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Back at it again with giving me the good kush songs and thoughts I crave

I imagine that would be a bit of a turmoil for everyone. Of course they want Luz to find a way home, the poor girl was a wreck when she couldn’t make it home at the end of the summer. But parts of them worried that if they ever did find a portal back to the human realm, would Luz come back? Would she decide the human place was where someone like she belonged, out of the horrors of the Boiling Isles or simply the fear of losing her home again? And they feel selfish for wanting Luz to stay but she’s still family to them, and to people like Eda, Amity, the Gang, etc, they don’t want to lose her. 

Luz loves the Isles but they all know her gaze keeps falling back to the human realm. They don’t know the only reason Luz still cares about that realm is because of her mother, and that if Camila wasn’t there, she wouldn’t care so much about going back. But even still, every time they seemingly get close to finding a portal to the human realm, there’s a lingering feeling of dread that just won’t leave.

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She didn’t really expect to turn at all; she kinda had her suspicions bcuz of all the weird and abnormal things happening to her, but she doubted she could have actually transformed since she was a human. Lo and behold, to her surprise she could

And she was really excited that her beast form was an otter, otters may look all cute and cuddly but they can also be ruthless(they’ve got some high bite force!). Compared to the fact she didn’t think she could even transform, she’s definitely happy that she can be an otter with a dark. No one expects an otter to be dangerous, but she got so strong teethers😎👌

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ToH characters as things my friends and family have said PT 11

King: Hooty, are you dying?
Hooty, choking: Yes
King: Goodbye

Willow: You are a certified bitch
Boscha: I could not agree more

Eda with Luz: Do you wanna come with?
Lilith: Nah
Eda: Good, because we’d rather you not come

Edric: It’s cause I’m the favorite
Odalia: No you are not, shut up

Luz: The candles are afraid of Willow
Willow: As it should be
Amity: Who wouldn’t be afraid

Gus: If I had teeth by god I would take off a finger

Eda: There’s the three stages of grief. Denial, depression, and psychological torment
Luz: What about acceptance?
Eda: There is none

Emira: That’s tacky
Amity: Okay yes, but also I’m gay for like, everything

Kikimora about Belos: I’m just going along with what he says so he stops talking

Eda: Your such a brat
Luz: I get it from you

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Even when Tol n Intimidating (in appearance alone) Luz still has the bits of baby fluff that never truly left. Gus shares her pain in that. Only those she lets preen her wings know she still has them and its a relatively well-guarded secret, but thats only really because nobody but Luz cares about it all that much.

Amity and Luz get into a little argument over something minor, likely Luz wanting to go on some needless dangerous mission that WILL result in her breaking something, n Luz is still Proving Her Point while sitting on the couch and Amity is absentmindedly preening Luz’s wings. Then casually in the middle of it Amity starts messing w Luz’s baby feathers. Luz of course is out of her annoyance like a light. She protested saying Amity was ‘cheating’ but she gave in after about a minute and she was suddenly wondering why she ever wanted to leave

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A whole tip of her horn got Yote so she carved it into a little point like an arrowhead and gifted it to Amity saying that she would protect her w every piece of her being like she promised herself. So if Amity ever needed a quick escape of something, use the chip of her horn to cut or stab her way out. Amity was mildly concerned but also v touched at the sentiment 

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