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#m’baku fanfiction
In real life I'm an M'Baku/Winston Duke girl but I never read M'Baku fics bc the ones I found made his tone weird. HOWEVER. THANKS TO YOU I've been able to find some really good fics starring him and just thanks. Also, you're one of my faves so I can't wait to see what you write for him!

😩😩😩 Thank you!

I love M’Baku so much. When he came on the screen at the premier I legitimately gasped and said “oh my god.”

The entire row laughed at me.

I’m glad you like the tone with which I write him. He’s definitely tricky.

But I promise I’m writing it! It’s a week late but it’s coming!

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Fever [M’Baku x Reader]


You wake up in the middle of the night deathly sick, M’Baku panics.

A/N: Let me know if I should make this a story/series. If i do I’ll probably add another chapter before the end of the day and for the future chapters, smut. For now it’s some angst I guess? Enjoy!

When you woke, the first thing you noticed was the sweat. Even in the frigid Jabari weather, your husband M’Baku’s warmth during the night could make you slightly perspire, but this was different. You were drenched, sweat pooling out of every one of your pores. Confused, you tried to sit up on your elbows. That’s when you noticed the pain. A deep, bruising soreness that felt like a seven ton weight on every inch of your body. Something was obviously very, very wrong. Breathing heavily, you took hold of M’Baku’s wrist. He was sleeping soundly beside you, a peaceful yet solemn look on the Chief’s smooth, dark skin. He was handsome, even in his sleep. You tried to mutter his name, but you were so fatigued it barely came out as a sigh. You felt like you were dying. You needed help. Taking in a slow, shaky breath, you closed your eyes and pushed all your strength to your voice,


Your husband shot up in bed, and in a confused panic, grabbed his bedside spear and pointed it at nothing, eyes still half open in a daze.


You hadn’t meant to scream that loud, if you weren’t ill, you might have laughed. You squeezed your trembling hand around his broad wrist, unable to use any more energy to talk.

“Y/N,” He said in a soft, yet fearful voice. He reached for the bedside lantern and turned it towards your face and cursed. Your rich, brown skin had turned pale, deep, black rings circled your sunken eyes. You were shaking, somehow freezing under the sea of sweat. M’Baku immediately swept you up and covered you in a fur blanket, his large, strong arms locking you in place. You weren’t sure if it was a relief or a discomfort with your body battling the extreme temperatures. Sprinting at an impossible speed, M’Baku frantically went about the palace, only stopping to lift a heavily muscled thigh to KICK through any door in your way. A familiar, burnt copper taste crawled up your throat and you coughed into the blanket, your mouth filling with saliva and blood. Burying your head against M’Baku’s wide chest, you prayed to Hanuman that you would make it through the night. M’Baku stopped at a small house, a place you almost recognized.

“MEDIC!!” M’Baku half barked half yelped, like a wounded animal, “I NEED A MEDIC!!”

You lifted a hand to M’Baku’s cheek, he looked down at you with dark, terrified eyes.

“I need you to stay with me, Y/N, help is here. She’ll help you and you are going to be okay. You will be fine, my love. You will be fine.” You knew he was reassuring himself rather than you. You stroked your thumb across his cheek as your response. Suddenly, a sharp, piercing pain shot through your stomach. Before you could react, you turned from M’Baku and puked, dark red blood covering the snow. M’Baku started breathing heavily, almost deep sobs coming from his sighs.

“CEBISA!! CEBISA!! I NEED YOUR HELP!” M’Baku bellowed. Just as he did, the door slowly creaked open and out wobbled an old, seasoned woman balancing herself on a twisted cane. Cebisa.

“What is all the screaming about!! Boy it’s the middle of the night! Chief or no chief, i should knock-“ Cebisa stopped in her tracks once she saw you, trembling and pale wrapped in your blanket, blood stains on your lips and cheeks. “C’mon now, bring her in, quickly!”

M’Baku desperately moved past her and ducked under her door, bringing you both in to the warmth of her house. The smell in the air was like a sweet medicine, it gave you a sickly feeling and you could feel more vomit rising in your belly. Cebisa could almost read your thoughts.

“Don’t you throw up on my hardwood floors now. Here, I’ll clear the table, set her down here.”

M’Baku slowly set you down on the cool, Jabari wooden table. The table was small, so your legs dangled at the bottom. The piercing pain still jabbing at your side, you began to cry. You didn’t mean to make yourself look weak in front of your husband, but the pain…you felt like a child. Helpless and suffering. M’Baku tightly held your hand while Cebisa held a cool washcloth to your forehead.

“What’s wrong with you? What happened?”

“I don’t think she can talk…she threw up so much blood. Is she going to be okay? Cebisa?”

Cebisa stayed silent while she worked, checking your temperature and your pulse, her old knotted hands wavering around you as she grabbed herbs and bowls. M’Baku stood over you, his massive frame seemingly taking up half the room. He was too tall for the house, his head bent down, watching you intently, eyes flickering around you in a panic.

Cebisa held a bowl to your lips, in your pain and fatigue, it was all you could do to open your lips and drink the dark green, bitter liquid. It hardly went down before it came up again, you were throwing up on Cebisa’s hardwood floors, blood and medicine pooling the ground. Cebisa didn’t seem to care. She turned to M’Baku, her face darkened,

“M’Baku….I think Y/N has been poisoned…”

With that, your world faded to black.

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