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I wanna buy a MacBook Pro, and I have enough for a version without retina display, but should I wait and save a little more for one with it? I can’t make up my mind

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Yesterday when I went to pick up my fixed laptop, I was asking the Genius Bar guy various things and one of them was battery life and power preservation and stuff like that.

He mentioned off-hand that the Macbooks are designed with the specific purpose to be used on people’s laps, hence the name “laptop” (to make a point about how it’s not always necessary to connect to power)

And for a minute I was taken aback

I mean, I guessed that the word “laptop” came from the computer’s portability and how you could put it in your lap. But it’s been a seriously long time since I’d ever even heard of someone who could use a laptop in their lap for a prolonged period of time? When I was growing up my mom even advised me the exact opposite, to NOT put it on my lap because it’d cause overheating. I know from personal experience when I use the laptop on my lap, that sometimes it gets so hot I burn my skin.

The fact this guy continued on to talk about how he uses laptops wherever he wants, whenever he wants, whether it’s on his lap or on a train or whatever, was so weird to me, and he didn’t even seem to think anything of it.

I was like, does this guy seriously put the laptop on his lap for long periods of time and never even noticed overheating??

But, earlier today, I figured out how to do it.

Scarabsi’s Tips for How To Use A Laptop On Your Lap Without Ever Worrying About Overheating

  1. Be born into a life where nobody has ever shamed you or told you off for sitting with your legs open.
  2. Put the laptop on your lap.
  3. Since your legs are open with no concern for taking up space or exposing your inner thigh, your legs support the laptop on its sides instead of on its center.
  4. No pressure is put on the spinning plates in your hard-drive and your computer doesn’t overheat.

Oh my gosh, it’s so simple I wonder why I never thought of it!

I used my Macbook on my lap like this for about an hour and the laptop didn’t overheat at all! It’s the simplest of the simple!

I mean, it’s not like there’s a humongous portion of the population who’s been trained on fear of strict reprimand and social defamation to always sit with their legs close together no matter what

Yeah, really, *haaaaaaah* what an intuitive design

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My MacBook Pro died on me, and I got it started back up, and now the charger light is stuck on green (it hasn’t changed to orange like when it’s charging) and the battery up top says “Not Charging.” It’s been like this for the last… I wanna say 15 minutes. 

Any fixes?

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I was gonna take a picture for you guys but my computer hates me…

Not even kidding, the “new battery” I have that’s not even a year old doesn’t hold a charge anymore and it’s just starting to fall apart


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予約してきちゃったー。 1ヶ月が楽しみだ(´ω`)

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OMFG!!!!! I connect my iPod to my computer only to sync a song, then iTunes offered me to update my iPod software and I accept then I had to enter my pin to unlock the iPod and restore it, I enter my fucking pin like 20 times and still saying that was incorrect and I request support from apple and I enter my serial number and said that was incorrect!!!!

I’M SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS!!!!!!  I want to smash my iPod with a hammer or put it down the car’s tire and crush it!!!!!!


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