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#m speaks

the favouritism can get annoying from time to time, but i’m pretty sure that from this point on, all the brothers will be getting a birthday event. they just wanted to start with lucifer since he’s the Eldest and all that.

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diavolo will pull you onto his lap whenever he can with a bright grin on his face. does he just want to hold you in his arms? or does he want to watch you ride his thigh until you cum? there’s no way to know beforehand, you’ll just have to find out.

beel has no idea what thigh riding is until you bring it up. he agrees to it, but he doesn’t really know what he’s getting into. then you straddle his thigh and grind against it, your hands fisted in the material of his shirt, and beel realizes that he really, really likes this.

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I’ve realized my favorite ship dynamic is morosexual²

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oh my God…. this is… such a compliment anon thank you so much!!!! i am so touched that you think of my writing that way! i try really hard to look at all facets of the characters i write for, and i’m so glad it shows.

i don’t write for flip as of now because i don’t know anything about him! lmao not really, i know the premise of his character, i just haven’t sat down and watched blackkklansman yet! when i do, i probably will start writing for him!

in the meantime, if you want some Quality Flip Content TM, go check @babbushka ‘s blog! she is the QUEEN of Flip content and has a huge catalog of stuff!

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Kylo is a Big Scowling Meanie when he’s out and about on the ship, but in private he is so sweet and borderline needy lmao. he LOVES to hold hands just show that him and his partner belong to one another. (part of the reason why he loves love bites so much!!!)

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Kylo is SO in-tune with his partner via the Force! one little change in their mood and he knows instantly!! lmao he also reacts very strongly to others’ thoughts about his partner. like if someone thinks something vulgar or bad about them… Watch Out

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