justroddythings 9 months ago
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Anyway. Catch me doing yoga in my new living room, which has Halloween-themed decor (including a pumpkin with bones on in it and a sparkly purple skull), while rock n roll plays in the background over the sound of my goth spouse playing video games and their sister playing Dungeons and Dragons
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goldenwolfen 3 months ago
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Awoo! Lycanthropus patches are back in stock! Now with a yellow hunter's moon 馃寱 (so you can see those fangs better)! (St么r Link in bio) . #werewolf #werewolves #lycan #lycans #lycanthrope #lycanthropy #rampaging #heraldry #patch #embroideredpatch https://www.instagram.com/p/CVdqpEZproB/?utm_medium=tumblr
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weremagnus 6 days ago
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A werewolf cooldown drawing. drew inspiration from macaques for this one!
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fox-croquis 4 months ago
Werewolf songs about actual werewolves, not just metaphorical ones:
1. Werewolf鈥檚 Eyes by Birch Book
By far my favourite聽on the list, possibly my favourite聽song ever. This is a deeply poetic tale of werewolf torn between his lover and the call of the wilds. The instrumentals are simple (acoustic guitar and a bit of flute), and the singer has an amazing vocal range. I literally just want to write out these lyrics on everything, they're so beautiful
2. Wolf Song by Omnia
This is a dark opera retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. The vocal work is just as stunning as the atmosphere the song creates, and the duologue-style lyrics are also brilliant. Probably the most dramatic/darkest on this list.
3.Waltz For Wolves by Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat
Don鈥檛 let the name of the band put you off. The 3/4 beat and occult-y lyrics really draws you into the songs haunting atmosphere. This one is also very dark, but probably fun to dance to.
4. Primitive聽State by Creature Feature
A bit different from all the others here. This is a fun and campy song that feels just like a bad 80s horror film (in a good way). The synthesisers mixed with various howls and growls and lyrics warning the listener to beware the wolves makes this one great for any Halloween playlist.
5. Werewolf by Michael Hurley
Very raw guitar and vocals (and violin in some recordings) with beautiful storytelling. This song is deeply sad, painting the werewolf as a misunderstood creature. Plus the album art is very sweet.
6. Werewolf by Cat Power
A cover of the previous song. The acoustic guitar and strings are still there, but the echo-y female vocals give the song a new perspective.
7. Least Of My Kind by Three Weird Sisters
A dramatic monologue from a werewolf defeated in battle. The use of harps(?) and drums gives the song a witchy feel. Yet another very dark, dramatic song.
I will definitely make a part 2 if I find any more!
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medivigor a year ago
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I'm about to contract lycanthropy!
My what a guy that Gaston!
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moonymutt a month ago
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 謾鈰 werewolf things 謾鈰
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 wagging your foot instead, because your tail is missing
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 having fluffy hair that鈥檚 difficult to tame in the mornings
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 loving peaceful walks through quiet forests, usually alone
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 tiptoeing to mimick hocks or just walking on all fours
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 more physical pain near full moons (flare-ups, cramps, etc.)
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 being protective over your small circle or a singular person
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 having an oral fixation that sometimes causes you pain
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 needing to recharge after being around a large group
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 excitedly pointing out every dog that you spot in town
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 having a ridiculous amount of blankets on your bed to nest
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 grunting, growling, or whining when upset / inconvenienced
[ 鈽 ] 釤羔煾 hating cloudy nights, not being able to see the moon
inspo : @/werepupy
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prokopetz a year ago
Were_____ in ascending order of comedy potential:
Any animal that鈥檚 not a wolf
Inanimate object
Role, profession or aspiration
Geographic feature
Abstraction or intangible
Personal name
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maverick-werewolf a month ago
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Artwork commissioned from @Hummingdead1 (link to Twitter, as they are not on Tumblr to my knowledge) of my werewolf character Tom Drake! Visit the page on My Characters for more info about all of them, including Tom.
