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art-of-firefly · 22 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Very late but here a compilation of really rough sketches i'll probably never finish for the generation swap prompt of @foundersweek
I actually did some cool outfits designs and everything for this but i lost my motivation before finishing
I have more of those but they are all even worst and i’m probably the only one understanding what’s going one.
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viperfizz · a day ago
Tumblr media
a lil early christmas spirit 🎄!
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xiii-link · 2 days ago
So myself and @anakatsukiromance where having a blast talking about Madara and well explicit things. They gave me the motivation and inspiration! So please follow them!!
Here’s some thoughts, headcanon/writing about Madara just being a sex god in general.
Warning; 18+ Minors DNI!
Notes: This is kinda celebrating 100+ followers on my train wreck of a blog, thank you all! 💚
Tumblr media
Let’s all agree that Madara is basically king of the bedroom, apart from looking majestic from his onyx mane of hair. He would also have soft clothing in general.
Why soft clothes? Ok, of cause feeling comfortable but over all, Madara would have soft cotton like underwear. Gotta take care of those jewels right, they don’t call the Uchiha clan the clan of love for nothing.
Madara is pretty much a decent size but mostly girthy and thick. He prefers foreplay for awhile before the love session with his partner. At least adding up to 3 fingers for simulation and stretching them for his length.
It’s extremely rare for his partner to even try too top him. The closet would be thigh ridding or hand ridding. Even oral, Madara would go so long and get bored.
Which makes him somewhat dominant. A form of doggy style he’d like, boosting his huge ego in overtime.
Skin to skin. Head down ass up. Madara has too feel his partner just about every way.
He likes it even more when their extremely submissive. It gives him too much power, fuelling his fire to breed. A shivering, shaking, sensitive mess when Madara is balls deep in his partner.
Bending over them, making them feel small. Madara loves it too much. Making him bite around the shoulder and crook of the neck, adding even more submissiveness. Madara gets even more hard when his bites draw blood so yeah.
Gloves. Madara like to have his gloves on. It’s a better grip on the hips in such a way, that it leaves an outline of a handprint bruise. But it’s not painful, more pleasurable, more of a love bruise.
If Madara is all cooped up from the battlefield and from hashiramas shenanigans, his stamina is basically doubled. So prepare for a longer love session, more deeper thrusts and more vocalness.
A secret kink of his is that he’d would push his partner into such an overstimulated mess that they clench around his member so hard that Madara can’t pull out. Deep growls of satisfaction and snarling would come from him out of bliss.
Most after care is very, very soft. Still skin to skin but very tenderly touches. Limbs are definitely wrapped around one another. Even Madara will gently lay on his partner or close by them. Face rubbing and head bumps that a aggressive in a very positive way. Almost like a encouragement for more love session that are soft.
Madara always lets his partner play, message and braid his long hair after sex. A bonding moment in his books of love. And to that it makes Madara 110% relaxed even allowing his partner to touch his back for so long before he rolls and flops lazily onto them like a big security blanket.
No talking, only grunts and huffs and tired closed eyes from Madara. He’s a bed hog, like I’ve stated in my headcanons. So get ready for him too sleep on you and also be kept warm from his body heat, his long soft hair being everywhere and blocking out the morning sun.
Tons of morning snuggling and nuzzles from Madara. But don’t tell anyone, he’s shy about that.
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carbondioxidewater · a day ago
ok so I kinda had this in my mind for a while, I got the inspiration for it from harry potter (the love triangle of snape, lily and james).
takes place after madara's fake "death" (so he's believed to be dead by everyone)
exceptionally from madara's pov !
Tumblr media
one-shot: perceiving love
The way you said my name always made me feel some type of way. How pathetic.
And still - I enjoyed those letters coming from your lips, the way your sweet little voice found it's way up to my ears and let me sink into the warmth it gifted me with.
Now I'll never experience this feeling anymore, will never hear the sound of your voice again. But it's for the better, one weakness less I have, making it one left in total.
You knew about my first weakness too well right, (Y/N)? Hashirama told you about it when we were still young, making me feel embarrassed because little did you know I had a thing for you already back then, little did you know you were my second.
Your eyes always amazed me. They were so different from mine. Ours held power, brought destruction, yours did quite the contrary. And still, yours were for sure more dangerous, for me at least.
I never liked how you made me feel, always hated the way my heart betrayed me whenever you were around and-...all of my cruelty disappeared for a while.
And I was even ready to settle my plans for you, neglected them for a period of time and left behind all my doubts.
