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#maddie fenton
umbrihearts · 8 hours ago
Colored a #DannyMay sketch because the Fenton family deserves more wholesome moments like this together.
Tumblr media
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alitheakorogane · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 6 - Core
(The Core Reason Of His Promise To Protect People)
"What makes you think you can change my past?"
"Because I promised my family!"
I apologize for late upload of Day 6, I had to do some real life stuff to attend to. But here it is, based on a quote in The Ultimate Enemy, where Danny had said that he promised his family to protect them at all cost, even from himself.
They are the reason why Danny was still using his powers for good, since we see how Danny acts and how the world ends after his entire family and friends died in that Nasty Burger explosion.
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unorthodoxshipping · a day ago
Chapters: 23/? Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Ember McLain & Danny Fenton, Danny Fenton/Ember McLain Characters: Danny Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Ember McLain, Jack Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Kitty (Danny Phantom), Johnny 13 (Danny Phantom), Vlad Masters, Skulker (Danny Phantom), Valerie Gray, Paulina Sanchez, Dash Baxter, Star (Danny Phantom), Kwan (Danny Phantom), Guys in White (Danny Phantom), Nicolai Technus, Penelope Spectra, Cujo (Danny Phantom), Danielle "Dani" Phantom Additional Tags: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Existential Crisis, Canon-Typical Violence, Post-Canon, Past Relationship(s), Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Minor Original Character(s), Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net, Slow Burn, Banter, Slow Build, Attempt at Humor, Kitty Is A Romance Terminator Series: Part 1 of Fire And Ice Summary:
After encountering a dispirited Ember during a routine patrol, Danny proposes a truce - he'll help with her problems if she'll help with his.
Quite how this leads to benevolent kidnapping, demolishing buildings and Ember waving an axe around, they couldn't tell you.
Now with a TVTropes page! Check it out and give it a fiddle!
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murphy-kitt · a day ago
What if Danny’s jumpsuit had a hood with the goggles (like Maddie’s) but he just didn’t know it because it was tucked in his collar. Then a ghost or someone yanks him by the collar, pulls out the hood and Danny’s like “has that always been there?”
So he begins wearing the hood and goggles because it’s pretty awesome, plus the goggles allow him to see other ghosts who’re invisible. But now he’s got the goggles and jumpsuit, people begin to notice the likeness of Phantom’s jumpsuit to the Fenton’s.
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shinygoldstar · a day ago
DannyMay2021 Day 6: Core
Word count: 1073 (not beta'd)
Edit: AO3 added
“Jack? I think it's trying to trick us.”
They have been trying to get the device working since morning. The kids had already left for school when they finished the last few touches on the Fenton Core Detector. Theoretically it should take them to the source of the target ghost's anchor on Earth. And by disrupting the source, the core of the ghost’s existence, the ghost should dissipate without an anchor to hold them on Earth. They've saved the last sample they have of Phantom just for this purpose.
“Aand we're ready!” Jack proclaimed, brandishing the latest invention proudly.
“Here let's get it set up.” Maddie carefully inserted the glass slide with Phantom's preserved ectoplasm into the side slot. The screen blinked a few times then lit up green. It's ready.
They've been tracking the anchor all day. As easy as it seemed at first, it got confusing real fast. The screen's arrow took a couple of minutes to calibrate, spinning around a few times before it settling on a direction. They set off easily enough, the direction seems to be headed towards Casper High. The place is well noted for frequent Phantom sightings, suggesting that the ghost might have formed some form of attachment there while alive, it was one of the more likely locations to host Phantom’s anchor. But then things took a strange turn. Every once in a while, the arrow on the screen would waver as if in hesitation, sharply pointing out towards the direction where they came from before flipping just as quickly back towards the school. The first few times this happened it had led them on a merry chase, wasting time backtracking to follow a false lead before turning back towards the school. It had also almost gotten them to backtrack the RV into the park’s lake. They decided to ignore the arrow when it flipped again for the fourth time and drove straight towards the school. But by the time they got there, the arrow has changed direction. It seemed whatever might've been at the school is gone. Which led to the current situation.
‘Did we somehow tip it off that we're tracking it down it's anchor?’ Maddie wondered, rotating the device to check for flaws in the design. The arrow flipped again and pointed straight at her.  “Jack? I think it's trying to trick us.” Jack leaned over to look at the device. The arrow wavered a bit to the left, then slowly slid back towards the right, stopping when it points right behind them. Again. Jack frowned. He shook it a bit, the arrows spinning around to recalibrate again, this time settling due north. He grinned.
“There we go. It might think it's smarter than us but no ghost can escape from Jack Fenton! Let's go Mads, we’ve got a ghost to catch!” He revved up the RV engines.
Maddie took a sip from her normal thermos and nodded,
“Let's go.”
