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vicki-toria-kristal · 8 days ago
Bruno: What if ducks threw bread back at you
Camilo: You’d have to duck
Dolores: I hate you both-
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everlearningdad · a month ago
This movie was damn near perfect. Like, Coco, Disney have been excellent in representing a country and culture within its own magic identity. The music, colours, animation and story are all 5/5. Please go and see it in the cinema while you can.
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oatskare · 8 days ago
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Madrigal Family Resemblance: Pedro & Bruno
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misschibidoodles2 · 16 days ago
"my child is fine" your child is listening to Surface Pressure on repeat
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bruno-madrigals-wife · 16 days ago
Camilo: *Gently taps table* Bruno: *Taps back* Mirabel: What are they doing? Delores: Morse code. Camilo: *Aggressively taps table* Bruno: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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hey-hey-j · a month ago
Camilo in We Don't Talk About Bruno: Seven-foot frame, rats along his back / When he calls your name it all fades to black / Yeah, he sees your dreams and feasts on your screams
Bruno chilling in the walls:
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incorrect-encanto · 2 months ago
Mirabel: *tries to push open a door that clearly says “pull”*
Dolores and Camilo, filming her: “Just push harder!”
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malvo-ish · 26 days ago
Bruno and Isa are both Ace Icons. Pass it on.
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nemucheries · a month ago
if Disney doesn't make more content for Encanto i'm going to fucking snap
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swanpit · a month ago
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dragon-spaghetti · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on this from @incorrect-encanto-quotes
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vicki-toria-kristal · 8 days ago
Antonio: If I’m bad, santa gives me coal
Felix: That’s right
Antonio: But coal is bad for the environment
Felix: True
Antonio: So if santa gives me coal, it would put HIM on the naughty list
Felix: I guess
Antonio: Which means santa can’t give me coal, and I can be as bad as I want
Felix: Santa needs a lawyer-
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sugar-salt-sea · 19 days ago
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they’re such good siblings im going to lay down on the floor and start screaming
the way they addressed that the strain on their relationships was because of positions of stress that none of them deserved and they recognized each other’s struggles and now theyre inseparable?? ??? ?? hell yes
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oatskare · 7 days ago
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Madrigal Family Resemblance: Alma & Mirabel
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ermine-writer · 6 hours ago
I think all of Agustín's kids inherited his clumsiness but Mirabel is the only one you can tell.
Luisa is indestructible but prior to age five? Constantly broken.
Isabela's solution is to just not walk. Uses vines as her main means of transport. Constantly aware of where her feet and hands are.
Julieta had clumsy babies and I just think it's cute.
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bruno-madrigals-wife · 18 days ago
Mirabel: Can you please be serious for 5 minutes
Camilo: My record is 4, but I think I can do it..
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madrigl · 14 days ago
*madrigal kids planning on confronting alma*
mirabel: i'll do it
luisa: are u sure? you can be a little aggressive sometimes
mirabel: don't worry i got this
[five minutes later]
mirabel, kicking through alma’s door and blowing an airhorn at her face: GET FUCKED GRANDMA
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gabydiazortiz · a month ago
When the non Latinx/latine kids on tiktok are complaining that none of the cousins in Encanto look like one specific race because that somehow means it’s a cop out
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chaoticsilver · a month ago
Just watched encanto
And I haven't cried this much (if not more) since httyd 3
The whole families so precious and I love seeing mirabel bond with her family members and getting to understand their struggles
Antonio and mirabel being besties and her getting closer to her sister's
And Brunos is so sweet and wholesome and there's so much misunderstanding going on with him (I just wanted to give him a hug)
Mirabel is def going to become the matriarch of the family
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myencantothoughts · 15 days ago
Is Surface pressure my fav song because I too hella relate to putting a lot of unnecessary burden and pressure on my self to appease the expectations of my family
am I too, a big girl with a lower register alto who can finally can finally belt out a disney song without dying of head voice
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