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So does anyone have a timetravel!fix-it fanfic where Lan Xichen is the one who travels back???? Like, I know there’s one where 3zun travel back together (bc I just finished it, don’t look at me) but I want one where ONLY Xichen goes back. And right now, I can see this being played several different ways but I’m honestly seesawing between two (2) options: 

1.) another dark, romantic tragedy where lxc tries to do everything at once (make sure jgy doesn’t turn out as horribly as he had in canon, fix nmj, get lwj and wwx together without all the bad communication and misunderstandings, stop the war entirely and also maybe stop so many people dying???) and ends up making every single one of these things infinitely worse, culminating in a world where he has maneuvered himself into a position of complete helplessness and can only watch as everyone he loves tears themselves to pieces around him. obsession, cruelty, twisted love, betrayed trust, I want all of it and I want my heart to get ripped out of my chest, thanks. 


2.) we play the entire thing as a comedy where lxc comes back by accidents, takes one look at things the way they are and finally, for the first time in his existence, goes absolutely feral and fixes things by forcing everyone to sit down. Have some godd*mn tea. And. TALK. IT OUT! LIKE F*CKING ADULTS!!!! We’re all gonna die horrific deaths, let’s get you guys some therapy, even if Xichen has to (gently) force you into it! No more stoic silence Wangji, no more laughing sh*t off like it doesn’t hurt you Wei Wuxian, no more customer service smiles to hide your daddy issues and grudges A-YAO, mingjue you’re gonna sit the f*ck down and you will stop touching that saber or so HELP ME, jin zixuan, please stop being stupid, just ask her on a date like a normal person, jiang cheng, how about you drink a bowl of soup from your sister and maybe you’ll calm down, wen qing, I know you’re a world class doctor but maybe let people help you before things go completely to sh*t this time, that’s probably gonna help. yanli and wen-ning, you’re angels and the three of us need to get to know each other better, i feel like we have SO MUCH in common. wen ruohan…. you and your sons can choke <3 

Like… who do i need to pay to write me one of these????

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hello there, the way this is so specific has been killing me for DAYS 😂  I had to send screenshots to my friend bc of how specific it is dude, like I love that you know exactly what you want bc it makes my brain not have to work as hard, but BRO dskjfhkasd why do u like to see my boy suffer So much 😭😭😭 

i hope this lives up to ur expectations!!! 🥰

It had been a long day. A long and tiring day, so if he lost his temper, he couldn’t be blamed, right? He just wanted to go back home and play the flute, perhaps sleep a little, but he was absolutely done with spending time with everyone else. So, why did he find himself still in the company of so many people? Why was he still sitting here with Wangji, Wei Wuxian, Jiang Wanyin and a handful of juniors? Why?

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It’s still sends me how all this time lxc knew how to get rid of alcohol using his golden core but just… never thought to teach lwj how to do it… he was like nah this nerd is not gonna be breaking rules and drinking it’s all good

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You:JGY is completely evil and controls every situation he is in.

Me, an intellectual: “JGY is sixteen different hang-ups, grudges and petty grievances, all held together by an ugly hat, a prayer and LXC’s gentle fucking hands.

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this is so fucking stupid but —

some sort of cyberpunk/near-ish future sci-fi AU where NMJ is a personal trainer & LXC is the AI that helps him out (tracks his clients’ progress & health, makes suggestions for routines, etc.). over time, NMJ starts becoming more and more disillusioned about his dream to help people achieve their physical health goals and LXC becomes his confidante for those fears/anxieties/insecurities because NMJ figures he’s just an AI so like whatever it’s fine if he has a breakdown & yells a bit in front of him.

anyways NMJ catches feelings for LXC and it’s very confusing & weird for the both of them

meanwhile this all happens in-between scenes where NMJ is like, showing some office worker how to do burpees

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yall are so lucky i cant write bc it would all just be me subjecting every character to the mortifying ordeal of being known

like, i keep thinking about a stupid time travel au that just,,,,,,,, drops the post canon sect leaders&main gang (jc, nhs, jl, lxc, lwj, lsz, ljy, wwx, wn, oyz) into the sect meeting in nightless city right after the sunshot campaign? like, the one where we first see the jin sect atart to fuck shit up bc jgs sits in wrh’s seat? that one

bc like, thats kind of the only time we have all of the characters together after their identities&relationships have been established but before shit really starts to go down? and i just think thats so interesting? like how long do we think it would take someone to try to beat the shit out of jgy and jgs, verbally or physically? who starts sobbing their heart out first? who is most horrified? what bs gets explained first? who starts crying at jyl’s feet first; wwx, jc, or jl? what the fuck does jzn have going on?

esp bc i feel like, now that nhs has killed jgy, hes kinda done? like, he would do it again (bop bop) but i feel like hes too tired to keep playing games and he kinda knows who he can trust (esp w his da-ge there), so maybe he would just fucking go for it and lay out all of jgy and jgs’s crimes w/out hesitation? and then be like, “anyway, wwx? you lowkey owe me, so if you dont mind? fuck em up”

also jc having to tell baby jc about wwx’s golden core? bc i feel like thats either prevented or a smaller issue in a lot of time travel shit and like????? its interesting bc i kinda think immediately after the sunshot campaign is prob when that would hit the hardest, yknow? wwx is at his his second lowest point so far and to hear that not only does it get worse, but its already worse than anyone was aware of? fucking wild. also itd prob be p jarring for post canon lwj, jc, and the juniors to see exactly how badly wwx was doing? like lwj and jc knew at the time, but they didnt really understand, so itd prob hit different?


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ooooh boy, carrie u just know me. i wrote this so easily, idk WHY that was so easy to write honestly. 

enjoy around 2k words of xicheng being mean to each other bro, i needa go make them kiss or smth this hurt 

It wasn’t a very common occurrence, but ever since the events at Guanyin Temple, Lan Xichen would sometimes have days, where most people around would know to give him a wide berth, lest he spit poisonous words at them. These days were unlike the days where he had no desire to exist in the world. Instead, on these days he was infinitely angry at the world. There was never any rhyme or reason to the days – at least, no pattern that he had been able to recognise that would trigger or prompt him to get in these moods. And no one would be safe from the words he spoke, regardless of who they were to him. 

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