Where the arrow took them next was a bit of a surprise to them. Nasty Burger while not exactly new to Amity was also not that old. The building was constructed a few years after the Fentons had settled down in the city; if Phantom had attachments to the place, it must've been a relatively new ghost. ‘Did they know it back when it was alive?’ Maddie wondered. She didn't like the idea that it might have been someone they knew.
They entered the establishment, feeling a bit out of place amongst the teenage regulars frequenting the place. The crowded place, with its grease smeared tiles and loud chattering in the background didn’t seem like a place that held any connection to Phantom, yet it did according to the Fenton Core Detector. They strode inside, keeping an eye on the device while also scanning for something that might’ve belonged to the ghost. The teenagers, long used to the Fentons ignored them for the most part, occasionally glancing at them for signs to relocate seats. Maddie rechecked the device in her hand.
Again whatever the anchor was it's gone, the arrow twitches a bit towards the cashier but mostly stayed true to pointing southward. She sighed and waved Jack over.
It was late afternoon by the time they walked out of Nasty Burger, the kids would be home soon. Deciding to call it a day they headed home, detouring to grab a quick takeaway meal from their favorite place. Jack turned on the radio, flipping to his favorite channel and started humming out his favorite parts of the song. Maddie relaxed, snuggling further into her seat. They might not have made much progress today but she's not too upset about it. It's been a while since they did this, ghost hunting with just Jack keeping her company followed by a quick takeaway meal for dinner. Just like their early ghost hunting days. She missed it.
Soon enough their Fenton Works sign came into view, Jack drove over to the back of the house to park the RV. They got out of the RV, Jack holding the food while she took the device to return it to the basement lab to refine the sensors later. Walking into the house, Maddie glanced down at the device, curious as to where the arrow would point now that they’ve returned to the starting point. The arrow, initially pointing at the back of both her and Jack as it did earlier in the day started swaying again. As she walked further into the house, towards the kitchen where the basement lab entrance is located, the arrow started moving faster, swinging from behind her to in front of her then behind her again. She slowed her steps, paying more attention to the device now. Faster and faster the arrow swung until she wondered whether the ectoplasmic appliance in their kitchen is interfering with the device scanners. But it didn’t act up like this earlier in the morning when they left for the hunt. She shook it, trying Jack’s method. It didn’t work. Deciding that its lost cause Maddie dropped her arm holding the device and walked into the kitchen to greet her kids. Seems like Danny’s friends are here too.
“Hey kids, how’s school today?” she greeted before a beep and buzzing vibration in her hand interrupted her. The device is no longer showing the arrow. Instead the screen is blank except for the text displayed on the screen:
“Source found”
tldr: Danny’s anchor are his family and friends. The device is working perfectly fine but Phantom’s anchor kept moving around. Maddie never thought the anchors might include her and Jack so she thought Phantom somehow broke their device again.
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ectopuppy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 5: Doorway
[part 1] [part 2]
4 am conversation in the doorway
i know fentonworks isnt anywhere near a forest in canon im fudging some details for The Aesthetic
to be continued... maybe
bonus! thumbnails:
Tumblr media
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unorthodoxshipping · 2 days ago
Chapters: 22/22 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: T Characters: Maddie Fenton, Danny Fenton Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Suspense Summary:
Locked away in a secret government lab with Phantom as her sole object of study, nothing stands between Maddie and the truth… except, perhaps, herself.
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fureliselost · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Danny Fenton & Vlad Masters, Danny Fenton & Jazz Fenton, Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley & Sam Manson, Danny Fenton & Danielle "Dani" Phantom, Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley, Danny Fenton & Sam Manson Characters: Danny Fenton, Danielle "Dani" Phantom, Jazz Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, Vlad Masters, Maddie Fenton Additional Tags: Dad Vlad AU, AU, Alternate Universe, Vlad is Danny's biological father, Jazz's POV, Danny's POV, Maddie's POV, Vlad's POV, shifting pov, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, danny needs therapy, Jazz has some development that didn't belong here but is here anyway, mentioned Savant Par, mentioned Danny/Tucker, implied Danny/Tucker, Underage Drinking, it's an accident tho, danny still misses vlad, but his aim is getting better Summary:
Dani: update: Danny just punched Vlad in the gut. He also threw a plate at Vlad's head, but sadly it didn't hit. Tucker: isn't that the 2nd time this week? Jazz: third Sam: what did vlad do? Dani: he existed Dani: and he also admitted to having been snooping in Danny's school records Sam: how did that even come up? Dani: yk what, I'm not entirely sure, I think he offered to tutor Danny?
Jazz laughed, that had been a fun week. When Vlad and their mother came forward to tell Danny the truth about his parentage (that he was a product of one of their parents' many almost-divorces), Danny did not react to it with smiles. The first three months were very long for Vlad, what with the object-throwing on Danny's part (if he didn't already know that Danny was a fast learner, he was sad to find that out as Danny's average aim improved in the span of a few months), and even after he agreed to trying to see Vlad frequently, it was very tumultuous.
