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#m'baku x reader

Part 2 - The Howling

[Part 1]

Summary: After the death of his mother, M’Baku finds himself in need of someone to talk to who doesn’t know who he is. Slated to ascend the Jabari throne, that sort of person would be hard for him to come by. He soon hears of a place where people can go to be seen but still unknown. The base of the mountain. The Garden.

CW: death mention

Suggested Listening: Winter Storm Ambience

A/N: Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.


M’Baku stared down the length of the wooden conference table. Elders sat in each chair, discussing his upcoming coronation and the burial of his mother for the last four hours. He felt numb, and the edges of his vision blurred as he focused in on a knot in the wood. Everything melted away except that dark spot, and soon, even it began to distort. He hadn’t heard his name being called until a light touch brought him back to the present.


He looked down to see a worn hand with paper thin, wrinkled skin resting lightly atop his own. His grandmother smiled kindly at him, the lines around her earthy brown eyes deepening when she did so. 

“I think we have had enough for today, don’t you?” she said softly just to him. Her voice sounded like tinkling bells. Upon hearing it, M’Baku instinctively released tension in his shoulders he hadn’t known he’d been holding. 

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Warnings: Slow burn 

Word Count: 10,079

Pairing: M’Baku x Original Character

M'Baku’s hands painfully clutched the sides of the window, half of its shattered glass scattered around his feet. His eyes were transfixed on the path of smoke slowly dissipating into nothing like he was hypnotized, as if his intense stares alone could bring the woman who flew out the window moments prior back to him. Every second that passed and every mile she traveled farther away from home and him, his frustration and rage at the people left behind grew. It only took moments, barely enough time for the group to catch their breath and truly process everything that transpired, for his rage to boil over. 

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Quarantine Writing Challenge

A/N: This is my submission for @chaneajoyyy and @shaekingshitup’s writing challenege. This is my first time participating in one of thesse so very excited! Enjoy! Edited to now include the photo - it has been a long week indeed :) 

Warnings: Some slight angst

Word Count: 2.4K  

Pairing: Black reader x M’Baku


Your head fell forward as you dozed off behind your desk. It was out of character for you. However, exhaustion was the side effect of working into the early morning hours night after night. You knew you were pushing your body to its limits as you tired to operate on less than 4 hours of sleep for the last couple of days. 

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Originally posted by danaisokoye

Warning(s):Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Dirty Talk

Summary:  “So desperate for it, aren’t you? Well, if you want it so bad you’d better start taking it.” for M’Baku

Note(s):I’m so sorry this is trash and so short. I just feel awful writing about someone I barely know. Anon please forgive me.

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Based off of One Direction’s ‘’Summer Love’’ which has been making me cry since I was 17.Which was 8 years ago lol. 

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- Summer flings, breaking up., it’s hard to say goodbye. 

Sometimes, the hardest part of a story to process is the ending. Many times, in fact, most of the time, we know just how things will end. We know that the underdog will get the girl, the  losing team will win, and the heroes will walk off into the sunset.

    In this case, it’s not that you haven’t processed this ending. You knew that it was going to end like this. You both did. However, that doesn’t make accepting it any easier.

    So that is how you are now packing your bags, the only ound in the room is the occasional sniffle, and the hum of the air conditioning unit that has given you relief in this summer heat. You’re trying to hold the tears, trying so hard not to cry.

    Though you can’t quite bring yourself to look at him, you know that he is, too.

    ‘’I had the best time with you,’’ he clears his throat, breaking the silence.

    And, along with the silence, your heart.

    ‘’I did, too,’ you say only slightly above a whisper,’’ you admit, closing your suitcase and beginning to fill the other suitcase.

    It was the best time, and now it’s the worst time. But the two of you knew what this was when you began.

    It was your summer vacation, and you happened to be visiting. It was a trip you’d always planned to take right before our senior year of college, and it was the beginning of this summer fling. He’d seen you out one day, struck up a conversation, asked for your number..

    Days that you’d meant to spend solely with your friends here divided between them and him. As you explored the sights and the scenery of this new place, you explored what was meant to be a summer fling with him,

    It is not like you both didn’t know that this was what it is… what it was. When this first began, you told him that you didn’t live here, that you’d probably never see eachother again after all of this. That when fall came, so would the end of this relationship, the end of a breezy summer tryst.

 Now it’s back to the books, away from this boy. You’ll trade midnight bonfire talks for lectures, late night phone sessions for study sessions, the comfort of napping in his arms for a night spent in the dormitory. 

