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evandarya · a day ago
I think I'd be funny if Danny and Tim were hangin' out, someone wants to kidnap Tim for ransom but can't tell which one of them is him, so take both. But instead of Batman Inc. saving them, it's Maddie and Jack. I particularly like the idea of Tim meeting Danny's parents when Maddie has a pile of unconscious bodies that she caused behind her and Jack just being a massive man who barely seems to notice when someone's trying to shoot/stab him, except as an invitation to shoot them back with whatever fun, new, fancy gun he's invented. And maybe you'd think it's funny too.
I can see it. Pre-reveal when Danny is still hiding his powers from Tim. They call Danny's parents first because Danny's phone isn't password protected. The kidnappers are like. "We have your son" and Maddie gets serious and says "give me five minutes."
She shows up, Jack just drives the GAV directly into the building. Maddie's taking down bad guys left and right just holding a convo with Tim like "You must be Tim from Physics! It's nice to meet you. You should come over for dinner sometime!"
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its-rat-time-babey · 15 hours ago
Danny isn’t the only ghost in Amity Park with living relatives, and all of them have various feelings about their living family members.
Walker is the grandfather of Maddie Fenton and Danny’s great grandfather. He mostly doesn’t care at all about his granddaughter however because of the seriously biased views the Fentons have towards ghosts. In his mind, as long as the Fentons treat ghosts like chaotic evil monsters and continue with their anti-ghost research, he has no granddaughter. He’s also fully accepted that Maddie will never accept the fact that her grandfather is still walking the earth, and will just shoot him on sight if he approaches her and claims to be John Walker.
He does eventually grow to accept Danny however, and eventually agrees to stop trying to arrest him in exchange for Phantom continuing to capture particularly dangerous ghosts as a form of “community service”.
Kitty is the older sister of Damen Gray and is Valerie Gray’s aunt, even though Valerie was born long after she had died. Kitty is fiercely protective of Damen, just as she was in life, but that protectiveness doesn’t extend to the Red Huntress. Valerie’s hatred of ghosts and relentless hunts have made Kitty resent her niece a bit, and she won’t hesitate to fight her if the need arises. That being said, Valerie was under Kitty’s protection before she became the Huntress and Kitty would be willing to go back to protecting her if Valerie ever overcame her hatred of ghosts.
However, neither Damen or Valerie are aware of Kitty’s relation to them, or the fact that she protects them from other ghosts. Kitty really doesn’t want to tell her brother that she’s still wandering around after death for many different reasons and Valerie probably wouldn’t believe her anyways.
Ember McLain and Youngblood are siblings and still have living parents, but both of them stay far away from them. In Youngblood’s case, it’s because he doesn’t remember them. He doesn’t know that he has living parents at all. He doesn’t even know that Ember is his sister. He just doesn’t remember his life.
In Ember’s case, it’s because she absolutely hates them. Back when she was alive, she ended up running away from home, which was the beginning of a series of events that led to her burning to death in a hotel room. She is also aware that Youngblood is her brother, but she doesn’t think she’s ready to tell him yet. Plus she thinks that it’s probably for the best that neither of them see their parents again.
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riverbay11 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
DeSigNeD tO vEiW a WoRlD UnSeEn
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wastefulreverie · 13 days ago
A couple days after his parents learned he was Phantom, Danny realized he didn't explain the nature of his condition as well as he could have.
"Can... can I talk to Phantom?"
His Mom seemed to regret speaking as soon as she'd asked.
"Uh, what do you mean?"
She bit her lip. "I mean, if you're not busy or anything. We only talked to him that first night after you, uh, switched."
"Mom," he said slowly, "you know I am Phantom, right? Like, we established this—"
"I know. I know you’re the same. It’s just that I wanted to talk to him for a second about ghost stuff.” She paused. “If that’s alright with you.”
His parents still weren’t comfortable with the ghost stuff. It probably took a lot of courage to ask him to change. He was grateful that she was willing to let him share this part of himself with her so soon.
“Yeah, sure.” He pulled on his core and made the change. White light washed over him and replaced his day-clothes with his HAZMAT suit. “So, what ghost stuff?”
She stared. “You heard that?”
“Uh, heard what?”
“About me wanting to talk about ghost stuff. I mean, I didn’t really want to go to into it earlier, but just how conscious are you and Danny of each other when you switch? Are you always listening under the surface, or like—”
“Mom, hold up.” He raised a hand. “Do you think that like, Danny and Phantom are two different, I don’t know, personalities? Or something?”
