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#madison reyes
willexx · 3 months ago
since we’re showing our love for madison, friendly reminder that jatp was her first gig which she auditioned for when she was 14 and literally gave the performance of a lifetime that continues to amaze us daily. PLUS she did tons of rehearsing at boot camp with no prior experience AND wrote a song for the show all while she’s in high school. a true queen.
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molinashimbos · 2 months ago
jatp: gets amazing reviews by audience and critics, 8.5 on imdb, 93% on rotten tomatoes
netflix: hmmmmm
jatp: wins a freaking mtv award
netflix: i cannot see 👁️👁️
jatp: wins three telltale awards
netflix: i am looking away 👀
jatp: gets 7 emmy nominations
netflix: i am suddenly blind
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spideygillespie · 6 months ago
I just realized in episode 5 when the boys are amazed by Calebs performance Willie says “you guys should come back when he shows one of his movies. I mean for Titanic, he literally floods the entire place.” And the guys just smile and nod because....they don’t know what titanic is.
The movie came out in 1997.
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blush-and-books · 5 months ago
just a reminder that madison reyes
- auditioned for a show at the age of 14, starred in it at 15, and has quickly been acclaimed by critics and viewers for her talent
- hopefully will continue to star in this series as it gets renewed
- is working on an EP slowly but surely (she’s safe in a pandemic yall) but she’s MAKING AN EP
- is a gamer who livestreams her plays and also does a lot of lives/tiktoks
- is continuing to audition for other roles
- and has her name being thrown around to play a Puerto Rican superhero in a possible/upcoming Netflix production of the La Borinqueña comics where she would play the titular character (again aye)
.... all while going to school. she’s finishing her junior year right now and will be a senior by the time things hopefully start amping up again. just remember the power she has 
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latinposeidon · 5 months ago
Kenny Ortega: openly talks about how important positive gay representation is for younger audiences, grew up when queerness could only be portrayed in villains, would never make the love interest of one of his gay characters a bad guy
Owen Patrick Joyner: ‘when we kiss’, ‘that’s my boyfriend’, talks about how much he loves willex
Booboo Stewart: wants Alex and Willie to be ‘in a full-blown relationship’ in season 2
Charlie Gillespie, Madison Reyes, and Savannah Lee May: openly ship willex, have all individually called themselves the captain of the willex ship
JatP tiktok: ... Willie’s a bad guy and Alex belongs with Luke
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dahlia-molinas · 6 months ago
the jatp cast doing irl interviews would just be charlie and owen throwing down in the background for absolutely no reason at all while jeremy and madison continue to answer questions as if nothing happened
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