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Newest Gym leader commission for @jake-everfree who purchased this as a gift! The vibe I was given was “Ouran Highschool Host Club Aesthetic” and I couldn’t have been happier to run with that. This team is FABULOUS 

If you would like your own gym leader check out the commission page for it here! 

examples of other gym leaders I’ve done: X  X  X 

slots available! (standard commissions page here) 

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Doodledex - #068-G Gigantamax Machamp

Yeah, I’m definitely starting to notice a small trend here… they really wanted to give G-Max forms to members of “duos” that didn’t have a Mega when their counterpart did. Case in point: Alakazam has a Mega Evolution, but its “type rival” Machamp doesn’t. They basically gave Machamp an “Uno reverse card”, with it now being able to Gigantamax… while it’s Alakazam who can’t!

Those veiny looking “cracks” in Gigantamax Machamp’s arms are full of Gigantamax energy, giving its punches explosive power! Of course, this big boy’s good for more than just punching… it’s said one walked out to sea and lifted up a ship that was in danger, then carried it all the way back to port!

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Milo’s Eldegoss would probably have a lot to say. A lot of thanks and love for taking care of him, of course.

Nessa’s Drednaw would immediately cry. “Mommm please give me more food I am going to starve to death.” Then when Nessa says no he throws a tantrum and accidentally flips himself over and screams for help.

Even if Kabu’s Centiskorch could talk, he probably wouldn’t. Kabu would be like “oh you can talk now, cool. What do you want to tell me?” And Centiskorch would just be like 👁👄👁 “f o o d ?”

Bea’s Machamp would probably use her newfound voice to encourage people when they were exercising and to tell Bea to take care of herself.

Gengar would tell Allister to do pranks and warn him when he thinks something is wrong. Gengar would definitely voice his opinions on the people that Allister meets.

Opal’s Alcreamie would talk shit about people with her.

Gordie’s Coalossal would talk to Gordie’s siblings a lot. He’s also ask Gordie to play with him a lot more.

Melony’s Lapras would also talk to the kids a lot. Lapras is full of love and ready to express it.

Obstagoon would dote on Marnie a lot. And to Piers he would say something like “heyPiersyou’remybestfriendloveyouthankyouforsavingmeandalsoI’mhungrycanwefoodnow???”

Raihan’s Duraludon would firstly call out Raihan on being a nerd. As a joke of course, but Duraludon is sick of having to sit and do nothing while Raihan reads. But he loves his trainer and would be sure to say it.

Charizard would spend more time talking to Hop than Leon honestly. Leon and Charizard are able to communicate without even needing to speak, they’re that close. Charizard would be Leon’s life coach. A lot of “it’s this way why are you going down that street???”

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Take only one of each. To get one, deposit a male lv. 51-60 Zigzagoon into the Pokemon Home GTS. It has egg moves if possible+all TRs learned. They can be used in ranked (see Galar marking).


Giveaway Date: November 16, 2020

End Date: November 23, 2020 11:59 p.m. or until I run out

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We’ve gotten through all but one of Bruno’s Pokemon without too much trouble, but here’s Machamp. This Machamp has Rockslide. Marble would be perfect to take it out, but he’s at extremely low HP and can’t take another hit (I have the worst luck with hitting myself in confusion). I’m not confident that Fly can take this thing out in one hit, and if it doesn’t, then Sulfur is very much in danger. Osmium and Silicon are both weak to Fighting, though, and they’re both quite slow, so switching into them isn’t ideal either. Sulfur, darling, it’s up to you, I love you please don’t die

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 13 Siege of Grandblue City Part 1 (cont.)

Wingal placed itself protectively in front of Aichi hearing that. It remembered when Kyou tried to take him. Gancelot stood by Aichi’s side shooting aura spheres and Wingal shot sharp rock at the Floatzels as they tried to get near Aichi.

“Ren is interested in me?”, Aichi questioned, sweating nervously.

“Very much so he has ordered all of us to bring you to him!”, Gouki replied.

“Not on my watch! I won’t let Team Asteroid take Aichi too!”, Kamui said.

“Don’t take your eyes off me Kamui, Primarina use sparkling aria!”, Nagisa ordered.

Primarina started to sing, causing bubbles to appear that burnt Kamui’s Pokémon on touch.

