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Hello everybody,

I’m looking for a fiction reader x m'baku. They are married and they have children. We learn that m'baku has deceived the reader and that he has a bastard, whose mother died in childbirth. The reader decides to take care of the little girl as if it were his own.

Can you help me please ?
I believe fiction is on this site.

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The new hand ticks against the glass as he accepts it, downs it too quickly. The alcohol is strong and has a distinct sweet- grainy taste. Yet it will do nothing for him, unless Okoye has another bottle or two up her sleeve,  But James steadies himself anyway, He will not doubt himself. He is good at this. Just as long as he remembers. Everyone in this room is a friendly, even if they stare at him with enemy eyes; inquiring and condemning and dissecting from one blink to the next. James gives in to the temptation to fidget with the empty glass, and Okoye tuts in answer. It is nearly companionship,  but it is over the moment he catches Shuri gesturing him over.

It’s only when James is just two steps from the table, and M’Baku starts to stand, silver pelt on his back rising up, that he realises the Mountain King may very well not be named after where he hails from.

And that M’Baku is not wide at all.

The Mountain King is a mountain of a man.

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Wakanda held off the infection for over a year. Some of the world’s greatest scientific minds are hidden away in Wakanda’s incredible university, and many of them were studying this horrifying disease. In the end, it wasn’t their boundaries that were breached by zombies, it was a laboratory accident. A broken test tube, a cut finger, and the rest, sadly, was history. The smarter the person, the smarter the zombie, so things got bad very, very quickly.

It was difficult, coming to the decision that to protect Wakanda, they had to leave Wakanda. The people were what mattered, and King T'Challa gathered every survivor he could find with the help of the Dora Milaje, and they left for the one place T'Challa had faith he would find allies: New York, home of the Avengers.

Winston Duke is M'Baku
Lupita Nyong’o is Nakia
Danai Gurira is Okoye
Angela Basset is Ramonda
Letitia Wright is Shuri [TAKEN]
Chadwick Boseman is T'Challa [TAKEN]


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Part 2 - The Howling

[Part 1]

Summary: After the death of his mother, M’Baku finds himself in need of someone to talk to who doesn’t know who he is. Slated to ascend the Jabari throne, that sort of person would be hard for him to come by. He soon hears of a place where people can go to be seen but still unknown. The base of the mountain. The Garden.

CW: death mention

Suggested Listening: Winter Storm Ambience

A/N: Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.


M’Baku stared down the length of the wooden conference table. Elders sat in each chair, discussing his upcoming coronation and the burial of his mother for the last four hours. He felt numb, and the edges of his vision blurred as he focused in on a knot in the wood. Everything melted away except that dark spot, and soon, even it began to distort. He hadn’t heard his name being called until a light touch brought him back to the present.


He looked down to see a worn hand with paper thin, wrinkled skin resting lightly atop his own. His grandmother smiled kindly at him, the lines around her earthy brown eyes deepening when she did so. 

“I think we have had enough for today, don’t you?” she said softly just to him. Her voice sounded like tinkling bells. Upon hearing it, M’Baku instinctively released tension in his shoulders he hadn’t known he’d been holding. 

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The things he said about you, the disgusting things he said, you were sure M'baku was going to kill him right then and there, in front of you and your guards, in front of his. But he didn’t. Instead he grabbed your hand, giving you a look that said he was trying his best to compose himself. You squeezed his hand as a thank you, grateful he loved you so much he’d do anything to defend you, that he loved you so much he was keeping his anger subdued. For now. As soon as T'challa came to him, asking for help with Erik, he was in. W'Kabi turned on his king, but he was rude to you first and foremost. He’d take this opportunity to show him that that was not acceptable, none of this, on any term. You knew he wouldn’t control himself once he stepped on the battlefield.

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Alright help me decide some things, y'all…

Working on a SamBucky college AU 👀

But I’m trying to decide some majors for other characters. I’m thinking T'Challa and Nakia would be poli sci with T'Challa double majoring in history and Nakia double majoring in Women’s & Gender Studies?

I want Okoye to be a getting her master’s degree and be a TA for a course but I can’t decide what her major should be?

I also want M'Baku to be getting his master’s degree and working as a TA as well but I’m having a hard time picking a major for him too?

Additional characters I’m trying to decide on majors for:

  • Scott Lang
  • Hope van Dyne (science maybe? mathematics? what branch of science?)
  • MJ (I’m torn between English Lit or Psychology)

Also, breakdown of the roommate groups:

MJ, Nakia, Hope, and Shuri live together

T'Challa, Scott, and Peter P live together

Okoye and M'Baku live together

Bucky and Sam live together

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