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Surface Pressure, Camilo's 10 minute version.
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shoot your shot
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Carlos Madrigal had never seen his twin, Camilo look so pathetic until he saw it for himself. Alternate title: Carlos Madrigal sees Camilo simp for you and decides to mess with him just because.
masterlist !! requested by @umbrellazontik
It was another perfect day in the little valley of Encanto. The sun was shining brightly over the tall mountains that the little town had been nestled in, the morning mist made delicate dew drops on every surface it could perch on, all was well. It was a good morning for everyone. Until the Madrigal twins’ bickering had echoed from the town square.
Most residents had sighed heavily at this, knowing the commotion all too well.
Camilo Madrigal had grumbled up at the figure beside him as they walked, a boy who looked very much like him and in to the untrained eye, one might think Camilo had made a clone of himself but that wasn’t the case. Beside him was the one and only Carlos, his younger twin brother.
It was safe to say that the early years of their childhood was filled with Pepa’s thunderous clouds. The boys had trouble written all over them. Often getting into fights with one another and wreaking havoc in their Casita.
The chaos only worsening when the two had gotten their gifts. Camilo had the gift to shape shift as did Carlos but rather than using it to help the village like his older brother, Carlos Madrigal was dead set on doing the opposite.
It wasn’t that hard to decipher which was which between them despite being twins. Camilo, for example had dark green eyes and his hair was curly and untamed, his ruana a mix of light and dark yellows with the chameleon patterns pointing down. Carlos had chocolate brown eyes, his hair a bit more shorter and wavier rather than curly, and his eyes were half-lidded unlike his brother’s. While Camilo donned a yellow ruana, Carlos’ had a deep maroon ruana adorned with light brown stripes and the chameleon pattern it had pointed upwards.
As his older brother rambled on about something, Carlos had rolled his eyes, smoothening out his ruana. He really could care less about what he was rambling about, Camilo’s words going to one ear and then out the other. He kicked a pebble in his path, inwardly mocking the boy beside him as he talked non-stop.
It was something, something.. creating trouble by using his voice.. yada yada chaos..
Then all too suddenly his rambling stopped. “Finally.” He breathed out with a roll of his eyes. Though that was a first. Camilo’s ramblings lasted a few blocks into town but this time it was cut short. His brows furrowed. Carlos craned his head to look at Camilo but found that his side was empty.
It was like clockwork. During this time, on the same path, on the same direction, he would be left alone and his brother would be nowhere to be found. It was honestly comical how suddenly Camilo was there and then the next, he wasn't.
He blinked, head whipping left and right. Did he just disappear on him again? Only to look back and see Camilo leaning against a wall, smiling at an unfamiliar girl. You’d think in such a small town he would know everyone. In his defense, all of Encanto was unfamiliar to him. He didn’t really waste his time in getting to know everyone when he could just be playing tricks and pranks all over town.
He quirked a brow as he approached them, only now noticing the lovesick expression on his brother’s face. His signature smirk appearing on his features as he found Camilo stumbling over his words a little, a red flush on his cheeks.
Interesting reaction.
Only then could he recognize the person his brother was talking to. He didn’t know your name but he had recognized you as the stern woodcarver’s daughter. His lips curled into a devious grin.
It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together when Camilo had fumbled when you laughed. He snickered as Camilo’s knees almost buckled underneath him. Oh his brother was a simp. A huge simp. He hadn’t seen him this.. pathetic looking. If he could have hearts in his eyes the fool would’ve probably had it. So this was where he was disappearing to?
“Camilo!” He calls out, as if he hadn’t just been observing them from afar. His older brother stiffened at the name, almost going pale as he approached. You had turned to the sound of his voice with a curious tilt of your head and as you did so, Camilo was shaking his head at him and mouthing the words ‘Don’t you dare’ with a narrowed gaze.
This was going to be fun.
“There you are! Oh.. and I see you’re with a friend!” His devilish grin had quickly turned into an angelic smile as he wrapped an arm around his older brother who muttered a quiet ‘Miercoles’ under his breath.
