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Abused part 2 pls
A/N: Trigger warning. Mentions of blood and death. Read at your own risk.
Buck clutched your cold hand as the ambulance swerved it's way to the hospital. Before the paramedics could bring you into the ambulance, you stopped breathing. While one of the men was already compressing your chest an trying to regain a heart rhythm, the other tried to insert at tube between the pumping to expand your lungs and get you to breathe.
They were doing everything they could to revive you.
Your brothers initial tears of shock had subsided and were replaced by the panic that had begun to set in, fear bubbled up inside of him that he could lose the most important person in his life besides his other sister. For him, it felt like losing a part of himself.
When the ambulance stopped in front of the hospital, the paramedics rushed the stretcher through the door. The blood that was now dripping from your body onto the lounger made itself independent and formed a red line on the bare tile floor where the rollers slid over it.
The blonde ran with you so fast and so far until he was stopped by the nurses and reluctantly had to let go of your hand. "You can't go past this point, Mr..?" The nurse and one of the paramedics stopped him from forcing his way through the door and getting to you, totally ignoring the question, his eyes still fixed on the distance where you were pushed around the corner and disappeared.
Still, he tried to follow. "I promised I wouldn't leave her!"
"Doctors will come to you and give you information about her condition as soon as she is stable. Please sit in the waiting room until then."
Buckley stumbled a few steps backwards and everything started for him to move like in slow motion. The people who were rushing back and forth next to him a short while ago were now blurred and slower. The ticking of the clock slowed down, the noise deepened and he turned once in a circle, barely controlling his body.
He looked down at trembling and bloody hands that revealed his true feelings. He had to be strong for you, the fear and panic could wait, his tears could disappear from his face. Buck was always the strongest one of you three, he had to. But now, he had to be extra strong.
For you.
A hand touched his shoulder blade and he turned. It was his older sister and Athena, which probably rushed her up from work in the police car so she wouldn't get nervous in traffic and go crazy. Despite all the negative emotions he felt swirling inside of him, he found happiness deep inside knowing, that they were there with him.
Maddie fell around his neck crying and her arms pressed him closer to her. Her sobbing could hardly be overheard, even if the hospital had the greatest back round noise. Buck didn't hugged her back, he was paralyzed in his rigidity. The only thing that was moving were his eyes - they wandered to the dark-haired one in front of him.
She must have seen something in his eyes or maybe he wasn't good at hiding his feelings when she stepped closer and put a hand on his cheek. "Sometimes, it's okay not to be strong."
Once this sentence got threw into the room, he collapsed into her sisters arms and let her hold him together before Athena slowly lead them over to the empty chairs in the waiting room, where they both sat down next to each other and Maddie continued to hold him in her arms tightly.
Slowly you opened your eyes - but pinching them back together when the light hit your eyes too strong.
You had expected grey, cold walls with beeping machines around you and nurses that hooked you up to some IV's. But this place was large and empty, almost like a classroom without anything in it.
You looked down at you and saw, that you were no longer bleeding. Scared, you pinched yourself and felt no pain - your arm was no longer bruised and you could stand on your leg. All your blemishes had vanished into nothing. Your casual clothes that were blood smired were no longer on your body and you realized that you had a white, knee long dress on. Not a hospital gown, but more like a girly summer dress.
You felt like it was just a bad nightmare and you were waking up.
You didn't think you could been happier; you danced to the slow harmonic melody and spun in little circles before you stopped, seeing a person watching you. "Hello?" you whispered but you became no answer. You slowly took a step forward, as if you were floating on clouds before you stopped again and looked a little sharper.
"Grandmother.." you stated before your legs started to sprint towards the woman and you leaped into her open arms. Her arms tightened around your middle and you hugged her back. You closed your eyes and took in the warmth and the homely aura that flew around her.
You could feel her?
You quickly detached yourself from her again and jumped a few inches away from her before you looked her deep in the eyes. It was definitely your grandma, that couldn't be a fake, a stupid prank or a dream.
Then it hit you out of the blue.
"Am I dead?" she laughed slightly and held out her hand to your face. You hesitated and shrank before the warmth of her palm reached your cheek and you gave in. She gently caressed your reddish cheek and gave you a half-hearted smile.
It didn't look real, but you couldn't feel any negative or sad tension. It was as if this level didn't allow any sadness and there was none here. But where were you anyway? Your grandmother died and was in heaved so you assumed you were too.
"No." she said finally. "You're just here for a visit. Consider it as a reward for all the pain you've been going through before you came here."
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Headcanons for being a Buckley (bucks twin fraternal or identical, up to you) transfers from the 118 in LA to the 126 in Austin and he’s together with Tarlos? And he finally gets a chance to introduce his family from LA to his boyfriends?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
*the 911/ Lone Star crossover didn't happen*
· it was hard for you to leave LA but you needed a change in your life and when the offer to transfer to Austin appeared it just felt right
· the transition to the 126 was easy because they were so welcoming and instantly made you feel at home
· and it wasn't long until you joined the TK and Carlos relationship
· you talked to your twin Buck and sister Maddie nearly every day 
· and they were so excited to meet your boyfriends when they came to visit
· the four of them easily get along which you're relieved about 
· you knew they would but when you told your parents about the relationship they refused to acknowledge it as a real relationship
· so you needed as much support from your siblings as you could get
· you guys only have one guest room so Buck decides to sleep on the couch 
· "come on Buck remember when you and Y/N used to sleep in my bed when you had nightmares" 
· "yeah that was before I was over 6 feet tall" 
· "I bet you still sleep with mister teddy bear don't ya Evan" 
· "I don't miss sharing a room with you" 
· Carlos cooks you guys dinner and Maddie raves about how good it is 
· "you need to give Chimney your recipe because this is a meal I could get used to coming home to" 
· which leads to you and Buck arguing over who is the worst cook
· "Y/N once gave our mom cookies with egg shells in it on mothers day" 
· "dude you can't even make scrambled eggs without burning them!" 
· Carlos and TK are happy seeing you so happy with your family again
· they know you miss them and wish your schedules let you see each other more often 
· you give Maddie and Buck a tour of the 126 and your team love them
· Buck knows Marjan from Instagram and spends the entire time trying to get her to follow him back
· she follows Maddie and not him just to mess with him
· Mateo asks Buck for his workout routine, he's set on getting arms like his
· Paul jokes that it's never gonna happen
· Owen already thinks of them as family 
· "you're my son's boyfriend's family so that means you're my family too" 
· Judd and Grace invite everyone over for a big dinner
· you guys all swap work stories 
· it's basically two hours of trying to one up each other with the craziest situations they've been in 
· Maddie and Buck's trip is over far too soon 
· it's hard to say goodbye to them
· and you've never missed LA more than having to let them go all over again
· "next time you guys are coming back to LA so TK and Carlos can meet the 118" 
· "deal"
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Strawberry Shortcake
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ For: Day One, Fluff for @911readerinsertweek​​! Please make sure to check it out!
♡ Characters: Maddie, Gender Neutral Reader
♡ Genre: Fluff, Established Relationship
♡ Word Count: 1.6k
♡ Beta Reader: By the angelic @nurse-buckley​​! 
♡ Warnings: Reader can’t bake to save their life? None
♡ Summary: Your terrible baking skills lead to you spending the day with your boyfriend’s sisters, Maddie.
♡ Note: Ayy! I’m so happy the event has started and I’ll be able to post a fic for every single day. I’ve been wanting to do something with a Maddie/Reader moment for awhile, so enjoy!
Tumblr media
A sigh of frustration left you, your gaze fixated down on the disfigured clump of half-cooked dough laid out on the kitchen counter. It looked like a baking show nightmare. This was your third attempt at baking a cake for you and Buck’s anniversary, and clearly, it was not going well at all.
Sure, cooking, in general, had never been your strong suit, nor something you really enjoyed doing. Your father liked to joke that everyone should ‘take cover’’ when you stepped into the kitchen, due to a time you forgot to put water in with the pasta. 
But you figured baking a simple strawberry cake couldn’t be that hard, especially when you just wanted to do something nice and more personal for you and Buck’s two-month anniversary. 
Yet somehow, it seemed an impossible task. The instructions might as well be gibberish, the oven seemed determined not to cook it properly, and with Buck getting home in three hours, you were screwed.
Fuck, just what am I supposed to do now? Maybe I’ll just pick up a nice cake from that bakery downtown. Not as special, but at least it’ll be something...
Shoulders slumping, you started clearing away the many dirty dishes and utensils you dirtied in your failed tries. No sense in leaving Buck’s kitchen a mess too. 
You placed the biggest silver mixing bowl in the sink under a stream of hot running water, watching it fill up until there was a small knock at the front door. 
Frowning, you stole a glance at the clock on the wall, knowing it was much too early for Buck to be off his Saturday shift.
Maybe Albert, his old roommate, was stopping by? He’d stopped living here awhile ago, but Buck seemed to always be finding stuff he’d forgotten. 
You hoped it was him because you’d yet to meet any of Buck’s other friends or family at this stage in your relationship, but he always discussed them very fondly.
“I’m coming, just a sec!” You called out, quickly rinsing your hands before you headed out the kitchen and over to the door.
Apprehension fluttered in your stomach as you pulled it open, peering out to see the bright, smiling of your boyfriend’s older sister, Maddie Buckley.
Surprise overtook you, blinking once as you took in the beautiful mahogany-haired and chocolate-eyed woman in front of you.
She was even prettier than you’ve seen in pictures around Buck’s apartment and exuded a vibe of kindness and sincerity. She stood a few inches shorter than you, wearing an orange floral dress with white sandals. 
Buck had spoken to you in great detail about how much he loved his sister and their close relationship, and so you’d already imagined how your first time meeting her would go.
An utter mess covered in flour was not how you pictured it. God, what she must think of you right now.
“Hello, you must be ___, I’m Maddie, Buck’s older sister. It’s very nice to meet you.” She said kindly, her eyes flickering over you once. 
Ignoring the mortification over your appearance, you quickly replied, “Oh yes, Buck talks about you all the time, it’s lovely to meet you too.”
“Believe me he does the same for you,” she smiled, adding after a moment of pause, “I’m so sorry to drop by unexpectedly, but I left my daughter's diaper bag over here last night.”
“Ah right,” you said, slowly understanding, “I remember seeing it on the couch actually.”
You stepped to the side, opening the door wider to allow her to step inside. She did so, moving towards it with ease, but slowly stopping and tilting her head questioningly to the kitchen.
“Have you been baking pastries? I smell strawberries.”
You cringed internally, remembering how Buck had gushed over Maddie’s talented cooking. She was a great chef, and you were not so much. You doubted she was the type to judge, but still not a great first impression. 
“Kinda,” you admitted sheepishly, “I was trying to bake a cake for our anniversary, but it hasn’t been going so well.”
She turned towards you at that, a bubbling determination that surprised you growing in her chocolate eyes. “Do you need some help? I love to bake and it’s no trouble at all.”
“Oh no, that’s very kind,” you said, shaking your head, “but I couldn’t ask that of you.”
“You could, and you should.” She insisted, “Seriously, I don’t mind. My husband is at work and my daughter’s visiting her grandma so I’ve got time.”
The look on her face reminded you of Buck, the way she wasn’t taking no for an answer, and you could tell she just genuinely wanted to help you out.
You bit your lower lip, mulling it over and knowing she was really your only hope here if you didn’t want to have buy a cake elsewhere. Besides, it was really sweet of her to offer, and the chance to talk to someone so close to your boyfriend was too good to pass up.
“Well, if you’re sure… Forewarning though, it’s a pretty big disaster.”
“I’m sure it’s not that bad,” she assured, heading over to the kitchen with you following behind her.
“You’ll see,” you mumbled.
Sure enough, as she approached the kitchen island where your sad attempt at a cake laid, you could see the confusion take over her features. You were sure she hadn’t thought it would actually be this bad.
“Yeah, and believe it or not, that’s the best one yet. There isn’t too much flour left either, and only half a carton left of strawberries. Buck’ll be home in about three hours, so it’s a race against the clock really.”
The dejection in your tone was evident, and you figured she would also throw in the towel at that news. She didn’t say anything though, instead inspecting it for a moment, and then looking at you with an excited grin.
“Don’t worry, we can totally fix this.”
With that she started moving about the kitchen, organizing the chaos as she pulled things out of shelves and cabinets. It was clear she’d cooked in Buck’s kitchen many times.
“Really?” You said skeptically, watching her in surprise. “Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. We may not be able to make the exact recipe you had in mind, nor as much, but we’ll get it done. Trust me.” She said confidently, tossing you a wink.
Her demeanor had determination flowing through you, and tossing off your resignation, you nodded enthusiastically, “Alright, just tell me what to do!”
“Will you bring me those strawberries, please? Oh, and do y’all have any whip cream?”
“Yes, and yes.”
Tumblr media
Two hours later, you and Maddie sat at the kitchen table together looking proudly at the amazing strawberry shortcake the two of you - mostly Maddie - had whipped up. 
She’d been amazing, giving you easy-to-follow instructions and baking up something wonderful that she assured you Buck would love.
He’d never mentioned it to you, but apparently, it was a childhood favorite, and thus you were even more excited for him to see it. You’d watched Maddie’s actions carefully as well, and with some practice, you were sure you could recreate it.
Not only did you have fun baking for the first time in your life, Maddie was an utter joy to be around. She told you more about herself and her husband Chimney, shared some photos of their daughter, and just all around made you feel welcome.
You grew up with all brothers, so you couldn’t say for sure, but Maddie made you feel as comfortable as you imagined an actual sister would.
“Thank you so much, Maddie. You’re truly a lifesaver,” you breathed out, leaning back in the chair. “I don’t know how I could ever thank you.”
She gave a short laugh, brushing the hair out of her face as she replied, “No need to thank me, really. I mean you’re the one whose been making my only brother so happy these past few months… I should be thanking you for that.”
Heat flared under your cheeks at that, eyes widening slightly at her words. It wasn’t like Buck hadn’t told you plenty of times how happy he was to be dating you, but to hear it from his sister was another thing altogether.
“How can you be so sure of that?” You protested lightly, “I mean you’ve only just met me.”
Maddie hummed at that, her eyes thoughtful as she picked her next words carefully.
“To be frank, he really does talk about you all the time. Buck is just so incredibly happy to be with you, and I’ve never really seen him in a relationship like that. When he speaks about you, I can see how comfortable you make him and how connected the two of you are. I hope I’m not being too forward, but I see the two of you going the mile.”
“Oh Maddie, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you say that, thank you.” You whispered, heart warmed at everything she’d said.
“Of course sweetie. Now, I should probably get out of here before Buck gets back.” She hummed, standing up and heading over to the couch to grab the diaper bag she’d initially came for.
“Right, I’ve got to clean the place up too,” you replied, following her over, “you know it’s been very nice hanging out together, I hope we can see each other again.”
“You too, ___. I’ll mention to Buck that he should invite you over for dinner soon, that way you can meet Chimney and Jee-Yun.” She said, smiling as she pulled you in for a quick half hug before the both of you moved over to the door.