Her face went red. “Are—are you not?”
“Uh, no. I don’t think so? I’m me. Just—” he waved to himself “—me with white hair and cool outfit?”
“No.” She shook her head. “But you act so different?”
“Because I have a secret identity? Not like, whatever you’re thinking. Same Danny, I swear.”
“So, when you say that you’re Phantom... you mean that you don’t just share a body. You really are...”
“Yeah...” He tried not to waver under her shocked gaze. “Is that alright?”
“Of course! I just—I’m just surprised, is all.” She sat down on his bed. “So when Phantom told Vlad Masters to kiss his ass, that was all you. Danny.”
“Uh, I mean, Vlad is kind of complicated—”
“And the time Phantom phased some GIW into the ground by the wrists, pantsed them, and goaded a group of Casper High kids into using them as paintball targets.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say I goaded them.” He shrugged. “They were eager to do it.”
“Or the time Phantom was found loose in the car wash, high on ghost nip and trying to fight the brushes.”
“Hey!” With a rush of ectoplasm, his cheeks suddenly felt cold. “That’s—that’s uncalled for.”
“Ghost nip! Really, Danny?”
“You left it in the kitchen! I didn’t know what it was! That’s your fault, if anything!”
His Mom shook her head. “Great. I thought at least, ‘Hey! Phantom’s the wild one! Danny’s the sensible one. No need to worry about him.’ You’re going to make me go gray at forty-two, Daniel James.”
He didn’t regret most of his escapades as Phantom, but he realized now that his parents were privy to all his antics he wouldn’t have the same freedom as he once had.
“I’m sorry.”
She pressed her hand into his. They were both wearing gloves, but it was still nice to feel her warmth. “You don’t need to be. I told you before, didn’t I? That I accept you no matter what you’ve done as Phantom.”
“You thought Phantom was some other person in my head, not me.”
“That doesn’t change anything, though. Ghost or not, you’re still my son. You will always be my son.”
Despite the initial miscommunication, they were bridging a clearer understanding of what life after the reveal meant.
It didn’t seem all that bad.
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krossan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TOP 10 Best Animated Moms
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marzfartz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy Holiday Truce @darthfrodophantom ! I decided to draw you some reveal aftermath and parent angst, hope you enjoy :-)
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quillium · 6 months ago
Danny straight up not realizing his parents don’t know he’s Phantom
He thinks the whole “Phantom is evil!” tirade is just a schtick to help hide his identity
Genuine assumption that the whole thing with ghost-tracking devices going towards Danny is just an inside-joke
It doesn’t help at ALL that Maddie and Jack are the type to go along with whatever Danny says without thinking too hard on it
“Where are you going, Danny?” “Fighting crime” “Okay, baby, be back at 6 for dinner”
At MANY POINTS Phantom has called Maddie “mom” and Jack “dad” to varying results
At one moment both sides are so embarrassed and flustered that they just straight up stop fighting and call it quits for the day
Another instance where Danny’s parents realize it’s him BUT think he’s cosplaying. Jack is very enthusiastically like “oh, Danny, you can’t just let us shoot at you without saying something! I love the outfit!”
Danny, who assumes Jack means “we are shooting badly ON PURPOSE and you can’t get nearly hit just because it looks cooler also I love the new glitter on the look” is like “okay, dad, bye, love you”
It happens enough that Maddie and Jack sit down together and try to decipher why Phantom keeps calling them this. Varying wild theories
“He called us mom and dad to trick us into feeling for him even though he’s an evil ghost!”
“...maybe it’s just a slip up, like calling your teacher mom and dad?”
“Oh my god did Phantom’s parents shoot at him and kill him? Is that why he thinks we’re parent-like? Because he’s from an abusive household?”
“We need to parent the dead ghost”
After a bit, Maddie and Jack start parenting Phantom. Danny, who assumes they just gave up the schtick since the GIW are off their scent, just rolls with it
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dead-outside · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here take some random dp doodles in this trying time
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madametamma · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is my Disabled Danny AU, where upon getting ghost powers, Danny also looses the ability to walk.  Instead of pressing something on the wall when he entered the portal, he stepped on something with his feet and the shock resulted in nerve damage.  Now he uses a wheelchair his parents invented for him that can fold up into a small and portable size and has a built in Fenton thermos. 
