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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tv wives being adorable plus a happy Carina/Stefania and a cuddly Ford buddy
Credits: (c)
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wait whats this about paper mario 👀
Check out this tag if you like! sometime last fall/winter I watched a playthru of Paper Mario Origami King and I really fell in love with the office supplies villains. idk what came over me but I got all these ideas on how they can get gijinka’d. i started caring so much that i even came up with a little story of “they were once a family of hard working siblings before the origami king made them into his lackeys which kind of tore the family apart”.
Tumblr media
picture unrelated, it’s just my most recent doodle of alia. I should have a design for the other monsters i missed soon. I think I have two left...?
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Bro you guys remember how Cara straight up punches Din’s helmet multiple times (when they first meet) without flinching
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Bad Excuses & Blue Slushies
Tumblr media
Summary: After playing hard to get for so long, you finally agreed to go on a date with Steve. When he stands you up, he comes back with the strangest excuse as to why.
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader
Content/Warning: no season 4 spoilers (season 3 spoilers though), fluff with some angst, swearing
Word Count: 2.9k
You hastily tied your red bandana around your neck as you ran into Starcourt Mall.
Your scuffed converse skidded along the tiled floor as you sprinted into Scoops Ahoy, headed to punch yourself in before you were late.
“I already punched you in,” Steve spoke from the register, handing change back to a customer.
“Thanks,” you heaved, hunched over and trying to catch your breath, “My. bike. broke. Had. to. run. over. 2. miles. in. this. stupid. fucking. uniform.”
Steve grinned, “Well, at least you still look as gorgeous as ever.”
“Ha-ha, very funny” you deadpanned, “I do a nice thing and agreed to cover Robin’s shift and this is how I’m repaid.”
“Wow, I’m hurt,” Steve clutched his chest in fake agony, “I pay you a compliment and I’m met with cold sarcasm.”
“Sorry if I find it very hard to believe that the Steve Harrington thinks a sweaty girl in an unflattering sailor’s costume is the epitome of beauty,” you retaliated.
“All the boxes on my dream girl checklist are ticked off,” Steve grinned, “What are you doing Friday night?”
“And how is that your business?” you inquired.
“Because I’m trying to ask you out,” Steve replied.
You let out an audible laugh, stifling it as a customer came into the shop.
“Ahoy there! What can I get for you today, matey?” you greeted them.
“Can I have a large chocolate overboard cone please?” the older woman ordered.
“Right away, ma’am,” you began scooping the ice cream.
“Come on,” Steve continued, “Give me one good reason you won’t go out with me on Friday.”
“Steve,” you chastised, “I’m with a customer.”
“She doesn’t mind. Do you?” Steve looked to the woman.
“Oh no, I’m loving this. Why won’t you go out with this hunk, sweetie?” she asked you.
“Steve, tell this woman where you were just last night?”
“On a date with Stacy Johnson,” he sighed.
“And two days before that?” you inquired.
“With Stephanie Williams but-”
You interrupted him, “I rest my case. $4.82, ma’am,” you handed her her ice cream.
“She makes a compelling case,” the lady handed you the money, “Have a good day, dears.”
“I can list more reasons if that’s not enough for you,” you grinned at Steve who scowled in return.
After cleaning up after the store had closed, Steve locked the doors as you waited for him.
“Until next shift, Harrington,” you waved goodbye to him as you entered the parking lot.
“Wait, your bike is broken,” he spoke.
“I’m aware,” you replied.
“Well, how are you getting home?” he continued.
“Walking, I guess. My parents aren’t home,” you shrugged.
“Let me give you a ride,” he offered.
“You live on the opposite end of town and we just worked a double, I’m sure you want to get home. I’ll be okay, really,” you assured him.
“I don’t feel comfortable letting you walk miles home in the dark. Just please get in,” he returned, opening the passenger side of his car
“Fine,” you sighed, getting in, “Thank you.”
Steve started the car and pulled out of the parking lot just before you added, “But if you try any funny business, I will snap your neck.”
Steve chuckled, “I’d expect nothing less.”
You rested your head against the window, completely exhausted after your shift. You hated to admit it but Steve was right. If you walked home alone in the dark, you probably would have fallen asleep in a ditch about half a mile in.
“Are you ready for the math test tomorrow?” Steve broke the relative silence of the car.
“I didn’t even know you knew I was in your class,” you snorted.
“Believe it or not, Y/N, I notice you,” Steve spoke.
You hummed in acknowledgment but didn’t believe it. Steve was popular, you were decidedly not. There’s simply no good reason he should have any interest in you whatsoever.
“To answer your question, no. I’m completely unprepared but I’m ready to wing it and hope for the best,” you responded.
“That's my strategy with everything in life,” Steve smiled.
He flicked on his blinker as he turned down your road.
“One chance, Y/N,” Steve spoke, “You go out with me Friday night and if it goes bad, I won’t ever bother you again. Deal?
“Why are you so hellbent on me going out with you? Have you seriously run out of all other options?”
“Is it really that hard to believe that I genuinely want to go out with you?” Steve asked, pulling into your driveway.
“Yes, very much so actually,” you spoke softly.
Steve put the car in park and turned to look at you, “I find you witty, intelligent, gorgeous, and overall remarkable. Yes, I do go on a lot of dates but that is because I’m trying to find the right girl for me. No one else makes me laugh like you do, Y/N. No one else could make me so excited to work an eight hour shift scooping ice cream in an overcrowded mall. Frankly, all the past girls don’t even hold a candle to you, Y/N. They’re boring and you’re so incredibly the opposite.”
You relented “Friday night?”
Steve smiled widely, “I’ll pick you up at 7.”
You opened the car door and slipped out of the seat, “I’m looking forward to being nowhere near how high your expectations of me are.”
Steve wholeheartedly laughed, “I’m looking forward to making you admit you actually had fun for once…and on a date with ‘the Steve Harrington’,” he quoted you.
“I’d. rather. die.” you grinned, “Good night, Steve.”
“Night, Y/N,” he waved and watched you until you were safe inside your house before pulling out into the road.
Friday night was finally here. You’d never admit it out loud but you were actually looking forward to hanging out with Steve. Even a bit nervous.
You doubted any of your normal wardrobe was suitable for a first date so you bought a sage green skirt at the mall after one of your shifts that week.
You paired it with a plain white tank top and your usual black high top converse (you couldn’t stray too far from who you really were).
You straightened your hair and almost poked yourself in the eye putting on mascara.
“Not too bad, Y/N,” you surveyed yourself in the mirror once you were finally ready.
You grabbed your purse and sat on the front steps of your house, waiting for Steve to arrive.
Ten minutes late was excusable, his hair routine was quite complicated and thorough.
Twenty minutes, maybe there was just really bad traffic.
Thirty minutes was pushing it.
You called it quits when the clock hit 8:01. If he tried to show up any later than this, you wouldn’t be going out with him regardless.
You sulked back inside and stripped off your outfit, trading it in for pajamas. You wiped off your makeup and put your hair up in a ponytail.
This is how your Friday night was supposed to go anyways, minus the crushing disappointment of being stood up.
You pulled a pint of ice cream out of the freezer and clicked on the TV, trying to distract yourself from the pain of rejection.
You woke up in the same spot on the couch the next morning, the TV still on and your empty ice cream carton sticking to the coffee table.
You had the opening shift at work today so you forced yourself to get up and change into that god-awful uniform.
Luckily, you managed to fix your bike so you could get to work on time.
However, that didn’t seem to matter because when you pulled into the parking lot, the mall was completely burnt to the ground.
You set your bike down on the sidewalk and ran up to a group of firefighters who were chatting.
“Excuse me?” you asked, “What happened?”
“We don’t know much of anything right now, sweetheart. Just that the whole place set ablaze last night. Two casualties,” he reported.
“May I ask who?” you gulped, suddenly concerned for Steve’s safety.
“Chief Hopper and Billy Hargrove,” he stated.
“That’s awful,” you shook your head in disbelief.
Sure, you weren’t really a big fan of Billy but you didn’t want him dead.
“You should get back home. I doubt you’ll be working for a while,” the firefighter turned back to his group.
You biked home, trying to process all this information. You must have zoned out and gone into autopilot because when you looked up from your handlebars, you were home.
Except there was a very unwelcome guest leaning against his car hood in your driveway, waiting for you.
His face was clearly swollen and bruised.
“Don’t you look pretty?” you quipped, hopping off your bike and pushing it up your driveway.
“Y/N, can we please talk?”
“Let me remind you of our deal, Harrington. I give you one chance and if it doesn’t go well, you won’t bother me ever again. Suffice to say, it didn’t go well. It didn’t go at all actually cause you didn’t fucking show up.”
“Yes but I have a really good excuse,” Steve countered.
“Try me.”
“I was kidnapped by Russians who have a secret laboratory under the mall,” Steve spoke like it wasn’t the most bizarre statement ever.
“Yeah, okay,” you laughed, “So when’s our next date?”
“No, moron!” you snapped back, “Clearly, that’s so made up. If you’re going to lie, at least make it something believable. Or, just tell me the truth that you didn’t want to go on a date with me! Or even better, don’t ask me out just to mess with my feelings if you aren’t going to fucking show up,” you yelled.
You could feel the tears of frustration welling up in your eyes.
“Robin was there too! You can ask her,” Steve insisted, “Or Dustin. Dustin Henderson who comes into the shop all the time.”
“Sure thing, I’ll just ask your two best friends who would clearly lie for you and just believe every word they say,” you sarcastically replied.
“You have to believe me, Y/N. I seriously wouldn’t miss this date if this didn’t happen.”
“Please just go home and stop bothering me, Steve,” the tears started to roll down your cheeks, “Please.”
“Alright, I’ll go,” Steve relented, witnessing the pain he was putting you through, “Um, you have my number if you ever wanna call. I guess I won’t be seeing you at work for a while.”
“I think that’s for the best,” you sighed, wiping your eyes against your sleeve.
You turned to go inside and placed your hand on the doorknob.
“Is there any way I can make this up to you?” Steve called out.
“Not unless you can actually prove you’re telling the truth,” you spoke before heading inside and locking the door behind you.
“That’ll be $11.37, sir,” you slid the box of cigarettes and soda back across the counter.
The man handed you a twenty and you gave him his change before he returned back to his car at the gas pump.
Since the mall was still in ashes, maybe never to be rebuilt, you had to look for work elsewhere. You got a job at the gas station convenience store in town.
Despite not having to wear that stupid sailor uniform, you hated it more than Scoops Ahoy. It was lonely.
You wished the mall hadn’t burnt down. You wish you could still be scooping ice cream with Steve. And you wish he hadn’t stood you up so you could still hang out with him.
I mean you technically still could, but your pride wouldn’t allow you to go crawling back to him, only to be most likely stood up again.
A familiar maroon BMW pulled into the gas station. Great.
The bell chimed above the door, meaning he had entered but you kept your head down.
You heard his footsteps stop when he realized it was you behind the counter.
He cleared his throat, “I didn’t know you worked here.”
“Got to make money somehow,” you replied.
“Twenty dollars on pump two,” he slid a twenty across the table.
“That all?” you asked.
“Add a large blue slushie and M&M’s too please,” Steve pulled out another five from his wallet before heading to fill his cup.
You handed him back his change as he set the cup back down at the counter. He pocketed the change and began to leave.
“Um, you’re forgetting your stuff,” you gestured to the counter in confusion.
“Oh, those are for you. They’re your favorites, right?”
“Yeah, they are. Um, thanks, I guess.”
“When does your shift end?” Steve asked.
You glanced at the clock, “An hour and twenty minutes.”
“Do you mind if I bother you once last time tonight?”
“I guess it couldn’t hurt, I’m already bored out of my mind. I’m literally counting holes in the wall at this point.”
“Okay, stay right there,” Steve spoke, “I’ll be back in 30.”
“It’s my job. I’m kinda stuck here,” you smiled ever so slightly.
“Right,” Steve remembered, “That was stupid. Anyways, I’ll be right back.”
You watched Steve run out to his car and swiftly pull out of the gas station.
“He forgot to get his gas,” you laughed to yourself as you refunded his money.
As promised, Steve was back in 27 minutes and 42 seconds. No, you weren’t counting.
He was followed into the store by a young girl who had her arms crossed.
“This is Erica Sinclair,” he introduced her to you.
“Um, hello,” you waved to her.
“Tell Y/N how you feel about me,” he prompted her.
“He’s a nerd who spends way too much time on his hair. He’s not very bright which might explain why the majority of his friends are like five years younger than him. And he wasn’t even that good scooping ice cream,” Erica sassed.
“So you agree she doesn’t like me?” Steve looked to you as you stifled a laugh.
“Yeah, I would say so,” you replied, giving Erica a high-five.
“Erica, what happened on the night of Friday, July 4th?” Steve asked her.
“I had to go through this tunnel in the ceiling at the mall because I was bribed with free cream for life. But then, we discovered this secret elevator and the older kids got captured. Basically long story short, we saved their asses from evil Russians who were trying to open up this portal thingy.”
“How do I know you’re not paying her to say whatever you want?” you asked.
“Oh, I’m being paid to come here,” Erica answered, “Erica does nothing for free. But I wouldn’t lie on this guy’s behalf just to get him a girlfriend who is way out of his league.”
“Okay, that’s enough from you,” Steve handed her a twenty, “Please go wait in the car.”
Erica happily skipped outside.
“I can’t say I believe it but I guess I’ll just have to trust you on this,” you spoke.
“I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.”
“Should I not be?” you questioned.
“No, you definitely should be. I’m 100% telling you the truth here,” he answered sincerely.
The more that you thought about it, it was way too crazy of a story to make up as an excuse. Plus, that would explain the bruises all over his face that morning. And the reason for the mall fire was still a mystery so you couldn’t exactly disprove him.
“One more chance, Harrington. I’m serious. No excuses this time, not even evil Russians.”
“Yes, thank you! I promise you won’t regret it,” he smiled widely.
“I really don’t know why this was worth all your trouble. A date with me already cost you twenty bucks in bribe money.”
“Worth every single penny,” Steve replied.
You just stared at him. How was he so damn charming all the time? You hated it. That was a lie. You were a sucker for it.
Your eyes flickered down to his lips. He noticed and smirked.
“Do you want to kiss the Steve Harrington, Y/N?” he spoke smugly, leaning over the counter.
Such a lie.
“That’s a real shame cause I really want to kiss you,” he answered.
You blushed, finally giving in and leaning to meet him halfway. It was gentle and deliberate, as if he was scared one wrong move would have you disappear from his life again.
His hands came up to cup your cheeks, his fingers tangling in your hair. He tasted like peppermint gum and cherry chapstick.
When he pulled away, you felt like you were floating. Your lips tingled with a fuzzy sensation.
He leaned his forehead up against yours, “I have to bring Erica home before her bedtime. Lucas is covering for her.”
“Don’t forget to actually get your gas on the way out this time,” you whispered, smiling.
“Give me another blue slushie. I think they’re my favorite now too,” he grinned.
A/N: sorry if you were expecting a spencer reid fic lol. i tried writing for a different character, i would love to know what you thought <3
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Real Life Sex Education
Kang Hyewon and Kim Minju
Word Count: 4.9k
Tags: Teaching sex, Virgin sex, Innocent Minju
Fine! Here is the fic I promised. I really hope you like it. I tried something new here. That's why it took some time.
Now stop bothering me for the meantime about fics. I posted this and I hope you'll be happy with it.
Takes two visuals to make this. I don't regret this tho.
Tumblr media
A guy sits there in class just barely listening to the lecture. Even with his second cup of coffee, the lecture has been so boring that a nap is tempting. But he still goes on and stays awake. His grades for this class haven’t been very good recently and since this is a pre-requisite. Failing isn’t an option.
“Okay, that’s all for today.” The lecturer says as she dismisses the class.
All the students start to pack up and leave the hall but the guy is still there stumbling with his notes. The prof is still down there at the front getting ready to leave. He rushes to her for a few more questions before heading out.
“Ma’am. I have a few questions about the lesson. Is it alright if I can ask?”
“Sure, Haneul.”
“Uhh, one of the topics was about physical attraction. How does someone know if they are physically attractive?”
“You mean if a girl is pretty?”
“Oh no, I mean how do I know if they are attracted to me?”
“That sounds more like dating advice. But their pupils dilate when they look at you, they blush when you are around, and they are more expressive when you are there.”
“Aaaah, I see.”
Suddenly a voice behind shouts. “Haneul, are you there?” It’s Minju. An acquaintance. Their bond has been slowly growing closer ever since they met last month from that small interaction in PE class together.
“That is an example of someone who is physically attracted to you. You see her body language.”
“No ma’am that’s impossible. We barely know each other.”
“Well if you don’t take my advice then what I can do. Anyway, good luck.”
“Thanks, Ma’am see you, next class.”
As soon as the teacher leaves, Minju runs up and hugs Haneul. She snuggles up to his chest as looks up to him. He rolls his eyes away from Minju and pushes her away.
“Minju, what now?”
“Nothing I just like to meet my boy- I mean friend. Wanna have lunch?”
Haneul looks at his watch. There is a good ninety-minute window before the next class. “Sure.”
Minju jumps in joy. “Yay! Let’s go to my favorite tteokbokki place.” She links her arms to Haneul’s and drags him with her.
Haneul just follows blissful of her real intentions.
The restaurant is only a short walk from the university. But once they get there Minju pulls him with her and makes Haneul sit down beside her.
Both of them scan the menu for what they want to eat.
“Haneul tteokbokki is their specialty here do you want to order that?”
“Sure. Sure. If you say so.”
Minju raises her hand and promptly orders the tteokbokki platter that is for sharing.
“Unnie, the sweet and spicy tteokbokki platter and two bottles of beer.”
The waitress does a double-take for Haneul’s and Minju’s age but gets the okay then she leaves to punch in the orders.
“So Haneul how was class?”
“The usual. Still have difficulty with my psychology class. But I’ll be fine.”
“Oh, that sounds hard. Do you want help? I passed that class with flying colors. I’m sure I can teach you a thing or two.”
“That sounds great! Are you sure? I don’t want to make you busier.”
“Oh no, you won’t. I’ll be more than happy to help you. I mean we are ummm…only…friends?”
“Hmm sorry, what do you mean with that?”
“Oh, nothing.”
But in Minju’s mind, it is confusing. Her obvious advances are tiring. She knows how much she likes Haneul but it is so hard for her to give him hints that Haneul should make his move.
He does like her in a sense. He wouldn’t mind dating her. She is beautiful, kind, caring, and very smart. Someone for sure would be lucky to have her.
But as Haneul runs through his thoughts about her the food quickly arrives with their two bottles of beer. They both eat well and drink as they finish the food. It goes halfway until Haneul sees Minju waves outside. When Haneul turns his head to where Minju’s attention is.
“Minju, how are you?”
“Unnie sit with us!”
Then this girl sits across Haneul and Minju. She puts down her shoulder bag on the seat beside her.
“Haneul, this is my Unnie, Hyewon. She is my sunbae. Unnie this is Haneul. We met at my PE class.”
“Is this the guy you are talking about?”
“What!! Unnie, don’t say it in front of him!”
“Ha— I’m just messing with you.”
Hyewon extends her hand for a handshake and Haneul takes it with both of his hands.”
“Hyewon-ssi. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Haneul. You don’t have to be so formal just call me Noona.”
“Okay, Hyewon-noona.”
“Just Noona is fine.”
“So, what did you order?”
“Just some tteokbokki. Want some?” Minju asks Hyewon.
But Haneul looks at his watch. “Oh, sorry ladies. I have class soon.” As he quickly stands up and hurries himself to class.
"Unnie!!!" Minju’s high pitched almost cracked voice shouts. "Yeah, that’s the guy I like and I want to impress him but I don't know how."
"Oh, Minju. Well, you can try to seduce him."
"Seduce him?"
"Sex. Minju. Sex."
"Unnie!!! I just... don't know how..."
"Hmmm, if you want. My boyfriend and I can give you some pointers. I just want to warn you he can be a bit rough. But from the way, the guy you like seems. I'm sure he can enjoy a Rough Minju."
“Rough Minju? But Unnie! I just never … you know.”
“Minju don’t worry. I can teach you. I can show you. If you want you don’t have to do anything but watch.”
“Hmmm…are you sure? I don’t want to just stare at people doing…you know.”
“Minju, you are already 20. You can say sex. It isn’t a forbidden word that you cannot say. You’re already a grown-up and you should know better.”
“Okay, Unnie…You can teach me about the sex—.”
“Hahaha! Minju, you always make me laugh.”
“AH! Unnie! Okay! Let’s just eat. We can order your favorite Bibimbap!”
“I’ll text you when and where. I’m thinking of my place. But I’ll have to make sure my boyfriend is okay with being watched.”
“AH LA LA LA LA.” Minju shouts with her hands covering her ears.
Hyewon just sits there and chuckles at Minju's obvious innocence.
Minju goes up to the door and knocks at it.
She knocks again.
The door opens. Outcomes Hyewon, she is in a bathrobe and presumably wearing nothing else.
“Unnie!!!” Minju shouts while pushing Hyewon back inside her dorm room. “You can’t just be naked outside.”
“Don’t worry about me.” Hyewon slowly undoes the tie and grabs on onto the edges and pulls it, showing off her body in front of Minju. Her naked body is now exposed. Her breast, midriff, and pussy show and are ready to be consumed by anyone.
“Don’t worry Minju. I was expecting my boyfriend. Not you. Guys like a sexy entrance.”
“They do?”
“Yeah. I mean that’s how they get hard?”
“Hard? What’s hard?”
“Oh my gosh. Minju do you know anything?!”
“Of course I do. I just Ummm don’t know…”
“Okay, tell me. What’s a blowjob?”
“Blowjobs are…um…”
“Come one this is basic.”
“Fine. Unnie. I don’t know anything. Please teach me!”
“Yeah. Don’t worry Minju, that is why we are here.”
“Also is that what you are wearing when you meet the guy?”
“Isn’t this skirt lovely?” Minju turns around, showing off her outfit.
“Well, your long sleeve and tennis skirt? You look like his younger sister more than a girlfriend.”
“Unnie! I’ll change then.” Minju pouts.
*Knock* Knock*
“That must be my boyfriend.”
Hyewon approaches the door, still in her robe, and opens the door. “Hello, babe.”
He cups Hyewons face and pushes his lips into Hyewon as they move into the middle of the room.
“Hold on, wait. Let me introduce you to my friend. Yunseo, this is Minju. Minju, Yunseo.”
Yunseo extends his hand to introduce himself. Minju greets him in return.
“So, are we getting started?” Hyewon asks.
“Okay, Minju. Do you know how to kiss?”
“Of course, Unnie, that I know.”
“Okay show me.”
“What do you—?”
Hyewon slowly places her lips onto Minju’s. First, it was slow but got rough. All while Yunseo, stands there excited about what he is watching.
“Argh, Minju slow down. Tongue.” Hyewon pulls back and wipes her lips. “Take it slow. Then add the tongue.”
Minju tries again. This time Hyewon’s eyes lit up. Hyewon pulls back, this time surprised. “Okay, that’s good. Yunseo tries this.”
“Unnie, no… Actually never kissed a guy before and I want to save my first real kiss with a guy with Haneul.”
“Okay. Okay. I’ll respect that.” Yunseo steps back.
“Are you okay with giving Yunseo a blowjob?”
“Sure. That’s fine.”
Yunseo then pulls down his pants showing off his large cock. Minju gasps at the size of what she is seeing. She closes her eyes by placing her hands on her eyes. Hyewon gets annoyed and removes Minju’s hands.
“Minju! You’ll have to get used to this!”
“Okay. Unnie…”
“Now. Let me show you how to give a blowjob. Yunseo please sit on my bed.”
Yunseo sits down with her bare ass on the bed with his legs spread wide. Hyewon goes in between them and takes a grip on his cock.
“Minju come here.”
She comes over and squats beside Hyewon.
“Minju, give me your hand.” Hyewon takes Minju’s hand and makes her wraps her small hand around Yunseo’s cock.
Minju gets mesmerized by the size. She looks around it, inspects it, and licks the tip. Yunseo closes his eyes at the tiny yet pleasurable stimuli that were Minju’s tongue. She licks the tip. The circumcised cock’s edge gets touched by her tongue. Minju curious eyes wander to Yunseo’s eyes to see if she is doing it correctly.
“Minju. Put it inside your mouth.”
Minju allows the shaft to enter her whole mouth. She takes it in its entirety. To swallow it was a daunting task because of how big it is.
“Argh. Teeth. Teeth. Teeth.”
“Oh, sorry.” Minju backs out and stops her advances.
“Careful Minju. Go in slowly. Actually, some guys like a bit of teeth but not too much. Just be careful.”
Minju then returns to Yunseo’s cock and places it in her mouth. Not entirely. With fewer teeth than before and definitely more inside.
“First bob your head up and down.”
Minju then goes up and down. Yunseo’s cock going in and out. Minju hands her hand in joining the pump as she progresses further.
Yunseo groans as Minju moves faster and faster. It slowly starts to fill the room. The sound of Minju’s slurping and the sound of pleasure coming out of Yunseo’s mouth.
“Hmmm, you seem like a natural at this, Minju.”
Minju pops off her mouth of Yunseo’s cock and sees his satisfied face. He smiles and gives a thumbs up to Minju, approving what Hyewon just said.
“Okay now let me show you what a pussy can do.”
“What about anal?”
“Anal isn’t for you. Or at least not now.”
Hyewon undoes her robe and drops it to the floor and sits on the lap of her boyfriend. She starts to make out with him, inserting her tongue immediately. Minju backs off and takes a seat in front of the show. Hyewon places her hand on the cheek and the other around Yunseo’s neck.
“That’s how you kiss. Now, babe are you ready?”
Hyewon pushes back Yunseo to her bed and hovers above his cock.
“Minju, I’ll show you first how to ride him then we can do a couple of other positions where the guy is in control.”
“Mhmm” Minju nods.
“Okay, babe let’s go.”
“Wait! Aren’t you going to use a condom?” Minju exclaims.
“I’m on the pill. So, I won’t get pregnant. I’ll tell you more about it later. But for now. I can take this cock raw.” Hyewon turns her attention back to Yunseo. Her eyes gazing at his. She is ready and so is he. She dops and inserts the huge cock inside her. She grunts as she gets in deeper. Finally, it gets inside her.
“Fuck. I can’t get used to this cock.”
Hyewon goes up and down. Her head tilts back as the pleasure starts to increase. Each point gets touched by Yunseo’s cock. With Hyewon on her knees, Yunseo caresses her luscious thighs and her voluptuous ass. He gets a good grab on her ass, squeezing it as he pleases.
“Minju….you see…this…?” Hyewon grunts. She turns her head and sees Minju’s legs propped up on the chair, her panties now showing. A small patch of cum dissipates on her underwear. Hyewon slows down her pace. “Minju, look below you.”
Embarrassed, Minju covers her crotch, going back to her more conservative state. “Unnie! Just go back to do your thing.”
Hyewon chuckles and looks back at Yunseo. “Well, I guess. I’m still yours.” Hyewon goes back on riding Yunseo and moves down and kisses him. She moves her ass up and down his cock.
While at this, without her consciously knowing, Minju’s hand lingers down and moves in between her legs, and inserts itself inside her already wet panties. Minju’s own eyes now close in pleasure. She lets out gentle moans as her finger gets inside her own walls.
Both Hyewon’s and Minju’s voices grow as they receive pleasure from a cock and her own finger respectively. Hyewon turns her head and sees Minju pleasuring herself and she smiles to see her enjoying herself.
Soon Hyewon stops and gets up and walks to Minju and whispers to her ear. “How’s the finger?”
Minju jumps on her seat and removes her finger from her crotch. “I’m sorry, Unnie! I’ll pay attention now.”
“Okay, Yunseo. Doggy.” Hyewon places her hands on the bed and moves her ass up in front of Yunseo. “Minju you know what Doggy style is?”
“Does it involve acting like a puppy?” Minju says with her wrist on her chin and fingers pointing down, making a puppy face.
“Oh, Minju you are so innocent. Yunseo, you may start.”
Yunseo lines up his cock onto Hyewon’s pussy, moving it up and down forming a line between her ass cheeks. One slap on the cheek then in he goes. Yunseo inserts his cock inside Hyewon. First slowly pushes as deep as he can. Then he slowly pulls out halfway as he lets out a loud groan. Then he slams back in, pushing in and thrusting it inside. He moves in and out as Hyewon’s walls surround his cock.
Hyewon still filled with pleasure, closes her eyes, bites her lip, and clenches her pussy as it constricts Yunseo’s cock. Minju sits back and observes. This time she isn’t touching herself. She moves up and looks closer. She observes the slapping noise that Yunseo makes as he smashes his waist onto Hyewon’s ass. She can also see how Hyewon is barely able to take on everything.
Yunseo pushes deep and deeper. Moans and groans begin to fill the room. Minju soon cannot distinguish what sound is coming from whom.
“Fuck! Hyewon, you’re going to  make me cum.”
“Hold on wait!”
Yunseo pulls out of Hyewon and steps back with his almost throbbing cock. “You better not blue ball me.” He glares at Hyewon.
“I’ll let you cum. I just need to show Minju one more position.”
Hyewon lays on her back on the bed. While Yunseo moves over behind Hyewon and places his hands on either side of Hyewon’s breast.
“Minju, this is called missionary. Yunseo? Okay. You can cum after this.”
“It’s so hot when you tell me when to cum.”
Yunseo returns to smash Hyewon. He resumes hitting her pussy as before. He hits so deep he can almost touch the deepest parts of Hyewon’s womb.
“Minju…Some guys… like Dom...Fuck!... like to be Dommed...Fuck!...some liked to subbed…Fuck, Yunseo your cock is so good!”
“Dom, sub?”
“Dom…has control. Sub has to…follow…the dom. Wait hold on I’ll explain later. Fuck!”
Repetitive screams and profanities can be heard all over the room and maybe out the door. Hyewon can feel her g-spot being touched. Yunseo’s cock runs all over Hyewon’s tight little hole. He pushes deeper and deeper and deeper.
“Okay, Hyewon. I’m going to release it now. Same as always?”
Yunseo thrust one more time. Finally, when he reaches his climax he pushes in as he dumps all of his sperm inside Hyewon. His sticky white liquid coats Hyewon’s walls. Yunseo finishes with his orgasm then falls down on the bed and lays there.
Hyewon lies there on the bed trying to catch her breath. Her chest expands and contracts as she regains her composure. She turns and lays on her side to face Minju.
“Like that?”
Minju looks at her with her cute face and nods.
“Okay, like I said before. Some guys like to be dommed and guys that like subs. Yunseo here likes to be dommed. So he is my sub. I’m not sure what Haneul likes but try to see what he wants to do. But my guess is he wants to dom you.”
“Also. Guys like them raw. What I do is that I take the pill. You have to go to the doctor for that. I can give you the number of mine. I’ll send it to you in the morning.”
“Okay, Unnie!”
Hyewon turns over and closes her eyes. “You can go now. I’ll clean up this mess.”
“Okay, Unnie. Thank you. I learned a lot!”
“No problem.”
Minju leaves the door and the one main thing on her mind.
Dom or Sub?
I don’t know how to dom.
Maybe he can dom me.
One week later
Minju sits down at her seat at a café, sipping her morning coffee just waiting for her first class in the morning.
“Oh, Minju?”
“Oh, Hyewon-Unnie.”
Hyewon sits down at the seat across from Minju.
“So, have you done it yet?”
Minju gets nervous and whispers. “You mean have sex with him?”
“Unnie, not that loud. But not yet. I just started to umm… take the pills and I should be safe today.”
“Great, are you going to meet him tonight?”
“I haven’t talked to him yet. Maybe I can meet him in his class later.”
“Well, whatever you have to do. It has to be quick. Guys don’t like waiting.”
“You sure, Unnie?”
“Definitely, Trust me I know.”
“Okay. Then I’ll ask him for tonight? But what will be my excuse? It isn’t like I can just invite him over?”
“You’re in college Minju. There is only one thing you can do.”
“What is it?”
“Study sessions!”
“Study? Do you mean we have to talk about school?”
“Not all the time, you dummy! Study sessions means fuck sessions in college.”
“What do you mean? I always have study sessions with my friends.”
“Trust me if it is one on one with a guy. It only means one thing..”
“Hmmm….Okay! Thank you Unnie. I have to go to class now.”
“Bye, Minju.”
As Minju walks to her class early, she tries to recall everything that Hyewon told her and what she had learned from her “on-site demonstration”. But as she turns to the corner, she hits Haneul, making her drop her stuff.
“Oh, Minju sorry.” Haneul looks at Minju and then goes down to assist her to get her stuff.
“Oh, Haneul!” As they both gather Minju’s belongings they bump heads.
Haneul comes over and babies Minju. “Oh, Minju are you okay.”
Minju blushes at the caring gesture that she is receiving.
“Minju, I haven’t talked to you all week are you okay?”
“Okay? Of course! I’m okay.”
“Do you need any help? It seems like you need something.”
“I don’t—wait, actually. I do need help with an assignment I have.”