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elegantmantaray · 2 days ago
Danny Phantom the Mitchell's vs the Machines AU
Fentons as the Mitchells, BUT Vlad is not Pal, neither is Technus, but instead The Maddie AI! Maybe Mansons as the Poseys
Or whatever you want to with the AU, I just had to share it with you all. Tagging me would be nice so I can see what you do with it 😃
Also watch the movie if you can it's great and on netflix
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fureliselost · 4 days ago
Murder Stairs AU
Tumblr media
SO! I saw these and Brainy said “haha, imma make shit”.
DP AU where Jack and Maddie built Witches Stairs on the house (for the upper floor and the lab). 
In this Au, I’m considering that Danny and Vlad both became halfas in canon by absorbing ectoplasm while on death’s door. Except that the Fenton parents managed to turn on the portal on the first try, so all that excess ectoplasm that Danny would’ve absorbed but didn’t (which the filter couldn’t take care off, since it was such a huge amount) turns into ambient ectoplasm. Basically, Danny was going to show Tucker and Sam the newly opened portal and tripped down the murder stairs and falls at the bottom of the ectoplasm-filled lab. He survives by absorbing the ambient ectoplasm.
I’m also using the argument that some people have about how, in canon, Danny’s powers are stronger than Vlad’s because he was exposed to more ectoplasm (and Vlad is only ‘stronger’ because his powers are 20 years more developed than Danny’s, if Danny had the same time, his powers would be stronger). In this universe, the relative amount of power they have is equal/Danny’s is slightly smaller -- I’m also taking into account the fact that Danny has been exposed to ectoplasm his whole life and his powers are developing while he has direct contact with ectoplasm, as well as a steady source of ectoplasm (while Vlad’s powers developed while he was in the hospital, far away from any significant amounts of ectoplasm). 
Also, Danny’s powers take a little longer to develop, and he gets tired from using it very easily. The Wail? Instant sleep upon 20 secs of usage! And he’d end up working a lot more with his most basic abilities  (invisibility, intangibility, and flight) ‘cause they’re shown to be abilities that come very naturally to him (he literally slips into invisility/intangibility by accident when nervous on various occasions). 
Danny is also very dependent on ectoplasm to stay healthy, which isn’t a problem usually ‘cause, well, portal. But, like, if he uses too much at once and isn’t close to the portal, he’ll get tired and more prone to illness. Road trips? they’re hell. When they go to Wisconsin, Danny’s already working up a fever by the time they get to Vlad’s. Reality Trip? Boy already has pneumonia by the time he gets the gauntlet. Ectoplasm contamination isn’t an issue for him, he has ectoplasm deficiency.
I imagined Danny taking Valerie to the lab after she finds out that he's Phantom and she stops at the top of the stairs. Stares at them. Thinks 'murder stairs'. Looks at Danny. And Says, "Danny, IK u said asking a ghost about their death is a no. But how did you die?" Danny stares at her silently. "You fell down the stairs didn't you?".
(Also, Wes at some point argues that “look at him, he’s so sick he’s practically decaying!”, which Danny kinda resents, but decides to answer with “it’s a health condition!” because... it’s the truth, but also memes.)
Big shoutout to @floralflowerpower​ who helped me brainstorm this idea!
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crazedup-fruitloop · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Let the kids play ;)
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mymadmedleyw · 4 days ago
Summary: It represented something like hope, something unearthly, something worth examining, but now, for Maddie, it was nothing else just a reminder, telling that she failed.
(ao3 | ff)
Maddie was staring at the swirling green madness, trying to recall the days when it wasn't a curse or seemed more than an acidic green-ness of doom, but- she shook her head, she couldn't tell. Now, at the present, she couldn't remember those days.
Her son was dead, and partly she had made it happen. And she called herself a good scientist! But, after all, she called herself a ghost-huntress too, and...
She bit her lips. She had been both at a certain moment of time and also a mother, who should have been a support to her little boy, but- now, who she was? But this damn thing couldn't answer her question either, it was wordless and- and just the shifting swirl was speaking in silence, telling a tale that she hated to hear, it told that- that she had failed. As a scientist, as a ghost-hunter, and as a mother too.
Maddie took a careful step closer, wondering. Had it been painful? Surely, it had supposed to be. It had killed her boy. But- she almost could imagine him, shrieking in pain and falling to the floor, unaware yet that his life had changed and that- that it never would be normal again. She had made it. She had let it happen. She had killed her baby. Just as-
"Mom!" a sudden shouting voice made her stop to take another step. And then, in the corner of her eye, a bright green light slowly was flying closer. "Come back, it's dangerous."
