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#luz noceda
pizzaboat · 37 minutes ago
Y'know if it's true that camila beats the shit out if someone in the next season I'm torn between which clawthorne sister it is..
Eda essentially kidnapped luz to bring her into a seriously dangerous situation and KIDNAPPED LUZ. She never asked luz if her parents knew about this stuff or were even okay with it. Luz nearly died a bunch of times..
Or lilith. I don't have to elaborate on this one. We all know what lilith did..
While liliths one was intentionally trying to put luz into deadly situations and that definitely would make any decent parent want to murder her..
Eda would probably be the first one she hears about so.. the witch better learn to dodge. And lilith better learn to hide.
Eda might get her ass kicked, but Lilith's gonna die. I know I'd be on a witch hunt if I thought someone did any of that stuff to any future kids I might have.
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ordinaryschmuck · an hour ago
If Luz Needs Amity
(In the same timeline as this)
The night before the final battle with Emperor Belos. Luz is sitting outside, looking up at the stars for what might be the last time.
Amity: Room for one more?
Luz turns around to see Amity, smiling sheepishly. Luz returns it.
Luz: For you? Always.
Amity sits right next to Luz. Their hands are close to each other, but not touching.
Amity: Nervous?
Luz: Is it that obvious?
Amity: Little bit.
Luz: >Sardonic chuckle<...What if I can’t beat him?
Amity: You’re acting like you have to do it alone.
Luz: Maybe I should.
Amity: Nope.
Luz: Amity--
Amity: There is no way you are taking on that maniac all by yourself.
Luz: It’s my fight! I can’t...I can’t...I don’t want you guys getting hurt--or worse--for me. I would never expect something like that from anyone...
Amity: ...Luz (Makes Luz look her right in the eyes), Everyone is ready to fight with you because, in all honesty, we owe you everything.
Luz: No, you--
Amity: Eda, Lilith, King, Gus, Willow...(Twirls a finger through her now Auburn hair) Me...You helped each and every one of us in more ways than one, that we are more than willing to do the same for you. If we get hurt, we get hurt. But that’s our choice.
But Luz doesn’t look convinced.
Amity: You know, when I felt like a situation was helpless, this brilliant, caring, and incredible person to keep a positive attitude. So repeat after me: We can fix this together.
Amity: C’mon...
Luz smiles.
Amity: I know you can do it.
Luz: ...We can fix this together.
Amity: (Softly) Heck yeah, we can.
Amity stands up and holds her hand out for Luz. Luz takes it and allows Amity to pull her up.
Amity: Now c’mon. Let’s get some rest so we can--
But as Amity walks back, Luz pulls her close. Real close. Amity’s cheeks darken, for just a smidge.
Amity: Luz...
Luz smiles warmly and leans in to kiss Amity. Amity’s eyes widen for a split second to then gently close as she kisses Luz back. Eventually, Luz pulls away, leaving Amity staring back, her eyes twinkling.
Luz: When this is over, there will be more where that came from. I promise.
Amity: But I thought--
Luz: I know. (Caresses Amity’s cheek) But I don’t care.
Amity positively beams.
Amity: (Tearing up) In that case, I’m gonna hold you to that promise.
Luz: Deal.
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catra1222 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I have so many questions ab life now......thx luz
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justaluzblog · 2 hours ago
Can I just talk about
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There's just something about the way she looks and interacts with her light spells that's just so gentle
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Tumblr media
“Oh, and one more thing before I leave... please be nice to your sister, okay? I know you guys can be pretty cool, but what you did at the library was taking things way too far , and if you ever actually hurt Amity with something you do, I’m going to stop being friends with you.”
“Yeah, yeah, got it.”
“Hear that, Mittens? She’s super protective of you! That’s adorable,” Edric teased Amity, winking at his little sister.
Amity could feel her cheeks heat up even more.
“I said shut it.” She sighed. “Sorry about that. Anyway... Luz, I’m... really going to miss you.”
There was an instant change in the tone when Amity said Luz’s name, switching from her being annoyed at her siblings to an incredibly soft voice in a matter of seconds.
Luz pulled her into a bear hug.
“Me too. I’ll miss you so much, Lemon Drop. Especially our book club.”
Amity just melted into the hug and never wanted to let go of her friend again. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink at the new nickname that Luz had just blurted out without thinking much about it.
Meanwhile, everyone around them was exchanging weird looks.
“Did- did Luz just call Mittens ‘Lemon Drop’?” Emira whispered to her twin brother.
Edric nodded.
“And Mittens didn’t even kill her.”
“Luz, listen, I-” Amity swallowed hard. “There’s something that I need to tell you before you go.”
~Excerpt from Locked Out chapter one
This lovely piece of art is by shadowspd that a fan of mine commissioned! Definitely go check out their other art!
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thisbelongsto-nohbodys · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
been awhile since I’ve drawn some Owl House stuff huh? (tho’ I really should b drawing Amphibia stuff atm). Been busy with other projects but I’ve gotten a few ideas to come
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kattheindigowolf · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another chapter of The Adventures of the Otter and the Cat has been posted! Here is the link for your reading pleasure:
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applesauce-7 · 11 hours ago
chapter three of “i knew it from a dream” is out!
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kirin943 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
posting a picture of luz every day until season 2: day 237
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a-tiny-robot · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Owl House subreddit discord server is a fun place. Here's the link to the fanart
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farnsworth1986 · 14 hours ago
Emotionally Invested...
