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Relationship: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn

Characters: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén, Lán Qǐrén, Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín, Jiāng Yànlí

Additional Tags: No War AU, Recovery, Trauma, Dissociation, Courtship, Courting Rituals

Summary: Lan Wangji and Wei Ying go to Caiyi, but have an unexpected encounter.

Notes: See end

Parts 1 & 2

Chapter 1 | 2 

AO3 link


Wangji soaked in Wei Ying’s good cheer, how he flitted around the mountain path on the way to Caiyi to examine anything that caught his eye. He had to discourage him from capturing another rabbit for the herd in Cloud Recesses; after all, they would have to go back if he was successful, and they had not yet reached their destination.

“On the way home, then,” Wei Ying said, his grin as wide as those during his days as a student, and Wangji’s heart clenched in joy to see it.

Caiyi was bustling, the fishermen hawking the morning catch, and Wei Ying held back a little at the chaos of it, staying closer to Wangji, reminding him that he was still fragile, still easily overwhelmed. This was the first trip to town since he had truly started to heal, after all.

Wangji had a mental map of the town and the places he wished to take him, purchases he wished to make; a gaun, scented oil for his hair, spicy foods—whatever Wei Ying wanted, he would have—and the personal additions to the betrothal gifts he would present to the Jiang siblings.

As hesitant as he seemed to enter the crowd, Wei Ying was also fascinated by the fish hawking, curious about the tubs of live catch. He stopped to watch a turtle for a bit, fascinated by the markings on the top of its neck that resembled eyes. It was a colorful specimen, with a dark brown shell and distinctive markings.

“Do you want it?” Wangji asked softly. 

Wei Ying smiled at him, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Where would I put it? The Cold Spring? Your uncle would kick me out.”

Wangji frowned, troubled that Wei Ying still thought, even jokingly, he would be discarded so easily, that his place was so tenuous. He had to remind himself that shufu and xiongzhang would clarify that today, that he would soon realize the Cloud Recesses was his home. 

“There is a small pond outside the jingshi,” he offered.

“‘Pets are forbidden,’ Lan Zhan. You don’t need more creatures to take care of.”

He wondered if they were speaking of the turtle anymore. 

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The whole Jin family is too big, and everyone fucking hates each other, so crack it is.

Honestly if this family isn’t crack its just plain sad.

Anyways, fake summary time!

  • Jzx, the only hope this family has left, decided it would be a great idea to get everyone together! I think he’d be super family oriented.
  • That means like twenty or so half-siblings he managed to find (there’s more) all mingle. + jgy!
  • All of them are insane. Not like, jgy’s level of… you know, but they’re a crazy bunch. except for one who lives on a small farm and has a pet sheep. he’s cool. :)
  • Jgy is actually wondering if it’s too late to spike the drinks and kill everyone. But sadly, he invited lxc, who invited nmj, who brought along nhs, who is way too happy abt everyone’s suffering, and who also invited along wwx. Wwx declined, because he gets to spend the holidays being exorcised by lqr. Oof.
  • Anyways, jgy hates this. Everyone hates this. The only good thing abt it is everyone dislikes jgs, so they’re all plotting jgs’ death. Honestly, the holidays are just an excuse for them to daydream abt murdering jgs, which, valid.
  • Jgy meeting likeminded ppl! Woah.
  • Jgs probably spends the whole event flirting with the women, which, ew, bc he’s related to them one way or another.
  • At this point, even Madam Jin is abt to stab her husband.
  • jl is younger during the first couple holiday get togethers. He has a couple half-cousins he plays with. It’s fine. Really.
  • He makes a couple enemies, looks forward to seeing them only once a year. Most of the time, he just curls in a corner and sips his Yakult. As you do, when almost everyone in your family is batshit crazy.
  • Jyl is possibly the only one not actively trying to murder jgs. Actively. She still thinks he deserves to rot in hell.
  • By the tenth get-together, there are so many plots to kill jgs (who in this AU is a rich businessman) that they all coincide with each other. It’s a contest: who gets to murder that bastard first?!
  • Jgy probably wins, though he needed to enlist nhs’ help.
  • Anyways, the moral of this story is killing ppl is okay if they’re jgs. :)
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Hey everyone! I’m trying something new and giving you guys a sad bit from a convo I was having with the delightful @scorpiris-sideralis earlier today. I post this with her full permission 


Do you ever wonder if JZX ever had a nightmare or smth and he tried going to JGS for comfort but he shooed him away cause he was being entertained by a girl?

