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cloudywriter · a day ago
camp staghorn - 6
Tumblr media
hey babes! i honestly got this out faster than i thought i would but i’m pretty happy with it. enjoy!! (send me some rowaelin prompts please i need some new stuff).
masterlist, main masterlist, AO3
Aelin was munching on her breakfast early the morning after Rowan and his boys rudely dumped her entire camp into the lake. The mushy eggs she continued to shove in her mouth had her appetite dissipating but Aelin was staring off into space, mindlessly consuming her breakfast while trying to think of the perfect way to get Rowan back.
Lysandra sat down across from Aelin, her tray smacking on the table effectively snapping Aelin out of her trance.
“Thinking hard over there?” Lys asked, sipping from her glass of water. 
“Yeah, I need to get Rowan back, but I’m not sure what to do,” Aelin huffed. 
“Aelin Galathynius is running out of ways to annoy others? Never thought I’d see the day.” Lys replied with a smirk, picking up her knife to slice her waffles. 
Aelin rolled her eyes. “Oh, ha ha,” she replied drily. 
“I’m sure you’ll think of something, don’t force it, it'll come to you. Anyway, I have to eat quickly. My girls are dying to get on the big inflatable slip and slide today.”
“There’s a slip and slide today?” Aelin asked, intrigued by the multitude of possibilities that suddenly presented themselves. 
Lysandra nodded, “Yeah, I heard from Dorian, he and a few other boys were helping Gavriel blow it up this morning.”
Aelin hummed, watching as Lysandra spread a generous amount of butter on her waffle. Her mind was reeling, working to develop a plan, a way she could maybe use the slip and slide in her retaliation. 
If Aelin were in a cartoon a lightbulb would have appeared above her head, signaling the donning of an idea. 
She might just take the slip part of the slip and slide up a notch or two.
As Aelin left the dining hall that morning she grabbed a fistful of single slice pre-packaged butter from the plastic container near the end of the food line. Her campers followed along each seizing what they could after Aelin briefly outlined her plan.  
There was one hole in her scheme, however, that needed rectifying before she could execute it. She needed to figure out Rowan and his camp’s scheduled slip and slip time. Aelin certainly couldn’t ask him herself, that would be far too suspicious, she needed someone on the inside. Someone who was unsuspecting, someone Rowan trusted. 
Aelin made a mental list of the other counselors Rowan seemed friendly with, running through her options. There was Lorcan but he didn’t seem to be a big fan of Aelin’s nor did he seem to enjoy fun. There was Vaughan but Aelin had never talked to him before. There was Connall but again Aelin didn’t have much of a relationship with him. Then there was Fenrys. He was a risky choice but he was likely her best bet. He definitely had a playful side and loved to tease Rowan as much as she did, always entertained by their rivalry. 
Maybe, just maybe he would be willing to play both sides. 
Thus, as soon as she left the dining hall she spotted Fenrys heading down towards the lake, his campers marching in a line behind him. 
“Fenrys!” She called, waving her hand to get his attention. 
Fenrys turned around, a wolfish grin overtaking his face. “Need something, Galathynius?”
Aelin jogged towards him, taking a moment to scan the area for a lurking Rowan. 
“I need a favor,” she revealed, still checking over her shoulder. 
“A favor?” Fenrys raised an eyebrow, intrigued by this development. 
“Yes, but it requires a level of discretion that you have to promise to uphold.”
Fenrys hummed, tapping a finger on his lip, “I suppose I can promise to be discreet.”
“Perfect,” she responded, her grin now matching Fenrys’ own. She looped her arm through his and walked down with him to the lake all while articulating her master plan. 
It was halfway through lunch when Fenrys passed by her, shoving a piece of paper into her hand as he walked by. 
Written on the paper was only a sentence but it was all Aelin required. 
He’ll be there at 2pm.
Aelin kept a close eye on the clock the rest of the day and when it was finally nearing 2pm she and her girls made their way towards the camp’s entrance where the slip and slide was. 
Luckily, the coast seemed to be clear, not a counselor or staff member insight. 
“Alright, girls, you know what to do,” she gave the all-clear and they unzipped their bags eagerly, dumping out of the slices of butter they’d acquired earlier. 
As Aelin unwrapped a few slices of butter she threw them onto the giant, imposing green and blue inflatable. They were relying on the sun to melt them into an oily mess before Rowan and his camp showed. Her girls followed her lead, unwrapping and tossing repeatedly until their butter supply was depleted.
Time was ticking and Aelin was happy to see that the butter was melting fast under the blazing afternoon rays. She even grabbed the hose and sprayed over the inflatable for good measure, dispersing the clumps of butter before they were ready to retreat into the cover of the trees. Once she felt that the slip and slide looked innocent enough she motioned for her girls to follow her to the tree line and wait. 
They didn’t have to wait long, Rowan and his boys showed up soon enough dressed in their bathing suits, carrying towels slung over their shoulders. 
Aelin’s girls struggled to keep their giggles at bay, laughing through the fingers they pressed to their mouths in an attempt to stifle them. 
The boys got into a miniature argument discussing who got to test the slide first. Rowan stayed quiet until one of the boys suggested that Rowan be the one to go. The others seemed on board with the idea; they started to excitedly cheer on their counselor, demanding he go on the slide. 
“Go, Rowan! Go!” They began chanting, swinging their towels in a helicopter motion above their heads. Rowan smiled, shaking his head but complied. “Alright, boys, let me show you how it’s done.” 
He took up his position a few feet away from the beginning, getting in a few running strides before leaping onto the inflatable belly first. Rowan went flying down the rubber track so hard he flipped over the end wall onto the ground, now muddy with water from the slip and slide’s earlier use. His boys went crazy, some laughing while others climbed up onto the slide ready for their own turn.
“Holy crap,” Rowan breathed trying to wipe the mud off of his thigh while clutching where he had fallen on his hip. 
The boys that had climbed onto the inflatable struggled to even keep upright, their feet constantly slipping out from under them. 
“Is it supposed to be like this?” One of the boys inquired as he fell for what seemed like the 10th time. 
More of the boys got onto the inflatable to investigate, each falling over themselves. 
Rowan was rubbing his hands down his chest and arms, likely figuring out that he felt more oily than wet. He looked out towards the forest and Aelin dropped her head, praying he missed the flurry of movement. 
She deemed her prayer had gone unanswered as a shadow appeared over the thick bush she was crouched behind. 
She looked up, meeting Rowan’s pine green eyes. “I should’ve known.” 
“Struggling a bit, Whitethorn?” 
He looked back towards his boys all on the slide flailing their arms trying to keep balanced long enough to stand. 
“Maybe a little.” 
“You smell like a pancake,” Aelin commented with a smile.
“A pancake?” Rowan asked, a question in his eyes. 
“Mhm, a very buttery pancake,” Aelin clarified. 
Rowan seemed to catch on, putting the pieces together like a puzzle. “You covered the slide in butter?”
Aelin shrugged, flicking an empty butter packet at his face. 
“Very clever,” Rowan deadpanned, flicking the wrapper right back. 
Aelin scrunched her nose, knocking the wrapper out of the air before it could connect with her face. 
“Did your campers even get to go on the slip and slide before you defiled it?” Rowan mused. 
Aelin looked out to the line of girls next to her, “They can still go. I just made it more fun, twice the slip.”