You’re trading hours under clear blue skies for your reality: life without him.

‘’I… I guess I could write, or call-’’

‘’Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t tell me that you’ll write or that you’ll call. I think that’s going to end up with us both getting our hearts broken,’’ you speak.

The initial promise was to your heart, to your studies. You promised you wouldn’t fall in love , that this was meant to be an innocent connection, filled with sweet kisses and memories to follow.

    ‘’Why does it have to end this way,’’ he stands,crossing the room of the small house that you and your friends had rented for the summer, ‘’Can you please look at me? We had it all- we were faithful, we had it all. Don’t tell me you want to throw that away.’’   

    ‘’Can’t throw away what isn’t really anything,’’ you remind him, ‘’This is over. It was fun, but it’s over.’’

    ‘’I don’t believe that,’’ he gently turns you to face him, cradling your face in his hands, ‘’We could keep this going. You know we could.have it all, still. We could make this work.’’

    ‘’You’re living in a fantasy,’’ you laugh slightly, knowing that is one of the reasons you oh so stupidly, quickly, irrevocably fell for this man.

    ‘’I’m being optimistic,’’ he kisses your forehead like he’s done so many times before, the feeling which was once searing now feeling ice cold as your mind screams at you not to let this continue.

    ‘’I have to go. You have to get back to your life, and I mine.’’

    ‘’What would you like me to do? We could find someplace to be together, some place to hide,’’ he smirks, leaning his forehead against yours as you finally open your eyes, staring into his, and you can tell that he’s only half joking.   

    It sounds good. It does sound so, so good. To forget about all of the expectations and just let this summer love go on for just a bit longer, for one more weekend, one more day, one more hour, one more minute.

    ‘’I…,’’ he begins, squeezing his eyes hurt as if to summon his courage, ‘’I love-’’

    But you know that if you give for even a microsecond, it’ll end up doing more damage than good. 

    ‘’Don’t make this any harder than it has to be, because we both know that this can’t go any farther. And I know that I don’t want to change anything.’’

    That’s a lie. It’s a cruel lie, and you can tell that it’s sent shock waves through him as you coldly reject what your heart wants so badly.

    ‘’If that’s what you want,’’ he relents,  slowly pulling away from you as the reality of the situation settles in around you.

    ‘’Don’t look at me that way. We have to say goodbye,’’ you remind him, reaching out to caress his cheek, ‘’We’ve gotta move on. And I don’t want you to promise or write. I hate this as much ss you do. I really do. You were my summer love, and that’s where we have to leave it. I wish that we could rewind, but we can’t.’’

    ‘’Then what would you like me to do,’’ he questions once more, eyes scanning your face for any sign that you won’t say goodbye to him today.

    ‘’I want you to let go, and go live your life.

    It hurts to hurt him. You wish you’d never fallen in love with him only because you both knew that this wouldn’t last, because you didn’t want to be stuck here in this place  with your heart torn in two, because you didn’t want to leave and have him always holding a piece of your heart.

    But you did and you’re here and you’ve got to get going.

    ‘’I’ll do that. I’ll do that,’’ he agrees, ‘’If you do one thing for me. Promise me one thing.’’

    ‘’What’s that,’’ you sigh, already regretting it.

    ‘’Promise me you won’t forget this summer. I am so aware of how cheesy you may think that sounds, but come on. Even if we have to say goodbye, we don’t have to forget.’’

    So you promise. You speak of what has already been on your heart from the moment that you fell in love with him- you won’t forget this place, this summer,these memories, him.

    So three months later, on a crisp November night as you lay your head against your pillow, you remember three things- the summer breeze, the clear blue sky, and the boy that you had it all with.

    Because even if he’s not a part of your future, he will always be your summer love.

    DISCLAIMER- I own no Marvel Characters or One Direction songs.

NOTE- Any time I write about Peter Parker x Reader in a romantic sense, he is ALWAYS eighteen and above.

@ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @airis-paris14 @syreanne @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines @priya212  @kumkaniudaku  @airis-paris14 @alexundefined @fonville-designs  @dramaqueenamby  @mellowjellow6 @oceanscorazon @nerd-lovely @fonville-designs @akimi-youngblood @yoyolovesbucky @fd-writes

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A relationship with M’Baku:

- Is one protective boy

- Sad showers when either of you are stressed

- Happy and dancing baths together 

- All the hang holding ever 

- He’s gotta be touching you always

- He’s secretly the most sweet and romantic partner ever

- Comforting hugs

- Lingerie and candles 

- Is a cutie in private

- Always being able to make him smile

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PAIRING: Abraham + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: A UCLA psychology professor takes on a dangerously aggressive tethered as a special case-study, moving him into her home and molding him into what appears to be the perfect man. After her feelings begin to expand beyond the work, she doubts if he could ever truly reciprocate her affections.