“Well, hermano, aren’t you going to introduce me?”
Camilo grumbled.
“This is my brother—“ He starts begrudgingly before he was quickly interrupted by said brother introducing himself instead.
“Carlos Madrigal, muñeca. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took your hand in his, winking up at you. “But you’ve probably seen the murals, huh?”
He leant down to press a chaste kiss on your knuckles. “And you are?” Upon hearing your name, the mischievous boy smiled once more. He tested your name, liking the way it rolled off his tongue.
“Beautiful, muñeca, just like you.” He finally says, returning to his deep suave voice.
You arch your brow at the boy’s flirtatious nature, having been quite used to being chatted up by boys and girls alike.
Carlos tried to fight back a smirk as he saw Camilo go wide-eyed and slack jawed. You, however, didn’t have anymore time to dwell on having both devilishly handsome twins' attentions upon hearing your father’s gruff voice call for you to come home.
You smile sheepishly, and bid them a temporary farewell. Camilo had maintained his composure up until you finally disappeared around the corner elbowing Carlos harshly.
“What was that for!?” He hissed, rubbing his sore side.
“What do you mean ‘what was that for’..” Camilo mocked the mimic with a roll of his eyes. “You know what that was for!”
“What? I’m shooting my shot if you aren’t going to. She’s pretty.” Carlos rolled his eyes at Camilo’s antics.
"Well, I was going to before you rudely interrupted, pendejo!" That was a lie. Although he wanted to, he was far too caught up in la la land for him to actually confess.
Carlos smirked. He had lived to rile people up and it seemed Camilo thought he was serious about pursuing you with the way his older brother furrowed his brows at him.
A part of him wanted to reassure his brother that he didn’t need to worry about him getting in the way of his little love story but he wasn’t known as mischief incarnate for nothing. Besides, if he kept on taunting Camilo, he may have the guts to ask you out for real in the future.
He hummed a little tune, smiling smugly as he nodded. He's a good brother, looking out for his older brother's welfare and happiness.. in a way.
"Better hurry, hermano. Or I'll be snatching her for myself." Carlos says, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
Tumblr media
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what’s better than one madrigal boy? two madrigal boys ✨ sorry if it’s short ! im juggling school + being sick 🥺✨😭 i hope you like it ? im going to explore and like establish carlos’ character further if i have the chance
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I did it. I made an Encanto cinnamon roll meme. Sorry not sorry. ^_^ Please check out my Encanto arts: Madrigal triplets  Bruno & Hector are besties Bruno’s curse  Dear rat boy That time of the month  Sequel to ^^^
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26 year old Camilo Madrigal! 🧡 I’m having fun aging up or down the Madrigals🧡
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Hello! Good morning/afternoon/night!
Its okay to request something from encanto where the 3 rd generation have their S/o and when their So was going to meet with them they see someone else kissing them because they were confessing but didnt know the madrigal was in a relationship
What do you think they would do if they after they pushed the person away they Saw their S/o stading there crying and then running off??