(side-note: I posted the watermarked version here because thieves really are out there and they will steal anything not nailed down and even most things that are, like entire characters, so better safe than sorry)
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marlynnofmany 2 months ago
Idea: werewolves who can shift at will, and brush each other in dog form to collect the fur and weave yarn out of it.
Need a gift for that non-werewolf significant other, to signal to the other werewolves that they鈥檙e spoken for? It鈥檚 hard to beat a sweater that you knitted out of your own fur.
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muttstimsplus 3 months ago
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Dark and cryptid wolf / wolfdog moodboard
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too-cool-for-facebook 15 days ago
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(credit: Reddit werewolf_irl : r/furry_irl)
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areggos-art-dump 3 months ago
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arts from week 1 of TEStober
prompts by聽 @ / tikattu on twitter
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engie-ivy 5 months ago
The Ministry鈥檚 new legislation messes up Remus鈥 plans, but Sirius is having none of it.
(Short Wolfstar fic, maybe a bit of angst in the beginning, but overall Fluff!)
Unlawfully Wedded
The door opens and Sirius鈥 voice echoes through the flat. 鈥淢oony! Guess what? Your favourite brand of chocolate was on sale! Does chocolate have an expiration date? Otherwise, I hope you鈥檙e hungry, because-鈥
Sirius stops talking when he sees Remus, huddled in on himself on the couch, not looking up. 鈥淢oony?鈥 He asks, worry lacing his voice.
Remus just crouches in on himself even more.
He hears Sirius put down the groceries, and then his approaching footsteps. 鈥淢oony, are you okay? What鈥檚 wrong?鈥
Remus can feel him sitting down next to him on the couch. Not really able to speak, he just nods at the copy of The Daily Prophet lying on the table.
With a frown, Sirius picks up the paper to read the article on which it鈥檚 opened.
Ministry Passes New Legislation Making It Illegal For Lycanthropes To Marry
Effective immediately, the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures has expanded its Lycanthrope Act. According to this new law, people infected with Lycanthropy will no longer be allowed access to marriage.
By sharpening the legislation, the Ministry recognizes the danger of Lycanthropes using matrimony to pose as normal families, and thereby infiltrating our Wizarding communities. The Ministry has decided it must prevent encouraging or aiding Lycanthropes in the formation of their 鈥減acks鈥. These packs are known to be infested with lawlessness, violence, and immorality. Moreover, the Ministry hopes to send a clear message that breeding among Lycanthropes is undesirable, as Lycanthropes might pass on their infliction to their offspring, and raise another generation of unscrupulous creatures.
When asked about the necessity of this law, Dolores Umbridge, its initiator, smiles. 鈥淥f course one may wonder. Marriages are rare among Lycanthropes. After all, who would want to marry a Werewolf? But it is also about sending a message. Marriage is for love, and creatures who are biologically incapable of feeling that emotion should be excluded from it.鈥
Furiously, Sirius throws the paper back on the table. 鈥淪uch bullshit! Don鈥檛 they have bloody fact-checkers at The Prophet?鈥
鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 have mattered if they did,鈥 Remus says. 鈥淎ll literature on Lycanthropy is terribly outdated and biased anyway.鈥
鈥淢oony,鈥 Sirius says, his voice now soft. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what to say. I can tell you that it鈥檚 all nonsense, all lies, but you already know that. And I know it doesn鈥檛 change the fact that right now, it just sucks. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
Remus doesn鈥檛 reply, and they just in silence for a while.
Then, Sirius gently bumps their shoulders together. 鈥淪o, ehm, I know that any such discriminatory legislation sucks, no matter the contents, but... was it something you think you maybe would鈥檝e wanted? Someday? Getting married, I mean.鈥
Remus bites his lip. It鈥檚 ruined anyway, so it doesn鈥檛 matter if he knows, right? He gestures towards his jacket, hanging on the coat rack by the door.
Sirius looks at him in a silent question, and Remus gives a small nod. Sirius gets up and walks over to the rack.