WARNINGS: Language

WORD COUNT: ~ 2,200

A/N: Guess who’s back on her bullshit? 😎(It’s me)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: ACT 1 | ACT 2 | ACT 3 | ACT 4 | ACT 5 | ACT 6 | Thanksgiving Interlude





After Thanksgiving, you quickly realized your cousin Gerald wasn’t the only one that had an issue with you taking care of Abraham. Subliminal rants popped up on Facebook and anti-tethered Twitter threads and YouTube videos were forwarded to your email. That was enough to make you lose your holiday spirit. So, in lieu of further family celebrations, you opted to make a private dinner for Christmas. Abraham liked the members of your family that liked him but he didn’t mind spending time with you alone.

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Pairing: M’Baku x black!fem!Reader

Warnings: none, I believe, unless you include the fact that I am allergic to proofreading

Author’s Note: I love this series, and I am so excited to get another piece out to you guys! I was a little unsure of how to get M’Baku out of his head with friends, but I ended up liking it, and I hope you do too :)

Tag list: @thotyana-in-this-hoe  @neeadinghugs  @inlovewith3  @petrashappyplace 

Masterlist   Black Girl Insert Series

Clumsy:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

*     *     *

“Can you lift me? Mama, M'Baku, can you lift me?” Uuka shouts happily with his hands in yours and M'Baku’s. M'Baku is so overjoyed with the question that he happily pulls Uuka off of the ground by his hand, yours accompanying so as to not dislocate his shoulder. The Great Gorilla laughs alongside your son, “Faster? Come, we have to run to go faster!” M’Baku goads Uuka, guffawing at the boy’s squeals of delight as he pulls him up into the air higher and faster. You laugh with Uuka, and M’Baku can feel it, the foundation of a great family settling in your laughter.

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AN: so we’re just not gonna talk about how i was gone for a year, but I’m back and finna write up a storm. BIG ups to @chaneajoyyy​ for proof reading dis shit! 

pairing: m’baku x reader

warnings: cursing i think thats it lol.

word count: 2312


Originally posted by danaisokoye

Courting with M’baku was a…. interesting process to say the least. Every morning you awoke he was on your mind, you felt the ghost of his hands wrapped around your waist possessively as you slept and the same kisses that he peppered all over your face to wake you up as you walked around your small house. By the time that you walked out of your house you always practically tripped over the guard that he had stationed outside who was charged with protecting you. 

“You know” You said as you made your way outside of your house the guard following close behind you. “If we’re going to be spending so much time together it’s only fair that we know each other’s name.”

You heard the man chuckle behind you.

“Eamon” he said following you on your walk.

“Eamon” You toyed with the name in your mouth “I like that name, you know I have a thing about names. I don’t understand how people end up with ugly names, it’s the simplest thing yet somehow overlooked.” You hit a quick left turn, you wanted to teach m’baku a lesson about sending guards to your house. You weren’t some frail flower that he had to protect at all costs. 

“Are we taking a detour today or are you trying to lose me again?” Eamon asked matching your quickening pace.

“We’re taking the scenic route to work today Eamon, stop assuming the worst about me” You smiled back at him but you were greeted with nothing but cold eyes.

“y/n lets go your shop is the opposite way we’re not doing this again.” 

“Fine” You pouted turning around “I don’t need to be watched, you do know that right? I’ve run my shop and walked from my house to it and back everyday since I was 18. You don’t need to protect me”

Eamon laughed to himself, “You think this is about you? I’m here because my king requested that I protect the woman that has stolen his heart and I serve his majesty. This has nothing to do with what I want to do it’s all up to him.”

The rest of the walk to your shop you spent in silence reflecting on your subtle realization, M’baku wanted to protect you, he wanted to make sure that no one in the entire world would be able to mess with his girl. And he wanted you to know that. While your mind wandered astray your feet had taken you to the street that your shop was on. A bouquet of roses sat on your step, the bright red in bright contrast with the blank white snow that surrounded them. You smiled to yourself, he’d been sending you gifts all week  and today’s gift had been roses. You picked up the bouquet and pulled out your keys unlocking your shops door. You hummed to yourself as you held the door open for Eamon to walk in behind you, he took his normal seat next to the door and pulled out his phone, no doubt informing m’baku that you had arrived at your shop and had started your work. You picked the note off of the flowers.

