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hiiii ive been thinking abt a ghost au for a good while now and now im here to talk about it......... some other time. for now have this little thing :]
alt version with no text below the cut:
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[ Haha funny ]
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Don't think, just kill.
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He's an expert in the tactical art of "Picking up tour teammates and getting the fuck outta there"
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there is one interpretation of Hofnarr that lives in my brain, and it's this
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2BDamned: Alright, you’re good to go. Stay safe.
Hank: //leaves house, immediately gets hit by a car
2BDamned, running outside to kneel by their side: What the FUCK did I just say?
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Squid (asylum patient OC) X Reader
Summary : A usual day of (Y/n) taking care of Squid.
Who is Squid? Squid is a character that i made up to get an individual patient for the reader to interact with. Whether than a nameless patient. There is Squid!
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Where has he gone?
It's always to difficult to find him again. (Y/n) has to think outside the box here. Nothing more like going on a hunt for a missing patient, he could be anywhere.
"Squid?" (Y/n) calls out. Being this guy's handler is a handful of work. Even more so that he's not the only one that is under your care. "Squid, come on!" (Y/n) yells, looking around the room they're in. They have to think outside the box here. And if there is one thing that they and other handlers know, it's that Squid likes to dwell in the ventilation system.
They look up, and rightfully so... There is a vent-covering that has been forced open, hanging loose by one screw. A bit of blood on the sides. Squid must have hurt himself trying to open that thing. So he has to be in there, right?
It musty, cold and covered in bust. Perfect... His hand stings, he doesn't care to know why. He loves the tight spaces be can crawl into, no one can hurt him here. But there are still the voices...
"You're hiding again... Coward. Coward! You're such a wuss. You're not even trying!" The voices are always so mean!
"Squid? Are you in there?" That voice, he remembers that voice. But he's to hesitant to check it out. "That blood... Squid are you hurt? Answer me please." The voice calls again. Hurt? Yeah his hand stings but... Squid glances down at his own hand. With what little light that comes into the vents, he can see open and bleeding  wounds. What? How could he miss that? "Squid, please come out. It's me; (Y/n)!" Oh that's why the voice sounded so familiar. (Y/n) is the only person that's nice to him. Squid is willing to shuffle out of the vent, and he founds (Y/n) right on the entrance of the vent. They hold their hands out, wanting to help him out. He's not very mobile with the straight-jacket. (Y/n) takes a firm hold of Squid's shoulders, lifting him out of the vent and help him on the floor. they immediately notice his wounded hand. (Y/n) wraps their hand around his shoulders to guide him to the infirmary to aid his wounds. "Let's take care of that, okay?" They speak to him gently. Squid is comforted by (Y/n) approach and nods shakily. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. take care." He murmurs, slightly repeating what (Y/n) has said. ~~~~ Squid takes a seat on one of the beds in the infirmary. Watching as (Y/n) turns their back to him and get some supplies. He usually hates being in the infirmary. But this time he can manage, (Y/n) is always nice. Squid swings his legs lightly, then (Y/n) returns to him with bandages and disinfectant. "Now, this is going to sting. prepare yourself." (Y/n) warns, before gently cleaning up the wounds on Squids hand. Squid whines from the pain, shaking and  flinching but not pulling away. Squid is away that (Y/n) really wanted to help him, unlike the other handlers... Then (Y/n) dresses the wounds with bandages. (Y/n) softly rubbing their thumb over the bandages to ease the pain. "There, you did so well! How about a treat?" They ask, Squid perks up at the work 'treat' and nods rapidly. He jumps off the bed and follows (Y/n) to the canteen to get a treat. There is not much fancy food in the canteen for patients. But there are apples that (Y/n) can feed him. they have done this before with another patient. And he loved it too. And looking at Squid, it's about time he got some vitamins and gain a little weight, for he looks so frail and weak. (Y/n) decides on the apple, slices it up in pieces and hand-feeds the patient. Squid is more than happy with the sweet fruit. Chewing on the fruit with glee. It's nice to have something other than stale and dry bread. "Feeling better now?" (Y/n) asks the patient; who stops chewing to look at them and smile, with a mouthful of apples. (Y/n) smiles back, it's always a good feeling to make a patient happy. Those patients are already having a tough time in this asylum, with not being treated fairly and all that. It's the least that they can do for the patients, treat them with a big more dignity than all the other handlers do. ~~later that evening~~ All the patients are being fed