You brightened at that as you pulled it open for her, “I’d love to. Buck says Chimney is one of his closest friends, though I’m curious... Why do y’all call him Chimney?”
Maddie snickered at that as she threw the diaper bag over her shoulder before heading out the door, “Now, that’s a story for another time.”
Tumblr media
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Nightmare Before Christmas
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@of-elves-and-mad-hatters Christmas prompt list Day 10
“Wait, is every piece of Christmas decor you own Nightmare Before Christmas themed?” “…maybe” – Buck x Maddie x Chimney x reader
The knock on the door to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend has you racing to answer it. The house was decorated with Christmas decorations all in the theme of your all time favourite movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Evan had indulged you in your obsession by helping you find more decorations that suited the theme and even taking you to Disney world to celebrate by getting some new decorations and a matching pair of Disney ears in the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. You open the door and are greeted by Maddie and her partner Chimney and their daughter Jee-Yun. As soon as their through the door Evan is beside you, scooping his niece out of his sister’s arms and you can’t help but smile at the two, you knew that Evan adored children, seeing him with his niece and with Christopher always showed you as much, but the way he always brought up having a family and children with you proved it. You couldn’t wait to do the whole family thing with Evan, he was it for you and you couldn’t wait to see a mini Evan Buckley running around the house. You help Maddie take the bags to the kitchen before you wrap your arms around her in a tight hug before the two of you look over and watch Evan with Jee-Yun.
“He’s so good with her” you whisper before you look over at Maddie whose giving you a knowing look
“He really is, and I know that he’ll be a fantastic father when the opportunity arises” she says and you nod
“I’m sure of it” you say and she smiles, before the two of you make your way out to the main living space, where you make your way over to Evan and Jee-Yun, who he quickly places in your own arms before wrapping his arms around you.
“I want one” he whispers in your ear and you hum in response before whispering back to him
“Me too”. You look up and smile at him before he places a kiss on your lips. You’ve just broken the kiss with Evan when you hear Maddie call out from where she’s standing beside Chimney next to your Christmas tree
“I love the decorations on the tree guys” she says and you smile as you look over at the tree before Chimney seems to notice the theme of the decorations
“Wait, is every piece of Christmas decor you own Nightmare Before Christmas themed?” you look away embarrassed before you say
“…maybe” and he chuckles
“Right well, I guess we have a Nightmare Before Christmas fan in our midst” he says and you blush,
“It used to be one of the movies that me and my Grandpa would watch religiously every Christmas when I was growing up” you say as tears swell in your eyes as you think of the man whom had been more of a father to you than the deadbeat drug addict that your father was. Seeing your reaction, Evan is quick to comfort you whilst Maddie elbows Chimney in his side as she whispers
“Good one”. You look at Chimney as he tries to apologise to you and you shake your head
“It’s alright Chimney, you didn’t know about it” you forgive and he nods, taking a couple steps towards you so he can place a hand on your shoulder
“Still, I’m sorry Y/N” he says.
Tag List: @tiva-jenry-caskett-rizzles-densi​, @jimmybpride​, @dressed-up-just-like-z1ggy​, @nikkiwierden​, @samchelforever007​, @kirkspockbones​, @xoncisxncislaxncisnolaox​, @lasalle-pride-sebastian-love​, @haliannej​, @brooklyn-99-amyxjake​​, @mizzezm​, @genius2050​, @twilight-twihard​, @cullencoven2019​, @wxlfgirlx​, @luciferxchloeislove​, @drethanramsey-ismybabe​, @sawyer-oakley-is-mighty-fine​, @loverofoneshots​, @aelin-thefirebreathingbitchqueen​​
Tag List for Buck and Eddie: @mrspeacem1nusone
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Tumblr media
You and Maddie had been best friends all your lives. Growing up down the street from each other you both became close. 
You two did everything today from school to after school clubs and everything in between. 
You didn’t know exactly when the feelings began to change for you. Maybe when it was when you were getting older and your feelings started shifting.
 It was confusing and weird. You thought they would go away but they never did. 
Then you two started drifting especially after high school and it was normal and even good.
 You both were going in different directions. You went to LA and she stayed behind with Doug not knowing how bad it truly was for her. 
There really wasn’t anymore communication throughout the years anymore and you both had new friends and new lives.
 But you always wondered what her life was like and if she way okay. 
You really thrived in LA thought you really became your own person and finally found your ground and who you were. 
Working as a police officer along Athena you felt like this is what you were meant to do with your life. 
When buck came to town you were surprised about how much he had grown up. Age wise though sometimes it felt like his attitude had to catch up.
  He did tell you about Maddie and how she was now married and it wasn’t good. Your heart broke for her. 
You thought about reaching out after that Buck had given you her number but you decided against it.  You wasn’t even sure if she would wanted to hear from you. 
Then one day over Dispatch you heard a all to familiar voice over your radio. You quickly grabbed the radio 
“Maddie Buckley is that you.”?? You asked into the radio
“OMG Y/N Yeah it’s me this so cool I can’t believe this.” she said to you. 
“I Know I missed you Tell Buck to give you my number so we can properly talk.” you said to her. 
It was so crazy because before you didn’t even know if she would wanna hear from you but maybe know it was more real
. You know like hearing her voice made you wanna talk to her. 
She texted you a hour later saying she got the number and she wanted to catch up. You happily texted her back and told her you wanted to meet her and to come down to this local bar. 
After what seemed like forever and the shift ended you hurried home to get ready. Changing outfits like 3 different times because you wanted to look perfect. 
When you reached there it felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. Your hands sweating you suddenly got very nervous. You couldn’t believe this was happening. 
Sitting on the stool waiting for Maddie to come you wondered if those feelings you felt before were gone how would it be ? Like old times or a awkward encounter. 
Then you saw her. She had the most beautiful smile and her hair fell down perfectly.
 Her face was radiant and she looked like amazing she had this glow on her. The feelings were pretty much the same. 
When she reached she smelled really nice and she embraced you into the tightest hug which you gave back to her. It felt soo good like old times. 
“OMG Y/N I can’t believe this I missed you so much I was so happy and surprised to hear your voice.” she said to you sitting down on the stool next to you. 
“I Know I’m a cop i have been for the past  5 years best job I’ve ever had. How long have you been here for “ ? you asked her
“A couple of Months I had to get out of Hershey and Buck was here so I left and never looked back.” she said with a look on her face that said she didn’t want to say more so you didn’t ask. 
“How do you like working with the dispatch center?” you asked hoping to get her mind off of something that clearly bothering her. 
“Honestly I love it I get to help people which I love.” with that smile you loved
“I get it that’s why I love being a cop to give back to my community and maybe make some change.” you said.
The two you talked and talked for hours about what was life like sense high school and Maddie said she had a bad Marriage and you felt for her. 
As the night went on things were like old times for you two. Maddie convinced you to do Karaoke.  You didn’t have this much fun in god knows how long. 
But of course the night had to come to an end. It was getting pretty late and you both got off long shift. 
Madde stopped to look at you before going off to her car 
“I missed you Y/N I wanna do this again and if i’m wrong but please stop me but I don’t just wanna hang out I wanna make it more official and go out on like a date.” she said playing with her hand nervously. 
You don’t even know what took of your body but when over and cupped her face with your hands and kissed her. She kissed back gently and it felt like butterflies going off in your stomach. 
“It’s a date.” you said whispering to her.
Those same Butterflies from before and even back when you were younger were coming back in your stomach. 
Maddie always had that affect on and maybe life was supposed to happen this way. 
The universe always knew you two would find each other again. Giving each other butterflies 
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procrastinatorimagines · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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beanzykin · 10 months ago
There's not a single Maddie Buckley x Reader fanfic... 🥺 Someone's gotta change that
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prettyboyspenceee · 2 years ago
give me recs!!
to my 9-1-1 fandom!! i know you’re out there! give me some buck x reader fics! or some good oc fics
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imaslutformaybank · 3 months ago
Could you please consider doing a part 2 to your Evan Buckley x reader Taylor interferes imagine?
traitor pt. 2☼
Tumblr media
part one
A/N: HI GUYS I AM SO SORRY YOU HAD TO WAIT FOR SO LONG FOR THIS.  when i tell you, i had to rewrite this shit like 8 times, i mean it.  it kept getting deleted or i hated it.  this is definitely not as good as the first part, so, i’m sorry about that, but i tried.  anyway, my birthday was recent and i got a new laptop and i love it sm.  1 MORE DAY TILL SEASON 5, I’M SHITTING AND THROWING UP AND CRYING, I’M SO EXCITED.  OKAY, THANK YOU FOR READING, BYE.
one shot, blurb, or head canon?: one shot
pairing: evan buckley x reader
warnings: cursing
wc: 2541
4 months.  it has been 4 long months since i left buck.  it’s been weird waking up everyday without a trace of him anywhere.  
he did what i told him to do that night. he packed all of his shit and left.  if i’m being honest, though? i wish he didn’t.  i’d be lying if i said that i don’t wake up everyday and regret what i did.
today wasn’t any different.  i woke up at 10 and headed over to the bathroom to take a shower.  once i was done with that, i headed over to the sink to brush my teeth.  as i was doing so, my phone started ringing and the name maddie buckley lit up my screen.  i furrowed my eyebrows, spit out the remainder of toothpaste that was left in my mouth, and answered the phone.
“hey! how are you doing?” maddie’s upbeat voice sounded out, making me smile.
“hi! i’m doing... okay.  how are you?” 
“i’m doing pretty good.  i was just calling to see if you were interested in a girls day? god knows we deserve it,” she said, causing me to laugh. “a nice lunch, some shopping, maybe some mani-pedis? what do you say?”
i hesitated a bit, not knowing if it was a good idea to be going out with my ex boyfriend’s sister.
you know what? screw it.  maddie and i were always close, way before buck and i even started dating.
“that sounds amazing,” i said.
“great! i’ll pick you up in... 30?”
“see you then!”
i hung up the phone and with a smile on my face, i made my way back to my bedroom to get dressed.  after i was ready, i sat on my bed, scrolling through my social media as i waited for maddie to come pick me up.
at one point, maddie texted me, notifying me that she had arrived.  i shot her a quick text back, letting her know i would be right out before slipping my shoes on and heading out the door.
Tumblr media
“oh my god, do you remember that one time when buck ran into a mannequin and apologized to it?” maddie asked, laughing as we passed by one.  i laughed with her for a bit, but the smile on my face slowly faded away when i realized how much i miss him.  
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have brought him up,” she said, once she noticed my facial expression.
“no, it’s okay, it would probably be good for me to talk about him,” i said.  she gave me a weak smile and grabbed my hand, squeezing lightly.
“have you spoken to him at all?” she asked.  i shook my head.
“no, not since that night.  do you think i should?” i asked.  she pursed her lips, hesitating.
“i think... that this might be a bit biased because i love the both of you and i want you to be happy, and clearly that’s when you’re together, but, yes. i do think you should talk to him.”
“what would i even say, though? like, ‘hey, sorry for denying you a place to live, punching your girlfriend and breaking up with you?’ i don’t think that would go over very well,” i said, causing maddie to huff.
“he knows he was in the wrong, and taylor is not his girlfriend,” she said.  all of a sudden, her phone started ringing.  she furrowed her eyebrows and let go of my hand, grabbing it and answering the call.
“hello?... no, i’m out with y/n... are you serious?... okay.  okay, fine, i’ll be right there... bye,” she hung up the phone and looked over at me, sighing. “i’m so sorry to cut this short, but i have to go.  chimney needs help with the food and the baby.  i’ll drop you off at your place on the way.”
“no, it’s okay, you gotta go.”
“it’s really no trouble,” she said.
“it’s alright, i’ll get a ride,” i insisted.
“you sure?” she asked.  i nodded my head.
“yes, go!” i said.  she smiled softy and pulled me into a hug.
“let me know when you get home alright,” she said, pulling away. “we definitely need to do this again, it’s been way too long.”
i nodded in agreement.  she grabbed all of her bags and began walking away, but before she did, she turned around to say one last thing.
“call buck.  he misses you,” she said.
and with that, she left.  i found a nearby bench to sit on as i pondered over what maddie said.  i took out my phone and began scrolling through my contacts, my heart pounding in my chest when i saw buck’s name.  i hesitated before clicking on his contact, my thumb now hovering over the call button.
after several minutes of staring at his contact, i finally got the courage to actually call him.  i pressed the phone icon and my heart almost fell out of my ass when it started ringing.
after 1... 2... 3 rings, i decided that what i was doing was stupid and brought the phone away from my ear.  just as i was about to hang up, the word calling... turned into 00:00.
“hello?” he answered.  oh, shit.  he actually answered. “y/n?”
“hi, buck,” i said, pinching the bridge of my nose.
“uh, hey,” he said, confusion evident in his voice.  what the hell am i doing?
“i just.. never mind.  this was dumb. sorry for bothering you-”
“no, you’re not bothering me at all.  do you need something?”
“yes.. i was actually wondering if you could give me a ride home, but it’s totally fine if you can’t-”
“no, i can give you a ride.  where are you?”
“i’m at the mall, just outside of the foodcourt,” i replied.
“okay.  just give me... 20 minutes and i’ll be there,” he said.  i nodded, then realized how stupid i looked, considering he can’t even see me.
“okay,” i said.
“okay,” he repeated.
“alright, i’ll see you soon, then.”
“okay, see you soon.”
i hung up the phone, then sat in disbelief for about 5 minutes.  i actually called buck and spoke to him, and now he’s coming to pick me up. 
after about 15 minutes of sitting on the bench overthinking, i saw a familiar jeep pull up.  my heart skipped a beat when buck got out of the car, making his way around the front of it so he was standing in front of me.  
“hi,” i said, standing up and grabbing all of my bags.
“hi,” he replied with a soft smile as he opened up the back door.  after i put all of my bags in the backseat, i closed the door and i was standing face to face with buck.  i scanned over his face, taking in every feature as if it was the first time i was seeing them.  his beautiful eyes, his pink, plump lips, that adorable birth mark that i remember peppering with kisses.  
“can i hug you?” he asked.  i smiled and opened my arms.  i don't think i realized how happy i was until i was enveloped in his arms and taking in the familiar scent of his cologne.
i don’t know how long we were standing like that for, but i do know that i wasn’t ready for him to pull away when he did.
“you ready to go?” he asked.  i nodded and he opened up the passenger side door, closing it after i got in.
after maybe 5 minutes of sitting in awkward silence, buck opened his mouth to speak again.
“so, how have you been?” he asked.
“uh, i’ve been okay.. i guess.  you?”
“okay, more or less,” he said.  more awkward silence.
“it’s good to see you, y/n,” he said.  i looked over at him and smiled lightly.
“it’s good to see you too, buck.”
all of a sudden, my eye began to feel very irritated.  i rubbed it a bit, but when that didn’t help, i pulled down the visor to look in the mirror.  when i did so, something fell into my lap.
i looked in the small mirror at my eye, searching for the cause of irritation.  low and behold, there was an eyelash sitting on my waterline.  i carefully retrieved it, then looked down at whatever had fallen into my lap.
it was a polaroid picture of me.  i was wearing a ridiculous christmas onesie and an equally ridiculous smile.  
