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#luther incorrect quotes

Diego: I want you to get rid of Luther but make it look like an accident

Five: say no more fam


Police: looks like the killer beat him to death with a croquet mallet and placed a banana peel by his feet

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Luther Hargreeves as a wrestler
I just want to tell you, I’m the one who was supposed to take care of everything. I’m the one who was supposed to make everything okay for everybody. It just didn’t work out like that. And I left. I left you guys. You never did anything wrong. I used to try to forget about you. I used to try to pretend that you guys didn’t exist, but I can’t. You’re my family. And now, I’m an old broken down piece of meat… and I’m alone. And I deserve to be all alone. I just don’t want you to hate me.
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Brandt, calling a meeting: I’m here to discuss appropriate behaviors in the workplace.

Benji, immediately: It wasn’t me.

Brandt: I know you weren’t the one eating the-

Brandt: Wait.



Brandt: What do you think I’ve called you here today for?

Benji: I dunno, what do YOU think you’re calling us here today for?

Brandt: I was going to tell off Ethan for eating bananas and oranges with the peels on. It’s horrible to watch and he’s scaring the new recruits.


Brandt: What did you do

Benji: Nothing!

Ethan: Wait… you guys eat them without the peels on?

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<p>: <b>Klaus:</b> Should I do it.<p/><b>Luther:</b> No.<p/><b>Diego:</b> No.<p/><b>Allison:</b> No.<p/><b>Literally everyone in the house:</b> No.<p/><b>Klaus:</b> <p/><b>Klaus:</b> Fuck it, I'm doing it.<p/></p>
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Klaus: You are, my fire
Allison: The one, desire
Diego: Believe, when I say
Luther: I want it that way
Klaus: Tell me whyyy
Vanya: Ain't nothing but a heartache
Klaus: Tell me WHHYYYY
All: Ain't nothing but a mistake
Klaus: Now number 5
Five: ...
All: ...
Klaus: It was number 5! Number 5 killed my brother!!!
Five: I swear I didn't mean to!
All: ...
Klaus: Did you- did you kill Ben?
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Right now Klaus is giving Five a box with a mug inside that says ‘Our Favorite Grandpa’ on it. Klaus is fully prepared to start running once Five opens the box.

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