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kokoroisbleeding · 16 days ago
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Bet they're the chaotic duo of the Casa Madrigal
I wish they interacted more in the movie :((
I love these two <33
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familia-madrigal · 16 days ago
Encanto HCs
Mariano asked for Mirabel and Isabela's help for preparing his proposal to Dolores.
Isabela is Dolores' maid of honor
Camilo gags when she sees Dolores and Mariano together while Mira laughs in the background
Luisa has a LOT of suitors. And not just guys.
Camilo is actually really good at academics. He used to tutor Mirabel when they were younger.
Agustin and Felix started courting Julieta and Pepa at the same time.
When they proposed, Bruno asked them "Are you guys REALLY sure about this? I'm telling you, you won't live a single peaceful day when you marry them."
Isabela talks to plants sometimes.
When Isa learned to grow other plants, she started growing crops and supplies it to the village and to her mom.
She also talks to her tia about the ideal weather for the plants
Luisa's scared of holding babies. When she was young she accidentally threw Mirabel a few feet in the air and Agustin fainted. Since then she never held babies till they're old enough (like 4 or smth)
Antonio likes cuddling her tho. He thinks she's like a teddy bear.
Dolores has a beautiful voice. She turned Mariano's poetry to songs
Also if their first-born's gift would be music related.
When Bruno passes, a new child is born whose gift is altering realistic/ memories.
The only good cooks in the family are Julieta, Abuela, Felix, Dolores, and non- surprisingly Antonio. Non of Julieta's daughters can cook.
When Bruno performs the rat telenovelas, the rats say the actual lines that Bruno says and Antonio just laughs at this..
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eclipsedoracle · 11 days ago
Everyone: you told us bad stuff and it happened! YOU'RE A MONSTER
Bruno: I saw bad shit so I said bad shit. That ain't bullying, THAT'S AN ASTUTE OBSERVATION
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fra080389-2-me · 18 days ago
Details of the Madrigal family tree. Bruno's portrait is faded, like it wasn't retouched in a while. His and Mirabel's are the only one without some kind of flowers on the top of it (even Felix and Augustin got that). Bruno's has additional leaves (maybe lilac or catalpa?), Mirabel's nothing at all.
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desichameleon · 14 days ago
camilo having a crush on a magician
pairing : camilo madrigal x gn!magician!reader
requested : yes / no
warnings : one swear word, flustered camilo, flabbergasted camilo, slight flirty camilo and i think that's it
a/n : my first hc lol hope whoever reads it likes it
• you met camilo while you were doing one of your card tricks for some kids
• you were guessing their cards as they screaming and squealed with awe
• camilo was babysitting a little boy who wanted to go watch you do magic tricks
• so of course camilo took him 
• only to be in awe himself.
• no by the tricks but you.
• you were so... attractive and graceful as you pulled a card from a little girls pocket
• it's safe to say camilo came to watch you everytime he was babysitting
• okayokay maybe every time he was in the village 
• soon you started noticing a certain madrigal boy watching you from afar and couldn't help the way your cheeks turned a light shade of pink
• one day camilo got the courage to go up to you
• "hola hermosa/hermoso"
• you smiled at him trying to hide the fact your cheeks were burning at the little complement 
• "hola, what brings you here camilo" 
• boy was done for.
• when he heard the way you said his name he new he was whipped.
• "just wanted to see if you truly were the amazing magician everyone says you are" he'd say with a teasing smirk
• that's when you stopped what you were doing and brought out your cards
• he picked one examined it and put it back into to pile 
• you shuffled the cards and pulled one out 
• "was this your card hermoso?" "no"
• now it was his turn to blush as you complemented him the same why he'd done to you
• "oh well i'd check your pockets"
• you smirked as he pulled out a card from his pocket 
• boy was flabbergasted, bamboozled, hogswagled, bewildered.
• "now read it, out loud"
• "w-will you go on a... d-date with m-e" 
• his voice cracked on the last bit.
• "but i don't know your name yet :(" "check the card again"
• he looked at the card and it read... (y/n) (l/n)
• man fucking fainted
• but you did get the date eventually
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erosarrows22 · 29 days ago
When my cousin was like 6 or 7 he went to my grandparents at the same time I did and-
And he had McDonald’s but he got me McDonald’s too bro he got me a 4 piece McNugget with no sauce but it was the best four piece McNugget with no sauce I’ve ever had.
All I’m saying is Antonio Madrigal and Mirabel Madrigal
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candy-cryptid · 6 days ago
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she is the most beautiful in all the land
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I was a little surprised when I saw y’all HC Isabella as sapphic, but I absolutley see no problem with that. It makes sense to me upon a second watch. But I haven’t seen anyone talk about Luisa being trans, which is what I picked up on during my first watch. Maybe its the self-bias, but I really see a lot of myself in her. Food for thouff i guess
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rosettastarlight · 6 days ago
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So, I made some encanto ocs! They're twins and Bruno's kids. I originally considered making them triplets, but it felt like I was just shoehorning the third in to make the theme among the triplets of having three kids. I haven't decided if their mom left or if she's still in the picture.