My dearest y/n,

       Roses today, diamonds tomorrow.

       Nothing is too good for you.

           See you tonight my love.

                       ~ M’baku

You smiled at his sweet note and felt a rush of happiness seep into your system, the blush redding your cheeks. Deciding to busy yourself you placed a pot of water onto a small burner.

“What are we feeling today Eamon?” You asked pulling out the rectangular tin that held your teas.

“What are my options again?” Eamon asked rising from his seat to walk over to your counter.

“Jasmine, ginger, green tea or this herbal blend that my mom gave me” you looked up at Eamon for his decision and he looked puzzled.

“You can pick this time y/n, I’ve tried all of them I don’t know which one I like the most” Eamon said as he returned to his seat at the front of the store.

“Ginger tea it is then.” You said grabbing the two tea bags and placing the top back on the tin and sliding it back into its place. While the water boiled you moved around your shop turning on your machines, you ran your hands over your records settling on the miseducation of Lauryn Hill. You popped the record out of its sleeve and placed it on the record player, intro played through the speaker on the record player, as you walked around your shop your mind flashed back to the last time you’d seen m’baku it’d been far too long…

“Why must you be so stubborn isithandwa?” M’baku asked. It was the third day that he had come to visit you since you agreed to let M’baku court you. He’d drop by around closing time and talk to you while you cleaned up your work for the day. He would walk you up to your parents house and talk to your Mom and Dad for a few hours before you fell asleep (with one of his arms wrapped around your shoulder and your back pressing up against his torso no doubt) he’d try to gently wake you up before deciding it would be easier to just call a car to come pick the both of you up and drive you back to your home. He’d open your front door and walk you back to your bedroom with you in his arms bridal style and plop you onto your bed, first he’d start by pulling all of your outside furs off leaving you in whatever pair of sweatpants or leggings you wore to work that day and a matching t-shirt. Next it was onto your hair most of the time your hair was pulled up into a puff so he would remove the hair tie that had kept it up, always earning a groan from you. Next he would throw on whatever bonnet he found laying closest to your bed making sure your head was on the silk pillows. Finally he would pull all the furs onto you that he could find. The first night that he had taken you home and wrapped you up in furs he looked down at his handy work and was immediately disappointed . “How is she still cold, she’s under 12 furs” he murmured to himself. He debated climbing into bed with you but he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries. You whined pulling the covers up onto your back, M’baku noticed you start to shiver. He couldn’t leave you cold and alone in your house “Fuck it” he said as he started shedding his outer layer of clothing and climbing into bed next to you, wrapping  his arm around your waist pulling your body against his own.

“M’baku” you would whine out his warm body instantly sending blood flowing through your entire body.

“Ssh ssh ssh my love” he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Sleep now, sleep”

This night was no different M’baku sat on your counter his long legs touched the floor, his coat long forgotten hanging on coat rack along with most of his protection from the cold outdoors.

“I’m not being stubborn m’baku! I don’t need to be followed around!” you retorted back at him.

“He won’t be following you he’s just there for your protection. He will be seen and not heard I promise” M’baku stood up and walked over to you as you turned off the record player.

“I don’t need protection M’baku! What would I even need protection from? I work in a weapons shop for hanuman’s sake!” you turned back to face him.

“I don’t know y/n protection from anyone or anything, I just want to know that you’re safe!” M’baku came back at you with a fire you hadn’t seen in him before. “I-“ he paused, his voice had gotten softer and his hand had found its way to his forehead and started massaging his temples. “I just want to make sure that you’re safe y/n that’s it.”

You paused for a moment and looked M’baku up and down scanning his body for any sign that what he just said was a lie. You wrapped your arms around M’baku and placed your head into his chest. “I’m sorry” you said quietly into his chest.

M’baku took a deep breath in. “No i’m sorry isithandwa, I shouldn’t have pushed you. You said you didn’t want the guard and that should of been the end of it. Do you forgive me?” 

You pulled your head out of M’baku’s chest “Of course I forgive you M’baku, do you forgive me for being so stubborn?”

M’baku lifted your chin up and brought his lips down to deliver a sweet and tender kiss.

“One guard” you said after the kiss “One guard, not seen AND not heard” you saw the smile form on M’baku’s face. He lifted you up off the ground as his hand found your thighs.