“Darn it, Kaiser use earthquake!”, Kamui commanded as the building shook.

Ahmes used its psychic powers to float Kamui’s, the rest of Aichi’s Pokémon, Aichi , and Kamui into the air.

“Hey that’s not fair! Kaboom!”, Kaoru yelled as he shook.

“Ahmes use swords dance! Wingal use stone edge! Llew use blizzard! Gancelot use aura sphere!”, Aichi commanded as his Pokémon threw out their ranged attacks and Ahmes buffed itself.

“Kaiser use dark pulse! Buster use flame charge! Mr.Invincible use strength! Tough boy use rock blast! Shout use fury swipes!”, Kamui ordered.

“I won’t lose like this! Primarina use sparkling aria! Kingdra use bubble beam! Quagsire use muddy water!”, Nagisa ordered, but was in vain as her Pokémon were outgunned.

All of Nagisa, Hiroshi, and Kaoru’s Pokémon fainted.

“No way!!!”, Hiroshi screamed.

Aichi and Kamui gasped as Nagisa and Kaoru screamed too falling over.

“Are they alright?”, Aichi questioned, as they were put back on the ground.

“Guys!”, Kamui screamed, running over to them.

They seemed to just be knocked out.

“Heh! They were weak that’s why their like this now!”, Gouki said.

“How can you say that!? They’re your friends! Nagisa’s your beloved sister remember!?”, Kamui raged raising up his fist with tears in his eyes.

“Blood or not doesn’t matter! Weakness is a sin!”, Gouki replied.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter!? Friends and family are important! Can’t you see what you’re doing!?”, Aichi yelled in disbelief starting to feel angered.

A dark blue aura flashed around him.

“Ha! The words of a softie! You wanna fight me boy?! You really think a softie like you can defeat a pirate?!”, Gouki replied.

Aichi’s eyes were shadowed. He tightened his fists looking over to Kamui. Kamui looked beyond worried for his friends, his eyes were full of tears. Kamui started to feel nervous as the air around him became heavy. He almost forgot to breathe as he shook.

“This feeling…”, Kamui thought, looking towards Aichi.

“Of course. I’ll crush you.”, Aichi replied pointing towards Gouki. He looked up towards Gouki revealing the rainbow spirals in his eyes.

The tone of Aichi’s voice made Kamui’s hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

“Oh shit.”, Kamui cursed.

To be continued…

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Aloisia always helps, she might be more expirienced with pokemon, but helping humans is also something she’ll gladly do!


Aloisia loved to battle, she loved the adrenaline just as much as her pokémon, she wasn’t much interested in gym challenges or championships, just the battles for her were great and more than enough. Galar, she heard, had plenty of gyms she could visit, she had gone to the battle tower and it was a nice experience. However, she was curious about the dual-type gyms the region had. 

The first one of those gyms she visited was the one in Stow-on-Side, the ghost and fighting type gym. She wasn’t excited about the ghost part, her history with those pokémon was not the best, however, the fighting type gym seems very promising. The moment she got in, she was asked which challenge she wanted to do, she said the fighting type. The staff seemed nervous, as they were about to continue the sound of the doors opening caught their attention. 

“A new challenger?” A female voice asks, Bea. The gym leader greets the new arrival with a bow, before turning to the staff. “Prepare the gym challenge.”

The staff seemed worried, but still followed her orders and headed to prepare everything. Aloisia could feel something off about the girl, so she approached the other trainer, hoping to start a small talk. 

“Bea, right?” Aloisia started. “I heard you like to train with your pokémon in the wild area, right? I thought I was the only one who sparred with them!”

“You train like that too?” Bea asks, a bit surprised. Aloisia noticed the tiredness in her voice, however she didn’t mention it. 

“Yup! My pokemon and I love it! It’s a great way to train!”

“When I first started a lot of people were doubtful… They said that it was a bad idea.”

“Well, I did get hurt quite a few times! But well, gotta learn how to dodge, am I right?” A shiver from Bea get’s the girl’s attention, more specifically the stubble had after it. “Are… You okay?”

“I’m fine…” Bea lied, turning away from the challenger and heading through a hall as one of the staff members called to Aloisia. 

