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#luther hargreeves
chaoticace22 · a day ago
Klaus: Who wants a tarot reading?
Luther: Those are pokemon cards
Klaus: You got a Squirtle it means shut the fuck up
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guardianofdust · 2 days ago
I genuinely think that the main reason Reginald 'unadopted' the umbrella academy was the family dinner in season 2. I mean I love the hargreeves to bits but they are a fucking mess.
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tua-said-this · 2 days ago
Diego To Luther: i hate you, dont talk to me, youre stupid, im so smart, you are the worst brother, you suck, you-
Someone: lol spaceboy go back to the moon you huge m-
Diego: *throws a knife at wall* i swear if you talk to him like that again the next one will be in your eye
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sad3girl · 9 months ago
the only show that is allowed to have its characters call each other 'sis' and 'bro' is the umbrella academy because not a single hargreeves knows how families work
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beif0ngs · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
excluding Ben, the Hargreeves boys all collectively share one braincell and it’s Five’s
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awanqi · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Umbrella Academy sketch dump!! I love this show
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new-timeline-new-me · a year ago
i thought the umbrella academy couldn’t get any more relatable in terms of actually understanding how siblings act but then season two comes along with shit like:
“I’m going to BEAT you and not the way you like it” 
“cHiLDrEn iN tHe bAcK” and then klaus just fucking falling over the seat. 
klaus showing up to allison’s house seeing a body and immediately going “are we burning or burying” 
five being So Done with Luther all season but still pushing him out of the way from the bricks falling
“Luther sniffs dad’s underwear” 
“You have had your possession privileges REVOKED”
and then ben going still worth it
everyone mentally rolling their eyes when diego starts talking about how he likes a girl (don’t @ me you know they were)
five pretending not to care about them but actually caring a lot™
the entire part where they’re lifting the tractor. diegos like fucking finally and luthers like we can leave you here would you like that.
diego forgiving vanya in less than a minute
the entire scene with klaus allison and vanya
everyone being like ok i understand why you would want to kill them but i still can’t let you
luthers forced smile at strangers after five yells “IM THE DADDY HERE” literally what i do when one of my brothers does something stupid in public
luther trying to keep the peace between the fives is just a whole ass mood tbh
klaus going over the ‘possession ground rules’ with ben
“klaus you’re so FILTHY” 
Ben and klaus’s little piss fight on the side of the road
“you look like antonio banderas with the long hair”
diego and luther when five shows up covered in blood
but we didn’t kill the comission! yeah that entire conversation especially “Five what did you do?”
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