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Happy Monday! Please watch my kpop cover dance group’s showcase video of ateez’s wonderland here :) im so proud of this team and i want to show everyone!

studygram | kpopblr/main | official cover

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sorry for the really long hiatus :-( it’s been a busy year for the both of us. 

here’s my notes on the heart! taken while studying for my science paper a few weeks ago. for all of you guys still studying for exams, all the best!! you can do it!!!

- vi <33333

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11 August 2018 | 19:48

Happy Saturday lovelies! I sound like a broken record always saying I haven’t posted in awhile but here I am 😅 Anyways, for the past couple months I’ve been in a slump. I’ve just been stressing about school starting again and job hunting. I’m somewhat out of my slump but I’m gradually getting out of it. I’m pretty excited about starting school again. In my past post, it seems like I’ve been in nursing school for awhile but I have and I’ll sort it out in a new post if anyone’s interested in my story and where I am now with the whole nursing program and everything about nursing school 😁 Aside from all that, I actually started bullet journaling! I feel it would be s good idea since I’m starting school and working soon. I’m going to try my best to post at least once a week and maybe progress to more (depending how busy I’ll be). Hopefully I still have people here who are still interested in my nursing student journey! I promise I’ll try my best to be more active. For those who are still there, hello and thank you for being so patient with me!

All the love,

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10/01/18: Practicing french because my professor for the next semester is horrible hard to cope with, so I want to be ready. Have you ever had any bad teachers at college, and, if you did, what ways did you find to overcome the situation? I could really use some tips.

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SORRY ( !!! ) for the inactivity, our exams ended last month and other than this trip to the library we haven’t actually done anything HOWEVER !!! we’re planning some cool stuff coming soon, such as: calendars! weekly planners! and many more! please look forward to that! love you! 

- vi & jillian

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11.10.17 // two posts in one day?? lol this is just a preview of my new style (possibly) bc i haven’t been too satisfied with the basic white desk background on all my other posts so i wanted to try something different!! send me an ask / reply with what you think!!

ig: bionctes

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