Rowan just shook his head, laughing slightly as he walked back to the slip and slide where his campers were still tumbling over each other. 
Aelin deemed the buttered slip and slide successful enough. 
That night Aelin settled into bed after washing her face and brushing her teeth. She was always thoroughly exhausted after each camp day and had no trouble falling into bed, finding some much-needed rest in the black abyss that swallowed her. 
She could have only been asleep for a few hours before she thought she heard the rustle of leaves and the snapping of twigs outside the cabin. Her eyelids were still heavy; her body protested the thought of waking up. In her sleep-idled mind, she could barely discern whether the noises were all in her head or not. 
She decided to ignore it, chalking it up to regular nightly forest sounds. Aelin’s consciousness was just beginning to slip once more when she heard the most obnoxious banging. 
Pots and pans were being slammed together, the loud metallic sound echoing through the forest, offensive and abrupt against the previously quiet night. She was suddenly very awake but also very confused as shouting joined the racket. 
All of her girls were sitting up in their bunks now, grumbling and wiping the sleep from their eyes.
“What’s going on?” Ansel rasped, dramatically falling back into her pillow. 
Aelin stumbled out of her bed, nearly tripping over the sneakers she’d discarded earlier. The thumping and shouting was incessant. 
“Wakey, wakey!” The sound of a young boy screeching came from outside.
Aelin pushed open the cabin door with a groan, rubbing her eyes. She was met with the sight of Rowan and his campers all armed with various pans, pots, and utensils beating them together relentlessly. 
“Good morning, Princess.” Rowan greeted, hitting what looked to be the lid to two pans together like cymbals.
“What are you doing?” Aelin demanded as a group of her girls gathered behind her to see what all the commotion was about. 
Rowan shrugged. “We’re giving you a rude awakening, I suppose.” 
“Well, if you could shut it down that would be greatly appreciated,” Aelin replied walking down the steps to come face to face with Rowan, resting her hands on her hips. The boys didn’t falter, continuing to make an obscene amount of noise. 
Aelin’s foot landed on the length of green hose that snaked around their cabin, coming from its side. She smirked, reaching down to grab its head. Ansel seemed to know exactly where her mind had wandered, she rushed to the hose’s knob and twisted it, a spray of water erupting out of it, directed straight at Rowan Whitethorn. 
He cursed, holding up the lids for cover while rushing out of Aelin’s line of fire. She aimed the hose at the line of boys, spraying them without mercy. They started yelling and running in an attempt to find cover and escape the projection of water. 
“Hey! Hey!” A shout came from down the trail that led to Aelin’s camp’s cabin. 
Gavriel materialized from around the bend, looking very annoyed. 
“What is going on?” He demanded, stopping in front of the guilty parties with his hands on his hips. The hose suddenly switched off, the water turning into a trickle and the boys tucked their kitchen items behind their backs. 
Aelin and Rowan briefly made eye contact but neither made a move to explain. 
Gavriel sighed, rubbing his eyebrows with two of his fingers. “Obviously, I’ve noticed you two have a bit of a rivalry going and that was all fine when it was harmless stuff but now you’re getting disruptive. I mean it’s almost 2am and you’re making a racket. You’ve woken up half a camp full of children!” He paused then.
Rowan cleared his throat, “I’m sorry, sir, this was my idea and I should’ve thought of the repercussions first.”
Gavriel huffed. “Anything to add, Aelin?”
“Nah, this was on Rowan,” Aelin offered, shooting Rowan a grin filled with mirth. Gavriel only shot her a reprimanding look. 
Aelin sighed, “I’m sorry, Uncle G, we will keep it more lowkey from now on.” Rowan seemed surprised by her use of uncle but quickly schooled his features into neutrality. 
“No, guys, you need to call a truce. Shake hands or something and make up,” Gavriel asserted. 
Rowan and Aelin looked at each other but again made a move, unwilling to declare peace. Gavriel motioned for them to get on with it. 
Rowan reluctantly offered up his hand, Aelin shot Gavriel one more look hoping it conveyed how much she did not want to let Rowan have the last word. Gavriel only gave her a hard look in return so she grabbed Rowan’s outstretched hand, his calloused palm wrapping around her own. They both gave a weak shake.
“Truce?” Rowan asked.
“Truce.” Aelin agreed with a huff.
taglist:  @live-the-fangirl-life // @rowaelinismyotp // @gosuckadickghostman // @camilamartinezdunne // @charlizeed​ // @story-scribbler​
if i ever miss you for the taglist or you wanna be tagged let me know!!
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nvssian · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tog characters headers pt2!
like/reblog if u save or cr: @/deathsladys (twitter) if u use!
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Aelin: I am a simple woman. I enter the kitchen. I eat four servings of chocolate hazelnut cake. I leave.
Lysandra: It’s one serving if you serve all of it to yourself at once.
Aelin: I like the way you think.
-please tag & credit @therandomfandomgal if reposting to Instagram
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confused-as-all-hell · 21 days ago
Lysandra Ennar
She would find that love again—one day. And it would be deep and unrelenting and unexpected, the beginning and the end and eternity, the kind that could change history, change the world.
Lysandra Ennar, lovely and brave and bright. The shifter, the dreamer, the Lady of Carravarre. A woman who was assaulted and enslaved and broken, who fought her silk bindings with vicious ferocity, who discovered just how beautiful the world was when you were free free free. 
She was the lady of stories, the maiden trapped in a looming tower. There was no handsome prince to rescue her, no grand saviour. There were only bruises on her forearms and tears in her eyes. 
There was only a friend who reached out her hand. 
There was only blood on her body, blood on the bed, blood on the knife clenched tight in her hand.
There was no time to weep, no time to mourn, because there were furious men invading her space and leering down at her naked body and demanding answers.
There was a broken tower and a rush of power, jolting through her body, and fuck if it didn’t feel like being born again. 
Lysandra, for the first time in her life, was finally at ease. She had her power, swift and immortal light running through her veins. She made peace with her past, the brutal happenings that occured behind Arobynn’s locked door. 
And she had friends, friends to live for, friends to die for. Aelin, who gifted her lavish boxes of chocolate every other day, and made her laugh until she cried. Rowan, who made her pancakes whenever her mood dulled, and trained her in the finest battle arts. Lorcan, who showed her neither pity nor kindness, but such respect that it made her heart ache. 
Aedion, who loved her with a heart spun of gold, who kissed away her nightmares, who held her in his arms until the shaking ceased. 
She is a sexual abuse survivor, forced against her will to cater to men, made small and insignificant by our own fandom. Lysandra is hated by so many because she dared to draw the line, because she drew herself up and said “I will not allow this.”
She is hated because she forgave someone for making a mistake. 
Lysandra is the one who decides her limits, gifts her kindness. 
It is not up to the fandom to decide what she deserves, and it’s fucking disgusting that some of you think you have the right. 
She gets to choose if she forgives someone, and if she does, shut the fuck up.
Forgiveness is healthy, it is reasonable, it is good. People who made bad choices are allowed to learn from those mistakes; yes, they deserve kindness and respect and love. 
Lysandra realized this. She forgave Aedion for his cruel words, because she understands he was grief-stricken and felt betrayed and hurt. She is allowed to decide he made a mistake. 