Luz awoke to the sound of quiet sobbing, she glanced over at  digital clock. It was 1:22 in the morning, her vision adjusted to see Amity sitting at the foot of the bed and looking at the dim glow coming from the t.v
Luz then noticed the tears dripping down Amity’s cheeks
Luz “What’s wrong baby?”
Amity “He----She’s-----” The raised her finger and pointed at the screen
Luz looked to see what had made Amity so upset, and then noticed that Amity had been playing the old ps1 she dug out of her mom’s basement so Azura could try out some of the classic games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot...
Luz then saw Cloud holding the deceased Aerith in his arms, she then noticed the controller firmly gripped in Amity’s right hand
Amity “She’s going to be okay....right?”
Luz then knew she had a long morning of comforting Amity ahead of her.
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drabbles-of-writing · 14 hours ago
New age au. after luz gets back to the human realm does she get caught up on all the human media she missed in the last few years or just perpetually stay out of date?
shes caught up on very specific topics. she has no idea whats happening in star wars and will blink at you if you mention the name Rey but she WILL, however, know about gucci and call everything weird she owns gucci just to see rich peoples blood boil
she has no idea what memes are going on and her vocabulary takes up memes from like 2013 sprinkled in current memes. she had no idea there was a Frozen 2 until someone mentioned it in passing n she went BUCKWILD 
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johnnysfire · 15 hours ago
Amity learning to drive?
Luz and Amity are 20 here
Luz was driving her and Amity back from a little shopping trip in the human realm. Luz noticed that the witch was silent for the majority of the ride back.
"What's wrong babe?" Luz kept her eyes on the road and she held her hand to Amity's thigh. Amity sighed and looked out the window.
"There's just so many human things that I wanna learn about. You know so much the Boiling Isles and I feel helpless here." Luz noticed how much Amity looked stressed. It is hard learning to develop in another world. "Got anything in mind you wanna learn about?"
"I wanna drive."
Luz slammed her foot on the break, causing them both to jolt. "Drive?! Are you nuts?! I thought we could start out small. You don't even know how to operate machinery!" Amity frowned and continued to look at the window. "I justed wanted to be able to drive my girlfriend around," she said weakly. Luz also frowned. It's not gonna be easy. She's not a citizen. She has not license or even a birth certificate for the human world. Though, it wouldn't hurt to give her a little practice in case their was an emergency.
"Fine...I'll teach you how to drive. But you can't go driving around town. If a cop pulls you over, you have no ID, then I'm gonna get in trouble for letting you drive. I'll pull over and give you a quick lesson. Okay?" Amity let out a giddy scream as Luz just held onto the wheel tighter. God, this is going to go bad.
Luz pulled over to an empty parking lot with no security. Her and Amity swapped seats. The witch excitedly put on her seatbelt, while Luz was just praying for this to end already. "Okay, you see those petals on the bottom? The one on the right is the gas. You use to that to accelerate, but you have to press it gently or else we're going to go flying. The petal on your left is the brake. That causes us to go slower. You even have to press on it to switch these, the gearshift. Each one of them has a different function..."
Amity held onto Luz's every word, absorbing this newfound knowledge. Once Amity got the jist, she pushed her foot on the gas and put it in drive.
"Okay now, ever so slightly, touch the ga-AHHHH"
Amity rammed her foot on the gas, causing them to shoot forward at a fast speed. They were about to hit a pole. Luz held onto the rail on the top, just about to have a heart attack. Amity began to panic and slammed her foot on the brake, causing them both to jerk back and narrowly miss the pole. Amity put it back into park. She sheepishly looked over at Luz, who was now hyperventilating.
" that you put it in park, I think you got the concept of driving...Do you still wanna keep going?" Luz looked like she was about to pass out. Amity nervously laughed and shook her head no.
"No, I think I've had enough human experiences for today." Amity was happy that did get to learn a little and managed now to kill her girlfriend. Though, she did punch Luz's arm at her quiet "thank god" comment. Luz drove them home in safe bliss.
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bccfggffbgv · 15 hours ago
The fact that I have to save the multiverse from a grey obsessed cult with not only other me's but also kid show characters and various other people from other properties shows how much of a weeb the creator is! Not only that, I can't see a damn thing due to this being a fanfic!
Deadpool, after being recruited by Luz while talking one?
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starsfic · 17 hours ago
32. Getting Caught in the Act (The Wolf House AU) Eda and Lily catching Lumity in the act
Luz hit the wall with a grunt, hearing the house demon let out a yelp. “Still… a heavy hitter…” she grunted, picking herself up and hating the fact that she had to hold the wall to do so. Ow, her hip. She didn’t verbally say the last part out loud, but her expression must’ve made it clear, guessing by her ex’s sigh.
“Luz,” Amity said gently, pulling her staff back. “Please, come with me. The emperor can make sure you don’t have to feel that pain again.” She stepped forward, helping Luz up. “Then… we can be in the coven. Together. Like we planned.”
Those words hit a spot Luz hadn’t realized was still sensitive. They had spoken about those plans for years as friendship turned to love and they started dating. Then the curse had changed everything. She sighed, wrapping her arms around Amity and pressing their foreheads together.
“I can’t. You know that.”
“But, it would make everything better…we could be together again...” Amity didn’t struggle out of her hold, at least. “I miss you. I miss us.” She sounded like she was on the verge of tears, audibly sniffing.
“Uh…” The two of them froze, looking over. Eda and Lily were poking their heads on the other side of the house, the former holding her baseball bat. “Do you need help?” she asked.
Before Luz could say a word, Amity was shoving her away. “This is your last warning, Noceda.” the coven leader said, folding her hands and staring her down coldly. “Next time, I will be forced to take you in by force.”
And then she was gone.
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