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treekoalago · a year ago
I think this cat can candle these chicks just fine
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manfrommars2049 · 2 months ago
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Soulmates (literally) via MadeMeSmile
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missfliss88 · 3 months ago
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Just been to see the doctor. A routine checkup that’s all. A woman, around about my age, was sitting next to me, at the required social distance, and we were both reading. I’m sure she had discreetly checked out my book, anyone who reads does this when they encounter a kindred spirit. I had certainly checked out her Kindle! We both wore glasses. The photo above shows the print size and number of words per page in my book. This little cutie had enlarged the print size on her device so much that there were only eight lines to a page!
Bless her.
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