Lysandra is brave and wonderful. She has long ago learned what is important to her, what she would live for, whom she would die for. She deserves more than hatred, more than disgust, more than your disdain.
Allow my love to be happy. She is worthy of it.
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nlnlpanini · a month ago
In a Different Life | Lorcan Salvaterre x Reader (minor Aedion x Reader)
Hey guys! Here’s part something that I've been working on throughout these past few days. It was supposed to be a one shot but my brain got carried away with building an actual plot so eh. I’ll probably continue to update it if enough ppl read it so tell me what you think. So without further ado, enjoy!
Note: its highschool!au and sorta sports!au this is only a part of it i‘ll post the whole chapter later on
summary: The Carde (along with Maeve and (Y/n)) are the new transfers to Ornyth Secondary. Though she seems perfectly fine (Y/n) is a literal ball of anxiety and has no idea what to do. Thankfully, her boyfriend, Lorcan has been helping her every step of the way, and can’t wait to start out again with her. But, what happens when tensions rise between them, their group, and the “it” group at school. Will they make it out together? Will they get their happy ending?
Parings: Lorcan/Reader, Slight Aedion/Reader, Elide/Manon, Nehemia/Lysandra, Aelin/Rowan, Dorian/Chaol (I’ll add any that come up)
Warnings: swearing, not that much to worry abt tbh (I’ll add any that come up)
Too many eyes.
Those were (Y/n)'s thoughts as she strolled down the courtyard. Herself, Lorcan and Fenrys being a few paces behind Rowan.
Many ogled and whispered as the Cadre slowly made their way through the crowd, wolf whistles and catcalls being passed about. People parted around them as if they were the plague. She could hear snippets of conversation about them, almost everyone fawning about their looks.
But, she couldn’t help the insecurities that washed over her as she watched many of the girls eyeing Lorcan like he was a piece of god damned candy. As she’d been taught, she held her head high, offering slight smiles to those she had made eye contact with. But her smile soon turned sour when she saw some shooting her dirty looks.
Too many eyes.
Subconsciously, her hand made her way to his, seeking comfort in his warmth.
Lorcan paused his conversation with Fenrys as he felt (Y/n)’s small fingers intertwining with his. Clearly, his friend had noticed too and sent a smirk his way, slowing down to walk beside his twin.
Lorcan then looked down to the beautiful girl. Watching the way her small smile pressed into a thin line.
“What’s wrong, Bluebell?” He whispered, his massive frame having to bend down to reach her ear.
A tiny smile bloomed onto her face as her gaze trailed back back to him. Gods, if Lorcan looked like how he felt, he might as well have been a pile of mush. All because of the small girl beside him. All because of one small smile. But, he couldn’t trash his reputation, so as normal, he put on his small smirk, his eyes finding hers.
“Hm? I’m fine.” She said, the look in her eyes clearly betraying the words coming out of her mouth. All the walls they worked so hard to build down together, brought back up in the blink of an eye. Lorcan sighed in return.
“C’mon (N/n), please tell me what’s wrong.” He pleaded, his voice low, eyes searching for hers, and her gaze, landing anywhere but his.
“Just nervous, that’s all.” She responded, a sad smile ghosting her face, when in reality, she knew that one of these girls could whisk him away if she let him out of her sight. When in reality, she knew that the moment she left her friend group she would be a nervous mess around everyone. All. The. Time.
Too many eyes.
“You’re going to be alright.” He whispered,  “You have us— well maybe not Rowan, but the rest of us.” He said, and earned a whine of protest when he took his hand out of hers. But it soon ceased when he draped it over her shoulders.
“Tell that to my social anxiety.” She shot back, nothing but playful banter being passed around.
“Touche.” He chuckled, earning a sigh from herself.
“I just can’t wait to get this over with.” She confessed, schooling her expression into the epitome of content. When really her heart was jack hammering in her chest.
“It’ll all be over soon,” he murmured into her hair, “And I’ll be with you every step of the way.” he concluded with a kiss to her head.
“I sure hope so.” She whispered as she watched Maeve stride up beside Rowan, clinging to his arm.
(Y/n) rolled her eyes, the action not being ignored by the golden ringed turquoise eyes in the crowd.
Aedion Ashryver watched alongside his cousin as the transfers came in. His eyes latching onto the (h/c) haired girl’s figure. For a moment, he admired her. He admired the way she held herself, the way she sent soft smiles to those she saw. He lost focus on those around him, his gaze staying solely on (Y/n).
“Hah, looks like been Aedion’s smitten by the new girl.” Laughed Dorian as he nudged Aelin, and Aelin, never taking her eyes off of them.
“What?” he asked, turning towards the Havilliard boy.
“Smitten, it means that—”
“No, I know what smitten means.” he frowned.
Nehemia sighed into her girlfriend’s shoulder, “You’re practically drooling over her.”
“I am not.” He frowned. “And she clearly has a boyfriend.”
“Oooo is this jealousy I’m hearing?” Taunted Lysandra, her arms wrapped around Nehemia’s waist.
“You guys are assholes, y’know.” Aedion sighed, his gaze trailing back to the group, eyes finding (Y/n)’s. The girl sent a little smile his way, and he almost melted then and there.
“But at least admit that you guys would look cute together.” Smirked Dorian.
Aedion rolled his eyes. He wasn’t opposed to dating her, but they haven’t even had an actual conversation together for gods sakes!
“C’mon guys, class is starting soon.” Called Aelin as her gaze finally broke away from the transfers.
Walking away, Aedion tossed a look over his shoulder, taking one last glimpse of the small girl.
“Maybe in a different life.”
There’s the first glimpse of my fic! If you have any questions or any constructive criticism i’ll be glad to hear it, hope you enjoyed it. 
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positivewitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kingdom of Ash fanart by @marssketch insta
Aelin Galathynius
Manon Blackbeak
Ansel of Briarcliff
Lysandra Ennar
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pen-paper-and-ink · a month ago
Champagne Problems
Chapter Three
Tumblr media
Sam eventually went to back to his own apartment around noon, leaving Aelin with plenty of time to focus on her English assignment.  Instead of a final test in English, there was a final paper, and Aelin was struggling with what words to put down.
She knew the book inside and out; the words just were not coming to her today. She could usually just sit at her computer and let the words flow out of her, but that was not happening.  She eventually just went back and skimmed through her outline, getting herself to refocus. She finally gave up a half an hour later and resorted to texting Rowan.
“Want to come over and study.  I’ll order takeout from Emry’s. It will be just like old times.”
The response came only seconds later. “I’d love too, but some of us have class in an hour.”
She could practically here the snort in his reply. “Could you possibly skip this class and study with me instead?”
“I would but it’s the last class before the final, and I need the review.”
“Boo. You suck.” She emphasized with an emoji that was sticking its tongue out at him.
“See you later, Ace :)”She swore he refused to use emoji’s just to spite her.
When she was finally done pouting, she eventually pulled her phone back out to text Lysandra, who easily agreed to come over.  Although Lysandra was not diligent as Rowan when it came to studying and making study schedules, she was better than nothing, especially when Aelin was having trouble concentrating.
She showed up to Aelin’s apartment wearing an oversized fuzzy pink sweater and a pair of black leggings, as well as two chocolate bars.  She might now be Aelin’s favorite person.