“Really. Sure I can help you.”
“Can we do it at my place tonight? My roommate is out of town, so we have the whole place to ourselves.”
“Sure okay.”
“You have my number. Just text me.”
“Okie, dokie.”
Haneul comes over to Minju’s dorm with a pack of ginger ale and a couple of bags of chips. He inspects the door for a second then he knocks on the door.
“Come in!”
He opens the door and sees Minju in her bathrobe.
“Ah— Minju.” Haneul closes his eyes in shock. “Ugh, are you going to the shower?”
“Uhhhh yes. Just sit down and wait for me.”
Minju quickly dashes to the bathroom but leaves the door unclosed.
As soon as Haneul knows Minju is inside the bathroom, he opens his eyes. “Minju, I brought a couple of drinks if that is okay.”
“Sure, just leave it on the table,” Minju shouts back.
“I also have chips.”
“Sure. Sure. Just on the table.”
Haneul just sits down at the table, scrolling thru his phone, and looking at Minju’s Instagram. Why? Over the week he has grown a fondness for her. Something about her draws Haneul to her and before he knew it. He had a crush. But he doesn’t entirely know if Minju reciprocates. Maybe he just thinks Minju is friendly with him.
Suddenly Minju opens the door, naked. Her whole body can be seen by Haneul. She tries to lead on the door and tries out the sexy pose she has been practicing.
He just sits there in shock, gobsmacked, and doesn’t know what to say or what to do. “Minju?”
Minju sees his distraught face and cannot stand it anymore. She runs back inside the bathroom but before she can close the door she slips and fall to the floor. She lay there in a fetal position, crying.
“Minju, are you okay?” Haneul runs over and collects Minju, putting her in his arms. Minju looks back at him, covering her breast with his arms and her pussy with her legs.
“Haneul, I cannot let you see me like this. I’m too ashamed of myself.”
“Don’t be Minju. What were you trying to do?”
“Umm… Hyewon-unnie told me to seduce you. That’s how to get you to like me.”
“Minju you don’t need to do that. I already like you. You don’t need to show off your sexy body. I’m not into just looks. I also look into the heart and the personality. And you have a good one.”
Minju sniffles and wipes her tears with her hand. “You like me? So, I don’t need to seduce you?”
Haneul uses his thumb to wipe the remaining tear on Minju’s cheek. “I do like you and you don’t need to seduce me.”
“Yes, Minju?”
“I prepared so much for you.”
“What do you mean?”
“I want to give you my flower.”
“Yes. I have been saving myself for you.”
“Minju, you don’t have to do that.”
“I want to do it for you.” Minju then leans in for a kiss. It is strong. It lures Haneul to Minju. They both kiss, it lasts for a second then it goes on for longer. Minju slowly releases her lips from Haneul’s and takes a deep breath.
“That was good, Minju.”
“I learned it from my Hyewon-unnie.”
“Did she teach you anything else?”
“She taught you that?”
Minju leads Haneul to the bed and makes him sit down on the bed. She opens Haneul’s legs and looks at his eyes while he unbuttons his pants. “Hyewon-unnie told me to do this.” Minju then pulls down and removes Haneul’s pants. Now standing in front of her is Haneul’s cock. She mumbles. “It is smaller….”
“Wait…?!... what?! Smaller?!”
“Oh no! Haneul wait…okay I have to confess something.”
“I gave a blowjob before.”
“No! No… it isn’t what you think. I didn’t like the guy. Hyewon-unnie just told me to try. But I promise nothing else happened. I just watched the rest.”
“For me, oral doesn’t count. So, you are still giving me you.”
Minju smiles and chuckles knowing Haneul is still happy with her. She looks back down at Haneul’s cock and inspects it. “It may be smaller but I don’t know how to handle this.”
“At least my pride isn’t hurt that much.”
“It’s still big, Haneul. Just let me try first.” Minju then opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. First with a lick. Her tongue comes from the base to the tip then she plays with the tip. Her hand slowly grips onto Haneul’s cock and slowly pumps it. At the same pace as Minju swirls her tongue. Minju slowly drops her tongue to the bottom to the base of his shaft then draws her tongue out of his cock.
Haneul lets out a definite groan as Minju completes the first motion. She then bobs her head up and down. Increases her pace as she pumps his cock faster and faster. She sucks as much as she can. Slurping sounds comes out of Minju’s mouth and she pulls Haneul closer to her on the edge. Her tongue moves around his cock, swirling like an ice cream preparing on a cone.
Haneul with him almost as his climax cups Minju’s cheeks, squeezing it showing off a cute face, and pulls it up to him and kisses it. He pulls her down to the bed as he pushes his tongue inside Minju. He breaks the kiss. “You give a great blowjob, you kiss great. I have to buy Hyewon lunch.”
Both Haneul and Minju jump to the bed. Hanuel quickly undoes his shirt, tossing it away. Not he can feel Minju’s breasts pressing against his chest. He resumes the kiss as his handle lingers down from Minju’s face to her waist and then down to her ass.
“Hold on do you have a condom?”
“No need. Hyewon-unnie told me guys likes it raw.”
“Well not if it makes you pregnant.”
“I’m on the pill dont worry.”
“Okay I trust you.” Haneul changes his tone to tease Minju. “Now, you are going to give me your flower?”
“You Don’t have to tease me. I’m just new to it.”
“Don’t worry. It is fine.” Haneul pulls up from the bed and kisses Minju on the lips.
Minju sits up on Haneul’s crotch with his cock in front of her. She props her legs up to line up her pussy on top of Hanel’s cock. She slowly pushes herself down. All the pain she is experiencing is slowing in her face.
“Minju, you don’t have to do this if it hurts.”
“No. I can handle this just wait.”
Minju then pushes herself more, finally going as deep as she can. When she gets fully penetrated, she smiles. Her pain turns into pleasure. She finally gets what she wants. Full penetration with Haneul.
She moves up and down. Her knees are on the bed, making all the movements for her. Her breasts jiggle. Both Minju and Haneul moan in pleasure. They both interlock their hands together. This helps Minju with her balance just in case she falls over. But regardless, all of her pleasure points get stimulated while Haneul’s cock is getting sensitive by the second, letting him release heavier and heavier breaths.
Minju’s legs grow more and more tired. Haneul notices that and switches position by grabbing onto Minju and flipping her to the bed. Now he is on top of her with his hands on either side of her.
“This is called missionary right?”
“You studied a lot for this.”
“Of course. I did.” Minju places her hand on Hanuel’s cheek. “I would for you—”
Haneul smashes his hips onto Minju. Minju’s face shows a hint of some pain returning to her but as soon as it’s over she goes back to her pleasured state.
With her face smiling, Haneul goes back on thrusting into Minju. He moves faster and faster. His cock touches the deepest parts of Minju. It gets it so deep you can feel her womb already.
“Fuck!” Minju shouts.
“Minju is cursing already?”
“Shut up! It’s so good yet ugh— so painful.”
“I can stop if you want.”
“No, go-go. It feels so gooood!”
He resumes thrusting. He can feel Minju’s walls constricting. It gets tighter and tighter as Minju’s walls get used more and more. As before Minju’s breast jiggle but this time from the force that Haneul is putting on Minju.
“Minju…Minju….Minju….I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want it?!”
“Inside. I know you want it. Don’t worry about me. Remember, I’m on the pill!” Minju reassurese Haneul.
“I think I’m in love with you already.”
Minju smiles but doesn’t know if that is what he really means, or if he is just saying that because she is going to cum. But whatever is on her mind is gone after a second as her pleasure points get stimulated.
“Okay, Minju. I’m going to burst!”
Soon, Haneul sees explode inside Minju. He shoots every drop inside, dumping as much as he can. He leaves his cock inside for longer allowing his throbbing cock to unload the rest.
After finishing, Haneul drops beside Minju’s small bed. “Minju, you’re amazing”
“Thank you.”
“Not just your pussy but you’re amazing.”
“I know.” Minju tucks her hair.
Haneul kisses her one more time.
“Good thing it is Saturday tomorrow. I can cuddle with you all night.”
“I’d love that.”
“Goodnight, Minju.”
“Goodnight, Haneul.”
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Fnaf Security Breach x Reader Headcanons
Prompt: How each of the animatronics would react to reader being harassed by a Karen. Can be read as platonic or romantic.
Tumblr media
His sensors immediately pick up the disturbance even from across the room, zeroing in on your form and taking in your body language that just screamed you were uncomfortable as you stood next to a very angry customer screaming in your face.
Freddy nervously looks around and sees no other employees are coming to your rescue. Making an executive decision he leaves the bounds he was currently in, quickly making his way across the room before standing directly behind you, one hand on your shoulder as he stared down the woman across from you both.
“Freddy it’s ok I promise, I can handle this. Please go back to your station, I’ll be there in a minute.” He hears your pleas for him to leave but he still picks up on the way your voice shakes. You were scared, voice fried and horse as you held back tears.
“I am sorry Superstar but I cannot do that.” Then he pushes your body behind his, shielding you behind a wall of metal.
“Finally! What sort of high school dropout are you that you couldn’t even get a dumb robot over here for my special boys birthday!?” The woman screeched, trying to grab onto Freddy’s arm roughly to drag him back to her table unsuccessfully, not even able to move his heavy frame an inch.
“Ma’am I cannot go with you” He states calmly.
“Are you kidding me, did you fucking break him or something? You better tell this dumb robot to follow me or I swear I will call your manager over and get you fired you little incompetent bitch.” The woman snarled, still addressing you despite the large animatronic blocking her view of you.
Freddy could feel himself starting to overheat as he listened to the way she addressed you in such a horrible manner.
“Ma’am you have broken the rules of the Pizzaplex and are being very rude to the staff. We will now have security escort you off the premises.”
He watched the woman’s face twist and turn darker shades of red as her anger built up more and more. Her arm raised as if she was trying to punch at him but before she could land a hit security had her arms behind her back, dragging her out of the restaurant kicking and screaming. The rest of her family had been watching the interaction and were nothing short of embarrassed, walking out with security without a struggle.
Freddy keeps you behind his back the entire time he watches the woman get dragged out, not moving until he is sure she is out of the building and no longer a problem. The second the door shuts behind her he spins around, bends down, checking over you frantically, one hand scanning your body, and his other hand holding onto your cheek as he makes sure no harm came to you.
“Oh Superstar, I am so sorry! She treated you so horribly, I am so sorry. Are you ok? What can I do? How can I help you?” He was rambling nonstop while frantically checking you over.
“Freddy stop! It’s ok! I promise I am ok. Freddy stop that tickles!”
“I am so sorry that happened Superstar, are you ok? Come with me!” Before you could respond back to him he has you in his arms, rushing off towards his room, closing the curtains, and setting you down on his couch. “Stay here Superstar and take some time to relax, I will go grab you some items!”
He left briefly before coming back with a hands full of a seemingly random assortment of items. Everything from some pizza from the food court, a large drink, some plushes, and even a blanket hung over his arm as he jogged over to you and tried handing you everything at once.
For the next hour at least, every time you tried standing up to return to work he was pushing you back down, constantly fretting over you and taking care of you the best that he could. Eventually he reluctantly agreed to let you go back out but not without him following you around, just out of reach, constantly keeping watch to make sure nothing else happens to you.
You were currently stationed in the food court, generally keeping an eye on the customers and assisting them with any problem they have. Despite having to deal with plenty of disgruntled customers in the past you have never personally witnessed a scene like the one playing out in front of you.
A woman surrounded by presumably her whole family was complaining loudly about the pizza in front of her, making a show of inspecting the slice in front of her, taking a small bite, and loudly spitting out the food in a disgusting clump on the ground next to her.
Sighing you made your way over to the woman, prepping yourself with a deep breath before speaking to her in the best customer service voice you could muster. “Hello Ma’am, it looks like there is a problem, is there anything I can assist you with today?”
“Yes we have a problem! This is the third pizza we have ordered and each fucking time it tastes terrible! Don’t you idiots know how to cook a simple fucking pizza?”
Her voice was already cutting through you, it wasn’t personally your fault but she was using you as a punching bag for her anger. Your mind is reciting the replies you were trained on giving in situations like this, offering her some free vouchers for games or other activities.
“I completely understand Ma’am I-“ You’re cut off from your pre-rehearsed speech as the woman took the rest of the pizza box in a fit of rage and threw it on you, pizza slices making impact on your chin before smearing across your shirt and landing on the floor.
You’re staring in disbelief, mind unable to process what the hell just happened, and even sparing a slight glance behind her to see the shocked looks on her children’s faces curling as they start whimpering with tears in their eyes. Your eyes trail back to her angry gaze and you slightly jump back as Chica seemingly appeared out of nowhere, standing menacingly behind the woman, but despite her unhinged and slightly feral appearance your heart calmed a bit knowing your favorite animatronic was here to save the day.
“ It’s not very nice to waste perfectly good food.” Chica called out behind the woman’s shoulder causing her to jolt in fear before glaring back at you.
“Get this fucking creepy robot out of here and get your manager.” She snarled, pushing aggressively against Chica’s shoulders in attempt to get her to back off.
Your heart broke at the sound of her children crying, little voices pleading with their mother ‘please don’t hurt Chica, Mommy!’. Chica followed your eye sight staring at the situation in front of you, your head twirling with the horrible image that this will be a traumatizing memory of their childhood but feeling so helpless in your current frozen state covered with pizza.
“The pizza is delicious, here have some.” Chica’s robotic voice called out again, opening her stomach hatch that seemed to always be stashing away pizza slice.
“I don’t want-“ the woman’s voice muffled as Chica shoved the slice in her face. Immediately she spit it out again getting ready to start screaming once again.
“ARE YOU-“ again her words are cut off by pizza. Every single time she tried opening her mouth to scream a new pizza slice was pushed in. Her children have by now ceased their crying and instead are giggling watching this funny scene of Chica feeding their mother pizza slices against her will, giggles increasing in volume as they heard their mother try to speak through mouthfuls.
The moment is broken as employees start flooding the areas and are quick to pull Chica away from the woman, most likely afraid of lawsuits, instructing the robot to take you to go get cleaned up as they took control of the situation. Once you were far enough away, hidden in the privacy of the service halls, you spoke up.
“You really shouldn’t have done that Chica, I don’t want you to get in trouble and not be able to see you for a bit.”
“She attacked you Y/N! And she wasted Pizza! PIZZA Y/N!”
You giggled at her outburst, finally making it to your destination, grabbing towels and wetting them under the faucet so you can start cleaning up the pizza all over yourself, well at the very least your face as your shirt would have to be replaced.
Before the towel could make contact with your skin Chica was holding onto your arm, pushing herself against you as closely as she could, while nipping and chomping lightly around the saucy areas of your jawline all while chanting ‘nom nom nom’
“Eww Chica stop that’s gross, don’t eat food off of people.”
Chica shook her head before continuing her biting, “Nonsense, I am helping you clean up and getting a perfectly good snack while I am at it! Win win!”
Her cute, maybe a bit gross, actions caused you to laugh, tension easily slipping off your body as you let the incident fall into the past and instead choosing to enjoy your time with Chica.
You were absolutely ecstatic once you learned today you would be stationed with the animatronic you were extremely close with, Roxy. On top of that it would be extra special because you got to help assist her with her meet and greet photos, her most favorite day of all.
Roxy was a true superstar during meet and greets, glowing under the attention from her fans and running at her absolute best. You could even swear that when you were with her during meet and greets that she pulled out all the stops, almost as if she was also trying to show off for you.
“Y/N isn’t this just the best? I love sharing this with you, just look! They all love me, I am amazing!” Roxy exclaimed, causing you to giggle as you watched her twirl around and pose.
“I am so glad I get to watch you at your best Roxy! You look really beauti-“
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” A loud voice broke through your conversation.
Suddenly the woman at the front of the line ran up to you, finger pointed out at you. “You need to fix this, your stupid ropes are confusing and we got into the wrong line. We wanted to see the actual good robots and not the fucking backup loser ones.”
Automatically you turned to look at Roxy, knowing the comments would offend her and offend her they did. Her movements seemed glitched out for a moment, head turning to tilt in a rough jerky movements as her eyelids lowered to squint.
You placed a quick hand on Roxy hoping to keep her back for the moment while you dealt with the woman. “I am sorry for the inconvenience Ma’am. If you would like I could escort you and show you the line for whatever animatronic you wish to see?”
“Oh no no no, we waited in line, you fucked up with this terribly confusing layout, I DEMAND you take me to the front of the better, popular, animatronics lines and get me a picture with them for free.” Her finger pointing got more agressive as she spoke, eventually pushing harshly into your chest as she screamed ‘demand’, her sharp nails digging into your flesh even through your work shirt.
Roxy quickly stepped in between the two of you, facing you with her back in the woman’s face. As quickly as she separated you both she had you over her shoulder, stomping the short distance to her dressing room door to enter the room before slamming the door in true rock star diva fashion.
She softly set you on her couch before pacing back a forth.
“How DARE she!” She screeched out loudly while continuing to pace, “Doesn’t she know who I am? How many fans I have?! And the way she treated you! I just AGH.”
She took out her frustration on the items on her vanity, throwing them off with snarls as she started kicking her vanity’s legs.
Her tantrum was short lived before she crumbled to the floor, wailing loudly. Your heart broke for her and you quickly jumped up from your spot to go comfort her.
“Roxy it’s alright! Who is she? She’s a nobody compared to you! Right?”
She sniffled a bit before looking up at you “Yea I guess you’re right.”
You rubbed your hand along her back as you gave her a pep talk “Of course I’m right! I should know I’m your biggest fan!”
Her eyes seemed to twinkle at that statement, a large grin adorning her face. She quickly hugged your waist, burying her face into your stomach, before laughing loudly and standing up with you in her arms.
“That’s right! And I have the very best fans in the world!”
“Yea you do! Now don’t you think we should go back out there and make your true fans happy?”
She quickly pepped up with that and with you still in her arms she made another grand entrance out the door, both of you taking note of the woman missing from the spot she was last seen.
Roxy quickly posed for the line of children cheering for her, shouting out love for her fans that adored her right back.
She softly set you back down next to her and leaned down to give you another hug, whispering in your ear as she does “Thank you Y/N, you truly are my number one fan!”
Monty was having a good day with you stationed with him in Monty golf. While he knows your a tough one he does worry a bit about your wellbeing when you aren’t near his sections, when he is unable to keep an eye on you. But today? Today you were on his turf and someone would be a complete idiot to mess with you with him around.
And a complete idiot indeed stepped up to the plate of his challenge, not even an hour into your shift a mother was going ballistic. Much like an overgrown child she was throwing an Olympic level tantrum, an ironic sight next to her perfectly behaved child next to her. She was stomping around, screaming, and eventually kicking over her bucket of golf balls.
Sighing you made your way over to her cautiously “Ma’am I am sorry but please don’t kick over the buckets, and please don’t shout, there are children around.” Your eyes starting darting all around the area, scanning through the foliage to find Monty’s eyes that always seemed to glow a laser beam green from far away.
Before you could find his eyes she spoke again “This stupid game is rigged, you’re all money hungry and preying on small children. You should be ashamed!”
“Ma’am I promise this course has been thoroughly tested with many children and it is completely possible to complete. We have some easier courses over by the entrance if you would prefer?”
“You little bitch! Are you saying I am an idiot? That I can’t even do a game a little kid can?” Her hands started gripping onto the golf putter in her hand, arms tensing like she was getting ready to start swinging.
You could see the writing on the wall and knew there was no pleasing this crazy woman. You slowly started putting some space in between you and her just in case. “Ma’am you need to calm down or I will have security escort you out of the building.”
You heart broke as you heard the small voice from behind her “Mommy please don’t do this again.”
It was too late, you saw her arm raise with club in hand. You started flinching instinctively, waiting for the painful impact, but the heat never arrived?
You curiously opened your eyes only to be staring back at Montys sharp gaze peering over her back with the metal golf club in his tight grip, easily crimping the cheap metal pole.
Her eyes were wide the second she realized she couldn’t swing down because the pole was now in a large grasp, with an extremely large presence looming behind her.
With a loud growl he easily ripped the club from her hand, bringing the already crunched metal down against his knee as he snapped it in half before throwing it off in an unoccupied area of the room. With the club thrown away he leans down to her ear, screaming a growl loudly into her face while showing off his sharp teeth.
Her once confident attitude drained along with all the color in her face. For someone so willing to assault someone with what was legally a weapon it was amazing watching her turn to a spineless coward in a second flat. Quickly she grabbed her child by the hand, running out of the room, but before fully making it out the door she tried yelling once more.
As quickly as her mouth opened, Monty growled again, making her jump and run out of the room without getting in another word.
“Thanks Monty, I thought I had a handle on it, guess this one got a little out of hand huh?”
He was still growling lowly, gaze locked on the entrance. “You’re sticking with me for the rest of your shift.”
“What? Monty no I’m fine I swear!” It didn’t matter though as he easily and swiftly picked you up before taking you along with him to continue on his day.
Your work day was dwindling to a close in the daycare, lines of parents lined up by the wooden castle door to sign out their children. You couldn’t help but smile as you watched all the little kids you spent the day with run out of the room into their parents loving arms with bright smiles.
You were standing beside Sunny, helping him clean up the daycare before you could go home but truthfully you always took your time so you could spend even just a few extra minutes with him. “Hey Sunny, look!” You nudged his shoulder and gestured with a nod of your head towards the door.
He spun his face and tilt it, looking where you had gestured and mumbled up a “Hmm?”
“You did that Sunny! Look at how happy you made all those kids!”
“We Starlight! We made them happy! Yes yes yes we made them so happy!” You giggled with him and nudged against his frame while continuing to pick up toys.
“Starlight?” His voice sounded extra staticky when he whispered.
“Yea Sunny?”
“Did I make you happy too?” His words melted your heart.
“Of course Sunny! You always make me incredibly happy!”
He started cheering loudly while doing a little dancing jig around the table you are currently cleaning and you couldn’t help but laugh along with him and hope that this moment could stretch on longer. Sadly nothing good lasts forever.
“Excuse me?!” A shrill voice cut through the calm joyful moment. Looking up you could see a mother charging straight at you.
“Hi, how can I help you?”
“Yes, you can help me by doing your job! My daughter came in today with her Sun plush that I spent a lot of money on and now its suddenly missing.” Oh, that was it? You perked up a bit because despite her angry tones trying to intimidate you this was actually a pretty easy fix.
“Oh that’s not a problem Ma’am! I can do a deep clean of the ball pit tonight as it probably just got lost in there. If you leave your number with our desk we can call you when we find it! Or if you would prefer to have a new one instead I can give you a voucher for a free plush.”
“NO, I want the plush I paid for, you need to do your job, you need to go into that ballpit right now and find it. I am not leaving here until you find it.”
You were a bit baffled that she was dragging this along more than it really needed to be, and now you’re really getting nervous as you can hear Sunny’s vents start to heat up, the whirring of his mechanical parts increasing in volume as he watches this woman berate you.
“Ma’am I don’t think you understand-“
“NO I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND!” She was fully yelling in your face at this point, stepping closer to you to get into your space and stare you down.
“What was that?” She hissed out looking back at your animatronic counterpart.
“Naughty, Naughty, NAUGHTY.” Sunny’s voice was screeching with the words sounding glitched as they ripped through his voice box.
Oh no... you backed up a bit knowing that this was going to escalate quickly now that he was getting involved. You had a special emergency button on your faz watch so you could alert the security team, both to take care of the situation and just in case you can’t handle him and they can support you in making sure the animatronic doesn’t lose it completely.
“What the fuck is this robot saying to me?” She screamed at you, eyes widening as she notices you taking slow steps back towards the employee’s desk before whipping her head back to watch the animatronic.
His limbs were curling now, seemingly in agony as his limbs seem to be clawing apart at himself. “Language, Language, LANGUAGE!!”
Sunny was seemingly heaving as he stumbled back a few large strides towards the wall, eyes lowering in a squint as he whispered out one last staticky “Naughty.”
He turns to face the wall slamming his fist directly on the light switch button so he flips of the lights and change into his more aggressive counterpart.
You can hear the woman’s frightened screams but now your sole focus is on finding the red eyes somewhere in the room. You desperately dart your eyes everywhere, especially looking to the ceiling but by the time you catch the bright red eyes its too late.
Moony is fully screaming in the woman’s face, reducing the woman to loud ugly sobs on the ground as he jumpscares her.
Sighing you unhook one of the ropes off the netting on the wall before walking over towards him. As quick as you can you hook the rope on his back, giving the rope one good tug that reels the rope in and leaves his gangly form hanging from the ceiling. Once you are sure he is secured in place you dart back to the glowing light button to flip on the lights.
Once the lights are on you glance back at the crumpled form of the woman sobbing on the ground. Slowly you walk towards her extending out a hand to place on her shoulder. “Ma’am?”
“A MONSTER, YOU HAVE A FUCKING MONSTER HERE.” She quickly jumped away from your hand, scrambling to get up and stumbling in the process before running towards the door. “I AM GOING TO SUE THE FUCKING PANTS OFF ALL OF YOU!”
She continued her way out, screaming and crying the whole way but you just looked up at the animatronic with hands on your hips. Now back to his Sunny form you just watch with a small smirk as he thrashes around like an angry cat that’s too cute to be taken seriously. His body follows her as she makes her way out, desperately reaching out his hands with little punches and kicks as he growls and mutters unintelligible words.
“Sunny? You can stop freaking out now buddy, she’s gone!” He slowly stopped his thrashing about and hung dejectedly as you slowly lowered him back down so his feet met the floor before unhooking him from the rope. “Sorry I had to do that bud, are you going to behave now?”
His face spun as he looked at you “Behave? BEHAVE! She needed to behave! Bad bad bad, naughty! So so naughty! Yes she needs to be punished! She needs-“ You cut him off the a large hug that stopped him ranting. His arms hung by his side in shock before slowly wrapping around you.
“Thank you for protecting me Sunny.” He seemed content with that, ready to calm down and focus more of having more fun times with you.
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dycefic · 10 months ago
Have An Evil Day
No prompt this time, just a sequel to ‘Welcome To Evil-Mart’
Working at Evil-Mart is usually… well, it’s retail. It’s physically exhausting, you have to deal with a lot of idiots without being overtly rude, and your feet hurt. Even though the hours and pay are very good, the benefits are great, and our bosses treat us well compared to most retail employees, it’s still not what I’d call a fun job.
But it’s not what I’d call dull, either. Especially not on days like today.
I was promoted to supervisor after the Food Poisoning Incident, so I have a little more authority and a little less obligation to be pleasant and I got issued a weighted cosh because sometimes Evil-Mart customers get… feisty. I’d never had to use it, though, because those who hadn’t seen what I did to Majority Rules, either in person or on one of the cell-phone videos that circulated afterwards, had at least heard about it.  They didn’t give me any trouble.
I was halfway through my shift, and the worst things that’d happened had been running out of croissants and a machine oil spill in Aisle Seven, when our greeter pressed the alarm button, which sent an alert to my handset. As front-end supervisor, that meant me, so I went over. Sam, who is unusual in the henching community for having actually aged out rather than ‘being retired’ jerked his chin in the direction of a tall, swaggering figure. “He just came in,” he whispered.
I did a full double-take before I took it in. Superdyne. Fucking Superdyne.
We’d all heard about his dramatic heel-turn a couple of months ago. The whole world had heard about it. Superdyne, who’d skated closer and closer to the line for years, had decided to cross it in a blaze of bloodshed. He was a villain now, he said. There’d been a whole speech about how ingratitude had driven him to it blah blah blah.
I work at Evil-Mart. I’m from a hench family. If someone becomes a supervillain because they hate Mondays or want to turn us all into dinosaurs or whatever, I don’t judge. I will sell depth-charges and laser guns to anyone who can prove they’re over eighteen without hesitation. But even we get kind of grossed out by the ‘I am forced to turn evil because I haven’t been given enough love’ thing. People who are actually so fucked up by emotional abuse or neglect or some superhero killing their family, we’re fine with them. But they don’t say that’s why they do it, and most of them need a lot of therapy to even realize it. People who actually say that’s why are entitled dickwads.
And now the dickwad had walked into Evil-Mart like he was entitled. Like he thought he was one of us.
“Lockdown protocols,” I told Sam quietly. “On my authorisation.” That takes a minute or two, though, so I went over to talk to Superdyne. “Sir, I have to ask how you even knew where to find this place.”
He smirked at me. “I have my ways,” he said smugly. He’d either bribed or beaten someone, that was my guess. “So this is where the villains shop? We all thought you went to Wal-Mart.” He laughed, like he thought it was clever.
“Yes, so you all say,” I said dryly. I didn’t feel like pretending he was the first person to make the bad joke. “My next question, sir, is what made you think it was a good idea to come in here.”
He spread his hands. “I’m one of you now!” he said happily. “I’m a bad guy! So now I guess I shop where the bad guys shop!” He looked around, frowning a little. “Although I was expecting more weapons and explosives. A… more villainous atmosphere. I didn’t know Evil-Mart had fresh produce.”
“I don’t advise buying herbs here unless you’re a magical practitioner. Some of them have… unusual effects.” A lot of our produce is normal stuff, but some of it not only isn’t legal, it doesn’t exist anywhere else.
“Oh. Well, that makes sense. But the bright lights and the bakery?”
“We have excellent gluten-free breads. In many ways, Superdyne, this is just another store. We have sales, we mark down the breads in the afternoon, we even have a PA system.” I pulled out my handset, and thumbed the button that tied it to the PA. “Attention, shoppers,” I said in my most soothing Customer Service voice, which made him grin. “Evil-Mart wishes to inform you – “ The countdown on my handset reached zero, and I turned to look at the entrance as a huge blast door thudded down. That was the last part of the sequence – staff outside the area were already in lockdown and security were on their way. I smiled, and continued almost without a pause. “- That we are in lockdown at this time, due to the presence of Superdyne in the store. Please remain calm, and be advised that security are on their way to deal with the problem. If you have a personal grudge that you wish to address with Superdyne at this time, he is standing near Register Six with a stupid expression on his face.”
He was staring at me, stunned. “But… but…” he stammered, and damned if he didn’t look puzzled. “But I’m one of you now!”
“No,” I said flatly. “You were always evil, that’s true, but you’ll never be one of us. And for the record, I’m one of the people with a personal grudge. All those henchmen you’ve killed and maimed had families, asshole… and they all shop here.”
He swung at me, then, but I spent years in hench training. Even someone super-strong can be dodged, and once I slammed my cosh into his groin a few times his punches got a lot more aimless. Around then, Tiger Ty came over the register, claws out and snarling, and I figured I should stand out of the way.
About ten minutes later, I turned on the PA again. “Clean-up to Register Six,” I called, in the same special voice. “Category 7, class three. Shoppers, please be advised that lockdown is now lifted but Register Six will be closed until clean-up is completed.”
Hunter, who’d been working Register Six, came out from underneath it. He looked a little green. Well, he was still in his teens, this was probably his first fatal mobbing. “What’s Category 7?” he asked in a shaky voice. “I haven’t heard that before.”
“Oh. Class three?”
“Send three people. He was a juicy one.” I stepped away from a spreading puddle of blood. “Run and get a couple of caution signs we can put around this mess.” I eyed it measuringly. “And one of those fifteen-gallon plastic tubs with a lid, I’ll damage it out.”
He eyed the mess. “Are you sure that’s big enough?”
“Yeah, the average human is only about seventeen gallons by volume, and I’m not going to put all the blood and mush in there, just the big pieces.”
He gulped. “Ah. Yes, ma’am.”
I called after him when he ran off. “One of the black tubs, not a clear one!” Which honestly should only be common sense, but you can’t count on a flustered teenager to have common sense.
We frown on killing customers at Evil-Mart, up to a point… but when a particularly murderous super-hero walks into our store, well, that’s something else. I’d have to fill out a ton of paperwork, though.
I had to chase off one of Doctor Malign’s minons and two members of the Genetic Reign before the clean-up crew arrived, both of whom urgently wanted samples. In the end I scraped a few pieces of liver and unidentified organ into two of the bags we use for possibly-contaminated money just to make them go away. (They’re good customers, and it was just going to go in the trash anyway.)
By the time the clean-up was done, all the big pieces were boxed up, and I’d finished the paperwork, my shift had been over for twenty minutes, and I’d been asked to come up to the boss’s office.
“Listen, I have no issues with how you handled the situation, I want you to know that.” Mr Trent leaned back in his chair, tapping his fingertips together. “It was quick, it was efficient, and… given your personal history with Superdyne, not to mention mine and that of half of our customer base… richly deserved.”
“Yes, sir,” I said. It came out too meek, and I cleared my throat and straightened up. It’s hard not to be intimidated by Mr Trent, when you’re in the same room with him. It’s not his fault, and he does his best, but even under the strictest control his fear-inducing powers tend to unsettle anyone who gets too close. We all know he’s not doing it on purpose and we try not to show our reactions. “Do you have any orders regarding the remains?”