I got a few comments on a previous Disabled AU post that speculated on what would happen if he just left his thermos chair somewhere and someone found it. Here’s what would happen.
Also In this AU, for various reasons Danny made the choice to not tell his parents he was electrocuted while exploring the portal.  Instead he came up with the cover story that while he was doing his chores in the basement, the portal just flicked on and a ghost popped out to attack him.
He would have a lot of regrets over telling them that story later.  At the time he hadn’t ever met any ghosts, he didn’t know he’d come to identify himself as part ghost, and he didn’t count on his parents’ reaction.  Originally they just wanted to be ghost researchers but when they were told that their son was attacked by a ghost, it kickstarted their belief that ghosts must be evil beings that need to be hunted down.
Please let me know what you think.  
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jadeyarts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
happy anniversary to the best unorthodox family ever
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kennymayovo · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I see some tumblr posts and I just goTTA yah know?
also consistency? Not in my comic panels.
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evandarya · 2 days ago
Don't Underestimate the Power of a Planted Seed
Danny shut off his alarm clock with a groan and sat up in bed. He didn't bother calculating how little sleep he had gotten. Between Skulker hunting him for most of the night and studying for finals, he already knew it wasn't much. He checked his phone and cleared any notifications. A text from Tucker, reminding him to bring his notes for calculus, and a Tweet from Bruce Wayne about some benefit he's hosting over the weekend.
He thought it was weird to follow his brother and father on social media, but Jazz said it was good to find connections with family even when you couldn't be there with them. Jazz was usually right about these things.
Danny packed his backpack and headed down the stairs. Jack and Maddie were at the table, a selection of cereals and milk set out for breakfast.
"Morning, Danno!" Jack said. "Want to see our latest invention? I call it the Fenton Ectoplasm Disrupter!" He said, holding the cube-shaped object up. "One hit of the red button will neutralize any ectoplasmic entity in a ten-block radius!"
"It's not functional yet, but hopefully in the next few days we'll get it working," Maddie said.
"That's great," Danny said tightly. That thing would never work if he had anything to say about it. Danny's phone pinged in his pocket and he checked it quickly. It was a selfie of Dani flying above the Gateway Arch. It had only been a few months since she had been stabilized, but they had kept in constant contact just in case anything happened. "I have to get to school."
"Right. Last day of Junior year. I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast." Maddie said, pinching his cheeks before giving him a tight hug. "Knock 'em dead, honey."
"I'll do my best, mom," Danny said, returning the hug. He jogged out the door and up the street towards the school. He met up with Tucker and Sam outside his locker and handed over his calculus notes to his friend.
"You are a lifesaver." He said, flipping the notebook open to the right page and starting to study.
"How are you failing math when you take the best notes?" Sam asked, glancing over Tucker's shoulder.
"Because ghosts keep eating my homework," Danny said, stashing his lunch in his locker and grabbing his English book. "Are you ready for the English final? Because I am not. I keep getting William Wordsworth and William Blake mixed up."
"Fenton!" Dash Baxter's voice echoed down the hallway, causing everyone to stop and stare. Dash used his broad shoulders to push his way through the hallway until he was right in front of Danny, trapping him against the lockers with his bulk. "I'm going on a vacation to Europe for a month, so I gotta get a month's worth of bullying in before school ends today. You're first on my list."
"Maybe I can be last on your list," Danny suggested. "And you can grow up. Seriously. Aren't we too old for this game?"
Dash's cheeks turned a ruddy red. Instead of backing off, he reared back and took a swing. Danny dodged to the side at the last second and Dash's fist crashed into the locker behind him with a resounding clang. Dash howled and clutched his hand to his chest.
"Oo, that didn't sound good. You may want to get that looked at," Danny said. Kwan came up behind Dash and guided him to the office while Dash shouted curses back toward Danny.
"Danny," Sam said reproachfully
"What was I supposed to do? Let him hit me?"
Sam sighed "We need to get to class."
Classes passed quickly, and Danny was excited about the summer he had planned. He had gotten into a summer space camp that prepares prospective students for work in aerospace engineering. It had been a grueling interview and application process that had taken up most of his time not spent at school or ghost fighting.
His good mood started to tank when he glanced out the window during his English final and saw the shadows, two of them on the roof of the building across the street. He'd recognize the League of Assassins anywhere, which means Grandfather found him. This was bad. This was one of his worst nightmares.
"Mr. Fenton, I can assure you that the answers to the test are not out the window," Mr. Lancer said quietly, snapping Danny's attention back to the classroom.
