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#madame jin


I have one idea, but it’s…. kinda dark? Jin Ling gets erased out of existence?

Hmmm I said no sad, but it’s like crack-sad so I think it’s okay.

  • So, this whole idea started when I thought “what if jingyi & zizhen, the ultimate matchmaking team, went back in time and unknowingly got yzy and madame jin together?”
  • Then I realized, “what if that made a big oopsie?”
  • Anyways, this is the “oh shit, i screwed up” kinda time travel AU. Be warned.
  • Jingyi and Zizhen are in the Cloud Recesses library, reading through some random books, when they stumble upon one that looks older than Lan Qiren. One of them is a journal, documenting a time traveler.
  • They read it, and it’s super cool! Fun! Woah!
  • Jingyi, thinking it probably won’t work anyway but hey, why not try? tries the tailsman with Zizhen.
  • Suddenly, they’re back in time.
  • But they don’t know that & thought they failed.
  • Just then, an uNknOwN Lan disciple walks in and demands to know wtf they’re doing there at this time of night!!
  • Jingyi is confused, bc who is this strangely familiar disciple? A new transfer?
  • He voices his ?? and is met with “I am Lan Qiren. Why are you imposters in here? Where did you get that ribbon?”
  • He’s droning on in true Lan Qiren fashion, and Jingyi and Zizhen kinda look at each other because hOLY SHIT THAT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!
  • They immediately get tf outta there (guess it’s their turn with the brain cell) and start checking out all the differences. Zizhen deduces that they should be forty or fifty or so years in the past, since LQR be old.
  • They’re wandering around for a couple days (future tailsman in Zizhen’s pocket) and have fun exploring all the different stuff.
  • And then, Jingyi realizes that the Wens are kinda alive. And he has a moment, where he realizes they could bring Sizhui back here!! Surely Sizhui would want to learn about his past, right?? This would be the perfect opportunity!
  • He may or may not have bought a Wen™ jewelry for his very platonic best friend, but we don’t talk about that.
  • And then, they meet a rando young woman practicing her sword fighting. Zizhen thinks that she feels familiar, but has no idea why.
  • The juniors approach her, and ask what’s up, because she be really murdering those dummies.
  • She introduces herself hesitantly (she’s a little sus of them), as Yu Ziyuan.
  • Zizhen & Jingyi definitely failed their history tests, because they don’t know who she is, only that she’s very gay for her friend.
  • And Jingyi and Zizhen hatch a plan to help this rando stranger who certainly isn’t important to the plot or anything get with the girl!
  • They help Ziyuan out by suggesting flowers, sweets, even give her a template for an undying love confession!
  • She’s kinda cold towards them at first, but Ljy and oyzz shan’t be hindered! They persist, and she eventually asks her friend to elope with her and escape their arranged marriages.
  • Jingyi gives Zizhen a side eye like “whoops” but also cheer as they ride off into the sunset!! Woohoo!
  • Then they go back in time, and… oh boy. Shit happened. Time rippled. The universe was changed.
  • Because Jingyi & Zizhen may or may not have erased Jin Ling from existence by getting his grandmothers together.
  • Because then those two ditch and jc & jyl are kinda not alive, though wwx still gets taken in (and maybe they pretend he’s jfm’s child so jfm can make him sect heir??)
  • And ljy & oyzz are shook.
  • And then they freak out and go to the only sane, responsible person they know: Lan Sizhui
  • bEcaUse sUreLy hE wOulDn’T bE diFferEnt
  • Actually, they search the whole Cloud Recesses, but he’s not. there. And Jingyi asks the now-old Lan Qiren, who has no clue who Sizhui is.
  • Then Zizhen has a brain cell moment and remembers, oh wait, wasn’t Sizhui a Wen??
  • They look at each other and bolt towards the Nightless City, which is not dead bc plot convience and. Maybe yzy and madame jin started their own sect and they saw through the Wen’s bs? They’re still alive tho
  • And Sizhui is an innocent bb farm boi in the middle of nowhere 🥺
  • Jingyi literally tackles him into a hug and Sizhui freezes bc who da FUCC is this
  • But even in this timeline, he is :)) so he just kinda asks, v. politely, “who are you”
  • But then he sees Zizhen and lights up
  • “A zhen! What are you doing here?”
  • tHEN
  • Sizhui smiles shyly and kisses Zizhen on the cheek and ljy & oyzz both have whiplash
  • bc this is time for my zhuizhen agenda and they be dating
  • they have to somehow convince Sizhui that they’re from a completely different timeline
  • And it’s really confusing until Jingyi just starts listing off everything he knows about Sizhui, bc he is not giving up his status as Sizhui’s best friend just bc they’re in different timelines.
  • & the stuff Jingyi know is… a lot.
  • “Your favorite color is white, you hate herbal tea, you think that putting your hair down is a hassle, and when you were twelve you thought you were cursed bc two of your rabbits died in a week and placed stone tablets near every door in the dorms—”
  • Sizhui is kinda shook so he goes with them, though he doesn’t believe them at first. And he ain’t letting his bf (oyzz) leave immediately :/
  • Sizhui helps them with the ritual, and lets them leave. Then, he goes home to his peaceful farmer boi life, confused. 
  • They have better luck next time they go back and don’t help anyone. They don’t do anything extreme, and they don’t do anything! Right?
  • Yeah no, cause zizhen sees this little, dirty child out in the streets and goes uwu and gives the child some money (and maybe a motivational speech?? life changing??).
  • That child grows up to be Jiggy, bc ofc ofc, and he and his mom manage to use to money to leave (I mean, sect heir oyzz has to have a decent sum, and it was worth more back then). Jgy becomes a respected vendor, hating his dad like every other child of jgs but still living da peaceful life.
  • So he never helps them with the Wens. And the Wens may or may not win. (honestly I don’t remember the plot of mdzs, so this is probably inaccurate. I gotta reread it; my memory’s trash lol)
  • A lot of people get dead. Zizhen is horrified.
  • This time though, WQ and WN stole baby WY and left. The Wens,, didn’t really care (maybe they noticed wq left, but they have other, not as competent, healers). 
  • They seek refuge, but the Cloud Recesses is kinda burnt and the Jiangs ain’t looking so hot either (plus that ain’t a good idea, jc is probably not ok with that)
  • They don’t bother to check up on anyone this time.
  • Zizhen and Jingyi go back to the past, stare at each other in true mamma mia, here we go again fashion.
  • But this time, they dig a hole in the ground and hide there for a couple minutes, before finally, finally, finally going back to the future
  • And it’s fine, except they screwed up and ended up a little too far into the future.
  • Like, as in they accidentally time travel to Jin Ling and Sizhui’s marriage fast-forward.
  • Revelations are made, and this has somehow worn even Jingyi to the point of exhaustion (also, is there any world where he gets to be with a Yuan??)
  • So they go back several years, energy depleted, and end up right where they started.
  • Zizhen and Jingyi look at each other, and have a mini-celebration because they did it! They got back and everything seems normal so they’re gonna assume it’s their timeline.
  • On their way to burn the magical time travel book, they bump into Wei Wuxian.
  • Zizhen asks how his husband is doing, and they find out that WangXian hasn’t gotten together in this timeline yet.
  • Jingyi screams, and Zizhen goes to cry in a hole. They’ll be okay. Eventually.