She definitely was not Aelin’s favorite person the first time they met, though.  They were both petty and stubborn and got along about as well as cats getting a bath. That eventually changed the march of their freshmen year, when Aelin chased off a shady guy who was trying to follow a very drunk Lys into the bathroom at a frat house. Lysandra had been her constant companion since then, especially when it came to  topics including clothes and boys.
“Hello, Babe,” Lysandra chirped happily as she strode into Aelin’s apartment.  She shrugged off her bag and dropped the candy onto her plush sofa.  Aelin went to wrap her harms around Lysandra who returned the gesture. “I brought chocolate as a study motivator for the both of us, but you already smell of candy.”
Aelin groans. “Shut up.  Sam bought me this perfume, it’s his favorite.”
“Mhm,” Lysandra hums giving Aelin a conspiratorial grin, “I think he like’s that you’re his own personal snack.” Lysandra says wiggling her eyebrows.
Aelin only rolled her eyes at her friend, “whatever.”
“You smell good, babe, just really sweet. Even sweeter than that bath and body works body spray that everyone bathed their selves in in middle school, if that’s even possible. But I think he likes that.  How many times has he bitten your neck when you have been wearing it?” Lysandra asked with further eyebrow wiggling.
“You’re way too into our love life.  How long has it been since you’ve had date?” This time it was Aelin’s turn to wiggle her eyebrows.
“It’s been a while,” Lysandra moans loudly, but she turns her grin back onto Aelin, “but you didn’t answer my question.”
Aelin sighs loudly and slumps back onto her couch. “It’s not like he does it often.”
Lysandra snickers and she lounges next to Aelin. “So, I see it’s getting pretty serious. I even saw the picture he keeps of you in his wallet.”
“In his wallet?” Aelin snorts. “I didn’t think that people still did that. I thought the real milestone of a serious relationship was making a picture of your significant other your home screen on your phone.”
“Yes, you relationship guru.  Are you ready to study now?”
. . .
It turns out that Lysandra was the perfect person to get Aelin to finish her English paper.  About two hours after Lysandra arrived, Aelin had finished her paper, submitted it, and was able to eat her chocolate bar as a reward.  They then watched a shitty romcom on Netflix until Lysandra had to leave for her evening class.
That now left Aelin plenty of time to get ready to go to the Cadre’s for the night. It also gave Aelin some time to harass Rowan about his class.
“How was class?” Aelin texted.
“Good.  Did you finally finish your paper, you demon?  Bribing me with Emry’s and everything.” Rowan replied.
“I finished it and submitted it and everything. I even ate a celebratory chocolate bar without you.” She brags.
“I just wanted you to know that I am rolling my eyes at you.” Was his only response.
“Would it kill you to just use the emoji?” Aelin demanded.
“Yes.” Well at least she had her answer.
“See you at the Cadre’s in a few hours or so?” She inquired.
“Yes,” was once again his only response. Boys, Aelin thought rolling her eyes. What was with boys and their one-word answers.  With that, Aelin pulled up Spotify on her TV to blast some music as she prepared for her night.
She was having fun running around her apartment sing- screaming the lyrics to Teenage Dirtbag as she prepared dinner and tidied up her apartment.  Pop-rock and other angsty songs which she listened to as a teenager, always brought back fond memories.  Her friends always made fun of her emo music in high school, so she decided to switch to some more mainstream stereotypical party music when hanging out with her college friends. The mainstream stuff like Doja Cat and Cardi B, stuff that was always playing loudly at clubs and house parties.
Aelin also had a soft spot for love songs and romantic ballads.  Frank Sinatra always reminded her of her parents spinning around their living room on a weeknight.  She always thought that they were disgustingly in love. Always holding hands and kissing in front of her and her friends.  Aelin now regrets giving them crap about it, especially since the time they had together ended up being cut short.
She ends up eating her frozen pasta dinner over the kitchen island as she hummed along to an old fall out boy song. She went to check her phone and saw a message from Sam which simply asked if she was going to be at the Cadre’s in an hour, she sent back a simple yes as a response and finished up her dinner. Once she was done, she decided that it was probably time to get dressed for the night.
Aelin loved getting dressed up.  She found it calming.  Once she picked out an outfit she would methodically paint her face and do her hair. She scanned her overflowing closet, her gaze gliding over black cocktail dresses, sportswear, blazers, sun dresses, and band T’s.  She decided on a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized concert t-shirt since she just wanted to wear something simple, and the Cadre’s was a fairly run-down dive bar, though Aelin didn’t mind being overdressed, she loved her clothes and wasn’t afraid to show off and look fabulous doing so.
Once she was dressed, she went into her bathroom to do her makeup.  She blended concealer and foundation into her skin, and painstaking lined her eyes with black liquid liner.  She had decided on a classic cat eye with red lips, something you could never go wrong with.   She reached down for her tube of lipstick then remembered that Sam got kind of soppy and romantic when he was drunk and reached for a liquid lip instead.
She then quickly curled her hair and accessed her appearance.  Her skin was flawless, her eyebrows were groomed to perfection, the eyeliner accentuated her blazing blue-gold eyes wonderfully, and her crimson red lips went well with the look.  Her golden hair was voluminous in big beach waves, she overall was pleased with her appearance, especially after spending the entire day in lounge wear studying. It felt good to be put together after a day of lounging around her apartment while trying to write.  Overall Aelin thought she looked hot as fuck.
She quickly pulled on her heeled black booties, grabbed her bag and she was out the door.
. . .
The bar was so loud, the baseline of the song that was playing was all that could be heard.  Lysandra had left the group about an hour in, to go flirt with some guy she had met previously that night and had eventually went home with him, after checking in with Aelin.  Aelin dutifully took down the guys information, with Lys promising to check in with her later in the evening.  That left Aelin to hang with the guys.
They had all gathered tonight.  Sam, Lorcan, Conall, Fenrys, Rowan, and Aelin.  They had all had a few rounds and were now all laughing over stupid shit, even Lorcan, who Aelin didn’t know could even laugh before tonight.
They were all giddy over the thought of finishing the school year.  Rowan, Lorcan, and Sam were all graduating in a week, and Aelin and the twins were officially 75% done with their education.  There was a lot to celebrate and drink to.
Aelin’s thigh was pressed against Rowan’s in the booth as they started arguing over which actor was the best Spiderman. That was the one habit they had kept from the time when they hated each other, the arguing. Rowan and Aelin were known to argue over everything, though now the disagreements were over trivial things and mostly just involved teasing. Rowan was arguing in favor of Tobey Maguire, which Aelin made gagging noises over when he finally confessed as to who her thought the best actor was.
“I’m sorry to inform you,” Aelin started, elbow on the table starring up at her best friends face, “That we cannot be friends anymore.  I simply cannot be friends with anyone who thinks that Tobey Maguire makes a better Spiderman than Tom Holland.  That’s blasphemous, and I will not stand for it.”
“You can’t mess with the original, Ace.” Rowan responds looking serious. “He just cannot be beat.”
“Yeah, Ace.” Conall responds, apparently feeling the need to weigh in on their argument. Rowan frowns at him, no doubt from the fact that Conall called her Ace, which usually only Rowan called her that, with the exclusion of Sam who had recently gone about calling her that. Rowan has always felt a little possessive over the name Ace.
“No, No, No,” Fenrys butts in, his words slurring slightly, “I agree with Aelin. Tom Holland is simply the best. Also, have you seen his lip sync battle?  Tell me Tobey Maguire could pull that off. I dare you.”