The rehabilitator looked in between the door and the gym leader, but followed with the challenge, turning and whispering to her brother beside her. “{I got a bad feeling…}”

They went through the starting gym missions quickly, the spinning barely bothered her and her brother who were used to teleportation, her pokémon also took care of the battles quickly. Finally, it was time to face the gym leader, they entered the battlegrounds together, getting face to face before turning their backs to each other and heading to their sides of the arena. They sent out their pokémon, Bea started with Hitmontop, while Aloisia started with Hawlucha. Between commands, the gym leader coughed, constantly losing the stance she kept. 

As Bea switched pokémon, so did Aloisia, the battle kept going until Bea’s final pokémon, Machamp. The challenger constantly looked from the battle to the gym leader, from far like she was it was hard to tell, but she could see Bea’s eyes becoming glassy and shadowy. Without a word, very unlike the battles she had watched of the stow-on-side fighting gym leader, she pulled out her pokeball, gigantamaxing her pokémon. Aloisia didn’t waste time either, bringing her hand up to her necklace, touching the moon-shaped locket in her necklace and opening it to reveal a keystone. Soon, her brother was mega-evolved to match his giant opponent. 

“A-Alright! I- We’re…” Again, Bea started to stumble, she lost her stance completely, which caught both her opponent’s attention and her pokémon’s. 

This time, she had to speak. “Bea? Are you…?”

Before she could finish, her brother teleported, reappearing behind Bea as she fell forward, holding her. Aloisia ran to meet her brother and assist where she could, providing support for the other girl’s head, Machamp knelt looking down worriedly at his trainer. “{BEA…!!}”

Gallade teleported again to her shoulder, near to her ears. “{Don’t worry! She’ll be fine!}” 

He reassured, hopping teleporting closer to his sister again, “{She’s going to wake up in… Now!}”

Just as he said that the gym leader opened her eyes, still glossy. She sat up, threatening to fall back again, but Aloisia put herself behind her to steady her. “Easy… You fainted.”

“I… I’m sorry…” Bea apologizes, just as Aloisia puts her hand to the other’s forehead. “W-what are-?”

“You have a fever! What are you doing out here? You should be resting!” 

“I had already missed too many… I had to come…” The gym leader explained, trying to put herself up only to fall back down.

“Take it easy… You’re not in condition to be out of bed. Much less battle.” A light announced Machamp coming down from gigantamaxing. She immediately went to her trainer’s side, looking down at her with a disappointed and worried frown. “You got her worried too, ya know?”

Bea looked back at her pokémon, taking one of its hands. She nodded, trying again to get up, but being picked up by her pokémon instead. Machamp started carrying her trainer back to the locker room, stopping suddenly and turning back to the other trainer, gesturing for her to follow them. As Gallade came back from mega-evolving, they did, walking to the living quarters of the gym, none of the gym trainers stopped them as they did so. 

The superpower pokémon laid her trainer on the couch, picking the pokeballs from Bea’s belt and letting out the rest of the team, the pokémon immediatly scuttered closer to their trainer. All worried about her well being. Aloisia watched a bit awkwardly, she noticed a water filter on a corner, she grabbed a cup and poured some water in it. Walking up to the gym leader, she handed her the cup.

“Here.” Bea looked up, noticing Aloisia’s calm smile. “You need to stay hydrated!” Bea took the cup, as she did all could tell her trembling, even as she tried to hide it. “Sponsors are idiots, aren’t they? You gotta battle their way, your freedom is gone.”

The gym leader looked at the trainer, a bit surprised. “You seem to know a lot about this stuff…”

“A bit. My dad had sponsors for his program… But he dumped them in order to sponsor himself.” Aloisia explained, passing her hand through her necklace and it’s pendands. “It’s hard being by youself. But it’s managable! And much less headaches!” Bea nodded, carresing Pancham’s head. They were silent for a while, until Aloisia spoke again. “Do you want help with the gym?”

“I’m sorry?” The gym leader questioned, a bit confused. 

“We can do the battles for you. I mean, many gym leaders do that! If they’re unavailable for whatever reason, they put someone in their place!” Aloisia explained, her brother nodding along. “Me and my team can battle for you! The more you rest, the faster you’ll be better!”

