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#lydia martin
stileslittlebanshee · 6 months ago
I just... love the mess that is teen wolf so much. I love the cheap fights with techno music blasting, the funny way they extend their claws, the villains that turn into allies because there’s even worst enemies to defeat, the healing abilities that work or not depending on the plot, the friendship of Scott “I’m not letting him die” McCall and Stiles “Could you aT LEAST thiNK abOUt letting hiM DIE??” Stilinski, the non existent lights from season 5 to 6, the highs and lows of lacrosse, the coach and Greenberg, the random resurrections, ....I just.... there’s twin werewolves that merge into each other creating a big ass dude, there was a dude with a mouth on HiS hAND. I love teen wolf. 
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loveonleigh · a year ago
Holland: well, obviously in 2020 she (Lydia) is solving the corona vaccine and telling people not to inject themselves with Lysol.
Tumblr media
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districtless · a month ago
ten years ago, jackson asked scott “where are you getting your juice” and scott answered “my mom does all the grocery shopping” and just like that, television comedy was invented
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amisdalas · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Someone tried to strangle me and I survived; I don’t need to hide that.
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incorrectsterekquotes · a year ago
lydia: I sleep with a knife under my pillow.
allison: Weak. I sleep with a gun.
stiles: You're both pathetic.
allison: Oh? What do you sleep with?
stiles: derek
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somethingpoetichere · 2 years ago
(WOOOO another one lost in my drafts! Isaac baby I MISS you)
Tumblr media
Isaac’s had a crush on you for years, but he’s very shy and he can never really build up the courage to do much more than stare at you from across the library
He shows up at the little coffee shop you work at every saturday morning just to see you, but he always leaves before you build up the courage to go start a conversation with the curly haired boy
He catches himself doodling your name with his last name, and groans while he buries his face in his hands as he realizes how screwed he is
You catch him looking at you one day, and send him a small smile that makes him drop the stack of books he’d been holding
You literally run into him in the hall one day, sending both of your books flying everywhere
“We really have to stop meeting like this, Lahey.”
“You know my name?” He stutters out in disbelief as he hands you your science textbook
“Of course I do. Your name is Isaac Lahey, and you come to the coffee shop I work at every saturday, and you also sit behind me in history and make cheesy jokes under your breath when you think no one is listening.” You grin at him, blushing a little
He’s stunned and a little dazed that you’re actually speaking to him, but brushes off his shock to send you a heartbreaking smile
“And you’re Y/N, and you sit in front of me in history and laugh at my cheesy jokes when you think no one can hear you.”
“Do you want to go get coffee or something?” You ask him as the bell rings, not quite wanting to stop talking to the cute and surprisingly funny curly haired boy
“I’m taking that as a yes.” You grab his arm as his jaw drops in shock, leading him out towards your car
The car ride to the little cafe down the street is filled with you singing along mindlessly to Isaac’s favorite song as he soaks in the fact that holy shit, the girl I’ve been crushing on since first grade is going out to get coffee with me
That's the moment when Isaac knows he's really fallen for you, and hard
After ordering, he asks why a girl like you wants to be seen around a guy like him, and you have to stifle a laugh
"Because any girl would kill to be seen around a guy like you. Those assholes back at school don't know what they're talking about."
He’s too shy to ask for your number, but when driving him home, you slip a sticky note with your number on it into his hand with a smirk as he gets out of your car 
You guys become really great friends after that, and even though he's still kinda shy and reserved you have no problem breaking down those barriers
You guys continue leave each other sticky notes plastered everywhere, with reminders and little notes that make each other smile (a tradition that never really fades)
Screw butterflies, you give him the whole goddamn zoo
Everything from shared smiles from across the library to accidental brushing of hands sends Isaac’s heartbeat off the charts
You’ve noted that he has a habit of running his hands through his hair when he’s nervous, and can’t help but wonder what makes him so nervous every time he’s around you
You can instantly tell when he's lying about getting those bruises from falling down the stairs, but you don't demand answers or push
He confesses about his father's abuse to you at your house when studying, and you spend the rest of the night consoling him.
"Any time you need a safe place to stay, I'm just down the street. Okay? I’m always just a phone call and a few miles away."
After he gets the bite, you're the first person he comes to
He's crying as he tells you everything because he's afraid you'll hate him for becoming a monster, and he doesn't want to lose the one thing that he actually cares about 
"Hey, you'll never lose me, okay? I'm here through thick and thin."
You pulling him in to a hug, his arms wrapped around you in his signature bone crushing hug that never fails to make you feel like everything is going to be alright
The bite gives him a whole new outlook on life, and you can’t help but smile at his newfound attitude
Isaac’s new confidence is definitely a turn on..