But you still chose him, this Senju, my enemy. Over me, an Uchiha, a god. And look where you ended up now, (Y/N). Dead at my feet with that bastard next to you, both parents dying before their son could turn 4. Tell me, do you regret your choice now?
You could have been mine, should have even. I granted you my love, but you were so stupid to decline. I would've brought you to glory, would have made you my equal.
Of course you chose him, you fought with them, those Senju's, and against me after we found out about our identities, all because your families were fraternized. You were practically born into this, pitiful you.
But now you're just resting here on a field. And with your corpse lying on the ground, I'm just wondering what you felt when you found out about my 'death'. Did it even get to you one single bit? Did you grieve the loss?
I'm over this already, over you since years. Worked on something more important, have been busy with own plans. And still when I see you right in front of me - the life extracted from your body - something inside of me aches, a pain is stinging my heart.
The man beside you took my everything, being the killer he is. Responsible for the death of my brother and now I blame him for yours too.
I just wish that I was the one guilty of his.
You left something behind in this house you built your life. And when I look into those eyes - those big sparkling ones he owns - I see you in him. And I can't bring myself to hate him, even though his hair is white and his skin is pale and he resembles his father in every other way - his eyes are yours and that's enough.
I could've killed him, had plenty of reasons to. But for you I didn't since his origin is you.
That doesn't mean I'll have an eye over him though, so don't expect me to, (Y/N). I spared his life, that should be enough, don't you think?
That's what I thought at least few years ago.
I did look out for him on occasion - I still do. And I don't even know why. Don't know why I feel this fondness towards him. Why he doesn't disgust me. And on top of it, why he isn't afraid of me.
Tell me, did you make me do that, (Y/N)? Was it your power that sticked us together?
I don't know if it was. I do know though that I'm not that easy to manipulate. I guess I just want to feel you around. I guess at the end, regardless of what I thought, I've never been completely over you.
And it's just now that I've shown mercy - despite my dark nature - that I could finally understand...
What it really is, this love.
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mira--mira · 2 days ago
You know the moment Sai is interested in a girl (Ino or someone else) someone (probably Sakura tbh) by now has explained the words “straight” and “gay” to Madara and Hashirama, and Hashirama, like any good brother, immediately proceeds to relentlessly mock him in the same way Sai did them.
Sai holds his girlfriend’s hand or tries to kiss her, Hashirama is there coughing “straight” under his breath. He and Madara stumble across Sai on a date and he someone finds a way to fit “straight” ten times into the conversation in less than five minutes. Hashirama doesn’t let him have a moment of peace, he’s making up for months/years of teasing. When Sai finally gets fed up and goes to Madara (conveniently ignoring he did all of this to them) Madara listens to his entire spiel and then offers to give him advice...but he phrases it as, “you want me to be straight with you?” and Sai completely loses his mind.
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hmhmh · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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faustianbargain · 3 months ago
guy who’s only ever read naruto reading romeo and juliet: getting a lot of hashimada vibes from this
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iambilliejeanok · 2 months ago
What it’s like to sleep with Naruto Characters—Uchiha edition.
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ , Very fluffy, SFW/NSFW, somno.
Tumblr media
Madara is in deep denial but he’s very clingy
Searches for you in the bed even when he’s fully asleep and will tackle you when he does find you. (Totally unaware of what he’s doing). You’re usually trapped when he cuddles you so the minute his grip gets loose is your only chance to catch a bathroom break or stretch or something.
He literally radiates heat so he’s your personal blanket and his feet are always warm which is perfect for you if you tend to get cold feet during the night. He also doesn’t mind you rubbing your fish stick ass feet all over him for warmth in the night.
He talks in his sleep too and usually confesses to the most strangest things like you once heard him say “sorry baby I ate your cake in the fridge” before he wrapped his arms around you and was quiet again. You’re going to confront him about it in the morning.
Holds you so tight which makes it easier for you to sleep and it really helps with his anxiety. I headcanon Madara acts all easy on the outside but deep down he’s such a little ball of worries and that stays between the two of you during moments like this.
He’s usually quite when he sleeps except for the random confessions every now and then but overall he’s pretty nice to sleep with. You’ll get that full 8 hours in with him. Unless👀😈…..
10/10 he is a very warm and cuddly.
Madara thinks he isokay and doesn’t need to fuck until you come out the shower and walk into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around your body, reaching just below your ass. You also smell divine so how could he possibly resist?