Bea moved as if to protest, but upon a quick moment of thought, she agrees. “That… That would be great… Thank you very much.” 

“No issue! From one fighting type trainer to the other!”

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Not to hate on the Galar games (I like them a lot actually!) but I miss megaevolution so much…

I mean look at THESE


(Bonus “Ash’s Greninja” because you can’t convince me this isn’t a perfectly wasted megaevolution form- and not only this is NOT an official mega, it’s only available in UsUm through an expired event what the hell nin10do)


Now, let’s take a look at gygamax forms.


…they slap! They’re cool! Elegant! Funny! Badass! A wonderful powered up look!

They would make such good megaevolution forms! Instead of making so many new fight mechanics and giving gygamax to the most popular Pokémon, some of which ALREADY have a megaevolution…


(don’t even get me started on Charizard)

I wish they gave some attention to lesser known creatures by adding new megaevolutions, not new mechanics 😔

Try and tell me these wouldn’t work as megaevolutions!


Sorry for the long post, I just miss megas very much 🥺

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 6 Ghost Town (cont.)

“What the heck?”, Misaki questioned, barely able to see.

Whatever it was, it was very cold so cold her she was stuck. She managed to press the button on the Poké ball throwing out Delphox. The fire at the end of Delphox’s stick was able to illuminate what Misaki was stuck to. It was someone frozen alive and turned into an ice sculpture. Misaki paled and Delphox gasped seeing the frozen person.

“M-mystic fire! Use mystic fire! Just enough to melt the ice!”, Misaki commanded.

Delphox obeyed, shooting fire from it’s stick in between Misaki and the sculpture.

“Hot! Hot!”, Misaki hissed.

She blew on her hand to cool it down a bit. The person was still frozen though a bit of water now leaked down from the statue where the attack was fired. Misaki looked around realizing there was more than one ice sculpture; there were several people frozen alive.

“A-ah crap!”, Misaki said looking around the ice sculptures with Delphox nervously trying to keep her nerves in check to see if Aichi or Kamui had been frozen as well.

“Frostlass? (Huh, don’t you wanna say with me?)”, a white Pokémon with a body like a yukata said.

“It’s a Frostlass, but could one Pokémon really do all of this?”, Misaki questioned.

“Frostlass. (Stay with me.)”, Frostlass said, preparing a ice attack.

“Delphox use Mystical Fire!”, Misaki ordered.

With Aichi…

Aichi walked around with Wingal on his shoulder looking around for Misaki and Kamui.

“Guys where are you?”, Aichi called out.

“Rockruff?! Rockruff?! (Hey, where are you guys?!)”, Wingal called out.

Aichi was barely able to make out a silhouette of what seemed to be a little girl holding a balloon.

“Hey, are you alright? Have you been separated from your parents because of this fog?”, Aichi asked.

The girl didn’t respond. Aichi raised his eyebrow a bit confused.

“Oh, maybe she’s scared?”, Aichi thought.

He looked over to see her face to face. He jumped as she had short red hair like his sister, but had purple eyes instead of blue.

“Will you help me find my brother?”, the little girl asked shakily.

Those words struck a chord with Aichi who put his hand over his heart thinking of his little sister.

“She seemed fine when I called her so…why do I feel like this?”, Aichi thought.

“Of course, I’ll help you find your brother. I’m actually looking for a few people myself right now. Maybe, we can find them together?”, Aichi agreed, holding the girl’s hand to help her fear.

Aichi’s eyes widened a bit when he touched her hand.

“Rockruff? (Is something wrong?)”, Wingal asked.

Aichi looked to the girl wondering if it was just his imagination.

“Thank you, mister. Do you mind if I call you brother?”, she asked.

“Yeah…yeah…”, Aichi replied, raising his eyebrow in confusion at the sensation he was feeling when he touched her hand.

“Why does her hand feel like string? Is it just because of the balloon she’s holding? No. No. That’s not it I don’t feel a hand at all.”, Aichi thought as Wingal looked up to the balloon the girl was holding.

It was really hard to make out the details due to the fog. Wingal sniffed the balloon with confusion.

“Rockruff? Rockruff?! (Why does the balloon smell like…a Pokémon?!”, Wingal questioned before realizing something.

