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#lydia stormborn

I know it’s late in the day, but happy Meemaw Mother’s Day! I felt like celebrating some badass and lovable moms today.


[ID: A traditional watercolor painting of Martha Toegold, Lydia Stormborn, And Jolene Cybin. They stand near each other and face forward. Lydia and Jolene stand side to side with one of their hands around the other. Martha stands in front of them and holds their free hands in hers. 

Martha is a halfling with brown skin and dark brown hair pulled up into a bun. She wears glasses, a green blouse, black pants, and brown shoes. She is smiling, and looks forward at the viewer.

Lydia is a tall, pale human with shoulder length red hair. She wears armor that is mostly grey and black, but has red accents on her bracers and tabard. She has scars on her face and arms, and is looking to her left, smiling at Jolene.

Jolene is a tan elf, and is the tallest. She has unruly blond hair that goes gown to her waist. She wears short overalls over a red button up shirt that is tied to be a crop top. She wears bright green boots that seem to be made of leaves. She has many scars, and a lot of freckles. She is smiling at Lydia.

Blue text in the top left corner reads “Happy Mother’s Day!” End ID.]

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lydia stormborn and protect

Fuck him. Fuck him. It’s pouring rain and Lydia and Red and Gunther are running and Lydia is alone with their baby – her baby, fuck him – but she can hear the clank of Galad’s plate gaining on them as they inch closer to the docks and the SS Stormborn and safety. Except it’s not safety, because they’re not going to make it. She can hear Red’s and Gunther’s breathing, and they’re panting but she’s not, and so she yells, over the thundering rain – “Take him! Take Elias, I’ll buy you time, get out of here!” and passes her baby to Gunther, who grunts. Red nods. They keep running. Lydia turns and draws her sword.

The look on Galad’s face when he catches up and sees her ready and waiting is almost worth what comes next.

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Lydia reading “Ulfgar Goes Punch” to Hardwon as a baby is such an adorable image and I feel like a real piece of shit because my mind is just going, “But wait, didn’t the legendary heroes only go on their journey a few years before the start of the podcast, whereas Lydia was killed by Galad Rosell at least 18 years or so before that? At Murph! AT MURPH!”

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