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#maddie buckley
melindakatemaddie · a day ago
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Maddie Buckley hair appreciation
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Favorite Episode of 9-1-1 (poll)
Please click the link above to submit your votes so that I can get a better consensus for what the tumblr fandom’s favorite episodes of the show are. 
The poll does not ask for any personal information. 
You must answer each question before it will let you submit the entire form. 
It only includes seasons 1 through 4, nothing from season 5 for obvious reasons. 
I will allow a week for votes to be submitted. Next Wednesday (September 29th) I will post the second round, which will ask you to vote on matchups between the winning 30 episodes from Round 1. 
If you have any questions about how it works, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. 
Please reblog for maximum visibility. I would like to have as many people voting in the fandom as possible so that the data better reflects the general consensus. 
Tagging mutuals, blogs I love, or anyone who already expressed interest in voting below the cut for more visibility
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ghostbuddipher · a day ago
Seriously though, stop hate Maddie and stop dismiss her trauma. She is definitely not a bad sister or selfish person that holds Buck from being with Diaz boys.
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jooleah · a day ago
I-I’m so confused. people don’t want to see buck with jee-yun? they are anti uncle buck?! do they hate puppies and kittens as well? cut all flowers off their stems? does the sight of a rainbow in the sky make them gag? stop with this nonsense, ya crazies
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jddryder · a day ago
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9 headers & 3 with gif.
all are 640x360.
please like or reblog if you save or use.
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maddieandchimney · 15 hours ago
What we know about Maddie’s storyline so far:
Her PPD “worsens” 
“There’s a big turn coming up with Maddie” that gets revealed by episode three / “slightly dangerous turn for her” / “it’s going to take a very serious turn by the next episode” because of how isolated she is. 
Episode four is “really emotional and devastating in some ways” 
Her story is going to have “some real reverberations and ramifications” for the beginning and middle of the season. 
She makes a “life changing decision” / “unexpected move” 
They are intending to utilise the PPD as a way to complicate Maddie and Chimney’s relationship and the “show going forward at the beginning of Season 5″ 
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mattzerella-sticks · a day ago
I'd love an episode of 9-1-1 to be titled something like "Infectious" and while the main storyline is about a bunch of people suffering from a stomach bug that causes accidents, fires, etc. (also leaving places shortstaffed like the call center, police department, and fire station), but also about a little sus that gets passed from person to person.
So we have Maddie visiting Josh who's sick at home, and tells him that Buck got hit with the same bug. "So did you come here from there or are you going there next?" "No, actually, Buck’s staying at Eddie’s until he feels better." She doesn't mention that Chris is the one who gave Buck the bug and how Eddie feels like it's his fault, so Josh makes a suggestion that implies something more there to Maddie but she shoots him down.
The comment stays with her though. She asks Chim if Buck and Eddie seem closer than what's normal and they talk about it, but decide at the end it's none of their business.
Except Chim sort of thinks it is. And he brings this up to Hen one day at the station and they talk about it. Ultimately they decide nothing is going on there, of course.
But Hen thinks it's a fun story to tell Athena. Athena mulls it over and she and Hen dissect Buck and Eddie’s relationship. They don't find anything conclusive about their being more than friendship.
However Athena still brings it up with Bobby, at night, because maybe she wants his perspective?
The next day, when Buck is back at full health, Bobby sits him and Eddie down and gives them a roundabout lecture on the importance of being honest with the team, non-judgement and acceptance, as well as paperwork. He's so awkward about it the entire point flies over both men's heads. They think maybe Bobby caught whatever bug's been going around and is getting delirious.
Tl;dr - a fun concept for a 9-1-1 ep that deals with the clueless idiots as well as the firefam realizing
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taylorkellyreporting · 8 hours ago
jlh please stop making me cry
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Bobby: Alright, now everyone pay attention. I have an announcement to make and I only have a minute.
Buck: Why?
Chim: Are you in a hurry?
Bobby: No, I was referring to your relatively short attention spans.
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goblinessence · a day ago
I need Maddie to be OK. I need it because she deserves to be finally happy, to enjoy her family, to be OK with her daughter, to not feel as a failure. After all she's been through, she deserves the happy ending.
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alwayseddietrash · 2 days ago
25 for the ficlet starter lines!
Em!! hi :)
Some context; this joins the headcanon universe of Roxy and Riley; who are Buck and Eddie's twin daughters that are mentioned in Memory Lane and featured in Boop, but you don't need to read them to understand this one cause it occurs before they are born.
Enjoy fluffy shenanigans!
"And yet, that is not the weirdest thing that's happened to me today." Buck sighs as he sits on the couch after returning from a call, side eyeing Eddie quickly. Eddie just gives him a quick look,
“Really? That has been our weirdest snake call since before Eddie joined!” Chimney
“What happened this morning was not weird babe! Life changing? Shocking? Yes. Weird? No.” Eddie finally says, not letting anything slip.
“It’s not what happened, it's the keeping it from everyone that’s weird!” Buck says, eyes bright.
“But you wanted to tell Chris and Maddie first.” Eddie replies somewhat cryptically.
“I did...But it just got two times worse to keep it a secret when we were gonna tell them today anyway!” Buck grumbles.
Hen eyes them with her worried sisterly gaze
“No one is dying, Hen. We are okay. It got twice as exciting Buck, not worse.”
Bobby’s eyes widen a little and then he smiles. And Eddie notices.
And then Maddie appears at the top of the stairs, Jee holding her hand.
“Uncle Buck!” She cries and shoots out from beside her mother, apparently not noticing her father not 5 feet away. And Buck immediately crouches down from his spot to catch her, stands and spins her around while she giggles gleefully.
“You’re right Buck, we should tell them.” Eddie says, his expression soft.
“God, how long have you been together? And you are still that disgustingly in love?” Chim playfully bemoaned.
“You still look at my sister like that and you two have been together longer than we have.” Buck fires back.
“What did you want to tell us boys?” Bobby said, reminding everyone why they were worked up in the first place.
“Well, even before we got married we started the process of seriously planning things with a surrogate, and uh, this morning we had the three month ultrasound, turns out it’s twins!”
Maddie was the first one to immediately crush the two of them into hug, mumbling how proud she was and her congratulations into their chests and then quickly lightly punched both of them in the arm, “and that's for keeping all this a secret!”
“Hey, we waited for the standard time, and we could barely keep the twins part for 5 hours!” Buck protests before being buried in a group hug.
fic starter lines
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anvael · a day ago
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