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Rowan : so i didnt know what chocolate you liked so i got them all

Lysandra : Rowan, thats like 400 boxes

Aelin : so what. more for me. thanks buzzard

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dorian : apparently the ‘bad vibes’ i’ve been feeling is actually ‘severe psychological distress’

Aelin, Lysandra, Rowan, Aedion, Elide : mood.

Lorcan, who came to sit with them because elide wanted to : wtf is wrong with you people-

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Do you have an author that you love so much you will immediately buy their new books as soon as they release? I don’t really have an author I’ll immediately buy from, but if a book is about Fae, I’m probably gonna snatch it up.

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Aelin: Look Aedion, you have got to stop being such a bonehead.

Aedion: *starts sweating nervously*

Aelin: That wonderful girl actually loves you.

Aelin: And she could’ve had anyone she wanted, but she chose YOU.

Aelin: So IF YOU DON’T STOP BEING A SUCH COWARD and ask Lysandra to marry you, I’ll marry her myself!

Aedion: *visibly confused and scared*

Rowan: *slowly raises his hand*

Rowan: What about me, Aelin?

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“Quick and easy?” She scoffed. “You’re no fun. He’d better be sobbing and begging for his life when he sees me, or what’s the point in doing it at all?”

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Aedion : i can explain

Lysandra : can you?

Aedion : if you give me 30 seconds to think of a lie

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Rowan : this is my ‘i dont care’ face

Lysandra : Rowan, thats your normal face 

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Aelin : hey bastards i made tea

Dorian : none of us asked for tea tho?

Lysandra : maybe its a conversation starter

Aedion : thats a pretty stupid conversation starter

Aelin : is it? were fucking conversing right now. checkmate mother fuckers

Aelin : *tries to put on neon sunglasses but pokes herself in the eye*

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omg i just had this random headcanon that lysandra and dorian become really good friends by pranking everyone by shapeshifting

and they prank aelin all the time bc she’s a mutual bestie

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The dozens of tik toks I’ve seen saying that every single, main character in Throne of Glass should have been in the LGBT community is terrifying.

We want representation, not fetishization.

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(the characters I picked for this were basically the ones we saw the most)

1. Aelin Galathynius

2. Rowan Whitethorn

3. Fenrys Moonbeam

4. Lysandra

5. Dorian Havilliard

6. Elide Lochan

7. Manon Blackbeak

8. Lorcan Salvaterre

9. Chaol Westfall

10. Aedion Ashryver

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Okay I just had a shower thought

So there’s the whole thing where the baby was conceived by feyre while she was in her Illyrian from right and that’s why it has wings (bc other than that it’s really only one quarter Illyrian)

Well i know it’s not the same world but BUT

Remember when in TOG Lysandra was pretending to be aelin and the discussion came up about how they were going to explain heirs because lys’s kids would look nothing like aelin??

Because the shifting didn’t influence reproduction or like genetics in that way?

Anyways. Just a thought I had. I’d love to hear of anyone hs a theory or idea here :)

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If anyone is looking for a good Nesta cosplayer, or even if you aren’t and just like ACOTAR, check this chick out!!!

She’s also done Celaena/Aelin, Amarantha, Jude Duarte, Feyre, Lysandra, and more!!! She’s literally so gorgeous and talented!

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