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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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The Vampire Diaries lives on in Legacies

Stefan Salvatore sacrificed his life to save Mystic Falls and, in honor of it, the school is named after him ❤️📚🔮✨

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Tohoku region Maiko:
Akita (Chioka 千緒花 and Chiyori 千代鈴 2015) - Yûzawa (Kanohana 佳乃華 2018) - Aizuwakamatsu (Mai 真衣, around 2006) - Morioka (Marika まり佳 and Kikumaru 喜久丸 2019) - Sendai (Chiyosuzu 千代鈴 2018) - Sakata (Momoka, around 2017) - Yamagata (Botan ぼたん 2018).

Within the Tohoku region, the prefectures Akita and Yamagata contain two cities each with two Hanamachi: Akita and Yuzawa, Sakata and Yamagata. 

The Sakata Maiko are open for first-timers, tourist-friendly and offer lunch and afternoon events. It’s said that this is more the style of Furisode-san (like in Asakusa), but they call themselves Maiko, so who am I to judge.

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Okay real talk. I’ve just watched the latest Legacies episode and I am incredibly salty about Legacies 2*16. So this is going to be long!

Maybe it’s because I’m an adult watching a teen show (lol yes) or maybe there really are … Issues with quality.

First off: Josie + the mindscape

I’ll start with the Penelope name drop because I legit groaned at my laptop hearing it. 1) never that invested in her anyway, found her the true cliche TV high school mean girl- at least Alyssa actually has some depth to her instabilities lol. 2) she’s gone, and was never a key player to begin with 3) they constantly bait ‘hosie’ and it’s tiring enough with that drama- don’t name drop a random ex people don’t care about (sorry if you do lol)

Now for the main bit:

Josie yet again being the VICTIM! Ughh even when the girl uses dark magic, kills a frenemy, kills her own TWIN, blows up half the school it was still focused on poor Josie not being treated right….. Seriously??????

I will admit her putting her siphoning ability away was somewhat… Kind of in a way taking responsibility- but I’m still leaning towards the whole still not taking responsibility and running from it, instead of actually owning her crap.

Also WHAT the hell was with the whole 'mom and dad never paid attention you’… Is Julie Pec just completely destroying characterisation?? No way EVER would Caroline Forbes EVER let any child let alone her own be forgotten. No way. Nada. Not happening. Not from the girl who was forgotten, the girl who was always the last choice and last to be noticed compared to Elena. It just wouldn’t happen even with them helping Lizzie! And I don’t think Ric, the guy who KNOWS what disfunctional sibling relationships and disfunctional parenting could lead to, would do the same

Perfect parents- no. But I refuse to believe they ever intentionally or unintentionally neglected Josie over Lizzie.

Parenting aside, I was very annoyed how they characterised her as being afraid of being like Kai.. how? They had zero similarities anyway! If anything LIZZIE is more like Kai and not just in disfunctional mental health way. I could completely understand Lizzie being the one to have that fear but again … Characterisation just didn’t fit.

The cringe 'non-consensual kiss’ line. First of. Consent is ultimate. Obviously. But the way it was shoved in there was incredibly awkward. It could have worked a lot better if Hope said something sarcastic like 'I’m clearly little red, not prince charming- no thanks’.

The pig as Josie… Meh gets a pass for an evil fairytale mindscape

The Evil Queen Vs Princess… Yeah teen show still so I give that a pass.

Hope turned to stone. I get it’s 'Legacies’ and I do like that it isn’t ALL revolving around Hope but again- characterisation just doesn’t feel right and this plot just feels weak.

So, moving on: Salvatore School

I’m loving Ric actually being there for Rafael. That boy needs the support of a responsible adult so… Yay for that.

Although he does lose points for making that ridiculous deal with the necromancer. But again, teen show, had to drive the plot somehow so fair enough let’s see where that heads. Personally I want Ted + Chad back.

At least Raf and Alyssa are fully back.

Also- Jed has feelings, pass it on.

Landon is an interesting one and depending on how they do this, will depend on how invested I will be in his character

Now the Ultimate:

Lizzie and MG

I have made no secret of my unconditional love for Lizzie! Just yes. Even in season one I was rooting for this girl. The funeral stuff was sad and cringy (teen show remember) but I did have a giggle at the students apathy based on the fact that Lizzie will probably be brought back from the dead. Just another average school day.

MG killed that speech. I love their friendship. I know Hope is now a friend but MG was truly the first to reach out to Lizzie and I want them to keep it as a friendship because I think both MG and Lizzie need a ride or die friendship… Although maybe not the 'die’ in MGs case lol.

Lastly but not least (if you read this long ramble thank you and please discuss with me!)

Lizzies Eulogy for MG. It was beautiful and just nice but also so Lizzie. It really brought everything together nice.

So because of Covid-19 we don’t actually know when new eps will be filmed or aired.

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hospital e entra em ônibus lotado! Ela fugiu do #HospitalEduardoDeMenezes —e subiu na linha 3.054 —no meio da tarde de hoje —6/4/2.020, no bairro #Betânia, Zona Oeste de #BeloHorizonte… Sua identidade não foi revelada pela #PolíciaMilitar, além de grávida —porta tornozeleira eletrônica.
O ônibus e os passageiros foram retidos até que o #SAMU orientasse procedimentos para adotar no lar!

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Chûbu region Maiko:
Nagoya (Hina 陽菜, Yukino ゆき乃 and Koito こ糸 2009), Gifu (Kikuhina 喜久雛 2013), Niigata (Shiho 志穂 2018), Atami (unnamed and undated - they haven’t had Maiko for a long time), Shizuoka (Hatsuryo 初龍 2013), Shimoda (unnamed 2019), Izunokuni (Aina 愛七 2018).

Of all prefectures in Japan, Shizuoka has the most cities that have some sort of Hanamachi: Atami, Izunokuni, Shimoda and Shizuoka. On top of that, the number of Geigi in Atami is one of the largest in the whole country: in 2017, there were around 120 of them, in Kyoto, there are currently ca. 270 Geiko and Maiko (source: I’ve counted), in Tokyo around 200 (the exact number and who-is-who is only available for Shinbashi).

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