he barely got the chance to shine and he’s still lowkey bitter about it after the game ends)

Allison: tries to do some detective work at first but eventually just resorts to accusing random people

Vanya: quiet asf even though she’s a civilian because she’s too scared to say anything

Ben: actual mafia who wins and laughs at everyone at the end (klaus: I WAS RIGHT)

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Klaus: You are, my fire
Allison: The one, desire
Diego: Believe, when I say
Luther: I want it that way
Klaus: Tell me whyyy
Vanya: Ain't nothing but a heartache
Klaus: Tell me WHHYYYY
All: Ain't nothing but a mistake
Klaus: Now number 5
Five: ...
All: ...
Klaus: It was number 5! Number 5 killed my brother!!!
Five: I swear I didn't mean to!
All: ...
Klaus: Did you- did you kill Ben?
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I think that’s cuz Five seems to… at least partly as a child… agree with Reginald. He thinks they should master their powers. He think they shouldn’t have names. He wants to push himself, he wants to complete Reginalds goals.

That definitely changes during the apocalypse but it’s interesting to wonder how Luther would’ve turned out if Five had stayed as the favorite?

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I feel like the pattern was a bit like the focus was on 1 or 2 characters per episode. The first few episodes at least I think Luther took the lead and we saw a lot of Diego

Issue was this changed to focus on the others but then we focused on Klaus Vanya and five while stuff was actually happening…

I think we did get a lot of Luther although maybe not the arc we wanted…. at least it feels unfinished. I’m desperate for more Allison and Diego though.

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Older sibling energy:

Luther, Allison, Five

Middle sibling energy:

Diego, Vanya

Little sibling energy:

Klaus, Ben

Actual older siblings:

Five, Klaus

Actual middle siblings:

Luther, Allison, Diego, Vanya

Actual little sibling:


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people really underappreciated s1ep10 of the umbrella academy. not because of the badass fight scenes or anything, but because that episode is filled with so much crack-


  • the background conversation we hear between diego and klaus after they get mistaken as fives parents thats literally “if i was gonna date a man you wouldn’t be the one i pick if you were the last person on earth” “you’d be lucky to get me”
  • luther deciding the best way to give his sister a romantic ‘i love you speech’ is to say it to his niece while in front of her
  • allison getting pissed at luther for sleeping with another women when she literally abandoned him to get married and have a kid
  • klaus literally taking down a trained assassin with a fucking cake and then walking back to their cover while dusting his hands as if thats normal
  • klaus belly flopping into bowling pins
  • ben hiding behind a taco truck despite the fact that hes fucking dead
  • klaus saying 'this is it mofo’
  • five using the phrase 'lolly gagging’
  • *allison mimes playing a violin*
  • diego: yeah no shit tell us something we dont know
  • hazel, a TRAINED ASSASSIN, not checking that his targets dead before leaving them after all they did was lightly go through the car windscreen
  • luther: we did it. we saved the world. *moon explodes*
  • five: we have one more shot, but you have to trust me.
  • everybody, immedietly: lol no death please

this episode is a fucking masterpiece and nothing will ever change my mind

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Here you go!! This is actually by Dot from my TUA server, she doesn’t have a tumblr but full credit to her!

Luther - Taurus (strong, dependable)

Diego - Aries (eager, competitive)

Allison - Cancer (compassionate, protective)

Klaus - Gemini (expressive, kind)

Five - Capricorn (perfectionist, diligent)

Ben - Pisces (affectionate, empathetic)

Vanya - Virgo (gentle, analytical)

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