“He can’t,” Aelin laughs, “He simply can’t.”
“I also agree that Tom Holland is the best Spiderman.” Sam says with a sly smile.
Rowan frowns at him.  “You’re only agreeing with Aelin because she’s your girlfriend.”
Sam laughs, gets up and slides onto the opposite booth and sits next to Aelin, “No, no one can compete with Holland’s acting chops.” He says as he throws his arm around Aelin’s shoulders.
“There’s only one way to decide then,” Conall says with a smirk. “Lorcan must be the deciding vote.”
Aelin and Fenrys both protest loudly, claiming Lorcan had no taste, and that Lorcan would choose Maguire just to spite them.
Rowan shuts the protests up by turning to Lorcan and asking for his vote.
Lorcan looks sheepishly around before he says, “I actually think Andrew Garfield plays the best Spiderman.”
The group eventually quiets back down, as the night begins to come to an end. Lorcan was the first one to head out, claiming he had a final tomorrow.  Fenrys left soon after, receiving a text from a semi-frequent hook-up asking him to come over.  Conall then convinced Sam to play darts with him, beating Sam every round.  Sam still seemed to be enjoying himself though, laughing every time he missed one of the rings, and once the board entirely. Aelin never understood why bar owners thought it was a good idea to put a dart board in the middle of drunk men with questionable aim, but who was she to question it.
Sam and Conall’s questionable game of darts did, however, leave Aelin and Rowan alone for the first time that night.  Aelin had been missing spending time with her best friend.  It seemed that every time they tried to get together, outside of their morning runs, they were busy or surrounded by other people.  
“So, how are you Buzzard?” Aelin asks with a slow smile.
“How are you, fireheart?” Rowan asks, far too seriously for the night they have been having.
Aelin’s heart begins to pound loudly in her chest. He hardly ever called her that, only when he was feeling particularly affectionate.
“All’s good.” She replied, still smiling.  Her heart pounded faster still when his fingers brushed against her cheek.
“An eyelash had fallen.” Was all Rowan said, still gazing at her with an intense stare.
“Oh.” Aelin said, “I hadn’t noticed.”
Rowan only gave her a sad smile as he stood up.  He ended up tripping while trying to remove himself from his seat, which made her burst out laughing.  Rowan, who was usually graceful to a fault, had tripped. He was more drunk than she had initially thought, he must be excited to be graduating.
“Do you need help?” Aelin asked.
“I am fine.” Rowan growled back.
“Are you sure about that?” Aelin asked, trying to hide her laughter. “You seem a little unsteady on your feet.”
“I’m fine, I’m going to head home for the night.” Rowan said, regaining his balance and his usual stoic expression. He grabbed his jacket from where he had been sitting.
“How about you come home with me,” Aelin offered. “You seem a bit unsteady there, Buzzard.”
“I’m fine,” Rowan said again. “I’ll get a cab. Goodnight.” Rowan threw her one last smile, then exited the bar, never bothering to turn back.
. . .
The dreams usually began with a dizzying array of colors, then quickly moved on to flashes of memory. Her heart begins to pound so loudly she can hear it in her head, in her dreams.  Once her senses are overwhelmed with the shadow of memories and the deafening sound of her own heartbeat, is when she would stop breathing. The lack of air is what usually wakes her from her slumber.
Aelin Galathynius quickly padded across the floor of her bedroom to her bathroom, closing the door behind her, where she then vomited into the toilet. She always made sure the door to the bathroom was closed and locked, so Sam could not hear her, or accidently open the bathroom door in the middle of the night to find her lying on the floor next to the toilet.
After Aelin was done emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet, she slumped down onto the floor.  The cool tile against her back, where her loose sleep camisole did not cover, always seemed to ground her.  The hot flashes, the insanity from the dreams and then the vomiting always began to dissipate once she felt the cool tile against her body.
She laid on the floor for a while, breathing in and out and waiting for her pulse to return to normal. The memories she tried to escape during her day, where always ruthlessly unleashed during the night, pursuing her where she could not escape them. Although she couldn’t escape the dreams and memories, they were significantly better within the last few years, only occurring every once in a while, instead of every night.
Aelin thought back to her freshmen year, where she would drink all night long, or get into fights, just to try to stay awake just a little longer so she wouldn’t have to face what was waiting in her subconscious.  Aelin was good at that, pushing things away, not examining anything too closely in case it might trigger a panic attack.
Aelin would eventually have to get up, brush her teeth and make her way back to bed where her loving boyfriend was sleeping, but she allowed herself to rest for a moment more on the floor.  Though Sam knew what happened when she was eighteen in veiled terms, and through short bursts of vulnerability, she couldn’t get herself to admit to him that she still had panic attacks, and nightmares from her previous years. In fact, the only person who knew she still suffered through them was Rowan.
Rowan was her constant star and steadfast companion when it came to the pain of suddenly losing someone. He was also well aware of the way she tried to deal with it afterward, for that was how they found each other.  They were both so wrapped up in their grief and their own self destruction that they couldn’t see the other person in front of them. When Aelin pulled her head out of her ass, as Aedion called it, and finally called a truce with Rowan, and later became friends with him, is when Aelin realized that they had the same grief festering inside them.  They also had the same self-destructive streak, so they vowed to find their way out of the madness and grief together.
For a moment Aelin wished Rowan was with her, gently coaxing her get up and brush her teeth, rubbing his hand on her back soothingly, waiting for her pulse to slow back down. Rowan always knew how to reach her, how to soothe her.
Aelin slowly got up, and eventually made her way back to her sleeping boyfriend who was unaware that anything had happened. She tried to fall asleep next to her boyfriend, but she couldn’t, she was too busy wishing Rowan was beside her with his soothing touch luring her back to sleep.
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Only Live Twice - 5
a/n: this is a long one! i wanted to post it as soon as i was done, so no beta this time. any and all mistakes are mine and mine only! i hope there aren't too many.
TW: assault/violence (if you want to skip it, just don't read the italicised part. i promise you won't be missing anything important!), swearing, a scene take place in the open sea and underwater. if i missed anything, let me know!
Chapter 4 // Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Lysandra was, above all else, hoping Aelin wouldn't go ballistic as she poured wine into their glasses.
Their little rented villa, with its sleek furnishings and wide open floor-to-ceiling French windows overlooking the sea, stood behind them. The summer breeze was shifting the strands of Elide’s hair and blowing it gently into her eyes where they sat outside, and Lysandra watched as she tucked it behind an ear.
She soaked in the familiarity of the situation, the three of them alone, off in their own world, but never a moment of silence. Then, she braced herself and handed them the wine.
“Aelin, Elide, listen up! Here’s what we're here to do, what I chose!” A breath, “Sea diving!”
Elide cheered. Aelin went white as a sheet.
“Lysandra Ennar,” the blonde began, fingers gripping the stem of her wineglass and eyes reproachful. “You know full well that I can't swim. You know that. Why would you ever—”
“A,” she said, settling her free hand on her friend’s shaking shoulder. “I spoke with the diving instructors because I wanted to make sure you could do this without having to know how to swim—and as it turns out, you can! I swear to you, I've thought about this and done my research; you're going to be perfectly fine in the water.”