A/N: I finished writing it! (●ˇ∀ˇ●) I know you said 3rd generation but I didn't write for Antonio. He's five anyway
Fandom: Encanto
Paring: youngest generation of Madrigal x gender neutral reader
Word count: 1.7k
Tumblr media
You know Isabela is very popular but she promised you she only has eyes for you so you aren’t particularly worry about it
Isabela isn’t very open about your relationship and she is pretty subtle about it, so here’s some guy who mistaken Isa’s politeness as mutual affection, and he kissed her while confessing
The only reason Isabela is willing to stand outside under the burning sun that day is because she has a deal with you to hang out. She dressed up for you, but that guy took advantage of her
When you arrived, excited to see your beautiful girlfriend, you found out she is kissing someone else. The dude she told you to not worry about. What can you think about this situation? You just stared at them in disbelief
“Y/N wait!” Isa pushed that man off and tried to explain to you but you already ran away
Isabela instantly wanted to go after you, but her arms were caught by that guy and all the rage just busted out of her graceful disguise
She is going to grow vines all over that guy, trapping him in it and grow some big flowers to slap him and keep him this way until she’s back (or she’s not going to be back at all)
She will find you at a little private place that is filled with your favourite flowers she grew just for you
“Y/N I feel nothing about that dipshit. He forced it on me you have to believe me” She kneed in front of you
You believe her because she came to you really shortly after you left. So it proves she cares about you, but you played along a little longer just to see her comforting and promise things to you
After this if you are still in doubt, she will take you back to see the guy still trapped in vines and get slapped
This will bring a laugh out of you and the laugh eased Isabela too. Then you will carry on your date and have a nice time, completely forget that guy
Tumblr media
Luisa is a very busy person since she always needs to help around the town. So to spend time with her you just follow her around. Luisa doesn’t mind if people know about her relationship so she didn’t pay attention to hide it, but she is just too busy that she doesn’t look like she is in a relationship
Some fan-girl or fan-goy admires her and is obsessed with her. Someday Luisa has a plan with you to hang out on top of a mountain to watch sunset after she’s finish with the jobs around the town
While she’s carry the last sacks of cereals of the day, someone came to her. They took advantage of her hand-full status to confess and try to stand on their toes to kiss her
Luisa will be like leaning all the way back with terror, trying to not get their lips touch hers, but you still saw it
Part of your sight were blocked by the sack she is carrying so you thought they actually kissed. You cried and left the area
Luisa heard you and she knew it’s messed up, so she just throw the sacks down, trying to stop you
Then she got a little complains from the person she’s helping, so she just throw the sacks all the way across the sky to its destination. Completely ignoring that person
You were heading to the hill you were supposed to be at, and Luisa caught up with you at half way
“But you kissed them!”You argued, looking sad
“No I didn’t!” Luisa is actually a little offended you would accuse her like that. She actually dodged at all her might
She even demonstrated how she was dodging. Her sincerity made you believe her
“Actually come with me” She carried you all the way back down to the town and shouted to announce to everyone, “Listen to me everyone, this is my s/o! I’m taken and so is them!”
This pleased you a lot and Luisa carried you straight back up to the hill and you just got there in time for sunset
Tumblr media
Mirabel runs along with you all around everyday. She is really happy with you and people thought you are just a close friend
One day you and her are supposed to meet up in the morning. You and her are going to help her mother around
Mirabel is just singing and telling story with the children before you arrive and one of their brother or sister is listening as well. In the middle of the story they just came up to her and hold her hands, confessing a lot of things
Mirabel is just standing there froze, startled and confused. It’s a very touching confession really, but she just feel awkward
Before she knows how to react, that person just pulled her in and kissed her. You arrived just at that moment to witness all this
“Mirabel?” She heard you call her, your voice is filled with disbelief
Then she saw tears fall off your face, running away too. Mirabel pushed that person away with random arm movements, trying to get to you, but then she got surrounded by the kids again
Mirabel has to pick her dress up and step outside the surrounding circle of the children to get to you.
“I don’t like them, not even a tiny bit.”She explained frantically, tears also running down her cheek, “I’m sorry all I want is to make you happy. I don’t want to make you sad or cry. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault”
You had to take off her glasses and wipe off her tears to comfort her. In the end you talk everything through and get all back together happily
Tumblr media
Dolores is holding a plate of snacks when some random dude come to her (Imagine how Camilo was holding a disk in Dolores’form in the film)
He is literally startling Dolores by the way he is talking. Like, he is so touched and moved by himself, not even noticing the look on Dolores’ face
He’s like “I love you Dolores” and pressing his arms onto the table to support himself to lean forward, pouting his lips out to her
Dolores can hear your foot steps coming this way and she’s like, “Yeah……no”
Pushing that dude away then walking to you to meet you half way
“What’s wrong?” You will notice her little nervousness
“Nothing” Dolores is not a perfect liar
“I love you Dolores!”That dude is back again behind her and this time he’s shouting really loud, “And we were about to kiss!”