"Right. Just thinking." Danny said, turning back to his test. When he looked back toward the window, the shadows were gone.
Danny practically sprinted to the courtyard after class. He had to find Sam and Tucker and get them somewhere safe. He had no illusions that Grandfather didn't already know about them. He had to assume the worst.
"Danny!" Tucker called, holding three sack lunches. "They have the peanut butter and honey sandwiches you like!"
"Tuck, where's Sam?" Danny scanned the courtyard but couldn't find her.
"Last I checked she was arguing with the lunch ladies about whether or not honey was vegan," Tuck said. "Is something wrong?"
Danny scanned the surrounding buildings until…there, in the alley between the bank and the pharmacy. Two shadows that didn't belong.
"We have to get to my place."
"Can you believe they don't have any alternatives to honey?" Sam asked as she stomped over. She froze at the heavy feeling in the air. "What's going on?"
"It's not safe here. We have to go." Danny said and grabbed his two best friends by the hand and pulled them along behind him to Sam's car. It was an old hearse that they had found after a battle with Technus. The three of them had spent so much time fixing it up and painting it purple and black. They playfully called it The Corpse Mobile.
They all piled in and Sam started driving. "Do you want to tell us what's going on?" Sam ventured after they pulled out of the parking lot.
Danny kept his gaze on the dark spaces between buildings and on the roofs. "You know I'm adopted, right? And the family I came from…wasn't the best." Sam and Tucker both went stiff at that. Danny never spoke of his past with them. He wasn't intentionally keeping it from them, it was just never the right time to tell his friends that he's a trained assassin with a double-digit body count. "I've been hiding from them, and they found me."
"In hiding, like witness protection?" Sam asked. "Is that why you're so weird about photos of you on the internet?"
"Something like witness protection. And yes. Grandfather has some of the best connections in the world, so the less proof of me out there the better.
"How did he find you?" Sam asked as they pulled into Danny's neighborhood.
"Park around the back," Danny instructed. "I don't know, but I do know that you aren't safe. Grandfather has no issues hurting people to get what he wants."
Sam parked the car and Danny phased through the door. They used the secret tunnel entrance to the lab, startling Jack and Maddie.
"Danny! What are you doing using the emergency entrance?" Maddie said and Danny picked himself up.
"Grandfather found us," Danny said, crossing to the computer banks.
Maddie froze for a second before coming back to herself. Her demeanor completely changed. "You're sure." She asked, switching to Arabic.
"Yes. I have seen five of his assassins in the last hour." Danny responded in kind. "Tucker, can you hack into the city surveillance grid?"
"In my sleep," Tucker said, glad for something that made sense. Within a few minutes, cameras from all over town popped up on the screens. Immediately Danny counted twenty assassins.
"There's so many of them." Maddie breathed.
"Those look like ninjas," Sam said. "Your grandfather sent ninjas after you?"
"They aren't very good If we caught them on camera." Jack boomed.
"It's a scare tactic," Danny said.
"They want us to see them. To get scared and give up hope before the fight starts."
"What do they want?" Danny wondered out loud.
"You, right?" Sam asked, "I mean, he'd want you back, you're his grandson."
"The last time I saw him he ordered my death. He'd kill me before looking at me. It's something else." Danny cast his eyes around the lab before they fell on the swirling green of "the portal. He's here for the portal."
"Of course he is." Maddie said bitterly. "Damn. Right as we were making some headway."
"Mads? What are you doing?" Jack asked as Maddie plugged a data stick into the computer.
"We have to shut it down. Father can not get his hands on our technology. Danny, Sam, and Tucker, I need you three to destroy as many physical blueprints as you can find. Tear them up, burn them, whatever. Jack, I need you to dismantle as many of the weapons as you can and put the cores in a duffle bag."
"Mads. This is our life's work." Jack said. Danny had already pulled a box of blueprints out of a cabinet and had started a fire in one of the decontamination sinks.
"I know, honey. But if Ra's Al Ghul gets access to our tech he will be unstoppable."
"But, we won't have anything."
"We'll have each other and the kids. Everything else is material." At that Jack nodded and went to the weapons wall and started dismantling guns.
It was fifteen minutes later that they heard the front door open and close again before a shaky scared voice called. "Mom? Dad?"