Aelin said nothing, only gave her a tight nod and drained her wine.
Elide just poured her more.
“Where are you going?” Chaol said from his seat on the sofa. “I thought we decided to have a night in.”
Aelin sighed. “No. You decided that. I told you that I had to go work on my project.”
She pocketed her phone and reached for her laptop bag where it rested on the coffee table when his hand landed on hers. She flinched at the contact.
“Hey, come on. Don't be like that. I blew the boys off so we could spend time together.”
Aelin fiddled with an enamel pin on her jacket. “That’s not on me. I told you at lunch about the new project assignment and that it was important that I do it. I want the extra credit.”
Chaol raised an eyebrow and his mouth twisted into an ugly sneer. “So, what? You're gonna leave me like this to go work on your ‘project’? My time means nothing to you?” Aelin squeezed her eyes shut. “Do I mean nothing to y—”
“Shut up.” She wasn't going to listen to this anymore. She'd done that for far too long. It had cost her too much already.
“What?” his voice was like a whip of ice cracking between them and Aelin snapped her blue-gold eyes open and glared down at him.
“I want you to shut up,” she was sick of this. “I’m leaving. And whatever nonsense has gotten into you lately had better be gone when I see you again.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He withdrew his hand and she snatched her laptop up and slung the strap over a shoulder.
“Oh, don't play dumb. You've been a grade A asshole to me for a while now. I brushed it off, blaming it on the big game, but that happened two weeks ago and you're still a dick. Guilt-tripping and talking down to me, not letting me hang out with my friends and being an overall”—she waved a hand in an ‘everything’ motion—“controlling jerk.”
Chaol was silent, mouth opening and closing as his brows furrowed in anger. She turned away from him and stalked to the door, pulling her boots from where they drooped on the floor. Just as she sat down to slip her feet in, Chaol exploded.
“How dare you, you bitch,” his face was contorted in rage and as he raised his hand, Aelin saw how it would play out. He would hit her, then feel bad and apologize, and she would forgive him. Just like the two times it had happened before.
Not now, though.
Aelin brought her leg up and rammed her booted heel into his gut, and he doubled over with a startled grunt.
“Don’t you fucking dare touch me ever again. We're done. Get out of my house right the fuck now. I never want to see your face again.”
He groaned and looked up at her. She wanted to scratch his eyes out. “Aelin, I’m sorry. I didn't mean it.”
“No, I think you did,” her eyes blazed and she felt suddenly, inexplicably free. Chaol’s expression hardened and he straightened, crossing his arms. “Now get out of my sight.”
A screech startled Aelin out of the memory. She turned from where she was leaning against the balcony to find Elide watching TV with both hands covering her mouth as Chandler proposed to Monica.
“Oh my gosh, El, why didn't you call me? You know I love this scene!” she said, shaking the remains of her last breakup and jumping onto the couch next to her cousin.
“Sorry! You just seemed to be thinking and I didn't want to distract you,” Elide hit rewind and waited. A silent offer.
“Well, I would love to be distracted Ellie, so would you do me the honour of watching Friends with me until Lysandra drags us to bed?”
Elide took the hint. “Of course, babe.”
She hit play.
Rowan was having a bad week, to put it simply.
After reaching Caraverre with Fenrys and Manon, it had taken about a half hour for their car to break down in the middle of the road. Their hotel had had plumbing issues and he hadn’t been able to shower. That had been two days ago. His current complaint was with the blonde from yesterday who had been beautiful but busy, and the fact that he was standing on the same beach at the ass-crack of dawn running on little-to-no sleep because Fenrys had dragged them here and he'd forgotten that he had an early morning, too. Their instructor wasn't here yet, either.
But as they waited at the little concrete overlook, all his irritations floated away with the wind in his hair. Because walking towards him in skinny jeans and boots was Aelin, looking for all the world like she was walking to her execution.
“Aelin?” he stepped away from his bickering friends and stepped up to her. He barely noticed the two women right behind her. “What’re you doing here?”
A surprised smirk stretched her lips and she pulled her glares off and settled those arresting eyes on him. He couldn't fucking look away.
“Stalking you, of course.” That startled a laugh out of him and he saw her smile widen. It might have been his imagination, but he was pretty sure she was blushing.
“We’re here for the sea diving. Y'all?” Lysandra said after they finished introductions.
Fenrys let out a dramatic gasp and Rowan and Manon rolled their eyes. “Fucking same! Damn. This was really fate, huh?”
Rowan’s eyes slid to Aelin of their own accord and found her already looking at him. They held each others' stares until Aelin turned to Manon.
“So what do you do?” she asked the platinum blonde.
“I own a store, it's called Book & Dagger.” Aelin’s eyebrows shot up and a twinkle appeared in her eye. “It's exactly what it sounds like.”
Rowan looked between the two women and realized that they could either be best friends or tear each others’ throats out. He couldn't decide which would be worse.
“I love you already,” Aelin stepped closer to his best friend and grinned a full, megawatt smile. Rowan thought he might be falling in love already. “Tell me more.”
Lysandra was glad that Aelin had a distraction in Rowan and his friends when their diving instructor arrived and started giving them the specifics and handing them suits. But the relief vanished when she saw her friend standing off to the side, decked out in the gear and looking like she might faint.
Before she could go up to her to offer comfort, though, Rowan got there and started talking to Aelin, and the queasiness from her face near-vanished as she responded to the green-eyed man.
Lysandra had a sneaking feeling that he suspected about Aelin and was trying to help. And that she definitely shouldn't interfere. She was pretty sure that there was something more than just physical attraction going on there, and Lysandra hoped that she was right.
Soon enough, they were all standing at the edge of the water, oxygen tanks on their backs and goggles over their eyes. And then they dove in.
She was faintly aware of Aelin diving in a few seconds later and immediately reaching Rowan's hand, and Fenrys and Manon swimming like they'd done this a hundred times already. She followed the instructor leading them. When they finally got deep enough and she saw a school of bright orange fish swim past, she had to stop and just take it all in.
Lysandra had been dreaming of this moment for the past fifteen years. She had always been fascinated by the deep waters, but the fascination had grown into love and obsession over time, and she'd been saving this activity to be able to do it with her best friends—her sisters.
And here they were. And it was so much better than she'd ever imagined.
Beds of coral stretched out a few feet beneath them, and so many different fish surrounded them that her brain couldn't even process the hundred different colours and sizes and shapes.
Oh, and the silence.
Gods, it was blissfully and utterly quiet in this part of the world, and Lysandra wished she could stay there forever. Screw a new job, screw moving. She wanted to live under the sea like a fucking mermaid.
Movement beside her caught her attention and she turned to find Elide floating next to her, smiling serenely. Aelin appeared on her other side, all apprehension gone and just a twinkle in her eye to acknowledge that yes, it was just as incredible as Lysandra felt it was. Tears gathered in her eyes at the beauty surrounding her, at her friends’ understanding and undying affection, at the fact that they were here, and she blinked them back.
Lysandra grabbed both their hands and swam ahead.
Tumblr media
a/n: i hope you enjoyed this! please let me know what you think in the comments!
if you want to be added to / removed from my taglist, let me know!
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Miss Lysandra Ennar Ashryver, Lady of Caraverre, I FUCKING MISS YOU!