Ohhh my god that would be heartbreaking
He normally goes to his mom but shes gone visiting her parents so he goes to his dad
The guards at the door try to shoo him away and send him back to bed but he Wants His Dad Now


And then a drunk, giggling women with her robes half off stumbles out of the room and freezes when she sees a little kid
Immediately tries to straighten her robes. “The um… the sect leader wants more wine…” Rushes back into the room

JZX gets sent back to bed and a servant stays with him telling him stories and singing lullabies until he falls back asleep
When his mom comes back he overhears JGS telling her to take JZX with her if she going to leave overnight again


Madam Jin, instantly suspicious: Why?
JGS: I hadn’t realized what a needy child he was.
Madam Jin: Hes six!

I wonder if this becomes a bigger argument than usual

Usually JGS can keep his whores out of sight but for them to appear before her own child?
Cant imagine madam jin letting this go

It stops the second JZX walks in. Madam Jin doesnt want her son to see his parents arguing
JGS doesnt care either way

JGS is such a dick

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Anon I am honored that you have brought this to my blog bc I have many thoughts

  • Since we know jgs is a little bitch, jzx would be terrified and repressed at her internal thoughts. So obviously she tries to hide her not-cishet-ness.
  • It’s still terrible, but at least jgs is sorta neglectful…? So he isn’t around to see the signs (and wouldn’t care enough to notice either).
  • So jzx is sorta just dying, until she comes out to… Mianmian? I feel like she’d come out to Mianmian, and MM would be super supportive.
  • But ofc, jzx is still a useless gay crushing on jyl. I hc jyl as pan, so she’s totally okay with whatever gender her partner is, but jzx is still kinda bratty (gotta keep up the “im definitely cishet dad & mom what do you mean?” act)
  • So when Madam Jin finds her beloved offspring in her closet, she is surprised to say the least.
  • But no matter what she always loves jzx so she just sorta doesn’t say anything
  • And may or may not have custom robes made for her daughter on her birthday, but we don’t talk abt that
  • I like to hc that jyl knows jzx but one day when jzx is out being her true self jyl bumps into her and doesn’t recognize her
  • Jzx is internally freaking out & jyl wants to know who this v. pretty, shy cultivator is 😳
  • Ofc, jzx gets tf away cause she ain’t risking the Jiangs finding out bout her not-cishet-ness
  • Bc of fate (read: plot convience) they keep meeting?? And become friends??
  • Eventually jyl gets tired of not knowing who she is so she asks for jzx’s name, and jzx sorta looks at her and says “the heir of the Jin sect”
  • Jyl does an “oh” but is very accepting w/ it. Immediately after she asks if jzx would like to date her, and jzx has another gay panic. As you should, when jyl asks you out.
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Ty for the ask!

Jingyi is a terrifying, chaotic driver. Like. No. He has a motorcycle and it is a MIRACLE that he hasn’t gotten killed yet. Jin Ling refuses to go into a car with him at the wheel, and the one time he did have to ride w/ Jingyi… let’s just say he was never the same after.

Sizhui is somehow the only one not affected by Jingyi’s driving. Since he’s the mom friend, he drives pretty often. Also probably the only decent driver out of all of them (JL is okay, but a little too reckless).

Ouyang Zizhen is a responsible driver, okay! It’s just sometimes he goes too slow bc he’s scared of hitting a deer or smth, and everyone eventually gets tired of never getting anywhere, so Sizhui will offer to drive.

Zizhen is just scared of driving, and honestly? That’s valid.

Jin Ling has one mood when driving: mildly annoyed. Whether it’s Zizhen changing the song every five seconds, or Jingyi asking when they’ll be there repeatedly (usually not Sizhui, because not even Jin Ling can bring himself to be annoyed by him most of the time), Jin Ling just can’t catch a break.

One day he’s going to send them off a cliff, out of mild annoyance.

So yeah, Sizhui drives most of the time.

As for sect leaders, idk which ones you mean cause there certainly are… a lot. Since you said + wives I guess you meant JFM, YZY, JGS (ew), and Madam Jin? (I know there’s Madam Lan, but the consent was sorta… not there.)