She had to laugh at the note – if she could have been able to crack a smile on it. Dangerous, he said, dangerous! It had been dangerous, a hazard too at the first place and-
Suddenly something grabbed her shoulder and then in a blink of an eye she was at the other side of the lab, being pushed down in a chair. A glowing green gaze locked her eyes, worried. "Mom, you're okay?"
Maddie had to blink a few, realising what had just happened, that she was placed – by flying obviously – away from the portal, because- because she had been standing too close to it, that- that she had been too close to harm herself with it, just like-
A little shake got her out of the thinking. "Mom! "
Maddie shook her head, trying to concentrate. It took a huge effort, but then she looked back at the bright gaze, nodding. "I'm okay, sweetie, don't worry, I was just thinking there."
Her boy – now in ghost form – moved backwards, giving a sceptical look, crossing his arms and floating in the air with spectral tails. "It's dangerous, mom. You can't just walk into the Ghost Zone. For humans, it's better to wear something like uh- sort of protection or else who knows how it could affect the body or even hurt you. It’s not safe for you, to walk in, just like that.” he lectured, but the only word she heard was the word ‘hurt’.
Hurt … not safe… just like that… dangerous. Fatal maybe even – not maybe, literally, because- because- Now, it reached the edge, Maddie buried her face in her hands, breaking out weeping. What had she done? He was- he was worried over her that she would get hurt by the portal and- and she supposed to be the mother, to take care of her son and- who was she now? Nothing else, just a failure.
For a moment there wasn’t anything else just her quite sobbing, and then something made a bright flash of light and a nearly uncomfortable cold something embraced her, flinching by the touch, but not releasing her otherwise. It took a second to realise what it was, what – who – was hugging her, comforting her. Maddie pushed him away.
“Danny, change back immediately!” Her son, confused and surprised blinked at her. Maddie stared at him seriously. “Now, sweetie!” The boy raised his arms in the air, giving up, but wincing in pain by the movement, only confirming by it, that him, being ‘human’ caused him indeed trouble.
“Okay, okay, gee!” rolled the human formed boy his bright blue eyes that were still dimmed by the hurt he still was in. “Ancients, if someone had told me a week ago, my parents would force me to stay Phantom, I would have thought they were too long in the Thermos and lost their mind.” he mumbled under his nose, but then the white rings appeared and his form changed back into the ghost-state. Maddie gave a sigh of relief and wiped off the remained tears on her face.
“Honey,” she turned to her baby, “just because I am still processing this whole, it doesn’t mean, you have to change back to human and comfort me, just because you assume I’d be less freaked out.”
The boy in embarrassment scratched the back of his neck, this time with a lack of frowning by the movement. “I thought- I thought…” but then, he stayed wordless.
Maddie reached out for him, slowly grabbing his uninjured hand, looking straight into the glowing green gaze. “Danny, you have to heal, and you said, you heal faster as Phantom. Staying ghost is obligatory till then, got it?” the boy sheepishly nodded, she continued. “I might not be able to protect you from everything, but I am your mother, and as a mother, I have to take care of you as much as I can.” she gave the explanation.
The boy pursued his slightly trembling lips, visibly near to crying, but he didn’t say anything, he was just quietly floating in the air, rubbing his upper arm uncomfortably. “Okay, but-“ he gazed at the floor, but then lifted his eyes, letting out a breath. “Just don’t go into the Ghost Zone without protection, okay? If you want to explore it or something, tell me and we’ll figure out how I can show you around safely later.”
Maddie stared at her son, shocked, he was- but after all, he was the hero of the town, the Ghost Boy, protecting Amity Park from the other ghosts and… even if she was his mother, she didn’t have a word who was in charge connected to ghosts. She nodded.
“All right,” he accepted it, and moved a bit backwards, giving a quick glimpse towards the portal. “You don’t might if I shut it off now, do you?” he flew towards the panel. Maddie shook her head, slapping herself mentally why didn’t she yet do it, after the other ghost had appeared and disappeared, and…
“Uh-“ she facepalmed, cursing herself that she hadn't been thinking at all. The ghosts were coming to Amity Park from the Ghost Zone, through their portal and- and if any showed up right now, Danny was still weak and healing to fight them and- she was so stupid not shutting it off immediately back then.
“Mom?” came suddenly a questioning voice. Maddie raised her head towards her boy, the lack of swirling green made the lab almost dark.
“Sorry, sweetie, I- I really need to get used to it. So, uh- if the portal is off, there wouldn’t be any ghost issues?” she wondered, the answer was a soft chuckle.
“No, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.” her son explained. “But I guess, it can keep them away for a while, but for example for Cujo… well, he could slip out even if it is closed.” Maddie’s brows raised up, he continued, reading by her expression. “He is a ghost dog, harmless, mostly.” her eyes widened, by the last note, the boy waved in the air. “I mean, mostly, as a little puppy, mom.” well, that didn’t calm her down, but- after all, what she could do.
