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🦉 We’ve made it to THE episode!
🦉 Watch us go through The Owl House & discuss our thoughts each episode! 🦉 Episode 16 is live now! 🦉 On Crowned Cryptid! 🌟

Episode 16 on YouTube:

Podcast Playlist:

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I watched the owl house and Eda could step on me. So I redrew a screenshot from the intro because the animation gets really neat sometimes and also I just wanted to. Might do more later

Also whoever gave that worm monster a human face, you will be billed for my upcoming therapy sessions :)

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           I love Eda. I just… LOVE how great of a parent she is, how she always makes it clear to Luz that she doesn’t expect anything of her, like in the Season Finale when she tells Luz that it’s not her fault, that Luz is a kid and she shouldn’t expect herself to rescue Eda; Eda made her own decisions, Luz is a CHILD and she needs to prioritize her own wellbeing! She is perfect and lovable as-is, Luz doesn’t have to do anything to earn Eda’s love…

           And then when Luz chickens out of fighting Grom, Eda doesn’t hold it against her! She tells Luz that it’s okay to make mistakes, that it’s fine for her to get in over her head, Luz isn’t a bad person for not living up to her role as a ‘hero’ to take on Grom… She’s just a kid, she shouldn’t have to handle this- And again, it’s not dismissive of Luz, either! When Eda reiterates to Luz that she’s a child, and that it’s best for the adults to be responsible in providing actual support and care towards Luz (and that she is rightfully entitled to that care), she doesn’t patronize Luz! Eda doesn’t remind Luz is a child to dismiss her, she does it to reassure her…

           And I really love how Eda is making it clear to Luz that this girl deserves so much, that she’s right to ask for things- She’s not being greedy, and she’s not being a burden! Luz deserves the world and the chance to fully indulge herself and who she is… Eda has no expectations for Luz, she just wants to support Luz in whatever she chooses to come, while occasionally providing protection and support- Because she’s an adult. And Eda wants Luz to understand that adults and parents (surrogate or otherwise) are 100% expected to do the best for kids, and that children shouldn’t hold themselves to any standards or expectations put upon them.

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Luz is somewhat impulsive, a little irresponsible, and sometimes obsessive with her interests (as many 14 year olds are).

But she’s also slightly more independent than some of the other kids her own age. It’s out of necessity, she explains to Eda one day when she’s trying to convince Eda to let her stay home from an adventure so she doesn’t have to miss school (”We’re going to learn how to fly on a griffin, and there isn’t even a makeup lesson until next YEAR, and who knows where I’ll be then!”).

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#toh, #the owl house, #my toh hc, #Luz Noceda, #toh Luz, #Camilla Noceda, #toh Camilla, #adhd luz, #Eda Clawthorne, #Eda the Owl Lady, #toh Eda, #long post, #Luz has been lonely for a while now, #Camilla really did try to find her good babysitters for as long as she could whether at the Noceda place or the sitter's, #But it was an uncomfortable experience for the babysitter and Luz both, #One misunderstanding the other entirely and the other being extremely misunderstood for her interests, #Being a single mother is HARD especially with a job in the medical field, #Camilla is working night shifts sometimes to minimize the time Luz is home totally alone, #she's working every weekday while Luz is at school or getting ready for it, #she's got bills to pay and she hopes a college fund for Luz to save into, #her choices are 'stay home and make less money than they need' or 'work more and survive in the hopes of making Luz's life easier later', #Hence why they try to make the most of the time they DO have together when they get it, #Luz taking on other chores like groceries and laundry was her own choice, #(and also adventures of their own; thankfully tie-dye scrubs are popular and Camilla doesn't look out of place after THAT incident.), #they both did their best, #Camilla is a good mom, #and I'll fight you for saying otherwise., #Eda is also just doing her best, #and she's trying to trust her apprentice when she says she can handle it because she really can handle more than Eda thinks sometimes., #but she also wants Luz to have time to Actually be a kid for a bit and spend time with friends
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She mainly attempts to learn it in Four Years & Emperor AU. in Beta she learns a little bit of it simply because Luz uses a lot of Spanish nicknames and sentences that Amity picks up on.

In Emperor AU Amity mostly just grabs all the books on Spanish she can find in the library and teaches herself to the best of her abilities to surprise Luz with. Her accent and pronunciation is a little off, but Luz is more than thrilled and happily teaches her the rest and re-fixes a few mistakes.

In Four Years, Amity asks about a sentence Luz said in Spanish and Luz happily teaches her. Since in this AU we’re in the phase of “Luz is trapped,” a part of Amity learns it because she knows nobody else in the Boiling Isles speaks Spanish, and she wants Luz to feel less alone. It works, for the most part. And by the end of the four years she can relatively hold some conversations. By New Age she’s nearly fluent.

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They are now reserved for you until October 29th, 2020, at 9:18 P.M. in the G.M.T. +8 time zone, and 6:18 A.M. in the P.S.T. time zone. You’re welcome!!

Notices : Luz Noceda from The Owl House, and Claire Lyons from The Clique are now reserved for Jacqueline for twenty-four hours !!

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