“Doctor Order wants them.” He rubbed his chin. “Get someone from the pharmacy to prepare samples for him, please, including brain tissue. He’s our primary supplier, and we can’t offend him. As for the rest… as you know, I’m retired, and I don’t usually participate in the Endless War.” One of his hands dropped to his left thigh. His prosthetic leg is some of Doctor Order’s best work, but the injury that led to his retirement had been brutal even by our standards. “But this is different. Superdyne came here. To our place of safety. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”
I nodded. “Do you want the remains dumped somewhere public? Some kind of dramatic display?”
“No. Something more direct.” He rubbed his chin again, then tapped the intercom on his desk. “Iris, please send up Miss Fedorova from Marketing and Mr Levy from the warehouse.”
“Yes, sir,” Iris responded, and he clicked off the intercom again.
“The three of you worked together very well, during the food poisoning incident,” he explained. “And I believe they can assist us in a satisfactory conclusion.” He hesitated, then smiled ruefully. “Perhaps you should wait outside until they get here. I can tell I’m unsettling you.”
“Sir, I know you’re not – “
“Not doing it on purpose.” He sighed. “I do appreciate how hard you all work to make me feel… accepted, I really do. But I’m very annoyed right now, which makes control more difficult for me, so I think we’d both be more relaxed if you waited outside while I do my meditation exercises.”
I waited outside. When the three of us went into his office again, the miasma of low-level fear was definitely a bit lighter, and he smiled. “All right. Now, this conversation is going to be very confidential, and I will remind you all of the agreements you signed when you were employed.” We all chorused agreement, and he nodded. “Good. Now, this is very much a secret, even among Evil-Mart staff, but we do have a few online clients who are… ah… on the other side of the fence.”
Ms Fedorova blinked. “What?”
Knuckles sighed. “We ship to a few heroes,” he explained. “The ones who are… less homo than sapiens, if you get my drift.”
I didn’t, and from her expression Ms Fedorova didn’t either. Mr Trent spread his hands, drawing our eyes to his fingers. Which as a rule nobody looks at, because there’s fourteen of them, with four joints in each finger, and we know he’s self-conscious about it. “The less… purely human ones,” he said quietly. “One of the reasons I created Evil-Mart was to give those who can’t pass for human, like me, a place to be… people. To have dignity. So that the obligate carnivores weren’t reduced to living on pet-food or scavenging for scraps, so that those with complex metabolisms could get the supplements they need so that people who are still people, for all their outward differences, could shop in safety. There are a great many more monsters, demigods, abominations of science and other non-standard persons among our set than among the heroes, and I wanted to meet their needs, as well as selling weapons and Lair-away-from-home sets and so on.”
“And there are a few heroes who order from us for that reason,” Knuckles added. “The ones who can’t get medications to suit their metabolism, or need to eat things that you can’t get easily anywhere else.”
I nodded, because that much I understood. We have some very esoteric ‘dietary supplies’ that start with fresh, healthy, well-treated and disease-free prey animals frozen whole (from mouse up to calf and goat kept in stock, larger sizes by pre-order, halal and kosher certified where possible) and end with human blood (rejected blood bank stock mostly, we have an arrangement), and human flesh and organs (sourced from hospitals, morgues and crematoriums, guaranteed no murder, at least not by us). “Well, I suppose that makes sense. I’m surprised we ship to them, though.”
“Oh, they don’t know we know. It’s all assumed names and secret bank accounts.” Knuckles grinned. “But Mr Trent has all our online customers identified before we ship. And for the ones who don’t have any other options, well… we let it slide.”
“I can see why you don’t want that to get out.” Ms Fedorova tapped her chin. “What does this have to do with disposing of the body? I was planning to set up a really ghoulish display in a public place somewhere, I already have some sketches.” Marketing for Evil-Mart is… well, it includes more than designing our sale flyers.
“No. We’re going to deliver them to a hero… one of the ones who owes us… and make it very clear that just because someone decides to admit he’s a villain, that doesn’t make him one of us and it doesn’t entitle him to union services,” Mr Trent said flatly. “I want to make it crystal clear to all of them that a heel turn does not mean their sins are forgiven, or that we will accept them as anything other than a very brief amusement.”
Late that night – we were all on overtime, but it couldn’t be done in daylight – we wheeled a cart down the run-down hallway of a shoddy apartment building. “This is a terrible address for a hero,” Ms Fedorova muttered. “Are we sure he lives here?”
“I deliver here a couple of times a month.” Knuckles was pushing the cart. “I’m sure.”
“Okay.” Ms Fedorova cleared her throat, coughed once or twice, and suddenly her voice was deeper and her very faint Russian accent was as thick as pea soup. “This is intimidation tactic,” she said, grinning toothily. “Do not act surprised.”
I knocked on the door, but let Knuckles do the talking. “Delivery, Mr West,” he called, using the fake name the guy had been giving.
It worked… the door was unlocked and opened almost immediately. “I scheduled the order for next – “ the mark said, and then we were pushing inside, slamming the door behind us.
“Do not be alarmed, Mr… Dinoid, is it?” Ms Fedorova said, folding her arms. “Evil-Mart is knowing all along your real identity. But you are needing to eat, and we are not turning down regular business, so we make no trouble.”
Knuckles rolled his eyes behind her back at how much she was hamming it up, but I waved a hand. Let her have her fun. So Knuckles started unloading the boxes onto the table while she talked. “First, your Budget Bunny Box. Your favourite, da?” The next box, smaller, plunked down. “Two fresh chickens, halal certified, healthy and having lived good life, gift for good customer.” Knuckles dumped the plastic tub on the floor. “And mortal remains of Superdyne, with note.”
Dinoid was staring at us, but that made him shift into a combat stance, his long claws spread. “The… Superdyne’s dead? And in there?”
“Well. Most of him. The big pieces.” Ms Fedorova shrugged an impressively Russian shrug. I hadn’t even known that was a thing, but when she did it, it was obvious. “You must understand, when a mob tears a man apart, it is hard to find every little piece.”
“I’m pretty sure Doctor Malign and the Genetic Reign took off with doggy bags,” I said, as if I hadn’t handed them over myself. “And Doctor Order probably has some of him too, by now. So looking out for clones would be a good idea, I don’t know if that’s in the note.”
Insofar as that reptilian face could show readable expressions, he looked shocked. “Why on earth would… why? He changed sides? And why did you bring him to me?”
“We know your address, we know you don’t want to turn us in because we’re the only ones who can supply your meals, and our boss wanted us to make this very clear.” I indicated the note. Since Ms Fedorova was hamming up her Sexy Russian Supervillain act, and Knuckles was very obvious Muscle, I figured it was on me to be the Reasonable One. “He might have stopped being a hero, but that didn’t make him one of us. That didn’t make him acceptable to us. Our boss wants it made very clear that your failures shouldn’t expect to be accepted by us… or even spared by us.”
He shifted slowly, the tip of his tail twitching. “I… see. I understand why you would reject Superdyne. He was notorious for killing and maiming people on… your side. But I know other defectors have been accepted. Philomel, for example.”
“Philomel was child of villains. She is young, she is rebellious, she sides with heroes for a while.” Ms Fedorova shrugged. “Is understandable, da? The young do foolish things. She comes home, all is forgiven.”
He nodded slowly. “Tenebrous?”
“That story I don’t know.” Ms Fedorova glanced at me.
I nodded. “Tenebrous was just a kid. He was twelve when Varide recruited him. Nineteen when he broke with the guy. Varide put a kid into combat, left him with massive PTSD, then ditched him when he had a breakdown and went too far. Mx Frantique at least made sure he had a safe place to stay and some therapy.”
“It’s happened a few times.” Knuckles rested his elbows on the cart’s handles, his inhumanly big, strong hands dangling. “But there’s a process. A system. If someone’s sponsored by a villain in good standing, like Frantique sponsoring Tenbrous, they can be accepted. Nobody gets to just choose to join. Especially not a smug, entitled prick like Superdyne.”
Ms Fedorova suddenly leaned forward, scowling. “And why are you called Dinoid? You are not dinosaur. You are clearly monitor lizard. Golden monitor, I think.” She reached out and prodded his arm. “And not healthy, either. Look at colouration! You do not keep environment humid enough. Are having trouble with shedding, da?”
Now we were all staring at her. “You’re a lizard expert now?” Knuckles asked.
She shrugged. “What? Is hobby. Mamma’s little Varanus Acanthurus are pride and joy. Sadly, cannot keep larger monitors in city. Is unkind.”
Dinoid ran a hand over his head slowly. “Not many people realize,” he said slowly. “That’s why I order from you guys. I used to get frozen… food… from a pet supplier, but then I got contacted by someone who told me there was another option.”
“Is good thing. Those pet suppliers, they are rogues. They do not keep animals healthy, can get diseases or mites from those things.” Ms Fedorova sniffed. “I would never buy from them. My babies would get sick.”
He actually chuckled, then, seeming to relax a bit. “You’re not wrong. After… this happened… I got really sick a couple of times before I figured out what to eat, and where to get it. And even the reputable suppliers don’t always have the healthiest stock.” He opened his mouth wide, making a gagging noise. “You have no idea how bad that ‘reptile food’ is. Eating whole animals may be a little disgusting, but it’s nothing to some of that stuff.”
“I believe it,” I said emphatically. “There’s a reason Evil-Mart has such an extensive pet-food line. The horror stories we hear from some of our customers… well, you’d believe it, I bet, but most humans just look confused.”
Knuckles nodded, and spread his hands. “People who can’t pass for regular humans… or even for people, the way most normies see it… are a lot more common on our side of the fence than yours. That’s why we delivered to you. We figured you really needed it.”
“Does he order from the pharmacy?” Ms Fedorova was around behind him now, examining his back. “He is having calcium deficiency, am betting. He needs nutritional supplement.”
“I take a nutritional supplement,” he said defensively.
“The one for normal-sized lizards is not enough for man-sized monitor/human hybrid,” she said firmly. “Check pharmacy section next time. We are having excellent selection of supplements for hybrids, and chart to tell you how much to take for body-mass.”
He looked back and forth between the three of us. “You people are… not what I would have expected from an evil supermarket.”
“We may be… morally challenged,” I said, shrugging, “but we’re not heartless.” I looked around his tiny, shabby apartment. “Unlike some of your lot. I thought you were on a team. Why are you living here?”
He ducked his head. “I couldn’t live at the base,” he said, his tail drooping. “My… I made people uncomfortable. And the stipend isn’t much.”
“Isn’t much? With the merchandising deals they have?” Ms Fedorova sounded shocked, and the accent had dropped back a lot. “I know for a fact that if the accountants ever got hold of their books they’d owe more in back taxes than… well, than Evil-Mart would if our illegal product arm ever got discovered. And we pay our taxes on the legitimate stuff scrupulously.”
Dinoid blinked rapidly, though I couldn’t tell whether he was more surprised by her suddenly dropping her act or the idea that Evil-Mart pays taxes. “You do?”
“Of course. Not under that name, of course, there’s a shell company.” She sniffed. “All villains do. Al Capone, you know. We’re not getting caught that way again.”
Knuckles and I both nodded when he looked at us, and he shook his head. “Huh. Makes sense, I guess.”
“It does.” I looked around again. The place really was crappy. “I know it’s a personal question, Mr… West, but under the circumstances I’d like to know… how much is that stipend?”
He looked down at the floor for a while, then cleared his throat. “Uh. $1100 a month.”
We all stared at him. Ms Fedorova’s mouth fell open. Knuckles looked shocked, and I was horrified. “$1100 a month?!” I asked, my voice coming out louder than I’d intended. “For risking your life on a superhero team?! I have teenaged cashiers working part-time who make more than that!”
He looked almost as startled as we did. “For working a cash register?!”
“Evil-Mart pays pretty good.” Knuckles shrugged. “But that stipend is disgusting.”
“You are being exploited,” Ms Fedorova said, sounding really aghast. “That is terrible. Why, baseline henchman pay is twice that, and there are danger bonuses and…” Her voice dropped suddenly. “You don’t have a union, do you?”
“A union? Of course we don’t have a…” He trailed off. “You mean you do?”
“Of course we do. An extremely well-armed one.” Ms Fedorova folded her arms. “Henchmen And Allied Industries has represented us for generations. The last time a supervillain executed a union henchman for failure, he was boiled in oil… literally. On camera. Oh, of course some of the less reputable villains just pick up small-time trash from the streets, untrained rabble from the gangs and so on, so they can treat them as disposable, but we union members are skilled workers, with rights and protections. I bet you don’t even get overtime.”
“Of course not. Crime happens when it happens, and we have to…” He trailed off. “You guys get overtime?”
“We’re getting double time and a half for this conversation. And an extra day off.”
His eyes widened again. “Really? Wow, that’s… even when I was working a regular job, before this, I didn’t get pay like that.” He looked down at his hands and bared his teeth in what looked like an unhappy expression. “And now I can’t work anything but this kind of job. People don’t like having a scary dinosaur in their restaurant.”
There was a long pause.
“You can cook?” Ms Fedorova asked carefully.
“Yeah. I worked in my parents’ restaurant before… this.” He gestured at himself. “They were killed when we were attacked, and I was… changed.”
We all looked at each other. “After you’ve returned Superdyne’s remains to whoever you consider appropriate,” I said, grabbing a notepad and scribbling down my number, “I’d like you to give me a call. Evil-Mart is always hiring in the bakery and deli, and I mean always. Most bad guys aren’t great cooks. We don’t know why, it just seems to be one of those things.”
“You want me to join the bad guys?”
“I want you to work in a bakery. Villains and henchmen need to eat, and so do their families. Nobody’s going to ask you to rip superheroes in half, just maybe make a sandwich that won’t give anyone food poisoning.”
“That’s a regular concern?”
“Six months ago the three of us ran Evil-Mart’s physical store completely unassisted for most of a day because the only people who weren’t down with food poisoning were the ones who’d had the vegetarian and kosher meals.” I shuddered at the recollection. “Trust me. Someone who can cater staff functions without a major disaster would never have to live in an apartment like this working for us.”
“And we get full benefits, including dental.” Knuckles was shaking his head. “I bet you don’t even get hospital.”
“What hospital would take me? I always figured I’d go to the zoo and talk to the vet if – “
Ms Fedorova actually put her arms around him. “You,” she told him firmly, “are going to resign your terrible exploitative job, and then I will personally sponsor you to the union immediately. I have a spare room. You will like it. Humidity and temperature can be set just how you like, and Mamma Yelena will take you to real doctor expert in health of hybrids.”
“Those exist?” he asked, sounding a bit overwhelmed.
“Yeah, the Genetic Reign has like three of them,” I said sympathetically. “Listen, you can take some time to think it over, but you don’t have to put up with this kind of exploitation just because you don’t look human. Nearly a third of Evil-Mart’s staff can’t pass, and they’re treated just like everyone else.”
Superdyne’s dramatic demise got a lot of news coverage. Apparently it came as a real shock to the ‘good guys’ that there were some monsters even the superest villains wouldn’t embrace.
Dinoid no longer exists. Ismail Jameel works at Evil-Mart, and has expanded our fresh food lines a lot already. He’s a nice guy, and after Ms Fedorova told everyone how disgustingly he’d been exploited by those so-called ‘heroes’, he was welcomed with open arms. Literally, in at least one case – he’s dating someone from the warehouse, I’ve heard, though I don’t know who. He says we should rename the store, because we suck at being evil.
But evil is a really relative term. It can mean the blackest depravity, or a moment of viciousness, or even just ‘people on the other side’. Evil-Mart is called that because everyone, at least everyone on our side, is welcome. Plus, we all think it’s funny that the least-evil megacorporation is called ‘Evil-Mart’. What can we say? Bad guys have a sense of humour too.
Have an evil day!
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amywritesthings · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
gif credit @ pedrohub
Pairing: Dieter Bravo x Ex!Co-Star Reader ( Dieter x You )
Word Count: 3.1K
Summary: Hollywood knows the famous enemies-to-worse-enemies saga that is you and Dieter Bravo. When you find out he also got pitched a role in Cliff Beasts 6? You’re pissed. Dieter’s just horny.
Warnings: SMUT, Adult language, Ex-flings, Mentions of cheating, Oral (f receiving), Hate sex, Unprotected sex, Dirty talk, Praise kinks, Pet names, Power Bottom!Dieter
A/N: This is literally just bonafide smut one-shot with a pinch of plot. I did not edit, I did not beta, so God help all of us. Who even is this guy again and why are we so thirsty for him?
( Read on AO3 ) 
“We’ve done, what, four movies together? A sequel stack and two standalones?” he begins. “It’s been, like, six fuckin’ years, babe — sorry, shit, ma’am? I don’t know what you want me to call you. Babe’s a habit. But I thought it’d be nice.”
“For you.” You point in a verbal punch. “Because you want to get in my pants again.”
Dieter gives a small shrug of honesty. “We made our best movies that way, didn’t we?”
“Fuck off.”
You thought you were better than this. 
Cliff Beasts? And it’s not even the direct sequel, but six fucking installments in?
Your agent swears all of the big stars are doing this cash grab, it’s already got incredible buzz on Twitter, but to your ears it screams two words and two words only: washed up. 
Congratulations — you are now within the realm of actors that are one step closer to joining Dancing with the Stars, and you have two left feet.
You could believe she’s offering this job to save your feelings: chatter about you being in the next Cliff Beasts is better than the world heavily debating who was in the wrong in your very recent and very public breakup.
The last two weeks have been exhausting. This is just the icing to the cake.
When you ask who else is on the project, the look on your agent’s face tells you everything you need to know. She shifts in her chair with feigned disinterest, listing off names you’ve only heard in passing — oh, that one guy who did the funny SNL skit three years ago — and you wait with shaking fists in your lap for the name you know she’s avoiding.
“Justine, just say it,” you demand, dead-panned despite the simmering anger in your gut.
Justine pales, making brief eye contact before shuffling back to the papers on her desk.
Dieter Bravo.
Dieter fucking Bravo.
Yeah, that’s why they asked you to be in this project. Not because you’re washed up, but because the public is going to lose their live-blogging minds at the idea that two long-standing enemies will be starring in the same godforsaken shitshow.
It’s the money-making power duo, back in action and suffering for it, and you can already see the online bets debating if Cliff Beasts 6 will even make it to post-production without one of you storming off set.
“And that’s not all,” Justine quips quietly, tapping her pen into the stacked contract.
You leave your budding rage for a split second to tilt your head, eyes rounding.
“That… isn’t it?”
“He, uh…”
Justine’s nose scrunches, apologizing before the words leave her tongue. You stand, leaning forward with palms pressed into the desk.
“He, uh, what, Justine?”
“He left you a fruit basket and his new address, if you wanted to — uh, let me get the card.”
White-hot rage fills your system, bleaching your train of thought.
So he knew. He already knew you were being considered for this cast and figured he would intervene, rubbing salt in the wound. Were you the only one in the dark?
You don’t realize Justine’s left her office until the scent of fresh fruit fills the room, forcing you to glance over your shoulder. Justine stands in the doorway, face completely covered with strawberries and mangos and who-the-fuck-knows on sticks, cinched together in a wicker basket with a lilac bow.
Your favorite color.
You’ll fucking kill him.
At the center of the obnoxious display is a half-folded card with your name on it. You cross the room to pluck it from the basket, hastily flipping it open.
Look at us. Back at it again.
If you wanna make new memories with the same old mistakes, check the back of the card.
See u soon. 
- D
Flipping the card over, the heat creeps up the back of your neck when your gaze glides over a hastily written address. 
Yeah, you were considering a rental at the same fucking apartment complex for this shoot. What an unfortunate coincidence.
“How long ago did he send these?” you ask hotly, waving the card in the air.
“This morning,” she responds behind the fruit basket. “Did you… Are you going to go?”
“Of course I’m not fucking going.”
You do.
Oh, you do, only two hours later when Justine’s taking her lunch break to talk to her newest up-and-coming actress freaking out for her audition. 
It’s enough of a distraction to get in your own car, speeding down the highway to follow the address on your GPS. Over and over, his flimsy and all-too-cocky note plays in your head.
The most you’ll do is sock him in the face, then depart to grab a drink alone in your hotel room — just like old times.
Six floors up, you stalk down the hallway and slam a closed fist against the door three times. Shoving the same hand in your coat pocket, the door opens with apprehension a minute later — only to fling wide open when Dieter Bravo stands on the other side, recognizing your face.
“Hooo-ly shit.”
“Don’t,” you warn.
The grin spreads across his lips, fingers flicking down the daytime sunglasses to peer at you.
“Guess you got my congratulatory basket. Was it sweet? It looked sweet.”
“I didn’t eat any of it,” you quip, jutting your chin. “Can I come in for a second? I feel like we should establish a couple of ground rules—”
“Ground rules?” Dieter interrupts, pulling a face while simultaneously standing out of your way. “The fuck do we need ground rules for? Are you that afraid of falling in love with me, babe?”
You step in, boots clicking across the floor and into the threshold of this already lived-in apartment. Clothes are hanging up everywhere. Script pages litter the ground with scribbled notes. A swirling scent of cologne invades your nostrils that smells entirely too much like him.
“Rule number one: don’t 'babe' me.”
“Rule number two: did you know?”
“Know what?” he asks, gently shutting the door behind you. He shoves his hands into his gray sweatpants pockets, a stark contrast to his neon green Hawaiian shirt.
“That they were asking me to be a part of Cliff Beasts?”
“Hell yeah,” he answers, nearing with a nonchalant shrug. “I asked.”
Your expression drops.
Justine didn’t mention that part, either. Motherfucker.
“You asked?”
“Yeah, said you’d be a perfect fit or what-the-fuck ever. Why talk about you and that sad sack of shit that cheated on you when everyone could be talking about you and me?” 
The involuntary blink of rage passing across your features must have spooked him, because Dieter nears with his hands up like he’s corralling a scared animal.
“Hey — hey, no, I didn’t mean it to come out like that.”
“But it did, Dieter.”
“Let me start over.” 
His hands come to his chest in prayer, head dipping for some humility points. You stand with your arms crossed over your chest, brow quirked and waiting.
“We’ve done, what, four movies together? A sequel stack and two standalones?” he begins, still nearing. “It’s been, like, six fuckin’ years, babe — sorry, shit, ma’am? I don’t know what you want me to call you. Babe’s a habit. But I thought it’d be nice.”
“For you.” You point in a verbal punch. “Because you want to get in my pants again.”
Dieter gives a small shrug of honesty. “We made our best movies that way, didn’t we?”
"Fuck off."
You scoff, rolling your eyes and turning forty-five degrees from him.
“And I’m a great rebound.”
He’s somehow made it from the other end of the living room to right in front of you, hands still pressed together. Dieter ducks his chin further, trying to catch your eye.
“The best fucking rebound and you know it. I didn’t even know the guy, but I knew he was a mega piece of shit. And this coming from King Shit himself. So let me out-shithead him. We’ll make this movie, we’ll make a ton of money, and we’ll…”
He trails off, gaze dropping from yours to stare at your lips.
“...Christ almighty, you’re stunning.”
Although you’re this close to pushing past him to leave, you can’t deny that the attention is flattering. After two agonizing weeks of tag after tag, your name slandered in the social media slug for a decision that wasn’t yours to make…
“Is that a line you’re rehearsing from the script?” you ask instead to save face.
Dieter perks. “I can ask for rewrites if you want it to be.”
“You’re a mess.”
“You can’t be a mess if you send fruit baskets. That’s like the height of having your shit together.”
The snort leaves faster than you can suppress it. Dieter stands taller, eyebrows high to his forehead as he reaches between you, holding your elbows gingerly.
God, history really does repeat itself.
Every time there was a failed romance or a date gone wrong, he was always there. Dieter Bravo, the everlasting playboy, the arm candy in a pinch. Whenever you needed it — needed him — he was always up for it. Granted, you can say Dieter’s always up for anything if his dick has anything to say about it, but there is familiarity here.
And it always starts like this: a fight, a promise to be better, and the soft touch you’re starved for. A quick fix to an ever-present problem.
He knows how to play you like a fucking fiddle.
“What?” his voice drops an octave, head tilting to avoid your face entirely as he buries his face into your neck. You suck in a sharp inhale, opting to stare at the ceiling. Dieter nuzzles at your skin with his nose, pressing a light kiss. “Tell me, what is it?”
Despite yourself, you sway and lean into the pre-emptive kisses. Your arms gradually unlock from an iron-clad grip to loosen down your torso. 
“We shouldn’t do this.”
“The movie or the sex, because I agree with one of those responses.”
The laugh bubbling in your throat is genuine, abruptly stopped by the way his teeth nip at your neck. God, he really does know you in the way so many never have.
“You know what I mean.”
“You don’t gotta do anything, babe,” he murmurs, using his hands on your elbows to swivel you towards the couch. “Just let me.”
“That’s never any fun,” you answer, nose scrunching the minute you say it. Dieter stops momentarily to draw back and look at you, really look at you, as his expression darkens to something of desire.
You miss being wanted.
(In a way, you miss him.)
“Yeah?” he breathes for consent, wetting the seam of his lips.
God, you’re going to regret this in twenty minutes. He’s never going to let this go on set.
(Neither will you, because just as it always happens, he’ll be your dirty secret for a six-week shoot.)
“Has old age slowed you down?” you tease, cocking your head.
Dieter takes the playfulness and runs with it, crouching to snatch your thighs under his arms. He hoists you up, navigating the two of you to the couch. With a flop you sit into the cushion, and he crowds your space with teenage eagerness.
“Absolutely fuckin’ not,” he concludes, pawing for the buttons of your jeans. With dexterity he pops one, then the other, and tugs your panties and denim down your legs. You laugh, lifting your hips to aid in his endeavors.
“Jesus Christ, hel-lo. ” Dieter maneuvers his hand under one knee to spread your legs wide for him. He swallows thick, like a dehydrated man in the middle of the desert laser-focused on the only source of water. “Y’know, I really missed her.”
As much as you hate to admit it, you’re already wet. The sight of him alone brings back memories of being bent over vanities in trailers, desperate hands finding purchase against walls, quickies in-between set changes.
Yeah, he is the greatest rebound. He’s unfortunately the man who knows you best.
Sliding from the couch, Dieter is hellbent on keeping eye contact when he kisses the inside of your knee. You suppress a moan, desperate to maintain some upper hand in these stakes. 
Dieter, on the other hand, doesn’t need grace. He’s never needed pride. He wants the right now, the high, and you chase him for it.
He drags his lips along your inner thigh, kissing with intent every time — six, to be precise, for every year you’ve left him high and dry on read.
You hate him. You really hate—
This right here is Dieter Bravo’s favorite thing. The feeling of someone being at his mercy, the taste of them, the way your legs shiver when he finally runs his tongue along your slit — according to him, there is nothing like eating pussy, and there is nothing like you.
Where Dieter is lazy in learning his lines and showing up to set on time, he is not when it comes to where it counts: in the bedroom, in the shower, and evidently on his couch. He locks both arms around your hips to press them down, tentatively swirling his tongue around your clit.
Your hips buck automatically, whimper exiting your throat as your hands thread into his hair. You tug the way he used to like, causing him to moan against your core. The vibrations force your toes to curl, head bent back on his couch as he finds a rhythm to your noises. Encouraged by the enthusiasm, Dieter continues to lick, swirl, flick without an ounce of mercy on his mind.
It’s been ages. Six years too long since he ate you out like this, like he was drowning and thanking you for it.
The other boyfriends you had were timid, reciprocal, but Dieter is game.
There is nowhere else he would rather be.
The minute he closes his lips around your clit to suck, your hips fight against his grip to fly off the couch. He hums in a chuckle, letting go with one arm in order to snake his hand between you. One finger teases at your entrance, barely sliding in, and you feel like your brain has left planet Earth.
“Fuck, Dee, can you— stop teasing.”
He briefly pauses to look up at you, facial hair glistening. “There’s another word you can use, babe.”
“Please?” you grit, teeth clenched as you chase him.
Dieter just grins. “There she is. Good fucking girl.”
You ask, he delivers. He slides a finger in with ease, curling to find that spot in you that will make you sing. He puts his mouth back to good use, relentless against your clit as he adds a second finger to his game. Your limbs shake as the waves climb higher, higher—
You don’t even realize you’re whimpering his name under your breath until your orgasm hits you like a freight train.
Dieter greedily takes anything you can give him, swirling his tongue as he pumps two fingers with precision. You push at his head when it becomes overwhelming. He obliges, but not without staring with a smugness you want to kick clear off his stupid face.
His chin sits on your knee, a smile spreading to grin as you find your breath. “Still got it, huh?”
“Don’t get an ego,” you huff, shaken in your ascent on the couch.
“Too late, babe. That doesn’t go away.”
Your gaze drops to find his hand already fisting his rock-hard cock, sweatpants half-hanging off of his ass to get there. His nostrils flare in the attempt to keep up his nonchalant composure, but you can see the little cracks in his persona. 
He wants this. He might have wanted this more than you.
“How badly do you want me to fuck you?” you ask, and something burns behind his eyes.
He swallows to find his voice, nodding with a belated answer. “You want to—”
“Ride you?” He groans at the bluntness of your interruption. “Yeah, yeah I do.”
“Fuck, babe. Been so fucking long…”
You slide off of the couch to meet him on the floor. Remaining on your knees, he falls back and hastily removes the sweatpants from his legs. Crawling to him, Dieter continues to lose his cool with every passing second, hand squeezing his cock at attention.
Your knees slide to his hips, straddling him and nudging the tip of him at your center. Dieter’s head falls back, but you catch it with a harsh grip on the hair at the nape of his neck. He stills with a grunt, fully ready to fall apart at your mercy.
“This doesn’t become a habit,” you remind him, teasing the tip of him by gliding him along your wet fold.
Dieter begins to shake his head, but you tug harder — changing the direction to a nod.
“Baby, this — fuck — always becomes a—”
In one delicious descent, you slide onto his length and bottom out, causing him to choke on his words. Your breath hitches, the stretch from him setting your nerves on fire.
You really did need this, after everything.
You really needed him.
Dieter, it appears, needed it by the way he babbles the filthiest things into your shirt as you finally roll your hips and move against him.
“Such a good fucking girl, always a good fucking girl for me, always ride my cock like a fuckin’ champ, no one ever does it like you do it to me, only took the goddamn movie so I could be buried in this pussy every — fuckin’ — day—”
You rise on your knees, riding his cock the way you used to back when you didn’t mind so much when he called you pet names. Back when you’d spend hours like this in his trailer, in his hotel rooms, in the back of a limo at red carpet premieres. 
Back when Hollywood didn’t feed into the narrative that you hated every inch of his guts.
Your former co-star bucks up into you, wrapping arm around your waist to take over the rhythm. You keep one hand on his chest, the other using his shoulder as an anchor as he fucks up with a desperation six years in the making.
All you can do is hold on and accept it, allowing him to stretch you to oblivion as your second orgasm creeps in.
Sliding a hand down his chest, you reach between to furiously rub circles against your clit, moaning into his ear as he growls nonsense of praise into your shirt. As if it’s a movie scene itself, you both fall apart at the same time — he bucks up into you, coming apart as you squeeze around his cock for all he’s worth. 
You cry out his name, earning a broken whimper of your own along his tongue.
Resting your cheek on his head as you come back down from the high, Dieter pants to catch his breath beneath you, peppering small kisses along your clothed chest. 
Neither of you say a word for minutes on end, simply existing in the bubble of what has happened — and what you can’t take back.
Then Dieter speaks up with a hint of euphoric satisfaction, always aiming to ruin the moment.
“Like I said, babe: just old habits.”
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euphoricbo · 4 months ago
School Meetings
Ashtray x Fem!Reader (platonic) Fezco x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: cursing.
Word Count: 613
A/N: this was more for fun, and I thought it was cute. Hope you like it :)
Summary: It's parent teacher conference for Ash.
Tumblr media
Ash had a school meeting, and fez is technically his guard. So, during dinner, Ash took it upon himself to ask. He was definitely nervous because he was fidgeting. I don't even know why, this man has literally beat someone with a gun.
“Nah man I can’t do that shit,” Fez stated.
looking at Ash, he had a frown on his face. This kid never shows any emotions other than angry. So, I could tell he was genuinely upset. So, I offered to do it for him since it seemed important.
“Sure, I mean an afternoon spent with just me and you, that’s a good day” Ash jokingly said.
Ash had this think where every once in a while, he would flirt with me to piss Fez oof. So clearly, he was trying to get under Fez’s skin, and it worked. I don’t know how but Fez said he’ll do it to. So now here we are. Fez, Ash, and I on the way to talk to his teacher.
On the drive there, Ash requested we stopped at McDonald’s because he needed to “fuel his energy” and Fez denied, saying something about how Ash didn't actually need it. Ash texted me to ask for Mcdonald’s because Fez would do it. I did.
After McDonald’s and music, we finally got to the school and did the parent sign in things and waited in the waiting room for around ten minutes. The “waiting room” was just the gym room filled with yelling kids and annoyed parents. Fez is never going to want kids.
I’m not even going to get into detail about the actual meeting. It was super long and filled with Ash interrupting the teacher. So here are some small moments from it.
