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☕ Opinion on all the Wakandans we know, all of them, including those that died in Lagos.

Opinion on Wakandans: general badasses. Wish it was a real country. Hope that the film’s existence gives real inspiration to the people of Africa that have access to the film.

Now in order from least important to most important (well in terms of plot), from the people I can find in the Wiki because I’ve only memorized how to spell the names of 6 Wakandans, and the name Erik doesn’t really count. (Erik’s a very very good name though).

The Wakandans that died in Lagos: 🎶 Those poor unfortunate souls / So sad, so true 🎶 It must be rough being a plot device.

Zuri, aka T'Challa’s uncle figure killed by Erik: Good guy. Died for what he believed in and his country. I admire his loyalty to T'Chaka and T'Challa. Was right to turn N'Jobu in to the king.

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— seeing you disappear in the Snap

  • Characters: James Rhodes, M’Baku, Sam Wilson, T’Challa
  • Warnings: 
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “Hey Sam!! I love you!! I would like to request a MCU preference (Sam Wilson, Rhodey, T'Challa, M'Baku) seeing their s/o disappear in the Snap, thank you so much!!”
  • A/N: you’re so adorable omg hi!!! i love you too!!! i hope you like it (°◡°♡) !!

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A relationship with M’Baku:

- Is one protective boy

- Sad showers when either of you are stressed

- Happy and dancing baths together 

- All the hang holding ever 

- He’s gotta be touching you always

- He’s secretly the most sweet and romantic partner ever

- Comforting hugs

- Lingerie and candles 

- Is a cutie in private

- Always being able to make him smile

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M'baku loved messing with him. Never in front of you. In front of you he pretended to be a serious adult, to play a powerful figure, to turn on the charm and flash that pretty smile at you when he knew you were looking. Everett knew better though. The man laughed at his own jokes more than anyone else. He knew why he did this, why he wanted to humiliate him whenever he could, but acted nice in front of you: he liked you. He also knows you’ve been dating Everett for a while, though M'baku wasn’t worried. Neither was Evetett. You’d known about his feelings to you from the moment you met, when he started bragging about the army he had, how gifted they were, and strong, trying to impress you. It was cute, watching them act all love struck, but you had a boyfriend. Nothing would ever change your feelings about him.

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I desperately want to see more Okoye and M’Baku in the next MCU phase. I know we’re getting Black Panther 2 and I am definitely going to go see it.

But I’m talking cross-movie appearances. Wakanda was site of the Decimation Snap. T’Challa opened its borders not long before. 

It would and should be a leading force in understanding the alien tech Thanos left behind because they have a TON of it on-site and some of the most advanced researchers in the world. That means they would have a solid grip on interstellar technology regardless of the events of Endgame. (And in the comics they go to space fairly regularly IIRC)

Both Okoye and M’Baku work closely with T’Challa. They are both strong leaders and moral people. It would make sense for them to be ambassadors to other countries and powerful groups. And after the events of Endgame all of these groups would be in closer contact. Ambassadors would be necessary.


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Winston Duke was born November 15, 1986 which makes him 33 years old and a Scorpio. Winston, born in Argyle, Trinidad and Tobago, is an actor. He is best known for his role as M’Baku in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. He is also known for portraying Gabe Wilson in Jordan Peele’s horror film Us. He has also been featured on the small screen on the TV shows Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Person of Interest, The Messengers, Major Crimes and Modern Family. He will be starring alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming 2020 film Spenser Confidential. Winston is 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

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Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

M’baku x Black Reader
: M’baku is a man of many talents, but finding a wife is not one of them. He has run the Jabari Tribe for two years without a Chieftess at his side. But what happens when he suddenly falls ill and has to meet the traditions of producing a rightful heir to the tribe? He begins his search for a bride in hopes to marry for love and not for traditions.
A/N: It’s a little short, but I felt like it was a good place to stop and  I decided to add a little magic power to this. You will see it as you read on through the chapters.

Character Board

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Pairing: M’Baku x black!fem!Reader

Warnings: none, I believe, unless you include the fact that I am allergic to proofreading

Author’s Note: I love this series, and I am so excited to get another piece out to you guys! I was a little unsure of how to get M’Baku out of his head with friends, but I ended up liking it, and I hope you do too :)

Tag list: @thotyana-in-this-hoe  @neeadinghugs  @inlovewith3  @petrashappyplace 

Masterlist   Black Girl Insert Series

Clumsy:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

*     *     *

“Can you lift me? Mama, M'Baku, can you lift me?” Uuka shouts happily with his hands in yours and M'Baku’s. M'Baku is so overjoyed with the question that he happily pulls Uuka off of the ground by his hand, yours accompanying so as to not dislocate his shoulder. The Great Gorilla laughs alongside your son, “Faster? Come, we have to run to go faster!” M’Baku goads Uuka, guffawing at the boy’s squeals of delight as he pulls him up into the air higher and faster. You laugh with Uuka, and M’Baku can feel it, the foundation of a great family settling in your laughter.

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