He’s made a habit of walking in on you while you’re using the bathroom and sometimes you’re already done and just doing your skin care routine in the mirror. Every time you lean closer to look at your face in the mirror he gets a very beautiful view of your puss from behind and loses it. He’s on his knees behind you and before you realize it, his warm strong tongue is already running between your folds, spreading them apart so he can taste you. Now all you have to do is hold onto the counter for dear life while Madara slowly devours you and you’re not only cumming once. You’ve never ever came just one time with him so by the time he’s done with you here you’re already a shaky mess and need to get cleaned up again. Loves it when he’s overstimulating you and your juices just drip down onto his face and shoulders.
You’re practically sitting on his face when he eats you out so you really have no choice but to take it for him and you can’t try to get away or you might stumble and fall.
Once he’s successfully brought you to a little ball of whimpers and tears, he picks you up and takes you into the bedroom where he’ll make love to you so good and leave you feeling more than satisfied. Although it can get extremely intense sometimes, these gentle sessions happen more when you’re both working so he doesn’t wear you out.
He’s naturally very aggressive during sex and if he isn’t satisfied with the session he’ll keep going until he’s spent. Which usually means more orgasms for you. By the time he’s done with you, you’re out. He’s out. You’re both out and he’s holding onto you like his life depends on this.
Madara makes love to you more often that he fucks the life out of you, but you’re always a wreck whether he’s gentle or rough. He also takes care of you afterwards and you tend to fall asleep while he’s still wiping you clean. He will let you rest now but he will wake you up later on in the night to remind you to drink water so you don’t wake up light headed and dehydrated. You did squirt a ton so you’ve got to make up for it.
Tumblr media
Image from IG: @itachiuuchiha
He actually loves to sleep. He sleeps any chance he gets and will always sneak in your nap times and snuggle with you until he falls asleep too. His absolute most favourite thing to do with you is sleep. To him it’s so much fun and as nonchalant as he is on the outside, inside he’s pissing his pants thinking about spending time with you…and sleeping.
Even if it’s for ten minutes he’s going to join your nap and fall asleep and wake up. He’s not the best at giving you space. He actually has no space boundaries so he’s always up your ass all the time. Even if you get up to go use the restroom, he’s dragging behind you like a puppy, hugging you from the back until your on the toilet and after that he’s picking you up back to bed and wrapping the two of you up in a burrito. That way neither of you can escape the sleep time burrito.
Loves to randomly make out in the middle of the night which kind of disturbs your sleep but he says he doesn’t know what you’re talking about every time you bring it up.
Is a light snorer too but it’s not so loud that you can’t sleep, but sometimes when he holds you close and whispers “I love you” in your ear he’ll fall asleep like that and then start snoring right in your fucking ear.
If he turns around you’re obligated to be the bigger spoon and if you don’t hold him he’s going to switch sides with you so you have no excuses but to hold him.
He can be a little needy but you do get a good nights rest with him.
10/10, although the snoring in your ear needs to stop.
You and Itachi don’t have sex all the time and he usually initiates it when he’s in the mood but, you two have your days or nights when you just can’t keep off of each other.
He’s a very gentle lover but he’s still very dominant and can be mean when he wants.
He loves to cockwarm when you two are under the covers and cozy. He’ll fall asleep inside of you and then wake up and suddenly start slowly stroking his hips into you while you’re still asleep.
When you actually wake up to being stimulated, you make these sweet soft mewls that make his heart melt. He’ll make love to you like this, softly kissing and sucking your skin while his middle finger is rubbing your clit in hard circles and you two will usually come together.
After sex it’s always a make out session and cuddles with Itachi.
Every morning starts off with some love making.
Lazy kisses turn into heated make out sessions which quickly leads to his face being buried between your legs. Makes you cum so good with his tongue and fingers, usually three times or so before he sinks himself into you. When his inside of you he really just wants to chase his own orgasm so he’ll be a little mean if you complain about it being “too much”, because to him he’s not even being rough and you know things can get very rough with him.
He really wishes you’d last longer than three orgasms without having to put up a fight with you, but there’s no denying that you try your best for him.
After he just wants to cuddle.
Tumblr media
Sometimes you feel like Sasuke uses your body as a form of therapy. The way he handles you, scooping you onto his shoulders in the middle of your folding laundry, only to carry you to the couch and wrap his arms around you. Now don’t say a word, just let him inhale you and feel your body against his. And he won’t ever ask for it, but he really needs head pats in order for your sleep magic to work on him. Now that he has you in his arms, the minute your hands run through his hair he is out. Then you can try to sneak away and continue about your day.
He’s a weirdo.