“So, ash missed a total of 37 work assignments,” Mrs. Jonson said, showing us the laptop screen.
“mhmm,” Ash scoffed, in which Fez lightly kicked his leg.
“He also missed a very big test,” she said, scooting the test close so we can see.
“that’s a lie, I literally remember doing this,” ash replied, crossimg his arms.
“Ash, it says you were marked absent that day,” she told him.
“Ash, it says you were marked absent that day,” she told him.
Ash currently was in the bathroom.
“Ash has uh, a very wide vocabulary.” Mrs. Jonson states.
“What do you mean?” I questioned.
“He wrote to one of our students and said this,” she states, scooting the paper towards us.
It was a note, saying “talk to Ashley one more time and I’m going to punch you so hard you shit out your intestines”
“The student switched school.” she tells us.
“Oh, I’m so sorry Ash usually doesn’t speak like this at home” I state, "I don't know what has come over him."
Fez looks at me confused and about to say something until Ash walks back in. His eyes immediately going wide when he sees the note.
“Man, that wasn’t even me,”
As we were walking out the room to leave, Mrs. Jonson stopped me.
“Can I ask you a question?” Mr. Jonson asked
“Sure ma’am” I replied
“Is it actually Ashtray?” she asked, “His name? I'm not judging, just asking.”
Ash and Fez walked back into the room to find me and heard her. But before I could respond, Fez did it for me.
“Uh, yeh it's a culture name,” he started “we really have to go now bye”
"Oh, uh bye?"
In conclusion, never go to a meeting with Ash and Fez together. You'll never get anything done and they'll just fool around alot. Just don’t go to one with them at all.
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darlingshane · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
No Rest for the Wicked
Ship: Frank Castle x Fem!reader
Content: Hurt/Comfort. Pining. Feelings. Fluff.
Warnings: Blood. Injuries. Language.
Word Count: 1,843
Info: This is the second part of Even if it kills him.
You can read below or at AO3.
Summary: It's a few nights after the fundraiser that you’re manning the graveyard shift when he taps lightly on the door, pulling your attention away from the book you were reading. This time, it’s not just his knuckles that you have to fix. He's all banged up and bloody. His face is a swollen show turning black and blue behind the red curtain of blood trickling down his temple from a bullet that flew by the side of his head. The way he moves when sitting on your chair only reveals the pain he's trying to mask. It takes everything in him not to wince when bending down.
Tumblr media
You were working the night shift the day Frank Castle first showed up at the shelter. He made an attempt to drop the dogs and bolt without filling any proper paperwork, but you really put your foot down and gave him shit about it the moment he turned his back on you to walk away… and it worked, you called him an asshole – which on second thought, might not have been the brightest idea given who he is – but he simply shifted on his boots and half smiled at you behind his beard.
It wasn't until you looked at his eyes under the fluorescent light that you realized who he was– the punisher. You followed his case closely a year and a half ago and had seen his picture printed on the media way too many times. His brown stare was something else entirely. Drawn to the pain those eyes harbored, you had memorized the shape, the color, and all the creases around them. It's not like you were obsessed but you felt deeply for him and his family.
If his eyes weren't enough to convince you, his bruised and peeled knuckles were a dead giveaway when he brought his hands up to pick up the pen and forms from the desk. Unless he had been punching a wall, those were wounds from a fight.
"Oh, that must hurt," obviously, you stated like an idiot pointing at his hands. You wanted to say his name as a final confirmation, but it felt like an intrusion to his clearly wanted anonymity.
The corners of his lips turned downward for a second, staring at his hands, "not much."
You cautiously retrieved the forms and pen and started filling them yourself, being a little lenient on the details of course. He told you where he got the dogs and that he couldn’t take care of all of them, and you half glanced at him as he softly spoke and asked you a few questions about how they would be cared for and if there was anything he could do to help.
After taking care of the paperwork you offered to clean up his hands. He didn’t understand at first why you would want to do that until you said, “I know who you are. Just… let me help.”
He nodded shyly, “thanks, ma’am.”
He took your offer and you carefully cleaned up his hands using the first aid kit you kept in the employee’s bathroom.
After that, Frank didn’t settle for just visiting or helping occasionally like he first told you; he started volunteering and showing up whenever he had time. You figured he was just lonely. He seemed so.
It was just a matter of time after he started volunteering that you developed a crush the more you got to know him. You worked closely and while he isn't a big talker, he's a great listener. Behind the violence of his doing, there’s only a tender guy that loves animals; and that’s something that you really value.
Your innocent crush became an infatuation quickly, making things more complicated for you and your relationship, that was already strained to begin with. It didn't help that he was always incredibly sweet and genuinely seemed to care about you more than your boyfriend at the time did. And while he wasn’t the sole reason for the end of that relationship, he did play a big part.
Even after your breakup, you’re still too chicken shit to do anything about Frank. You know he likes you but there’s an invisible barrier that you’re not sure you wanna cross knowing the life that he leads. It’s brutal to see him hurt that way more often than not, you'd have to be out of your mind to want to live through something like that. Besides, the chances of anything happening other than a friendship are pretty slim.
It's a few nights after the fundraiser that you’re manning the graveyard shift when he taps lightly on the door, pulling your attention away from the book you were reading. This time, it’s not just his knuckles that you have to fix. He's all banged up and bloody. His face is a swollen show turning black and blue behind the red curtain of blood trickling down his temple from a bullet that flew by the side of his head. The way he moves when sitting on your chair only reveals the pain he's trying to mask. It takes everything in him not to wince when bending down.
"Frank, I'm not a vet, I don't think I can fix this," you tear up, cleaning the blood around the wound on his head before getting into it.
"Hey," he grabs your hand softly to steady your pulse, while massaging your palm for several seconds, "it's gonna be fine, I know you can do it."
Slowly but surely, you proceed to suture the wound on his head to the best of your ability, which is none other than your short-lived seamstress career from when you used to make clothes for your dolls. This is definitely not that, you can feel the needle piercing through his skin as if it was your own, and you have his long curls to work around, it’s not making it any easier, so you clip a few hair strands with a couple of bobby pins. Maybe you should have trimmed the area before, but he didn't give you any guidance either. He does grunt a couple times when you prick him but quickly reassures you that he’s okay. If it was you in his shoes, you'd probably pass out from the blood only. How this man still stands daily after having gone through this many times is a mystery to you.
Your eyes strain, keeping the tears in once you’re done with the stitches. Then, you start wiping the rest of the blood off his face and beard.
“Is there anything else that you need fixed?”
“No, sweetheart, thank you,” he says gruffly before clearing his throat after realizing how casually he threw that term of endearment.
You swallow nervously trying to get all the dried goop out of his beard, pausing at the sound of the default ringtone of your phone going off– you glance at it and hit ignore at the unknown caller id flashing on the screen.
“I thought…” you start not really sure of what to say, “I thought you were done with this, Frank.”
“No rest for the wicked, right?” there’s a long pause after his scoff– “you know the kid that works part time at the diner up the street? The smartass that always calls me rough road?”
“Yeah, Amy. What about her?”
“She got in trouble… wanted to earn some quick money and got messed up with real bad people… I had to get her out if.”
“Is she okay?”
“Yeah, she’s fine.”
“You’re a real hero,” your lips pull up slightly, framing his face and guiding it so you can capture his eyes.
“I don’t know about that.”
Now that you’re done, he finally stands back up again, groaning like an old man, placing a hand on his ribs.
"That… doesn't sound good," you put your palms on his shoulders to keep him steady.
"Think I broke a couple ribs."
"You think?" your brow creases, deeply worried, “Frank…”
"I'll be fine," he smiles tiredly.
"Stop saying that," it's utterly exasperating, "I hate seeing you hurt like this."
Ignoring what you just said, he looks at you quietly and brings his hand up to his mouth, licks the pad of his thumb, and strokes a spot on your face a few times with it to clean something off your cheek.
"You had some blood there."
You sweep your fingers on the same spot right after, “you could’ve just told me.”
“Yeah, I could’ve,” but he’s amused at how annoyed you are right now and he’s playing right into that.
"Well, you should use the couch in the break room and get some rest."
"No, I don't need-"
"Frank," you cut him off, sternly, "I wasn't asking. You are not going anywhere. Take an Advil and go lay down, I'll bring an ice pack for your ribs."
"Yes, ma'am."
You take it as a win and while he rests, you make a quick run to the convenience store sitting catty-corner from the shelter and buy two ice packs.
His long figure is stretched out on the loveseat when you return, half asleep as far as you can see but his head suddenly lifts at the sound of your steps as you pad closer to him.
You kneel down by the couch and place one of the packs over his shirt, "this side?"
"Yeah, right there.”
He gazes at you, taking your hand softly, absentmindedly rubbing a thumb on your knuckles, as if he was trying to tell you something.
“Why are you always so good to me?” He asks after several seconds.
Your lips pull up in the corners, “you know why, Frank.”
“No, I don’t,” he scoffs, mirroring your smile, and locking eyes with you. And this is probably the first time you’ve seen him actively flirting with you.
“Do you need me to spell it out for you?”
It takes you aback how this is happening right now. Why is he asking you after all this time? It must have been blood loss or the bullet that grazed his head. You chalk it up to that.
Staring back at him, you quickly wet your lips, and without words you find yourself leaning closer to his face to brush your lips ever so soft against his. It’s feather-light and warm, and tingly from the scratching of his beard around your mouth.
Frank draws a breath, mumbling a raspy sweetheart as one of his hands moves to cup the back of your head. His lips part slightly, letting you in, but you take your time planting a few open-mouth kisses until your lips click together like two puzzle pieces.
No matter what bullshit you've been telling yourself to keep your feelings at bay, you're crazy about him without a doubt.
You use your lips to prove it; spelling it out for him– nice and slow, you mellow in the depth of his mouth for a long time, neither him nor you wanting to pull back any time soon. He uses his tongue as a hook to keep you exploring further and you take it. You close your eyes and swirl with him without moving as your heart beat picks up when he runs his fingers on your scalp.
You're still in an awkward position and, as you shift slightly on your knees, you lean a forearm on his chest, unintentionally, making him flinch and groan right in your mouth.
“Sorry, sorry,” you repeat quickly, breaking the kiss.
"It's okay," he's lively beaming, regardless of the pain, moving his hand to your face to trace your bottom lip with his thumb, "I like how you spell."
Tumblr media
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caribbean-ace · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop👩🏼‍🚒
Credits: (x)
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golden-barnes · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: Bucky has a long list of reasons to hate John Walker. But the fake Captain America deciding to flirt with you, definitely takes the cake.
Category: Smut 18+
Warning: Jealous Bucky is just soft dom! Bucky, dirty talk, penetrative sex, slight chocking, closet sex, and just John Walker being annoying
Word count: 1.9k
Author’s note: trying out this new format bc I liked the way it look when I did the Spencer Reid fic. A small spoiler warning for the newest FATWS episode but other than that it’s like an AU bc this really has nothing to do with yesterdays’ episode. Comment and reblog pls and thank you!
Tumblr media
There’s a lot to hate about John Walker. The fact that he is trying to replace Steve as a cheap version of Captain America. His stupid face and the way he handles the shield. Even the way he speaks comes off as pretentious and arrogant.
But what really made Bucky seethe with anger is the fact that his little beady eyes would not stop looking at you. Undressing you with his eyes. Taking in every move and gesture you made. It made Bucky’s blood boil. He kept clenching and unclenching his fist. How haven’t you noticed his insisting fucking starring? 
“Can you chip your teeth? Because I’m pretty sure you might by how clenched your jaw” Sam said, patting Bucky on the back. He just rolled his eyes but decided not to say anything. 
There was nothing that can be done. They made a silent pack not to anger the imposter. The government had asked Sam, Bucky and you to help out with a smuggling ring that they have discovered and low and behold, their little Captain America got his ass handed to him. They basically begged them to help. Bucky almost screamed a Fuck no into their faces but you managed to hold him off from punching the soldier that appeared at your apartment. 
You turned around and bent over to pick up something. You were unaware that the fake Captain America licked his crusty lips while looking at you. He kept eying you like a piece of meat. Bucky rolled his eyes again and turned to Sam who was quietly reading the reports.
“Can I punch him?” Bucky whispered to Sam.
“Do you want your pardon to be revoked?” Sam said to him, not even looking up from the reports.
“There’s nobody here. Y/N won’t say anything. You definitely won’t mind.” Bucky whispered, glaring at the blond man that kept staring at you. You clearly didn’t give a shit about him. Therefore, why was he still looking at you?
Sam rolled his eyes at his ex-assassin friend. “Yeah, and later we can steal the shield.” Sam looked up from the reports and pushed them to the side. 
“Exactly! Yeah, now that’s a plan.” Bucky said excitedly, standing up from his chair trying to make his way to John before being stopped by Sam, who grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him back into his chair. Before Bucky could protest, he heard you whistle at them. 
“Hey, guys! I think I have something.” You said. The three men surrounded you, while you were explaining how you found out the new base location for the smuggling ring.
Bucky tried his best to focus on what you were saying and your explanation, but he couldn’t help but notice that the Kmart version of Captain America was inching closer and closer to you. Didn’t this man have a wife? Bucky swore he read that somewhere. Why does he keep staring and getting closer to you?
“Oh! Sorry, ma’am.” The jackass said, when he “accidentally” bumped into you, he grabbed your waist and forearm to stabilize you. 
“It’s okay.“ You told him, and let out a soft chuckle. Bucky felt his pen explode in his hand. The three of you turned to the pouty super soldier who just rolled his eyes and went back to looking at the schematics. 
You knew something was up with Bucky. He didn’t say anything. Not after the pen exploding incident. Not even when you were joking around with Sam. He loved making witty comebacks to your jokes. It was your thing. 
But maybe it was John Walker’s presence that made it uncomfortable for him. You knew Bucky hated the guy, mostly cause he took Steve’s spot without earning it. But there was something more to this. Bucky has always had a staring problem, but the number of sharp glares he has been sending to Walker has been enough to alert anyone. You couldn’t comfort him, not without making it super apparent that you are dating. And Bucky had already expressed that he doesn’t want to publicize it unless it’s only Sam that’s around. 
“Agent Y/L/N, I think I found something,” Torres said, signaling to you to go follow him upstairs. You took one last look at Bucky, who was still glaring at the oblivious John Walker.
“Damn, I don’t know how you guys get any work done with that around you all the time,” John said, staring at you walking up the stairs. More specifically, staring at your ass. 
Bucky looked at Sam, almost begging him to let him punch the douchebag that is this man. But Sam gripped his forearm. Bucky will not lose his pardon like this. 
“How about we focus on the damn mission?” Bucky almost growled. John Walker put his hands up.
“I’m sorry man. It’s just- look at her.” John sat back and leaned into his chair. From the distance, he could see you talking to Torres. 
“C’mon man. You asked us for our help but we aren’t here to do all the work.” Sam said trying to be the peacemaker between the super-soldier with a murderous gaze and the soldier with the wondering eyes.
“Yeah. Yeah sorry.” John said trying to go back to the records. You were descending from the stairs and walking over to them. John brought his attention back to you. The way your hips would sway when you walked. The confidence in every step. Everything Bucky loved, and apparently fucking John did too.
“Guys, I think we need to rest for today. I am a little bit burned out. I think we all are.” You said, with your hands on your hips. Bucky felt his heart clench, you did look tired. Especially because you were almost doing all the work and piecing all of the clues. 
“That’s an incredible idea.” Sam said stretching in his chair. He also looked tired. It made Bucky feel bad that he has been focusing all his energy on glaring and not helping out. He almost felt guilty.
Almost because a surge of rage flows through him again. John “Can’t take a hint” Walker smirked at you while you were grabbing the files that were on the table. 
Bucky didn’t even give you a chance to say goodbye. To Sam or the annoying motherfucker that made Bucky want to break rule number 2.
“Woah, Buck. what are you doing?” You said while the brunet dragged you around the base. His grip on your forearm was hard but not enough for it to hurt. Bucky wouldn’t hurt you, not in any way you wouldn’t like it. 
There was something about how Bucky was walking, the silence, the way he was searching for something but never letting go of you.
Bucky opened up a closet door. 
“Get in, doll.”  He whispered in your ear, in a low deep voice. You let out a gasp, feeling goosebumps all over your body. You looked at Bucky in the eyes, and you knew he wasn’t in the mood for a fight. You entered the closet space without protesting.
It was a small storage closet. It barely had anything in it so you felt cramped. You turned to Bucky, while he closed the door. The man stalked towards you and you walked backward till your back hit the wall. Bucky had you cornered, and you didn’t mind it.
“Did you have fun, doll?” Bucky said, getting close to your face. His hands went to your hips, pulling you towards him. 
“Buck, what are you talking about?” You whispered to him. Bucky rolled his eyes and took one of his hands off your hips. Placing it on your neck, lightly applying some pressure to it. You gasped at his touch, he chuckled a bit at your reaction. 
“C’mon darling. Did you have fun playing around with the imposter Captain America? I mean he had fun looking at you. So I’m assuming that you had fun being looked at.” He said, with his hand still on your neck and his face inches away from your face. You looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes.
“Oh, you didn’t notice that. Well, I did. Maybe I should teach you who do you belong to. Would you like that sweetheart?” He said, his breath tickling your lip. You nodded, breathless. Bucky smiled at you.
The hand that was around your neck, went to your chin. Grabbing it and pulling you closer so that your lips would meet. His hands started to wander across your body, while yours looped around his neck. 
Your kisses started to grow hungrier, more desperate. As if Bucky spotted kissing you, you would fade away. His hands reached the zipper of your pants and pulled it down. Not even breaking from your kiss, Bucky managed to push your pants down. You break from your kiss to get out of them, while Bucky took off his pants and underwear.
He didn’t wait. He pushed you softly back on the wall and started to leave kisses and soft bites all over your neck. 
“Jump, baby girl,” He said softly against your skin, patting your butt.
 And you did just so. Wrapping your legs around his waist, with one of his hands on your ass and another moving your panties to the side. 
“Hold that there, baby. Let me make you feel so good.” Holding his neck with one hand, you moved another hand to hold your panties to the side, to make it easy for him.
“Good girl.”And with one thrust, he was inside you, hitting all the spot. You moaned and gripped the back of his neck tightly.
“Like that doll? Can anyone else do this to you uhn? C’mon doll give me everything you got.” With every word that came out of his mouth, he would thrust hard and deep into you. You felt lightheaded. Your legs tightening around his waist but his thrust wouldn’t stop.
“Fuck, Buck. Don’t stop.” You gasped. Bucky kept kissing your neck. Overloading your senses. You were close, you knew it. Bucky knew it. You could feel him grin against your skin.
“Who makes you feel this good, doll?” He asked. You gasped at his sudden change in pace. He started to thrust more desperately, less controlled. He was close too.
“You. Fuck, only you.Shit, Bucky. I’m going to cum.”  Bucky smirked at you.
“Then cum, doll.” Bucky silenced your cries with his lips. Still thrusting into you, letting you ride your high and getting to his. And that wouldn’t be long.
With one final thrust, Bucky came. He gave you a soft kiss on the lips and let you down.
“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You said, putting on your pants.
“I love you too, Y/N.” He smiled at you. You slapped his chest lightly, which made him laugh.
“I hope you realize that I would never go with discount Captain America over there.” You joked which made Bucky laugh even harder. You both were dressed and tried to look as decent as you could to leave the closet and the base.
“Let’s hope that fucking in an army base won’t be the reason you lose your pardon.” You said, grabbing Bucky’s hand, to give him reassurance. He gave you a smirk.
“Maybe if we let them watch, they won’t take it away,” Bucky replied to you, giving you a wink. 
“Yeah and get John Walker to join would also help your case.” Bucky stopped in his tracks and looked at you.
“Oh, you are gonna get it when we get home.” Now it was your turn to wink at your boyfriend.
“I’m hoping I do.” Bucky shook his head but pulled you closer to him. Wrapping his arm around your shoulders, walking towards the exit of the base. Confident that John Walker couldn’t take you away from him.
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sheetsonfire · a month ago
The Third Halstead
Fandom: Chicago Med
Characters: Connor Rhodes x Sister!Reader, Will Halstead, Jay Halstead
Genre: Angst, humour, drama
Warnings: swearing, brief mention of miscarriage, reference to injury
Word Count: 2126
Requested by Anon: I have a plot twist story; when connor rhodes younger sister gets a job as a new trauma surgeon. sharon calls will and jay into the office, with dr charles there aswell, both of them are confused as to why they’re there, but sharon tells them that when were looking for blood for a patient when they were in an emergency, pd, fire, med all donated blood. sharon explains that they check for blood type and If there similar dna, dr charles then explains that she is their sister which leaves them shocked. sharon is called into the ER as connor and his father are arguing, they follow. then they see their sister, she turns to her dad and tells him ‘dad, no offence but If your not here to donate money for the hospital, there’s three exits take one and leave’ she tells connor to take a walk. she then looks at claire and tells her If she doesn’t leave aswell she will punch her in the face, the reader then gets back to work, sharon then looks at the boys and says ‘I hope your sister isn’t as stubborn as the both of you’ then walks away with pride.
It’s another day at your new job in Chicago Med’s ED, so far you had seemingly fit in well. You had managed to get along with everyone, especially Maggie and Will Halstead. You’re already rolling your eyes as you spy a certain redhead at the nurses' desk, making eye contact with Will who has that mischievous look on his face. 
“Maggie, remind me, who said it was a good idea to have a second Rhodes on the loose in the ED?” 
You shake your head, laughing. Slyly holding up a middle finger to him. “Bite me, Halstead.” 
Will leans against one of the counters at the nurses’ station with an amused smugness. He loved to tease you, knowing you dished it back just as good. 
“I’m good, thanks though.”
Maggie shakes her head, still unable to conceal the entertained smile on her face, wagging her finger at Will as you disappear into the locker room. “Can you two behave today? If I had known she’d fuel your childishness, I’d have told Sharon to turn her away.” 
Will snorts, arms crossed defiantly. “No you wouldn’t, you love Connor too much and she’s a damn good doctor and surgeon.”
Maggie hums, shrugging in agreement, but a glint of mischievousness flashes in her eyes. “Well, there’s always the option of getting you to clean up after April’s patients today, so simmer down.”
Will holds his hands up in surrender, kissing Maggie’s cheek, “Yes ma’am.” 
“Yeah yeah, go on, you’ve got a lego stuck up a teen’s nose in 4.”
“A teen’s nose?”
You come out of the locker room having removed your jacket and set your bag away, ID clipped to your scrubs and stethoscope hanging around your neck. It never got old wearing the burgundy scrubs with your name on them, “Trauma Surgery” neatly stitched underneath. 
Sauntering over to Maggie you lean against the desk, giving her your most effusive smile. She shakes her head exasperatedly, still smiling all the same. 
“Don’t you start, I just got rid of your partner in crime.”
“Oh Mags, you love us really.”
“Mhm, let me think about that.” 
You pout, whining her name to which she concedes, “Fine, I love you. But now I’d love you more if you went to 2 and saw Mrs Heatherson and her infected toe.” 
You grimace, sighing heavily, “Mh, the things we do for the love of the profession and beloved colleagues. Right away, Charge Nurse Lockwood.” You give a small salute, spinning around to head to cubicle 2. 
As you’re cleaning the infected area of Mrs Heatherson’s toe, your familial Spidey-senses start tingling. You stop in your swabbing of the foul-smelling foot and listen, smiling awkwardly at Mrs Heatherson who raises an eyebrow. 
“Sorry, Mrs Heatherson, just thought I heard something.”
“Oh, that’s quite alright. And call me Valerie.”  
“Of course, Valerie. We’re nearly done cleaning, I’ll wrap this up shortly.” 
The elderly woman simply smiles, humming a tune that sounded like it could belong to a song from the 50s or 60s. It made you smile too. 
That was until the Spidey-sense activated again, this time it was considerably louder. And it was undeniable, that yes, you were more than certain you could hear your brother and your dad arguing in the middle of the ED. 
You gritted your teeth, unable to currently leave to see what the hell was going on. So you remained diligent at your task, moving as quickly yet thoroughly as possible. 
Unbeknownst to you, Will was not in the ED witnessing the cage match between your father and brother quickly escalating. He was with his own sibling, Jay - the detective, in Sharon Goodwin’s office, with the additional company of Dr Charles.
“Thank you both for coming, please take a seat.” Sharon gestures to the chairs opposite her desk, with Dr Charles to the side on another seat. 
Will and Jay glance at each other, mirroring each other’s posture as they sit, hands fidgeting uneasily on their legs. Eager to know what the hush-hush meeting was about, especially with psychology seemingly getting involved. 
“Ms Goodwin, can you tell us why we’re here now?” 
Sharon smiles, she was well used to Will Halstead’s eager and impatient demeanour. Alternatively, Jay remains sitting silently and politely, curious to know what Will’s boss could need him for exactly. 
“As you know we’ve recently rolled out a programme amongst the city’s first responders, inviting anybody willing to donate blood to do so. In order to increase the chances of matches for those that need donations most. You both, of course, are two of those people who donated.”
The two brothers nod, waiting for her to continue. 
“It has come to light that in the process of donation we were becoming more reliant on the DNA matches, as well as type matches. As you may know, the DNA of these blood donations can better suit someone who is getting a marrow transplant for example… so, indeed that was one of the things pathology was looking at for a patient a few days ago. And... well, the system provided some results that involved the both of you.”
Jay shifts in the seat, curiosity almost having him leaning in, “Ms Goodwin, what are you telling us exactly?” 
It’s then that Dr Charles clears his throat, grabbing the Halsteads’ attention, “Your DNA came to an almost certain match to Y/F/N Rhodes. And her only, not Connor nor their father. Suggesting that, well, did your parents have a child put up for adoption?” 
Jay and Will look at each other in what is clear surprise and shock, they knew their mother had been expecting when they were already in elementary school, but they had been told that their mother had miscarried, just months before she had first been diagnosed with cancer.
“Oh my god.” Will lets out a stunned breath. 
“They gave her up,” Jay says it like a statement, but it has agitation to it. 
Will rests a hand on his brother’s shoulder. 
Dr Charles contributes once again, “We think that in your mother’s first battle with cancer, her doctors may have advised her to have the baby early, receive the appropriate premature care and then put her, put Y/N, up for adoption. They likely wouldn’t have been able to care for a newborn child, two young boys and deal with your mother’s illness at the same time.” 
Will is about to ask something else when an urgent knock grabs their attention, all four heads turn to see the door open to reveal a harassed looking April. 
“Nurse Sexton?” Sharon gives a look of concern, standing to move towards her.
“Sorry to interrupt, it’s Connor and his dad… they’re fighting in the middle of the ED.” 
Sharon can only clench her jaw in irritation, no surprise, as she is often used to the antics of Cornelius Rhodes and Connor’s ever strong defiance of him. Will and Jay immediately stand to follow, with Dr Charles in tow to play peacekeeper if necessary.
“You are a benefactor, a charitable patron, NOT this hospital’s owner or king, and you certainly don’t get to talk to staff members in the way that you do.” Connor prods at his father’s chest, crowding him back towards the waiting room and the exit. 
Cornelius shrugs him off, Claire standing beside your ‘father’ with a terse pout on her lips, “Connor, I was merely suggesting to Leah that a system based on patient contribution to the hospital would better reflect the value that goes into the departments.” 
“You belittled her and accused her of not being sufficiently invested in the hospital’s wellbeing, and you’re saying you want the people who pay higher bills to get priority?” 
“Well, it wouldn’t hurt the hospital’s finances, lord knows I shouldn’t have to fund everything around here and not even see the results I want to see. And Leah would do well to show some enthusiasm on my ideas.” 
“You’re insane.”
“Here we go, namecalling because you know I’m right. You behave like a little boy sometimes, Connor.” 
“And you behave like a sanctimonious-” 
“PRICK!” The eruption of anger from Connor’s voice makes you and Mrs Heatherson jump. You eye the older woman with an apologetic smile, 
“Valerie, would you excuse me a moment? I’m all done here, but let me just go and see what all that commotion’s about, and then we can see about getting you released alright?” 
Mrs Heatherson worries her lip, nodding. “That sounds best, dear. I’ll wait here.”
“Great. I’ll be right back, and if you need anything you can press this call button right here, okay?” 
“Thank you, I’ll be alright.” 
You pat her knee before standing up, swiping the curtain aside before quickly closing it. Marching across the ED towards your brother and father, noticing with disdain that your sister was also present. 
Claire had never liked you since the day your adopted parents had brought you home, a newborn baby was only another distraction and intrusion on the attention she craved but ultimately never got. As the years had gone by you had realised that Claire was probably very lonely and felt isolated, you had seen how upset it made her. With a mother gone and father always working, you had done your best at the tender age of 8 to make friends with your older ‘sister’. But she would outright refuse your company, which only festered into a rivalship going into your teens, and then once Claire had started working for Cornelius in the summers, you had taken to Connor. Connor would always include you as best he could, the both of you got on famously. He ultimately ended up inspiring you to follow in his footsteps to med school. 
That’s how you got to Med, and that’s how you were standing in the ED, arms crossed, in the middle of your family feud. 
“What the hell is going on?” You hissed, instantly coming to stand by Connor’s side, glancing at him and then your father.
In his ever condescending tone when it came to you, Cornelius answered, “This doesn’t concern you, Y/N. Your brother and I were simply having a disagreement.” 
Your jaw clenches, Connor rarely got irate in public, unless Cornelius was disrupting the harmony of the hospital. “Well, knowing you dad you’re probably sticking your nose in where your money doesn’t get you. The ED isn’t the place for financial meetings. So, time to go.”
Claire takes a step towards you, eyes cold and voice harsh, “Oh, you just love to throw your weight around now that you’re with our big brother in the hospital, hm? Always too good for me and dad.”
You scoff, incredulous as yet again Claire accused you of not being committed to the family when all you had done was try for her. 
Just as you step into Claire’s face, foreheads almost touching like bulls locking horns, Connor holds onto your arm. You were unaware that Ms Goodwin, Jay, Will and Dr Charles were all bearing witness to your simmering anger about to boil over. Unable to stop the volume of your voice, now you knew why Connor did it too. 
“Claire, I’m going to be very clear, if you don’t take dad and go in the next minute, I will drag you out of here. So move.” 
Cornelius takes Claire’s hand gently, tugging her away from you before she could do anything physically aggressive. 
“Let’s go, Claire, I’ll be having words with the board about her conduct.” 
You watch as they leave, chest heaving with heavy breaths of rage, seething that your dad would try to jeopardise your new career at Med. You find yourself trying to come back to planet earth as Connor wraps an arm around your shoulder. 
“Don’t worry about it, alright? They can’t do a damn thing,” 
From their viewpoint, Jay and Will stand with surprised expressions, you hadn’t seemed the type to get so confrontational. Dr Charles exhales, knowing he’d have to debrief you and Connor on this whole debacle. Ms Goodwin stands with her eyebrows raised, a half-smile of pride on her lips, turning to the Halstead brothers she quips,
“Now, if you ever needed some extra evidence… that was Halstead stubbornness in play if I've ever seen it, I just hope she doesn’t cause as much trouble for me as you have, William.” 
She gives a small laugh at her own words, manoeuvering around the brothers to go and speak to you and Connor. Jay snorts at Sharon’s comment, earning a smack upside the head from Will.
“Holy shit, we have a sister.” Jay rubs at his skull.
“That we do. Now what?” Will murmurs, still watching you in awe. 
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Shall we, Love?
Tumblr media
Word count: 3535
Summary: Emotions run high when you and Marc are faced with the sudden disappearance of Steven.
Tags/content warning: Drinking (wine), Kinda set in an au ish post ep 6, Maybe Marc is ooc idk, Marc’s a bit of an asshole, angst, Steven comforting you, Fluff, happy ending, Dissociative Identity Disorder, reader is unaware of Jake just yet, my beta reader is incredible guys if she still had a tumblr I’d tag her
Disclaimer: If I at all come across as rude or disrespectful to people with DID, please let me know. My experience and research for DID is somewhat limited to youtube/knowledge from Moon Knight and ongoing internet research.
How long had you waited?
Glancing at your phone for what felt like the upteenth time, you let out a small sigh, drumming your fingers against the table.  You had witnessed exactly three couples sit down at the tables next to you, order their food, eat their food, and then leave. An hour or two? How many waiters had been by to ask if you were still waiting, only to be met with sad smiles from you with a a small ‘yes’. 
You had waited so long for this dinner. You loved Marc to death, more than anything- but a night out with Steven was always a special treat. You even went as far to plan the reservations at the best vegan restaurant in London. Everything was perfect: Your outfit, the table, the weather, everything. The only downside? Steven never showed. You glanced at your phone one more time, checking to see if Steven had bothered to text that he was late or something. This wasn’t like him, not often anyways. 
“Another glass, ma’am?” The waiter approaching your table made you jump. He held out the bottle of wine that matched the liquid you were slowly nursing in your cup. 
“Oh, sure. Why not?” You held your glass up, watching as the waiter filled the glass back up with a dark red liquid. You felt a bit light at the alcohol in your system, but nothing near inebriated. Nothing about this was right. Steven never just stood you up unless something was happening. Even Marc, whoyou texted multiple times to ask what was going on, hadn’t even bothered to message you back. 
