non-binary-disaster14 · 2 days ago
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
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I seriously believe that Azura is either actually Luz, related to Luz or based on Luz
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the-old-ship · 2 days ago
Luz’s alternate responses after the kiss:
*train noises*
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lumitycrikey · a day ago
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mikimuffinz · 2 days ago
Guys Dana said we’d meet THIS version of the Collector in season 2b
Tumblr media
There is ONE episode left
And we still haven’t seen them in this form
And the collector just said they “need a third player” so “we can always just make another grimwalker”
Hunter is a grimwalker
But Luz is being taken to Belos in Hunter’s place
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carcinoguts · a day ago
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theyre like sons to me
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anarcoqueer1994 · a day ago
I love these things
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simplyvickey · 16 hours ago
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indigoideas · a day ago
Belos: Hunter, engage the enemy!
Hunter: On it!
Hunter, getting down on one knee: Luz, will you marr-
Belos: Not like that!
Hunter: you're right
Hunter, getting down on one knee: Luz and Willow, will y-
Belos: NO!!
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honeyblair · 2 days ago
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really REALLY old lumity illustration of mine from june 2020. before lumity was canon. kinda crazy now that gay people are real?
(lilylumity is my old twt handle and is my current instagram handle!!)
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ladymiraclewings · 2 days ago
Hunter: I just heard a bouncing noise, and Luz was saying-
Hunter: “Oh no, my sweet potato.”
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trans-hunter · a day ago
So I think we're gonna see the Collector be freed in "King's Tide", but I don't think that Belos will free them, meaning, who is gonna free him? My bets are on either Luz or King
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gravityfallsrockz · 6 hours ago
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The alternate hairstyles of Luz Noceda
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the-old-ship · a day ago
My tin-foil hat theory about The Owl House’s  season 2 finale:
Ok, I’ve been seeing people make art of possessed Luz for a bit. While this is cool and a neat idea I don’t think it’s going to happen. Here’s why:
Tumblr media
Exhibit A: This is the picture that started it all. But here’s the thing, you think Dana doesn’t know how OBSESSED we are about this show? Come on, she knows how we take the smallest details and singe frames from the show and write pages of theory about it. (Calling myself out)
Tumblr media
Exhibit B: Alex has been helping/working/voice acting for the show since day one. This is the guy who literally made a hoax for a laugh. The meme machine himself has his fingers in all this. You don’t think that with the show ending earlier than expected that they aren’t going to have a little fun?
Tumblr media
Exhibit C: King. This season has basically been his season. We’ve learned so much about him, his origin, his people, and most importantly, his connection to The Collector. If you look at the names of the episodes for season 2 there are several that directly mention King including the last episode. Aaaand Alex voices King.
My theory? The Luz possession is a red herring to throw us off of something happening with King.
But that’s my crazy theory and I am fully willing to be wrong in the next couple days. Let’s find out together!
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luisonte · 17 hours ago
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Cuando el coche sabe que la reparación es demasiado cara para ti y pide que le mates directamente
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celnpudding · a day ago
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carcinoguts · a day ago
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might make this a Serious Drawing later but.
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Os céus anunciam a Sua justiça, e todos os povos veem a Sua glória. Confundidos sejam todos os que servem imagens de escultura, que se gloriam de ídolos; prostrai-vos diante DEle todos os deuses. Pois Tu, SENHOR, és O Altíssimo em toda a terra; Tu és muito mais exaltado do que todos os deuses. Vós, que amais ao SENHOR, odiai o mal. Ele guarda as almas dos Seus santos; Ele os livra das mãos dos ímpios. A luz semeia-se para o justo, e a alegria para os retos de coração. Alegrai-vos, ó justos, no SENHOR, e dai louvores à memória da Sua santidade.
Salmos 97:6, 7, 9-11
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lonelycompanies · 2 days ago
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thaizi-ink · a day ago
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•Lumity 🦉❤️
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