The deities know that the current sect leaders aren’t het, if you get where I’m going with this… (though I could see LXC getting married to a well-respected woman).

Anyways, Jiang Fengmian can drive and does so all the time. Offers to help drive a Ling to archery practice (idk, he’d probably be an okay grandfather).

Yu Ziyuan is capable of driving, but she seems the type to be married to her responsibilities, so she only goes out for errands and the occasional visit to a friend.

Madam Jin doesn’t drive bc she married a rich bastard, and even though he’s literally the worst she ain’t gonna skimp on using his cash. but she knows how to bc she’s not useless. JGS is useless and doesn’t know how to.

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Hi! I made a list of my hcs for names in the parents’ generation. [Here]

For Madam Jin, I have:

Birth Name: Lí Wǎn 黎婉
meaning: wan, a word to describe girls, meaning mild, polite, beautiful.

Courtesy Name: Lí  YǐnZhī 黎隐知    
meaning: to know that which is hidden/secret.

I’m not knowledgeable in like…chinese literature or whatnot. I just speak the language and named these characters based on what I think sounds good and has meaning. 

I think Madam Jin was probably a daughter of a subsidiary clan of Lanling Jin. It was probably a marriage that her father arranged, and the Jins were more than happy with the match not only because her familiy was loyal to the Jins but because Li Wan herself was unusually strong in cultivation given her origin from a minor sect. 

“Wan” is a very appropriate personal/birth name for a girl born in upper class. IIt comes from the chengyu (idom)  婉婉有仪 (wan wan you yi) - which basically describes a graceful, polite, obedient girl. I know it sounds kind of “sexist” if we were to examine it from a modern stance but it’s a good name, just fyi. 

“YinZhi” - I thought of this courtesy name for her because I imagine to keep Jin Guangshan “monogamous” (I mean he has mistresses but he never dared bring any of them home to be a concubine) she had to be pretty smart and knows how to maneuver herself politically. Too bad Jin Zixuan inherited exactly none of his mother’s talents. 


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She treated JGY badly because he was JGS’s bastard, not because he was a kid of a lower social caste. And even then her treatment can’t have been all that bad given Mr. Violent Revenge himself felt no need to take action against. Also, being friends with a shitty person doesn’t inherently make someone a shitty person; WWX is friends with JC, and LXC is friends with JGY, and both of them are genuinely kind people. Her being friends with YZY and not being all that friendly towards her husband’s bastards doesn’t mean she’d leave a child to die in the streets.

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Hello! I’ve been writing off and on since high school. I’m not good at it, I’m working on getting better, but I do it for my own enjoyment. I created this account so I don’t spam my main with fanfics. 

I like writing crackships, same-sex couples, and humor. I want people who read my writing to smile. 

Currently works: I recently put up a Madam Yu/Madam Jin fic (not very humorous, but definitely a crackship). 

Currently in progress: I’m working on a side story set in the world I developed for this year’s NaNoWriMo (it’s a speculative near-future setting). It’s about two young men who work together on a drama, and find that life sometimes imitates art. 

Currently in planning: I’m working on a tightly plotted speculative fiction novel for NaNoWriMo. I finished NaNo last year, but I didn’t plan I had only created the most basic of plots for it, so things kind of just happened, and it didn’t feel compelling or interesting. This year I’m doing things differently – I started plotting in June, and have a massive spreadsheet, detailing plots, themes, character arcs, etc. I lovingly refer to it is “the spreadsheet of doom.” 

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lmao yes. Initially, Madam Jin took him in out of sheer spite (hey, if random kids of her dickhead husband keep showing up, then she’s damn well going to keep this orphan and just not say a damn word to JGS about it. JGS is too afraid to ask if WWX is yet another one of his bastard children, so that means he mostly ignores the heathen climbing the walls and setting shit on fire). 

And then Madam Jin realizes the level of sheer mayhem this little gremlin is capable of, and they strike a deal– WWX makes JGS’s life miserable, and Lanling will be a consequence-free zone for him. 

And eventually smug satisfaction turned to approval to affection and finally she was just like whatever, I guess he’s mine, too. Your loss, Madam Yu! 