Aichi flinched, realizing the implications of what Wingal was saying.

“Then…that means this balloon is no balloon it’s-“, Aichi was saying looking up at the balloon before being interrupted.

“My brother didn’t want to float like me. Will you float brother?”, the girl asked as Aichi felt his feet lifting off the air.

“A Driftblum! W-Wingal use rock-”, Aichi gasped in fear as him and Wingal were lifted into the air continuously going higher and higher.

“N-No! Don’t use it! Don’t use it!”, Aichi said.

They eventually went above the fog and Aichi could clearly make out the purple balloon Pokémon. He could also see that it no longer appeared to be night like in the fog and it was actually more around dusk.

“Driftblum. (You’ll float too.)”, Driftblum said.

Aichi then saw the girl from before floating before him, but he now noticed she was transparent.

“Will you float with us brother?”, the girl asked.

“G-g-ghost!”, Aichi gasped.

“Rockruff! Rockruff! (Don’t look down!)”, Wingal said as it clutched onto Aichi’s jacket for dear life shaking like a leaf.

Aichi looked white as a sheet when more ghost kids appeared to chanting “you’ll float too”.

“Ah!!! How did it know I hate that movie!”, Aichi said shakily.

“Driftblum. Driftblum? (Of course I know. How else could I feed on your fear.)”, Driftblum said.

“D-Driftblum’s actually feed on fear?! Ahh!!!”, Aichi screamed, feeling like he was close to fainting as Driftblum laughed maniacally.


In a dark castle-like building cloaked men watched the three’s encounters with the ghost type Pokémon. Beside them was a short teen with short white hair and purple eyes. He wore a white dress shirt with a red A and a black tie. He had his hands in his pockets.

“Hmph. Why the heck is Ren so interested in this little twerp?”, the teen questioned.

“Should we stop the Drifblum? The other two don’t matter, but you said master Ren was interested in that blue haired boy.”, one of the cloaked figures asked.

“Whatever, just let the blubbering baby drop. He doesn’t seem too special.”, the teen said as he put out his thumb before turning it down.

With Misaki…

The mist on the ground started to clear up a bit. Misaki walked around with a few unfrozen people after knocking out the Frostlass and battling a few more along with Snowrunts. She could see Kamui who seemed to be in front of some fainted Yamasks. He had out Buster, Kaiser, Shout, Tough Boy, and Mr.Invincible.

“Ah, Misaki!? You were this close?”, Kamui questioned running up to Misaki.

The fog hadn’t completely evacuated, but it was much easier to see than before. They stopped as they heard screaming in the distance. They looked up paling to see a Driftblum taking someone away though they couldn’t get a good look at it.

With Aichi…

“Rockruff! Rockruff! (Please don’t faint, Aichi!)”, Wingal begged as Aichi continued to scream.

“We’re gonna die!”, Aichi panicked tears stinging his cheeks.

“Don’t worry brother you’ll become a ghost like us and you’ll float.”, the little ghost girl assured, which did absolutely nothing to stop Aichi’s screaming.

“Drifblum. (Time to float.)”, Driftblum said as Aichi even paler.

Aichi and Wingal screamed as Driftblum let go of them and they fell. Driftblum looked down at its two latest victims before looking up jumping shock.

“Huh? That’s strange. That was a bit too fast for how high up we are.”, Drifblum questioned as it saw Aichi floating with Wingal desperately clinging onto him.

Aichi’s head was down and his eyes shadowed.

“Drifblum. Drifblum. Drif-(Well, looks like we have a new kid n-)”, Drifblum was saying before being cut off.

“Oh…is that so? Who decided that?”, Aichi questioned his tone having completely changed, sounding deeper.

The ghost kids and Drifblum looked at Aichi in shock, suddenly realizing he wasn’t transparent. He hadn’t become a ghost yet he was floating in mid-air. Aichi looked up smirking, revealing a rainbow spiral in his eyes. A murky dark blue aura was surrounding him as well. The air around them felt heavy. Like they were suffocating even though they didn’t need to breathe.


“A-ah shit!”, the teen cursed, jumping suddenly understanding his master’s fascination.

The hooded men looked scared as well by this turn of events.

With Aichi…

“R-Rockruff? (A-Aichi?)”, Wingal questioned in shock.