Slowly, over the course of another half an hour, you drained your glass and eventually  stood up from the table. Paying the check (and on an empty stomach as well), you stormed over to the bus stop and back to your shared flat with Steven and Marc. You didn’t know if the gnawing feeling in your stomach was from the variety of emotions you were feeling – be it worry or anger – or if you were just hungry from the lack of dinner. 
Marc groaned as he sat up in bed, pushing the blankets off of himself as he adjusted his eyes to the flat around him. His head felt like it had taken a good couple of punches, aching and spinning as he woke up. To be fair, he thought, he kinda had. How many days ago was that though? His mind felt blank, quiet. Quiet. For the first time since the Field of Reeds. It was a feeling that sunk his heart into his stomach nearly instantly. It was wrong, it felt wrong. 
“Steven? You there?” Marc waited for Steven’s voice, cocky british accent and all, to pipe up again – but nothing happened. “Steven?” Marc glanced around, trying to keep a level head instead of exploding into a panic. Slowly, he got up, shifting his weight as he got out of bed. The strap on his ankle made him do a double take as he quickly undid it. Carefully, Marc walked around Steven’s flat, glancing around at the books and various knick knacks scattered about the place. 
“Steven, buddy, you in there?” Marc felt the panic start to set in, rubbing his face and looking around some more. He gave a nervous laugh, looking around as he walked through the flat. He leaned over to the fishtank and various reflective surfaces, trying to see if he could get a glimpse of Steven in his reflection. 
“Come on, Bud. You can have the body, whatever you want, just let me know you’re there.” He rubbed at his eyes again, as if it would refresh his brain and Steven would be waiting. Out of the corner of his eye, Marc caught a bright yellow note posted to the corner of the fish tank, words written in your neat and tidy scrawl: 
Steven- Mildreds Soho, 6 pm, Don’t be late! 
Marc groaned, reaching for the side table where his cellphone was plugged into the wall and charging. Several unread texts from you lit up his phone, and Marc could just guess that Steven’s phone, also charging next to his, had some as well. The time read nearly 8pm. 
Not only was your bus late, but it had started raining halfway through your walk home. You were worried and angry and now soaked to the bone, as well as hungry and cold. Marc and Steven better have been saving the world from something major for you to forgive something like this. Sliding the key into the lock, and doing your best to shake off the dripping water from your raincoat, you made your way into the flat, grateful that it was warm and you could finally at least change into dry clothes. 
The moment you turned your back from locking the door behind you, your eyes landed on the person standing in the room with you. From the way he held his body and the way his mannerisms were displayed, you could just tell it was Marc. Setting your bag and coat down, you crossed your arms, looking at him expectedly. 
“Okay, what gives?” You pause for a moment, second guessing yourself on if it actually was Marc. You softened your tone a bit, taking a breath and relaxing your arms. “I mean…I- Who’s fronting right now?” 
“It’s me.” Marc’s unmistakable voice flooded the flat and for just a moment, made your heart flutter. Various emotions flickered through your face. Relief, anger, sadness, love, then back to anger. Marc seemed to follow the emotions you went through, before a look of relief fell over his face. “Look, I know this looks not…great, I just woke up and I’m not really sure what’s going on and-” You crossed your arms a bit, a bit exasperated. Didn’t you leave a note? What was going on with them? 
“I had dinner plans. With Steven. About two hours ago. That’s what’s going on.” Marc stood there, looking back to the note and then to his cell phone. He opened his mouth to speak before you interrupted him again. Were you overreacting? Yes, probably, but damn it you were looking so forward to the dinner.  “Are you guys having some sort of fight over who gets the body or something?” Each day was a new learning experience with Marc and Steven. You sometimes didn’t fully understand it, didn’t always use the right terms or language around the topic, but you were learning. You were trying. 
“No, it’s not like that it’s just-” Marc tried to get a few words out, but you were on a tangent now. 
“I mean I would have just liked one night where I could have a lovely dinner with Steven but if that’s even going to be too complicated then I just-” 
“Steven’s gone.” Marcs words cut through the air like a sword swinging through skin. Sharp and sudden. They hung there, leaving you silent and struggling to understand. You opened and closed your mouth several times, gaping like a fish out of water. For a moment you didn’t know what to ask or what to say. Finally, your brain connected to your mouth and let you form a coherent thought. Marc had started to pace in the meanwhile, going from the fish tank and looking inside it to the pile of books on the other side of the room. 
“What do you mean he’s gone? How can he just be gone?”  You ask, your voice a bit quieter than before. Marc just shook his head, still pacing. Watching him go back and forth almost made your head dizzy; between the racing thoughts of Steven being gone somehow, and moving your head back and forth, you had to focus on the floor. 
“I don’t…know. Or Understand. Something happened and Steven fell off the boat protecting me and he somehow turned into a … a sand statue? But I got him back… at least I thought I did. Now he’s just gone. Not fronting, nothing. No reflections talking back at me, nothing.”  
You blinked, more confused than you were a minute ago. He had talked about the boat before, about the strange hospital limbo he was in, you knew about Khonshu and everything to do with the suit, but that had all been several days ago. 
“I don’t understand, that was a while ago. You’ve been out and about since then. You bought an extra fish for the tank, did grocery shopping and everything. Did you have a..dream or something that would make him go into hiding?” You tried to approach the subject carefully, but this was getting to be a bit much, even for you. Was there a third alter walking around for him that you weren’t aware of? Marc just shook his head in response.
“I remember fighting Harrow, and then I was suddenly back in the hospital. Then I just woke up and-” He shrugged. “Gone.” 
Every emotion of being mad was gone. Suddenly, you could forgive Steven missing the dinner; Suddenly, you felt your worse fear becoming true and the worry overcoming you. You felt your body go slightly numb, like you couldn’t feel your finger tips and toes anymore. Your head swam, cast suddenly under a thick fog. You leaned up against the nearest bookshelf; Suddenly, even looking at the books reminded you of Steven. Everything in this place screamed Steven. Not ever seeing his face again sent a unnerving chill through your body. Did you love him a whole lot more than you thought? 
“We had a dinner planned.” You managed to get out, talking to no one. Marc suddenly stopped pacing, turning to look at you and take a few steps forward. His eyes looked confused, as if his own head was turning. You had to imagine he was just as upset as you were. 
“I’m still here, aren’t I? We can still go out we just…we just need to figure out what’s going on.” He rubbed at his face again, messing up his curls so his hair was more slicked back. You nod, rubbing your own face. You didn’t want to just accept that one of the men you loved could possibly be gone that quickly. Surely, there had to be an explanation. 
“I know I’m just… You know what I mean.” Marc looked at you, a look you hadn’t really seen from him before. It made you wanna shrink away from him and hide. 
“No? I don’t. Is Steven suddenly more important?” His voice was sharp and defensive at the same time. He had a bit more of a temper than Steven, sure, you were used to that- but it had been a hot minute since you had been witness to it. It made you flinch. You turned your back to him, face red and hot from both the change in temperature and the burning of tears pricking at the corner of your eyes. 
“Marc that isn’t…that isn’t fair. Don’t say things like that.” You paused to collect your thoughts and breath, which seemed to come out shakier by the second. “I just saw him the other day, I swear. We made the dinner plans and then-” 
“Say it.” 
You looked confused, turning to face him- though you averted your eyes from staring at him directly. He was just stressed, you told yourself. Both him and you were freaking out at the loss of the british man. 
“Say what?” 
“Say that you don’t care about me and Steven matters more.” Marc said. His own voice sounded sad, like he didn’t want to know the answer.  You shook your head, sucking in a stutter-y breath.
“Stop it, Marc. Stop it.” You bit out, frantically trying to keep control of your emotions and repress the tears that wanted to flow. Why was he being like this? “This isn’t fair. You know I-” 
“Do you just…like him better or something? Are you going to leave now that he’s gone?” Marc himself sounded like he was crying now, though you tried to wrap your head around why. If this was stress making him act out, you didn’t understand it. Marc continued, his voice soft and cracking. “Do you just not love me anymore?” 
You shook your head, a move you realized may have been taken wrong. Tears started rolling down your cheeks as you furrowed your eyebrows. You gathered up enough bravery to stare at Marc, a look of anger in your eyes bleeding in between the tears. You hated fighting with him, but he was being beyond ridiculous. 
“Stop it. You aren’t being fair right now. This isn’t fair on me…or yourself.” You wiped at a few more tears, turning your back again and lifting your jacket off the coat rack, shaking it out vigorously to get the excess raindrops off. As if that was going to hide you crying and distract you enough to stop. Marc had gone silent, though your brain was racing a million miles a minute. If he needed a minute, then fine, you were grateful for it. 
“Oi, mate, you’re scaring her, quit it.” Steven’s accent was unmistakable. It was a relief, like the sun peeking through stormclouds and clearing away any rain. You hadn’t seen Marc and Steven switch that quickly before. You certainly hadn’t expected Steven anytime soon, especially not after Marc claimed he was gone. You felt silly for getting upset now. Silly and a bit confused. Slowly, you turned, coat placed back on the coat rack and your face still splotchy with tears. Steven was glancing around, staring into the various reflective surfaces, a look of confusion spread across his face. 
“Steven?” Upon hearing his name, Steven looked right up at you, his eyes wide and curious before flattening to a look of worry. “Marc said you were gone.” You wiped at your face again, trying to hide the tear stains and snot. 
“Yeah, well l’m not. Dunno what he’s blabbering about.” He shrugged, scratching the top of his head. He took a step forward, the look of worry now etched onto his face, the wrinkles near his eyes crinkling. “Are you alright, love? I’m right here,” He patted his arms and torso, as if to reassure both your and himself that he was corporeal. “See? Two arms..two legs, a body. All fine.” 
Giving a small smile, you wiped your hand on your pants from the tears, choking out a half sob, half laugh as you strode across the small space and crashed yourself into Steven’s arms. A small part of you felt sour internally, because it was also Marc’s body- Marc’s body who also made you cry and tried to get you to admit you didn’t love him. Steven let out a grunt as you crashed into him, your head tucking neatly into the crook of his neck and his into yours. 
“Sorry I missed our dinner, I can make it up, ya?” Steven asked, a bit squished from the grip you had on his torso. You merely nodded, trying to find the strength to form words from the back of your throat. 
“You can’t scare me like that again. I thought I- I thought I lost you. And Marc- “ 
“Was being a right twat. Think he was just scared,  ‘is what he was.” His hands were soothingly rubbing your back, holding you close. You sniffed. 
“He’s got a lousy way of showing it, then. I do love him. I do. I married him, but I just-” You paused, inhaling the scent of Marc and Steven’s cologne and sighed. “I love you too.” You admitted, softly. Steven made a shushing noise, still gripping you. 
“Hey, shhh, it’s alright, ya? Everything’s just all…bonkers lately. But I’m here now.” His voice was soothing, his embrace warm. You pulled back from him for just a moment, resting your chin on his chest to look up at him. Steven awkwardly looked down, almost crossing his eyes to get a better look at your face. 
“Do you remember anything? Marc said something about a boat and a …sand statue and-” Steven hugged you tighter, pushing your head lightly back into his chest. 
“Best not to think about that right now…Don’t wanna think about it much myself.” 
You pulled back again, untangling yourself from Steven’s grip and standing back so you could face him properly. You prayed your face wasn’t splotchy anymore, though you sniffed once. You were past crying now, you told yourself. Now you would heal things. 
“Can I…can I talk to Marc for a second?” You asked, your voice soft and almost unsure. What if Marc didn’t want to talk to you? Steven nodded, adjusting his shirt and shaking his arms out- almost as if he was preparing himself for the switch. 
“ ‘Course love, long as Marc behaves himself, yeah?” He looked into the mirror on the post in his flat for emphasis, like he was scolding Marc. A small smile crept up onto your face as you took a step back. You hadn’t really witnessed a switch between Marc and Steven in person before. They could switch a lot faster now now that they could co-front. You reached a hand out for a moment, before tugging it back, wondering if you were too late to interrupt Steven for a moment – or if you should interrupt at all. 
“You’ll come back? After? We can get some food?” You asked, tentatively. Steven nodded, a warm smile on his face. He disassociated for a moment, staring just at the wall behind you for a second before you could see him jolt back into reality. It was that quick. 
You felt your eyes start to sting with the threat of tears once again upon seeing Marc, though you batted them away quickly before he could notice. You stood there, gripping your own sleeve with your hand, unsure of what to do. Marc took two steps towards you and much like Steven’s own grip, engulfed you in a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around you like he was shielding you from something. 
“I’m sorry.” 
“I’m sorry.” 
You both spoke at the same time, almost in sync with each other. A small giggle blurted out from your lips, though muffled by Marc’s chest. Despite the same body, being held by him felt different than being held by Steven. Steven was more soothing, Marc was more affirming. You felt Marc place a kiss on the top of your head, burying his face in your slightly damp hair. He breathed out a single amused breath. 
“I love you. I love you and I love Steven. Please don’t think I don’t love you. I couldn’t bear to lose you or him.” Your voice still sounded muffled, almost amusingly so. If you weren’t so comfortable in his embrace, then you would probably be squeaking out that you couldn’t breath. You didn’t mind, though. Marc placed another kiss on your head, this one held for just the tiniest bit longer. 
“I know. I’m sorry. I love you too. I was just a…what’d Steven call me?” 
“A twat.” 
Marc chuckled. “I was a twat. I take back what I said, it was… out of line. Out of character, I guess. It’s just all so..it’s gonna take some getting used to.” You pulled back from him, forcing his grip to loosen so you could look at the man you married, just the same as you did with Steven. 
“Like you and Steven fronting so rapidly now?” Another chuckle rumbled from Marc’s chest. 
“Yeah, like that.” Marc looked behind you for a moment, back at the little mirror that was tacked to the wall in the bathroom. You looked behind yourself, looking at Marc’s reflection in the mirror. All you saw was him, but Marc nodded, confirming something. He spun you around so you were facing him, earning a small laugh out of you, before he leaned down and peppered your face and lips with nearly a dozen kisses. Steven must have given him a nudge in the right direction. 
Your laughter filled the flat, and you gripped Marc’s arm as you squirmed away. He was grinning now too as he pulled you closer to him once again. He rested his forehead on yours as you both settled down, both at peace with your apologies and affirmations of love. You were a little dizzy. 
“Are you still up for some food? I don’t know if the restaurant will give us our reservation back but I’m sure we can find something?” Marc asked you, his hands rubbing up and down your arms. You nodded, suddenly aware of your growling stomach that had only had wine in it. 
“Can Steven come? I mean…well you know, can both of you come?” You put an emphasis on ‘both’, wanting nothing more than a dinner with both of your boys. A moment of silence before Marc’s face changed as a whole, Steven popping in suddenly. 
“Course I can, same body, innit?” He grinned goofily, his hands still resting where Marc had placed them. He moved so he was offering his singular arm out. “Shall we, love?”
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hinasakuino · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay first things first there should be way more cliche Naruhina one bed fics and I will die on this hill! secondly, I’ve hit a huge writers block but this was the first piece I could complete and I’m kinda proud of this, Hope you all enjoy :)
Nsfw under cut, including oral (f receiving) fingering, penetration, creampie, 18+ minors dni pls :) 4k> words.
Hinata stared in disbelief at the small space in front of her. She clutched her bag tightly in her fist and looked around the small space once again. This had to be a mistake right? She thought to herself. To say she was shocked was an understatement. She knew he meant well but surely Naruto realized train cars like these were more suitable for couples, considering how small the space was. There was room for a chair and a television in the corner, and a space for their baggage above but the bed took up the majority of the space. It felt too intimate. She looked up at Naruto who was looking away from her gaze.
           “Excuse me, ma’am, is there a problem?” One of the attendants approaches her, and she shakes her head no and shuts her mouth.  She looks up embarrassed when she feels Naruto’s hand pressing into the lower of her back. She was so shocked and in her own world that she didn’t see nor hear the angry grumbles of the other passengers. There wasn’t much space in the halls either. She scuttled into the space, choosing to sit on the chair, it was a recliner big enough for her to sleep, she risked a glance at Naruto settling on the bed. He moved the vent towards himself and turned the knob on high and leaned back on his arms letting the cool air hit his skin. It was hot, she didn’t blame him, but she cursed him for looking so good as he relaxed. Mentally she was screaming and punching the air, this was going to be a long train ride, and she hoped to god there weren’t any delays. It was 8:58 pm on a Sunday, and after a nice weekend in Hokkaido, Hinata and Naruto were now headed to Tokyo to sightsee. Truthfully she was in Hokkaido for work, which was just taking photo’s for the Nature Magazine that she was working with. Because the company hired and paid her for this trip they also gave her a plus one. She was supposed to be here with her sister, but she ditched Hinata in favor for a concert. Hinata wasn’t mad really, Naruto was great, he mostly acted as a bodyguard, warding off the unwanted male attention while she worked. And they got to hang out at all of the cool places in the city. The real problem here was the amount of times Hinata has found herself speechless and practically melting at Naruto’s suggestive and flirty comments. What can she say? She was a sucker for the blonde. Hence why the current rooming situation had left her too stunned to speak.
           “Hey, can you hand me a bottle of water please?” He asks her, he swallows and watches as she digs around in their snack bag for his drink. She looked really adorable in his opinion. She was wearing a white tennis skirt with a lavender halter top, it complimented her so well, he wanted to tell her so many times, but he didn’t want to come across as creepy. He was starting to regret this transportation mode, her shocked state still present as she handed him the water. There was a faint blush painting her cheeks, she ducked her head when their fingers brushed together. He thanked her and opened the cap, taking a sip and then placing the bottle in the cupholder. 
           “There’s an arcade it’s not much but we can go there and then the dining car.” He suggests after a few beats of silence. She doesn’t answer immediately but she nods to acknowledge his statement. 
           “I think I’ll just purchase a shower token and go to bed.” She squeaks. Naruto glances at her and feels bad, she looks nervous. He reaches for the bag next to him and pulls out an envelope and hands her two shower cards. She looks at him wide-eyed and then she realizes he’s handing her something. She smiles sweetly.
           “Aren’t these limited? I feel bad we should give one to another passenger.” She frowns slightly and reads the words on the back, her eyes go wide when she sees the time limited, “Never mind, Five minutes per passengers is kind of weird. I can’t even wash my hair in five minutes.” She grumbles, tucking the cards into the front of her pockets. She freezes and then stares at Naruto.
           “You have a shower card as well don’t you?” She asks him, a hint of worry in her voice. He nods and fishes his cards out of the envelope. She lets out a breath of relief and goes back to looking at her phone. Naruto feels less worried now that they’re talking.
           “I didn’t know it was going to be like this,” He gestures as much as he could, and she stifles a laugh. “Otherwise I would’ve booked a separate room, like the hotels.” He finally admits. She nods her head in understanding, her opaque eyes meet his bright blue ones, and he smiles looking away. Now that that’s out of the way, this was going to be a breeze. He thought to himself.
              That was four hours ago, and boy he couldn’t have been more wrong. He was watching a show on his phone having swapped places with Hinata who was curled up in bed reading. The arcade was only available during the daytime, and the dining car had stopped seating at 9:00pm. Luckily Hinata bought those Bentos at the train station, on top of the snacks, they had vending machines on board for drinks as well as snacks. The problem though wasn’t the food, and entertainment. He was having a hard time concentrating on anything when Hinata was there just existing. If Shikamaru was here he’d laugh and tell him how he was ‘So down bad.” For Hinata.
           He coughs awkwardly and looks away when he realizes she’s staring at him staring at her. She giggles and hides her face in the book. She had showered and washed her hair and while away from Naruto she decided to facetime Ino who encouraged her that she had to make a move and confess her feelings, now or never. Hinata walked the short trip from the showers to her room, with a little pep in her step. Just as she was putting the code in, Naruto slid the door open and jumped back in surprise. She smiled and stepped aside for him to get out so she can get in. The jacket she was wearing covered her sleepwear, a loose fitting tank top, she opted out of the bra per Ino and wore shorts that stopped a little above her knee. His eyes lingered on her as she stripped of the jacket.
           “I’m gonna shower.” He announced in a strained voice. He grabbed his bag from the storage space and slammed the door shut. Hinata felt her face burning, she didn’t realize the true effect she had on him. When he came back, he was still in his awkward state, she felt bad for catching him off guard, but it excited her to catch him staring.
           It was well past one in the morning when they decided to call it a night. Hinata had been dozing off while staring at the passing city. Naruto had turned the tv on watching sports highlights on mute. The room was quiet save for Naruto’s tossing and turning. After his fifth loud sigh, Hinata turned on the light squinting at him with her sleepy eyes.
“Sorry. This recliner isn’t that comfy.” He supplies.
“Do you want to swap? I thought it was big enough for me to sleep in, I wouldn’t mind switching.” She says sleepily. She flings the cover back and scoots to the edge of the bed.
           “Hell no, if my mom heard I made a girl sleep in a recliner and there was a perfectly fine bed in the room she’d kick my ass. I’ll be fine.” He insists. Hinata doesn’t buy it. She slowly crawls back in and feels a little guilty because there’s also more than enough room in the bed for him. She turns the light off and whispers goodnight.
           It’s silent for a good five minutes before Naruto moves and groans again. Hinata flips the light switch on again. He looks at her innocently and holds his hands up.
           “Just get in bed with me.” She groans, offering the covers. Naruto gulps, his eyes traces over her body not so subtly. She’s rid herself of those shorts and was now wearing the tank top and a pair of black cotton panties. He rose slowly and crawled in the bed. Amazed that there was still room for them to not touch and they’d both be comfortable. Hinata turns over and tells him to turn the light off, he does as he’s told, and he lies flat on his back trying to control his breathing. He whispers ‘goodnight’ and tries his best to relax.
             Hinata faces the window, her cheeks are red of course. She had forgotten she wasn’t wearing her shorts anymore. She could feel the heat of his body, and it took everything in her to not turn and latch onto him. She listened to his breathing, she couldn’t tell if he was asleep or not. She turned so that she was lying on her stomach. She stretched her leg up and cuddled her pillow closer, tossing her head and hoping it seemed like a natural movement. Naruto had his eyes squeezed shut tight, his hands rested on his chest balled into each other.
           Without thinking, Hinata reached her hand on top of his, she felt him stiffen. She sighed and pulled a hand free; she laced their fingers together and watched as he slowly relaxed until she heard the soft snores and steady breathing from him. She high fived herself mentally and found herself being lulled to sleep from the movement of the train as well as the sounds from the sleeping man next to her.
              The next morning, Hinata wakes up entirely way too warm. She recalls the actions from the night before and freezes when she realizes she is in fact tangled with Naruto. She peeks up at his sleeping form, he’s pulled her close, she’s tucked perfectly to his side, the thought makes her hot all over. She reaches for her phone blindly and grabs it. The time reads four in the morning, she yawns, scotting away from her bed partner and falls asleep with her back turned towards him.
              The morning broadcast is what wakes the both of them.  It’s eight o’clock, well that’s what she hears from the conductor. Her sleepy mind listens as she cuddles closer to the warmth. She’s half listening really, it’s so warm she feels like she could fall asleep again until she hears the conductor’s next sentence.
           “There’s now been an added four hour delay due to inclimate weather, although we are working hard to find alternate routes to get you all to your destination. Thanks again for riding with us and have a great morning.”
             Naruto is still asleep, so she puts on her sleep shorts, she finds her bag and phone and makes her way to the bathroom to get changed for today.
           Naruto wakes up just as he hears the door sliding shut. He looks to his right immedicably and sighs in relief when he finds the spot next to him empty. He grabs his phone and checks the time. He sees a text from his mom and then another from Shikamaru. He ignores them and places his phone back down, he runs a hand through his hair as he sits up, he slept great surprisingly, he was glad things hadn’t gotten too awkward last night, he knows he’d have dark spots and bags under his eyes for sure.
             When Hinata enters the room, she says a quiet good morning, She’s wearing a black shirt and leggings with the jacket from last night. She sits in the recliner and folds her legs, she drinks her water and begins unwrapping a breakfast bento.
           “I wish we would’ve gotten games or something since there’s going to be a delay. Maybe we could find something to do on board, there won’t be any stops for a while.” She comments. Naruto does a double take.
           “How long is the delay?” He asks shocked. He doesn’t know if he can make it this long alone with her.
“An extra four hours unless there’s an alternate route that works for them somehow.” Hinata shrugs. “Want some?” She asks offering him a bite of food. He leans forward and takes the offered food, smiling when she looks away from him.
           “I’ll go get dressed and look around. I’ll let you know what else there is to do when I get back.” He grabs his bag and phone and slips out of the room.
    The four hour delay turned into another two, and then three. Until they reached a full stop, the conductor announced that they were now waiting for a repair team to be sent out, the alternate route ended up taking them further away from Hokkaido and Tokyo.
           Hinata was bored. She has finished her book, and two movies. Naruto had been out to the arcade a couple of times, but it was always too crowded every time he tried to go. Hinata could see that he was bored as well, he declined her offer on reading her book, but they both watched two movies.  They were both eating the last of their snacks as well as sharing the meal that was provided by the train since they were stuck.
           “There’s Soju in the vending machine, we could do karaoke?” Naruto suggest another idea. Hinata had vetoed his previous idea to cure boredom, that idea being knocking on other passenger’s door and running away. Hinata laughed when he suggested it, reminding him the halls were way too narrow for them to run plus she didn’t want to disturb anyone else.
              She chewed her food thoughtfully before shaking her head. Naruto made a noise of frustration and she laughed holding a finger up as she swallowed.
“No to the Karaoke, yes to the Soju.” She supplied and his face lit up. They’d just have to play a different game. There were plenty of apps that served as party games. They finished their food, chatting about what games to play, until they settled on Never Have I ever.
  With the alcohol flowing, Hinata finally felt a wave of calm over herself. She giggled as Naruto put another finger down. So far she was winning, though she felt a tiny bit embarrassed that she hadn’t experienced life as much as she had. He’s pause and question if she was lying or not, and then provide a story on what happened depending on the question.
           “This is no fair. You grew up sheltered. I’ve put a total of thirteen fingers down and you’ve only put one finger down. There’s got to be a different mode or something.” He fights for Hinata’s phone, and she laughs when he successfully grabs it out of hi s hand.
           “Hinata!” He shouts, “These are the boring questions. You realize there’s an 18+ option right?” He scoffs, switching the mode. Hinata looks away, she knew about that option, she just hadn’t consumed enough alcohol to admit the answers to those questions.
             “Okay here’s the good stuff. Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.” He smirks and puts a finger down, then he’s staring appalled as she puts a finger down.
“Don’t look at me like that, I’m young and still have a lot to discover.” She mumbles she doesn’t know what makes he blush more the alcohol or the questions Naruto is firing at her.
           “Never have I ever stalked an ex on a social site.” He says and laughs when she shamefully lowers a finger.
           “Oh god.” She groans.
“Oooh This one is interesting.” He says reading it and then looking at her. “You ready?” He asks. She bites her lip and doesn’t miss the way his eyes linger there before he reads off the screen again.
“Never have I ever faked an orgasm.” He smirks and raises an eyebrow when she puts a finger down. Her face is red, and he laughs as she takes a shot. She winces as she swallows, the burn of the drink spreads through her chest. She did not want to remember this conversation.
“Damn that’s kind of mean.” He teases laughing when she pulls a face.
“No it’s not. Playing with someone’s labia roughly is mean. I had to fake it or else I’d be missing parts down there.” She feigns hurt and pretends like she’s wiping a tear away and Naruto bursts into laughter.
“That sucks, but you’re so funny. Did the guy ever figure you faked it?” He asks curiously. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head no.
“If anything I only made it worse on myself. He went around telling everyone we hooked up and I had to pretend he was good but really it was just sad.” She replies with a shrug. Naruto laughs again and continues onto the next question.
           “Never have I ever been caught masturbating.” He puts a finger down and widens his eyes when she does the same.
“Shit we were definitely playing the wrong version.” He exclaims, His voice is raspy and the way he’s looking at her really does something to her, she clamps her legs shut, the movement doesn’t go unnoticed by Naruto, he glances up the length of her leggings and meets her eyes.
           “Is there a story time behind this?” He asks leaning forward she shakes her head no and this time takes a sip of her water this time.
           “Next one?” He asks. She doesn’t meet his gaze Naruto think she’s going to quit but she nods her eyes and meets his gaze. She smiles shyly at him, biting her bottom lip and she rocks slowly urging him to read the next one.
           “Never have I ever…” He trails off and takes a deep breath, looking up at her, he frowns, debating on ending the game at this particular question.
           “Well? I’m waiting.” Hinata sings and giggles. Naruto feels a blush creep up his neck, the effects of the alcohol has now hit him, and he feels himself blushing as he reads the words, voice hoarse.
           “Never have I ever masturbated to someone in the room.” He doesn’t meet her gaze, but he does watch as she puts her finger down. Any and all thoughts leave his brain. He feels the familiar blood to dick rush and finally meets her eyes. She’s staring at him hungrily, she plays with her lip between her teeth, sucking the flesh in. She smiles and leans forward as she speaks.
           “Aren’t you going to ask me about that one?” She whispers breathlessly. He doesn’t answer, instead he leans forward capturing her lips with his. She’s responsive, practically throws herself into his lap. He catches her and pulls her closer and presses his forehead to hers eyes closed as he attempts to control his erratic breathing.
           “Naruto?” Hinata asks, she turns her head to press a soft kiss to his jaw, he hums in response and tries to gather his thoughts. He so desperately wants to kiss her again.
           “Hinata you have to tell me that this okay.” He mumbles, leaning back so that she can’t distract him with another kiss to his neck. She pouts when he pulls away, but he needs to know that she wants him just as bad as he wants her. She nods her head swiftly and she’s on him instantly, Kissing and licking at his lips. It takes him by surprise, he’s really not used to this Hinata, he half expected her to back out of the game after the first question he sure as hell wasn’t expecting her to be so controlling. She places her hand on his neck squeezing lightly as she kisses him. She moans into the kiss, rocking her hips over his erection. He grabs her hips grinding upwards into her center and that has her mewling, tossing her head back to moan breathlessly as his hot tongue sweeps the length of her neck. He snakes a hand in her hair and tugs lightly eliciting another lewd noise from her.
           “Naruto..” She moans his name, and it sends a shiver down his spine, he wants to hear her like this forever, she’s driving him crazy. She rids herself of her shirt, and Naruto helps her with her bra, basically ripping it off the poor girl, his hands are on her breast before she has a chance to toss the bra away. She moans lowly as she rocks into him. She gasps loudly when he pinches her pebbled nipple in one hand, he clasps onto the other with his mouth. Hinata squeals when he rolls his tongue over her nipple, she feels a new gush of wetness from her pussy, she was in heaven, she was sure of it. He sucks more of her tits, moaning in delight as she presses closer to him, her breathing has quickened and he can see a sheen of sweat on her face, her bangs were sticking to her forehead, she looked absolutely wrecked. He pulls away and presses kisses along her chest watching her through hooded lids. She stands abruptly, pulling him forward to stand as well, when he’s free of his clothes, Hinata strips out of her bottoms, and crawls up the bed, giggling when she feels Naruto’s hand roaming her backside.
           He’s on her as soon as she’s comfortable on the pillows, he settles in between her legs, breath hot on her exposed cunt it sends shivers through her. He smirks as he lowers his head, her gaze never leaves his, until he licks slowly up her slit making her squirm. She throws her head back unable to watch as he ate her out.
           Naruto goes to work, propping her left leg on his shoulder to that he could rest comfortably and get closer. He licks her hole, before suckling her clit, her hips jump in response, but he’s not phased, just pins her down and continues working her closer to an orgasm. He slips a finger in and groans at how wet she is, he pulls away and adds another finger, her walls twitching at the intrusion. He pulls back to watch as her pussy contracted onto his moving digits.
           “You’re not faking this for me are you Hinata?” He teases, she slaps his arm weakly, and turns her head holding back a moan as she spoke.
           “No, you’re making me feel so-fuckkk, so fucking good.” She moans loudly, turning her head so that she’s muffled by the pillow.
           “Nu-uh, I need to hear you to know it’s real.” He curls his fingers pumping faster into her wet walls relentlessly, she was close, and Naruto needed to hear how she sounded when she was cumming. Her hands come down on him, trying to push him away, it was too much but she was so close, and he was going to get her there.            “I’m about to-” She starts and pants, a whine rolling through her, Naruto feels the spasming in her pussy, he pumps his fingers into her faster and goes back to suckling her clit.            “Naruto, please, I’m going- oh shit. Fuck.” She grunts and throws her head back letting a harsh cry wrack through her as she floats the high of her orgasm. Naruto slowly pulls his fingers out, he kisses her sensitive pussy, and then both of her thighs until he’s kissing up her neck, holding her close to him.
  Hinata gulps in a breath of air, her eyes flutter open when she feels Naruto kissing across her collarbone. She smiles looking completely fucked out.