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Oh yeah, she is not good to her husband’s illegitimate children. Better than YZY with WWX, but still bad. But with this novel and parental figures you kind of have to pick your battles, and like… we never see her do anything really bad? Plus JGY (vengeance-getter extraordinaire) apparently didn’t feel the need to do anything to her, which I feel does say something about her treatment of him. And she did do good work with JZX.

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One thing I’m kind of confused with in the Untamed (and MDZS but I’ve only watched Untamed so)

Madam Jin is called Madam Jin.

I’ve seen repeatedly (and it’s evident in the show) that you don’t change your last name with marriage. Yu Ziyuan, despite being married to Jiang Fengmian, is still called Madam Yu not Madam Jiang.

And on the wiki LWJ and LXC’s mom is also called Madam Lan, but we only see her through a flashback from LXC’s perspective and I don’t recall ever hearing her refered to Madam Lan in show (probably because she’s dead for at least a decade before the show starts). But Madam Jin is referred as Madam Jin in show. We see her multiple times and she’s referred as such.

My confusion is; why? Why is Madam Jin Madam Jin when the other woman we see married to a sect leader is called by her last name not her husbands? Is this a Jin tradition?

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For @mdzswomen‘s MDZS Women Appreciation Weeks event. Read here or on ao3.

Day 31: Favourite Sapphic Ship.

Content warning - violence, murder, implied/referenced sexual assault.


It was the hardest thing she’d ever done, the waiting. Harder than giving birth, harder than learning one of those children was chronically ill, harder than not strangling her husband when he sent away the other child’s pets for the sake of a stranger. Harder than leaving her home to marry an indifferent man who was in love with another woman.

   But Yu Ziyuan had been trained to patience by her role as the wife of Jiang Fengmian. And this would be worth the wait. She caught Jin Lusi’s eye from across the room and neither of them smiled. This was, after all, no smiling matter.

   So Ziyuan played her part the way she always did: she greeted representatives of the other sects, praised their host, mingled with her fellow guests. She drank very little whilst appearing to drink a lot. She waited until there were witnesses around them before suggesting to Lusi that the two of them take a turn around the courtyard paths to enjoy the stars.

   She swapped places with the woman dressed in robes identical to her own.

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mdzewomen’s Women Appreciation Weeks: Post Canon AU

read it here or on ao3!


Jin Ling had always been afraid of his grandmother. When he was younger he had confessed this to his jiujiu, and it was one of the only times he had ever seen the man laugh. Be glad you never had to meet your other grandmother, he had said, the laughter slipping away quickly but a half-smile remaining as his eyes grew distant. 

This had not been as comforting as jiujiu had seemed to think.

Jin Rusong grabbed Jin Ling’s arm, and that was somewhat comforting; at least he didn’t have to face her alone. Jin Ling took a deep breath and marched into Jin-furen’s rooms, his cousin at his back.

Jin-furen was reading over some paperwork in the early morning light. Jin Ling winced. Jin-furen was famous for her hatred of being interrupted when she was doing sect business. 

Jin Ling steeled himself. “Um, zumu?”

“Hush,” she commanded, writing something down in her flowing calligraphy. Jin Ling bit his lip and shared a chastened glance with Jin Rusong. After an interminable stretch of time in which Jin Ling grew more and more tense she finally turned her stern gaze on them. 

“Well?” She demanded. 

Jin Ling looked reflexively at Jin Rusong, but he was staring at his shoes with fluttering eyelashes. Jin Ling had to be the brave one. He hiked his chin. 

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For @mdzswomen‘s MDZS Women Appreciation Weeks event. Read here or on ao3.

Day 17: Perseverance


Jin Lusi stopped by the young Nie master and joined him in looking out over the railing and down Koi Tower’s steps.

    "Good evening, Jin-furen,“ he said, politely.

    "Hmm,” she said. “Is it, though?”

    His fan paused, then resumed its lazy waving.

    "I’d thought so. Pleasant weather, pleasant view, pleasant company.“

    "Hmm,” she said, again, baiting.

    After all, if there was one person at this party who found gossip irresistible it was Nie Huaisang. Especially on a night like this one, when none of his friends were around.

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oh burn though, throwing his skills at playing people back in his face, but also “what happened here” is a fairly clear indication that he did read the atmosphere and was responding to the obvious tension he read in said atmosphere. he just smiled. that’s what he does.

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