He shows up at school in a black leather jacket, wearing a smirk that makes your knees go weak, and it takes all your might not to kiss him senseless right then and there
“Well, hello beautiful.”
You roll your eyes with a laugh as he leans lazily against the locker next to yours, not noticing him looking at you with something akin to awe in his eyes
“So, you know how now that I got the bite, and I’m going to be living with Derek and everything now... Well, I wanted to thank you- well, I wanted to tell you... That, I-” Isaac stutters out, his nervousness showing through his collected exterior
“Isaac, are you okay?” You ask in concern, gently closing your locker and facing him so that your face is only inches away from his own
“I wanted to tell you something important.” He chokes out, sighing lightly as he takes your hand in his. “And if I don’t get this out now, I’ll never tell you. Y/N, the truth is that I’ve had a crush on you since the first grade, and I-”
Then your lips are on his and your hands tugging him closer by his leather jacket, unable to help yourself from kissing the incredibly sweet boy who had stolen your heart
Isaac tenses a little in surprise before melting into the kiss, gripping your waist firmly as he pulls you closer to him
"We should have down that a lot sooner." He whispers breathlessly as he rests his forehead against yours after pulling away, and the grin on his face is something that you’ll never forget
"A lot sooner, Lahey.”
That leather jacket and self assured smirk drives you insane all throughout the following periods, and you’re confident that he knows exactly what he’s doing
Isaac is actually relatively clueless as to the affect he has on you, so he’s more than a little surprised and confused by the text you send him requesting that he meet you in the hall
Needless to say, you can be found third period in coach’s empty office, with you on top of the desk and hands in his hair in a heated make out session
“Did I ever tell you that you have a really great ass? Because I’m totally getting a new level of appreciation for it right now, beautiful.”
“Are you going to kiss me, or keep talking about my ass?”
“Both options sound pretty good.” He teases, leaning down and trailing butterfly kisses up your neck
“I hate you, Lahey.” You manage to choke out through your heavy breathing, and you can feel him smirk against your neck
“You heartbeat would state otherwise, beautiful.”
His nickname for you is “beautiful” because in his eyes, you're the most goddamn gorgeous thing he’s ever seen
takes pictures of you whenever you’re not looking
After his dad dies and the cops all believe he’s the murderer, he’s afraid that you believe so as well
He’s shocked when you storm into the sheriff’s office in a fit of rage, demanding what the hell are you doing with my boyfriend he’s innocent you pieces of absolute shi-
Scott, a good friend of yours, covers your mouth with his hand as you continue to thrash about, and Stiles is explaining to his dad no really she’s the sweetest girl ever just really protective of her friends-
“Sweetest girl ever, huh?”
“Look, even if you are a fugitive, you’re my fugitive.”
“I’m not sure thats making me feel better, beautiful.”
After his name is cleared, you buy celebratory cupcakes, and Derek won’t admit it, but the fact that you bought him a dinosaur cupcake because “it just felt right” sort of endears you to him
Him taking you to meet the rest of his pack, who are all very surprised by how accepting and supportive you are of it 
You and Erica become wonderful friends... and Isaac isn’t the only one whose scared of that combination
They are all super overprotective of you, because you’re the first person that they have met who has genuinely cared about them from the start without needing special reasons to do so
Derek is totally that older brother figure, and you’re the only one allowed to pick on him (he knows its you that keeps leaving those how to decorate a house for dummies books and he’s going to catch you if its the last thing he does dammit)
Isaac likes how when he puts his head in your lap, your hands instinctually run through his curls and gently massage his scalp
“If this was Twilight and you were the hot werewolf, I would totally pick you over any vampire.”
Its sort of your thing to tell each other “I’m just a phone call and a few miles away” when the other is sad, hurt, or missing the other
“I am so in love with you” he mutters for the first time, smiling softly at you as you buy six boxes of pop tarts in the self checkout lane
You literally drop all the boxes you’re holding in surprise because?? literally just buying poptarts man was not expecting that
“... just because you love me does not mean you are getting a poptart, buddy.”
His favorite thing to do is to wrap his arms around your waist from behind and kiss the top of your head, before resting his chin on your shoulder
Isaac is a big softie when it comes to you, and is very protective
He literally always blushes when you kiss his cheek, something that doesn't change even years into the relationship
Isaac kisses your temple whenever you sit down next to him or have a headache
will tackle hug u. always be prepared.
He always kinda smells like the air after it rains
Needless to say, you are almost constantly in his clothes because of this (not that he’s complaining, and he is adamant that you pull off his leather jacket far better than he does)
“You look better in it than I do anyway, beautiful.”