To me, it felt right to give them "cursed" gifts that could be seen negatively by everyone else. Miguel has the gift of retrocognition and can have visions of the past. He likes to appear more confident than he actually is but overall thinks his gift is only good for dredging up old pains. People ask him for answers to the past, but while sometimes the event they're asking about is harmless, sometimes they receive answers they don't want to hear. Sometimes he can't tell how long ago he's seeing, from a few hours to days, months, or even years. His gift makes it near impossible to keep secrets as he can find out what has already happened. If it's bad, he tells his sister so she can deal with it accordingly.
Esperanza's gift is basically karma. She can tell when someone has done good or bad, and when she touches them, it gives them good or bad luck depending on which one. She has a strong sense of the an eye for an eye ideology and has no patience for anyone who complains about her gift, saying if her gift caused something bad to happen them, they probably deserved it.
They're both nineteen and rarely seen without each other, especially after Bruno's disappearance. While they keep the name, they keep a majority of the Madrigals at arms length with some exceptions since they have nowhere else to go but still holding resentment and thinking it's their fault Bruno left. Miguel especially makes his dislike of Mirabel clear because he blames her most of all for reasons she only knows at the time of the movie.
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2uselemon · a month ago
⚠️flash warning⚠️
dolores just wants to sleep
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kokoroisbleeding · 13 days ago
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Don't bully Bruno! >:(((
Julieta just shoves arepas down their throat to heal then beat them up again to avoid suspicion and to get rid of evidence akajsjskfbkj
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familia-madrigal · 29 days ago
Possible plot of Encanto 2 ( if there will be):
The world outside of the Encanto (is there other Encantos? Does time flow differently? )
The origin of the Encanto ( did it exist before? How did it start?
A family member( current or long lost) turning mad and aims to destroy the Encanto (pleaseeeee be Camilo)
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priscaren · a month ago
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swedenis-h · 26 days ago
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7ft frame origin story
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desichameleon · 7 days ago
Could I request some hurt/comfort stuff with Luisa x Fem reader. Like Luisa comforting the reader who's been having a really bad day and just needs some love? Thank you :-)
of course bby ! sorry it took so long i was sick for the past few days and had to keep making changes to this sorry if its short 
I’ll always lift you up
pairings : luisa x fem!reader
request : yes / no
warnings : sad and annoyed reader, ruined clothes, mentions of getting hurt, chaotic kids, worried luisa
summary : the reader has had a bad day ! who better to cheer them up other than luisa
a / n : i used google translate for the spanish please correct me if im wrong ! 
You sighed as you flopped down onto your bed, today was not your day. You had had to see Julietta about three separate times today from how many times you had tripped not to mention the amount of failed attempts you made to keep the Diaz twins calm and unchaotic. Lets just say you will never be able to wear that outfit again. On top of all that you haven’t been able to see your beloved Luisa all day! She’s been to busy moving some boulders that have been blocking the river, you’re happy she’s helping out but right now you wish she was here comforting you. Just then you heard a voice from the hallway “(y/n), ¿dónde estás?” ¡dios mío! It was like the heavens above heard your wish, you quickly opened your bedroom door to see Luisa just about to knock. “Hey” you said as you jump into her arms “you okay amor? I saw you with my mom about three times today.” Luisa says, her eyebrows furrow in concern “well...” you started but trailed off “c’mon (y/n), dime qué pasa” she says sternly. You sigh as you lead her into your room and sit down on your bed and she mirrors your actions, “I guess today hasn’t been my day. I’ve fallen over way too many times, I’m not going to be looking after the Diaz kids again anytime soon and my favourite shoes are ruined never mind the whole outfit.” you rant to hr about your whole day as she watches you and listens, no interruptions she just listens.
You finally finish after for what seemed like days when it was actually just five minutes and Luisa just pulls you into a hug, no words but it’s all the comfort you need right now. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help querido, I promise to spend the whole tomorrow with you (y/n)” Luisa says as you smile into the crook of her neck as her strong arms cradle you. “You know what Lui you are the most amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for, te amo” you say as you press your forehead against hers, “te amo mi vida, te amo”.
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kinschi · 11 days ago
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They just wanted to test the limit of Julieta's healing powers... and Alma's nerves
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carlaerosie · 11 days ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress and in her hair - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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familia-madrigal · 16 days ago
ENCANTO future generations gifts hcs
Music related gift
Altering realities/ memories
Twins who are considered the black hole of the family
One has the power to assign the gifts to someone else ( could be outside the Madrigals)
However the Madrigals' bodies have already adapted to their gifts, so transferring the gift to a normal person could be dangerous to the person or to the gift itself(malfunction or disappear completely)
The other has the ability to null the gifts for a certain time period.
Super sight/ enhanced sight
Commands. The owner can make anyone or anything obey their commands at their own will.
Seeing the past ( the events before they were even born. So technically the exact opposite of Bruno)
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