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#m’gann m’orzz
ittybittytatertot · 5 days ago
M’gann is always trying to be the big sister she couldn’t be on Mars.
Artemis is always trying to be the big sister she needed when she was younger.
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forever-a-dreamer · 8 days ago
It’s funny how, looking back at my past yearbooks, my favorite autograph section is the one over 2020 where we weren’t in school to get the book signed so I wrote notes to myself pretending to be the yj team signing my yearbook. It just makes me feel better to pretend that they were there for me.
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forever-a-dreamer · 8 days ago
M’gann becomes her comfort character during her therapy seeion with Black Canary and that just makes me feel so may emotions. First there’s the fact that this girl has been through so much hurt in her life that she unconsciously shifts into the character that she uses as a coping mechanism when she feels sad/upset and that really speaks to me and my own escapism. Second, guys she didn’t even notice. It never occurred to me that Martians’ shape shifting can occur without their permission. What doesn’t that mean about her powers being tied to her subconscious? Idk guys but I love M’gann M’orzz so much. She is so cool and such an interesting character.
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theteams-notebook · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
March 31, 2016
Nightwing: “Last night we initiated a rescue mission for our missing Teammates.”
Wally: “And of course we were beaten to the punch with warning everyone about the Reach.”
Impulse: “And that Godfrey guy was reporting on it! He needs to pick a side!”
Batgirl: “We rescued a bunch of kids from the Reach.”
Robin: “We also found out that there’s a Black Beetle and Blue’s Scarab might have come from the Reach.”
(On the left side of the page, a polaroid of Blue and Black Beetle fighting is taped with the caption by Robin: “Does Blue have Reach tech?”)
Blue Beetle: “I’m just as confused as you.”
Beast Boy: “Miss Martian was so cool though! She took Aqualad down single handedly!”
Superboy: “BB, not a good time to celebrate.”
(On the bottom right, there’s a polaroid of G. Gordon Godfrey with the catption: “I hate you!! >:(“ written by Wally.)
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incorrectyj · 10 days ago
here we go again
once again this was made at 2 am
@missingnightwingsmullet you better keep your word
the team as tumblr text posts part 2 yay
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectyj · 12 days ago
wally: don’t worry everyone, we’ve got everything we need to defeat this guy.
m’gann: the power to believe in ourselves?
wally: what, no.
wally: we have the power.
wally: let’s smite this dude.
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incorrectyj · 13 days ago
dinah: what does everyone want to major in when they’re older?
wally: respecting women
dick: batman
roy: fucking weed
conner: i don’t know i’m like six
m’gann: psychology and social sciences
kaldur: i’m terrified that i’ll lock myself in an interest that i’ll no longer be passionate about in a few years like all the other areas of interests i’ve tried to pursue in my short life—
artemis: minecraft
zatanna: yeah minecraft too
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phoenixstartedthefire · 14 days ago
I wanted to make a post about my headcannons for the young justice kids but I literally just hc them all as bisexual
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averagelonelypotato · 14 days ago
Black Canary: Who’s hair smells like lilacs ?
*Artemis pointing at M’gann and Conner*
Artemis: Hers and His
Everyone: ........
Conner: the jar said unisex :(
Artemis* softly*: I know
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incorrectyj · 15 days ago
dick: how many people with powers does it take to change a light bulb?
artemis, mumbling sarcastically: more than seven apparently
m’gann: oh, cool! i love jokes! we’re supposed to respond, how many?
dick: this isn’t a joke! WE’VE BEEN STUCK IN THE DARK FOR SIX HOURS
kaldur, trying not to go insane: i made the right choice by staying here i made the right choice by staying here i made the right choice by
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phoenixstartedthefire · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made the season 1 Young Justice team in the sims and I wanted to share. I tried to get as close to their casual outfits in the show as I could and I think they’re pretty cool. And I did Megan in her martian and human form cus why not. I might do some of the season 2 squad too at some point.
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hitchell-mope · 15 days ago
Supergirl Anastasia au
Kara. Anastasia
Mon El. Dimitri
J’onn. Vlad
M’gann. Sophie
Eliza. Dowager empress
Lena. Rasputin
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incorrectyj · 17 days ago
artemis: do you smell something burning?
wally: yeah, my heart for you
wally: nah i’m just kidding it’s the oven
m’gann, rushing in: NOT AGAIN—
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incorrectyj · 18 days ago
dinah: uh... why’s the kitchen on fire?
dick: m’gann’s teaching everyone how to cook.
[muffled clattering and cursing gets louder]
dick: it’s... uh... it’s not going so good.
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forever-a-dreamer · 18 days ago
I have the Hello Megan theme song stuck in my head
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theheauxkage · 19 days ago
if J’onn is Black and M’Gann is his niece...why is she white????????
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incorrectyj · 24 days ago
m’gann: so how would you describe the relationship between you and your partner?
dick: when i first met zatanna, it was like an angelic choir sang from heaven
artemis: i once found wally wandering outside a taco bell at 2 am
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wrongyoungjustice · 26 days ago
M’gann: Why are your tongues purple?
Dick: We had slushies, I had a blue one
Wally: I had a red one
M’gann: Oh
M’gann: OHHHH
Conner: You drank each other’s slushies?
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