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#maddie x chimney
fireinyourkiss · 14 hours ago
chim's voice breaking when he says it takes an ambulance 13 minutes to get to their apartment and chim's voice breaking when he begs the doctor to tell him why jee was in the ER
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incorrectbuddie · a month ago
Eddie: *sighing happily and putting away Buck's clothes*
Chimney: What's his problem?
Maddie: Last night Buck got so drunk he couldn't recognize Eddie.
Maddie: Eddie tried to take off his shirt to get him changed, but Buck just kept slapping his hand away and saying, "Stop! I have a boyfriend!"
Chimney: Those losers are made for each other.
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buttercupbuck · 4 months ago
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911 ‣ MADDIE AND CHIMNEY [911 ‣ MADDIE AND CHIMNEY] requested by @maddieandchimney
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you-are-the-reason · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
But if something was to happen to you or her on my watch? I can’t carry that, Maddie. That will be the thing that breaks me, so please -- It’s okay. No, it’s not! It’s okay ‘cause I’m not gonna do that to you. I love you, I’m not gonna put you through that.
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(Buck does something stupid and reckless (cuz BUCK))
Maddie: I'm telling Mom and Dad.
Buck: Pfft, go ahead, I don't care about what they think anymore. They won't care, anyway.
Chim: I think she means Athena and Bobby.
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gmwsuperfan5467890 · 28 days ago
Just find it interesting how Eddie’s going through what Chimney went through in the earlier seasons. Being stuck in a rut after a near-death experience, this manifests as frustration and anger for Chimney while for Eddie, it manifests as anxiety and terror especially since there’s an underlying element of him discovering that he’s queer and in love with his best friend. Chimney started to overcome this when he accepted himself for who he was and stopped trying to change himself to fit someone else’s view if an ideal partner. He also let go of a relationship that wasn’t serving him, found closure and eventually found love with a Buckley who loved him just the way he was. Very interesting, indeed.
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itsbuddiebaby · 3 months ago
Chimney: I want to tell Maddie how sorry I am and show her how much I love her but it’s so hard to find the words and I …
Buck: It’s simple just say how you feel and go with your first instinct. Think like Buck!
*6 hours later*
Maddie: Why on earth have you been staring at Eddie all day and calling him your husband who’s the most gorgeous man alive?
Chimney: I was thinking like Buck
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fireinyourkiss · 25 days ago
sometimes i think maddie saying "i love us" is equally, if not much more, important as her being able to say "i love you" to chim, whether she recognizes it or not.
frank said that maddie loved doug. and she did. she was married to him, she built a life with him, she'd known him for years. she did love him. but she never loved them, never loved maddie&doug. it was either a facade of the happy and safe couple they put up in front of others or an excuse doug used to justify his actions.
but with chim? maddie genuinely loves the team that they are. the way they are equals and partners in all things. the way there is respect and love and comfort. she doesn't just love him out of obligation or shared past or anything else. she loves who they both are individually and together. she loves them.
and being able to acknowledge and admit that says volumes about how she feels.
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incorrectbuddie · 2 months ago
Chimney: [sitting on Maddie's lap]
Eddie: Why don’t we ever do stuff like that?
Buck, pulling Eddie onto his lap: Happy?
Eddie: Do you seriously have a boner right now?
Buck: You wanted this.
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orochimarusimp · 3 months ago
may i just say, i am disappointed in 9-1-1 for not giving us the gem that would have been buck and chimney throwing bobby a bachelor party. that’s it, that’s all i’m mad abt right now, and you all definitely know why.
y’all know DAMN WELL that whatever party those two threw for him would have been a hilarious disaster, and i’m sad we didn’t get that ridiculousness😩
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politedemon · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m really glad that Albert’s okay. God, talk about bad luck.
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