He’s a little bit in love with the way you look in his clothes, and can never seem to stop staring at you in them
“Are you drooling?”
“Shut up, Erica.”
You obviously know about the supernatural, but you play more of a behind the scenes role in everything (Isaac worries about you enough as is anyway, and you don’t want to add to that)
He loves surprising you with flowers (and it becomes a tradition later on for him to bring you flowers every monday on his way home from work when you’re married)
Isaac is such a sucker for long standing traditions with you because it makes you feel so permanent to him
Singing along to every song on the radio together
During the rave, where Isaac and Erica dance with Jackson, you can’t help but snort into your drink at the sight
Afterwards, he’s worried that you’re hurt or scared and tucks you into a bone crushing hug, and for the first time you realize damn I love this boy
“I’m mildly suspicious that my boyfriend has a thing for Jackson, but otherwise I’m fine”
He chuckles into your hair, thinking for the millionth time that day about how in love with you he is
Perfect combination of hopeless romantic and slam-you-against-the-wall-makeout-sessions roughness
suggestive eyebrow wiggles whenever anything with even the slightest possible sexual meaning is mentioned
“I am dating a middle school boy”
The number 24 soon overtakes your wardrobe as you buy literally any sportswear the Beacon Hills lacrosse team sells (There’s the occasional McCall or Stilinski tee thrown in there as well)
“I don’t think I’ve seen the name Lahey printed anywhere more in my life.”
“You obviously haven’t seen the wedding invitations yet, which I expect to be mailed out by the summer.” 
“I don’t quite remember asking you to plan my wedding, Lyds?”
“I have an alphabetized binder, if you must know. It’s been ready since freshman year.”
Isaac thinks your collection of Lahey gear is incredibly adorable, and he always makes sure to dedicate any goals he scores to you
Its tradition to exchange a good luck kiss before any and all games
Although Isaac is usually guilty of turning it into a makeout session, earning himself Coach’s half-hearted threats
Isaac is intensely proud of the fact that you intimidate a majority of Beacon Hills’ male population 
“So does he sleep with the scarf on?”
“Stiles, kindly stop heckling my girlfriend about my wardrobe choices.”
You’re an adventurous couple, and he loves taking you kayaking, hiking, and exploring
He breathes so much easier in wide open places, and nothing makes you happier than seeing Isaac so carefree
serenades you with throwbacks like buy you a drank and ignition remix (real old fashioned romantic as you can see)
inside jokes
sometimes just whispering literally nothing to each other and laughing to really piss Stiles off
y’all really don’t argue over much, you’re both very open with each other and pride your trust in each other more than anything
Isaac being insecure but you doing EVERYTHING in your power to remind him of how wonderful he is
Seriously, whenever he says anything even slightly self-depreciating you literally just screech over him
“I really don’t deserve you-”
“Listen I mean it-”
“... are u done”
so much sweetness. he looks as if he’s seeing the stars for the very first time, every time
He totally overhears you tell Lydia about his “panty-dropper smile” and you absolutely never live that down. ever. nope.
dm each other the stupidest memes you can find
Isaac made you a mixtape once, mans had to buy a whole cassette player and everything for you to listen to it but he saw you like it on twitter and hey, why not?
you cried hysterically, scaring the literal SHIT out of Isaac
everyone’s relationship goals
“Isaac pls stop we’ve been dating for two years now”
You make a mediocre attempt at baking with each other before it ends with flour in places it should never be, eggs in Isaac’s hair, and chocolate chips shoved down your bra
“Want me to get those out for you, beautiful?”
*Isaac hit with flour to the face*
seriously you just shamelessly admire your boyfriend at every opportunity
your first time is definitely somewhere super inconvenient like the locker room or some shit, and Isaac had initially wanted to make it super special, but he couldn’t really find it in himself to say no when you practically jumped him after he won the championship game
PDA all the time. Isaac is a handsy lil shit
special appreciation for The Booty
will spend some mornings lazily kissing every stretch mark, his fingertips gently grazing every blemish as he tells you how beautiful you are to him
“I can’t wait to grow old with you”
Absolutely only has eyes for you
sends you horny text messages in the middle of class because Isaac Lahey, y’all
likes to pamper you in little ways. will draw baths for you, tries (and usually fails) to cook you dinner, and Back Massage Professional
“Stop moaning! I am trying to professionally massage your back and this is NOT professional behavior.” 
Totally pops the big question right after graduation
Doesn’t think its too soon at all, that boy has been waiting his whole life to marry you- and why wait when it feels so right?