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firestarsandseneschals · 2 months ago
Only Live Twice - 4
a/n: here it is, as a birthday present to myself! the chapter where they finally get on the road. it's a bit longer than usual and I probably won't post for a while after this, so sorry about that in advance. once again, a huge shoutout and thank you to the lovely and amazing jules (@julemmaes) for being the best beta ever!
i hope you enjoy!<3
TW: language. if I missed anything, let me know!
Chapter 3 // Chapter 5
Tumblr media
“The economy is basically stuck in the quicksand of capitalism, and it's a global phenomenon, is all I'm saying!” Elide brought another fry to her mouth as they crossed the street.
“Yes, I agree, but you're the one munching on McDonald's fries, not me Ellie,” gesturing to the box in Elide's hand with a golden brow, Aelin walked into the car rental’s parking lot.
“Oh,” Elide stared down at the glaring red as if seeing it for the first time, then shrugged. “Touché.”
Aelin smiled knowingly at Elide's antics—the woman was post-breakfast but pre-coffee, and not quite human yet.
“Oh my gods,” Lysandra glanced back to find Elide at a firm stop in front of a car. “Please tell me this is ours. Please, please, please.” She turned puppy eyes on the brunette who flinched at the intensity of the expression—Aelin would ask Elide to teach her how to do that.
“Uhh, El, no. It's really pretty, of course. But I've already booked us a car,” her frown was apologetic as Lysandra hooked a finger through the belt loops in Elide's shorts and started dragging her away from the beige vintage convertible and into the office standing in the middle of the car-filled space.
“But—but! It's a 1987 Ford Mustang, Lys! You can't expect me to see such a beautiful car and then not ride it when I have the option to?”
“Ellie. You know that an SUV is going to be much more comfortable for the number of hours we're going to be spending in it?”
“No, Lin, logic has no room when we're in the presence of such exquisite craftsmanship—”
Aelin just rolled her eyes as Elide went on a tangent about underappreciated car designs, and stepped up to the counter to pay the bill.
A few minutes and a lot fruitless begging from Elide later, they were in their car with Lys behind the wheel, pulling the seatbelt on and adjusting her seat. Aelin tugged on the auxillary wire and connected it to her phone as a slightly disgruntled Elide gathered her hair and tied it up into a ponytail in the back seat.
Aelin heard Elide huff loudly and saw her cross her arms from the corner of her eye. Smiling, she turned to her cousin, “El.”
“What?” Elide's nose was all scrunched up, her mouth twisted into an angry pout that made her look like an angry fur ball. Aelin could barely control her laughter.
“Why don't you play the music until we reach the next drive-thru? Coffee’s on me,” Elide perked up at the mention of coffee and full control over the music, and soon enough they had switched places with the blonde comfortable in the back, already whipping her pen and manuscript out of her bag.
As Lysandra began driving and pulled onto the road, I Want To Break Free by Queen started blasting from the speakers, Freddie Mercury screaming his heart out. Lys glanced over at Elide, eyes wide at the volume. Elide smirked at her.
“Lin,” Lysandra started, glancing at her sister-in-law-to-be in the driving mirror, “What story are you working on, again?”
“I can't tell you the title yet but it's by this author, Nesta Archeron. Gotta say—”
“Aelin.” Lysandra nearly shrieked, but Aelin just shook her head and got back to the pages, Elide lost to the both of them and staring out the window. “Did you just say Nesta Archeron? As in the Nesta Archeron? Author of the best ever murder romance novels out there?”
“Yes, Lys. The Nesta Archeron,” Aelin smiled and made a small note in the margin, “You’ve read her books?”
“Read? Read! I’ve cried over her books and stayed up late to get through them. The woman is a godsdamned genius!”
“She is,” Aelin agreed, looking up to meet the brunette’s eyes in the mirror, “But before you ask, I cannot and will not give you any spoilers about the book or its title. So if you're planning on buttering me up for that”—she stuck her head between the front seats and gently jabbed Lysandra in the shoulder—“forget about it.”
Lysandra squeaked in outrage but didn't deny Aelin’s claims, instead fixing her eyes firmly on the road with a put-out frown.
Drifting back to their own thoughts, they drove in silence for a while, Elide, Lysandra and occasionally Aelin yelling along to the Queen and ABBA songs Elide played. Before getting on the highway, Elide spotted a small coffeeshop and ran out to get them steaming cups to go while the others waited in the car.
Now caffeinated, Elide volunteered to drive and Lysandra got in the back, Aelin occupying Elide’s spot in the passenger seat and abandoning the manuscript. Plugging her phone into the system and hitting play on Watermelon Sugar, Aelin slipped her camera from her bag and leaned against the window.
She wanted to click pictures and Nesta’s book could wait another few hours for her to resume scanning it.
Lysandra was grateful that Elide had offered to drive, because the number of unanswered emails in her inbox was getting overwhelmingly large. Sighing, she set about taking them one at a time, vaguely registering a camera shutter going off sporadically.
Seeing her second email, Lysandra nearly groaned out loud. It was Caraverre Co. Again. She wondered if she should regret her choice of destination for this trip, considering she'd chosen Caraverre.
Miss Ennar,
We are very eagerly awaiting your response on the subject of our offer. We sincerely hope you choose to accept the opportunity and join the Caraverre family.
Many congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.
Lyria Flores
Assistant to the Creative Director
She pinched the bridge of her nose, eyes squeezing shut in frustration. Why did this have to happen now? Why couldn't they have offered her the job after the wedding? Why didn't they have any patience?
Why wasn't she telling Aedion?
She shut down that line of thought; if she went down that rabbit hole, she didn't want to know what she would find. Instead, Lysandra snicked her laptop shut and slipped it back into its case.
Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Just then, Aelin called her name.
“Yeah, A?” she asked, unlacing her boots to bring her legs up and cross them.
“You know, it's been ages since we really caught up with each others’ lives; I don't know the full story of how my best friend”—the blonde's eyes slid to Lysandra—“ended up agreeing to marry my cousin.”
“Seriously, Lin, do you really need to know?” Aelin looked mildly offended at that. Lysandra was just glad for the distraction, already preparing to dish out details of her and Aedion’s romance. She couldn't think about everything her emails from Caraverre contained—but she could tease Aelin with mildly inappropriate remarks about her brother as Elide soaked in the gossip like a sponge in water.
So she sighed in mock exasperation even as a smile tugged at her lips. “Fine, then.”
Elide cackled as Aelin narrated the story of how she had nearly caused her friend's brother to fall down the stairs because she has worn short-shorts when going to visit her. Lysandra was in stitches right beside her on the table as they waited for their lunch to arrive. They'd reached their hotel in Caraverre twenty minutes ago. Dropping their bags off, they'd collectively decided to eat before going to the beach. Now they were sitting in a restaurant that had come highly recommended by dear old Google.
“Oh, you should've seen his face! Fucking hels, I’ve never seen a seventeen year old so shocked in my life,” Aelin laughed.
“Poor guy,” Lysandra wiped tear from her eye, “Speaking of guys—how’s it been in the dating department, A?” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and Aelin shook her head.
“No luck. After Chaol....I haven't really tried to get out there. Work keeps me busy and happy enough.” Lysandra nodded but looked at Aelin with quiet worry as Elide's thoughts buzzed with her recent, messy as Hellas breakup.