“you kept this?” i asked, causing him to look over at me.  when he noticed what i was holding, a deep blush appeared on his face.  
“uh... yeah.  i mean, it’s.. it’s a cute picture,” he said.  now it’s my turn to blush.  
“do you want me to put this back?” i asked. 
“uh, yeah, could you?” he asked.  i nodded and returned the small image to it’s place.  i smiled at the thought that he keeps a polaroid picture of me in his jeep.
before i knew it, we were at my house.  we had already been together for about 30 minutes, but i’m not ready to say goodbye to him yet.
“thank you for the ride, i really appreciate it,” i said, getting out of the jeep.  i opened the back door and grabbed all of my bags before shutting it and returning to the passenger’s side.
“it’s no problem,” he said.  i smiled lightly, not knowing if i was about to regret what i was going to do next.
“do you wanna come inside? i don’t know if you’ve eaten yet, but i haven’t and i was thinking about ordering a pizza,” i said.  a smile spread across his face.
“yeah.  yeah, that sounds great,” he said, turning his car off and getting out of it. we made our way up to the front door, then i proceeded to make a fool out of myself by dropping half of my bags as i attempted to unlock it.  buck stifled a laugh as he offered to help, unlocking the door and pushing it open.
“thank you.  i’m gonna go put these upstairs and i’ll be right back down,” i said.  he nodded and i made my way up the stairs to my bedroom.  i dropped all of my bags on my bed and took a deep breath before heading back downstairs.
Tumblr media
“what is so funny?” buck laughed as i tried to catch my breath.
“i just remembered that one night when you were wearing those stupid socks and i told you to stop messing around on the stairs but you didn’t listen so you ended up eating shit,” i laughed, “that was the night that...”
my words began to drift off when i realized that the next part of the story included the reason that our relationship ended.
“yeah,” he said.  another moment of awkward silence was activated.
“how’s she doing?” i asked.  
“taylor?” he said.  i nodded my head. “no clue.”
i furrowed my eyebrows, confused on why he wouldn’t know how she was doing.  when he saw my puzzled expression, he opened his mouth to speak again.
“i haven’t talked to her since the night we...”
“oh,” i said, not knowing what else to say.  more awkward silence.
we both paused, neither one of us wanting to speak over the other.  i nodded at buck.
“you go first,” i said. he nodded.
“i just.. wanted to say i’m sorry. i don’t know what was wrong with me, but i know you didn’t deserve to be treated like that. you were an amazing girlfriend and i couldn’t have been shittier to you. i really.. i’m sorry. i’ve been thinking about.. us ever since that night, and the only conclusion i can come to is that i want to be with you,” he said, leaving me stunned. “i’m sorry i haven’t texted, or called, but i was scared that you wouldn’t want to talk to me. i don’t know if we can get back to where we were before.. everything, but if you’re willing, i would like to try.”
i stayed silent for a few seconds, trying to process his words. i have missed him everyday for 4 months, but i don’t know if getting back together with him would be a decision that would result in my happiness.
“i’m sorry if that was a lot, i j-”
“i love you,” i blurted out. “i love you, buck, but i’m scared, i guess.  i don’t want to feel the way i did before.”
“i know, you won’t. i promise you won’t. you’ll be my priority. i’ll be better this time.  we don’t have to jump right back into it, either. we can take it slow and build back up to where we were, i just-”
i couldn’t take it anymore.  his words were muted when i placed my lips against his, finally receiving the feeling i had been craving for so long. 
our lips moved in sync as his hand made it’s way to the back of my head, pulling me closer.
when he pulled away, i almost whined at the loss of contact. the sight of his blown pupils, swollen lips and red-tinted cheeks made my heart race.
“okay,” i said. a large smile appeared on his face.
“okay?” he repeated.  i nodded my head yes.  he huffed and wrapped his arms around me so tightly that i thought i would explode. “i love you.  i missed you so much,” he said.
“i missed you too,” i laughed, struggling to get the words out because of how tight he was hugging me.
all of a sudden, my phone started ringing.  buck slightly loosened his grip on me, allowing me to grab it off of the coffee table.  maddie is calling me.  my face dropped when i realized i never told her i got home okay.  i quickly answered the call and brought it up to my ear.
“hey, maddie. sorry i never texted but i got home about 2 hours ago,” i said.
“oh, good, good.  i was starting to get worried.  how’d you get home?” she asked.  i looked over at buck, who was playing with my free hand.
“i called him,” i said.  he looked up at me when i said this.
“you did?”
“mm-hm.  he drove me home and we’ve been hanging out here,” i said.  
“let me talk to her,” buck said.  i gave him the phone.
“hey maddie... yeah... yes... well, we just got back together, so i would hope so.” “finally!” i heard maddie exclaim.
“i know, right?” buck said, causing me to laugh.  i grabbed the phone back from him.
“okay, well, we’re gonna go, but i’ll talk to you later?” i said.
“yes! you have to tell me all about it!” maddie said.
“okay, i will,” i laughed.
“y/n?” she said.
“i’m happy for you,” she said, causing me to smile.
“thank you maddie.”
“talk to you soon.”
i hung up the phone and set it on the coffee table again, turning my attention back to buck.
“alright,” he said, clapping his hands. “how soon can i move back in?”
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midnightstar-90 · 4 months ago
Masterlist | Taglist | Request
Eddie Diaz x Daughter! Reader | Evan Buckley x Reader
Summary: Y/N cries on Buck's shoulder, after hearing her father was shot.
Warning: slight dad! buck, angst, feelings of disappointment.
A/N: This was as hard to write as it was to watch.
Tumblr media
Y/N sneaks back into her house, after going to see an R-rated movie with her friends. Her father told her many times that she wasn't allowed to go to the movie, but Y/N didn't care. So far, sneaking out to see a movie is the most she ever disrespected her dad's wishes.
She took her headphones out of her ears, and she silently but quickly opened her bedroom window. Quiet not to disturb the household from their slumber, she climbs in through the window. She tiptoes over to her dresser and grabs pajamas from her drawer.
All of a sudden, a bright light blinds Y/N's vision. She turns around, scared, to see her father. He didn't look angry. No... he looked disappointed. Y/N pursed her lips at the look her father was giving her.
"If your gonna sneak out, don't do it when your ex-military father is home," Eddie told his daughter.
"Dad, I can expla-" Y/N couldn't finish her sentence before her father put a hand up. That was his way of saying "I don't want to hear it".
"What if I wasn't home? What if I went out, and something happened to Christopher?" I looked down, disappointed in my actions. I didn't think about that.
"This was the first time I've ever said "no". And just this once, you couldn't do as I say?" Eddie's voice started to get loud, but not too loud.
"I get it. I totally understand how you feel. I was your age once, and my parents were a lot stricter than I am. I'm just disappointed in the fact that I let you do your own thing, but when I ask for something, you can't obey." Eddie said, walking closer to his daughter.
"I'm sorry, dad. I won't do it again." Y/N still didn't look up at him.
"I know you won't," Eddie says, kissing Y/N's head. "Now, I have work in a couple of hours. But before I go... I'm gonna need that phone, Missy."
Y/N grabs her phone off the dresser and hands it to her father. She looks her father in the eye, but both of their hands are on the phone. They both could see the sadness in each other's eyes. Y/N gives her father a tight hug before mumbling a "thank you" and "goodnight".
Eddie walks out the door, heading back to his room. She's just how I raised her. This was just a hiccup that won't happen again. Eddie thought as he got back into his bed.
~The Next Day~
Christopher and I were in his room, playing his game. We heard footsteps, so we looked up. Buck, my father's co-worker/best friend stood in Christopher's doorway. He looked sad.
"Hey Buck," Chris looked up at Buck, then back at his game.
I gave Buck a smirk before saying, "Hey hot stuff. What's wrong? You look sad." I lightly chuckled, but Buck's face stayed the same. My smirk left, knowing something was up.
When I met Buck, I developed a crush on him. (You know teenage hormones.) Because I was 16, Buck and I could never be together. So, we made a joke out of it. I would flirt, and he would politely deny me, saying things like "I was too young for him" and "There are better fish in the sea". When Buck didn't joke back, laugh, or even smile, I knew something was up.
Buck walked towards us. He crouched down on the floor between us. You could see the tears build up in his eyes as he looked at us.
"Where's dad?" Christopher asked. He put down his game, as he waited on an answer.
Buck knew how close we were with our dad. And he knew that whatever he's gonna tell us, was gonna break us. Buck took a deep breath.
"Um... He's not coming home tonight, Chris." That was enough for me to break down in tears. The last time I saw my dad, he had given me a disappointing look. I didn't do the one thing he asked, and now something bad has happened to him.
"Why not?" Chris asked Buck.
"W-w-well, he got hurt at work today."
I silently listened to the firefighter explain to my brother why my father isn't home.
"In a fire?"
Chris is so innocent. It's so hard to explain to a 10-year-old boy that his father was severely hurt, and he might not make it through the night.
Buck got up from his crouching position, and he sat between us.
"N-no, not in a fire. The truth is... someone hurt your dad."
"On purpose?" Buck noticed how quiet I was. He looked at me. I couldn't even look at him. I looked all around Christopher's room before hearing Buck speak again.
"Yeah, I think so" Buck nodded.
"Like a bad guy?" I shook my head at what I was hearing.
I knew what Buck was trying to tell us. Kids at my school know a lot from just looking at their phones. I got looks all day. I didn't know why... because I was grounded. But hearing Buck talk about it, I could now stick the pieces together.
I finally looked at Buck to see tears run down his eyes. I'd never seen Buck cry before. I had only seen the tough Buck that would run into any danger just to save any living thing. Buck and my father are my heroes, and seeing your heroes fall is not easy.
"Will he be okay?" Chris asked, looking at Buck.
"You know, your dad is uh- he's tough as nails... He's a fighter. Right? So, he's with the doctors now."
I couldn't hear anymore. I stood up from the bed, and I walked out of Chris's room and into mine. I walked in to see the family photo of mom, dad, Christopher, and I when dad came back from the military. I cried hard. He isn't just a hero to this country. He's my hero, and the last thing we talked about was how I disappointed him.
I heard a knock on the door. Buck had a sad smile on his face as he joined me on my bed. I pulled Buck into a tight hug, and we cried into each other's shoulders. After about 5 minutes in the hug, we pulled away, still sobbing.
"I'm a terrible daughter," I told Buck.
He looked me in my eyes, shocked at my statement.
"D-d-don't say that. You are not a terrible daughter," Buck said.
"Yes, I am! The last conversation my father and I had was about how I disappoint him by sneaking out! Now, I don't even know if I will ever see him again," I say as I look down at my hands.
Buck grabs my hands and says, "Don't say that. I've had many near-death experiences. Your father has also had many near-death experiences. He's strong. He will make it out. And to say you were a horrible daughter for sneaking out is incorrect. You are the most caring, beautiful, and smartest girl I know, but you are also a teenager. You and your dad won't always agree, and that's okay. Trust me when I say, I was a lot worse than you as a teenager."
We laughed together as the tears ran down our faces. Buck pulled me into his chest. The hug made me feel safe. It felt like the one's my dad would give me before and after work. He kissed my forehead, just as my dad did last night before going to bed. He cradled my head, and I could feel his tears hit my head, but I didn't complain.
"If my dad makes it, I will never disappoint him again. You guys are my heroes. I don't want my heroes to be disappointed or hurt, because that is the worst time to see your heroes," I said, smiling at Buck before looking back down.
"You are a good daughter. And, you're an amazing sister. I love you as if you were my own." I chuckled, still looking down at my feet.
Buck got up to leave, but I grabbed his arm. He looked back at me with his sad eyes.
"Please, can you stay?" I asked the firefighter. He looked unsure. "At least until I fall asleep. My dad did it when I had a bad or stressful day," I finish.
Buck smiled, "Yeah. Sure." We laid down in my bed. He held me in a fatherly embrace, and I fell asleep. The last thing I heard was, "Eddie was never truly disappointed with you."
Taglist: @mrspeacem1nusone @notanordinaryprincess95 @jjpogueprincess @wiypt-writes
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Evan Buckley x Reader Imagine
Taglist: @nurse-buckley
Prompt: "Stay with me. Don't close your eyes."
WARNINGS: mentions of car wreck involving DUI driver
Hurt, Angst, Trauma/Healing, Fluff
Later that week, you had run out of groceries and needed to do some shopping before Buck got home. Seeing that you boyfriend was working a double shift today, after the earthquake had hit L.A.
You grabbed your jacket and purse along with the keys to your truck and the grocery list that you had just finished. You locked the apartment door behind you and made your way to your truck.
During the drive to the market to buy groceries, you had the green light, and as soon as you began to drive, someone slammed into your side of your truck, causing you truck to flip several times.
All you could hear was people screaming, and voices all around you as you faded in and out of consciousness. Your head was bleeding, you were pinned under your crushed truck, and you saw people kneeling, trying to free you.
Buck was playing video games with Hen when the bell rang, signaling a car. "We got a car wreck down on Main Street. A drunk driver collided with a red, Dodge Ram." Bobby alerted the team.
Tumblr media
But little did the 118 know, that it was you that had been hit by the drunk driver.
When the 118 arrived on scene, Buck hopped out, and the minute he saw you, laying pinned under your truck, his heart stopped beating. The next thing he knew, he was trying to get you out because your truck had been leaking gas.
"Hey! Hey! Y/N! Stay with me, baby! Don't close your eyes!" Buck begged you as the crew worked fast to get you out.
Once they cut you out, they slipped a C-Brace on your neck and got you onto a backboard.
Buck never left your side. You were rushed to the hospital. You knew Buck was there but all you could do was squeeze his hand lightly. "B-buck." You managed to get out, in a raspy voice.
"You're going to be fine. You got this, Y/N." Buck brought your hand to his lips, gently kissing it.
The pain had become too much for you and you passed out just as Hen arrived at the hospital.
Doctors and Nurses rushed out, wheeling you in on a gourney. They rushed you into the OR for immediate surgery. Due to the stint of your injury, you suffered a spinal cord injury, a severe concussion, amongst numerous of bruising and swelling around your head and your lower spine. Along with some broken ribs, and a broken wrist.
Days after your surgery, you were completely zonked out still from the anesthesia. Buck was sitting beside your bed.
Bobby and Athena stopped by to check on you and also to check on Buck. "Hey, Buck, how is Y/N?" Bobby asked.
"Not too well. Y/N slipped into cardiac arrest twice since coming out of surgery. They had to intubate Y/N." Buck sighed, running his fingers through his messy hair, still in his uniform.
"Why don't you go and get some rest Buck? Me and Bobby will stay with Y/N awhile. You need sleep, kid, and food." Athena spoke quietly.
Buck stood up. "Are you sure? I don't mind staying."
