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I actually envisioned something like this happening. Like the pandemic, riots, and protests that is all occurring right now. I saw visions of all of this happening 2 years ago. I just didn’t think this would happen all too soon or as early as 2020. But yeah pls just let the world end now, I’m ready to get out of this shithole.

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Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization
Madness, which finds its first possibility in the phenomenon of passion, and in the deployment of that double causality which, starting from passion itself, radiates both toward the body and toward the soul, is at the same time suspension of passion, breach of causality, dissolution of the elements of this unity.
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After a lot of preparing I’ll be bringing a live AV set to Instagram this Thursday at 9:00pm UK Time. I’ll be playing many unreleased tracks and Ablsolute bangers like this on Track- Dusty Kid - Kollera #dustykid #dmango #uktechno #technoset #techno #dance #covid19 #bristoltechno #bristol_lens #bristoldj #resolume #technolovers #technoparty #summervibes #madness #technoordie #technolife #djset #vibes #onlybombs #coronavirus (at Bristol, United Kingdom)

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Women of the Asylum: Voices from Behind the Walls, 1840-1945 by Jeffrey L. Geller

The 26 women who tell their stories here were incarcerated against their will, often by male family members, for holding views or behaving in ways that deviated from the norms of their day. The authors’ accompanying history of both societal and psychiatric standards for women reveals the degree to which the prevailing societal conventions could reinforce the perception that these women were “mad”.

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What Lives in the Wires

 Lost to the dark and reclaimed by time, the imposing face of a monument built to both beauty and ego stood in dreadful silence, doors gaping in a silent scream, many windows blank and shattered, staring into the heaving, deadly mist that spewed from it in tumultuous waves with the eyes of a rotted corpse.

 Mettaton’s shrine to both himself and the world of entertainment was a husk of its former self, and now stood as the only barrier between the rest of the Underground and the inner workings of the grand and terrible machine that towered over it, casting an unmoving shade across the fields of lava, the columns of rock and cliffs of volcanic glass, and the empty, collapsing homes of forgotten monsters all.

 The CORE would not be forgotten, though, and would not be silent.

 It clanked and groaned and whined, a hulking beast in the throes of death. Pipes burst and fell to become slag in the lava it fed from, releasing screaming vents of steam to join the howls of pain and hunger staining the arid, dry winds of Hotland.

 Within it grew a danger none knew but all should fear, and grew deadlier each and every day…

 Yet through the meandering and endless hallways crawled the last vestige of beauty that remained in the Underground, unheeding of the danger posed him and quite content to remain. Radiation had no effect on him, after all… he had nothing to fear from corruption or disfigurement.

 He was barely alive to begin with.

 “Aaaaaaaand now it’s time… for the Mettaton Show! With your host and role model, Mettaton!”

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Repost! @madness__rune 🔥
“Good bye Bad Mind”
監督: @tomohikokun 🎥: @_villastock
@madness__march .
Must check it up☄️☄️
#RUNE #GoodbyeBadmind
#MADNESS #Dancehall #Reggae
#三河 #🔥🔥🔥

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