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Bruhhhh😂😂😂 did anyone else see that Photoshop ass pic on colsons recent tweet??? I feel like EST is acting out to get his attention. Colson come discipline ur children

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Downfalls High headers | watch now

˗ˏˋ★ like for more, enjoy

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I’m running low on serotonin in these empty moments…

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machine gun kelly could like…….get it

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Hi I wanna make friends :)

Reblog/like if :

YOURE a part of the alphabet mafia

James Dean

A witch



Listen to MGK

Listen to Mod Sun

Listen to Juice Wrld

Listen to yungblud

Listen to halsey

Listen to big time rush

Listen to the Emo trinity

Like horror movies

Are alt/punk/emo/scene

Have piercings

Your favorite drag queen is Trixie Mattel



Good girls


Teen Wolf

Umbrella academy

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I don’t usually listen to the deluxe version of Tickets To My Downfall, because I have the regular version on CD.

Anyway. It just occurred to my slow ass that this was probably a shout-out.

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Mod via Instagram “Anything is possible with ur best friends…..”DOWNFALLS HIGH” is out now. I love u kells thank u for everything…WE DID IT! swipe to read my emotional posts 🥺

🎥 written + directed by

machine gun kelly + mod sun”

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Colson Baker Makes Directorial Debut With First Of Its Kind Musical Film Experience ‘Downfalls High’

Colson Baker Makes Directorial Debut With First Of Its Kind Musical Film Experience ‘Downfalls High’

Premiering on Facebook, Film Stars Sydney Sweeney and Chase Hudson

Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly is kicking off 2021 with his directorial debut, the 49-minute musical film Downfalls High, available first on Facebook, is narrated by himself and Travis Barker, featuring Sydney Sweeney and Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), with musical appearances by blackbear, Iann Dior and Trippie Redd. 



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This moment will live in my mind for the rest of my life RENT FREE 😏🥴😌✨

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