“And what about you, Ellie? Any pretty lads or ladies scoop you up for themselves, yet?” Aelin asked in what was an obvious diversion. None of them called her out on it.
“Oh! Um,” Elide hesitated, eyebrows pushing together. “No one. Single as a pringle.”
Elide felt bad lying to them, but she wasn't quite ready to revisit the memory of Manon and Essar talking about her in Manon’s living room, let alone talk about it.
“Uh, okay...” Lysandra gave her an odd look, but Elide just shrugged it off. “But El—”
Lys was interrupted by their food arriving, and all conversation that had been happening before its appearance was forgotten as they dug in. Elide couldn't help but feel relieved.
She also couldn't help but hope that the topic would never come up again.
“Oi! Pass me the sunscreen,” Elide jabbed Aelin in the shoulder, and with a tongue stuck out at her friend, Aelin tossed her the bottle.
Leaning back into the wooden chair on the sand, Aelin resumed her typing, occasionally making notes in the stack of papers beside her as Lys and Elide got rid of their watches and started putting their hair up.
“Hon, are you sure you don't want to get into the water with us?”
Aelin frowned. “El, you know I can't swim.”
“Yeah, but just a few steps in won't hurt. Besides, what's the point of that bikini if you aren't gonna flaunt it?” Lysandra quirked a knowing eyebrow.
With a snort, Aelin shook her head at the brunette. “No, Lys. You can't get me in the water no matter how hard you try to appeal to my dramatic ass. Now, off with you two.”
Elide and Lysandra exchanged a glance, but said nothing as they kicked their flip-flops off and ran towards the water.
Aelin got about ten minutes’ worth of work done before a silken voice was calling a soft “hey” to her.
Glancing up, Aelin’s eyes grew wide as saucers, and if it weren't for the tinted glasses resting on her nose, the man before her would've seen them as they near-exploded.
Well, man was an understatement. Greek god was more like it. A very, very real Greek god with silver hair and green eyes she was definitely drowning in.
“Oh,” Aelin couldn't help but smile at him as he flashed her a small grin. “Hi.”
“I'm Rowan," he stuck out a hand—gods, his arms—and Aelin took it.
“Aelin,” she gestured to the empty chair beside hers, and he sat.
But she clearly hadn't thought that through, because now he was infinitely closer to her, and she realised that if she reached out, she could trace his tattoos with her finge—
Stop it, she scolded her wandering mind.
“So, you new in town?” Aelin wasn't sure his voice should be legal.
“Uh, yeah! My friends and I are on vacation. Caraverre is just the first stop, though,” she pushed her glasses up to rest on her head. “Do you live here, then?”
“Oh, no, no I don't. I'm on vacation with my friends, too. I'm from Doranelle.”
“You're kidding me? Me too!” Rowan cracked a full smile at that, and she had to duck her head to hide the blush creeping up her cheeks at the sheer beauty of it.
She was so dead.
“So, uh,” he started, scratching the back of his head, “I was hoping you could join me for a drink tonight?”
Aelin definitely did not do a little dance internally at that.
But then she deflated, Lysandra's warning face appearing in her mind. “I'm so sorry, but I can't. We have an early morning tomorrow, Lys—my friend—she has something planned for us.”
Rowan positively wilted at that—there was no other word for the way his face fell.
“Oh,” he stood, “That’s too bad, then.”
As he started to walk away, she kicked herself for forgetting that she lived in the fucking twenty-first century.
“Wait!” Rowan turned back to her with his eyebrows pulled together. “Can I have your number? Maybe I can text you tomorrow and we could figure something out?”
He smacked his head then, realisation flitting across his face. “Shit. Why didn't I think of that?”
Giggling, she handed him her phone and he gave her his. Just as they were exchanging shy smiles and goodbyes, Elide and Lysandra walked up to them, dripping wet and teasing smirks on their faces.
“Who was that?” Lysandra asked, drying her hair as Aelin settled back into her chair and stared after Rowan.
“Damn, girl, you look smitten. Did he ask you out?” Aelin could do nothing but nod at Elide, the corners of her mouth tilting up into a small, happy smile.
“And does he have friends?” That brought Aelin right out of her reverie, and her head snapped up to spot Elide sporting a feline smile.
“As a matter of fact, he does,” she knocked her glasses back down onto her nose. “And, El?”
“Fuck you.”
Elide burst into laughter.
Tumblr media
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illyrianet · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The time is almost here to visit Adarlan once again!
Are you ready? Whether or not this is your first reading, fourth, seventh, or tenth, we are extremely excited to start Monday
For further details check out the original post: here
To participate in the reading discussion join our discord : here
If you have any questions feel free to contact any of The Cadre
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queen-aelin-of-terrasen · 2 months ago
Manon: I heard a rumor.
Aelin, innocently: Oh?
Manon: Yes, and apparently someone said that you kicked my ass.
Aelin: How weird.
*earlier that day*
Person: And then?
Aelin: I saved her because obviously I’m a great hero. But really, I kicked a 200 year old witch’s ASS—
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justeverythingman · 2 months ago
a while ago on tiktok i saw someone say that their favorite ship dynamic is “bisexual man who prefers men” dating a “bisexual woman who prefers women” and they’re both kinda confused about how they ended up together but it works really well
and all i gotta say is that if that isn’t Aedion and Lysandra  to a T than idk what is
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multibookss · 2 months ago
So, I have a theory.
This is Rhys' quote from ACOSF, when he was talking with Cassian about Nyx having wings (chapter 30)
Tumblr media
We don't even know if Feyre is a full shifter like Lysandra and Dorian, because in the books she only changed into an Illyrian (as far as I remember, please correct me if I'm wrong). So if she isn't a full shifter, both Lysandra and Dorian are stronger than her in that regard.
Now, we know that the magic systems are really similar in both TOG and ACOTAR. What if shapeshifting works on the same principle in both universes?
What I actually want to say is:
When Lysandra and Dorian shapeshift, they change their whole bodies, just like Feyre did. They become an entirely different species. Feyre was High Fae, and after shapeshifting entirely Illyrian.
What if a human with shapeshifting magic could do somethig similar? What if Lysandra and Dorian shapeshift themselves into fae form, and become entirely fae? What if they continue living in that fae form?
What if that fae form grants them immortality?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With the first CCWEEK officially coming to a close, we here at Illyrianet would like to extend our thanks in participating and sharing all the lovely content. Seeing how many of you enjoyed last week, do a keep a look out for future weeks revolving around characters and ships.
Until then, we have another exciting announcement to share with you all. Starting April 12th we will be hosting a Throne Of Glass read for our discord. If you haven't read the series yet or want to do a reread come join us!
Below are the tentative start dates for each book. A reading outline will be posted prior to the start of each book. You do not have to be a member of the server to read along. However, to take part in our daily discussions we recommend that you do.
Join Illyrianet here
If you have any questions please contact any member of the cadre.
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afanpage4books · 2 months ago
Dorian: Time for plan G!
Aedion: Don't you mean plan B?
Rowan: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. And then we had to skip over plan C due to magical difficulties.
Lysandra: What about plan D?
Dorian: Plan D was that desperate attempt to block them ten minutes ago.
Manon: What about plan E?
Rowan: Aelin dies in plan E.
Aelin: Wait, is that the one I like?
Rowan: It's the one where you sacrifice yourself for us.
Aelin: YES. It's the one I like!
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