“What?” You stared at her, “Is he telling the truth?”
Dolores was really nervous that she didn’t blurt out a ‘no’ quickly enough. Just as you are heartbroken and trying to get away, Dolores grabbed your arm, pulling you in front of her
“Listen!” She accidently called out too loud that hurt her own ears, but she needed to be determined, “I’m taken by them! I don’t care if you love me. I love them! So get away!”
She didn’t even bother to hear their response. She just pulled you away
“He was not telling the truth”Dolores said to you, “I wasn’t even planning on letting him touch me”
“Really? You meant every words you said?”
Dolores holds your face and peppers kisses down
“Every” kiss “Single” kiss “Goddamn” kiss “Word” kiss
And of course you believed her. Dolores shared with you the snacks she took and everything is right as rain between you again
Tumblr media
Nobody took Camilo too seriously other than his family, because he is always goofing around in town. So since he always joked about you, nobody actually believed you are his s/o
So in my imagine you are probably playing hide and seek with Camilo around town that day. You are hiding because he always win is he is hiding
When Camilo is out there seeking for you, some girl just comes up to him. She likes him and feel like she is just the right person for him
Camilo just keep backing up and tell her he is taken by you, but she didn’t believe him. Then she just straight up kissed him
Camilo was startled so bad his shapeshifting gift lost control and he turned into everyone around him. You were out there looking for him because he took so long and that’s what you saw. You ran away
He saw you and finally came to sense that what he should do, pushing that girl off, no caring if she is a lady or not.
You went to hiding because you need some alone time to straighten your thoughts, but Camilo isn’t just good at hiding. He’s the master of games so he is good at seeking you too
He found you eventually. “What do you want” You turned your head to not look at him
“She just threw herself at me. I should have pushed her off the instant. I’m sorry” Camilo said to you very seriously, and he is rarely serious
After you are willing to listen to him, he talked about a lot more, but it’s gonna take more than that to get you forgive him
He sighed, “How about this” Camilo dragged you up and hide you somewhere in town and he found the girl
He takes your form in front of her, “Look at them. They are the most amazing and gorgeous human being I know and I love them. So go off at someone else”
She got really awkward and left. “Happy now?” Camilo turned back to you try to play it off like he didn’t say anything really sweet and against his personality
You love me?” You are just teasing him now.
“Oh shut up” Camilo blushes, “Let’s just go back to Casito and eat”
“Isn’t that what you always like to do” You giggled and walked with him while holding his hands
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Julieta: have you seen Pepa?
Bruno: I have not
Julieta: MARCO!
*from another aisle*
Pepa: POLO!
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Hii! I was wondering if requests are open, if I could request some headcannons or a one shot (whichever you prefer) of young Bruno x fem!reader (or gn, again whichever you prefer) where they meet at a party at Casa Madrigal, reader is new to town and bruno sees her for the first time from across the room while she's dancing?
Bruno sees you for the first time
He didn’t dislike parties but sometimes he just felt overwhelmed
He stood on the side, occasionally dancing with his sisters of the kids
His plan was to leave after the food was there but then he saw something beautiful
Or rather someone
You were a new face, a very friendly and pretty face
You were dancing with julieta and Mirabel, he didn’t remember seeing you before
He didn’t realize he was staring until Felix smacked his back
"I see you eyeing the new comer, she just moved to the town two weeks ago"
You danced so nicely and your laugh was delightful, it made his stomach feel warm and a stupid little smile formed on his lips
Though it took both Camilo and Agustin to convince him to speak up to you
"H-Hi…I’m bruno" you thought he was adorable, you’ve heard about him from his sister
You danced a little before just sitting down and chatting on the side
He was goofy and had so many random thoughts, so endearing and gentle
It was almost impossible to dislike him and it genuinely shocked you knowing he used to be hated by the entire town
"That’s so unfair, it’s their future!"