Maddie stood up from the chair and walked towards the stairs, but then she turned back to her baby who was now, floating thoughtfully next to the portal in his ghost-form. She had to admit, even if they were scientists studying ghosts, they would have never ever thought they would once actually meet with spectral beings and not even imagining that their town would turn out the middle of paranormal occurrences, and- and not even conceiving that their son would turn out half-ghost by their-
Maddie let out a shaky breath that grabbed the boy’s attention, making him fly next to her, examining her worried. “Mom, are you sure, you’re okay?” she couldn’t tell it or put it into words, but then seemingly she didn’t need to, namely suddenly he wrapped his arms around her. “I’m sorry, I know how hard it can be for you, but I- I don’t blame you, okay? I’m okay like that. And if- if I once had to do this again, giving up being Phantom or living a normal life, I still would choose this, no matter what.”
Her hands started to tremble, but then she squeezed her boy, realising that partly, he had been hiding this part of his life – or afterlife – because he felt it would upset them, blaming themselves for it, creating the portal and… then it clogged together. The portal. Now, it all became clear. Not only her son turned half-ghost but-
“This Wisconsin Ghost…” she started, recalling the ghost who had been helping her, patching her boy, keeping him alive and things – god, how many breakdowns she had had in one day…
Her son released her, suddenly, facing her. “You mean Plasmius?” Maddie nodded, yes, after all, only her husband called the spectre ‘the Wisconsin Ghost’, and in real, they hadn’t ever given a chance to ghosts to introduce themselves... They shot first and asked questions never, especially if that was about- about… Phantom. She buried those disturbing thoughts rather right now, in the back of her mind, only focusing on the current issue.
The boy ran his hand through his white hair. “Yeah, I should definitely thank him, saving my life…” he whispered, and then, his lips curled into a half-smile. “Gee, actually, I hadn’t even thought, he would help me, but-“ his expression fell into an unreadable one. “After all, he was right, if things turned bad, he would be the only person to understand me…” he pursued his lips to that note. Maddie was sure that note meant something to him, something deep, but she didn’t push it, just as he forced himself to leave that thought behind, turning to her suddenly. “Sorry, what you wanted to ask about Plasmius?”
Maddie had to think, what she wanted to ask, but then, it reappeared in her mind. “It’s Vlad Masters, isn’t it?” she voiced, her son’s mouth opened and closed a few times, putting together what she was saying.
“I- I didn’t- I don’t suppose to-“ he stuttered. “We- we have a pact not telling- well, not telling- I-“
Maddie put a hand on his shoulder, giving her a look, tilting her head. “You didn’t tell it. I figured this out myself.” she calmed her, and indeed it seemed his ghostly body released the sudden tense. “It was the Proto-Portal, right?” he didn’t need to give a nod, she knew it. Now, she started to understand the man too, not everything, but slowly, the things began to clear up. Especially the expression that had been readable on the ghost-man’s face as he had spotted the injured boy, and Maddie had asked for help. That had been fear, horror, if she had hurt the ghost-boy, because Vlad was aware of who her son was. The Wisconsin Ghost that had once attacked them, the man who had a clear obsession over getting her, had been worried over the other part-ghost, because- because even if they were each other enemies, they still shared the same fate, bonding over their state.
Maddie gave a quick glimpse towards the now shut-off portal, she wasn’t sure when she would be capable of stepping over it, but then she turned to her boy, making up a convincing smile. “Pizza?”
Her half-ghost son smiled back at her. “Pizza sounds good, I’m starving.” he said, phasing excitedly through the door of the lab. Maddie stared back at the cursed invention, but then, followed her boy, concentrating on preparing lunch instead and somehow making a promise to herself to never ever create another portal. She couldn’t even tell if she was once able to survive the guilt over this, or either the previous one.
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Tumblr media
Dannymay day 3: Portal
and the timelapse -
Before Jack and Maddie made their portal, they had to be harvesting ectoplasm from somewhere, I like to think they spent a few years living on the road hopping between natural portal sightings, up until Jazz was getting old enough to need to go to school, they chose Amity Park due to its high environmental ectoplasm readings
some places are real hotspots, most of those places are famous for some kind of alien or supernatural phenomena, Amity Park tried to keep itself lowkey to avoid driving people away, but it had a reputation for things being just slightly off kilter, a few hauntings here and there, kids being born with weird coloured eyes, mirrors sometimes becoming windows to somewhere else, little things that Nobody Talks About
look sam and dash having purple eyes bothers me I need an explanation so I can sleep at night
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pokelemony · 4 days ago
I wonder what would've happened if Jack or maddie were the one who became halfas
i mean they WOULD check out their own invention right?? it's like their whole life's work, older than their children, they would've checked to see if anything was faulty. i mean they're still the inventors of many working ghosts inventions and also a freaking portal to another realm, give them some credit
let's say jack was turned into a halfa and maddie was the one who saw it, i think at first they'd be horrified, maddie possibly trying to exterminate jack but couldn't, maybe they decided since jack was half dead it was different?