They all met eyes. "Jazz." Danny was first up the steps, and there in the living room, stood a man he hadn't seen in years. He looked just as Danny remembered him, right down to the green robe and the slight scent of cardamom and ginger to cover the stench of rot. He had Jazz held against his chest and a knife pressed against her neck. Danny felt his blood begin to boil.
"Ah. Danyal. I was wondering where you had disappeared off to." Grandfather spoke. "I can see you are just as much a disappointment now as you have always been. I've had my men on you for weeks and you never noticed."
"Grandfather." Danny greeted and had to stop himself from bowing his head to the man. A move that was not lost on the older man as his frown became dangerous. "Put the knife down."
Behind him, Danny heard the ever-present hum of the portal stop. Good. No portal access for Ra's unless he can get someone to turn it back on again. Danny heard Maddie's steps coming up from the basement.
"Father. Let go of Jazz." She said as she came into the living room.
"Adeline. You haven't changed at all. Still running your experiments, I see." He said, nodding toward Danny. Maddie stiffened beside him, but Ra's continued. "A scientific mind like yours probably couldn't resist the allure. A subject no one would notice went missing? Who was already supposed to be dead? How could you say no?"
"Mom, what is he talking about?" Danny asked, a pit forming in his stomach. It couldn't be.
"I never did any experiments on my children." She denied.
"No? Did you know, hafid, that Adeline used to take animals and inject them with water from the pit, just to see what would happen?" Ra's said, he finally moved the knife away from Jazz's throat and let her go. She stumbled over and Maddie caught her before she fell. No need for a hostage now. "Much of our understanding of the properties of the pit comes from her experimentation."
"And I used to play a game to see who can torture someone to death the longest." He spat. "What's your point?"
Ra's smiled as if he had been waiting for the question. "Are you sure your accident was an accident?"
A weight dropped into his stomach and ice flooded his veins. "No." He let himself go boneless and fell to his hands and knees. "It's not true!" Danny put his head on his arms and phased one hand through the floor. He gripped the hidden ectogun and shot up faster than the human eye could track. The shot landed square in his Grandfather's chest. It wasn't enough to knock him out, but it did stun him long enough to get into the basement and lock the door. Jack was at the top of the stairs and leaned his bulk against it.
"I'll hold him, you guys get out." He said.
"That won't stop him for long," Maddie said. "Danny, he's after you. You need to take your friends and Jazz and get out of town unseen."
"Unseen? But I…"
"Danny," Maddie said seriously. "I know about Phantom. I've known since Pariah Dark." She hugged him. "I am so proud of you." She let him go and went to get a hazardous waste bag.
"Mrs. F, we can't just leave, what about our parents?" Tucker said.
"I'll figure something out." There was a banging on the door to the basement. "Now, there isn't much time, no phones, no cards, in the bag." Danny sent a text to Dani letting her know he'd be radio silent for a while before taking out the sim card and snapping it in half and putting the ruined card and phone into the bag. Sam and Jazz followed suit, but Tucker took a moment to say goodbye to Sinead first.
"He's stronger than he looks," Jack called from the top of the stairs.
Danny crossed to a blank section of wall and reached his arm through and pulled out two black duffel bags and tossed them over his shoulder. The basement door was splintering. They didn't have much time.
"Danny." Maddie held up a third duffle bag and a data stick. "This is all that is left of our research. Use it well."
Danny took them. "Okay. I will." Maddie grabbed an ectogun and turned toward the door.
"Now go. Don't let Father win." She said, aiming at the door.
Danny transformed and grabbed his friends and his sister and rose out of the house and into the backyard. They piled into the hearse and Sam started driving. Danny used all his concentration to make them invisible so he wouldn't have to think about how he just abandoned his mom and dad to their fate.
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floralflowerpower · 5 months ago
You know.
There's a lot of evidence in the show to suggest that both maddie and jack grew up in rural farm areas.
Jack talks about growing up in a cabin, Maddies sister criticizes her for growing soft since moving into the city and marrying Jack. Etc.
That means both Jazz and Danny are first Gen city kids.
And all of the loud shouting and lack of regard for neighbors that you see both his parents partake in, well thats all pretty normal if you grew up in an area where your nearest neighbor was a half a mile away.
My guess is the elder Fentons never fully adjusted to being around a lot of other people.
Also you can't convince me that some of their tech isn't the most repurposed, jangled, improvised, redneck shit you've ever seen.
Tumblr media
There's even fucking duck tape on that ^^^^
But going back to Jazz and Danny being First Gen City kids also explains A LOT omg.