“M’baku stop!” you exclaimed laughing with him as he spun the two of you around “You’re gonna drop me! ”

That made m’baku stop spinning “Eh? you think I’m gonna drop the wife that hauman gave me? what am I crazy!”

The shrill scream of the teapot snapped you out of your dream like trance. You walked over and grabbed two handmade mugs and poured hot water into each mug.

“Are you sure you want ginger Eamon, this is your last chance?” you looked over to see eamon gazing out of the window, he turned his attention to you. As the steam hit you, you flashed back to another time  M’baku had spent the night at your house.

You awoke to the shower running in your bathroom, no doubt M’baku had decided to shower at your place tonight. You looked over at the clock on your bedside table it shone bright with 1:38 am. The shower turned off and within a few moments the bathroom door opened and a wave of steam hit your face. M’baku emerged from the bathroom and his eyes met yours. 

“See something you like isithandwa?” M’baku smirked at you adjusting the towel around his waist.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about M’baku” you said plastering an innocent smile across your face.

“You looked me up and down like you wanted to pounce on me. Is that what it is? You want me?” M’baku cooed at you as you sat up in bed.

“Don’t test me m’baku, I’m following your customs by withstanding from sex with you until marriage. If it were up to me i would of been showering with you just now” you said crossing your arms and pushing your bottom lip out into a pout.  

M’baku walked over to you and placed a kiss on your lips. “I appreciate you and thank you little one, i know it’s not easy for you but trust me once we get together I will make it worth the wait”

“Yea it better be m’baku, hurry up and put some clothes on I wanna cuddle, I’m cold!”

Eamon’s words snapped you back to reality “Eh ginger is fine” 

You hummed along to ex-factor as you dunked the ginger tea bag into eamon’s drink and then one into your own drink. You walked over to Eamon and handed him his drink. 

“Thanks” he muttered focusing back outside the window after a few sips.

“I’m gonna get started I’ve got three jobs on back order so I might not be able to hear you with all the machines running”

You turned on your heels and walked into the back of your store and started on your work for the day.

Around 6 hours later you were done with two out of three of your orders and wanted to finish the third one tonight. You were blasting music so loud it blurred out your own thoughts, just how you liked it. You hummed along to your music as you grabbed the knife out of the ice bucket and turned around to set it on the tray.

“M’baku shit!” you dropped the knife you’d been working on to the floor. M’baku just smiled up at you from a chair sitting in your studio. You cut your eyes at him before you walked over to your speakers and turned it down so you could hear him.

“You really shouldn’t keep your music up that loud love” M’baku said to you as he watched you pick up the knife and survey it for damage.

“You really shouldn’t tell a woman with a knife in her hand what to do.” you said back to him. “How long have you been sitting there?”

“I don’t know isithandwa it’s hard to remember I was so enchanted with watching you move and sing as you worked” M’baku chuckled making a mental note to remember this conversation.

“M’baku I’m serious! When did you walk in?” you whined out still facing him toying with the knife in your hand.

“ An hour isithandwa at max I swear!” he lied through his teeth he’d been there for at least two. You turned you back to him as you set the blade down on the counter and went back to your work. You heard M’baku stand up and walk towards you, you felt warm arms wrap around your waist with ease and his breath down your neck.

“Come with me today” M’baku mused in your ear, giving it a little nibble.

You felt your entire body relax into his arms and you let out a deep exhale releasing all of your pent up stress from today. “Go with you where?” you asked

“Come home with me today, let me take you to my home” he corrected himself “Our home”

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Pairing: M’Baku x black!fem!Reader

Warnings: Tis smut my dudes, cursing as well, and I did not proofread 

Author’s Note: I can’t believe I really left for FUCKS ever then came back to write smut and not continue any of my series first

Tags: @thotyana-in-this-hoe @neeadinghugs @purplledumplings

Masterlist   Black Girl Insert Series

*. *. *. *.

Your eyes jump open when you hear the shout of frustration from above you. Smiling softly to yourself, you lift your hand to the women drying you, “Thank you very much, but I must attend to my husband. Can you hand me my robe please, Neti? Alna, my braids please.” As you slip the short robe over your naked body, you wait for Alna to secure the last band around your braids to keep the wet mass from hanging heavily down your back.

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Summary: M’Baku’s wife is (rightfully) angry after he embarrasses her during a meeting. 

