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Come In With The Rain by Taylor Swift
I’ve watched you so long. Screamed your name. I don’t know what else I can say. But I’ll leave my window open, ‘cause I’m too tired at night for all these games. Just know I’m right here hopin’ that you’ll come in with the rain. I could go back to every laugh. But I don’t wanna go there anymore.
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// you can hear a pin drop when I get pissed off

I don’t want to talk, I just wanna ball my fists up

I don’t want to calm down

I don’t want to listen

rather throw fists and get a conviction

you know what it is put that shitbag in prison

I don’t need a lecture, this shit’s depressing

me venting is probably the best thing //

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Didn’t they tell us don’t rush into things

Didn’t you flash your green eyes at me

Didn’t you call my fears with the treacherous cat’s smile

Ooh didn’t it all seem new and exciting

I felt your arms twisting around me

It’s all fun and games, still somebody loses their mind

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i Was tagged by the beaut @ishipmutualrespect to list my favorite lyrics of WALLS: 
here we go:
Kil my Mind:  and you hate me and I want more

Don’t let it break your heart: What hurts you is gonna pass, and you’ll have learnt from it when it comes back you’ll be doing better

Two of us: The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead.

We made it:  When you’re here, don’t need to say no more Nothing in the world that I would change it for

Too Young: Me and you is all i’ve ever known 

Walls:  I looked you in the eyes, saw that I was lost 
For every question “why”, you were my “because”

Habit:  I’ll always need ya in front of me

Always you:  Waiting to wrap your legs around me and I know you hate the smoke without me

Fearless: spark that memory of you Strong enough to get it wrong in front of all this people

Perfect Now:  You make me feel like being someone good to you

Defenceless: I come runnin’ to you like a moth into a flame

Only the brave: Like there ain’t enough dying stars in your sky

I’m tagging my loves: @nonsocomechiamareilmioblog1 @itsantigone @likearagingroar @oopshiaddict @betterlatethanhouie @hisbravery 

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guys……in don’t let me go he says “all of a sudden these lights are blinding me, I didn’t notice how bright they would be” and in lights up he says “step into the light, so bright sometimes, I’m not ever going back…..” 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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Forever Rain

I wish it rains all day

Cuz I’d like someone to cry for me

I wish it rains all day

Cuz then people wouldn’t stare at me

Cuz the umbrella would cover the sad face

Cuz in the rain people are busy minding themselves

Gonna breathe a little slower

Cuz my life and my rap, they’re usually too fast

Now everything goes back to its place

My shadow’s reflected on the sky

I’m standing on the darkness

Head down, to my heels

Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain

Everything slow

Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain

Everything slow…

Forever rain (forever rain)

Forever rain (forever rain)

When it rains I

Get a little feeling that I do have a friend

Keeps knocking on my windows

Asks me if I’m doing well

And I answer, I’m still a hostage of life

I don’t live because I can’t die

But I’m chained to something

Just like you, If I could

Just knock on somewhere

If I could kiss

The whole world so hard

Would someone welcome me

Maybe embrace my weary body

Please don’t ask any questions

But do keep pouring forever

I’m not lonely when you’re pouring

Please stay by my side

Wanna live in the ashy world

I know that there’s no forever

Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain

Everything slow

When it rains it pours

It pours…

Forever rain

Forever rain (forever rain)


Pour on me

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Ispirazione musicale delle 21.13

E sono ancora qui, 

Le vecchie foto sul cuscino, io le guardo e poi sorrido 

E ripenso a tutto quello che ho passato, il tempo che è volato

Forse sei sempre stato tu la ragione dietro al caos nella mia testa.

In realtà sei solo un’ombra,

insediata nel mio cuore senza permesso di soggiorno. 

Nascosto tra i ricordi di una vita burrascosa.

Sei tu la causa di tutto questo

ed io la scema caduta nella tua rete

senza via di scampo, senza compromessi , che tenta di scappare

Lontano dai tuoi inganni.

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