"Go, Buck, you need rest and food. And also a shower. We will call you if anything changes."
After Buck left, Eddie and Chris stopped by. "Hey, any news?" Eddie asked Bobby.
"No, Y/N is still out of it." Bobby said, smiling towards Chris. "Buck should be back later this evening, we told him to go home, get a few hours of sleep, some food, and a shower."
Maddie swung by with Chimney just as Buck walked in. "Hey, Maddie, Chimney." Buck greeted his sister and Chim.
"How are you doing?" Maddie hugged her brother.
"Scared. Worried. I can't stop worrying about Y/N. What if Y/N dies?" Buck rambled.
"Hey, Y/N is a fighter. I know Y/N will pull through this." Maddie walked into the ICU with Buck.
You were awake. Looking around at everyone with the tube down your throat still.
"Hey baby, you're awake." Buck smiled, kissing your head.
You tried to smile but couldn't.
A week later, you got moved home where Carla was taking care of you and Chris since she offered. Buck and Eddie had agreed to let Chris stay over at Buck's with you while the two men worked their shifts.
After Buck and Eddie finished their shifts, they arrived back to Buck's apartment and Buck let them in. "Carla? Whe-" Before Buck could finish, Carla shushed Buck. "Come here." She smiled, motioning for Eddie and Buck.
You were fast asleep with Chris asleep against you. You had your arms over him protectively as the two of you slept.
Eddie took in the sight. He chuckled. Then looked over at Buck.
Buck grinned. "Carla? Did you get a few pictures?" Buck asked.
"Yeah, I did. I just sent them to you both." Carla whispered.
"So, cute." Eddie chuckled, taking a seat, watching the two sleep.
Buck grabbed a drink from his fridge. "Glad to see them both resting." He laughed quietly.
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oneshotnewbie · 7 months ago
9-1-1 Masterlist
Tumblr media
Athena Grant x Reader:
Maddie Buckley:
Henrietta Wilson:
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hotchsbabygirl · 11 months ago
hi! so i came across your blog just a couple days ago and i love your fics! if possible i have a request for an eddie diaz and buckley!read fic? it might sound like a weird idea and it might not follow the time line. but the reader is a buckley, her and eddie slept together and they were about to start dating. then his wife comes back and the reader leaves la because of that reason. she then comes back 3ish years later with a daughter. her siblings know it’s eddie’s baby and tries to get the reader to tell her, but she doesn’t want to. then eddie some how finds out (you can pick how) and then he tells her that he wants to be apart of both there lives. and one last thing, can the daughter be names stella? (i hope this isn’t to detailed!)
thank you and i hope you have a great day! 😊❤️
Build A Home With Me
Tumblr media
Eddie Diaz x Buckley!Reader 
Warnings: fem!reader, slight insinuation of cheating, mentions of pregnancy, secret keeping, sibling teasing, alcohol and consumption of
Category: Angst and Fluff, lil mix of both :) 
Word Count: 5k
Author’s Note: First of all, thank you for the sweet words! I loved this request and I loved writing it! I hope you liked it!! <3
“What time are they going to be back ?” Eddie gets up off the bed, you shrug and grab your phone. You watched as Eddie got dressed, somehow this man always looked perfect. “Y/n ? What time are they coming back ?” he stops in front of the bed, the sound of the front door unlock causing the both of you to look towards your bedroom door. 
“Well, I guess now” 
“Y/n!” he half whispers, half shouts. “They’re going to kill me” he says, leaning down and tossing your clothes at you. “Not they Eddie, Buck. Buck’s gonna kill you” you laugh. 
“Y/n ?! We’re home!” your sister shouted from downstairs. You were currently staying with your sister, Maddie, while you came to visit LA. She was kind enough to let you stay with her because frankly, your brother could be a pain in the ass with all his routines. 
“Coming!” you shout back, Eddie grabs your arm as you go to open the door. “My shoes are downstairs” he looks at you, “okay and ? Come down and get them” 
“They're down there” his eyes go wide, the idea of your siblings seeing him was absolutely outrageous to him. 
“Eddie, I'm a grown woman. I don't think they’ll care.” 
“I do! I have to work with Buck, do you know how hard it’ll be if he’s upset about this ?” 
“Would you relax? He’s slept with 90% of my friends. Let’s go” you grab Eddie’s hand and pull him down the stairs with you. “Why are you walking so loud fu-” your brother stopped in his tracks. 
His little sister and his best friend. Holding hands. Coming down the stairs. 
“Ed- how- wait what ? Since when?” Buck didn't know if he should be upset or congratulate them. “Buck, what’s wrong?” Maddie walks into the living room to see the 3 of you by the stairs. 
“Oh hey Eddie, wanna stay for dinner ?” 
Buck looks over at Maddie, she didn't seem surprised about the fact that their little sister just came down from her room with Eddie. “Did you know ?” Buck asks her, “I mean yeah, the walls in here aren't exactly thick” she laughs. Eddie’s face was a mix of shame and embarrassment. Buck didn't say anything, he just left the 2 of you by the stairs with Maddie. Eddie looks down at you and glances over to the direction Buck headed in. You shake your head and grab his hand again, giving it a little squeeze. 
“Come on guys, dinner’s going to get cold” Maddie smiles, walking towards the kitchen. The two of you follow her to the kitchen. Dinner was quiet, just talk about work and if you plan on moving out to LA which was still undecided as of now. Maddie asked you to help her get another bottle of wine, leaving the guys at the table together. 
“How long ?” Buck slouched in the chair, taking a sip of his beer. Eddie couldn't remember the last time he felt like this, he knows Buck is his best friend but right now, Buck was y/n’s brother and not his best friend. 
“A few days after you introduced us at the station” 
Eddie watched Buck. He was doing the math in his head, Eddie’s fingers drummed against his knees under the table, Buck looked over at him. “That’s almost 4 months” 
“It is” 
“And you didn’t tell me”
“Buck, man, she didn't want anyone to know” 
“Yeah she’s always been a private person” Eddie gave him a slight smile. “Did you introduce her to Chris ?” 
“Yeah, a few weeks ago. They really like each other” 
Maddie’s voice interrupted their conversation. “I have pie, who wants?” she turns to the fridge, the men give her a mumble which she takes as a yes. You make your way back over to the table, standing behind your brother’s chair. 
“So?” your hand rested on his shoulder, his hand comes up and pats yours, he glances over his shoulder and smiles at you. 
“Really ?” you smile at him, he nods. You lean down and kiss his cheek. Eddie watches the two of you, you remind him a lot of his relationship with his sisters when he lived at home. Maddie comes back to the table with a few plates in one hand and a pie in the other. 
“I should get going” Eddie stands from his seat, “Oh are you sure ? You don't want to stay for dessert ?” Maddie asks him, he shakes his head. 
“Thank you but I should get home to Chris” he comes around the table and pats Buck’s shoulder on his way over to Maddie. 
“Thank you for dinner” he gives her a hug, she wraps her arms around him.
“Anytime, come by anytime and it doesn’t have to be just to sleep with her,” she laughs, “you can just hang out if you want” 
“Hey, I'll walk you out” you reach for his hand, Eddie follows you to the door. He stepped outside, the cool air blowing into the house, you leaned against the door. 
“How long until the team knows?” you ask, he chuckles. “Maddie’ll tell Chim, Chim’ll tell Hen, she’ll tell Athena and then Bobby’ll find out” 
“So let’s give it two days ?” 
“2 days.” 
The two of you are just standing there, looking at each other, not saying anything. Eddie grabs your hands, “can I tell you something ?” 
“You know how I'm trying to get Chris into that new school ? And I went for the interview” 
“Yeah, did everything go okay ?” 
“Yeah no, everything’s fine. It’s just that, uh- well you see,” 
“Eddie, spit it out” 
“They want to interview Shannon” he looks at you, your face is unreadable. Eddie’s brows furrow, he’s trying to read your expression. 
“His mom, right? Did you tell her? Because if that’s what it’ll take to get Chris in, you should tell her” 
Eddie sighed, a feeling of relief washed over him, “I thought you’d be upset” 
“Why ? It’s for Chris plus, nothing’s going on between you guys, right ?” looking at him, you were now trying to read his expressions. 
“Nothing’s happening, I haven’t seen her in years”  
Eddie gave your hand a reassuring squeeze. You smiled at him and pulled him into a hug. “Go home now, they're probably wondering where I am” you whisper to him, Eddie’s hands come up to your face. 
“Goodnight y/n”
“Good night Eddie” 
Anger, sadness, you didn't know which one you felt the most of right now. 
Eddie stood across from you, the two of you were in the living room of his house. Initially you had come by to spend the day with him and Chris, and to see how the interviews went. Upon arriving, you realized that Chris wasn’t home, Eddie told you that he was out with Shannon for lunch. 
“I didn’t- no, let me explain.” he looked over at you, taking a step over to you. You stepped back, you didn't want to be near him right now. 
“Explain then.” 
“She was feeling vulnerable, she felt like what happened to Chris was her fault and she was crying. She was blaming herself and felt horrible for leaving. I was just trying to comfort her.” 
“you couldn't comfort her without kissing her ?” you spat, your words laced with anger.
“Y/n, I didn't mean too. I pulled away, she kissed me” he tried to defend himself. 
You asked him the impossible question, the one he knew was coming, the one he didn't have an answer too. 
“Do you still love her?” you looked over at him, his answer would determine the rest of this relationship. 
“I’ll always love her, she's Christopher’s mother.” 
“Eddie, yes or no. Do you love her ? It doesn’t matter if she’s Chris’s mom.”
Eddie didn't say anything, he just stood there. You nodded, running your hand through your hair. Picking up your bag, you pull something out of your bag. Eddie watched your every move, he could see the hurt on your face, he truly never meant to hurt you, that was never his intention. Stepping towards him, you shove the picture frame from your bag to him. 
“This was for you” you say, Eddie looks down at the frame. It was a picture of the 3 of you. The 2 of you had taken Chris to the zoo one weekend and taken a few pictures, it was a picture from that weekend in one of the colourful frames from the gift shop. 
“When did you -” 
“It doesn’t matter.” 
Eddie followed your steps to the door, he watched you walk out on him. Once you go to the car, you look back at him, “You know, I hope things work out between you and Shannon, for Chris’s sake. He deserves to have both of his parents in his life.” 
Once again, Eddie doesn't say anything. He watches as you get in the car and pull out of the driveway. He watches you drive down the street, he watches until he can no longer see you. 
On the other side of the city you sat in the car. How do you tell your siblings that you ended it with Eddie because he kissed his wife? It’s not that you didn’t know he was married, he had told you but he also told you that it didn't even count to him, she wasn’t around. 
Was there even something to end ? 
The two you aren’t exactly exclusive nor did you ever say that you weren’t dating. Maddie and Buck were both at work, you took the time to go inside and pack up your things. You didn't want to leave like this but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell them in person, simply for the selfish reason that it would hurt you and to see Buck’s face when you have to tell him why you’re leaving would break you. You took all these things into consideration when you wrote the letter to them. 
To my Buck and Maddie, 
I love you both dearly, let me just start by saying that. I’m sorry that I had to leave so suddenly and with no explanation. There’s nothing here for me, at least not what I came in search of.
The two of you are my whole world, you know that. These last 5 months have been some of my favourites but our time has come to an end, at least for now. I promise I’ll come back and visit soon but I can’t stay here, not right now. I need to leave, to get myself together. I know what the two of you are thinking right now (I’m a Buckley too, don’t forget that) that you can help me get myself together but you can’t.
The reason why I’m leaving is Eddie. Well, not entirely, he didn’t tell me to leave but I feel like I should, for his sake and for Chris’s. As you both know, Eddie and I have been seeing each other but we never made it official, we just - well I just assumed we were. I went to see him today and he said he kissed Shannon and he still loves her, he “always will” so I told him that whatever we had is over and that I hope things work out for him and Shannon because Chris deserves his parents in his life, together, if they can make it work. I couldn’t tell you this in person because it would hurt, hurt me and hurt the both of you. Please remember it was my choice to leave, don’t take it out on Eddie (especially you Buck) he didn’t do anything wrong, I knew he was still married to her. If anything, I was the other woman and I don’t know why I allowed myself to get sucked into that.
Regardless of what happened between Eddie and I, don’t let that change the way you treat him. He’s a good man and he deserves happiness. I’ll find mine too, even if it’s not with him. I love you both, I’ll call you when I get home.
All my love,
*4 years later*
Buck’s birthday was this weekend. He didn’t have plans but in Buckley fashion, Maddie wouldn’t let his birthday go uncelebrated. Hence why you found yourself wandering the terminal at the airport, waiting on your brother to pick you up. 
“Uncle Buck!” the little girl shouted and sprinted down the terminal to the man in the green shirt. “Stella!” he shouted, meeting her halfway and picking her up. You made your way over to your brother, “hey birthday boy” you smile and pull him in for a hug. “Hey you, you know it’s not my birthday yet right ?” 
“I know, can't I be excited ? I missed your stupid face” 
“Oh thanks” he rolls his eyes playful, he’s carrying Stella with one arm and pulling a suitcase with the other. You tugged the other suitcase alone with you as the 3 of you make your way over to the car. Buck gets Stella strapped into the car suit and then gets in. Halfway through the drive, Stella falls asleep, she kept insisting on staying up the entire plane ride and kept talking about how excited she was to see her aunt and uncle. The car ride was quiet for the most part. Buck asked how your flight was, he caught you up on his life, you told him about Stella’s first day of school. 
“Who’s coming tomorrow ?” 
“Maddie and Chim, Hen and Karen, Bobby and Athena,” 
“Bobby and Athena.. as a couple ?” 
“Yeah, they got married”
“And neither of you told me?” you smacked his arm, he whined.
“Hey! I'm driving! anyways, Eddie and Chris are coming too” 
That’s who you really asked the question about, you wanted to know if you’d be seeing him tomorrow. 
“How’s Chris ?” 
“He’s good, he’s grown up a lot since you last saw him.”
The rest of the drive was quiet, you watched as the cars passed by and you couldn't help but think what could have been if maybe things had ended differently. Buck carried a sleeping Stella up to his apartment, you followed him with the luggage. Chim opened the door, Buck went to carry Stella up to his bed so she could get a proper nap. Chim helped you with the luggage. 
“Y/n! it’s so good to see you again” he hugs you, you smile. “It’s good to see you too! I missed you guys. Where's the boss lady ?” you follow Chim’s glance to the stairs, Maddie was giving Stella a kiss as Buck took her up. 
She came down and pulled you into a bone crushing hug, “god I missed you” 
“I missed you even more” 
After everyone was situated, Maddie began naming off jobs. “Chim, cake and balloons tomorrow, pick up is at 2. Y/n and I will decorate, Bobby said he’s got most of the cooking done and Athena will help him. Hen and Karen offered to get a banner, I just said yes because who doesn't love a banner?” she laughed, you, Buck and Chim exchanged glances. “And Buck, you just be ready.” 
“As for right now, boys we need beer.” she said, the two of them standing there, looking at each other cluelessly. 