He also literally will not sleep if you’re not there with him. When he knows your unavailable for example when he’s on a mission, he can try to bring himself to sleep by thinking of you. But if you’re around and just not with him he really won’t sleep until you come into bed and hold him. Will lay in bed and whine and complain about you not laying beside him until you finally lay beside him. “Took you forever”, he grumbles, snuggling into your tummy so you can start running your fingers through his hair.
He’s a really big little spoon, so you tend to do most of the holding, but he’s a pretty hard sleeper so when he’s out he’s out cold and sometimes you feel like you’re holding a rock with how still he is. You always check to see if his breathing because why is not moving?
Only time he wakes up in the middle of the night is if he needs to use the bathroom. Will 200% wake you up too. You’ve told him before that he really doesn’t have to wake you up just because he needs to go and apparently “you need to use the bathroom too” and when he wakes you up it’s because he’s being “considerate” and thinking that you might need to use it too… when in reality he’s just way too clingy for his own good and is in serious denial about it.
He’s Sasuke for fuck sakes. The last Uchiha. Stop accusing him of being clingy.
You don’t hold him throughout the night though because he doesn’t feel it when you let go of him, so you can stretch out and find a nice cool spot on the bed to lay on. Yes he’s going to gravitate towards you as the night goes on, but you like to enjoy your space while you can.
Overall I’d rate him a 8/10 because you really wish he’d wake up and give you kisses and cuddles randomly in the night but he just sleeps too damn hard. You still get a full 8hours though.
If he’s not exhausted after a long day he will destroy you, so you’re thankful for his busy days and usually after bath/ shower time you’re already on him, running your hands down his torso and getting him all worked up, kissing, biting, and your hand buried inside his pajama pants.
You love giving him head, watching him crumble under your touch. You want him to relax so you try your hardest to make sure he cums hard enough to pass out but that seldom happens.
As soon as you’re done with him though it’s his turn to please you and he won’t listen when you tell him you’re fine and just argue: “I want you to get some rest tonight. I also don’t want to argue so please sit back or I will make you”.
And you usually listen and lay back to let him eat the soul out of you. He’s a big fan of fingering you and will make you cum a few times like this just because it’s fun. He’s still going to wreck you with his dick and he doesn’t know how to be gentle so you’re usually a mess by the time he’s done with you and after surviving his slow and hard thrusts, constantly stimulating all your sensitive spots, you want nothing more than to cuddle up and sleep.
Now he knows you’re not going to try and sneak out the bed while he’s sleeping to try and finish work.
You’ve never met anyone who doesn’t care like Sasuke. Mans doesn’t even keep track of how many times his baby cums. You’re just struggling and he just laughs. “Yes baby this is too much for you huh?”, he’ll tease, completely not phased by your tears and violent shaking.
“P-pleaaasse”, you babble, your cheek wet with tears in the palm of his hand, your hands planted on his back, your legs squeezing on his waist to try and slow him down. “Try your best for me. You can take much more than this”, he says as he brings you to yet another violent orgasm.
Tumblr media
Here’s someone who loves pillow talk with his whole life. You’ll be fighting for your life trying to stay awake, conversing with him after a really satisfying session of sex.
Loves being the big spoon and usually holds you throughout the night. You two like to be close to each other while you sleep, and he likes snuggling into your neck when he’s sleeping.
Will hold you tighter if he wakes up to you stirring at night. He will try and understand what it is that you’re trying to do before holding you tight again. “Sleep y/n”, he’ll mumble if he feels you moving a little too much. A few kisses and cuddles helps get you back into a deep sleep.
He uses the restroom a million times at night so there’s always that slight disturbance in the night but it’s nothing you can’t tolerate. You cannot control when you need to pee at the end of the day. And he will try not to wake you up when he needs to go.
He lives for those cute little sleepy snuggles in the middle of the night. His body is just so soft and comfortable and he smells very good so he’s really great to sleep with.
He’s also warm (he’s an Uchiha at the end of the day) so he’s your personal blanket too. And he instantly warms you up when you’re cold. Yes the heat is on but he also very politely requested you wear less clothing in the night and you’re very sensitive to the cold so you’re glad he’s as warm as he is so you get good cuddles and a good nights rest.
10/10 because he’s literally perfect.
Normal people have sex before bed but not Shisui. No.
He likes to wait until you’ve both been asleep for a few hours.
He always wakes up with an erection from hell and he’s not going to suffer in silence.
He loves trying please you while you’re still asleep to see how far he can take things before you wake up.