Also it opens up a lot of interesting dynamics I dont really think got explored much.
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secrets-of-ty · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I wouldn’t put it past Danny to either intentionally or unintentionally try to sneak Cujo in this way
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letswonderspirit · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sketches and non-sketches are coming your way
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impyssadobsessions · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
....meant to draw something else but ended up drawing this. uou Lil Jazz and Danny. I was listening to the song "Oldest" by Brooke Alexx... inspired this I think LOL
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enmitypark · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
going angst day 5: death
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batpham-discord-highlights · 2 months ago
Twin Switch AU
Source: #ghosts-and-bats
amg I got this hilarious idea OK
Fenton family at like museum in Gotham or something, when one of batman's villains attack.
Well Jack accidentally grabs the wrong kid, in the panic. (Wrong kid could be any of the bats though Tim or Damian for full batfam dynamic kek.)
Dick or Bruce being in civilian form ends up with Danny because of the mix up.
Lol combine it with twin au and it make even more funny.
Dick probably don’t know what to do cause stuck with Danny inside building so just waiting on backup.
And noticing small things about Danny.
While Damien stuck with Fenton’s because they're not letting Damian slip away lol. Jazz is the one to point out they didn’t grab Danny.
Dick : So....wanna play Uno?
Danny : ....
Dick imprints on Danny in 5 seconds flat
Damien tolerates Jazz because she's obviously the one with all the brain cells
Jazz: You do realize you just kidnapped someone else's kid?
Maddie: Don't be ridiculous, that's your brother.
Jazz: Look again
Both Damien and Danny are frustrated because the switch means they can't sneak off and play hero
Can see Danny slightly showing hints of his own heroism. while they’re in a hostage situation lol.
Yes, Jazz n Damian having to deal with parents lol. Jazz trying to converse with Damian lol
Dick, freaking out: Why does this kid show no signs of self-preservation? Does he have a death wish? Is he suicidal?
Jazz is meanwhile concerned about this kid having anger issues
Jazz: ...he keeps getting more and more upset. Is the stress getting to him? Is he having trouble processing possible trauma?
Dick is Brotherly Concerned(TM)
Jazz is going into Psychoanalysis Mode(TM)
Danny: oh no! Guess I should hide in this closet while you do your hero thing :)
Dick: don't worry kid I'm not gonna abandon you, I'll get you out of the building no problem
Danny: oh! Thanks! :)))))
Danny just wants this super friendly dude to leave him alone
Damian: I need to get out of this tank
Jazz: it's an RV
Damian: ......... (climbs toward the back window)
Jazz: I wouldn't-
Damian: (attempts to jump out at a tree only for a mechanical arm from the "RV" to catch him and put him back in.)...
Jazz: -do that...
Dick, picking up on Danny's contempt for this: (was it something I said???)
man, I want to see how Dick would react when he found out Danny is half dead
Dick: Did I fail? (self-loathing for sure)
-(Later when Danny's not in earshot)-
Tim: what did you do?
Dick: what do you mean?
Tim: I mean he obviously doesn't like you, you must've done something.
Dick: I didn't do anything!
He’s already imprinted, and Dick is so distressed about Danny not liking him
And Danny's trauma induced electrophobia only makes it worse lol
It does because it’s not liking and downright having a fear of
Everyone is having a bad time except Tim who is happy to break them out and laugh at them grabbing the wrong children
Danny does like Dick, it's not his fault Danny keeps his distance for the most part, or startles at the sound of an electric weapon turning on.
It's just a little uncomfortable, and awkward, and Danny has heroing to do that he can't escape to.
Like Danny thinks he’s super nice and kinda fun to talk too but ahh electrified and will not let him leave
Then Batman shows up and Danny's stress about the situation goes up to new heights not thought possible.
Danny snaps and starts yelling at Batman
Dick is like he’s clearly not scared of you what the hell what did I do
Danny: ...!!!! Ok! You Can Let Me Go Now!
Batman: well, you were mistaken for Bruce Wayne's son, and you look alike, too alike.
Danny: (glares at Batman for the audacity)
Danny: Fuck it! I'm leaving! Just find me later! (Walks into a closet and slams the door closed)
Batman: (opens it to reveal empty closet)
If looks could kill Danny would have murdered him
Dramatic entrances and leaves run in the family lol
Probably snatched some DNA samples later lol run tests
Danny gets to his family just to find Damien who looks like him and is somehow even more upset
Damian meets Danny and is impressed that he escaped their watch.