           “It’s your turn.” She mumbles, kissing him lazily, her hands wrap around his length loosely he groans at her teasing, panting just as she slips the tip of his dick in.
           “Fuck Hinata.” He hisses, she’s so tight and warm, he’s not ashamed if he busts quick. She rocks her hips into him, getting a slow rhythm started before he takes over, pounding into her with slow precise strokes. She lets him fuck into her, while she gropes her tits, moaning at how full she felt. He moans at the sight,
“You’re so fucking sexy, look at you.” He rasps, kissing her once more. She looks so hot, he feels the warmth spread in the pit of his stomach, can feel the tightening in his balls, his thrusts become quicker and sloppier, he knows he should pull out, and he’s about to but Hinata wraps her legs around his back, pushing him in deeper, her breath ghosting the shell of his ear as she came for the second time, he could feel the mess she was making as she came on his cock, he could feel her tight walls milked his dick, it was all he needed before he was off on his own orgasm, thrusting into her slowly.
            “You’re so fucking sexy.” Naruto whispers again, kissing her exposed shoulder. Hinata hums in response, she can feel the cool air, or the a/c hit her and then Naruto adjusting the flat sheet over the both of them.
           “I’m sleepy.” She mumbles into his chest. He turns the light off.
“So sleep.” He says with a yawn. She mimics him chuckling and then they’re both quiet breathing in sync before dozing off.
A/n:If you’ve read this far ily ily ily! I honestly was supposed to work on Want me back but I couldn’t get this idea + Naruhina out of my mind. :)
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anisrightarm · 9 months ago
Major, sir|Major J Whitlock
Tumblr media
You don’t know exactly what’s happening all you know is the burning, clutching your throat in what you assume by the smell that you’re in a barn, when you open your eyes you can see every detail, the individual fibres on the hay surrounding you, cracked paint on the barn walls and the splinters of wood poking out.
You hear shuffling and a man kneels in front of you with blood red eyes staring into you, startled you shuffle backwards away from the man trying to get as much distance as possible since you don’t know this man and have no idea if he’s a threat or an ally, the man frowns and reaches his hand out to you slowly, Jasper knew how you’re feeling, not because of his abilities it’s because he knows what it’s like to be a newborn and the panic running deep in your veins.
The man looks at you carefully and cautiously and considers what he’s about to say wanting nothing more then to sooth your nerves he eventually settles on introducing himself.
“Hello ma’am, I’m Jasper Whitlock, what’s your name?” He touches your hand and he looks at you with pity in his eyes, he didn’t look like a threat, you took a breath and croaked out “Y/n sir” he nods and stands up bringing you with him and slowly walks out of the barn “you have to feed Y/n”
And that was the start to your beautiful new friendship with Jasper Whitlock.
The year is now 2012 and you’ve been called upon by and old friend Charlise Cullen to help fight the voultri or too be a witness to the cullens, from what little information he gave you you gathered Edward and his wife concived a hybrid child.
Your red eyes briefly caught sight of the forks sign and you smiled excited to see how his family grew and meet Bella and her child, not even two minutes later you came across a beautiful mansion and stopped in your tracks having picked up the scent of vampire more than one mutt suddenly you got knocked down by a force you immediately propelled the presumed enemy off of your body getting ready for a fight.
A bubbly voice spoke "I'm sorry for jumping on you I was excited to finally meet you in person Y/n! I’m Alice!” You smiled politely relaxing your posture and pulling the girl into a formal hug which she had no problem returning, it was a short hug but it seemed to satisfy the younger vampire. 
“It’s nice too meet you too ma’am, I presume you're a Cullen?” You spoke the last part out loud and she nodded enthusiastically and pulled you into the mansion where Esme and Charlise were waiting for you at the door “Y/n sweetie! How have you been?” Esme asked in a motherly tone and a soft smile, before you got a chance to reply a booming voice yelled out your name while Esme pulled you into the living room and got tackled by an excited Emmett, you pushed him off of you easily “I’m fixin’ too punch the next person who tackles me-” You cut off as you lock eyes with a man you thought you’ll never see again bowing slightly and making eye contact you spoke slowly to the man “Major long time no see sir.”
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thebadgerclan · 4 months ago
Pairing: Nikolai Lantsov x reader
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: Your husband had to defend you...
Servants lining the corridors bowed and curtsied to you as you strode past, your skirts swishing around your ankles.  Your lady in waiting had found you in your rooms, informing you that your husband and his brother, the crown prince Vasily, had gotten into a rather violent fistfight, and that he was taken to the Hospital Wing at the Little Palace.  You knew that Vasily had likely instigated the altercation, preying on one of Nikolai’s insecurities or the like, but that didn’t excuse the behavior.
“Princess Y/N,” a Healer greeted, bowing at the waist.  “Healer Pavel,” you replied.  “Do you know what started this?”  “I do not, moya tsarevicha.  But His Highness would like to see you.”  You nodded, and Pavel led you to where your husband was laid up, his left eye swollen shut and his lip split.  “Nikolai,” you said, moving to his side, sitting on the edge of the bed.  “What in the Saints’ names happened?”
“Before I tell you,” he said.  “Know that he looks worse.”  “Nikolai Alexandrovich Lantsov,” you scolded.  “Fine.  Vasily was in a mood today, but when isn’t he?   Anyway, Mother commented on how he isn’t courting anyone or really even considering it, and that he really needs to because he’s the heir to the throne.  He mutters something under his breath, but I caught your name.  And when I asked him to repeat himself, he says, ‘I said at least my wife won’t be a half-witted hideous whore like Y/N.’  So I stood up and punched him.”
You felt your heart sink at your brother-in-law’s words, but it fluttered at the knowledge that your husband had defended you.  “He did?” you nearly whispered, and Nikolai nodded.  “He did.  I got a few solid hits on him, but as you can see, he got a few on me.”  “Is there anything else?”  He shook his head.  “No.  Only hit the pretty face.  But let’s hope he’s able to give Ravka an heir now.”
Despite yourself, you laughed, and Nikolai smiled, wincing when his split lip opened a bit more.  “Kolya, I won’t say that beating up your brother is okay, but in this instance, I’m willing to give you a pass.”  “Thank you, love.  I couldn’t let him talk that way about you.  You’re my wife, Y/N, and I love you so much.”  “I love you too, Kolya.  Can I do anything?”  He pushed his head towards you dramatically.  “Kiss it better?”
You laughed again, pressing a gentle kiss to his black eye.  Nikolai sighed, bringing his hand to rest on your waist.  You then kissed his lips, feather-light so as not to hurt him, and when you pulled away, Nikolai smiled.  “Thank you, my love,” he said, and you hummed, kissing his forehead.  Pavel entered, quickly healing the injuries your husband had sustained, and you cocked your head.  “Pavel, why weren’t Nikolai’s injuries healed before I arrived.”  “His Highness, and these are his words, ma’am, ‘wanted you to see him ruggedly bruised’.”  “Nikolai!”  “What?” he countered.  “Am I not ruggedly handsome?”
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sunset-curve-fantom · a year ago
Captain's Girl- Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
“A new recruit is starting today… Remember to play nice Steve” Tony told Steve in a teasing matter, as Steve ducked out of the boxing ring.
Steve couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Tony’s teasing behavior, as sweat began rolling down his forehead.
“What’s his name again?” Steve said, taking a swig out of his water bottle, the cold liquid helping cool him down. He worked out a lot, mostly on the days when you were most busy with your administrative duties as well as your training.
“It’s James… Top of his class, the only one who showed some true Avenger material.” Tony said, the snarky tone clinging onto his words. He was never one for training or dealing with the new recruits. The last recruit accidentally burned down Tony’s lab because he was messing with some experiments instead of just listening.
Steve just smiled at Tony before heading out of the gym for a quick shower, he was always one for meeting the new kids and making sure they felt at home. But he didn’t like the ego that came along with the new recruits, as they think they already know everything.
He was drawn from his overwhelming thoughts by the sound of your laugh, he caught your gaze as you were walking towards him with Bucky close to your side.
The three of you were inseparable, you always had been since the moment they came into your world.
“Hey baby” you giggled, watching as his face lit up at the sound of your voice.
He couldn’t help but smile and tried to wrap his arms tightly around you, but you pushed him away causing an echoing laugh from Buck.
“No- you stink” you said to him, as you dodged his grasp once again. Your laugh echoing through the halls as you used Bucky as a shield between you and your boyfriend.
“I thought you loved me” Steve said, a frown crossing his features. Which only caused a small smile to cross your features as he pouted.
“I do love you… but I don’t wanna stink” you said, placing your hand on his cheek. Making a small smile appear on his face before he wrapped his arms around you.
Your protesting was bouncing off the walls as Steve continued to laugh as your loud protests. It was clear your small frame was no match for the super solider serum.
He gently placed you down, you swiftly punched him in the chest.
“I. don’t. like. to. be. picked. up. And now I stink…” you protested, the playful stomp of your foot making Steve and Bucky laugh.
He placed a swift kiss to your forehead, before beginning to walk away from you.
“Hey Solider” you said, loud enough that he would be able to hear.
He turned towards you, taking in your appearance. Your long hair flowing down your soldiers, your pants clinging to every curve, but your loose shirt leaving some to the imagination. But to him, you looked flawless.
“Take a shower” you said, scrunching your nose up as if to show that he smells.
“Yes Ma’am” he said, sending a swift wink in your direction before taking off down the hallway in a swift jog.
You stood patiently in the hanger, listening to Sam and Buck fight about dinner, but also hearing Wanda and Nat gossip about the new recruit and how cute he apparently is.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone standing behind you, you knew it was Steve.
“Hi baby” you whispered, carefully leaning back into his chest and feeling his gently chuckle.
“You smell stinky, you know?” he said, causing a gasp to erupt from your throat as you turned to face him.
“Steven Rogers” you threatened, trying to sniff yourself. But all you could catch was the scent of your lavender vanilla shampoo. There were no remnants of Steve’s body odor from his early morning workout.
All Steve could do was laugh at your behavior, but you were glaring knives into his soul.
Your comeback was cut off when Fury’s booming voice overtook the training room, drawing everyone’s attention from their gossip.
“Well, it’s nice to have everyone’s attention… I’ll make this quick” Fury started as him and Hill entered the room with a young recruit hot on their heels.
You leaned into Steve, as you all lined up to welcome the new recruit.
The new recruit was definitely cute, but not your type. He was on the shorter side of things, with dark almost black hair, with a leaner body.
You tended to go for the scruffier kind, and you definitely had a thing for blondes. But your type was definitely Steve and no one else.
You leaned over to Nat’s ear, “He’s definitely your type girl.” Which only caused the both of you to fall into a fit of laughter.
“So, this is the team” Fury’s voice boomed again, sending an unapproving look to Nat and you.
“Mr. Stark and Captain Rogers here are going to get you started and introduce you to everyone before your first training here at the compound.” Fury said, sticking his hand out to shake the new recruits.
“Thank you, Mr. Fury, Ms. Hill” The new recruit said, before turning to Steve and Tony. You could almost see him quiver in excitement over this new position.
“Hi, I’m James… It’s a pleasure” He said before sticking his hand out to Tony, and then to Steve.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the welcoming, “it’s a pleasure” – the recruits literally never say anything different.
“They always say that” Bucky said, a smirk playing on his lips as he watches you roll your eyes once again.
You stifled a laugh as the new recruit approached Buck, the clear nervousness was being to cross his features even more.
“This is Sargent Barnes” Steve said as he gestured to Buck, the smirk on his face was clearer as James shook his hand with what seemed like a decent grip.
You weren’t completely paying attention because you were watching Steve as he kept clenching his jaw every time James opened his mouth to speak.
Seeing as you were too busy watching Steve, you missed that James had moved to right in front of you.
Nat carefully nudged you, drawing you from your trance which only caused a blush to erupt onto your features.
“Oh hi… I’m sorry. I’m Agent L/N” you said carefully extending your hand.
He took in a deep breath before taking your hand, shaking it gently. He continued to shake you hand for a few seconds too long.
Pulling your hand away, you wiped your palm on your pants, “Pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine” James said, sending you a quick wink before being shoved by Steve to move on.
Focusing on Steve once again, you could see that his jaw was clenched worse than before. His eyes were a darkened color instead of his normal baby blues. You could see the shift in his appearance in a heartbeat.
But Steve could see the shift in you too, the way the blush crossed your cheeks when James stood in front of you. The way your leggings gripped your thighs, accentuating all of your best features, the way that he knew that James was watching how your body moved. James was looking at you in the way that Steve looked at you the first time and still continues too. The idea of James dreaming about you, was something that he couldn’t stand. Steve couldn’t stand that James was being introduced to an entire team and all this recruit kept doing was looking back at you as you smiled and laughed. So, he kept quiet, just trying to push his thoughts out of his mind.
But he knew deep down that you had an overwhelming effect on people and that was a huge part of who you are. It was the one thing that he loved the most about you, how real you were with everyone.
You were so caught up in talking to Nat and Wanda, you had no idea of the attraction that James was beginning to feel towards you. You never looked at anyone the way you looked at Steve, and that was never going to change but it was more than clear that James didn’t catch the obvious relationship in the room.
“Okay let’s start with some training exercises, we wanna see what you are capable of here.” Tony said as he looked around the room for a participant, but no one was listening.
“Are you ready to start?” Steve said, watching James’ gaze fall onto you once again. Your head was thrown back laughing as you talked with Wanda.
Steve stepped in his eye line with his gaze hard and cold, “I asked you a question, recruit.”
James took a deep gulp, “I’m sorry Captain, yes I’m ready.”
“So, here’s the plan, we are going to do some basic sparring exercises just to see where your training will take you. The whole point is to see what your skill base is and where we can expand your combat training for future missions” Tony said, drawing James’ gaze from your figure.
“Okay, sounds good sir” James said, taking a deep gulp.
“L/N” Tony barked catching your attention from Nat’s excessive gossiping about Buck and the girl from the third floor.
Your eyes went wide as you turned your frame, “Yes Mr. Stark.”
“You are gonna be up first for the training since you have some other things to do before our welcoming dinner tonight” He said, you quickly nodded your head before stepping into the ring with James. He sent you a quick wink, but of course you thought nothing of it.
“Ready?” you teased as James took a deep gulp before nodding towards you.
A smile erupted on your face before running towards him attempting to strike him with your fist. He quickly blocked before attempting to throw his own punch.
You smiled as you quickly dodged his punch, you both continuously threw punching and kicks to throw each other off your game. It was clear that his training was well rounded, but you were trained by Nat and Steve, so you had just as much training as well as in depth skills.
Catching Steve’s eye off the mat, you winked before sweeping your leg under James’ feet sending him down to the mat. The sound of him hitting the mat echoed through the training area.
That’s my girl, Steve thought as he glared hard at James.
He smiled up at you as he laid there, you reached your hand out to help him up.
He placed a swift kiss to your cheek as you backed away from him. You were flattered but you knew Steve was going to mad at the interaction. He loved you so deeply, and the idea of losing you was the hardest idea to face and that was vice versa for you.
Turning off the mat, you caught Steve’s gaze and his jaw was clenched causing the vein in his neck to bulge. You could see the anger and frustration crossing over his features.
You smiled at him as you returned to your spot between Nat and Bucky.
“Oh, someone is jealous” Nat said, nudging your shoulder.
“No, he’s not, he’s fine” You insisted, trying to figure out the true reason that Steve looked so angry.
“Yeah okay… James is flirting with you. Of course, he’s angry” she said, watching your lips form a frown as you tried to think about the last hour.
“No, he’s not, it is more than clear than I’m with Steve” you said, insisting that what Nat is seeing is clearly just a misunderstanding.
“Yeah okay… you say so” she said, a soft laugh coming off her words.
You began to think about the last hour, the wink, the overly kind words, the way he wanted to impress you… No, he had to have just been being nice since it’s his first day.
“Cap, you are up next” Tony barked, the clear annoyance crossing his features. New recruits were something that he always hated especially since we are so close together.
You watched as Steve stepped onto the mat, the clear jealously falling onto his features as he watched James.
His eyes caught yours, you sent him a quick wink before he turned back to James.
You watched carefully as James took a step towards Steve, sending a solid punch towards his upper body. Steve smiled as he carefully dodged the punch before sending his own punch at James. His fist connecting with his jaw, the sound of James’ body hitting the mat echoed through the room.
Steve went and stepped over James, as he clenched his jaw.
“Steve, off the mat” Tony said, approaching the recruit.
He couldn’t help but send a smile towards you as he made his way off the mat. The clear amusement was dancing off his features.
“Oh, you know that felt good” Bucky said next to you, laughing at James still laying on the mat.
“Don’t encourage it” you hissed, knowing good and well this recruit was in need of some improvement hands down.
The rest of the day seemed to rush by with the busyness of training as well as your double duties as administrator for Stark.
The welcoming dinner Stark planned was closer than you had wished, James sadly beat Steve to the dinner table making sure that he took the spot right next to you. You gave Steve a weak smile, knowing this was going to be a conversation for the both of you tonight.
The dinner table was filled with chattering between the team as James kept trying to catch your attention.
You rolled your eyes before turning to him, “so how was the first day?”
“It was amazing” he started, “thank to you.”
You shifted in your seat uncomfortably knowing that Steve was glaring from across the table. Your suspicions were confirmed with you felt his thick leg sliding in between your leg as a sense of comfort. Steve’s heart fluttered as you smiled at him, you saw him for him not the man he has become due to the serum.
“So how long have you been with SHIELD” James said, trying to draw your attention from Steve.
‘Why don’t you ask Steve, I feel very old answering that question” You said, shooting a look at Steve for backup as you were getting uncomfortable.
The conversations continued on into the night, filled with laughter and never-ending jokes. Steve wasn’t the only one watching you, James had a hard time taking his eyes off you and it was clear.
You were telling the story about the time you and Natasha went on a mission, and she accidentally sprayed herself in the face with one of those fancy Japanese toilets. Instead of helping on that mission, you laughed the entire time and could barely focus on what Stark had wanted done.
Steve couldn’t help but smile at your overwhelming laughter as you and Nat continued to tell funny stories about the team.
The laughter ceased though when James very kindly dumped his full glass of wine in your laugh, covering your white satin dress.
“Oh my god” you stood up quickly, trying to escape the dark liquid.
“I am so so sorry, shit” James said, just staring at the mess he had made, while Nat was running back to the table with tons of napkins.
You quickly tried to clean the mess that had been created, but with that happening your cleavage was on full display not only to your lover but to James who could not or would not stop staring at you.
Steve couldn’t help but bit his lip yet tighten his fists as he watched this pathetic excuse of a recruit who insisted on checking out his love.
“Well, I am just going to shower” You laughed gently as you stepped away from the table. The dark stain not only on your dress but surrounding your chair on Tony’s white carpet. “This just isn’t going to come out.”
James stood up as you backed away from the table, “Do you need help?”
Your eyes went wide, as gasps filled the dining room, “Excuse me?” you said, shocked.
“WITH SHOWERING?!?” Steve yelled, his chair quickly clattering to the floor. The anger clearly crossing his features.
“Cap, take a walk” Tony said, his tone stern but the amusement was clear on his face.
Steve quickly walked out of the dining room, hastily walking to your shared living quarters in the compound.
The door slid open, and he could see your white dress thrown to the side with the stain more than clear against the light fabric.
He couldn’t help but sigh at the mess.
He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, laying in on the bed before he heard your soft voice coming from the shower. You were singing along to your phone,
You'll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You'd say he hung the moon
I'd say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh, the way he pulls me in
I've known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him
He's one of the good ones
He smiled as your voice led him to the shower, he could see your dancing as the suds covered your body.
The shower curtain flung open, causing you to jump at the sight of him, “Jesus Steve, you trying to scare me to death?”
He just chuckled as he stepped closer to you, bringing your back into his chest.
“Can I help you?” you chuckled as you turned around to face him, causing a smile to appear onto your face when you made eye contact with him.
He didn’t answer you instead grabbing the back of you neck, bringing your lips to his causing a soft moan to fall from your lips.
“You are mine” he gritted through his teeth as he pushed you into the wall, you body shuttering from the cold tile.
His free hand ran over your thighs, coming closer to your soaking, pulsating heat. Carefully pushing your thighs apart finding your sensitive nub.
You shuttered as he carefully pushed on your nub, the pleasure starting to overcome your senses. You loved that he wanted to be all over you, that he wanted to be in control.
His lips came into contact with your neck, quickly finding your sweet spot causing you to melt into him. His fingers moved from your sensitive nub, pulling you closer to him causing soft moans to fall from your lips.
He smiled down at you before moving his fingers into your pussy, quickening the speed causing your eyes to roll back into your head. The pleasure becoming overwhelming as you squirmed in his grasp. You felt your orgasm coming over your senses, with Steve’s name falling off your lips you let yourself go.
“Fuck doll” he said, pressing a kiss to your earlobe before picking you up in his arms, the cold against your back once again causing you to shutter.
You felt his tip at your entrance, teasing you gently. You moaned at the contact before he entered you in one quick move, your moans echoing off the walls. Steve pulled you close as you wrapped your legs tight around his waist.
Steve’s lips fell onto your mouth, as he slammed into you repeatedly. The mixture of the cold tile, and Steve inside of you sent your body into overdrive. He quickly picked up his pace, causing your eyes to roll back into your head.
Your climax was fast approaching, and Steve could feel you beginning to tighten around him.
“Are you mine? Tell me baby” He groaned out as he continued to slam into you.
“Y-Y-Yo-Yours” you moaned loudly, as your climax overcame you. Steve could feel you pulsating around him which only caused him to lose it. He moaned as he filled you up with his hot seed, causing you to moan at the contact.
He gently placed you down, your legs wobbling at the contact as you leaned back into Steve’s chest causing him to chuckle at your actions.
“Let me get you cleaned up, and we can go back down” he said, picking up the washcloth and gently washing your bruised back.
The two of you walked into the living room, you were clad in Steve’s clothing and he was holding you close. It was more than clear that you were Steve’s, even though most of the team knew that already.
Steve led you over to an empty seat, pulling you gently into his lap which made a laugh slip past your lips. You leaned your head back into the crook of his neck, taking in his sweet scent that made your world spin.
You could feel Steve playing with your damp hair that fell down your back, which sent a smile onto your cheeks.
“Can we talk?” A weary voice said, causing the both of you to look up, seeing James and his terrified expression.
You carefully nodded, pulling Steve behind you into the hallway. You could see James trying to find his words even though he was focused on your body, but Steve found the right words first.
"I’m hoping you are going to apologize to her, and hope to god she is more forgiving than I'm going to be" Steve sneered at the new recruit, who had barely taken five seconds to not look at your ass.
The new recruit was trembling, you could see his face change as he shrunk into the shadow of one, Captain America. He was terrified of what this man was going to do to him.
"Yes Mr. Rogers" he trembled, releasing a deep breath.
Steve rolled his eyes, bending down to meet the new recruit's terrified eyes.
"That's Captain to you, recruit."
Your soft laugh echoed through the hallway as you watched the young boy cower away from your Captain. You knew you were solid in your relationship, so the flirting was nothing new, but it was great to see him jealous.
"Steve, you don't have to be so tough on him... he's new" you said, the humor in your voice was more than evident.
He stalked towards you, forgetting about the frightening recruit.
"No one messes with my girl" he said, as he wrapped his arms around your smaller frame.
"My girl.... I like the sound of that" you teased, a smile playing on your features. You held him close as you headed back into the living room to enjoy the rest of your night with your man.
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slightlymore · 10 months ago
what am I now?
for @notnctu’s collab “beginnings”. thank you again for letting me participate in this and I’ll miss you so fucking much :((((
Tumblr media
real estate agent doyoung x fem reader
genre: romantic comedy, +18
warnings: few istances of doyoung smoking, he also punches someone lol, mutual pining, explicit sexual content [a lot of teasing and sexual frustration, dirty talk, solo m and f, orgasm control and denial both, overstimulation both, oral f, unprotected)
other characters mentioned: kun (sorry baby)
words: 10.6k 
Hunting for an apartment sounded very fun in theory: a cute adventure in the big city on your own, staring at nice places and imagining how you'd decorate them.
You were a sucker for interior design and you were ashamed to confess that you spent more time on The Sims than with real people having a conversation. 
But hunting for an apartment was not fun at all in reality. 
After the fourth place you’ve seen in a row, either ugly or far too expensive for what they were offering, feet hurting like hell as you had to walk around in the snow, you finally decided to get help from an agency. 
You searched for the best-reviewed ones for days, deciding that money was not really an issue if they could help you find a place with windows towards the south so you wouldn’t cry that your apartment was dark as hell at 2 pm. 
While doing so, you saw the best little place on some fancy-ass looking agency website. It looked so perfect that you got sudden tears in your eyes. 
“And what’s your partner’s name?” 
You were biting your nails, sitting on your old kitchen chairs in the dirty apartment you had to escape from. 
The monotonous voice that answered the call went by the name of Kun. 
“My partner’s name?” you straightened your back. 
With the corner of your eyes, you saw your reflection in the sticky oven at your right and you patted your head to make sure your hair was alright as if the dude could actually see you. 
“Like my- my lover?” you asked again. 
“Yes, ma’am. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, lover, partner-”
“Yeah, okay, okay, alright,” you interrupted him. “Why do you need this information?” 
The dude sighed. “Are you aware that this offer is for couples, ma’am?” 
Your eye twitched at his insistence on calling you ma’am. “Sorry, I was actually not.” 
“So, you’re single,” he asked precisely. 
“Yes,” you almost whispered, feeling more of a loser than usual. 
Monotonous Kun sighed. “It is a special price for Valentine’s Day and-” he started to recite. While he was talking you squinted at the computer and read the minuscule description under the apartment information you unfortunately missed.
“Great, thank you anyways,” you let him finish before bidding goodbye since you were no Karen. 
You sighed and closed your eyes. 
Since when did real estate have special prices for Valentine’s Day?
As you threw yourself back on the chair and silently screamed, wobbling all of your limbs around, the doorbell interrupted your dramatic scene. You kicked the empty card boxes you took from the grocery stores, since spending money for those seemed too much for you and reached the musty uncleanable front door. 
“Good evening, dear,” you opened to see the face of your neighbours across the street. 
They were an old couple, always on the balcony minding other people’s business and always in the mood to pick a fight. 
“Just popping in to say that, first of all, you’re very beautiful,” the woman smiled fakely and you returned the same vibe by thanking her, your brain already fuming while trying to understand what the issue was that time, “but my husband can see your nipples through your pyjama top when you’re in the kitchen. I think you would agree that it is highly inappropriate.” 
You felt one vein pulsing on your left temple.
“To watch young women do their thing in their own house through the windows? Yes, it is highly inappropriate. Good talk.” 
The lady furrowed her eyebrows at your remark and opened her mouth to add something you couldn’t hear over the door slamming. 
You had to get out of that place as soon as possible. 
It was a few days after Valentine’s Day and the apartment was still on the website. 
It drove you mad that you couldn’t have access to it for no real reason so you decided to creepily check the agency out.
The first day you walked around it, your beanie low to cover your features and sunglasses when there was not a single ray of sun out. You noticed a few distinguished people going in and out of the glass door and you wondered which of them was Kun. Some people whispered past you as you kept trying to see inside, so you chickened out and went home. 
The second day you were tempted to dress as a man and go talk to some agent, the thought of not having any other possibility afterwards if they refused you while looking like yourself, giving you the courage to be stupid. 
But you didn't. The beard you drew on was horrible and you couldn’t possibly buy the house if they accepted to sell, as no bearded guy was on your documents. 
So you did the next best thing. 
There were all men inside of that satanic place and although not everyone possibly liked women, a fair share of them did. Ignoring the cold, you put on the sexiest dress you had in your closet, some high boots and finally tried out that eyeliner look you saw on TikTok. With a few drops of perfume, you felt irresistible in your soft coat and if they didn’t want to give you the apartment because you were single, at least a few of them would definitely try and date you. 
You felt your chin tremble. 
“What do you mean, no?” 
The man, who unfortunately was still Monotonous Kun you talked to on the phone, sighed. 
“I’m so sorry, ma’am. The price offer is for couples. If you’re that interested, we can sell it to you. But for its full price.” 
“But I don’t have all of that money," you let out a tiny whine. 
Kun smiled politely and you sensed he wanted you out of his office. 
“Then please check out our other options.” 
You closed your mouth because if you opened it you were afraid you’d start to sob. 
“And if I bring my boyfriend in?” you finally asked quietly after a few moments. 
The man sighed again. “Then we can do something.” 
He knew you had no damn boyfriend. 
You inhaled and exhaled deeply and got up from the office chair Kun offered. 
“Then, I’ll come back as soon as possible,” you announced, putting maybe a bit too much fierceness in those words as it sounded like a warning. 
Kun opened his mouth to say something but no sound escaped it as you turned around and felt a literal wall hit you straight in the face. 
Your pained whine reverberated in the whole agency and you almost cried on the spot. 
"Oh. That must have hurt," the Wall talked and you took a little step back, hands quick to cover your forehead with another whimper. Behind the tears veiling your pupils you noticed a face. And some eyes too, a nose, oh, and definitely lips that smiled. 
At you, because you were a clown. 
"Oh! Here you are!" you exclaimed, not missing a beat. 
The smile died a bit in confusion but the eyes got brighter in curiosity. 
You turned around and grabbed that person's hand, pulling them roughly towards you. 
Kun furrowed his eyebrows at you both, arms crossed on his chest. 
"What does this mean?" he asked, not looking at you but at the person you basically just kidnapped.
"This is my partner,” you explained. “We're a couple. Means I can have access to the place for its special price," you lifted your chin bravely. “I wasn’t sure he could come in after work today.” You cleared your voice and fought the urge to roll some hair on your index finger. 
Kun turned his head slightly to face you, then again towards the dude whose hand you were nervously holding. His fingers were relaxed as they were intertwined with yours, though, and you thanked god he didn't freak out on the spot.
"Sorry Kun, I should have told you that my girlfriend would come today," the Wall said. 
"Why do you even need me for an apartment though? Do it yourself," Kun replied. You turned towards the kidnapped dude to fully take in the view and he giggled. 
Your shocked eyes fell on his chest where neatly and quite visible was a bright silver tag: Real estate agent Kim Doyoung, it said. 
Kim Doyoung’s office was just as clean as the other agent’s one and you wondered what kind of perfectionist freaks they hired. 
“Alright. I guess I’m sorry,” you mumbled all of a sudden after sitting down in front of his desk. Doyoung was still walking around it when he laughed. 
“You guess?” He opened the black blazer’s button and tugged his dress pants a bit higher on the thighs to sit more comfortably. 
He was a very good looking young man. His clothes looked high quality, his wristwatch seemed expensive as fuck and his hair was so neat you fought the urge to lean in and ruffle it for him. 
“Well, I’m not really,” you crossed your legs and arms. “Are you mad though?” 
Doyoung took in your body language for a moment and shook his head. His feline eyes twinkled with amusement. “It was the highlight of my week.” 
“What funnier thing happened to you last week then?” 
“Okay, fair,” he replied with an eyebrow movement, fingers already very quick to tap on his computer keyboard. 
“Also thank you,” you added in a different tone. “For not kicking me out of the building.” 
The man smiled at the screen, then with one last click, he looked at you. “I would never kick someone out."
“Yes. You do look like a good man-” 
“Because everyone is a potential customer I could sell to.” 
You leaned back in your chair. Then you sighed. 
“So, you wanted the couple's apartment?” Doyoung asked. 
“For the discounted price.” 
“I can give you some other options," he tried. 
You rolled your eyes, ready to have the same experience you had with Kun. Now that his colleague thought you two were dating, you wouldn’t just go on the street and ask a random person to act as your partner as you planned. 
“Or we can pretend we’re dating like in the movies - so I get the place.”
Doyoung’s lips moved as if trying hard to suppress a smile. His index finger slowly pushed his glasses on the nose.
“That would be against our rules,” he specified in a neutral, obvious tone. 
“I mean, and if I walk in with a random dude in 5 minutes? Are you not going to give me the place?” you uncrossed your legs and leaned in. Your voice got deeper as if sharing a secret. You hoped your eyes were seductive enough. 
The man put his tongue inside the cheek for a second. 
“I wouldn’t trust you anymore, no.”
You scoffed. “I mean, no one can prove you anything though. What if two friends walk in pretending to be a couple?” 
“It hasn’t happened yet.” 
“Right. Because that apartment was waiting for me,” you indicated your face with one finger. “It’s fate.”
Doyoung moved ever so slightly in his office chair from side to side. The wheels on it were the only sound in the room as he pondered. 
“But first of all,” he professionally intertwined his fingers on the desk. His eyes darted from your hair to your dress, to your nails and bag that was resting on your knees. You thought he would have looked under the desk to look at your shoes as well if it wouldn’t have been rude. 
“Even if I sell it to you for a discounted price, how do you intend to pay?”
You secretly bit your inner cheeks. “I have almost all of it already. The couple's price. Not the original price.” 
He nodded, pensive. 
“What contract do you have?” 
You felt your throat itchy. “Self-employed?”