He’s made you cum in your sleep one time and is convinced he can do it again.
Will go down on you , softly sucking on your clitoris and gently stroking your vulva with two fingers. He had this technique that is guaranteed to make you nut and it ends with him sinking his fingers inside of you. That’s when you cum hard and you usually wake up maybe three or four minutes before that.
Waking up to an orgasm is actually very intense so it takes a lot of hushing from him to keep you quiet. He really likes it when you softly moan for him and tends to get a little frustrated when you start screaming. How can you not scream when his fingers are aggressively massaging your g spot and his mouth is vacuuming what’s left of your soul away.
Usually when you’re both making love at this hour of the night he’ll just let you cum as much as you need to while he slowly fucks you laying on your tummy with a pillow or two under your pelvis.
If it gets too intense and you can’t help but scream he’ll flip you over and hold your hands in his, whispering sweet praises in your ear while his hips are still working, thrusting into you very slowly, getting as deep as he possibly can, a scream muffled by his kiss confirming that he can’t go further in, before rolling his hips in slow circles until you can’t handle it anymore and the sounds you make tell him to pull back. When he does this you end up violently coming on his thick cock, pushing him out of you and squirting everywhere.
He’s just gonna wait for you to finish before sinking himself back in and will tease you with words like “if you scream like that again I’m going to pick up the pace baby…do you want that?” And you’ll just cry underneath him, trying your best to stay quiet for him and dismally failing at that.
He picks up the pace and starts relentlessly fucking you.
You’re going to have such a hard time getting out of bed the next morning and he’s going to eat you out before you wake up again. Very selfish this man.
Tumblr media
Image from IG: obito
Likes to sleep on his back, with his arms and legs sprawled out but that’s fine because you usually just lie on top of him.
Sometimes you both like to just lay next to each other like starfish.
He’s not very clingy but he does like cuddling. Usually spends time cuddling you to sleep and then when he’s sleeping he’ll move around for a more comfortable position. You’re always welcome to hold him while he’s sleeping or lay on him but he can’t guarantee that he’ll cuddle you all night.
If he wakes up to you stirring that’s when he will hold you and snuggle with you for a little, rubbing his cheek against yours and his hand running up and down your back, his lips planting lazy kisses on your skin before he hears your steady breathing and sees you laying still. He’ll naturally fall asleep as soon as you’re asleep.
Is also very warm but doesn’t like it when your cold feet touch his. He’ll just wrap them up in the covers for you or try to ignore it if they accidentally graze him but please your feet are too cold and you need to do something about it. He’s been reminding you to wear socks to bed though so it’s less uncomfortable for him and it’s been working out well.
You two sleep pretty well together though.
Here’s another selfish lover. He loves a good session or two before bed and then another in the morning. It’s a requirement.
Loves to take a bath with you since you both get off of work at roughly the same time so he stays fucking you in the tub every single night.
After the tub he’s probably going to eat you out on the nearest surface and make a mess of you in the bathroom. After that it’s bed session time and he’s going to hold your hips in place while you’re cumming. No matter how violent your orgasm is he’s going to stay buried deep inside of you and you’re going to take him growling in your ear, fucking you hard through your squirting.
He knows you’ll sleep well tonight so he’s going to wear you out.
He usually won’t try anything in the middle of the night because he really values sleep but will pounce on you first thing in the morning. If you’re too sore he’ll settle with just eating you out, because he really just wants to have you in any way that he can.
You tend to give him the most mind blowing orgasms in the morning with your elite head game and he wants to sleep with you in his arms for another hour before you both have to get up and get ready for work. You score more sleep with him because he can just use Kamui to teleport you to work later.
He’s really cute after sex so no matter how rough you know it will get you still let him hit because you’re literally in love with him.
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koroart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have no idea what this Deity AU will be about but here’s who I have so far - ( I already have plans for Team 7 , The Sannin & other characters )
Hashirama : King of the Gods / God of the Earth, Harvest, Peace & Fertility
Mito : Queen of the Gods / Goddess of Prophecy, Women, Marriage & Motherhood
Madara : God of War, Courage, Chaos & Humanity
Tobirama: God of Wisdom , War , Death/Rebirth & Civilization
Minato : Messenger of the Gods / God of Light, Peace, Reason & The Winds
While the aesthetic mostly fits into Norse ( I’ve been watching too many Norse Mythology vids ) there are other pantheons that have inspired this au ~ and this au is set in its own world and of course has elements of the Naruto series in it~ !
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monosrojo · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Little something for @foundersweek this year!
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