“There is nothing in this world or the next that I have ever wanted more than to spend my life with you. I don’t just want the bigs things with you, like a big wedding and kids. I want to wake up next to your bedhead, to come home to your horrible dancing, to go grocery shopping with you, to argue over what brand of detergent to buy. I want to share the most mundane, ordinary moments with you. Because every moment I spend with you is anything but ordinary.”
“Lydia... we might actually need those wedding invitations”
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tw-edits · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well, well. Look who’s no longer the crazy one.
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werepup-sweetwolf · 2 years ago
The Things We Never Got
Erica and Malia meeting
Isaac and Theo meeting
Theo and Derek meeting
Isaac and Liam meeting
Allison beating the hell out of Liam for killing Scott then literally being Theo’s worst nightmare for betraying all of them
Genuine Jordan Parrish and Lydia Martin pairing
A conclusion of Kira’s journey with the Skinwalkers
A conclusion about why Chris decided to leave Isaac in France
How Ethan and Jackson met
That awkward convo between Ethan and Jackson that went something like this:
Jackson: Yeah my friends back in Beacon Hills tried to stop me from murdering innocent people but I was constantly controlled. A girl named Lydia Martin finally brought me back.
Ethan: My twin brother, Aiden, dated her while I was with a guy named Danny.
Jackson: You dated my best friend.
Ethan: He was your best friend?
Jackson: Yes.
Ethan: Well...your friends tried to kill me.
Jackson: And you tried to kill them...
Ethan: So did you.
Jackson: Is Stiles still helpless in love with Lydia like Scott is with Allison?
Ethan: Stiles still loves Lydia. Allison died saving Isaac. 
Jackson: Why did she save his worthless pathetic self?
Ethan: They were a thing.
Jackson: Why the fuck did I leave? Everything went to shit once I left.
A cute ass Hale story of Peter, Laura, Derek, Cora and other younger generation family members playing together when they were under 10 and somebody did something embarrassing as hell and the others always reference it. 
Theo’s revive green muck being used on Allison
An actual progression of Scalia
The pack hitting Chris for healing Gerard with the special flower
A proper explanation of Alec’s purpose - great, he was an omega that was saved and he gets to know all of Scott’s story because he’s taking him on just like that???
Noah and Melissa romance - It would’ve been great instead of Natalie and Noah which would’ve made Stiles and Lydia weird or Chris and Melissa which was basically Scott and Allison in the sense an Argent and McCall were together to the end as a sweet bliss thing. Stiles and Scott could've been actual brothers.
A proper reason for that elevator scene between Theo and Liam and why it was filled with so much sexual tension but neither one acted on it. Like you can sense each other’s chemosignals JUST BE CANON ALREADY.
No junior prom
No senior prom
The story behind Peter meeting Corinne and that whole love fiasco
Other supernatural creatures from other cultures’ myths and tales. We got Kitsune from Japanese legend, Kanima from South-America, even the Wild hunt, so why is everything else were-blah blah.
Stiles having any PTSD from VoidStiles
The full extent Mountain Ash can be used for.
The use of these magical herbs Chris knows so much about but can’t mention them in earlier seasons 
What Alan Deaton and Marin Morrell actually are. Are they siblings? Are they both emissaries/druids? 
Liam’s struggles with I.E.D. after he’s used to being a werewolf. Like where’s the progression of him struggling again after Hayden left? Yeah, he was sad but him raging out in 6b should’ve been more frequent. 
An actual team-up between the babes of Beacon Hills. Banshee, Kitsune, Werecoyote, Hunter, Mercenary, Nurse, Were-Jaguars, Werewolves. All of them in one frame. The boys have nothing compared to them.
Greenberg. If any rando was filmed during 6b then it should’ve been Greenberg with Coach taking down those hunters to save Jackson. We went six seasons for Stydia, why must we never get an answer as to who the hell Greenberg is?
Any hints as to what will happen next. Does the main pack go off to College while Liam and the pup-pack guard Beacon Hills with papa Derek? Is Nolan accepted? Thiam? 
The underlying curiosity if Malia was to go to France at the start of 6b would she had met Isaac? She should’ve gone, sniffed him out and brought him back. 
That genuine talk between Scott and Isaac about caring for Allison.
Why Allison went by her middle name since her full name is apparently Celestine Allison Argent?
Allison’s funeral
Erica’s funeral
Boyd’s funeral
Aiden’s funeral
Any funeral at all other than Kate’s fake one
An answer to a possible spin-off or reboot
Isaac’s actual answer as to why he insisted on wearing scarves
We didn’t get a lot of things. I’m still mad about some - mostly the lack of explanation for characters’ dropping off the face of the earth or how deaths didn’t get properly mourned and grief wasn’t properly expressed.
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