Remus doesn鈥檛 dare to look, and stares down at his knees. He hears Sirius鈥 sharp intake of breath. A moment later, Sirius sits back down next to him, his hands clutching a small, black box. His hands are trembling as he carefully takes out a silver ring, holding it between his thumb and index finger.
The ring has a simple elegance, but at the same time a sort of captivating beauty. Just like Sirius, Remus had thought when he picked it out.
鈥淗ow were you going to ask?鈥 Sirius鈥檚 voice is unsteady.
Remus shakes his head. 鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter anymore.鈥
鈥淚t matters to me,鈥 Sirius says.
Remus hesitates.
鈥淧lease, Moony?鈥
鈥淣ot anything extravagant,鈥 Remus shrugs. 鈥淚 thought that maybe this weekend we could鈥檝e gone by that deli to pick up those cheese sandwiches you like so much, and then we could鈥檝e gone to that park at the outskirts of town, and maybe walk around the lake? We could鈥檝e stopped at that bench overlooking the water and watch the sunset. And then I suppose I would鈥檝e gone down on one knee, and, well... ask.鈥
鈥淲hat would you have said?鈥 Sirius sounds breathless now.
Remus laughs wryly. 鈥淣othing you don鈥檛 already know.鈥
Sirius just looks at him, silently urging him on.
鈥淵ou know I鈥檓 shite with words,鈥 Remus eventually says. 鈥淏ut I suppose I would鈥檝e wanted you to know you鈥檙e my best friend, and you somehow make everything better, and I never want to do without you anymore.鈥 Remus runs a hand through his hair, allowing the words to come. 鈥淚 always had these walls up, you know? I would鈥檝e tried to explain that I never thought another person would be capable of making me feel this way, never thought I鈥檇 allow myself to love someone so completely and unapologetically.鈥 He shakes his head. 鈥淏ut that鈥檚 not... That鈥檚 not even what amazes me most about being with you. I would鈥檝e told you that it鈥檚 not even how happy you make me, it鈥檚 how happy I know I make you. Like, I don鈥檛 feel like a bother, I don鈥檛 feel like I should be grateful that you seem to want me around, because I know that everything you鈥檙e giving to me, I鈥檓 giving to you as well. You show it to me every day. I would鈥檝e told you that you make me feel valued, important. That I鈥檓 not afraid to want you, to need you, as much as I do, because I know you want and need me just the same.鈥 Remus lets out a small laugh. 鈥淭hen, if you鈥檙e still with me by the end of all that, I would鈥檝e asked you if you鈥檒l marry me.鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 Sirius chokes, barely audible through the lump in his throat, his cheeks glistening with tears. He scrapes his throat. 鈥淵es, Moony. Yes, I will.鈥
Remus can鈥檛 help the surge of delight at hearing that three-lettered word that under other circumstances would鈥檝e ensured his everlasting happiness. Caught up in the moment, he takes the ring as Sirius gives it to him, and slides it around Sirius鈥 finger, where it belongs. Both men stare at the elegant ring around Sirius鈥 slender finger, with blissful expressions on their faces.
Until Remus shakes himself out of it. 鈥淣o, Sirius, it doesn鈥檛 matter anymore. It鈥檚 no use. We can鈥檛.鈥 Once again, their lives are held back by what Remus is.
Sirius makes a dismissive gesture. 鈥淲ho cares what the Ministry thinks? We鈥檒l hold a ceremony! We鈥檒l ask one of our friends to officiate it! We鈥檒l write vows, we鈥檒l exchange rings, we鈥檒l feed each other wedding cake, we鈥檒l celebrate with all of our loved ones! Who cares if the Ministry won鈥檛 accept it? It鈥檒l be real to us. You鈥檒l be my husband, and I鈥檒l be yours.鈥
Fierce determination is a very good look on Sirius, Remus decides. He can feel tears well up in his eyes at the intensity of his feelings for this man. 鈥淚 love you,鈥 is all he says.