“Go! That means go!” you say, Buck groaned and dug his keys from his pocket. 
“I forgot how bossy the two of you are together” he teased, you pushed him towards the door and they headed out. 
You and Maddie were sitting on the couch, planning out the last minute details. “Stella’s gotten so big” she says, flipping through the binder in front of her. “Yeah, she keeps surprising me everyday” you chuckle. 
“She looks a lot like him” Maddie glances at you, the smile drops from your face and you nod. 
“His twin, she acts like him too. The same pulled together emotions, she’s a fighter just like her dad” 
“That’s good” 
“No I mean, she really is a fighter. She hit some kid for taking her snack” 
Maddie and you ended up in a laughing fit as you tell her the story. Sometime later, the sound of little feet pattering down the stairs caught your attention. “Auntie Maddie!” your daughter shouted as she straight to her aunt in the kitchen. “Hi sugarplum!” Maddie picked her up and gave her a hug. “I missed you” she says to her aunt, Maddie smiled at the little girl, “I missed you too” 
Chim and Buck come in a few minutes later, you were laying on the couch watching tv and Maddie had Stella up on the counter, they were having some sort of dance party in the kitchen. “Who’s this pretty girl with you?” Chim asks Maddie as he walks over to him. 
“This is Stella, my niece, she looks like me that's why she's pretty” Maddie tells him proudly, you roll your eyes at her comment and you hear Buck groan. “Shut it, you're just jealous you’re not hot like me” she gives Buck a look. 
“Stella, this is my boyfriend, Chim” Stella takes a seat on the counter, looking at the man for a few seconds before saying anything. “Are you a firefighter ? Like uncle Buck?” 
“I am, how’d you know?” he asks her
“Magic,” she giggles 
“I might have to hire you for my next party then,” Chim jokes, “it’s very nice to meet you Stella” he lifts his hand to give her a high five, Stella pulls him into a hug instead. 
The 5 of you have dinner before Maddie and Chim head out. You, Buck and Maddie were in the kitchen going over something and Chim sat with Stella on the couch. He was teaching her how to play some video game Buck left on, “uncle Chim?” the little girl called to him, he smiled at her and the fact that she called him uncle Chim.
“This game is weird” her face screws into a weird expression, Chim laughs, “it is, isn't it ? How about we go see if Buck has ice cream ?”
Before he could get up, Stella had already ran off to the kitchen, Chim trailing behind her. Stella tugged on Buck’s hand, he looked down at her, “Do you have ice cream ?” 
“In the freezer, do you need help ?” 
She let go of his hand and waddled off to get the ice cream from the freezer. You lifted her onto the counter and opened the container for her. Your back was turned for a moment to get her a bowl and a spoon, turns out she had already found a spoon and was eating straight out of the container. Sometime after that, Buck decided he was going to bed, Stella didn’t like that idea so she followed him up the stairs and began bouncing on the bed. 
“Stels, come on, I'm tired” he told her, he watched the little girl bounce up and down on the bed. 
“No! I'm not tired, come bounce with me!” she shouted, Buck sighed. 
“5 minutes okay ?” Buck gets up on the bed with her. 
You were in the kitchen with Maddie and Chim, “excuse me for a minute, let me go get her before she kills Buck with her energy” you left them in the kitchen by themselves. 
Chim turns to Maddie, “Stella’s dad didn't want to come down for the party?” he sees how Maddie tenses up for a moment. 
“Uh, her dad isn't really in the picture” 
“Oh, does he know about her?” 
The conversation drops, Maddie stands by the window and Chim makes his way over to her. “You know, she looks a lot like Eddie” he looks over at Maddie, her focus on something outside the window. “Maddie ?” 
“She’s his daughter” 
“He doesn’t know?” 
“Y/n left LA right when his wife came back. She found out she was pregnant a few weeks later. She had me and Buck, she didn’t want to drag Eddie into it.”
“Shannon died, Maddie. She could have told him.” 
“That’s exactly why she didn’t. He just lost his wife, she didn’t want to drag Stella into a messy relationship, Eddie needed time and she gave that to him.” 
“Do you know if she’s going to tell him ?” 
“I don't know, but that’s not our decision to make. What you heard here, stays here. Promise me that” she looks over at Chim, she loved that man with her whole heart but he wasn’t exactly the best at keeping secrets.
“I promise”
Turns out you can plan a party in a week. 
Everyone had arrived at Buck’s place, everyone was scattered around the apartment. Bobby and Athena in the kitchen with Karen and Maddie, Chim and Hen were by the tv with the kids, Buck was still upstairs trying to find something to wear. Stella ran over to you as you came back down from the kitchen. “Mom, look!” she pointed at the cake that was on the table, “I see it sweetie” 
“Can I have some pleaseeeee?” she looked up at you, “a little later, you gotta let Buck blow out the candles first okay ?” 
She ran off to go play with Nia and Denny. Someone knocked on the door but no one else seemed to hear it, you walked over and opened the door. 
There he was. 
“Y/n!” Chris wrapped his arms around your waist, you leaned down slightly and hugged him. “hey buddy, how are you ?” 
“I’m good, I missed you” 
“Awh, I missed you too” 
You could feel Eddie’s eyes burning into you as you and Chris walked into the apartment, he followed the two of you. Stella came running back over to you. “Stella come meet someone” you called to her, she stood beside you, looking up at Chris. 
“Who’s that momma?” 
“Chris is uncle Buck’s friend’s son, now you play nice okay ? I don't want trouble” 
“I'm Stella!”
“I’m Christopher!”
You crouch down beside her and point to Eddie, “that’s Christopher’s dad, Eddie, why don’t you say hi?” Stella marched up to him, she leaned her head back and looked up at him. “Hi!” she smiled at him, Eddie looked down at the little girl in front of him, she had to be around 3 or 4, she had brown hair and the same smile he did. Eddie glanced at you and then back to Stella and once at Chris. 
That couldn’t be a coincidence.
“Hi Stella, I'm Eddie” he smiled at her, she gave him another smile and made her way over to Chris. She began telling him about the plane she took to come see her aunt and uncle, the two of them walk over to Nia and Denny together. 
Standing up, you and Eddie are now looking at each other. “Hi” he steps closer to you, you don't move. “Hey” you move slightly closer to him.
“How have you been ?” 
“Good, you ?” 
“I’m okay, can't complain” 
“You never do. Want a beer ?” 
Eddie follows you to the kitchen, you pull 2 beers out of the fridge, handing one to him and opening the other for yourself. Standing across from him, he asked you “how old is she ?” 
“How come you never told me you had a baby ?” 
“We stopped talking after I left, I wasn’t going to call just to tell you that. I figured Buck would have told you.” 
“He didn’t” 
Right on cue, the birthday boy came down the stairs. “Wow all of you are here for me ? I must be so special” 
“You know you are” Maddie pokes his cheek. Buck went around to say hello to everyone, he started with Eddie. You took that time to leave the very awkward conversation you were having with him and made your way to the kids. 
Chim dropped the bottle in the trash and headed to the fridge for another one, the party was well underway and everyone was having a good time. Well, expect for Eddie. He couldn't shake the fact that Stella looked so much like him. “You want another one?” Chim asked him, setting the bottle beside him on the counter. “Yeah, thanks”
The two men stood in the kitchen, chatting about work and just catching up. Chim had a slight buzz going and he kind of let the secret he wasn’t supposed to tell, slip.
“How’s your kid?” he leans back against the counter, looking at Eddie.
“Chris ? He’s good”
Chim shook his head, “no no, Stella”
The bottle nearly fell from Eddie’s hand, he looked at Chim. “What do you mean Stella ?”
Chim realized what he said, he turned the other way and began walking. “Chim!” Eddie grabbed his arm, “what do you mean Stella ?”
“I've already said too m- oh Maddie’s calling for me, bye” Chim walked off and left Eddie standing in the kitchen by himself.  Eddie looked over at the little girl sitting beside Christopher, she looked like him, there was no denying it. She had his smile, the same brown hair, she even had the same hazel brown eyes. You were walking into the kitchen when Eddie grabbed your arm.
“What ?” you look at him.
“I need to talk to you”
“Let go of my arm and maybe we can talk” you push his hand off of your arm. Buck made his way over to the kitchen, he could feel the tension. “Is everything okay ?”
“Yeah, everything’s fine Buck, Eddie’s just gonna come with me to get the candles from the jeep, right, Eddie ?”
“Yeah, we’ll be back in a few”
The two of you stepped out of the apartment and walked down to the parking lot. You did forget the candles in the jeep so it wasn’t a total lie. “Is she mine?” Eddie blurts out, you turn to face him. “Is who yours?”
“Stella. Is Stella my daughter ?”
“How’d you-”
“Chim let it slip”
You groaned, Maddie must have told him. It wasn’t a big deal that she told him, it was a big deal that Eddie knew.
“She is.”
“Why didn't you tell me?”
“It didn't make sense too”
“Y/n, she’s my daughter! of course it makes sense to tell me!”
“You had just gotten back with Shannon, I didn't want to drag you back into something you didn't want. I’ve raised her for the last 4 years and I'll continue to do so, it doesn’t have to change now because you know she’s yours.”
“Shannon’s- she’s dead.”
“I know, Buck told me, I'm sorry.”
Eddie let out a sigh, his hand ran through his hair. You stood in front of him, the two of you in the blistering heat, having a conversation you never planned on having.
“She wouldn't have stopped me from being in Stella’s life”
“I know.”
“Why didn't you tell me?”
“Eddie, you had just lost your wife when Stella was born. It didn’t seem like the right time to come to LA and tell you I had a baby, your baby.”
“What about after that ? It's been 4 years y/n”
“Eddie, come on. Would it have made a difference ? It wouldn't have fixed anything. I would have still just been some girl you slept with.”
Eddie looks at you, his expression softened, “is that what you think ? that you're “just some girl” I slept with ?”
You didn't answer him, you didn't have an answer for him. There were so many times you had wanted to call Eddie and tell him about Stella. When she said her first word, took her first steps, her first day of school. You wanted to share all those times with him, like a normal family.
“Y/n,” Eddie stepped towards you. “You were more than just some girl. You always said that Chris deserved to have both of his parents right ? And he did but what about Stella ? Doesn't she deserve that too ?”  Eddie’s arms wrap around you, your hands on his chest.
“She does,” you sigh, “I can't just tell her your uncle’s friend is your dad, Eddie.”
“So we’ll take it one day at a time. I want to get to know her, and you. I want you back in my life, in our lives.”
“Eddie, I have a life, a job, Stella has school. We can't just leave everything.”
“As I said, one day at a time. I want this to work, don't you ?”
“I do”
“How about we get lunch ? Or dinner? The 4 of us. If you feel like this is something you want to do, you want us to try and make things work, for the kids, we can. Okay?”
Eddie pulled you into a hug, things felt at ease for once, like a weight was lifted off your shoulders, you weren't carrying a secret anymore. You never meant to give in so easily but Eddie had this hold over you, one you couldn't shake, regardless of how much time you spent apart. You ended things because of what happened between him and Shannon in a parking lot and here you were, making up with him in a parking lot.
Talk about full circle.
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the-spindly-lady-faith · 4 months ago
Doing Good [Evan Buckley & Eddie Diaz]
Tumblr media
Based off: S2 E8 ‘Buck Actually’
A/N: ✨bonk✨
Warnings: gun violence, blood, gun assault, hospitals
Post Date: 8/30/21
Word Count: 1.4K
Pairing[s]: Buck x Reader x Eddie
Tumblr media
I served out the plates for midday breakfast, Eddie serving me that charming smile as Buck hurdles up the stairs, Hen just behind him as she rolls her eyes at the mans behaviour. "A beautifully perfect way to get the day going! Breakfast with the best girl and family." I smiled, shaking my head as I took my seat at the table.
Happy and light hearted chatter swarmed the table and ensued even more once Athena arrived, giving Bobby that soft, loving look. About half way through food, the alarm screamed out loud, the intercoms calling for us and giving us the leading directions. It was a woman who had stuck herself up on a sign on the freeway with a painted banner screaming "SEE ME NORMAN"
--- --- ---
We pulled out the giant plush landing pad keeping a steady eye, other people further back in the traffic jam yelling for us to hurry. "No!" Lola shouted when she saw the landing pad, shooting at it, two bullets piercing into it and one lightly grazing my arm, making me hiss in pain as I instinctively put my hand over it, the blood nothing too bad.
I took the speaker piece from Athena, focusing my attention up and turning it on. "Lola. Hi Lola. Listen, you're rightfully upset, okay? You feel alone and that's a strange feeling. I mean this fully when I say I understand how that is." I gulped back a lump in my throat as the gun was now pointed to me, she shouted in response. "You're just a child though! You don't know anything! You don't know the feeling of marriage!" I took in a few breaths, looking at Buck & Eddie, lightly nodding.
"Lola.. I may not know exactly how you feel but I get how scary that feeling of be-" I was cut off, the sound around me turning to static on a TV as I looked to the right side of my lower torso, feeling nothing but warmth trickling down my side before I fell, colliding my body with the road, staring off in the sky. I could but I couldn't feel the pain as I looked to the source of the blood and watch it pool, soaking and staining my clothes. I can't tell how much longer it had been until gentle hands picked me up and placing me onto a gurney, voices panicking in the noise muzzled background.
"Hold on, (Y/N)! You need to, please.." My eyes started feeling heavy, my head bobbing around as I was then staring at the clean ceiling of the ambulance before peaceful darkness blanketed me and the pain was then just gone.
When someone you love is in the hospital, the wait seems eternal, never ending. We were all grouped together, my eyes stuck on the door for who knows how long. Nurses & doctors gave us looks of sympathy as tears had been stinging my eyes for who knows how long. A hand held my own as I looked to Buck giving me a soft smile, "It's gonna be okay. She'll be out of here before the week is over, I bet." I nodded with a sigh.
A doctor slowly stepped out of the room as I shot up to my feet, Buck still gripping my hand "So..?" Buck pressed, his eyes bloodshot and wide, the doctor smiling lightly "She survived the surgery and it's really a miracle. The bullet entered her body at the waist area, grazing the bottom of her right lung just enough to open it and then stuck in-between her back ribs. You can all go see her but separately as to not overwhelm her when she wakes." I embraced Buck tightly, letting out a shaky breath of relief.
We looked at the others, asking if they wanted to go first but they heavily insisted we do it as we'd be the people she wants to see and speak to first. I had to stop, staring at what I could see through the little window on the door before letting myself in. I'll admit, she looked peaceful while sleep, probably the most peaceful I've ever seen her. We both sat on either side of the bed, the only sound was the monitor beeping.
I held her hand, placing a gentle kiss on it. "You got lucky amor, we're all very worried." Her chest heaved gently with each breath, her skin a little lighter then usual but she did seem to lose a decent amount of blood. "I'm thinking that when you're doing better, we all take a vacation and go somewhere nice. Just the three of us, Christopher too" Buck questioned nicely.