Wow, this ended up really Zizhen/Jingyi-centric…

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They like her, but very much consider her to be Yuanyuan’s little friend.  Every single time they meet her after Zixuan is born there’s a whole production about how she can’t have a baby, surely she is just a baby herself, it feels like only yesterday she was barely taller than her sword, don’t you remember when she and Yuanyuan got caught in that tree hurling pinecones at that pack of wolf demons, it was so cute, why hasn’t the little one fought off any wolf demons with pinecones yet? Is he feeble?   

I personally just go with book canon for Madam Jin, which has Meishan Yu and Madame Jin’s original sects being friendly enough with each other that they grew up together and stayed close even after they were married. I like the idea of Madame Jin’s sect being a little less isolationist than I think of Meishan Yu as being, and her being something a  window into the wider cultivation world for Madame Yu. I am extremely torn on Madame Jin more generally, as she is genuinely horrible to Jiggy, but on the other hand you’ve got her deep understanding of how amazing Yanli is coupled with her ability to terrorize her terrible husband and epic tragic bff thing with Madame Yu. Bad people need loving friendships characterized by enduring loyalty and a willingness to protect and care for each others’ children too!

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“We could do it,” Nie Huaisang whispered in Jiang Cheng’s ear.

Jiang Cheng ignored him. They couldn’t, no matter how vile Jin Guangshan was, no matter how grasping for power, no matter how he’d looked at Jiang Yanli even though she was his future daughter-in-law – the political ramifications would be too great.

No matter how tempting.

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“I’m afraid our father’s not here right now,” Jin Guangyao said with a smile, and ground his heel down on Jin Zixuan’s foot.

