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trashasaurusrex · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The stars ignite They flame from dust Born out of gravity and force, they combust And though they try in rivalry They'll never shine bright as me
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starrberried · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Werewolf/Vampire Hybrids based on this one ask I got! Please click through each panel for details, and let me know which is your favorite! :D
(ID and bonus OC under the Read More!)
Tumblr media
There is a column of four panels. Each panel has a digital drawing of a werewolf/vampire hybrid, along with blocks of text describing the creature.
First Panel: A crouching purpley-grey werewolf with batlike features is in the right corner. Top left, there's a 3/4ths view of a man with tan skin, dark brown hair, small wolf ears, and grey-brown stubble. Near the bottom-middle of the page is a white and tan werewolf with batlike features. The text reads:
Offspring of Werewolf mother and Vampire father, or when a Werewolf mother is bitten by Vampire during pregnancy. Though smaller than most werewolves, its heightened senses and intelligence make just as dangerous. “Human” form resembles a somewhat furry Vampire, or quasi-shifted Lycan. White Vampire Bat color variation, know as the “Rouge the Bat” pelt (this text is next to the white werebat). Reduced weakness to silver and wolfsbane. Astute and lethal ambush predators Able to inject vampiric venom.
Second Panel: A black, angular werewolf on four legs, with one of its clawed hands pointing up. It's maw and claws are dripping with dark red blood. It has two bite marks on its neck. Its eyes have beady dots of red, and its fangs are yellow. To the right of the page are two smaller busts of two canine creatures. The first is a profile of the same type of werewolf, black with red eyes. The second is a hellhound with a glowing red chest and a fiery mane, curved ears and fully red eyes. Underneath the busts are three circular swatches (left to right: white, black, and dark rusty red). Text reads:
Result of Werewolf bitten by Vampire. Given that the Werewolf survives, it will develop a frenzied craving for fresh blood and will no longer consume meat of prey. Extremely dangerous during the Full Moon. Features angle after infection sets in. Vampire bite marks do not heal. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH HELLHOUNDS. Only three color variations. Must sleep in a Werewolf-sized coffin in case of transformation during Slumber.
Third Panel: A huge tan werebat. The underside of its wings are dark brown. It has a pointed pink noise. There is a closeup of its open mouth and vampire bat fangs. There are also two different posed wings drawn on the left side of the panel. They are drawn small as a diagram example of how a wing can look turned in our stretched out. There is also a tiny doodle of a cartoon werebat face with X's over its eyes. Text reads:
Result of Vampire bitten by Werewolf; if the Vampire survives, it will transform into a Werebat the next Blood Moon. Vampires who do not reverse the curse by the Blood Moon will transform into a Werebat every following Full Moon. Victims often beheaded for access to more blood. As the vampire ages, werebat form balds. Does not howl, but shrieks and clicks to echolocate. Relies on sensitive hearing to hunt.
Fourth Panel: This is split between two types of monster. To the left, a cream-colored furred vampire with reddish brown hair and yellow eyes. He is tall and thin, with arms too long to be humanoid, wearing blue fannel, skinny black jeans, and a purple coffee mug. He wears silver bands around his wrists, and he also has fangs and long pointy ears. His feet are paws. A small neck-up bust of his werewolf form is to his left. The werewolf has cream and brown fur, yellow eyes, and long vampire fangs. Text reads:
Offspring of Vampire father and Batwolf mother. Werewolf form retains Vampire intelligence and sensibilities. Food substitutes can work to abate craving for fresh blood. Often sleeps in coffins because "It's just comfier". No weakness to silver. Not undead, but often anemic. Since a werewolf curse is not lifted across generations, a Furred Vampire still transforms under a Full Moon, but has a reduced appetite and a more anthropomorphic appearance.
To the left, a lanky cool grey werewolf with pitch black eyes, a flared purple-black nose, and vampiric fangs. Her human form is pictured with two headshots, one with a beanie and mask on, another with a grey shirt. Her human form has tan skin, dark eyes, and vampire fangs and ears. Text reads:
Offspring of Werebat and Werewolf. Werewolf form closely resembles a regular werewolf, with exception to facial features. Completely black eyes, reduced night vision. Flared nostrils. Fang placement to the front of top jaw. Human form easily disguised. No necessity or craving for fresh human blood. Sometimes prone to dormant garlic allergy.