sedatives before being brought back to all their cells. Pills to keep the patients quiet during the night. But sometimes there are those sneaky patients, those who found a way to cheat the system. Squid is one one of those. Depending on the wing, there are lines of patient waiting to get the pills. Not like they have a choice in the matter. The moment that it's Squids turn, one guard stands behind him and holds his head in place as another guard tips the cup and  forces the pills into his mouth. Before he could recover, he gets pushed away to make room for the next patient. Squid doesn't swallow the pills, instead he holds them in his mouth, until there is a spot with no guards or handlers so he can spit them out. Right in his cell, is where he spits the pills out. He hates the sedatives, it makes the voices louder. It causes nightmare, His cell is cold, the padded walls and floor are not helping at all. It's dark, there is only one little lamp at the side of the door. His mind is playing tricks on him again. The shadows are taking shape, shapes that want to attack him! Squid shrieks at the shapes, scrambling away into the corner closest to the wall. His hands are bound, he can't do anything to protect himself from the threat. so, he starts to cry and curls into a fetal position to hide away from the threats approaching him. The voices are getting louder; "What a coward! Hiding away as usual! Face us!" "No! Leave me alone! Don't hurt me!" Squid cries, pushing himself into the corner, he screams and shivers in fear, the shadows are getting closer! What could he do! Suddenly, there is a metallic clink. The door of his cell opens. The light from the wing's hall scares the shadows away, hissing as the light burns them away. "Squid? Squid! What happened?" It's (Y/n) to his rescue! They kneel down in front of him, hands out before him. Ready to help him calm down. "Squid, look at me please." They coo gentle, putting their hand under his chin to make him look at them. His face is running with tears, stinging the cuts on his face. Squid hiccups, and through his blurry tear-filled vision he can make out (Y/n)'s face. "(Y-Y/n)" He stutters, he wishes he could hug them right now. Luckily (Y/n) is thinking the same thing and takes him into a gentle embrace. They feel so warm, so comforting. (Y/n) always makes all the bad things go away. Their arms wrapped around him firmly. Rubbing their hand over his back helps him calm down. Squid places his face into (Y/n) shoulder. Using the fabric of their scrubs to wipe his tears. "calm down, Squid. It's okay. stay calm." (Y/n) says and pulls away from him. "Deep breaths, c'mon."  They instruct, holding Squid's face to make him look at them. Squid already knows the drill, taking a few deep breaths and he calms down completely. (Y/n) smiles at Squid. Feeling glad that the situation is in control again, and Squid is in control again as well. ___________________________________________
Here, go get your hurt/comfort angst
Thanks for reading.
- Smilex
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Agent stuff
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@incorrect-madnesscombat I had to draw this one too :D
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i like to call this queerbait, except its just two gay people baiting each other for a prank
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"Put them on, I bet you going to look good on them buddy"
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[ To lazy to finish properly ]
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Made another animation lol
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Jeb: That's ridiculous. Hoffnar doesn't have a crush on me.
Hank: yes he does
Deimos: yes he does.
Sanford: Yes he does.
Tricky: YES I DO :)
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Oooo I got an interesting one! A Deimos x Reader where the Reader went missing for a while, and Deimos found them as a Zed. Angst and/or Fluff, the choice is yours!
Oooo~ I love me some angst! Leave it to me anon! ~Mod Deimos
(h/l) - hair length
(h/c) - hair color
(e/c) - eye color
Love is Beyond Death - Deimos x Zed! Reader
"I promise Dei, I'll be fine."
"You know I get worried about ya' toots..Nexus City is dangerous and...I don't wanna have to see you come back as a corpse.."
"I've been scouring Nexus City for years..that's how I found you and the others didn't I?"
"Well...yeah but.."
"You worry too much. I'll be back before you know it!"
It's been 4 weeks since y/n had left, no sign of her returning. Deimos' anxiety kept getting worse, barely eating and shut off in his room.
Sanford was concerned, he wasn't just gonna let his best friend suffer by himself. He knocked on his bedroom door.
"Bud? You in there?"
Silence...the door opened a crack, letting Sanford see Deimos' tired, tear-streaked eyes.
"Can I...come in? I just want to talk.."
Deimos stepped aside, letting Sanford into his room.
"What do you want San..?"
"It's y/n...isn't it?"
Deimos fell silent, it was y/n...he kept himself in his room hoping for a sign that y/n would come back.
"It's been 4 weeks...I miss her so much.."
He held a small snowglobe in his hands, she made it for his birthday. It held so much meaning to him that he couldn't let go of it.
"...We're going to Nexus City..we're going to find her."