“I think he went out,” Jin Zixuan said unconvincingly, and he only mostly looked like he was about to murder someone, possibly Jin Guangyao himself. He redeemed himself a moment later by adding, “Would you like us to send a messenger? I can ask my mother –”

“No need, no need!” the visiting sect leader said quickly, clearly having flashes of what Jin Guangshan might have ‘gone out’ to do (or rather, who) and the reaction of Madame Jin if she found out about it.

In all truth, Jin Guangyao might have preferred that to the truth, which was that Jin Guangshan’s stone-cold corpse was currently stuffed into a linen closet right behind the sect leaders that had come looking for him. 

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“It’s just in case,” Jiang Cheng said.

“A-Cheng…” Jiang Yanli said, smiling helplessly. Her little brother was all grown up now and pretending like it was his duty to be protective of her, rather than the other way around. “A-Cheng, it’s really not necessary. I’m going to my own engagement dinner – I don’t think anyone’s going to cause trouble.”

“It’s just in case.”

“A-Cheng, you do know that once I get married, I’m going to live there, right?” she said, laughing a little helplessly. “I’ll be in Koi Tower all the time. I can’t take Zidian away from you forever.”

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Yu Yehua, the fourth child of MeishanYu Sect, looked up to the sky and shrugged a little bit, covering herself with one of the violet silk blankets she had in her bedroom. The snow was falling on the gardens much more calmly than before, but that had not stopped its power. Sometimes, it was even scary.

And it wasn’t because she didn’t like the cold weather, but she wasn’t used to those low and cold temperatures and that caused her to be in a state of uneasiness that was difficult for her to control. In fact, Yehua couldn’t recall having suffered such a cold winter in her tender twelve years; but the weather had changed, and with it had come an excessively heavy storm what had covered of snow all the city of Meishan.

That made Yehua thinks several things. One of them was that the gods didn’t want her to have her naming ceremony. The other things… Well… Yehua would rather don’t think about it. She squeezed the blankets tightly to her chest, covering her body and head better, and leaned against the railing. Yehua wished that she had a better weather to show off her new beautiful hanfu, which had been made especially for the occasion. A incredible and gorgeous long hanfu, with the same cut as the ones the high-born ladies wear in the Imperial Palace, in soft shades of white, blue and pink pastel, all perfectly decorated with a small violet satin strap tied around the waist. Small flowers embroideries on the chest, sleeves and on the edge of the skirt made the hanfu perfect.

It was a dress so, so beautiful… That Yehua couldn’t be able to show it how she wanted. It was something that was bothering her in any ways because, after all, they were already in spring. Shouldn’t there be all flowery and warm?

They had tricked her.

Yehua tightened her hold on the blanket a little more and stepped away from the shiny railing on which she had leaned. She knew that she was very lucky; it was not normal for women to receive a courtesy name, but she would start accompanying her mother and aunt on missions, night hunts and other official affairs, so they should begin to be known by that name. It wasn’t correct that they referred her by Yehua; only her parents, brothers and, if the gods wanted, her future husband could use it.

Yehua had heard his older brothers talk about how he was very lucky. The official ceremony in which she will have her courtesy name would be when Yehua turned fifteen, when news would be sent to the rest of the clans to attest that she was prepared to fulfill her duty as cultivator and woman, predisposed to marry and start a family. But, of course, that name ceremony would be very different from today, with her family and a few representatives of others clans that were hunting in the area.

It wasn’t something she liked too much; the idea of her being predisposed when she turned fifteen to marry and bear a baby… As if they wanted to plan her life, without her consent… It was completely contrary to her way of thinking and completely contrary to the image that the MeishanYu Sect gave, which was directed almost entirely by women.

Yehua wanted to be independent, be a real cultivator, be strong, someone to rely on. Not only be a wife and a mother. She wasn’t made for that task; though she would love, one day, have her own family.

“Yu Yehua! Where is this girl” She heard her mother yell, speaking then quietly to one of the maids, and Yehua wasted no time running away, just in the opposite direction. She didn’t want her mother to scold her for not being in her room, finishing her bath, as she was supposed to be doing at the moment.

Yehua was so focused on her little escape, holding as much as she could the blanket to avoid tripping over it, that she didn’t notice the unknown figure that was in the gardens, observing one of the many stone fountains that were full of colorful koi.

“Ouch!” She complained, touching her nose with her hand as she landed on the ground.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Are you alright, guniang?” The stranger asked with soft and calm voice. Puzzled, Yehua looked up to meet him, finding a dark, warm gaze that made her sudder. And not in a bad way.