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this piece. It’s my first time writing for M’Baku (or any Black Panther character), and I hope to write more in the future. Comment/like/reblog/send requests! 😘


Originally posted by pantherclawz

You felt your blood boil as you paced around the large bedroom you shared with your husband. You sensed that his eyes were following your movements, and somehow, that irritated you even more. You couldn’t even look at him right now. 

The hardwood floors were cold underneath your feet, but you were too hot with anger to notice. This argument would mark the end of the honeymoon phase; you were sure of it. You married M’Baku nearly four months ago, and it’s the best decision you’ve ever made. Both of you felt the same way, but right now, you were too heated to remember that.

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Summary: Just a fun oneshot about a Dora Milaje-in-training who manages to slip up on the one day the Jabari Lord is in town. What is she going to have to do for redemption?

**Smut Warning**

M’Baku x Reader

“Now remember, all you need to do is stand still and follow the others around.” Your cousin Okoye hissed. “No funny business.”

“Yes yes I know I KNOW. Haven’t I proven myself by going through your rigorous training?”

“You may know the golden city, but you have no experience with the Jabari.”

“Oh come on. I made it into the Dora Milaje, I can make it through one ceremony.” You giggled, Okoye sighing and shaking her head with a grin she couldn’t hold back. You were a wild card who had managed to reign herself in enough to rise through the ranks and at 20 become one of the youngest recruits of all time.

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Word Count: 10,377

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]

“What is going on with you? I mean… I have never known you to be this reckless,“ the king of Wakanda exclaimed as he wore a whole in the carpet of his sister’s room, pacing back and forth endlessly. Asha rubbed her forehead, shame and frustration growing as her brother’s lecture drew on minute by minute. 

"T'Challa, I said I was sorry. I do not need a lecture. Believe me, I feel horrible enough as it is!” She tried to say. First M'Baku… now him? She couldn’t take this much disappointment from both of them in the same evening, her heart couldn’t handle it. She felt a small, soft squeeze to her hand, knowing it was moral support from her sister. Asha smiled weakly but her eyes didn’t leave their dead stare into her lap, she didn’t want to look at any of them.

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I do not see the stuff I’m tagged in anymore.

I know I’m still getting tagged in recent stuff, cause I see it when I go search for stories and updates. I’m not ignoring y’all I just don’t get notifications for whatever reason anymore.

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Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

Summary: Your courtship begins.

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1,003

A/N: Btw this will take place before IW.

Request:  Can you make a second part to laughter with M’Baku? I loved it so much and a second part would be amazing. Thanks love❤

Laughter (Prequel)



“I still can’t believe you agreed to this.” You huffed as Shuri slipped another necklace around your neck. 

“You heard him. We’re… Courting now.” To be completely honest, you could feel your heartbeat accelerate at the mere word.

Please. We all know that you could end that courtship with a snap if you really wanted to.” With a roll of your eyes, you swatted your friend’s hands from your neck.

“I’m going to be late. Deuces.” You could hear Shuri shout from behind you,

“You sound like my great-grandmother!” 

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76 with M’Baku please :)

76. You’re not alone

You watched with tired eyes as the snow fell onto the mountain villages below in graceful sheets. It was the middle of the night and once again, you had grown restless and unable to sleep. Perching at your favorite spot, you toyed with the fur shawl that draped elegantly over your form, hoping that doing so, along with watching the snow, would provide at least some bit of a distraction. 

But even with all that, you still could not contain the tears from falling. Like fire, they burned again your cheeks. all the stress that you’d been under was finally catching up to you and fighting to pull you under. 


You sniffled and turned to see M’Baku behind you. You stood to greet him and show him respect, but he simply reached a hand out caress yours, sitting down to your level. 

“What is troubling you?” he began, wanting to do everything in his power to understand, “The bed felt so empty without you.”

Crying a bit more, you explained the news that you received earlier. Your mother, though as strong and fierce as she is, had fallen gravely ill a few days earlier, and today, it was reported that she was only growing worse. You loved her dearly and couldn’t imagine the immense pain she was going through. You wanted to be there for her as much as you could, but there was only so much time in a day.

M’Baku pressed a tender and warm kiss first to your neck and then to your cheek, “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I didn’t want to worry you,” you said, sinking into his embrace, “You have so much to worry about already, especially following the last-”

“That doesn’t matter,” he assured, “You’re not alone.”

He kissed you once again, pausing to rest his head against yours. You remained in each others arms as time and snow slipped by. 

“You are never alone.”

(I hope this is okay I’ve never written for him before)

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