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cheeseuii · 3 hours ago
Joe: I am so handsome. Breathe if you agree.
Reki: Oh my god, help! Cherry isn't breathing!
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icameoutonthetardis · 16 hours ago
Is it too much to ask for a lock screen that either has the whole Sk8 fam or machablossom + miya as a wholesome family photo??
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meaningless sk8 the infinity headcanons i have
joe has a pollen allergy but it has never and will never stop him from giving cherry flowers once a year (it was the day that they met but no one needs to know that).
shadow is lactose intolerant and it pisses him off bc he's never tried pizza because of that.
langa listens to doja cat and ariana grande's music religiously (he actually cried when the song "motive" came out)
reki loves the movie grease and knows all the words to all the songs since he was like 8 or smth (his favorite is beauty school drop-out)
whenever miya sees someone walking their dog outside he will go up to that person and ask to pet it.
cherry is horrible at remembering birthdays and even worse at picking out presents. he has carla make a note of all his friends' birthdays so he doesn't forget and look like an asshole but he still just gives reki a pair of socks on his birthday.
tadashi can knit and he can knit very well it's kind of impressive
adam has never watched star wars or star trek so he was always really fucking confused whenever joe and cherry would argue on which one was better (joe said star wars and cherry said star trek)
miya, reki and langa play minecraft together when there's no S that night
one time langa and his mom go to joe's restaurant bc langa wouldn't stop talking about how good the lasagna is there and she wanted to try it and joe came out and saw langa and said "nice date you got there, are you gonna introduce me?" and langa's mom says "i'm his mom" and joe just stays completely still and quiet then goes back to the kitchen and doesn't come back out and the next time that he saw langa at S he said "your mom is hot" and then avoided langa for a week
shadow loves all flowers but he has admitted (while drunk) that his favorite is the chrysanthemum bc of it's meaning
cherry got really really drunk at his and joe's graduation party and doesn't remember a single thing other than what joe filmed and took pictures of but joe claims that he had never laughed that hard before
adding on to that, cherry isn't specifically a lightweight but when they bust out the slightly harder alcohol he will go feral in two minutes
adam is a sad drunk (tadashi has videos of him sobbing while piss drunk and watches them when he's had about enough of adam's bullshit to remind himself that this is the man bullying him)
when he was younger, tadashi's grandma taught him how to bake, and he tried to teach a young adam but they ended up making a huge mess of the kitchen and got in trouble (it was tadashi's dad who caught them though, and man knows that adam needed a childhood so they got off easily by just having to clean the kitchen)
oka listens to trashy 90's pop in the shop sometimes and reki wants to impale his ears
shadow has a whole notebook filled with places to go on dates
langa and miya have no idea what kinks are so they ask reki and the poor boy was eating at the time so they almost had to go to the hospital and when they explained to joe what happened reki was fucking mortified and joe wheezed so hard he sounded like a balloon
shadow still can't tell his lefts from his rights
miya's alarm is the fucking uh "creeper aww man" song
idk man lemme know if you want more bc i have a whole army of these
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raaindropps · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Six drawings of various sk8 (Skate) characters. The lineart is simple and theres monochrome cel shading.
The first is a drawing of highschool Kaoru. He's standing with part of his head and shoes out of frame, in cargo pants and a loose, slightly unbuttoned shirt.
The second drawing is also of highschool Kaoru, this time waist-up with his hair in a ponytail. He's leaning forward with Joe's- Who is mostly out of frame- hand on his lip. This and the last drawing are both shaded with pink.
The third is a drawing of Miya from the back, wearing their cat hoodie and tail. It is shaded in purple.
The fourth shows Reki with his head on his desk, arms around his head, and hearts floating around. He says "He's so pretty" with the word "pretty" underlined. Its shaded in pink
The fifth shows Reki and Langa sitting down, with the camera to their backs. Reki is leaning over and hugging Langa. This is shaded in light orange.
The final drawing is of Reki with his head and arms perched over a highland cow that is sitting down. It's also shaded in orange. /End ID]
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raaindropps · 3 days ago
langa: Reki, how come the universe let you have four siblings?
reki: *being snuggled by miya, koyomi, ans the twins* i dont. i dont know
The kyan family fully just adopts miya
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mr-trashcanchan · 3 days ago
Cherry: Alright, listen up. We're going to Ikea for one thing and one thing only, got it?
Reki, Langa, Miya, Shadow: Yes.
Joe: Yup!
Cherry: And please don't wander off, it's a maze in there.
[5 minutes later]
Intercom: Mr Cherry, can you report to the lost and found, we found your husband and kids. Once again, we have found your husband and kids.
Cherry: ...
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vika6141 · 4 days ago
So funny and ADORABLE
Okey i'ma stop,,,for now
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These whole scenes were so-
Tumblr media
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vika6141 · 4 days ago
the spin off manga is serotonin on a whole another level
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so cute,,,adorable
Tumblr media
omg shadow i love you-
Tumblr media
i hate you stop being so damn cute you little asshole
Tumblr media
wouldn't it be funny if they met at S like:
both: wait you're that guy from-
Tumblr media
*wheeze* okey goodbye
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vika6141 · 4 days ago
I finally read the sk8 manga!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he is
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You two,,,marry me
Tumblr media
The manga is so beautifully drawn I'm like-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bokutosgreatestkinnie · 4 days ago
everyone who thinks joe should have called cherry a twink in the dub raise your fucking hand
more specifically in this scene (where in sub, he calls cherry "scrawny boy")
Tumblr media
mmmmmmm raise hands i can't be alone
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Joe: It'll be fun
Joe: We'll make it a boys day
Joe: Come on you punk bitch
Cherry [sighing]: I can't believe I have to say this
Cherry: I don't have time to get tested for STD's with you tomorrow
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Joe: [screaming at Cherry] You wanna take this outside?! You wanna take this to the park?? YoU WANNA LOOK AT THE STARS WITH ME? YOU WANNA GO OUT FOR A ROMANTIC DINNER AFTERWARDS?!
Machablossom: [aggressivly making out]
Langa: Are....are they always like this?
Miya: Yes.
Reki: They have problems with showing affection to each other directly but the aggressive voice helps apparently.
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Shadow: What did you guys get in your yearbook?
Reki: 'Prettiest Smile'
Langa: 'Ice Prince'
Cherry: 'Most likley to rule hell or become famous one day.'
Miya: 'Most likely to start a bar fight'
Joe: 'Least likely to start a bar fight, but most likely to win one'
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bokutosgreatestkinnie · 7 days ago
Reki: so how did you and Cherry get together?
Joe: well it all started with a game of gay chicken when we were 14,
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vika6141 · 7 days ago
they are
Tumblr media
getting closer
Tumblr media
in each
Tumblr media
definitively no 5 feet
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