“Y-you should know that it isn’t polite to block the paths of someone else’s house,” Yehua replied, stammering slightly at first, and then scolding herself internally when her own words reached her ears. It had sounded childish and without any coherence. And it wasn’t something she would say, of course. She was much more eloquent.

The stranger, who must not have been more than a few years older than her and who was dressed in a hanfu in different shades of purple (Yehua’s favourite colour, by the way), laughed kindly and held out a hand to help her get up from the cold and snowy floor. A hand the girl ended up accepting awkwardly.

“I apologize again. It won’t happen again, guniang. Did you get hurt?”

Yehua shook her head, but said nothing more. It was imposible. She didn’t understd. The words simply didn’t want and come out. Perhaps it was because she was still quite surprised by the warmth in the boy’s expression. Above all, after the rude reply she gave him.

“I’m glad to hear that. I won’t forgive me if you had been damaged by my distraction,” his words were like a lullaby even though there was nothing strange about them. It was the behavior everyone must have with someone they didn’t know. But, his words seemed to be the ones you use with a little girl. And she wasn’t longer a child; she didn’t feel like one, of course. “I’m Jiang Fengmian. I have come to Yu-guniang’s name ceremony.”

That last phrase gave her a little more strength and she became a little more like herself.

“Then you shouldn’t be here. It’s the private wing of the family.”

Jiang Fengmian looked around curiously before nodding very slowly. A small smile formed on his lips and Yehua watched him as his hand went to the nape of his neck, like a child who had been caught in the middle of mischief, not maliciously but sweetly.

“Ah… Me and my horrible sense of direction again… My apologies, again,” Fengmian replied before bowing slightly in farewell. Yehua watched him turn around and let out a sigh of relief. If the conversation had continued in any possible way, she wouldn’t have known how to continue. “Ah! I forget…”

Jiang Fengmian had turned around again, startling Yehua, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, brushing her cheek with those cold hands from the snow and the air. The blanket she had been covering herself with had slipped at some point in her fall in such a way that it exposes her entire head and face.

“It was getting me nervous. Bye, Yu-guniang.”

Yehua, who on any other occasion would have yelled at her for touching her without her consent, felt her cheeks light up slightly and she covered herself better with the blanket, hiding her head with the clear intention of disappearing. When she verified that the boy wouldn’t turn around again, she ran to her bedroom in the most dignified way she could and failing miserably in the attempt.

When her mother saw her appear, she angrily got her into her room so the maids began to prepare her. She mumbled something about giving Yehua too many freedoms, the little time they had and how cheeky was this girl sometimes, but even when those words reached Yehua’s ears, which would have weighed her like a stone in any other time, her mind was only capable of think about that young man dressed in purple tones, his warm and friendly smile and the caress that made her cheek tickle.

She didn’t want to think about how mortified she would be when she told A-Tian…

But… at least, it seemed that spring had indeed arrived.


You can also read it in AO3.

Names made with google translate because I don’t know chinese.

Birth name for Yú Zǐyuān: 虞夜花 – Yú Yèhuā

虞 yú – to worry

夜 yè – night

花 huā – flower

Birth name for Madame Jīn: 星笑甜– Xīng Xiàotián

星xīng – star

笑Xiào – laugh

甜tián - sweet)

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No one knew what had set Hundan off, just a few minutes ago, the goose had been swimming in the pond he’d claimed for himself, but now he was chasing after Sect Leader Jin, both wings thrown out behind him and webbed feet slapping on the wooden floors as he chased the man from room to room.

“Hundan!” Wei Wuxian called, trying and failing to keep up with the goose as he honked and hissed, “I thought we agreed you would behave!” Madam Yu had threatened to lock Hundan in one of the boathouses during the Jins’ visit, it had taken a solid week and a half of good behavior and carefully hidden bad behavior to persuade her otherwise.

“Wei Wuxian!” Jiang Cheng called, jumping over the railing of one of the decks to run alongside his brother, “Catch your fucking goose before Mother does!”

Madam Yu and Madam Jin had long since sequestered themselves on the other side of the manor, but that didn’t mean Hundan wouldn’t chase Sect Leader Jin that far, even now, disciples and servants were leaning out of doors and windows to watch the spectacle, if she didn’t see it herself, Madam Yu would certainly hear about it later.

“Zixuan! Help me!” Sect Leader Jin yells, turning and looking at his son for only a moment as he emerges from a doorway, but then Hundan is leaning forward and biting at his ankle. The two of them launch even further forward, though Sect Leader Jin stumbles and nearly falls.