idk what would happen, but I think it'd be interesting
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q-gorgeous · 4 days ago
If You Go Down In the Woods Today
Flynn has survived in the Ghost Zone for years, and as far as he knows, he’s the only human here. How does he react when some ghost kid turns human before his eyes? Prompt by @bibliophilea
word count: 1793
yo another one lets gooooo
Flynn was tending to his garden of blood blossoms surrounding his home on a floating island in the ghost zone when he saw a ghost floating towards him. 
He didn’t recognize this one but the ghost didn’t seem to be doing too good. It looked as if exhaustion pulled on every fiber of his being as he got closer and closer to him. Once the ghost floated close enough, Flynn picked up his staff and approached.
“You’re not welcome here, ghost.”
The ghost blinked his eyes slowly, and out of synch, before they opened up wide. He stared at Flynn unmoving for an uncomfortable amount of time, and Flynn was about to try to dismiss the ghost again when he spoke up.
“What’s a human doing in the ghost zone?” 
His speech was slurred, his arms hanging lazily by his sides and then suddenly, he was falling face first into the ground below him. Flynn stared at the ghost, stunned, and jumped when a bright flash of white appeared around his waist. 
Rings traveled up and around his body, and in the place of the ghost was a clearly exhausted teenage boy. Flynn just stared at him, a panic of sorts filling him up. 
“What the fuck?” He whispered. This ghost was also human? How was that even possible? Ectoplasm was far too toxic for it to coexist in a human. The only reason Flynn had lasted this long was because his garden fended off some of the ambient ectoplasm. 
Flynn was about to pick the boy up and take him inside when he paused. Would the boy be okay inside his hut? It was surrounded by blood blossoms and if the human boy was a ghost, he could only imagine how painful that’d be. 
After taking a few moments to think on it, Flynn ran inside and grabbed a blanket, a chair, and his ukulele. He headed back outside and laid the blanket over the sleeping boy and sat down in his chair, strumming his ukulele and humming a song. 
If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today, you'd better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.
Flynn spent about half an hour playing and humming along to songs he remembered from his childhood before the boy began to stir. The boy groaned and sat up, holding his head before his back went straight and looked around hurriedly. 
He could see the boy look at him from the corner of his eye and was jumping up and turning to face him before halting as he stared at Flynn. 
“You’re human.” He said, lowering his fists that he had raised. 
“Yep.” Flynn said. “And so are you apparently.”
The boy’s brows furrowed. “You don’t know who I am?”
“No. Am I supposed to?” Flynn lived in the middle of the ghost zone, why would he know who this random kid is?
“I guess not. It’s just that all the ghosts knew who I was. I thought maybe someone would’ve mentioned me to you.”
Flynn hooked a thumb back to point at his house. “I don’t really want much to do with all the ghosts that live here. Most of them leave me alone but there are some I befriended as a kid. They bring me seeds and stuff so I have food to grow. But I hate most of the ghosts here.”
Suddenly, the boy's face brightened and he was hurriedly standing up, throwing the blanket aside. 
“I can take you back to the human world! I can help you find your family. There’s a family of ghost hunters that live on the other side of a man made portal, the Fenton’s, my-”
“Wait, Fenton?”
The boy stopped. “Yeah. Jack and Maddie Fenton. They’re self proclaimed ghost experts.”
“This Jack Fenton. Is he a big guy with an orange suit?”
Giving Flynn a look, the boy continued slowly. “Yeah. Do you know him?”
“Maybe. My mom used to rib on my aunt’s boyfriend when they visited us at home.”
The boy’s eyes widened. “What was your mom’s name?”
“Alicia Walker.”
Flynn watched as the boy’s eyes widened and he stared into the ground. His hands came up to cover his mouth. 
“I always wondered why there were pictures of some random kid at aunt Alicia’s house that I’d never met before. I always asked but no one wanted to tell me.”
Flynn’s brows furrowed. “Who are you?”
The kid looked back up and met his eyes. “Danny Fenton. Your cousin.”
Flynn’s jaw dropped and he stared at Danny. A moment later another thought struck him.
“Wait, your parents are ghost hunters? And you’re some sort of ghost hybrid?”
Danny started waving his hands back and forth in front of him. “They don’t know I’m Phantom! So when I bring you home you can’t tell them! They can’t know.”
Flynn nodded. “Okay. You’re going to unpack that for me later. But you’re going to take me home just like that? You don’t even know me.”