Fifth panel, under the cut: A cool grey anthro wolf with a black and cool blue vampire cape stands looking profile. He has a white neck collar with a moonstone in the center. Text reads:
Extremely polite Werevamp* (except during Full Moons, when he goes apeshit)
Loves Shakespeare
Prefers anthro form.
Moonstone allows him to shift at-will
Snooty bitch <3
*A werevamp is the general term for any werewolf/vampire hybrid. Sometimes, “werevamp” refers to a vampwolf that remains in anthro wolf form between Full Moons to abate the bloodlust of vampirism.
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m-f-w · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
🐺 Roheryn 🌕
catching up to old commissions...
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catbatart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Commission for @silentlygo of their total WIFE of a Lycan girl!
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goldenwolfen · a month ago
Tumblr media
Awoo! Lycanthropus patches are back in stock! Now with a yellow hunter's moon 🌕 (so you can see those fangs better)! (Stôr Link in bio) . #werewolf #werewolves #lycan #lycans #lycanthrope #lycanthropy #rampaging #heraldry #patch #embroideredpatch
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fox-croquis · 2 months ago
Werewolf songs about actual werewolves, not just metaphorical ones:
1. Werewolf’s Eyes by Birch Book
By far my favourite on the list, possibly my favourite song ever. This is a deeply poetic tale of werewolf torn between his lover and the call of the wilds. The instrumentals are simple (acoustic guitar and a bit of flute), and the singer has an amazing vocal range. I literally just want to write out these lyrics on everything, they're so beautiful
2. Wolf Song by Omnia
This is a dark opera retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. The vocal work is just as stunning as the atmosphere the song creates, and the duologue-style lyrics are also brilliant. Probably the most dramatic/darkest on this list.
3.Waltz For Wolves by Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat
Don’t let the name of the band put you off. The 3/4 beat and occult-y lyrics really draws you into the songs haunting atmosphere. This one is also very dark, but probably fun to dance to.
4. Primitive State by Creature Feature
A bit different from all the others here. This is a fun and campy song that feels just like a bad 80s horror film (in a good way). The synthesisers mixed with various howls and growls and lyrics warning the listener to beware the wolves makes this one great for any Halloween playlist.
5. Werewolf by Michael Hurley
Very raw guitar and vocals (and violin in some recordings) with beautiful storytelling. This song is deeply sad, painting the werewolf as a misunderstood creature. Plus the album art is very sweet.
6. Werewolf by Cat Power
A cover of the previous song. The acoustic guitar and strings are still there, but the echo-y female vocals give the song a new perspective.
7. Least Of My Kind by Three Weird Sisters
A dramatic monologue from a werewolf defeated in battle. The use of harps(?) and drums gives the song a witchy feel. Yet another very dark, dramatic song.
I will definitely make a part 2 if I find any more!
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cinemamind · 7 months ago
I’m such a huge fan of your artwork, thank you so much for doing what you do. I just played the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo and immediately thought how cool it would be to see your spin on it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you so much! I personally would love to see some more crazy biological horror done with the werewolf strain.
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voidal-lycan · 2 months ago
Sometimes you just gotta go out at dark, jump into a tree and just sit there for a while. Watch as cars flash their lights as they drive by,, they're all wondering "what the fuck is that? "
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samblackblog · 5 months ago
Boundaries [Paul Lahote x reader]
Tumblr media
Blurb: A Paul Lahote short story, in which the reader finds themselves as Paul's imprint and things spiral.
Warnings: Language, most likely will be some smut cause you know!
MASTERLIST for other works of mine
▪️1. Stranger▪️2. Bonfire ▪️3. Nightmare▪️ 4. Cabin in the Woods ▪️5. Moment, Interrupted ▪️6. Olympic National Park ▪️7.???
Updates every Thursday 18:00 GMT
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