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Relationship: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn

Characters: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén, Lán Qǐrén, Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín, Jiāng Yànlí

Additional Tags: No War AU, Recovery, Trauma, Dissociation, Courtship, Courting Rituals

Summary: Lan Wangji and Wei Ying go to Caiyi, but have an unexpected encounter.

Notes: See end

Parts 1 & 2

Chapter 1 | 2 

AO3 link


Wangji soaked in Wei Ying’s good cheer, how he flitted around the mountain path on the way to Caiyi to examine anything that caught his eye. He had to discourage him from capturing another rabbit for the herd in Cloud Recesses; after all, they would have to go back if he was successful, and they had not yet reached their destination.

“On the way home, then,” Wei Ying said, his grin as wide as those during his days as a student, and Wangji’s heart clenched in joy to see it.

Caiyi was bustling, the fishermen hawking the morning catch, and Wei Ying held back a little at the chaos of it, staying closer to Wangji, reminding him that he was still fragile, still easily overwhelmed. This was the first trip to town since he had truly started to heal, after all.

Wangji had a mental map of the town and the places he wished to take him, purchases he wished to make; a gaun, scented oil for his hair, spicy foods—whatever Wei Ying wanted, he would have—and the personal additions to the betrothal gifts he would present to the Jiang siblings.

As hesitant as he seemed to enter the crowd, Wei Ying was also fascinated by the fish hawking, curious about the tubs of live catch. He stopped to watch a turtle for a bit, fascinated by the markings on the top of its neck that resembled eyes. It was a colorful specimen, with a dark brown shell and distinctive markings.

“Do you want it?” Wangji asked softly. 

Wei Ying smiled at him, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Where would I put it? The Cold Spring? Your uncle would kick me out.”

Wangji frowned, troubled that Wei Ying still thought, even jokingly, he would be discarded so easily, that his place was so tenuous. He had to remind himself that shufu and xiongzhang would clarify that today, that he would soon realize the Cloud Recesses was his home. 

“There is a small pond outside the jingshi,” he offered.

“‘Pets are forbidden,’ Lan Zhan. You don’t need more creatures to take care of.”

He wondered if they were speaking of the turtle anymore. 

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The whole Jin family is too big, and everyone fucking hates each other, so crack it is.

Honestly if this family isn’t crack its just plain sad.

Anyways, fake summary time!

  • Jzx, the only hope this family has left, decided it would be a great idea to get everyone together! I think he’d be super family oriented.
  • That means like twenty or so half-siblings he managed to find (there’s more) all mingle. + jgy!
  • All of them are insane. Not like, jgy’s level of… you know, but they’re a crazy bunch. except for one who lives on a small farm and has a pet sheep. he’s cool. :)
  • Jgy is actually wondering if it’s too late to spike the drinks and kill everyone. But sadly, he invited lxc, who invited nmj, who brought along nhs, who is way too happy abt everyone’s suffering, and who also invited along wwx. Wwx declined, because he gets to spend the holidays being exorcised by lqr. Oof.
  • Anyways, jgy hates this. Everyone hates this. The only good thing abt it is everyone dislikes jgs, so they’re all plotting jgs’ death. Honestly, the holidays are just an excuse for them to daydream abt murdering jgs, which, valid.
  • Jgy meeting likeminded ppl! Woah.
  • Jgs probably spends the whole event flirting with the women, which, ew, bc he’s related to them one way or another.
  • At this point, even Madam Jin is abt to stab her husband.
  • jl is younger during the first couple holiday get togethers. He has a couple half-cousins he plays with. It’s fine. Really.
  • He makes a couple enemies, looks forward to seeing them only once a year. Most of the time, he just curls in a corner and sips his Yakult. As you do, when almost everyone in your family is batshit crazy.
  • Jyl is possibly the only one not actively trying to murder jgs. Actively. She still thinks he deserves to rot in hell.
  • By the tenth get-together, there are so many plots to kill jgs (who in this AU is a rich businessman) that they all coincide with each other. It’s a contest: who gets to murder that bastard first?!
  • Jgy probably wins, though he needed to enlist nhs’ help.
  • Anyways, the moral of this story is killing ppl is okay if they’re jgs. :)
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Kkay but who wants to play among us as mdzs characters???? pls

comment down below if you’re interested (add your discord down below and I’ll add you to the server I make for the game!)

we can decide how to play and everything once we have enough people!

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