"If she's still out there, we have to help her"
Deimos, with a newfound burst of energy, stood up immediately and packed a bag full of numerous things, grabbed his guns and headed toward the front door of the base.
"Woah, wait up bud!"
Sanford ran after him with his hook in hand but Deimos was already too far away, he stopped himself and went back inside the base.
Deimos couldn't stop running, going in through a hidden tunnel into the city he began to search for her.
"y/n?! Where are you?!"
A soft groan echoed through the area, he followed the repeating sound eventually coming to an alleyway. He shone his flashlight down to reveal a familiar shape. The (h/l) (h/c) hair...that outfit that he helped pick out for her...
"y/n? Is that you?"
Upon the sudden noise, the figure turned to face Deimos. He froze up, all the hope he had shattered...the torn-up, green skin and cold faded (e/c) eyes...she was a Zed now..those zombie bastards got to her first..
She got up from her meal, the viciously eaten corpse flopping onto the ground. Slowly limping towards Deimos with a violent growl.
"y/n! Stop! It's me, Deimos!"
She slowed to a halt. Staring at him with a somewhat curious expression, a soft moan sounded from her as she gazed at his distressed expression.
"Toots...it's me....do you remember me..?"
It took a minute or two, but she remembered him, stepping away from him with a shriek.
"y/n...it's okay..don't be afraid.."
She snapped at him hoping to deter him away from her but he kept coming toward her.
"No...I'm not leaving you..not this time. We'll get you back to the base and get ya to Doc, he'll help ya"
He slowly pulled her into a gentle hug, not wanting to let go after having her missing for so long, just wanting to comfort her through this dark time.
"W..hy..? Why....di..d..you...com..e....ba..ck?"
"I was worried y/n...those 4 weeks spent without you were the worst...that and Sanford got my energy and hope up to come find you.."
She was silent for a bit, trying to remember bits and pieces of her memory.
"Yeah...they're fine..base felt...empty..even Doc was quite sluggish without you there.."
"Oh honeycakes...I thought you'd never ask..~"
Carefully helping her up, they slowly traveled back to the Anti-AAHW base, Sanford greeted them at the door.
"It's really you y/n...come on, we'll get you to Doc.."
As they walked through to get to Doc's office, y/n's raspy breathing caught Hank's attention, immediately thinking a Zed threat was in the base, he sprinted toward the noise with his Dragonblade in hand and promptly sliced y/n's entire right arm off. With a screech, her Zed instinct kicked in as she pounced on him, looking to take a sizable chunk out of Hank.
"y/n! STOP!"
She halted, looking towards Deimos seeing both his and Sanford's frightened expression at how aggressive she suddenly became. She shook her head and regained cognitive thought, stepping off of Hank and grabbing her severed arm.
"Hey, don't worry about it...it's just an instinct from reacting to pain."
Deimos rubbed her back gently, leading her into Doc's office, said doctor quite stunned at y/n's condition.
"y/n? You...got infected?"
She looked away in shame, her head hanging low.
Doc looked her over, coming up with a long term treatment for her.
"Well...I'll have to keep her in my office so I can keep monitoring her..."
He started listing off a bunch of things to help with her treatment, y/n just sat in a nearby chair, still holding the arm she lost. Deimos noticing cleared his throat to get the doctor's attention.
"Uh...sorry to interrupt, but...Hank kinda..sliced her arm off.."
"Ah, no worries, I can put it back on. In the meantime Deimos, could you set up the treatment room for y/n? She's going to be staying there for a bit and I don't want anything else on her getting more infected that it should.."
"Gotcha, I'll be quick about it!"
Doc nodded, quickly getting to work on reattaching y/n's arm.
It's been a few months since y/n came back to the base, she was looking far better than she did before. Doc managed to replace most of the rotted organs with fresh ones, putting fresh blood into her system and jumpstart her new heart into functioning which in turn revived her. She still had green skin but it was slowly fading into her usual skin color and her eyes had regained their regular gloss and color.
She had finally gotten proper meals after weeks of getting her off eating stray agents from the streets.
Slowly returning to who she once was, Deimos had spent almost all of his time with her when he wasn't on missions. Sharing old memories with her and doing the things she'd love doing.
"Thank you...for being there for me babe..."
"Of course honeycakes...I couldn't just leave you in that alleyway, I knew I had to help you...and look where you are now! Healthy and happy as ever!
She smiled, relishing the moment with him. She gingerly kissed him, making up for a lot of missed cuddle sessions.
"I love you Dei..."
"And I love you..y/n..."
I decided happy ending! I hope you all enjoyed this! ~Mod Deimos
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Just uhm take this
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