鈥淕ood,鈥 Sirius says, wiggling his finger with the ring in Remus鈥 direction. 鈥淏ecause you kind of signed up for forever now.鈥
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faerieheir 4 months ago
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Ghosted ft. Kamille - Get Some (2017) dir. Fidel Ruiz-Healy
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quervous 2 months ago
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鈥淔orgive me Father, for I have simped.鈥澛-majority of the fandom, probably
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thatsbelievable 9 months ago
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maverick-werewolf 5 months ago
The Werewolf: Past and Future (non-fiction) - book proof!
Tumblr media
The first proof of my upcoming first non-fiction book, The Werewolf: Past and Future (was going to be called Death of the Werewolf until I realized it鈥檚 already been cited in several werewolf studies publications!), arrived a few weeks ago!
I have made several modifications and ordered a second proof, which should arrive next week. With any luck, that will be the last one before I finalize the project and make both the paperback and the ebook available for sale online!
If you don鈥檛 know what this book is...
Since before recorded history, werewolves have captivated human imagination. Simultaneously, they represent our deepest fears as well as our desire to connect with our primal ancestry. Today, werewolves are portrayed negatively, associated with violence, cruelty, cannibalism, and general malevolence.
However, in ages past, legends depicted them not as monsters, but as a range of neutral to benevolent individuals, such as traveling companions, guardians, and knights. The robust legacy of the werewolf spans from prehistory, through ancient Greece and Rome, to the Middle Ages, into the Early Modern period, and finally into present-day popular culture. Over the ages, the view of the werewolf has become distorted. Media treatment of werewolves is associated with inferior writing, lacking in thought, depth, and meaning. Werewolves as characters or creatures are now generally seen as single-minded and one-dimensional, and they want nothing more than to kill, devour, and possibly violate humans.
Hollywood depictions have resulted in the destruction of the true meanings behind werewolf legends that fascinated and terrified humans for so many ages. If these negative trends were reversed, perhaps entertainment might not only discover again some of the true meanings behind the werewolf myth, but also take the first steps toward reversing negative portrayals of wolves themselves, which humans have, for eons, wrongfully stigmatized and portrayed as evil, resulting in wolves receiving crueler treatment than virtually any other animal.
To revive the many questions posed by lycanthropy, entertainment must show respect to the rich history of so many cultures all around the world 鈥 and rediscover the legend of the werewolf.
This book represents a lifetime of work, research, and argument. It鈥檚 the centerpiece of, essentially, who I am and what I want to fight for in my life. This underwent very close scrutiny by a board of distinguished professors and I had to defend my research and my arguments before them.
If you enjoy my werewolf facts, you鈥檒l enjoy reading this, I can guarantee it, especially if you want to hear my side of things. It won鈥檛 be a guide to werewolves, though it鈥檒l certainly have plenty of useful information on various legends (all with proper professional attribution, footnotes, discussion, citation, etc.).
Later down the road, I plan to publish a book that is much more like my werewolf facts - more of a guidebook. But, for now, I think this is a great place to start to get my perspective on things while also learning about almost all the werewolf legends and info I鈥檝e covered in various facts.
I鈥檓 really looking forward to getting this book out there - stay tuned! The Werewolf: Past and Future is coming this month!
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leomitchellart 3 months ago
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Inktober 2021 Prompt no.4 - 鈥淜not鈥澛 馃惡聽
If you get this, you鈥檙e my kind of person. 馃槒 If you鈥檙e confused, best not ask鈥
Buy me a Ko-Fi
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laur-rants a year ago
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A newly finished commission, for my buddy Lukan over on twitter. I鈥檝e done his characters two other times now, just fun sketches, but this was a full painting!! and I just now was able to finish it up. I love how it turned out: Awoos are in order~.
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uesp 3 months ago
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Did You Know: Although it rumored that slain lycanthropes revert to their human form upon death, this very rarely happens? If someone presents a human body, claiming it was a werewolf before they killed it, they are most likely deceiving you.聽
Image is from Ill Met By Moonlight.
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