Speaking of, "Dad!" I turned in my seat, smiling at the the little voice "Hey buddy! Thank you Carla." I smiled to her as she returned the smile. "Anything for you Eddie. How's your lady doing?" I sighed, picking Christopher up on my lap "She's obviously still asleep but she made it good through surgery" She nodded, fixing herself up a bit "Well, Christopher really wanted to see you all" Carla then exited herself out of the room.
My head screamed, pounding with an unexplainable pain. Beeping and three different voices filled my mind, a hand gently holding mine. My eyes fluttered open slowly before I grasped that I was in a hospital room. "Awake!" I looked to my side to see a smiling Christopher who gently threw himself onto me. I sighed, gently rubbing his back as I look to my other side, seeing a delighted Buck.
"I feel like I ate a firecracker" I groaned with a small laugh. I enjoyed the moment between the four of us silently, Buck placing a kiss on my knuckles. "You are a miracle doll" I smiled, shifting myself to sit up more. "I don't feel like it right now." The door opened, letting in an even brighter light from the hallway in the room.
"Oh good, you're awake. How do you feel?" I shrugged at the doctor "My whole torso feels numb and on fire. In general, fine I guess" The doctor nodded, jotting things on her clipboard down before giving me a smile, "There's some more visitors nervously waiting if you'd like to see them now" I rolled my eyes, helping Christopher off the bed as I sit up more, nodding at the doctor with a playful sigh "Send the circus in"
Not even half a second later, the rest of the 118 hurdling in and tackling me with hugs. I groan loudly as they all, mostly Chimney meekly apologize. We all talked amongst each other between the doctors and nurses coming in to check on me and my vitals, making sure nothing was going wrong or would go wrong. "So Ms. (L/N), you wanna try walking?" I nodded, sitting up fully and pushing the blankets from my legs. Eddie quickly stood up, putting one hand on my lower back & waist area, his other arm taking my left one and wrapping it around his neck.
Slowly he helped me up as I held onto him, staring down at my socked feet. I stumbled a few steps before regaining my composure and balance better.
--- --- ---
To no surprise, a welcome back party was held for me, the entire 118 department shouted welcomes and good wished for me when I pulled up, a big smile spreading on my face as I throw down my bag in a corner. "I've only been out a month guys" Buck practically throws himself at me as I hug him back, taking in his sweet smell. "We know but those two would almost never shut up about you even if we were on a call!" Hen exclaimed, stealing me from Buck to hug me.
It was refreshing, a nice feeling to finally be back to the place I called home. We sang horribly to karaoke, ate Bobby's amazing cooking, Athena stopped by. It was definitely a good welcome back as any other we've had before. The loud bell rang, annoyed sighs, my own included mixed with the alarm as we all huddled down the stairs and throwing our full uniform on. "How you feeling?" Bobby asked, patting my shoulder "Doing good. Refreshing to be back Cap."
--- --- ---
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stanathanxoox · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
@of-elves-and-mad-hatters Christmas prompt list Day 7
“Remember those fairy tales we used to read, the ones with nutcrackers and fairies and toy soldiers?” “Yeah, what about them?” “Well, it’s just that you were right. The mouse king really does have seven heads.” - Buck and Maddie
You’re sitting on the couch, your girlfriend snuggled up in your side as you watch the Nutcracker film. You remember back to your childhood, to the fairytales that Maddie used to read you and you remember being read the same story as the movie your watching, the original because lets be honest if your parent’s were going to screw you up the way they had they needed to add the originals of all the famous tales too. In this particular version of the movie those same things you’d read about were happening and your grateful that Y/N had fallen asleep earlier on in the film. You pull your cellphone from your pocket and dial your sisters number. She picks up a couple of seconds later and says
“Hey Buck, what’s up?”
“Remember those fairy tales we used to read, the ones with nutcrackers and fairies and toy soldiers?”
“Yeah, what about them?” she queries
“Well, it’s just that you were right. The mouse king really does have seven heads.” you say before she gets you to explain what your watching, when you finish she sighs and says
“There was a reason why I didn’t want you finding that movie Buck, your going to have such bad nightmares tonight. Is Y/N with you?” you look down at your girlfriend who is fast asleep in your arms
“Yeah she’s with me, she fell asleep about twenty minutes into the film after a long shift in the emergency department” you tell your sister
“Well I’m glad you’ve got your girlfriend with you, maybe she might be able to help keep the nightmares at bay. But please Evan, if anything happens and you need me, call?” she begs and you are about to argue, tell her that your old enough to look after yourself but you remember that she had just called you Evan and not Buck like she normally did, and you knew that she was truly worried about you.
“Of course Maddie, I’ll call if I need you” you say and you hear her sigh in relief. You talk on the phone for another couple of minutes before you hang up the phone and look down at Y/N, only to see her looking up at you and sighing.
“I’ll be here if you need me, but I’m grateful you have your sister if you need her” she whispers and you smile, leaning down to place a kiss on her lips
“I’m lucky, I have two very important people looking out for me”.
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 10 months ago
First Days
Tumblr media
Working at the 911 dispatch center was hard but you loved your job. You were able to help people and be for them in their worst moments.
 It also had Its downside because you never knew what happened to those people and the stress could be a lot. You couldn’t Imagine doing anything else though. 
Your day was especially made when you saw her. She came in with the new trainees.
When she walked into the center she walked like she owned it and not in a cocky way. It was a way she was radiant and confident. She had this presence around her. 
You had the honor of training her.  She sat down next to you and she had the beautiful sweet scent of vanilla. 
“Hi I’m Maddie it’s nice to meet you.” She said reaching out her hand to yours to shake. You took her hand and shook it and she had such soft skin. You blushed a little. You knew because you could feel your cheeks getting red.  You swore you saw her blush as well. 
You didn’t even really have to train her she was just a natural. She breezed through the calls though you had to reign her in sometimes.
 She would get way to medical probably because her background as a nurse. You had to tell her to be more quick and to the point but you understood it could be hard. 
Finally it was break time and you asked Maddie if she wanted to get some Coffee with you and she agreed. 
She was just the type of person where you feel like you could tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge you. It was like she drew you in and not in a bad way. In a good way. 
The break flew by because you two just talked about everything and anything. The conversation felt so natural. Like you two had known each other forever it was just easy.
She linked her arm with yours and walked you back to your work space.
You two answered calls and in between calls you two laughed and talked and it was at the dismay of your co workers who were getting annoyed at all the laughing you two were doing. 
You didn’t let it bother you. You were so caught up in that bubble that it didn’t even occur to you that other people were around.  
Most of you was focused on her beautiful laugh and smile. When she smiled it light up the room. It made you smile that you couldn’t but smile. 
She told you about her time as a Nurse in the emergency. All the highs and lows of it. She told you she had a brother who was a firefighter down here in LA too.  You told her about your life as well. 
You never felt this way before. It was a new feeling. One you loved you were finally making a connection with someone.
 It was amazing. The butterflies were erupting in your stomach. It made you feel like you were a kid again. 
Sadly the shift was over. For once you were upset that the day was over and you didn’t want it to end.
 You even looked over at her and could have swore that you saw the sadness in her eyes but you didn’t know if you were sure or not. 
You both clocked out and walked to the locker room to grab your things. Once you were set to leave she grabbed your arm quickly. You turned around to face her. 
“So I’m Kind of new here and wanted to see if you knew any good places to eat I'm so hungry.” she laughed. 
“Yeah I know a great place down the road that sells good tacos. If you like Mexican.” you told her 
“Yeah I do sounds great it’s a date.” she said. 
Did you hear that right ? Like an actual date. Either way you were happy to have spend time with her. 
You walked out of the locker room with both of your arms locked together. You both had huge smiles on your face. This day was much better than you imagined  it would be . 
This is why you loved your job you never knew what the day was going to bring and you were so happy it brought you this. 
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911islife · a month ago
 Doug’s Revenge
Summary: Doug gets his revenge on Maddie by hurting everyone she loves
Part four
Word count: 1476
This loosely follows the events of season 2 episode 13 “Fight or Flight” 
               Buck had gone unconscious after being shot and with Y/N unconscious from the pistol whipping it was on to part two of Doug’s revenge. He re-covered Y/N mouth with duct tape and double checked that both their bindings were extra secure. He then began the long drive back to Maddie’s new house.
               He sat there for hours waiting for her to return home. That bitch showed up hand in hand with Chimney, the man he didn’t view as a threat at all till that moment. Doug got out of the van and walked quietly behind them and let them enter her home. Maddie could be heard heading into the kitchen while Chimney was in the living room. He entered quietly and stabbed Chimney from behind several times before creeping toward the kitchen. As Maddie was rounding the corner, she almost walked right into him. “Hi baby. Miss me?”
               The look of terror that crossed Maddie’s visage would be seared in Doug’s memory as the moment his entire plan had become worth it. He struck her in the face multiple times and led her to his van by her shirt collar. She sat in the passenger seat compliant with tears running down her face. Doug began to grow frustrated. How could she be getting upset over a man she wasn’t supposed to be with. “This is your fault. I told you. I told you, you couldn’t leave me. I warned you.” Maddie’s bottom lip quivered as she asked “Is he dead?” Doug angrily replied, “If he’s not, he will be. He’s not our problem anymore.” Maddie began to panic. “Why would you do that? He’s-He’s such a-a kind man. He was so good.” Doug cut her off. “Do you think I don’t know that? I didn’t want to hurt him.” Maddie turned her head toward him panic being replaced with dread as she began to put things together. Doug continued, “but, you cloud me. Maddie, you fog up my head. You always have. If you’d have just stayed.”
               “Doug, how long have you been here?” Doug let out a sigh. “I needed to make sure you were safe. I saw you with Evan. I thought, alright fine. She needs some time. Just give her some space. She’ll come home. She always comes home. And then you asked Chimney out. And I knew. I knew I waited too long.” The dread Maddie was feeling began to increase. “No. No. Can you just pull over? We can talk. It’s not too late.” “Of course, it’s too late!” Doug yelled. “I hurt and possibly killed three firefighters for you Maddie. There is no coming back from that, not for me and not for you.” Maddie’s jaw went slack as she asked with dread, “Doug, who else did you hurt?” At that moment Doug was silent.
               Bobby’s phone rang on the couch where him and Athena were watching tv. “Hey Hen. What’s up?” Hen huffed out, “Bobby have you heard from Chim? He was supposed to be here to babysit Denny for mine and Karen’s date night. He’s over an hour late and he’s not picking up his phone.” Athena listened in; interest piqued. “I know he had that afternoon lunch date with Maddie. Why don’t you head in that direction and we will meet you?”
               It was that sequence of events that lead to the three of them finding Chimney clinging to life and an amber alert going out for Maddie, Buck and Y/N when Bobby realized no one had heard from Buck or Y/N since their usual night out after shift.
               Doug had been driving with Maddie for awhile when his fuel low sign popped up. “C’mon where is it? I-I don’t see anything.” He let out a sigh to which Maddie responded, “Just do it already.” “What?”
               “Kill me. That’s your plan, right? Kill chimney-Kill me- hopefully, do the world a favor and kill yourself before it’s done.”
               “Why would I kill you, Maddie? I don’t want to hurt you. I love you. I can’t imagine my life without you. You’re all I have.” Maddie shook her head. “You don’t have me.”
               “There it is. You see. Never give up hope.” Doug pulled into the gas station. “Don’t move.” As Doug was pumping the gas, his phone chimed with the amber alert. Somehow, they had figured out it was him who abducted them. They’d even figured out the van he was driving. He kicked the trash can in anger. He was running low on time.  When Doug wandered off Maddie grabbed a piece of paper from the glove box. Then she stepped out. “Hey, where you going?” Maddie turned quickly hiding the paper in her jacket pocket. “Oh I-I was looking for you. I have to pee.” Doug approached her. “Yah? You sure that’s all?” Maddie nodded her head. “Yeah-I mean-look around Doug. Where am I gonna run to? Do you want me to pee in the restroom or in the car? Doug cut her zip ties and covered the bruises on her face with her hair. “Keep your head down.”
               They walked into the gas station together. “Evening. You folks doing, ok?” He removed his glasses and looked up at Maddie. He could see the bruises poking through her hair. Yeah, good, um, do you have a restroom that I could use? Uh, I feel like we’ve been on the road forever.” The cashier gets her the bathroom key and she grabs his pen next to it. “Sure thing. In the back, to the left.” She responded a polite thank you and headed that way.  When Maddie got to the restroom, she locked the door and began to write the word help on the paper.
               “You folks vacationing?” Doug nodded his head. “Yeah, second honeymoon.” Doug wandered toward the bathroom as Maddie was using the bathroom key to pry open the window. Doug knocked on the door. “You ok babe?”
                “Yeah. Yeah. I’ll be out in a minute.” Doug pounded harder on the door. “Let’s go.” He pounded harder. “Let’s go Maddie” The window finally gave and she crawled through. She looked around trying to find where to go when Doug shouted behind her, “Maddie!” “No,” she shouted as she tried to run. He grabbed her by the backs of her arms. “You’re always running. Aren’t you tired by now? I sure am tired of chasing you.” He began to drag her back to the van. “Just let me go. Please, just let me go. Let me go!” She shouted. Doug heard the sound of a gun clicking.
               “Hey! You heard the lady. Back away. Let her go.” Doug let go of her and began to walk toward the man. “Oh-h no-sir. Honestly, I-I think that you’ve…”              “I said back away.”
               “I-I think you’re misunderstanding.”
               “Back away man.” Doug charged the man and fought his gun off him which he used to shoot him in the stomach. Maddie ran to the cashier and began to compress the wound on instinct. “Stay with me. I’m gonna call 911 and they’re gonna save you. Stay with me. Ok. It’s ok. Stay with me.” Doug shot the man in the head splattering Maddie with blood. “Oh my god,” she shuddered. Doug grabbed her by the arm. “No one’s saving anyone now. Let’s go. Let’s go.” He dragged her back to the van and threw her in.
               They drove for awhile before sirens went off behind him. “Damn it.” Doug hid his gun under his leg. The police cruiser went around him and he let out a sigh of relief.
               “We have to get off this road.” “Just shut up!” Maddie continued, “there were cameras, Doug. When they find that guy…” Doug interrupted, “Do you think this was my fault?”
               Maddie shook her head. “No. No, it was my fault.”
                “That’s right. That’s what happens when you try to run away from me, Maddie. People get hurt.” Maddie looked down at the floorboard. “Yeah, I know. I’m done running.”
               “You must think I’m an idiot,” Doug replied.
               “I think you’re a monster. I don’t think you’re-“ Doug yanked savagely on her hair cutting her off. He shook his head at her.
                “That was honest, anyway.”
               “I mean it,” she replied, “I can’t stand the idea of one more person dying, so I’m not gonna run, Doug. You’ve got me. But we have to get off this road. We need to figure this out.”
               Doug laughed at her. “Is that what you’re gonna do, Maddie? You’re gonna help me figure this out?” Maddie cut him off. “That’s what I do. I help people think clearly in a crisis.”