"I’m aware…"
One thing leads to another and by the end of the party you kiss his cheek goodbye promising to meet again
Bruno keeps his hand over his cheeks and lays in bed thinking about you all night
He eventually falls asleep with a grin on his face and his heart bounding loud in his chest
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ichigobunsss · 17 hours ago
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Pepa!🌤♡ And her many emotions✨
Okay this is prob my fave out of the madrigal cosplay's i've done lololI (plz excuse the bad editing lmao)
heres my insta!! https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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kazuallyy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
behold, the Madrigal triplets!! ☀️⏳🩹
gotta love how young pepa is so full of energy, young julieta being calm and then here comes young bruno;; absolute PANIK
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Camilo Madrigal | Perfect
Part one : Part two
Tumblr media
Request : No
Prompt : None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Let me know if you want a part 4
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo takes you on a proper date, and it goes perfectly
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo jumped over the rock, landing on the crisp green grass. "This is the last stretch," Camilo promised, putting his hands on your waist, and yours rested on his shoulders as you jumped off the rock. You landed next to Camilo who brushed your hair back.
"This better be worth it Cami," You joked, taking the bag off Camilo and setting it on your shoulder.
"I promise it's worth it," Camilo smiled grabbing your hand leading the way as you weaved through bushes and trees until you reached a wall of bright green vines, covered in small flower buds. "They're moonflowers." Camilo pointed out as you ran your ringers across the unbloomed flower. "They only come out at night. If we stay out long enough well see them, and if we don't, I can use it as an excuse to bring you back here."
You chuckled pressing a kiss to his cheek before he pulled you through the vines, smiling as you looked around in awe at the pink and white blossom trees. "How the hell did you find this place?" You questioned glancing between Camilo and the sun rays that peeked through the trees.
"I was upset one day, ran around for ages and found here," Camilo explained simply pulling you along to sit under one of the sunlight spots. "I come here all the time now." Camilo took the satchel from you, pulling out a varied selection of treats and pastries. "My Tia makes the best food, well, only rivalled by your churros." You smiled trying to hide your face in your hands, but Camilo pulled them away. "No! Your too cute!"
You laughed with Camilo this time shoving your face in his shoulder. "How come you're always flirting with me? I never even get time to even compliment you," You complained sitting up straight in front of Camilo.
"I don't know, guess I'm just better," Camilo teased taking a bite of one of the many arepa con queso's.
"All right then, I get to compliment you, and you can't deny or interrupt me until I'm done, okay?" You said sternly. Camilo raised his hands in defense while leaning back on his elbows while his legs stayed cross. "Okay, your freckles are adorable, like little angel kisses, which I might be slightly jealous of. Your hair is really soft and super cute. Oh! You have this little habit of tapping your fingers when you are nervous, and it makes me wanna hold your hand. Your smile is probably the most beautiful thing I've-" Camilo stopped your shower of compliments with a quick, soft, peck to your lips. You stopped, your entire face heating up and your eyes went wide, you could feel your heartbeat against your chest and you stared into Camilo's eyes.
"Sorry, you were just too cute when you were talking, and I got all mushy," Camilo said nervously, brushing his hair behind his ear.
"Can I-" You stopped taking a breath still in slight shock. "Can I kiss you? Properly?" Camilo nodded, resting his hands on your bent knees, pressing his lips against yours. You moved your hands to press against his cheeks as you both just basked in the moment.
Camilo pulled back pressing his forehead against yours, pressing chaste kisses to your cheeks and nose, "Your perfect."
You giggled knocking your nose against his, "Look who's talking."
Camilo went back to Casita that night, coming face to face with his family. "Ahh! Mi Vida, I was so worried," Pepa cried running up and hugging her son. "Where were you?"
"On a date~" Isabella teased in a sing-song voice.
