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feeling kinda low today :/ anyone wanna get married?

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hi everyone! i just wanted to mention that i deleted the post with my gofundme in it because i realize now that it was insensitive of me to be asking for money in such a difficult time when money is tight for so many people. there are so many more important issues happening in the world right now and we should put our money, time, and effort towards helping those who are truly in need. thank you for all of the support and the reblogs, i truly love and appreciate all of you so much. i hope everyone is well and thank you again.

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i thought it was weird that my parents were going to a funeral on thanksgiving but it turns out today is wednesday?? every day i lie to myself

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I love it

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So funny how they made the choir people the cool people in this movie 😂 Low key Rebel Wilson personality attractive as fuck, the high chick chose a good song but poor execution

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