“What do you do? You have a business?”
“Uh, do I have to say?” 
Doyoung was already fumbling to find the right papers for you to sign, so he stopped at your hesitation.
“I’m obliged by law to not share any personal information. You can be honest. All I care about is that you have enough money.” 
His careless attitude should have helped you, but it made you even more nervous. 
“Do you have an OnlyFans?” he then asked nonchalantly, thinking he was actually helping. 
You were mortified. 
“Do I look like someone who could have an OnlyFans?” 
Doyoung blinked once before taking in the view of your body again with the corner of his eyes. For the first time, he seemed to waver in his confidence. If he said yes, it would have been rude. If he said no, it would also have been rude. 
“I mean, everyone can have one. There are no specific requirements. There are so many things one can do. Classic stuff, feet, armpits-” he went on in a casual tone. 
“I’m a writer. I write stuff,” you spurted before it could get too weird. Your hands on the bag handle fidgeted. 
“Oh,” he relaxed, placing the papers in front of you. “What do you write? Novels? Sorry, maybe you’re even famous but unfortunately, I don’t read much.” 
Doyoung’s nostrils flared. It was going to be a long day. 
“Had no idea erotica was so popular,” Doyoung commented. 
You were driving towards the couple's apartment. 
“We’re just going to take a look. There are other nice places I want you to see as well.”
You shrugged, signing your contract with him. He did seem a bit nicer than Kun and perhaps, perhaps, if you worked hard enough, you could even reach the original price. This, if no one snatched it before you. 
“You take 10%? From the whole price?” you almost yelled, reading all of the clauses. 
Doyoung bit his lower lip as if a bit embarrassed. “It’s our policy,” he explained, hands a bit fidgety on his glass desk. 
“Yet your knowledge on porn is pristine,” you commented. 
He inhaled as if about to argue then changed his mind. “Touché.” 
It was a nice day driving through the city. You didn’t have enough money to invest in a car but Doyoung obviously had a very luxurious one. The warm air conditioning felt like an angel’s touch and the seats were more comfortable than your own bed.
“I use it for work too,” he explained, looking at you briefly before gazing at the road again. 
“Why? Do I look like I’m judging you right now?” 
He smiled. “Yes.”
“Well, if you get 10% from each deal…,” you drifted off. 
Doyoung opened his mouth and you interrupted. “Yeah, I know, I know. I only get a small percentage of the 10% because some of it goes to the agency and some of it goes to pay the OnlyFans of all of my favourite people,” you imitated his tone. 
He nodded for the first part and stopped for the second with an amused frown. 
“No. But I would have subscribed to you.”
You turned your head towards him with a snap. “Uhm, unprofessional much?” 
“You literally asked me to fake date you so I could sell you the apartment."
“And that’s a good fucking idea!" 
“In that case, I should sign the contract too. I don’t want to buy an apartment. That’s insane."
"So what? The money still goes to you and the agency. Who cares if we fuck in it or not? Do you not trust me?" 
Doyoung's lips opened after a quick smile. "Honestly?" 
"No. Don't be honest. It's okay," you stopped him. 
"I'll sell it to you."
He nodded. 
“Really? For the couple’s price?” 
Doyoung sighed as if about to enter a lion’s cave. “Yes.” 
You screamed, leaning in and wrapping his neck with your arms. You were about to leave a big red smooch on his cheek as well when he lightly drifted to the left, losing control of the wheel at your sudden movement, and the gravity pushed you back into your seat instead. 
He cleared his throat and you hoped he didn’t change his mind. 
Your high heels clicking on the wooden floors made you cringe. 
Doyoung waited in the corridor in silence, letting you take in the view of the apartment before he could start giving you any information about it.
You inhaled and looked at his hands, absentmindedly playing with the key and thought how nice it would be if he just handed it to you. He had very nice hands, you noticed. And body. 
You looked away. 
“Any neighbours?” you finally asked. 
The apartment was pristine. Absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted. So beautiful you just wanted to grab his necktie and drag him back to the agency to go through with the deed. And kiss him on the mouth for being a saviour. 
“Only one on the left. A young man. Works in a bank."
“Oh!” you raised your eyebrows as you slowly made rounds in the rooms. “Sounds very promising.” 
Doyoung didn’t comment on that. 
“The heating is autonomous. You also have an autonomous water meter so you pay what you use.” 
You nodded. “Great. How much for the condo a month?” 
Doyoung took out his papers and started to read them to you. You listened to his voice as, hands loosely clasped together behind your back, you let yourself finally dream. 
New apartment for a discounted price and a hot rich neighbour you could have a fun and sexy adventure? You felt the luckiest Y/N in a fanfiction in the world. 
“What do you mean the apartment is sold?”
Doyoung sighed into the phone before he could repeat with a heavy tone. “A couple bought it from Kun.” 
You were packing the last of your boxes. The documents should have been ready that day. The money you borrowed from the bank felt heavy in your account and you couldn’t actually wait to get those damn keys from Doyoung’s sexy hands the day after. 
With a giggle, as if still in high school, you were drawing stupid hearts with the marker on the cardboard near “kitchenware” when he called to drop the bomb. 
He had the decency to sound sorry and it drove you even madder. 
“And you just let him? You know how much I wanted that place!” 
“Y/N, listen-,” he tried to speak but your head was light with the amount of blood that shot to it. 
“No, you listen to me. I waste my time doing stuff the way you said to do and now there’s so little time for me to empty my own apartment and there’s nowhere for me to go because it's not like I was looking for other apartments while I know I already have my own!”
"I'll help you find something else."
"I don't want your help. Enjoy the money you got from me that gave me nothing in return!”
You heard your name called once before you ended the call and threw the phone on your nude mattress laying in the middle of the apartment. 
Doyoung called many times that evening although you wouldn’t know since you turned off your phone. 
The loud bang on Kun’s desk attracted many eyes when Doyoung heard the news and barged into his colleague's office. 
“You’re behaving like a madman. What’s the matter with you?” the other tried to keep calm, eyeing Doyoung's wide palms pressed on the glass. 
The latter’s eyes were two tiny cracks under his now unstyled fringe. “I was working with that apartment. And you knew. I had a client that had to finish paperwork tomorrow and it was sold."
Kun sighed and relaxed in his chair.
“Yeah. That client. You wanted to sell it for the discounted price. I know you're not dating."
Doyoung retrieved his hands from the desk and slowly adjusted his posture. 
“I sold it for a very good price instead. They actually paid more than the original not discounted price for that. They wanted it that badly. If your cute short-dress-and-fuck-me-eyes client wanted it that bad, instead of sucking your dick or whatever she had to do to make you decide on selling it to her, she could have just offered mor-”
Unfortunately, Kun couldn’t finish that phrase as his head abruptly turned to the side thanks to Doyoung’s fist. 
He knew he had no reason to do that. But for fuck’s sake, everyone was driving Jeeps and Land Rovers in that place. No one would have missed the tiny little money you couldn’t provide for that apartment. 
“I wanted to let you off more but Kun was kind enough to calm me down,” said the Director, a short and far from intimidating man against Doyoung’s office glass door.
Everything in that place was made of glass and it drove him insane. 
The old man took a napkin from his pocket and tapped against his sweaty forehead, his breath so loud that Doyoung felt the need to punch him as well. 
He didn’t bother to look up from the box he was filling with his stuff and didn't reply. 
“Honestly, my boy, you’ve been incredible all of these years so it breaks my heart to see you take this pause-” 
“I’m not coming back.” 
The man coughed once and Doyoung sighed, hands on the hips, looking around to see what else he should take home with him. 
“What do you mean you’re not coming back?” The director took a few alarmed steps inside the office and Doyoung hoped he didn’t want to grab his hands and beg. 
“Consider these two pausing weeks, as Kun kindly suggested, as my two weeks' notice.” 
“What are you going to do now?” 
Doyoung wore his jacket and the man’s shocked eyes followed him around as he grabbed the box and walked the distance from the desk to the door. 
“I don’t know,” Doyoung shrugged. “I think porn.” 
When the doorbell rang that night you were ready to grab your neighbour’s head and smash it on the wall. 
“My nipples are out, yes, but I don’t care! Just don’t fucking look at me!” you yelled into the person’s face. 
Doyoung’s mouth was open and his eyes inevitably darted towards your white t-shirt.
“They’re not completely out though,” he replied with a tiny voice. 
You felt your face scrunch in a mad but surprised expression. 
“And you? What the fuck do you want?” 
“Brought you the money,” Doyoung simply replied. 
You looked down at his hands where the envelope containing the down payment looked back at you. His right hand’s knuckles were bruised and he was quick to pass the envelope in his left hand and put the other in his pants pocket. Then you noticed how he was dressed. 
You tried not to take a step back in shock. 
Grey sweatpants and converse? If he weren’t such a piece of shit it would have turned you on. 
“I thought those were lost money.”
“They’re not. If I sell you the house then this money is taken away from the total and if I don’t, for my fault or the agencies’ fault, this money is yours. You don’t pay anything.” 
You sighed. Seeing his dishevelled hair and college boy appearance softened your anger towards him and it irritated you. 
“And if I want to see other places? Can you keep it and use it as a down payment for one of those?” 
Doyoung’s eyes twinkled in surprise. He probably thought you didn’t want him to work for you anymore. 
“Just keep it and give it to an agent then.”
You bit your lower lip and leaned on the door. “You don’t want to do this anymore? I know I was mad at you over the phone but I really need a house very quickly and I don’t have time to search for another agent.” 
“I’m not an agent anymore,” Doyoung said. 
You blinked at him then grabbed his forearm, dragging him inside. 
“And what are you now? What the fuck did you do?” 
“I quit,” he replied, eyeing your full packed apartment. 
“Why?” you walked around him after closing the door and searched for a stool for him to sit on. 
“Oh, it’s not about you.” 
You rolled your eyes. “I’m not that self-centred.”
“Seriously. I’ve always wanted to quit that hell place,” he accepted the small stool and looked up at you after sitting down. 
He looked so tiny on it that you were dumbfounded at the situation. 
“What did you do to the hand?” you walked over and grabbed it. He hesitated as if wanting to retrieve it. 
“I've always wanted to punch the shit out of that dude too,” he mumbled. 
You scoffed incredulously. “Wait here.” 
Crouching down near the bathroom door, you opened a box and looked for something. 
“A man is looking towards your window right now,” Doyoung said, eyes fixed on something outside of it. 
“Yeah. It’s the creepy neighbour.” 
“The one obsessed with your nipples?” 
“Yeah,” you finally found what you were looking for and came back to face him. 
“Medicate it after I go visit him, would you? If you do it now, you’ll have to do it twice.” 
He looked up at you from his stool as he said that and he didn’t look tiny anymore. 
“Easy, macho man,” you looked away and concentrated on his hand instead. It felt soft in your palm as you examined his busted knuckles. 
He didn’t flinch as you disinfected the wounds but you blew on them anyway to make it less painful. Doyoung watched your pouty lips as you did so and didn't add anything else for a while. 
“Do you want me to help you out with the bed?” he asked. "I can assemble it back together."
“No, I’m good. I’ll just keep it on the floor.” 
You were both almost whispering from the vicinity. 
“Do you want to spend the night over at my house?” 
You hid the sudden embarrassment with a choked laugh. “How can you ask that so casually?” 
He blinked as if suddenly realizing what he actually said. 
“But would you? I feel bad,” he added. 
“No need to feel bad. You were just doing your job.” 
“Not well enough,” he moved his fingers after you finished medicating, flexing them ever so slightly. 
You walked around the boxes just to realize you didn’t have a trashcan anymore. “So you’re really not an agent now?” 
“I mean, I am. The skills are there. I’m just unemployed for the moment.” 
“What do you plan to do?” 
Doyoung got up and took the cotton from your hands and put it into his pocket. 
“I’ll probably open an agency.” 
“That’s so cool!”
He intertwined his fingers with yours and grabbed the jacket you kept on the hanger near the door. Your apartment was so tiny that Doyoung didn’t have to move much.
Your breath stopped. 
“That fucking asshole is going to drive me insane,” he explained and you turned your head back to see the old man still staring from his balcony. 
“Stay with me until I find you a home,” he made you wear the jacket. 
You wondered if that was a good idea but then relaxed. As he zipped the jacket for you, the butterflies in your stomach made all the previous anger just die. You looked at his expression and wondered what he was thinking about. 
Was he dangerous? He did just punch a man at work. 
Or did he possibly like you? Probably not.
Did he maybe want to fuck you? Okay, no. He was probably the last man to want to fuck you. 
Doyoung had a wicked desire. It was made of your whines and soft pleas, his hand around your throat and your thighs pressing on his ears. When did it all happen? He had no clue. 
He knew you probably didn’t find him attractive at all, especially after the whole apartment fiasco, but he didn’t sleep well for two whole nights after meeting you the first time and letting you go without helping you out at all made him sick to his stomach. 
That night, staring at your cute nape as you looked outside the car window, hands loosely clasped together, eyes wide to take in the view, he felt like hugging you instead of doing whatever nasty things he imagined. 
The used napkins thrown around on the floor of your apartment that probably collected all of your tears after his call, made his heart sting. 
Near your knees he eyed the fortune cookie he had just a few weeks before, the day your face bumped into his chest. 
Change is coming. Don't be afraid. 
Were you the real change that was coming along? Was that a coincidence? Was he doing the wrong thing? He did feel a bit stupid but maybe you just inspired him to do something that he's already wanted to do. 
Waking all of a sudden in a new environment, you almost gasped, looking around and taking in details before remembering where you slept last night.
The car ride was mostly silent and the packing made it easy for you to just grab the bag you prepared to live off for the next few days. If only your dream apartment hasn’t already been sold. 
Meet me for brunch at the café at the corner, the note near your pillow said. 
The thought of Doyoung entering the guest room and seeing you sleep made your guts twirl on themselves. 
When he offered to help you find another apartment the previous night, not really as an agent but with an agent’s skills, you were so tired that you just shrugged. He was giving you a warmer comforter for your bed as he spoke and you grabbed it, not thinking much of the situation. 
Now, face puffy and your hair smelling like his laundry detergent, you tried to force your brain to understand just what that meant. 
"Did you have any water today or do I have to spit into your mouth?" you heard his sweet and slightly breathy voice.
You rolled your eyes after jerking your head up, hiding your flustered expression with the tall glass Doyoung pushed towards you. 
"I did," you replied, but still took a few sips. "Did you?" 
Doyoung sat in front of you at the café table and leaned back in his chair, fingers slowly fumbling with his shirt. He scoffed once, not looking at you, concentrating on rolling up his sleeves. 
He didn’t tell you where he went that morning but his cologne was mixed with a sweeter perfume and you didn’t need much imagination to know that he wasn’t the one to open the first buttons of his dress shirt. You tried to not bit your lower lip in jealousy. 
Others always mistook your kindness for attraction and now there you were, roles reversed - just a dude feeling guilty towards you and you falling for him like a fool. 
"I gather you want to spit into my mouth."
His silver watch shone under the sun as he moved, calling your gaze upon it. 
"Maybe," you mumbled, the flirting suddenly not doing it anymore for you after imagining his neck kissed by some other lips. 
He placed his hands on the table and finally looked at you. 
You exchanged looks for a long silent moment. 
"Do you know what you're supposed to do after buying a new home?" 
"Hm," you pretended to think about it, "knowing you, it's something around the lines of fucking on each surface."
Doyoung smiled. 
“Knowing you. I read some of your books and fucking on every surface is your thing.” 
You choked on your water. The tears pricked your eyes as you coughed and Doyoung actually had the guts to look worried. 
You gently refused his napkin. “You read some of my books? When?”
“Last night. I mean they’re quite short,” he leaned back in his chair again. His foxy expression irritated you. “Very educational.” 
He read your porn while you were sleeping in the room next to his?
The waiter materialized near the table with your coffee and a courteous smile. You jolted, so lost in your thoughts, and Doyoung’s grin widened seeing you so on edge. 
“Thank you,” your voice sounded feeble as the blood made your ears whistle. 
“I especially liked the part in <<lean on me>> where they’re in front of the mirror and she’s getting fingere-”, he talked loudly as if you were having a conversation others could listen but your sudden kick on his shin under the table made him bit his lower lip in silence. 
“Thank you, sir,” Doyoung said instead after a moment with a breathy voice, eyes staring at the way the waiter finished placing the cups on the table. 
“You’re crazy,” you whispered loudly, eyes out of the orbits as soon as the man left you alone again.
Doyoung’s hands were quick to grab the leg you used to tell him to shut up. You inhaled sharply and held onto the table’s edge as if afraid of falling to the side. 
“You’re crazy,” he smiled, his fingers sliding the shoe from your foot and dragging it into his lap. His touch on your bare skin made you gulp.
Perhaps you were crazy, but only for wearing converse in February since all of your other shoes were packed away. 
“My pants are all dirty now. What should we do about it?” he fakely pouted. Was he really flirting with you after fucking some girl before seeing you?
You exhaled and tried to move your leg away.
His grip got tighter.
Your head got light with anxiety. What if someone could see it under the table cloth?
“Doyoung, don’t be stupid.” 
He didn’t reply. 
The gaze you were exchanging for a long minute now just added to the sensation of his palms slowly caressing your ankle. It went up to your calf and then stopped right under the knee. 
“You’re too far away,” his voice got low and for once he actually whispered.
You silently cleared your voice and tried to reply but he cut you off. 
“But if I tell you what I would do, would you be able to imagine it?” 
His lips curved in a teasing smile, moving slowly to ask that question, made you want to just start yelling. 
You wanted it to be a warning tone, but you could tell that you failed from his delighted expression. 
It was a problem. 
Doyoung was a problem. He was there flirting with you. For what? He was not an agent anymore and you weren't his client. You weren’t his friend. You weren’t someone he liked. Then, what the hell were you? 
“Take me with you.” 
He blinked at the sudden request and his fingers stopped. 
“I want to come with you to your refresher course.” 
His confused expression made you feel a bit guilty for eavesdropping. “I heard you book it last night.” 
He still didn’t reply. 
“I mean, you want to help me find a house,” you shrugged.
"Yes but-”
"There are rules you have to follow if you’re working for me. Now there's no contract binding us together so you can fully help me out," you explained. 
“Yes, but-”
“I’ll learn something new while being there,” you tried to convince him. 
He sighed and gently let your leg down from his thigh.
“About what?” 
“Real estate.” 
“Real estate,” he was suspicious.
“Real estate-,” you nodded. “-men.”
He rolled his eyes with a scoff and the tongue in his cheek made you secretly sigh. He drove you insane. 
“I’m just trying to find a good real estate agent to sell me a good deal,” you tried to sound nonchalant. 
"Uhm, sorry but-," 
"I'll give you an apartment."
"Like gift it to me? Oh my God, Daddy," you chuckled and playfully hit his hand with your fingertips. 
He grabbed them tightly and didn’t let go. 
“Stop joking. I mean it.” 
His serious tone made your smile die.
You sighed again. 
“You don’t have to do all of this only because you feel guilty.” 
Doyoung let go of your hand and leaned back. 
“You think I’m doing all of this only because I feel guilty?”
“The short answer would be yes.” 
“And what’s the long one?” 
“You tell me. Why are you helping me?”
Doyoung looked away. 
“I spoke to a landlord selling privately this morning. She agreed for us to see the apartment whenever we want.” 
You blinked at him. A landlord? So no woman opened his shirt buttons? Or did she?
“We can go tomorrow. On our drive to the course. It’s going to take a few days so I’ll drop you off at your place to pack now. You’ll be able to meet many great men willing to help you out if you don't like the apartment I chose for you.”
The drive was silent that morning too. 
The first rays of spring sun were out and you dared to finally wear a cute floral dress under your raincoat. 
You secretly wanted Doyoung to comment something about it but he barely looked at you. Obviously. 
His expression was hidden behind his sunglasses and for some reason, you felt guilty about something you couldn’t quite point out. 
The place he had to take his course was a few hours away but the apartment he wanted you to see was just a few minutes away from his house.
“You can go in,” he handed you the keys. 
You eyed them in his palm and bit your lower lip. 
“Are you not coming?”
He opened his mouth to reply but you interrupted him. 
“No, it’s okay. I’ll be quick.” 
When you found the number of the door you were looking for and opened it, you inhaled deeply and smiled. 
What a place. 
You imagined Doyoung looking for apartments the previous night instead of sleeping and your heart felt tight. You imagined him taking notes and well, reading your dirty books. 
Walking around slowly, head full of questions, you looked down the low window in the living room. It was almost touching the floor, wide enough to take the whole wall and it made you laugh that an apartment could look this way. It was a short window though, so you knelt on the cold floor to be able to see outside. 
"Hey," you giggled.
Doyoung was resting with his hips on the side of the car, the cigarette he was smoking making it difficult to see his face.
He looked up when he heard your voice and saw your head poking through after a moment of searching. His lips let go of the cigarette and he blew the smoke out.
"Is that a window?" he asked, calm but slightly surprised.
"Yeah. Isn't it cool? I love it!" you giggled again. “Do you want to see? Please come."
Your expression made him sigh, gaze on the pavement as he threw the butt on the concrete.
"Doyoung! Don't litter around!"
The young man smiled a bit, loving the way you would yell at him. It made his hands tingle with the desire to grab your face and taste your lips.
"I'm coming up," he announced, ignoring your orders. 
The window arrived at his collarbones and when he placed his palms on the edge of it you slid back on your knees to give him space.
"You couldn't have used the door like a normal person, could you?"
Doyoung grunted once and lifted himself up, slithering inside the apartment through the tight window until resting on his stomach, feet still dangling outside.
You grabbed his jacket and pulled it towards you with a chuckle.
"Come on," you tried again but he was dead meat.
"Don't be stupid!"
"Impossible," he mumbled and you were ready to leave him there before he moved towards you in a single movement, letting his shoes click on the tiles and pressing his face into your stomach.
It took you a few moments to realize that you were touching each other. 
And the way you were doing it. 
You were sustaining yourself on your elbows, legs spread for Doyoung to bury his face into your stomach. He was warm, especially his breath on your dress, but his palms felt cool on your thighs. He was hugging your legs, shoulders rising and falling at a steady pace as if he suddenly fell asleep.
"Doyoung," you wanted to call out, say his name, but your throat was dry. Instead, you lifted your bust a bit but not enough to make him move his head away. It had nowhere to go besides up or down and you didn't know which one was making you feel hotter.
A single sigh escaped your mouth as you looked around the room, as if unable to stare at your new particular friend's nape any longer.
The rumble of the cars right down the street sounded far away and Doyoung's deep voice felt so loud that your head snapped down.
He was staring at you, eyes piercing under his ruffled black hair and his breath, caressing places that gave you goosebumps, made you tighten your legs a bit in embarrassment.
"The lights are great," he had to repeat himself, your empty expression giving away that you were thinking about anything besides what he was saying.
"And it's a weird apartment. I know you like weird things so this is perfect. Do you like it?" 
"I like weird things?" you wondered where that came from. 
"You like me," he replied as if it were a normal explanation.
The look you exchanged made you gulp and your first instinct was to laugh it out. 
Of course, you liked him. You liked to be around him. As friends. As a human. 
But you also liked the way his thumbs started to circle the softest part of your thigh. They were moving up ever so lightly, taking the edge of your short dress with them. Not like friends and not like a mere human. 
You weren't naive. You expected at least a kiss any time soon. In a day, a week or a month, if you ended up still talking by then. 
You were still two grown-up adults and even if he didn’t like you the way you ended up feeling about him, something was bound to happen with all that flirting going on.
But you didn't expect that first kiss to be somewhere else other than the lips. 
It was slow and sensual. Doyoung's eyes were closed as if savouring it - he kissed your thigh, so close to your underwear line to make you jolt. 
Then he kissed you again, another open mouth kiss, this time going upwards. 
Then another one as he shifted ever so slightly, getting more comfortable on his stomach. 
You didn't dare to say anything. You were mute, letting your increasing breath do all the conversation. 
And when he reached the little white bow on your panties, kissing the skin right above it, your hand flew to his hair. Your fingers slowly slid between his locks. His hair was curly that day and it made him look wickedly angelic as his gaze caressed your expression. 
"Tighter," he smiled, lips still brushing your skin, teasing you until giving your whole body goosebumps. 
You pulled a bit and he winced. 
"Sorry," you let his hair go quickly and he chuckled, taking your wrist and placing a kiss on your pulse. 
"No. I like it rough."
Your heart was pumping hard inside your throat, watching his plush and pink lips press on your fingers. What did all of that mean?
"Doyoung," you whispered, watching him intertwining his fingers with yours. 
"I'm going to make you cum in a more comfortable place," he said with a light tone. 
He lifted his bust and he let out a short laugh at your overwhelmed expression.
"Come. Let's see the apartment." He got on his knees then he stood up, pulling you by the hand. 
His other one patted your butt a few times to get rid of any dust and he dragged your dress down.
Kiss me? Kiss me. Kiss me, please. 
He didn't.
You were in bed when the light sound of the hotel room’s door opening announced Doyoung’s return. 
He didn’t question why you still wanted to go with him to the course even if you already liked the apartment he showed you. And you hoped he didn’t inquire too much either. 
“I’ll think about it. I’m still coming with you though,” has been the final verdict and Doyoung didn’t comment. 
Why? You had no idea. But the thought of suddenly not seeing him anymore after he was done with helping you out to get rid of his guilt was unbearable. 
“Hey,” you placed the book you were reading face down on your chest. 
“Gathering information on the competition?” he asked as a greeting, eyeing the spicy cover. 
“Oh, it’s just a random novel.” 
That had the one bed trope since, well, you were in that same situation and you had to refresh your memory on what to do next. 
Doyoung took off his blazer and put it on the back of a chair in silence. His back looked wide as he turned it to you and your eyes naturally fell on his spine as well, going down to meet his waist. Your fingers tightened their hold on the book and when he turned sideways to take off the belt you felt your mouth dry. The black leather belt slid quickly out of the loops and just as quickly he unbuttoned his sleeves. 
“You might as well start taking notes,” he said with an amused tone, eyes focused on his left wrist before he could look up at you. “For your next book.”
You looked away just as quickly but you noticed the glint of mischief in his gaze.
Doyoung walked towards the bed until reaching the nightstand on his side of the bed and with expert fingers, he opened the buckle of his watch with a metallic sound and slid it up then off his wrist. 
His movements were hypnotizing and this time you couldn’t look away. 
Doyoung sat down on the bed and slowly took off his rings. They all went near his watch, one by one. 
If he felt the bed move as you got out of the covers and crawled towards him, he pretended he didn’t. 
You stopped on your knees behind his back and delicately traced his necklace with your fingers. The clasp was easy to open but you pretended to have a hard time. 
Doyoung didn’t look bothered and patiently waited for you. 
His breath looked steady by the movement of his shoulders. 
Yours was all over the place. 
When the necklace slithered on his collarbones like water, he gathered it in his palm and placed it neatly on the side.
“Thank you,” his voice was warm. “I’m taking a shower,” he announced before getting up in a light swoosh of cologne. 
Too much. 
You abandoned yourself on the bed like a rich lady in a Victorian novel, the back of one hand thrown on your forehead and said forehead hurting like a bitch from sexual frustration. 
No, you weren’t about to masturbate in a shared hotel room while someone else was in the shower. 
Someone that looked like the wettest dream you’ve ever had in your whole life and it drove you insane how composed he looked around you?
You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. 
You could just go out and take a walk, maybe visit the hotel gym and pretend you like working out. Or maybe watch something. Wait, where was your book again? Did you even know how to read? Because you felt pretty illiterate at that moment. 
The running water worked as nice white background noise and you could barely hear the bed sheets rustling as you shifted underneath them. 
Your breath was shaky when you inhaled silently, your right hand teasing at your thighs as if it wasn't yours. Then your fingers gently slid under the cotton of your panties until you gasped, back arched and head pushed back into the pillow. 
You swallowed and listened to your own panting. The shower kept running so you felt safe proceeding. 
Your mind was already so hazy that for a moment the only thing you could think of was how insanely wet you were. Your slick fingers made you bite your lower lips as you flicked your clit slowly, then as your toes curled, quicker and quicker. It got so hot so fast that with a rough movement you threw the covers on the side. 
Then the bathroom door closing with a soft thud made you jolt and you opened your eyes in panic. Doyoung’s eyes weren’t panicked though. 
"Sorry, I interrupted,” he said with a calm tone. 
All the blood in your body went to your face and you thought you'd pass out from embarrassment. You grabbed the covers and rolled in them like a burrito with a loud whine.
"Shit," you mouthed. 
Doyoung chuckled, walking towards the centre of the room towards his luggage. 
And then you noticed. 
Wet black hair on his forehead, hand pushing it back, absolutely nothing on his body beside a towel. 
"Are you fucking kidding me?" you thought. Or said. No. You definitely said because Doyoung smirked. 
You couldn't breathe and the covers were slowly sliding away from your body as you recomposed yourself. 
He let his clothes hang on the back of the chair and you watched his back as he walked towards the table in front of the bed and served himself a glass of water. He brought it to his lips, and your gaze could not stop from wondering which place on his neck you should leave a hickey. A few drops collected in his collarbones from the wet hair and then they slid down his pecs as he moved, resting his hips on the table. 
Then he blinked languidly, taking in the view of your overwhelmed face. 
"Take them off," he ordered. 
You knew he meant your underwear. 
Wait. Really? 
You gulped and looked down to your thighs. 
"Lean with the back on the bed frame."
You inhaled and shifted backwards until feeling the wood on your blades. 
"Now take them off," he repeated.
You felt like saying something. But you had no idea what to say. 
With shaky hands, you slowly hooked your thumbs on the sides and slowly slid the fabric off your legs.Then with a quick movement, you closed your legs and he smiled. 
"Good girl."
You closed your eyes to not see him but hearing only his voice was even worse. 
The tiny whine escaping your throat at the praise felt very loud in the silent room and Doyoung chuckled softly. 
"You want to touch yourself so badly, don't you?" 
"Yeah," you quickly breathed out, opening your eyes in time to see his gaze dancing on your body. 
"Open your legs for me."
Like a puppet, your limbs moved just as he requested and the raspy “fuck” you heard was almost enough to throw you over the edge. 
"Keep the shirt on," he instructed. "Touch your body, start from your neck and go down."
You bit your lower lip and slowly complied, caressing your throat then collarbones, going over the cotton of the shirt to grab your breast and squeeze. The soft moan on your lips travelled to Doyoung's head and he tightened the hold of his fingers on the table. Then your hands went on your stomach and as you held in your breath, a single "no" froze you. 
"Caress your thighs," he instructed.
Your body contracted and you decided to lock eyes with him. Your breath was heavy and your hand hovered over your needy clit and touched the softness of your legs instead. 
Doyoung was visibly hard in his white fluffy towel and it was driving you insane. 
"Please," you gulped, the saliva in your mouth making you almost choke. 
He took a step towards you and you inhaled sharply. His eyes were deep and dark under the wet strands of hair and you desperately needed to feel how cool his lips would be on your hot body. 
“Just drop the fucking towel,” your voice sounded strained. 
Doyoung smiled and slowly let his veiny hand palm his covered cock. You bit your lower lip at the sight and the wet hot mess between your legs just got worse. 
“You’re going to touch yourself for me, alright baby?” he cooed, his low whisper making you clench. 
You nodded desperate, amusing him far too much for your liking. 
“Show me how you do it when you think of me,” his husky voice ordered and your hand has never moved quicker. "You think of me a lot, don't you?" 
Your fingertips felt how hot and wet you were and you inhaled sharply, spreading all of that slick and rubbing your clit for him to see. 
You nodded. 
Doyoung hummed pleased, his own hand lazily palming himself at the sight. Your already irregular breathing became fast panting and your toes curled. Your hips rutted upwards as your back curved, your whole body sliding on the sheets to fully rest on the bed. You've never been watched and it was driving you insane. The pillow engulfed the side of your face you pushed into it as Doyoung ordered something else. 
“Insert a finger for me, babe.” 
“Fuck,” you moaned at his tone, your middle finger already eager to feel yourself. It slid so easily that you actually gasped from surprise, your feet abandoning the bed as you pushed your knees up. The new view made Doyoung swear and you thought you’d add to it by sliding your other hand down to rub at your clit at the same time. 
“You’re such a good girl, putting on a show for me,” you felt his touch on your ankle and you felt electric. “Another one.” 
You locked eyes as you inserted your ring finger as well and you loved how his tongue licked his lower lip and shifted his gaze to your core. 
Usually, you could reach your g spot once every full moon and you thought that day wasn’t one of them. The desperation made your forehead shine with a thin layer of sweat as your lips mumbled incessant pleas. And then your fingertip grazed something inside of you that made you roll your eyes so hard that you almost convulsed. 
“That’s right,” Doyoung cooed with a very heavy breath and between your lashes you could see him spit in his palm and slowly pump his cock. The view drove you crazy and the wet sound he added on top of your own was enough to make you cum.
“I’m about-” you mumbled. 
“Yeah? I’ll count it for you, alright babe? You’re going to cum when I say one.”