"Actually yes, we wanted to the moonflowers," Camilo said softly, that same dumb love-struck smile on his face. "I was just walking 'em home." Pepa smiled, a rainbow growing above her head. "Oh Isa, can I have some flowers please, sunflowers and bluebells." Isabella nodded, still in shock that Camilo had actually gone on a date.
"Go get some sleep, Camilo," Felix encouraged. Camilo nodded, bidding a good night to everyone.
"Oh Tia, they really liked your arepa's" Camilo smiled one last time before ducking inside his room. Julietta smiled to herself, making a mental note to make more food for you.
Tags :
If it has a strike, I couldn't tag you
@sammrose136 @dai-tsukki-desu @moonchildxb @leoisgayforwriting @sunnth @yoursimpingfan @ihaveareallybadproblem @breadglasses @zukkun @skylarbyndomm
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asieybarbie · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey y'all! Drawing shapeshifting headass Camilo from Encanto (No cam today I look bummy) http://twitch.tv/asieybarbie
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aussiepineapple1st · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 | Previous | Next
I changed the colouring up a little bit, it was a bit faster and I decided not to add the blue highlights. Let me know what you think.
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harryxdraco5576 · a day ago
What encanto characters would post on Instagram:
Mirabel: Random quotes, pictures of her family (mostly Antonio,) pictures of her and her parents, her clothes, random pretty things in town.
Isa: She’s an influencer, posts daily, kinda gives off Amelia vibes if you’ve ever watched bizardvark, her page inspires people to be imperfect, pretty plants she’s made, videos of her sisters.
Luisa: Barely posts, doesn’t really know what to post either, pictures of Isa and mirabel, does more commenting than posting.
Julietta: 47927381992747910109384656829 Pictures of her kids.
Agustin: Only has like 5 posts, is on the app to keep up with the pictures his wife posts.
Antonio: Too young to be on Instagram but if he was, purely pictures of animals
Camilo: Prank videos, posts a lot, selfies, has posted thirst traps (Pepa took them down, he put them back up,) he actually covers serious topics sometimes to.
Dolores: Not very active, mostly posts pictures of her and Mariano.
Pepa: On there to monitor Camilo, posts quotes sometimes.
Felix: Everyday poster, dad jokes, dance videos, always doing challenges and trends, loves to collab with Camilo.
Bruno: Doesnt really get the app, mostly posts really bad selfies of himself.
Abuela: 0 posts, she uses it to stalk her family.
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ok i have watched encanto every day of the year so far, most of those days twice, a good handful three, and a couple four. probably a little over 60 times. and in my last watch i am JUST NOW noticing two important things.
abuela kisses two people on the cheek in the whole movie. the first being isabela in the beginning of the movie. you immediately see that this is a sign of praise, that this is abuelas way of showing pride. she kisses the golden child of the family on the cheek, her perfect grandchild. the parallel to this is at the end, we all remember the scene. bruno is the black sheep of the family, ostracized and demeaned and looked at as the familys greatest imperfection, most of that inflicted by abuela and probably pepa. the first thing abuela does when she sees her estranged son who has been gone for ten years and thought to have not cared about the family? is hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek. a symbol of her pride. which is /huge/ for her relationship with bruno.
the second parallel i noticed is with waiting on a miracle and we dont talk about bruno. if you hadnt heard, in the last overlap of voices in wdtab isabela and dolores duet the phrase “im fine!” repeatedly. obviously a masking technique, and where else do we hear this? in waiting on a miracle. “im fine, i am totally fine.” but also, mirabel repeats the line “im not fine” with the same weight that isabela and dolores put on theirs. its the first clear indicator you have that isabela and dolores have a problem with themselves
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 20 hours ago
Having a bad day
Having one of those days Bruno gets it he haves them to
Depending how bad the day is depends if he hovers
He knows if it’s ok to hover he will get as many blankets as he can and make a nest in his vision cave for you
Gets your favorite drinks and snacks all ready for you
When everything is set up he will pick you up and carries you to the nest
Once there get ready to be cuddled and kissed
If it’s really bad he will sit next to you running his fingers through your hair humming softly
He will stay there till you fall asleep
When you do he goes to the kitchen making your favorite meal for you
He will have Jorge give you the food knowing you would smile for him
Is trying to be your knight in shining armor
He doesn’t know you see him that way everyday
Tumblr media
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ecmo-drawings · a day ago
Tumblr media
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missmadrigal · a day ago
Alma: so, you’re in trouble again
Camilo: drink some cranberry juice
Alma: no not ‘urine trouble’, you are in trouble
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Can I please get a Bruno x reader where they learn a different language so that Dolores won't hear what they are saying.