Danny shrugged. “It’s just what I do, I’ve got a hero complex. Besides, you’re family apparently which makes this even more important.” He stood up and stretched, transforming back into his ghost form as those white rings appeared once again. 
“Are you ready?”
Flynn looked at the staff next to him and the ukulele in his hands. 
“Will I ever be able to come back? If I want to?” He asked.
Danny nodded. “I can bring you back any time.”
“Okay.” Flynn said, grabbing his staff and standing up.
“I’m ready.”
Maddie walked into the kitchen when she heard it. A humming coming from downstairs. It didn’t sound like Jack, but it didn’t echo like it was a ghost. It must be Danny.
She walked down the stairs and the further down she got the more she realized it didn’t sound like Danny. But she did recognize the song. It was the one her mother sang to her and Alicia when they were little, the one she changed the lyrics to and sang to Danny when he was little. 
She reached the bottom of the steps, hoping that it would somehow be Jack or Danny, but she was instead met with a young man with red hair and Phantom.
“Spook!” Maddie shouted and she started racing for her gun before she was interrupted by frantic waving coming from Phantom.
“No! You have to call your sister!”
She stared at him confused. “My sister?”
Phantom gestured at the young man beside him who looked at Maddie nervously. 
“My name is Flynn. I think you’re my aunt.”
Maddie stared at him with wide eyes, her gun clattering to the floor. That should be impossible. He shouldn’t have been able to survive that long in the ghost zone, especially when he was a child but…
That song. He had Alicia’s eyes.
Maddie’s eyes filled up with tears as she took him in. “Oh my god.” She whispered, covering her mouth.
She walked over, looking up at him. “May I?” She asked.
He nodded.
She threw her arms around her nephew’s shoulders and pulled him close to her. Her tears turned into sobs.
“We thought we had lost you. Your mother looked for you for so long.”
Maddie pulled away and took a deep breath. “Come on, let’s go upstairs and call her. We’ll have to fly her out here immediately.”
She started walking back up the stairs but turned around before she reached them, meeting Phantom’s eyes.
“Thank you, Phantom.”
She started heading back up the stairs. Once she reached the kitchen, she picked up the phone on the counter and dialed her sister’s number. As it rang, she heard a door open upstairs and Danny’s soft mumbling.
“Danny! Come downstairs! I have someone you need to meet.”
His footsteps padded into the kitchen behind her and she turned around. He was looking at Flynn with a puzzled expression on his face.
“Hi mom, uh, who’s this?”
“Hello, Alicia speaking.”
Maddie took a deep breath. “Hi Alicia. I have some very important news for you. We found your son, Flynn.”
There was a big pause over the line and Maddie looked up to see Danny’s eyes were almost comically wide. She heard Alicia take a deep breath over the line.
“You better not be pulling my leg, Maddie.”
Maddie gasped. “Alicia! I would never! Here, Flynn, come say hi to your mother.”
She beckoned Flynn over to her and handed him the phone. 
He grabbed the phone from her hand and looked at it before slowly bringing it up to his ear. “Hello?”
Maddie could hear Alicia’s muffled voice from where she stood. “Is that really you, Flynn?” Flynn’s eyes widened and filled with tears as he choked up at hearing his mother’s voice. “Yeah, mom, it’s really me.” 
A loud sniffle made it’s way over the phone. “Dear lord. I thought we’d never find you. I lost all hope. You can bet your butt I’m booking the first flight out of town. I need to see my baby boy.”
Flynn chuckled. “Not much of a baby anymore.”
“Hush, you’ll always be my baby. We’ve got years to make up for anyways.” Alicia said. “Anyways, as much as I’d love to chat I am going to stay by my word and start packing to catch a flight out there. I can’t wait a moment longer. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
When the dial tone sounded through the phone, Flynn handed it back to Maddie. She took it and placed it back on the receiver. 
“Danny, why don’t you help Flynn find a change of clothes so he can take a shower. I’ll work on calling Jazz and your father and letting them know they need to come home.”
“Mom do we even have anything that’ll fit him? Dad is a brick house and I’m way too short.” 
Maddie nodded, picking up the phone and punching in the number for Jack’s cellphone. “If you rummage around your father’s closet there should be a box full of Vlad’s clothes from college.”
Danny wrinkled his nose at that. “I don’t even want to know.” He waved a hand at Flynn. “Come on, let’s go see what dad stole from the fruitloop.”
As the phone rang and the boys headed upstairs, Maddie missed the whispered thank that Flynn gave to Danny and the smile he got back in return. The ringing stopped and she heard Jack’s voice on the other end of the line. 
“Jack, honey. I have some wonderful news.”
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alitheakorogane · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 2 - Home
(A home is where the heart is.)
Danny Fenton really loves his family, no matter what.
Although his parents were not like any other parents out there, and there are past conflicts they have experienced ever since Danny became half of what his parents hunt due to the Ghost Portal Accident, he still loves them with all his heart.
