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thinkin bout… wwx saying, isn’t love like a halter around your neck? And u know what… maybe he’s not talking about himself. Because when has wwx ever hesitated to love?

Maybe he’s talking about lwj. Bc everyone likes to say he’s oblivious, but it’s it all the more heartbreaking if he’s not? He’s back home, he’s got Jiang Cheng who loves him and is hurt, every single day, because wwx has secrets he needs to keep. And he’s just heard from lxc that Lan Zhan’s being punished, that he’s been learning music to help him. And lxc shovel talks him about hurting the people who care about him.

He knows! He knows that the people who care about him are being hurt. And he knows that lwj is one of those people. But he doesn’t know why.

Why? Why does he love me? Why would he put a halter around his neck and tie himself to me, when I can only hurt him?

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AU idea for The Untamed number 1: Life As We Know It

I’m such a sucker for accidental baby acquisiton and domesticity that I didn’t even try to fight this one. Lwj as Katherine Heigl’s character and Wwx as Josh Duhamel’s. It would be so damn cute and I would manage to fit so much hurt/comfort in there *-*

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I absolutely love also this fashion lwj that’s coming out of the fandom. I absolutely don’t love how everyone seems to feel the need to defend it by putting down other people’s choices about how they write/style lwj. You’re not boring for saying he wears a button down! It’s not out of character! There’s no canonical reason why he wouldn’t wear khakis! Maybe one day people will learn how to have hot takes without acting like a prophet condemning every other take

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you’re 4 and you’re very confused. a man with a gentle smile leads you away from the doctors when you’re finally allowed to leave. the doctors call him zewu-jun, so you start calling him that too.

zewu-jun leads you to your room. you don’t remember this room but he tells you that it’s yours now. you don’t want to stay alone in there. you feel like crying for some reason. with a gentle smile on his face zewu-jun promises you that he will be nearby, he will always be nearby if you need him. you trust him for some reason.

later zewu-jun introduces you to an old man who always frowns his brows. zewu-jun calls him uncle. everyone else calls him master lan. you don’t like the way he frowns his brows all the time or the way his face gets sad when he looks at you. you don’t call him anything. 

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I’m autistic, I don’t know what’s going on half of the time, I know jackshit about social cues and have a hard time reading other people’s emotions.

I’m also a Master in reading LWJs facial expression and going absolutely feral over it

(I just found this interesting / funny.)

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