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it was my birthday! and it took the time to justify a little narcissism and draw myself 4 times

from left to right, my player character appearance in pokemon X, Moon, GO and Sword. the option of blue lipstick has blessed me

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While we are on topic of swsh: since i did get Pokemon Home recently and can therefore trade, would anyone want any of these ‘mons before I wondertrade them away?

(3) gigantamax Toxtricity (amped form)

(7) gigantamax Snorlax

(1) gigantamax Duraludon with HA Stalwart

(3) gigantamax Duraludon in Luxury Ball

(1) gigantamax Sandaconda with HA Sand Veil

(5) gigantamax Machamp with HA Steadfast

(many) 4-6IV Toxel in Love Ball

From what I hear, friend trades are local only and room trades are 3 people at least, so we’ll have to do this through GTS like heathens, but message me if interested! (don’t have to follow me; for ‘mons i have several of, better IVs go to whoever messages me first; pokemon unclaimed by april 12th will go to WT)

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I’ve fallen asleep cuddling my partner Pokémon since I was a kid and he was a machop now that he’s a machamp people say it’s weird but I find it hard to sleep without my best friend and I can tell he’s not happy about it too, what should I do?

Ignore them.

Listen, people share a bed and cuddle with family and platonic friends all the time. Books from years ago state that humans also would share beds with non-pokemon animals. Your machamp is your friend, and you both feel safer with each other. If you don’t have a problem with it and he doesn’t have a problem with it, then you’re good.

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Pass the happy! When you receive this, list 5 things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the most recent people in your notifications

1. My family

2. My crackhead friends

3. Writing and creating new story ideas

4. People enjoy my writing (like my fanfics)

5. Music

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For being so nice, cute, and so epic copy this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the GAME going and make others feel beautiful.💕 you're hella cool beans!


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Alakazam mega’d so Machamp could Gmax.

I do like that they’re balanced with one each. And Golem managed to get a regional variant. Balance for most of the Kanto trade evos.

Meanwhile, we have GENGAR, who got a Mega, a Gmax, AND is now on Ash’s team. Because, you know, Gengar wasn’t popular already. Smug smirking ghost knows they got that popularity too. Stupidly adorable twerp.

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"Can you name a number of villains on the top of your head, Mike and Lissa?"

Michele: there are 4 total villan we had.


Lissa: of course we have my sister and Xaldin. They were the leader and co-leader. Michele had mercy on them. Now Luna live with me and Xaldin has a house near by.


Michele: he is Gordon, also known as The Destructor. Her was a pain in the gut to fight against, but we managed to get rid of him. I haven’t seen him since the day of his defeat.


Lissa: and then we got Vallart… He tried to rebuild the Team Zero under the name of The Empire. At first he was a Garchomp, after the first time Michele almost killed him he uses the same machine used on Michele’s father to turn himself into a human-hybrid.

Michele: I managed to kill him when I lost control of my powers for the first time.

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I work in construction, and i own a machamp who tends to be very hands on and such. Would it be safe for him to come and help me build? I think all the heavy lifting would be good enrichment, but i don't want my buddy to be put in a risky situation

Machamp enjoy getting to use their strength for constructive purposes! As of yet, sculpture and abstract concepts like art escape that species, but moving things and stacking them in precise ways has been shown to increase cognitive function and decrease stress.

There may be risks from sharp objects such as discarded nails or glass. Ensuring a hazard-free environment is key if you want to introduce Pokémon, but aside from that I think it would be a great idea.


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