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#maddy perez

season one behind the scenes final episode

one year ago

i know times suck ass right now and we all can’t wait for season two. but we want everyone involved to be safe so till then we have to wait. thank you all for everything. you all are so cool and amazing people. this year has been crazy but we will hopefully get through this. and see our friends and family have euphoria parties and live our dream overly romanticized lives💜💜💜

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Yep! If we’re talking angst and/or dead dove content, then Maddy Perez from Euphoria. Also, Selah Summers from Selah and the Spades, if we’re still talking angst and/or dead dove content. 

Maybe Jules Rae from Teenage Cocktail, if it’s not going to be angst and is going to be more of a stabilizing force, like the lil’ crossover I snuck into my last prompt fill for Beth. 

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