               “I am thinking clearly,” he replied. “Yeah? So where are we going?” Doug’s lips curled into a sly grin. “You’ll see. There’s a larger plan at play here that you have yet to realize.”
Part 3 ... Part 5
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beanzykin · 9 months ago
I make it my goal to help bless small fandoms.
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biqherosix · 8 months ago
it’s quiet uptown - one shot
(9-1-1 on fox — romantic! albert han x fem!buckley! reader)
when your sister meets her child, you lose a piece of yourself on the same day. the only thing left to do is to live with the unimaginable
cw / allusions of sex, mentions of pregnancy/birth/miscarriage, graphic descriptions of blood
a/n — this is one of my angstiest, graphic fics yet so i advise you to please please please be careful ! and fyi, this fic is lowkey based off it’s quiet uptown from hamilton the musical so yes i’m cruel, but i pinky promise you i love albert han. it’s been a while since i’ve written for my comfort med show though, so i hope i made a good enough comeback? i’ll let @hotchsbabygirl and the fandom be the judge of that
Tumblr media
there are moments where the words don’t reach,
the fast paced beats of almost september’s revolution and blurred street lights gleaming throughout the los angeles highways provided a newfound sense of peace that seemed impossible to achieve, considering your sibling’s track records.
shifting around in the passenger’s seat, you looked beside you, only to see albert singing along. you smiled in amusement when he went as far as drumming his thumbs to the beat. shaking your head at his antics, you knew that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. never taking your gaze off him, you propped your chin up with your hand, letting your other arm rest against your stomach. caressing your small bump softly through the thin fabric of your sweatshirt, you let your mind wander.
despite opting out of working for the day, you found yourself out of bed as soon as the sun began to rise. although you felt fatigued in that particular moment, you still managed to find beauty in the early morning. as the rays of pink and orange barely creeped into the french window, you sighed in delight. settling comfortably onto the couch, you ultimately made the decision to put on your favorite show to stay awake.
however, after six lengthy episodes and scouring through an empty cereal box, you were oblivious to the amount of time that had passed. with the sun now at its peak, you finally decided to peel yourself off of the comfortable couch. stretching your limbs, you let the next episode continue in the background as you cleaned up after yourself. unaware of the figure appearing from the shadows, you made your way to the kitchen.
setting your phone on the counter, you hummed along to the simple tune playing. washing the dishes, it was blissful, only for the moment to be interrupted by a large crash. whipping around, a yelp sounded from the person. when you felt something hit your forehead with a soft thump, you shrieked. instinctively, you whipped your wet hands at them, the fear subsiding as you caught a glimpse of his noticeably messy jet black hair. had you not realized it was your boyfriend, water would have been a weak weapon in defending yourself. you shook your head at the thought, finding him poorly fanning the material with a melancholy look.
“hey, that was my favorite shirt! you’re gonna pay for that.” he complained. you leaned against the counter, scoffing playfully.
“albert, it’s water. it’ll dry off.” amused by the situation, you zoned in on the brightly colored object you were seemingly attacked with. biting back a laugh, it looked like albert had a similar definition of fending for himself. picking it up, you smiled. “a flip flop. really?”
upon hearing your voice, he snapped his head up to see you in the flesh. sighing in relief, he made his way over to you. scooping you into his arms, you dropped the flip flop to wrap your arms around his neck. feeling your feet lift off of the ground, he hoisted you up onto the kitchen counter. once he pulled away, he swatted your shoulder.
“y/n?! i thought you were an intruder! why aren’t you at school?” he asked. you decided to mess with him, slowly scooting away.
“oh. well if you don’t want me here, there are at least twenty-three six year olds more excited to see me…” you let out a laugh when you saw the immediate franticness in his eyes, the repeated “no’s” slipping from his lips. placing his hands against the counter on either side of you, he was practically begging you to stay put. you couldn’t help but give in, pressing a kiss to his hair. “yeah, that’s what i thought. but i called in sick last night. i was gonna tell you, but you were already asleep when buck and i got back from eddie’s.” you explained.
“oh. are you feeling okay?” he pulled back, placing the back of his hand to your forehead. you shrugged. truthfully, you weren’t feeling okay at all. thoughts of your overwhelming symptoms in the last few days had your gears turning. and rather than worry your family by telling them how you felt, you braved through it alone with as much research you could get your hands on. but there was nothing so far that could lead to a likely prognosis. so you settled for a short answer instead, knowing you’d figure it out eventually.
“i’m fine, actually. i guess i just didn’t feel like going to work today.” he nodded in understanding.
“well, we can just chill if that’s what you want.” as albert’s phone went off into a ringing frenzy, the music cut off from your own with a loud chime. raising an eyebrow, he went to pick up on who could be calling in the midst of his worry. “oh, hold on. hello?” you took the opportunity to pause the music altogether, skimming through your notifications. there was only one to be seen, being a message from maddie. you opened it to find a picture featuring her prominent bump. your heart swelled at how wide she was smiling, hands firmly pressed against her stomach. with how occupied you both were, you appreciated how much she attempted to include you in her journey to the best of your abilities (even when it seemed like it was the last thing she wanted to do).
exiting the picture, you read the lengthy text she added of how her week had been as she prepared to meet her daughter. texting her back about how crazy chimney seemed to be through it all, you read the text again and again, finding yourself comparing her symptoms to yours. you’d known she’d suffered with things like fatigue, heartburn, and breast pain since the beginning of her pregnancy. the more you thought about it, the more it made sense to you. especially when you and albert weren’t necessarily trying to prevent something like this from happening. too caught up with your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed albert had already finished his phone call. tucking the device back into his pocket, he leant onto the counter again to start up a conversation.
“that was chimney. he wants us to come over later to pick up the baby bag for our car, and maybe stay for dinner if you’re up for it. how does that sound?” you didn’t respond, instead staring at the text.
“hey y/n?” albert asked. no response. tilting his head to try and meet your eyes, you didn’t give him a second glance. he sighed, gently prying your phone from your fingers. that was all it took for you to finally look him in the eyes with a lopsided smile. he smiled back, tucking your stray hairs behind your ear. “penny for your thoughts, pretty lady?” biting the inside of your cheek, you opted to press your forehead against his. while caressing your face, albert was nothing but patient. as he let you play with the hair at the nape of his neck until you were able to find the right words, you managed to whisper your thoughts.
“i think i’m pregnant.” his reaction was instantaneous. pulling away with an incredulous look, he scrunched his nose. although you were more calm and collected than albert was, you nodded in agreement at his expression. and as if the situation couldn’t get any more chaotic, the words slipping from his mouth embodied the mutual shock as the words began to sink in.
“with what? like a baby?”
“no, an alien. they’re going to be the next keith kogane in this grand ol’ universe. maybe they’ll end up being a future paladin too!” you scoffed, sarcasm dripping with every word.
“you’re joking.” albert gaped. you flailed your arms in the air with a groan.
“of course i am! but about the alien part, not the pregnant part.” you pointed out. for a moment, there was an awkward silence. you were doing your best to gather up thoughts for the next move to take, and albert was just one step ahead.
“so do we…go to the doctor or?” he spoke up.
“i think we should take a few tests to be safe and then go to the doctor.” you nodded. it appeared as though the circumstances took a toll on him. with a newfound sense of giddiness, he pulled himself away from you to grab his car keys. despite still being in his night wear, by the time he got the door open, you had gotten off the counter. but you made no effort to follow him to walk elsewhere; something he noticed fairly quickly.
“well then come on! we gotta go and make sure- wait where are you going?” he cut himself off. you turned around, raising your eyebrows.
“to get tests? come on.” walking over to him, you closed the door for him and placed the keys back before grabbing his hand. entering the bathroom, albert pointed towards the door in confusion as he watched you shuffle through different cabinets and cupboards.
“babe, the store is that way. outside.” you hummed in response, successfully spotting what you needed.
“i know, but we don’t need to buy any when we’ve got some right here.” lifting the large bag filled to the brim with unopened pregnancy tests, his eyes widened.
“why do you have so many?”
“let’s just say that buck has a pretty good track record with the ladies. he’s more careful now, but me being me, still wants to look out for him. i never thought i’d be using them for myself, but here we are!” taking an abundance of tests into your arms, you turned to him. “so do you think twelve tests seem like enough to be sure?”
“i- definitely.” baffled, all he could do was nod.
and that was how you found yourself anxiously awaiting your fate in the bathtub. with his chest pressing up against your back, you didn’t miss the way albert’s arms wrapped around your middle. thumbs softly caressing your stomach, you laid your hands on top of his. sitting like that was normal for you two as a couple, but this time felt more intimate than the others as your lives were possibly minutes away from changing for the better. leaning back to rest your head on his shoulder, you looked up at him.
“i’m nervous.” you admitted. he looked down at you, pressing a kiss to your temple.
“me too.” he agreed.
“do you think we’ll be okay?” you asked. you didn’t have to say it aloud for albert to know what you were speaking of. and he was quick to ease your worries.
“baby or no baby, we’ll always be okay.” intertwining his hands with yours, he gave them a squeeze before checking the timer. as it struck zero with a soft ring, it was time. working carefully to bring the tests into the bathtub with you, he spoke up “you ready?” you let out a curt laugh, shaking your head. now sitting side by side, you grabbed his hand.
“no…but let’s do it. on three.” you exhaled, starting the countdown.
“two.” he continued.
“three!” each test was flipped, and so were your lives as the results quickly became evident. it was clear to you now that there was nobody else in the world you’d want to spend your life with. nobody else you could cry tears of joy in a bathtub with on a friday afternoon. and most of all — there was nobody else that you‘d want to become a parent with.
“hey, just so you know; our baby might not be an alien or a future paladin. but they are gonna be way cooler than keith kogane ever was!”
as albert turned down the radio, your reverie was then broken when he spoke up.
“penny for your thoughts, pretty lady?” you turned to him.
“hm?” grabbing his hand, you intertwined your fingers together. you smiled, answering, “i’m just really lucky to be doing this with you.” moving your hands towards his heart, he pressed a feather light kiss to the back of your hand. giving it a firm squeeze, he shook his head as he responded.
“nah, i’m the lucky one. i love you.” you were ready to respond, but everything happened so fast.
“i love you too- oh my gosh, albert!” you yelled out for him as a warning. but it was no help, and as he swerved to avoid the bright headlights of the oncoming car, you felt him let go of your hand. instead, he held his arm out to pin you tightly to the chair. and there was nothing you could do but feel the growing agonies. and it was all you could feel as you turned over and over again, before everything went pitch black.
there is suffering too terrible to name,
upon waking up from the harsh impact, you could hazily notice the shattered windows, the activated airbags, and the interior of albert’s car being painted crimson. but you couldn’t make that out as well as the searing pain in your back and lower abdomen. as your mind clouded with glimpses of the crash, tears pricked at your eyes. the sting seemed to intensify as you became aware of the situation. but it was pushed to the back of your mind when you saw albert. calling out for him, he didn’t notice as his thoughts were too cloudy to process anything other than calling for help. doing his best, he was able to connect with emergency services.
“9-1-1, are you calling about the pile-up?” they asked.
“yeah…i think i was in it.” he responded.
“first responders are on the scene and working. you should be able to see them.” looking around, there were patches of green and black and white, but none resembled a first responder in the slightest.
“i don’t see anyone.” albert claimed. there was nothing you wanted more than to hide away from the harsh reality. giving in, you closed your eyes shut, letting out a whimper as another wave of pain washed over you. now overhearing your discomfort, he turned to you. hissing as his own injuries were getting to him, he didn’t pay any mind to them as you were his first priority. albert did his best to maneuver his arm around to hold your face, pushing back sticky strands of your hair. as he caressed your temple, he began to speak softly to keep you awake. “but my girl — hey baby open your eyes, keep ‘em open for me. there you go, you’re okay.”
“it hurts…” you moaned.
“i know, i know. they’ll get to us soon.” he mustered up the rest of his strength to raise the phone to his ear again “hello? i think it’s worth mentioning that she’s- she’s three months pregnant. and- and i think we’re bleeding, like a lot.” and with that, the line disconnected.
Tumblr media
meanwhile on the other end, the designated dispatcher may grant felt a growing pit in her stomach. sitting in worry, she couldn’t help but wonder; why couldn’t the caller see anyone? why did the line have to disconnect after being informed that a pregnant woman was also in the vehicle? and worst of all, why did the voice sound so eerily familiar? doing as she was told by her boss, she made sure to call the number again. and as it went straight to voicemail, she listened intently for any useful information.
“hello, this is albert han. please do not leave a message. that’s what texts are for!” may’s eyes widened in realization. although she had to learn to cope with the calls she received as a dispatcher, this one sent chills straight to her bones. working quickly, she typed away until she made contact with the captain of the 118, voicing her thoughts in worry.
“bobby, the call came from an albert han. isn’t that chimney’s brother?” the question caught the crew’s attention, causing them to halt in their tracks.
“are you sure? i thought that call was dropped.” bobby spoke up.
“i called the number back and it gave me his voicemail.” may responded, growing antsier by the second.
“what did the message say?” buck asked skeptically. may did her best to repeat the information she retained, and ultimately couldn’t finish the message without listening to it again. before she could finish her task, buck beat her to it. finishing the sentence with dread dripping off of every word, her hands pulled off of the keyboard to fiddle with her fingers. but just as one question was answered, another inquiry was brought up.
“wait…if albert was the driver, then who is he with?” may thought out loud. she knew exactly who he was with. but she knew it wasn’t her place to tell them, even under the dire circumstances. cracking her knuckles, her worries were cut off by bobby responding.
“maybe albert signed up for uber. may, just keep doing your job. we’ll do our best to locate them now.” he assumed. after reassuring the girl, he yelled out orders for the remaining stations at the scene to search every vehicle. everyone obliged immediately, and bobby was ready to run after them before realizing buck stayed put. grabbing his shoulders, he yelled out, “buck, what are you waiting for?! let’s go!” that seemed to bring him back to reality. moving past his captain to follow orders, each car that came up empty handed. but that fire only fueled his determination to piece together the puzzle handed to him with multiple fragments.
“no he- he wouldn’t let anyone mess up his car like that.” buck recalled. while remembering a fact so simple eliminated many possibilities, it didn’t bring any ease to the situation when it could be someone else they all knew. and at this time of day, there could only be one person accompanying the raven haired boy. whipping his head up, he shouted, “what’s today?” buck pursed his lips, fearing his assumption would turn out correct.
“it’s friday!” a firefighter from the 143 responded. buck pursed his lips, hands grabbing at his hair as everything seemed to fall into place. reacting quickly, his fist made contact with the door of a random van. bobby pulled him back. knowing his internal anger wouldn’t help save the life of their friend, he opted to decipher his thoughts in the midst of the search. although the captain was afraid of the response, he questioned the young firefighter anyway.
“hey! what are you thinking?”
“it’s date night.” buck mumbled. uneasiness filled their bodies at what he was implying.
“what? you don’t think that-” bobby was shut down immediately.