Learning a new language with Bruno
It wasn’t until Dolores started tell everyone about your little giggles and supposed to be private chats
You knew she meant well but it was getting tiring
The idea came from a visiting group of foreigners who she couldn’t understand
"How about….Arabic?" You said
"If it means getting Dolores out of our business then I’m in"
You both went to the library and got as many books as possible about the language
Thank god there was books with pictures or else you would’ve been completely and utterly lost
You’re surprised to find out your Bruno is a fast learner
He knew how to greet and write his name by the end of the first week
You on the other hand was great at naming objects and foods
It took you a while but the more you both practiced in private the better you two got
Dolores was stunned when one day you greeted bruno with
"صباح الخير يا قلبي"
And he replied with
"صباح النور يا حياتي"
She would try to catch any drop of Spanish but nothing
A few similar words maybe but all the meanings are way off
It’s fun to watch her frown when she tries so hard to catch something
You and Bruno find comfort now saying whatever you want to each other, even in public because nobody understood a word you both said
"عزيزتي الذكية ، أفكارك الجميلة تدهشني دائمًا" he said
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rainismmm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i just thought of this while listening on spotify… anyways enjoy!!
Tumblr media
A Cupid’s help (Camilo x gn! reader)
part one | part two
Both of you grew up together, you and Camilo. You two were known to be the “Chaotic” duo of Encanto, since you did a lot of pranks on other people. And pranking people was the time where you enjoyed the most with him.
Not until you turned 15
Yes, You were still pulling pranks on people with Camilo but as you grew older with him, you catched feelings for the boy. But you don’t have the courage to confess your feelings to him because:
1.) You’re Afraid of rejection
2.) You’re scared that you might lose him
“y/n, do you want to prank the fish lady over there? It will be so much fun” he snaps you out of your thoughts “Camilo how about let’s prank her some other time? I‘m getting tired” you said but he understands that you’re getting tired after all, it’s getting late “sure wanna go to casita? Let’s eat some of tía Julieta‘s arepas” he offered you “No thanks Cami, I’m good i’ll just go straight home today”
“Let me take you home then” he offered you again but you declined his offer “Gracias Cami, but i can go home by myself“ you said as he nodded. “Oh ok then, see you tomorrow don’t forget we’re having dinner tomorrow with Mì Famìlia! Abuela wants you to come“ he exclaimed “I won’t!” as you wave goodbye to your best friend.
As you got home you went straight to your room and lay on your bed ”Y/N? Are you in there“ your dad knocks “yup” you replied.
”Dinner is ready“ your dad said as you got out of your room and go to the dining table.
“y/n, corazón are you ok? You’ve been zoning out for quite a while now your food is getting cold“ your mom looks at you, concerned.
”yes mama, i’m ok just… tired” you excused “i see, eat your food now and get some rest“ your mom said as you nodded. You got back to your room and start laying in your bed, again. “Why does liking someone can be this hard“ you groaned “it all started with a tiny crush, i didn’t expect to get this big!“ you added.
“Oh Mr. Cupid sir please end my suffering right now!” You exaggerated “I really need your help, so that it will be easier for me to confess to Camilo” you added
“I think I’m being dramatic here right now“ you said as you slapped yourself. ———
”Yup, getting so over dramatic right now y/n”
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kazuallyy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
🦋 La Familia Madrigal !!🕯️
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