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#machine gun kelly

“why are you here”

By Machine Gun Kelly is the song version of a fanfic i read on here months maybe years ago when he and a girl were at a club with different people and ended up fucking out the back because he got mad #tublr made a song (this was sitting in my drafts i thought it was quite funny)

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Originally posted by actinglikethat

Help me, i’m in isolation by government laws in nz we aren’t supposed to leave our houses and it’s boring so if y’all could send me some requests i’ll love youuuuu i’ve got some in drafts just want more things to keep me busy :))) hope everyone’s staying safe!

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can you do, an imagen where Colson helps y/n through a panic attack? I have anxiety and depression and I'm feeling really low and need some cheering up if not it's cool.

Originally posted by actinglikethat

I knew something was wrong by the look on rooks face when he slid into the kitchen. We had a house party going, and it was getting a little out of hand, but I hadn’t really noticed. He looked worried, and then I realized I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in a while.
A few strides across the kitchen was all it took to get next to my drummer.
“Where is she?” I asked, putting my hand on his shoulder.
“Upstairs bathroom,” he said. I moved to walk away, but he grabbed my arm.
“Kells, she’s in bad shape, I found her on the floor,” He said.
I nodded, then set my jaw before making my way through the crowd to the stairs where I ran into Slim.
“Yo, Slim, can you start to wrap this whole thing up?”
He nodded, registering the panic on my face moving off the wall, starting to address the crowd that had immersed in my house. I took the steps two at a time until I got to the top of the stairs. I rushed left down the hall to the bathroom, the door was closed, light pouring into the hall from under it.
I knocked twice lightly before resting one hand on the handle and the other on the wood door.
“Baby,” I called loud enough for her to hear. The door handle slowly pulled down from the other side, and the door swung open with a slight creak. Rook was right; she was sitting on the floor, her back against the bathtub. I moved from the hallway into the bathroom, closing the door again behind me, locking it this time. I kneeled, moving closer to her putting my hand on her leg.
“Baby, you have to tell me,” I started. She grabbed my hand, pulling me weakly toward her. Her fingers were freezing; I moved to sit next to her with my back against the tub too. She looked up at me; her mascara stained her skin under her eyes.
“Come here,” I said, grabbed her hips. I pulled her into my lap, her head resting against my chest. Her arms wrapped loosely around my waist, her hands resting on the ground. I rubbed her back, moving my hands under her shirt, praying that skin to skin contact would help. I felt her grab the back of my sweater, using it as one more thing to ground her.
She shook, letting out a few small sobs as she tried to take some deep breaths.
“Breathe for me baby, you have to remember to breathe,” I told her, she took the deepest breath that she could.  
Even after so long, I never really knew if what I was doing what helping her. Just as I was about to ask her what else I could do, she asked me to talk to her.  I took a deep breath, feeling her move with the breath.
“I’m sorry, babe.” I started rubbing small circles on my back. “I knew that this party wasn’t a good idea, I should have thought about you, and I didn’t. How about we go and get some fresh air instead of hanging out in the bathroom.” I laughed, watching a smile pull at her lips. She stood up first, something that I didn’t expect, she leaned on the counter as I stood up next to her.
“Do you want me to clean your makeup off your face?” I asked.
She nodded slowly. I lifted her onto the counter, grabbing what I needed from the drawers under her. I cleaned her face off before grabbing her off the counter, wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms hooked my neck. Her face was buried in my neck as I made my way down the stairs.
Thankfully Slim and the boys had cleared out the house, I turned the corner and headed outside to the pool.
I set her down on the end of the chaise lounge before sitting on it. I grabbed her hands, rubbing her knuckle with my thumb.
“Will you take a deep breath for me?” I asked that was one thing she always seemed to forget about. She did it, squeezing my hands before looking up at me. Some of the color had come back into her face. I smiled, watching her cheeks flush slightly.
“How are you feeling now?” I asked I was sure the outside air was better than being in the house.
“Good,” she finally said.
I smiled and leaned forward just a little bit, capturing her lips in mine. She sighed, leaning into my lips. When she pulled away, her eyes fluttered open, and then she yawned. I chuckled then cupped her face. I knew she had to be exhausted; she usually was after the kind of night she had.
“Come on,” I said, grabbing her arm, turning her to press her back against my chest, lacing our fingers, resting them on her chest, I kissed the top of her head.
“Thank you, Colson,” she whispered, taking a deep breath closing her eyes.

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I have a love hate relationship with tumblr. Like I really love it because you get to express your love of people, places, things,music,actors.. whatever. You make great friends with the same tastes and opinions and love for those aforementioned topics. You get to see people’s souls. Likes hates loves. But then theres the other side to tumblr and any social media for that matter, the part that bullys, the part that hates the part that puts down. Being a part of this community we should support each other, love each other praise each other. You should be able to express yourself without judgement, or negativity. Its freedom of speech I get it but it’s a tough time right now and you honestly just dont know what people are going through. So maybe instead of using or negativity energy to shit post a person maybe you should try and be a little kinder. Or maybe just not say anything at all.

Let’s be kind. ❤

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