“no. maybe. i don’t know, but she would have told me.” he shook his head at the idea. before he could think about how much joy you would be deprived of, his chest panged with a great amount of guilt. while he was out here on a means to rescue you and albert, he remembered maddie; and the amount of joy she’d gain by the next morning was one you’d most likely never experience. and you had no idea. “oh my god. they- they probably don’t even know maddie’s at the hospital.” he stammered.
the worry of an overwhelming buck soon turned into adrenaline as he ran past bobby again without waiting for a response. his heart was beating out of his chest, and buck cried out for you and albert repeatedly until his throat burned with exhaustion. swiftly checking every car on the vast road, he knew you had to be here somewhere. albert had to be safe; you had to be safe. and deep down, he hoped that his niece or nephew was safe too. but with no luck, even after running through the streets back and forth, he hastily ran back to report back to his captain in anticipation to find you quickly.
“we’ve been up and down this road twice. they’re not here!” he called out as the 118 regrouped.
“they?” eddie asked.
“y/n. y/n was in the crash with albert.” buck confirmed. the crew had no words. knowing they would begin to tiptoe around their words, he quickly grew tired of their silence. he took over, yelling, “come on, we’re wasting time! they’re not here!” another moment of silence went by before bobby spotted the highway signs, contacting may for the location of the first distress call. the crew worked quickly to get to the location she directed them to, and bobby’s instinct was right. after a minute of scouring around, faint streams of smoke and broken glass indicated they were in the right spot. hen was the first to spot the car, calling everyone to the scene.
“hey! i see them!” buck ran down the hill without instructions, taking in the wreckage that resembled a crime scene. as his friends followed not far behind, they shared a knowing, melancholy look. but they had no time to mourn when they had lives to save. everything passed by in a blur for buck. he didn’t let go of your hand as they pulled you out of the car, letting his tears flow freely. and as soon as the paramedics of the 143 got you onto the gurney, he turned back to see his crew waving him off.
“go. we’ll be fine.” hen reassured. he nodded, giving your hand a squeeze before crawling into the ambulance in his clunky gear. buck’s presence seemed to help you out, pulling in and out of consciousness. you could vaguely remember his words of encouragement, the ride to the hospital, and the transfer from the gurney to a bed. but through it all, the pain was still there, slowly numbing itself as you relaxed into a deep slumber.
Tumblr media
you woke up panic-stricken the next morning, clad in a hospital gown and heavy sweat dripping down your forehead. looking around, you pulled back when you were met with your brother stirring from his uncomfortable sleeping position. hesitantly, you shook his shoulder. slowly rising to let who woke him know how bothersome they were being, he shoved your arm away. but upon realizing it was only you in the room, he jumped in his seat. the sudden movement startled you, and his features softened when you wrapped your arms around your middle.
“hey hey hey. i got you. you’re gonna be okay.” he said, scooting closer to your bedside. buck held a hand out for you, to which you took gratefully. letting his comforting warmth consume you, you
“what about…” you trailed off. buck shook his head in confirmation, and the numbing grief seemed to thaw itself. you inhaled sharply, keeping the tears at bay to avoid worrying your brother any more. letting him give your hand another squeeze, you looked away from him as a tear slipped. you wiped it away as he offered his condolences.
“y/n/n, i am so sorry.” you shook your head, letting him know that there was nothing he could possibly be sorry for. you purse your lips when he asked, “why didn’t you tell me?” opening and closing your mouth repeatedly, you did your best to conjure up a reasonable explanation. none of them sounded right to you, so you simply settled for what you could think off of the top of your head.
“we only found out a few weeks ago. it felt wrong to even think of telling one of you without the other there. because of that, i could never find the right moment to get us all together since you were busy and chimney is…chimney. the only person that knew other than albert and i was may; she was trying to help put everything together. and we were so close. i just thought i had more time.” you quieted down at the end. buck nodded in understanding before tilting his head down, letting his sniffles come through. you let yourselves have a moment of silence until you found yourself rambling your rampant thoughts, “does maddie know? i- i don’t want her to know about it yet. it just doesn’t seem fair to her when she has a baby of her own to prepare for. she could go into labor out of stress or something at any time now and we’ve all been through enough.” buck’s eyes widened at how selfless you seemed to be. little did he know, you didn’t want to think about the repercussions of your loss just yet. nevertheless, he reassured you that maddie had no clue.
“you know it wasn’t my place, so i didn’t tell her. but y/n-” just as he was going to briefly catch you up on what you missed, he was cut off.
“hey! am i interrupting something?” whipping your heads to the door to see chimney, you let go of buck’s hand to beckon him inside. you put on a smile that didn’t quite reach your eyes, distracting yourself as he walked in carrying a basic bouquet of flowers.
“how‘re you feeling?” he asked.
“i’m fine. and thank you, but what are the flowers for?” you shrugged.
“well we have to celebrate and appreciate the amount of miracles occurring today. albert’s finally awake, our baby is perfect, and they just told us you were okay!” he raised his arms in celebration. his words slowly sank in, causing you to gape.
“wait…oh my gosh, she’s already here? and you didn’t tell me?!” you swatted buck’s shoulder before pouting. “can we go meet her?”
“are you sure that’s a good idea?” he asked, concern lacing his voice. since you woke up, buck had noticed you avoiding your grief for maddie’s sake. and to be frank, he was worried of how you’d react to seeing what life could have been for you if things hadn’t taken a turn for the worst. but you nodded in response, easing his worries.
“i’ll be fine. now go on! get a wheelchair, we have a niece to meet.” and with that, you were whisked off into a wheelchair on your way to the maternity ward.
you hold your child as tight as you can,
although being in the maternity building made you feel out of place, you paid no mind. chimney’s giddiness helped you form a facade of joy, and upon his instruction, you waited outside maddie’s room. with buck right behind you, you wanted to make sure your words stuck. deciding to grab his attention, you tugged at his bracelet. successfully, his gaze went from across the hall to you instantly.
“don’t tell her.” you repeated. he pinched his fingers together, dragging them across his lips.
“my lips are sealed.” he nodded.
not long after that did chimney let you in. after moving the curtain aside, you were met with maddie’s blinding smile. your legs bounced as you came closer to her bedside. but as soon as her hand came in contact with your cheek in a sweet caress, you let yourself relax in relief.
“you’re okay! i was so worried when i found out.” maddie rejoiced. while she kissed your forehead, you felt a twinge of guilt at her words.
“i’m sorry.” you apologized. she made a noise of disagreement.
“you shouldn’t be. you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. you know how us buckleys are.” you smiled weakly as she continued, “anyway, were you able to see albert? chimney said he woke up earlier! and he’s been asking for you.” your jaw tensed at the mention of your boyfriend. you didn’t think he’d want to see you considering the circumstances. gulping, you shook your head.
“i uh thought i’d see you first.” was what you settled for. flitting your gaze around the room, you caught a bundle of pink and white in chimney’s arms. your eyes widened, gasping, “is this her?” you pointed out. chimney placed the baby into maddie’s arms with a fond look. your heart melted at the sight.
“the one and only. isn’t she precious? and she’s so tiny!” maddie whispered. at first, you sniffled. but as your sister lifted baby buckley-han to press a kiss to her nose, you broke down into silent sobs so as to not disturb her peaceful slumber. maddie looked up, not surprised to see you crying. but her smile fell slightly when she zoned in on the look in your eyes. it was a look she knew all too well. the mere resemblance of her former self; sadness, despair, and most of all, broken. she made a move to ask if you were alright, but you were already calling out for your brother.
“buck…” you sobbed. he crouched down to wrap you up in a tight hug. you leaned into his touch, wrapping your arms around your middle. pressing a kiss to your forehead, he hushed your cries. and despite the uncomfortable position, he didn’t mind one bit if it meant easing your pain. feeling maddie’s stare, buck locked eyes with her. and they didn’t have to say anything for her to know.
“shh, i know. i know, you’re okay. you’re gonna be okay.” he affirmed. you shook your head. why did she get to keep her baby? you thought. it was selfish of you to think that, and you knew it was a terrible thought. you love your niece with almost every fibre of your being as your grieving self can at the moment, but maddie was now something you wanted so badly but weren’t: a mother.
you thought back to her monotonous deliverance of her news to you and the family, versus how you had to literally keep from shouting at may when you first told her. from every weekly update maddie sent, she never seemed to feel one way or the other about her pregnancy. even after the concerns were eased about being a good parent, most of the time, she went with the flow, whereas you were elated, over the moon even. why did she get to keep her baby? why did this happen to you?
as soon as your sniffles died down, buck wiped the tears away before standing again. you smiled gratefully at the sweet gesture. looking at your niece again, as much as you wanted a chance to hold her, you knew you weren’t ready.
“i should leave you to it.” you coughed. maddie shook her head, but chimney stepped in.
“are you sure you don’t wanna stay a little longer? we don’t mind!” he reassured.
“yeah. i wouldn’t wanna keep albert waiting.” you insisted.
“you’re right. one more second without you and he might leave his bed. i don’t think this hospital is ready to recieve a code yellow after last night.” maddie made an attempt to lighten up the mood, but her words fell flat when you remained stoic. knowing she couldn’t fight you into staying, she sighed. maneuvering around to press one last kiss to your forehead, she let herself linger in hopes you’d understand she was your sister, and that she had your back through anything. “i love you.” she professed.
“i know.” you chuckled weakly. pulling away, you waved to chimney before buck assisted you in exiting.
and push away the unimaginable.
there wasn’t a need for words, your actions in maddie’s room were more than enough for buck to get a feeling of how you were truly coping. however, it didn’t stop your brother from wanting to help, so as soon as the elevator dinged and came up empty, he began to pick and prod at your brain.
“so…was that an excuse to get out of there, or do you actually want to see albert?” he leant down. you scoffed, swatting his bicep.
“of course- of course i want to see him!” you spoke nothing but the truth. but there was an inkling of doubt within you when you recalled maddie’s words of him wanting to see you. you didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing, but you were definitely leaning towards it being bad considering what you’d lost. your mouth went dry as you envisioned a life where he despised you.
“i don’t believe you.” he sang, walking into the halls where albert resided. the occupants made way for you and smiled in sympathy, causing you to scoff.
“look, i‘m just scared,” you admitted shortly. buck motioned for you to continue, to which you huffed and did so with a sense of reluctance. “stuff like this. it- it tears couples apart. i don’t want that. not with him.” you stopped buck just as you reached your destination. preventing him from letting you enter, you whacked his chest repeatedly until he provided what he thought was positive enforcement.
“then it’s nice to know that you and albert aren’t a normal couple then, huh?” he snorted.
“what’s that supposed to mean? you’re my big brother. comfort me or something.” you turned around with a frown and lethal glare. he raised his hands in the air, defending himself.
“i am!”
“well, it came out wrong.” you crossed your arms. he rolled his eyes, turning the wheelchair to face him. kneeling to your height, he let his words from the heart come to light.
“what i’m trying to say is you and albert aren’t just a couple. you’re soulmates. and i’ve been lucky enough to see the way your relationship works firsthand. which means that i know he is nothing but head over heels in love with you. you have the love we all want in our lives, and as happy as i am for you, i’m jealous at what you guys have. so you can be scared of what happens all you want, but you have no reason to fear the way albert will think or feel about you. especially when you were never to blame for what happened. you’ve got him. you’ve got me. and you’ve got us. okay? don’t forget that.” he held his pinky out. as you were left stunned, you grinned before doing the same. interlocking your fingers together in a silent promise, you kissed his forehead.
“i’m lucky to have you. you know that, right?” you mumbled.
“of course i do. who wouldn’t appreciate me?” he pulled away with a sly grin. rolling your eyes, you exhaled shakily with a nod.
“oh just wheel me in you dork.” he obliged. knocking on albert’s open door, the boy in bed assumed it was a nurse, calling for them to come in. as the footsteps grew louder, his eyes went from the television to the entrance. upon spotting you, his eyes gleamed, dimming any constellation in comparison to his gaze. toying with the remote, he was able to turn off the tv.
“y/n, hey!” greeting you joyfully, you acknowledged his greeting. you didn’t respond, letting the featherlight touch of your fingers caress down his severely lacerated face speak for itself. it hurt you to see him this way, but he didn’t seem to mind when he leaned into your touch. buck grinned at the intimate moment. he was ready to see himself out, knowing you’d want to talk to him without the silent pressure of his own presence. quietly letting you know, he began to walk to the door. you stopped him however, grabbing his wrist before he could go.
“wait! could you…” you gestured to your body, then to the hospital bed. buck scooped you into his arms bridal style, gently tossing you next to albert with a groan. you squeezed his bicep, mumbling a “thanks.” he nodded in return. giving albert a pat on the back, he left without another word. even after your brother’s words of reassurance echoed in your head, you were still hesitant to make contact with him. leaving a slight gap in between the small bed, you opted to sit up in posture so straight that the top violinists in the world couldn’t compete. while the raven haired boy noticed your behavior, he stayed quiet, leaning back against the pillows.
“so how’re you feeling?” you piped up.
“i should be asking you that.” albert scoffed. you propped your chin on your hand, shrugging.
“well, i just lost a piece of myself. we lost a little piece of us. and it hurts. a lot. i don’t really know if there’s anything else to say.”
“i wish i could have done more,” he confessed. despite everything, he couldn’t find himself to blame the drunk driver who started it all. and without looking for anyone else to point fingers at, he let himself feel the guilt as though he were at fault. while you were the same, it didn’t stop you from disagreeing with his warped thoughts.
“you couldn’t do anything. it wasn’t your fault this happened.” you turned to face him.
“and it wasn’t yours either.” he repeated back to you. as you soaked up each other’s words, you gulped at the realization you just had.
“everything’s gonna change again, isn’t it?”
“i guess so.” he nodded.
“but we’ll be okay…right?” you asked. albert responded immediately, letting his fingers comb through your hair,
“baby or no baby, we’ll always be okay.” he opened his arms for you, whispering, “come ‘ere.” you didn’t hesitate this time. scooting to sit in between his legs, he pulled your back into his chest. wrapping his arms around your torso, you felt wet droplets fall into your clothed shoulder. placing your hands on top of his, you let yourself lean back into his embrace. letting the emotions out, you both knew that there was no replacing what you’d lost. you’d also need a lot of time to be able to heal. but as long as you stood by each other’s side, that would be enough to face any challenge that came your way.
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nurse-buckley · 4 months ago
"I can't believe it took you six months!" + whatever character you choose x reader
“I can’t believe it took you six months!” Maddie laughed as you both looked over to where Buck and Chim were buying drinks at the bar.
“How was I supposed to know Buck was my secret admirer? I thought that stuff only happened in the movies and it was one of the guys playing me!”
“The notes were all in his hand writing, you’d mention your interest in the smallest thing or your favourite chocolate and it’d be in your locker the next day.”
“I thought it was just a coincidence or maybe a patient was stalking me! Both valid responses in my opinion.”
She laughed, rolling her eyes as she caught her brother staring at you from across the bar, “either way, I’m glad he finally worked up the courage to ask you out.”
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