You nodded frantically, your hands almost getting cramps by how fast you chased your orgasm. 
“Good. Now, listen to my voice,” he said. “Ten.” 
“Fuck,” you pushed your head back into the pillow, the burning inside your veins urging you to just cum in that instant. 
You whined loudly, chest rising and falling and head already spinning. 
“Eight. Don’t cum yet baby. You want to be a good girl for me, don’t you?” Doyoung’s sweet tone made you grit your teeth. 
“Seven. Say it.” 
“I-,” you choked, “I want to be a good girl for you.” 
Doyoung exhaled, his cock looking absolutely delicious poking out of his fist almost as fast as your fingers were pumping inside of you. 
“Six,” his voice trembled and the view of him pleasuring himself in front of you,  his head thrown slightly to the side, his neck and collarbones so nicely on display, made your legs tremble with desire. 
“Five. Keep going,” he smiled through his panting and you begged him. 
“Please, please, Doyoung, faster?” 
He chuckled. 
“You want to cum so badly? Yeah?” 
“Yeah, please-” your body twitched. You’ve never felt that kind of buildup and it was driving you insane. 
“Four. Good girl.” 
You kept going, your body shifting back and forth in front of his eyes. 
“Three-” his tone lifted and you moaned, then his voice deadpanned. “Stop.” 
Your eyes shot open and your hands stilled, making your body shake so much that the bed frame hit the wall repeatedly.
“Fuck fuck Doyoung please-” you begged, unable to think anything besides how badly you wanted to cum.
He chuckled at your state, his own hand still around his cock, lips open to let his heavy breath exit as if after a strenuous run. 
“Hands above your head,” he ordered and you felt tears prickle your eyes at his instructions, your sensitivity pulsating as you clenched. 
He clicked his tongue as your thighs touched and finally you felt his palms on your knees. 
“Open up.” 
Arms thrown on the pillow around your head, vision blurry and blood fueling everything besides your brain, you stared at Doyoung, kneeling between your legs with that smirk on his face. 
His hands palmed your calves, pushing your legs on your chest. 
And finally, fucking finally, you felt his hot breath on your skin. 
He kissed the underside of your thigh, slowly, languidly, looking up at your face and chuckling as you lost your mind in his hold. Then another kiss, slightly lower. Then another one on the other thigh. 
His arms snaked around them, holding your hips down with one of them as you twitched, while the other caressed your side until reaching your breast. His fingers squeezed the softness of it then pinched your hard nipples, making a jolt escape your body as his mouth sucked on your skin as well. 
He was humming as if feasting and your fingers grabbed the sheets around you when you sensed you could move your arms. 
“Fuck me,” you locked eyes. “Please? I want you so badly.” 
He laughed right above your clit and dived in quickly with absolutely zero warning. 
You yelped and your muscles almost hurt from how hard you tensed. 
Hips up to meet his mouth, you slid your fingers into his damp hair. Doyoung looked up as he licked a long stripe between your lips, and you whimpered when he stopped to kitty lick your clit. His hands roamed your body, pinching, squeezing, caressing you, your stomach, breasts, sides, hips, ass. He sucked on you and licked and slid his tongue inside, taking short breathing breaks that just hit your sensitivity just as much. 
His name felt so right on your lips as you chanted it, pulling him down, even more, rutting your hips to get more, digging your nails into his forearms to say just how good he made you feel, things you couldn’t say with your mouth. 
And then you gasped, the build-up reaching the overflowing point and you begged please please please make me cum. 
He never stopped and your airflow went missing. Your shaking body went limp for a moment and you tightened your thighs around his head. Doyoung’s arms flexed, keeping your hips down as you orgasmed, his tongue still mercilessly lapping at your incredibly wet pussy. 
You gasped for air as your head spun around and perhaps you mouthed that you couldn’t take it anymore because Doyoung slowly kissed your clit a few times, sucking on it gently, before pressing his lips on your stomach, peppering wet kisses all up to your torso. 
You mewled at the godly sensation, his lips and hands worshipping you like that, and when he finally reached your face and kissed you deeply, your sweet taste lingering on his tongue as he languidly slid it around yours, you were ready to orgasm a second time. 
Finally, the kiss you’ve waited for so long, arrived and your tired arms were quick to wrap his shoulders, fingers tangling themselves in his thick hair, legs welcoming him between them. 
He stopped to breathe and his aftershave scent made you squirm. His body felt the right amount of heavy on top of you and you pressed him down even more until your breast got squeezed under his chest. Doyoung chuckled and kissed you again, one hand to wrap your thigh and lift it better around his hip. 
“Just put it in, please,” you breathed on his lips and he hummed teasingly, sliding his cock between your folds, as slowly as humanly possible. He groaned and you loved the sweet pain of his fingers squeezing your leg. Then his hand moved to the sheets near your head, the pillow underneath it long thrown to the side. You stared at his veiny forearms as he flexed his arm, filling you up until you choked. 
He kissed your jaw and under your ear, thrusting inside of you sloppily a few times until building a rhythm he enjoyed. Your nails scraped his back when he picked up the pace and by his higher soft whines, while he messily kissed your lips, engulfing your own moans and the orgasm denial from before, you knew he was close as well. 
“Cum wherever you want to,” you breathed out and it visibly drove him insane. He pulled out with a few last thrusts, and you whined, staring at his pretty hand pump his cock. He swore with a few groans and you bit your lip at the feeling of his cum coating your stomach in sprouts. 
“You look so fucking hot,” you mewled, wanting his cock inside of you again. 
Resting on his knees and a few drops of cum still sliding down off the tip, he pulled you towards you by the underside of your legs and filled you all up in one go again. 
You pushed your head back with a surprised moan and grabbed his wrist with both hands as he held you in place by the throat. 
“I’m not done with you yet,” his voice accompanied his arm, lifting one of your legs higher on his hip. He leaned down enough for you to hear his grunts reverberate in your chest mixed with the sounds you emitted. 
The hotel bed should have technically been made for rough sex yet it wasn't, because the frame hitting the wall could probably be heard by everyone. 
Were all of his agent colleagues able to hear that he was rearranging your guts? The thought made you dig your nails into his forearm, his fingers alternating pressure on your throat to just resting it there. You didn't know which sound was dirtier, the loud bed or his skin repeatedly slapping against yours. 
"You fucked with my mind since day one," he suddenly said and you felt your eyes roll back in your head by the vigour he accompanied his phrase with. 
"Yeah? Should have bent me over that clean desk of yours and make a mess out of me," you managed to reply and soon after gasped as Doyoung let your leg down and roughly kissed your lips. You wrapped your thighs around his hips and he slowed down with a groan that you swallowed. 
Foreheads touching and lips never wanting to let go, he thrust deep inside of you, making you grunt each time. 
"You think so?" he whispered near the corner of your lips. 
“That way the house should have been mine by now," your fingers slid on his nape and tugged when he sucked on the soft spot of your neck right underneath your ear. His nasal whimpers felt divine and you were about to urge him to go faster. 
"So you just want to use me," he said and for a moment you opened your eyes. Your palms descended to his face to make him look at you. 
“You really think that?” 
His panting calmed down a bit at your expression. 
“Is it not the truth?” 
“By that logic, I should be in some other dude’s room now instead though.”
“You came here for that.” 
You bit your lower lip. “You’re here to build up your future career. Don’t you think your-," you hesitated," -girlfriend should be beside you in times like that? Making sure you’re not all tense?” you palmed his flexed arms. 
The amount of courage it took you to say that made your head light. If he was about to get all soft inside of you, it would be a good indicator that he didn’t care about you like that. 
But sis eyes softened at your whispering instead and you took it for a good sign. 
“And you can also make sure I’m not tense while I’m thinking how to decorate that new apartment I got thanks to you. You got it all wrong. I don’t want to use you, but your cock," the little smile on your face made him roll his eyes with a scoff.
"I'm not making you cum," he announced. 
"Make me cum, please," you cooed. "I know you have a soft spot for me."
"You have a soft spot for me."
"No, you."
"I have a hard spot for you," he brushed your lips with his and chuckled at his own bad joke. 
The hard spot was indeed hard as he resumed moving, the smile that bloomed on your face becoming a frown of pleasure in the crook of his neck. 
"Alright then," his raspy voice added in a different tone, "do you want your boyfriend to take care of all of that paperwork?" 
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alwaysmarveling · 6 months ago
Ease My Mind
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x reader
Warnings: mentions of death, anxiety, and depression, also not edited
Word Count: 5.7k
Summary: Wanda can read minds, but that doesn't mean she knows what to do with her own.
A/N: Sorry for not posting anything in so long, life got in the way. I wrote this a couple of months ago and just wanted to finally get it out of my drafts, so here you go :)
Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Wanda can’t remember when she first heard the quote, but if there’s anything she’s learned from experience, it’s that one.
Some nights, she lays in bed and prays to whatever god might exist that the sun won’t rise, that she can be swallowed in the chaos and darkness plaguing her mind and forever leave this world. Her parents did. Pietro did. Why can’t she?
But rays of light always make their way above the horizon, shedding a glow on the green grass that surrounds the compound. The tiny, disruptive seed that was planted in her chest the night before has grown into a mature Whomping Willow, attacking at the slightest hint of hope or happiness that dares to escape the confines caging Wanda’s heart (That’s what the Whomping Willow does, right? Wanda’s not too sure; she didn’t pay too much attention when Clint forced her to watch the Harry Potter series.). Wanda’s decided she doesn’t like the sun. It suggests too much promise for something that isn’t even there to begin with, for something that could never be.
Other days, the brunette buries herself in the corner of her room in the hopes that the moon won’t come. Darkness is too much right now, it makes the thoughts unbearable as they fly at her from every possible direction. Each introduces a new fear, a new possibility. Some of them are hers, some of them not. But none of them are good. So she needs the sunlight, needs the sounds of the compound that surround her, something to tell her that life still thrums through the building, a sign that some good still exists.
But the moon always comes eventually. Somehow, despite the large number of people living in the compound, many of them insomniacs, night always comes, bringing a much dreaded silence with it. And while Wanda tries to brush the thoughts away–they’re just thoughts, after all–if she thinks about it, isn’t there a reason she’s having all of them in the first place? She’s always been smart, was always praised in school for having good ideas. Why should these be any different?
The light from the moon is never enough. And that’s when the anxiety really kicks in.
It’s dark, but Wanda can still hear the screams of the wounded and the dying, still see her home as it crumbles around her. The red mist comes out of her fingertips no matter how hard she tries to reel it back in, and just like it seems when she has a grip on it, she loses control again, killing thousands in the process.
Wanda is a liability, a land mine just waiting for an unsuspecting child to take one wrong step before obliterating an entire population. Wanda is-
“Excuse me? Ma’am? Your drink is ready.” The moment the brunette’s eyes met yours was like getting punched in the gut and sucked under a rip current at the same time.
“Of course. Thank you.” You slid the black coffee across the counter with a small smile, still entranced by the… emotions that swam in the green orbs. Was it sadness? No, that wasn’t right at all. Depression? Anguish? Who hurt her? She interrupted your studies with a request for a sleeve to go around her cup.
“There are napkins to your right if you need those,” you offered, sliding the cardboard sleeve in her direction. You turn around to make an order for the next customer, but you can feel her eyes on your back, her head tilting slightly. By the time you turn around, the woman is gone.
- - -
You don’t work the next day, but the woman from the day before doesn’t leave your mind. Why you didn’t even take a peek at the name written on the cup, you’re not sure. It just… felt like an invasion of privacy. She’d lost so much; who were you to take that much more from her?
It’s just her name. It feels like so much more.
Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend too much time wondering if you’ll ever see the customer again because she comes in the next day, entering the shop at the same time she had the first time you’d met her.
“And can I get a name for the order, ma’am?” Spiders crawl up your spine at having to ask the question, so intrusive. Asking her anything seems intrusive.
“Wanda.” You’ve already written the second “a” when she speaks up again. “Wanda Maximoff.” You’re about to tell her that last names aren’t necessary, especially for a name like hers, which isn’t very common, but she beats you to it, spelling it out. You write it out for her sake. Wanda speaks as if she wants to tell you more, but there’s nothing left to tell. So she places the money on the counter gingerly before fleeing your line. Exact change. You want to ask her to come back, invite her to say whatever was resting on the tip of her tongue. The next customer is already rattling off their order.
- - -
“Do you have any drinks that you might recommend?” She catches you off-guard with her question, the Sharpie only a centimeter away from the cup. If she was any other girl, you’d recommend anything pumpkin spice; it’s a favorite among many, and it’s true that she might like it too. But she’s Wanda. And you don’t quite know what that means, but it’s gotta mean something right?
“Between you and me, I think the hot chocolate is the best drink we’ve got.” She wrinkles her nose, and it’s only then that you realize how beautiful she is, how much you want to press gentle kisses to the beauty marks dusting her cheeks, how you want to learn what makes her smile, what makes her laugh. You suddenly feel embarrassed for recommending the hot chocolate even if you believe it’s one of the best drinks the store has to offer. You’re ready for her to say she’ll try something else instead, something less… childish. But she orders it anyway, giving you a small “thank you” before paying, once again, in exact change and stepping into the next line.
“You were right. The hot chocolate was really good.” You respond with a gasp, and that’s all you can do at the moment because your heart is racing and you can’t feel your fingers anymore. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Her voice is syrupy and soft, and she apologizes as if she’s killed your lover. Your eyes don’t miss the awkward jerk of her hand as she attempts to reach out to you before tugging herself back in. You should tell her it’s okay.
“Don’t worry about it,” you finally manage to get out with a smile. “Just wasn’t expecting you to be there. Wanda, right?”
“Yes, Wanda Maximoff.” You nod politely, not sure why she insists on telling you her last name every time, but you repeat it for her sake.
“Wanda Maximoff. I’m Y/N. L/N.” Your last name is added as an afterthought, an effort to add some symmetry to the conversation. Wanda doesn’t quite bother to look at your finger as you point to the name tag pinned to your chest, instead taking the time to study your face. “I’m sorry,” you finally interrupt, “was there something you wanted to say?” She shakes her head sadly.
“Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation.” It’s only then that you notice the slightest hint of an accent. How had you not picked up on it before? You want to ask her where she’s from, what her childhood was like, why her eyes are always swimming with so many emotions every time she enters the shop.
You want to ask her who hurt her.
But she’s already turned around and left, and, unfortunately, you can’t tell the answer to any of those questions based on her gait. A posture so tall and delicate, though… You want to rock her in your arms, tell her everything will be okay. No one else can hurt her.
Wanda can’t help it; she reads your mind. If only you knew that wasn’t the message she needed to hear.
- - -
The truth… the last thing that can’t be hidden is the truth. And the truth is that losing your parents is hard. Becoming a science experiment for an evil organization is hard. Losing your brother afterward is hard. Hell, even losing your brother in general is hard. But Wanda’s been through them all, and somehow, she’s still standing.
Anxiety is not an unfamiliar feeling to Wanda, just like it isn’t for all Avengers, but it seems like they all seem to manage it better than she can. After all, she’s spent at least one night in each of their rooms, giving in to their sympathetic gaze when they ask her if she’s been getting any sleep.
At first, it was easy to lie, say that, yes, it was hard, but she was managing. But it turns out that sleep deprivation has consequences that cannot be hidden, like dark bags under the eyes and mixing up words without even realizing it. Cue the Avengers trying to help Wanda in various ways ranging from offering sleeping pills or letting Wanda sleep in their bedroom. Wanda’s tried every medicine and home remedy, slept in every room in the compound. Nothing. Not until-
“Hey.” She can’t help but smile when she hears your voice, feels the warmth of your lips brushing her jaw. “What are you so busy thinking about?”
“Nothing,” Wanda dismisses you gently, her hand squeezing yours.
“Nuh uh, I don’t think so.” The brunette closes her eyes as you travel further up her jawline, giving her one last kiss on her temple. “What’s up?”
“Just thinking about what life was like before you. How hard it was.”
“Yeah? You okay?” Wanda hums, her voice low. She’s about to open her mouth when you let out a small “oh,” letting her know with a slight wince that you’ll be back in a second before running off. “Now, be careful, it’s a bit hot, but-”
“You made me a hot chocolate?” Your heart sinks slightly at the surprise in her voice, the unconscious implication that she doesn’t deserve good things, that she doesn’t deserve people doing good things for her. You give in to her request for a quick kiss before pressing the steaming mug into her hands.
“Of course I made you a hot chocolate. It’s the least I could do, babe.” She takes a sip, the room filling with a pregnant pause.
“Why?” You feel yourself fall further as you think back to when she first asked you out on a date.
A soft rap on the door pulls your attention away from a stubborn spot on the counter. It’s Wanda, her eyes bright and hopeful. Her posture is slumped, as if she doesn’t quite want to be seen by anyone, including you. But you open the door, more than happy to see her, albeit a bit confused.
“I’m so sorry, I know I don’t normally come this early…” You watch as her hand comes up to brush some hair out of her face, her green eyes taking the opportunity to flit to the ground.
“Well, I’m afraid no one does. I mean, we are closed,” you smirk. She laughs, your joke giving her enough confidence to continue.
“Right, right. I, um, I have some stuff to do later today, but I just wanted to hear…” You miss the rest of her sentence, her mouth falling behind her scarf as she speaks. The wool muffles her words.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” You can just barely make out the slight shading of pink that covers her cheeks as she lifts her mouth slightly.
“I said I didn’t want you to think I was flaking or anything.” Her answer is definitely different from what she said the first time, but you nod anyway, understanding her referral to her daily visits to the coffee shop (well, she only came on the days you were working, but you didn’t know that at the time). “I know it’s a long shot, but maybe…”
“Come on in, I’ll see what I can do.” You can’t help but return Wanda’s grin as you usher her into the shop, making sure the “closed” sign is still facing outwards before heading to fix the drink. Wanda is quiet the entire time that you work, but you don’t miss the way her eyes follow your form as you make your way around the bar.
What you do miss is the way she looks at you, the way her eyes shine as she thinks about why she’s here, why she shouldn’t be here with you, a practical angel. She knows it logically can’t exist, but Wanda swears there’s a halo around your head as you float around the shop.
“Lucky for you, there’s never a wrong time for hot chocolate.” The brunette is finally snapped out of her trance at the feel of the paper cup in her grip.
“Thank you, moy-” You quirk your head at the way she stops short, wanting to ask what she meant to say. But she’s taking a sip from her cup to cover up her embarrassment, and you let her, going back to setting up the shop for the day as you hum along to the song playing from your phone’s speaker. You don’t turn around until she blurts out something else.
“Go on a date with me. Please.”
You’re still trying to process what she said when a horn grabs the attention of you both.
“Wanda, let’s go! We’ve got a mission!” And as those words are spoken–by whom, you’re not sure–you can tell she instantly regrets her request. “Wanda!” Suddenly you’re debating if you should say what you want to or just let the girl go in peace. She’s almost out the door when you finally open your mouth.
“Can you pick me up from work tomorrow after 5?” That stops her escape, the bell above the door ringing as her hand pushes on the wood.
“You still want to come on a date with me?” Her back is still to you, but you hear every careful word she says.
“I’ll see you at 5 tomorrow, Wanda Maximoff.” A smile graces your face as she slips out. You can’t see her face, but you know her expression matches yours. You know who she is, what she is, and you still said yes.
“I’d give you the whole world if I could.” It’s quiet, the sentence, but she hears it all.
“You already have.” The two of you fall into a comfortable silence as you sit hand-in-hand on her- on your bed, your head resting on her shoulder as she slowly drinks up the chocolatey goodness you’ve made especially for her. Your eyes roam the room, noting your suitcases and a few cardboard boxes you brought over from your place. You’d unpack later. Tonight, you just wanted to be with her. To enjoy her. To let her know just how lucky you were to have her.
- - -
Some people might think it’s weird, but you and Wanda never slept in the same bed until the two of you moved in together. And after just the first morning of waking up to see your face, Wanda realizes just how much she was missing.
It’s still dark out, as one might expect it to be at 5 AM. But Wanda’s used to the darkness--and the dreadful pit in her chest that only grows as time passes. She expects her breathing to pick up its pace rapidly, her palms to get sweaty, her heart beating so quickly it seems like it’s about to rip out of her body. The witch wants nothing more than to reach over and hold you close, beg you to talk about anything and everything just so she can hear her voice, make things go back to normal. But in some ways, the dark is comforting because it means she doesn’t have to get up and face the fears plaguing her mind. So she continues to lay there in silence. She doesn’t touch you, doesn’t dare disturb you.
And as you sleep, your breathing slow and your countenance peaceful, everything she expects to happen does happen… until the slightest glimpse of gold catches the corner of her eye. Suddenly, Wanda is captivated by the gentle splotches of light being painted across your face as the sun rises. Wanda’s eyes never leave your form. She watches how your chest rises and falls slowly, how the light makes its way across the room. It’s almost jarring when she realizes that you’ve awoken.
“What are you doing up, my love?” Wanda’s always known she loves your voice; its morning rawness no exception. She could listen to it all day. She would listen to it all day.
“I just love watching the sun rise.” And for once in her life, Wanda means it.
- - -
“C’mon! This way!” The two of you giggle like schoolchildren as you pull Wanda towards the lake, the sound of your feet brushing through the grass filling your ears.
“Where are you taking me, solnishko?” You smile at the pet name, remembering when she first called you it. My sunshine, she’d told you. Because out of the many sunrises as I’ve seen, none of them could ever compare to your light. The second she told you that, you swore your heart was going to jump out of your chest and land directly in her hands. Because you were hers.
“It’s a surprise!” And a surprise it was. You take in her gasp with a grin, kissing her gently on the corner of her mouth when she finally stands still, the two of you now at your destination. “You like it, baby? I had Tony check, and it’s safe for us to go as far out as those last line of lanterns.” You smile gently at the feel of her leather gloves against your cheek.
“Like it? I… I love it. So, so much. I can’t even… oh my gosh. How’d you do this? How’d you even find this place? You only moved in a few days ago!” You laugh as she pulls you closer. The warmth of her body is something you could never get enough of.
“It’s really not much, Wan. Just a couple of lights.” Her hair brushes your chin as she shakes her head. Her eyes roam as she surveys the surroundings, the lights that hang from the trees, the lanterns that you placed carefully on the lake’s frozen surface.
“Not true at all. It’s absolutely amazing. Thank you so much, solnishko.”
“It’s not ‘everything?’” you ask with a wink.
“No, I love it, but it’s not everything.” You make sure to keep a smile on your face, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t damper your mood just a little. It’s your fault for pushing it, though. “How can it be everything when you’re everything?” And just like that, your face is brighter than it had been all evening.
“Let’s go, my little sweet talker. We only have so long until your team worries why we’re not home yet.”
Unbeknownst to you, Wanda has never been ice skating before. But you quickly find out when she almost falls flat on her face after placing one skate onto the surface of the frozen lake. You make sure she’s okay, one hand pressed to your mouth, at first in shock, and then in an effort to stifle a laugh. And maybe Wanda should be offended, but the moon illuminates your face, highlighting your cheekbones and making your joy just that much more contagious; she can’t do anything but smile.
As you carefully guide her around the lake, the two of you bursting into laughter whenever the witch slips (although you never let her hit the ice, of course), Wanda admires the darkness that surrounds you. She falls in love with the moon, the peaceful glow it gives off. For once in her life, the moonlight is more than enough. It allows her to see your beauty, the features that took her breath away the first time she met you and every time since then. The light reflects off of your teeth, brings out the sparkle in your eyes. It emphasizes your whole-hearted smile, the joy that fills you, manifesting itself as a breathless laugh that bubbles out of your throat and blesses her ears. Wanda’s heart has never been more full.
“Have I ever told you how much I love the moon?” Her voice is low, sweet, and ever so enchanting.
“No.” You bite your lip in an effort to not smile, to not give in to her teasing tone.
“It’s a relatively new development, I think.” Wanda joins as you barked out a laugh, quickly stopping when you pushed her gently.
“Babe, no! I was serious, I swear! I love the moon!” She clings to your arm for dear life before she can fall, one of her hands sliding down to link your fingers. The relief is clear in her voice.
“And I love you.” You adore the way her nose scrunches as you swipe the tip of it with your gloved hand, but you’re more concerned with how you have clearly caught her off-guard. “Too soon?”
“No. Not too soon at all,” she reassures you quickly, “Just… surprised is all.” She watches as you nod, wondering what you might be thinking as you bring her hand up to your lips.
“You deserve to be loved, Wan. And it’s okay for you to love other people.” Your hand is already on her cheek before she starts crying, ready to wipe the tears that you know will soon fall, and at that moment, Wanda doesn’t have to be a mind reader to know what you’re thinking. She can see in your eyes how much you wish to make things better. In Wanda’s mind, you already have.
“I love you too.” You barely have time to process her words before she pulls you in for a kiss, her hands cupping your cheeks. You lose your breath then, neither of you speaking for a full minute after you separate.
“And the moon,” you finally interject with a smile.
“And the moon.” She leaves a kiss on your cheek. You think she’s done, but she tugs you back before you can pull her for another precarious trip around the lake. “And seeing you smile.” You smirk at the brush of her lips against your temple. “And hearing you laugh.” Wanda presses a third kiss to your eyebrow. “And hearing your beautiful voice.” She finishes by finally kissing your pouting lips.
After that night, there is never a time where Wanda doesn’t smile when she looks at the moon.
- - -
You never realized just how kind Wanda was until you moved in with her. Of course, you always knew she had a deep desire to help others. You remember the incident in Lagos--how could you not, when it seemed like the government never wanted anyone to forget it--but you know that that is the most inaccurate depiction of your girlfriend anyone could ever give. You knew it even before you met her. After all, how can someone risk their life for the sake of others time and time again if they don’t have a good heart?
But Wanda has a heart of gold. She gave her brand new jacket, which she had been eying for months, to a child who looked cold without a second’s thought. When she and Steve came back from their mission, she offered to do his share of the paperwork because she thought he could use a break. And she takes care of her team as much as she can, even when they don’t realize it.
It started a week after you moved in with her. You rolled over in your sleep, your arm falling over the space where Wanda should have been. And even though the two of you hadn’t been sleeping in the same bed for long, your body still recognized the lack of a presence that should’ve been there, cold sheets when they should’ve been warm. It woke you up.
You checked the crack under the bathroom door first. It was dark, no sign that your girlfriend was in there, but, you told yourself, maybe she just didn’t want to turn on the light, worried it might disrupt you or pull herself too far out of her drowsiness so that she couldn’t fall back asleep.
When you heard nothing to suggest she was in there, you finally allowed yourself to worry. Had she gone to get a cup of water and fallen? Or maybe she was pulled away on an urgent mission and you somehow missed her leaving? Or what if an uncaptured enemy had gotten to her? It was the last thought that got you out of bed, leaving the bedroom in a rush to find out where the brunette could have gone. Where your brunette could have gone.
You almost missed it at first, how the door to Tony and Pepper’s room was open just a crack. You ran right past the room just as you had with the rooms of the rest of Wanda’s teammates. But you got just the slightest whiff of her, of home, and you knew she was in there. What you didn’t know was that she knelt with her knees pressed into the hardwood floors, a not-so-gentle reminder to try to keep herself grounded as she squeezed her eyes shut and clenched onto the edge of the sheets, trying with all her might to fight off the nightmares that plagued Tony’s mind. You found that out soon enough when you pushed the door open, though.
“Wan?” Your whisper pulled your girlfriend out of her focused state.
“Solnishko? What are you doing awake?” It was only then that you noticed the tears that stained Wanda’s cheeks. Your realization had you running over to her, waking up Pepper and Tony be damned.
“What are you doing here? Are you okay? Wha-” Wanda was quick to press her trembling index finger to your lips.
“Baby, don’t talk. Please don’t talk. Your throat.” And if it wasn’t for her being obviously upset at the moment, you would’ve rolled your eyes. Screw the laryngitis; she was so much more important.
Then read my mind. Her eyes widened at your thought, but you simply met her with a pointed gaze until she nodded. Can we get out of here first? You weren’t sure what it was about what you’d said, but your thought only made her shaking worse, the tears now falling rapidly. Okay, okay, just listen to me. Can you do that for me, love?
“No, no, I can’t do it. I can’t do any of it.” You wished for nothing more than to pull her into your arms, make it all okay. But the most you could do was try to regain her attention.
Listen to me, Wan. You can do it. The slightest nod of her head was all you needed to continue. Tell me what you can’t do. We can figure it out together, yeah? You just have to tell me.
“I can’t…” Your hand drifted up to her lower back as she paused to take a breath. “I can’t make his nightmares go away. It’s not working. I’m supposed to be saving lives and I can’t even help my teammate have a good night’s sleep!” She collapsed into you as she hurled the last few words in the air, her sobs being muffled by your shoulder as you held her close. And maybe you should’ve brought her back to bed before she woke the couple--who was somehow still sleeping despite the noise from you two--or became even more upset, but you knew that wasn’t the answer. Because you knew her.
Just breathe, angel. You can do it. I know you can. It’s just hard because you’re upset. So take a deep breath, calm down, and try again. Okay? You weren’t sure if she heard you at first, her tears continuing to soak through your shirt as she cried. But eventually, her back rose and fell with a shuddering breath, the exhale having a sense of finality to it. Wanda pulled herself back up onto her knees, one hand on the side of the bed and one hand latched firmly in yours.
You watched in awe as her eyes flashed red. You’d never seen her use her powers before. Sure, you knew what she was capable of, but actually seeing it was something else. You had one badass girlfriend (and you’d be sure to tell her about it later). Wanda’s right hand came up by Tony’s temple, red mist drifting from her hand to her teammate. When it reached Tony, his body was quick to finally relax, his chest falling as he released a breath you didn’t even realize he’d been holding. And with Wanda’s task done, it was now your turn.
You didn’t try to communicate with her again until the two of you had returned to your room and she was curled up in your arms on the bed.
How often do you do this? For each second that she didn’t respond, you felt your heart sink further. Wan?
“Every night they need me to.”
And how often is that? She gave a half-hearted shrug before answering.
“It depends. Maybe every other night?”
This isn’t your job, Wan. I know it feels like it because you can read minds-
“That’s not why I do it.”
Then why do you do it? You brushed your thumb over the back of her hand, not missing the way she let out a heavy sigh before continuing.
“Because I’ve hurt so many people. I hurt them, my own team.” She began fiddling with your fingers as she paused. Anyone else would’ve assumed she was done, but both of you knew that you could read her better than that. So you waited. Finally, she spoke again. “I’m Wanda Maximoff.”
I know you are. You told me your first and last name every time you ordered something, Wan, trust me. I know. You continued when you saw the slightest hint of a smile on her face. I know who you think you are, because of Lagos and what’s happened to your parents and Pietro. But Wan, none of that is true. That’s just a narrative that news networks and the government try to shove down people’s throats because they’re scared of what you can do. Your thumb smoothed over her cheek as she forced herself to swallow, a lump growing in her throat. But I also know who you actually are, and I know you’d never do that. You’d never hurt anyone on purpose. Because you’re right. You’re Wanda Maximoff.
“So then you know why I do it, right? Why I have to do it?” Her posture visibly worsened as you shook your head.
You have nothing to prove to anyone, love. Not to your team, not to the public, not to yourself, and certainly not to me.
“But if I have the ability to help them, to give back, even if it’s something small, I should do it.” Her eyes were anguished, pleading. You could only imagine yours looked the same, both of you trying desperately to make the other believe your own message, one that contradicted the other’s thoughts.
And who helps you when you need it? You watched as she turned towards you, her green eyes finding yours with an urgency that left her once she’d finished helping Tony.
“You do, moya radost. That’s what I was going to call you that day, at the coffee shop. My joy. You… clear my mind. There’s always so much going on in my head, so many things that I hear. From me, from other people, but you make things calm.” Tears fill your own eyes as she continues to speak, and you want so badly to interrupt her, kiss her, try to tell her how much her words mean to you, but she keeps talking. You let her. “Your voice, even your thoughts, there’s something special about them. I don’t know what it is, but it eases my mind, makes things better. It’s you, Y/N. You help me. It’s just you. It’s all you. I know it’s selfish, but-”
Stop. Wan, listen to me. Please. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. I don’t just mean that physically, I mean you are the kindest person I have ever met, the kindest person I could have ever thought to exist. I haven’t doubted that for a second since I’ve known you. So believe me when I say that I will remind you of that every week, every day, hell, every hour if you need me to. I’d be honored to. You just have to listen to me because what I’m saying is the truth.
Both of you forgot you were sick as she pulled you in, her hands resting firmly on your cheeks as she brought your lips to meet hers. But Wanda would have done it whether or not she remembered because it was you. She only let go when her lungs screamed for oxygen, your foreheads still pressed firmly together as both of you tried to regain your breath. You were so focused on that and the feel of her that you almost missed what she’d whispered, but you’d hold her to it for the rest of your lives.
- - -
The truth is, being Wanda Maximoff is hard. Being herself is hard. Accepting herself is hard, intolerable even. But with you, well… with you, life is different. Life is happy.
Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. And, thanks to you, Wanda loves them all.
- - - - -
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