After all, a home is where the heart is.
He was already home.
With his family, the one who he had cherished with all his heart.
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maxthehecker · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Dannymay Day 2: Home
Home is where your family is I guess :)
"Home" made me think of Danny and his family soooo yeah. At first I was gonna draw them all sittin on the couch together buuuut I do what I want. A little Mother's Day gift for Maddie from the kids and Jack from many years ago. :)
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DannyMay 2021: Wistful Nostalgia.
Prompt: Day One, Memories
Summary: Maddie reflects upon her and Danny's relationship as Mother and Son and struggles to repair their ever-drifting bond.
Note: This one's a day late because I was super busy yesterday but here it is!!
   Maddie watched helplessly as Danny walked —limped— into the house long after his curfew for the millionth time. He was sporting an awful cut along his cheekbone and a fair share of dark, shadow-like bruises.
   Danny met her gaze and floundered to offer up some form of excuse or apology before remorsefully looking down.
   "Just go to bed. We can talk in the morning," Maddie said with a sigh as she massaged her temple. They wouldn't be talking about it. There wasn't much to say anyway.
   Danny nodded, still not taking his eyes from the floor, and inched his way up the stairs to his room.
   Maddie felt sad and tired; there was no poetic way to describe the weary-boneness of it, just simple words for a not-so-simple problem. 
   The rift between Danny and Maddie and Jack had been agonizingly obvious and she didn't know how to fix it. 
   Danny had become secretive. He was failing all of his classes despite doing well before and constantly breaking curfew. Most worryingly of all were the bruises, cuts, and scrapes. The fact he wouldn't explain where they came from or why, why, why, why. 
   Maddie sat herself on the couch with a huff.
   Every direction they took never seemed to work. Grounding him didn't improve anything, instead it made it worse and he snuck out anyway. Talking to him went nowhere. Sit down study sessions made him restless and Maddie had the suspicion that he felt nervous spending so much time with them. That realization hurt.
   She just missed when Danny was open and honest. When he came to her with all his secrets with his wide grin and bright eyes. Now it seemed his lips were always twisted in a frown or grimace and his eyes guarded.
   After another minute of mourning her tight-knit relationship with Danny, she went upstairs herself.
   She stopped when she reached Danny's room. There were muffled noises coming from his room and Maddie pressed her ear against his door. He was sobbing and Maddie felt like crying too. 
   She wanted to open the door and cradle him into a hug with whispers that it would be alright. 
   But she couldn't bring herself to open the door. She was too afraid that he would tell to leave and reject any attempt to reconcile. 
   Maddie felt like she did something wrong. She must have, especially if she couldn't comfort her son. 
   She went to bed with a heavy heart.
   Maddie was zoning out more than usual.
   Currently she was staring blankly in front of her computer screen. Thinking once again about Danny.
   Jack had shaken her out of her reverie multiple times with a concerned glance and a quiet: "You okay, Mads?"
   Maybe it was the distant echoes of Danny, Jazz, and their friends hanging out upstairs but Maddie kept toying around with the same memory.
   Danny was eleven or twelve and he was laughing loudly. He had aced a science quiz and the whole family went out for burgers and fudgsicles and Danny had been so excited, so happy.
   Maddie wondered what changed. She doubted she'd find out.
   Danny was well-known for his clumsiness and with that clumsiness came countless injuries.
   Maddie was used to patching skinned knees, wrapping bandaids around cut fingers, and kissing bruises. There was almost a fondness around the memories of Danny's watery grin and the icicle as compensation in his small hand.
   The sight that waited for her in the middle of her lab was a different ballpark altogether. 
    Danny looked at her fearfully as he protectively curled over the gruesome gash on his stomach. 
   Blood and… ectoplasm oozed past his arms. It spilled onto the clinical tile flooring and pooled around his knees. His pants and shirt were soaked and Maddie couldn't breathe.
   She tried to catch up to the… fluids staining everything, she tried, she really did, but she couldn't stop herself from getting stuck on the blinding light that turned Phantom into her Danny.
   Danny's shoulders shook as he cried.
  "I'm so sorry, Mom. I'm so sorry. I really am," he pleaded desperately.
   Maddie hesitantly stepped off the stairs. She thought for a moment before rushing over to him and bundled him into a hug. She didn't do it this first time but this time she would.
   "Shhh, shhh. It's alright. It's okay. Everything is going to be okay. I'll take care of it. I got you, I got you," Maddie whispered into Danny's crown and rocked him back and forth.
   She cleaned and stitched him up and as she hugged him again and felt him relax around her for the first time in a very long time she knew the rift was closing.
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Tumblr media
Phantom Comic
Page 13 <-> Page 15
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tsubaki94 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Phantom Comic
Page 10 <-> Page 12
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