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“I come bearing gifts!” Maddie said as she pushed open the door, Amy in tow. The little one carried a basket of cupcakes, while Madison carried bottles of wine. “I miss you, and the little one wanted to see the girls.” She said, then set the presents on the counter. “I need a full rundown of your life, mostly because mine is boring. But also, because I feel out of the loop.” She smiled, and held out her hand to pull her in for a hug. 

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Hey bbys!

Just two quick updates:

1. The next CH for Your Red-Headed Mentor will be out probably Wednesday (there’s a chance for it being sooner, but I don’t want to excite too much). I have updated the series masterlist, so if you’d like to refresh to be ready for the next chapter, everything will be on there! 

2. Post that, you may not get much writings from me for a little bit. I’ll be crunching to finish the 2k, and I definitely need to ensure that gets done in time, and that I’m happy with it! 

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U r so sweet hun! I’m sorry u weren’t having a good day, and I hope today is better! I have some more requests from yesterday to do, so I’ll try and get at least one out today! Thank u sm for ur kind message 💛

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Felt like showcasing my ridiculously messy hair this morning 💁🏼‍♀️ happy Friday from the girl who’s working the next 5 days in a row ☺️

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Absolutely! We got a half and half pizza, and a little piece of pepperoni was baked into the veggie part! It was under the cheese so I couldn’t see it! I tried to spit out most of it, but I def ate some and my stomach def hurts oof 

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while i’m working with voices for this thing i’m working on, here’s a fun fact: one of djss’ lines from his second cassette tape is actually trimmed down.

the line in question ends with “i had almost forgotten about the true serenity i feel whenever i look up into the starry night,” in the game, but the line doesn’t actually stop there. he continues with:

“speaking of which, i’ve also been dabbling with my old hobby again — composing electronic music. as i tinker with my old turntable, i was suddenly struck with a moment of clarity. people respond more to music!”

…and then it continues like normal. i’ll reblog this post with a link to a video where you can hear it yourself, if you’d like!

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