Drifblum backed up nervously this kind of thing obviously never happening to it before.

“Now, answer me this. Do ghosts like you feel fear? Because if you do you’re about to have a lot of it.”, Aichi taunted, pointing at Drifblum.

“So, you’re a psychic huh? It’s the first time I picked up one of those. Not that it matters much after all psychic moves aren’t effective on ghost ty-“, Drifblum said before being cut off by a wave of psychic energy blowing it out of the sky.

“Who decided that?”, Aichi said as he descended down to where Drifblum fell.

Drifblum struggled to get up extremely injured.

“H-how?!”, Drifblum questioned shaking in fear.

“You know normally I wouldn’t like to hurt Pokémon this badly, but for…a true monster like you I’ll make an exception. You’re already dead anyway.”, Aichi said, preparing to attack Drifblum again.

“R-Rockruff! (S-stop! Aichi!)”, Wingal yelled.

“Why?”, Aichi questioned with a snarl causing Wingal to flinch.

“Rockruff? Rockruff? Rockruff! Rockruff! (What’s going on with you? You’re not normally like this! You’re a kind person even to monsters like Drifblum!”, Wingal said with tears in its eyes looking at Aichi.

Aichi froze when hearing Wingal’s words. The rainbow spiral flashed in and out of his eyes.

“I-I!”, Aichi stuttered as he clutched his head screaming in pain.

It seemed like he was trying to fight something inside him. The aura seemed to flare up the more he tried to fight it.

“Don’t fight it! Embrace it!”, a voice in his head that sounded strangely similar to his own said as Aichi continued to struggle.

“N-no!”, Aichi refused screaming.

Misaki and Kamui finally made it over to Aichi seeing what’s happening.

“Aichi!”, they called out, running to him only to be knocked back by an invisible force.

“Just be quiet you! You always get us into these situations by doing things your way! It’s about time I-”, Aichi said seemingly arguing with himself.

“I-Is he being possessed?!”, Kamui questioned.

“Aichi you can’t let your power control you! You have to control it!”, Misaki shouted.

“M-Misaki I-I-Ahhh!!! It’s…it’s really hard!”, Aichi screamed as the dark aura around him seemed to get stronger not wanting to be contained anymore.

“If only Ahmes were here. I-I need to get his Poké ball. Crap! My body won’t listen to me!”, Aichi thought.

“You can do this Aichi! Remember we promised to defeat team Asteroid together!”, Kamui said hoping to get through to him.

“Rockruff! Rockruff! Rockruff! (I know the person who saved me is stronger than this! You have to fight it!)”, Wingal said.

Aichi felt tears stinging his eyes as he tried to fight it. His power just wouldn’t listen to him.

“R-Rockruff! Rockruff! Rockruff! (I’ll become stronger so you’ll never have to be like this again! Please Aichi!)”, Wingal pleaded.

“M-Misaki! Kamui! Wingal!”, Aichi thought as he felt his consciousness becoming heavy.

He was about to change again and he wasn’t sure if he’d turn back this time. He felt flashes coming to him.

“Wimpod! Wimpod! Wimpod! Wimpod! (Wow! I never thought I could do something like that trainers really are amazing!)”, Llew cheered jumping into the air with Aichi.

“Ralts! (Don’t be sad!)”, Ahmes said wiping away his tears.

“It’s fine I got other Pokémon. Besides I have a feeling that together the two of you will be able to get real strong.”, the young Kai replied, patting Aichi’s back.

“U-Umm I would like to battle you again someday if that’s alright.”, Aichi said.

“We’ll see…if our paths cross again.”, Kai replied simply.

“They definitely will become a great Pokémon trainer like you. The very best like no one ever was!”, Aichi replied.

“Llew…Ahmes…K-Kai! I-I don’t know if we’ll get to have that battle.”, Aichi thought.

As everything seemed to fade Aichi heard a loud roar.

“You can’t be lost here, you still have so much left to do.”, a voice said that sounded strangely familiar to him, but he couldn’t remember where.

Aichi felt himself start to relax and gain more consciousness. The dark aura evaporated from around him and he collapsed completely drained. He felt arms catch him as he fainted.

To be continued…

Next Chapter: The Grueling Battle

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