Damian is impressed, Danny is absolutely flipping shit and just wants to leave
Jazz would be apologizing to Damian about all the inventions/weapons lying around, and Damian wouldn't hear anything past "weapons" and trying to figure out how stuff works. Jack and Maddie are happy "Danny" is interested. I think the weapons range would be involved.
They straight up just steal Damian
Danny: let me guess, You're the "Bruce Wayne's Son" that the Bat gang confused me for
Damian: they- .... I'll kill them.
(He thought he just straight up got kidnapped by idiots and thought the Bats would get him after the fight)
Damian refuses to leave out of spite
"They can come to me and face me themselves"
Danny just gives up
The Fenton’s just accept they have 2 Dannys lol
Great you’ll get along with Dani perfectly
They do
Give Dami weapons like sure boyo happy ur interested take what u want
also, the Fenton’s (at least Jack) have canonically put their house in another dimension. It would totally be plausible to them that Damian is an alternate universe Danny
And Danny dealt with the threat quickly because it was a ghost, he just did a quick punch'n'thermos and then flew home. Even Batman can't track a ghost without the proper equipment.
 ---- he second guesses this when Batman shows up at his house later, but they were just getting Damian so he's fine.
Damian coming home with an arsenal
Dick be like: wha- how'd you get here before us?
Danny, deadpan: hitchhiked in a racecar.
Damian still full of spite: Look at all these weapons my other parents gave me.
Batman: alright, what did you steal from those people
Damian: I'll have you know they gave me these willingly (unloads all the handheld weapons from his suit)
Lol no one believes him til Jack like oh and don’t forget this one boyo! It’ll vaporize any ghost into ash.
It’s a rocket launcher
Batman is confused
What if they gave Damian a hazmat suit?
They now have to convince Damian, they didn’t mistake him they were just watching the ‘civilian’. Do not go home with the crazy people
Bruce "adopts blue eye, black hair kids" Wayne getting Uno reverse carded by Jack "Dad Shaped" Fenton adopting his biological son (both of them!)
Tim is having the time of his life over the coms
Jason gets there late and so confused what did you do and why is Damian disowning us
Why is there two Damians
Until Jason hears about free weapons then like “Ah, my new family”
Tim heads out just to join the Jason and Damian in the new fam
It’s mostly just because it’s funny how huffy batman gets. he has to bribe them to come home
Danny doesn't help
Dick is asked if he wants to join too by Jazz, she thinks it’s funny
Batman tries bribing him and Danny's just like "idk B-Man I think he needs more incentive than that..."
Cassandra just goes and starts standing next to Jazz (where did she come from?)
Batman got out adopted by a family that calls all the black hair children Danny or girl Danny
It takes Batman a minute to realize these normal people shouldn’t have an Arsenal in the back of their vehicle
An arsenal or Arsenal the outlaw?
or: both
An arsenal
He Broke in when Jason mentioned laser guns
another causality of their poor eyesight😔😔
They call him boy Jazz
and eventually Damian talks about that’s they’re like and now the bats are just super concerned for these children
After they stop making fun of Batman
he is so concerned for these rude, rude, weapon children
Lol yes gotta get over making fun of Bruce
AU where Danny's parents simply need a wake-up call but otherwise they're fine parents, and very eccentric
The bat-kids love the Fenton Family so much.
Honorary aunt and uncle
I had to put my phone on the charger and walk away for a little while, but damn I love all of this so much. Just yes
Ok but what if they get really buddy-buddy to the point of the Fenton Family being in on the Batman family secret. (Fenton-Parents think Bruce Wayne is hilarious)
Vlad gets So Mad when he finds Bruce Wayne having tea with Maddie on a Sunday morning visit.
Danny, having spent more time with Damian and Jason, just shoots Vlad point blank<333 /j
Just no hesitation
"Daniel what the FUCK is Bruce Wayne doing in your kitchen?"
Danny: omg you actually cursed, this is the best or worst day of my life. Depends on if you attack me now.
Also, he’s technically my dad so ha
[Vlad.exe has stopped working]
 [Vlad.exe has overheated from confusion and rage]
He just, fades away in front of Danny (bcz he's dramatic) so he can just kinda,,,, sit at home.
Maddie: oh, what did Vlad want to talk to you about?
Danny: he was just checking in
Maddie: is he still in your room?
Danny: no? he left, you must've just missed him :)
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