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Dolores: So what does it eat?
Camilo: Updog.
Antonio: [starts breakdancing]
Camilo: Not yet. Wait until she asks what that is.
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Camilo, seated at the kids table: Why does Mirabel get to sit at the adults table and not me??? I’m older than her! Isabela: It’s not about age, it’s about maturity Mirabel: * sticks out her tongue at him * Camilo: ???
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pottahishotasf · 2 days ago
° Secret Stash °
Husband!Bruno Madrigal x gn!reader
Requested: NO
Summary: The events on that particular night turned more interesting than they have ever imagined, for y/n's first night sleeping in the casa madrigal as a madrigal themself.
Warning/s: mentions of food, basically just tooth rotting FLUFF, Bruno has a room with no stairs because why not?? also Bruno has a secret cupboard stash.
Word Count: 527
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When it was your first time sleeping in the same bed as your lover, Bruno— many interesting things happened that night.
But there was this moment that you could never forget.
"Hey, do you wanna go to the kitchen? There's probably some Arepa de queso left." He suggested, interrupting the silence.
"I think I also 'hid' some chocolates..."
You eagerly raised your head from his chest to look at him and nod aggressively.
The pair went— actually crept to the kitchen, trying to stay as quiet as they possibly can, remembering it was already 12 in the morning—
Bruno was right, there was some Arepa de queso left.
You were both eating, when Bruno stood up mumbling a little "wait." He went to reach the highest cupboard, knocked three times to whisper something.
It opened—
He reached his hand in— and took out a jar full of sweets specifically chocolates from the 'cupboard' while smiling sheepishly at you.
Your attention was on the jar, looking at it with your mouth parted, "Why do you have to hide ALL of THAT?" You asked, pointing at the jar, trying to process what just happened in front of you.
"Oh, it's for future purposes?..."
"Really, 'for future purposes'?" You asked mockingly, while looking at him expectantly.
"Well, yes—" As he tries to come up with some ridiculous excuse, you started walking towards him.
Carefully touching his cheek, he immediately melted in your touch and stopped talking.
"Don't worry, I won't tell." You whispered teasingly, softly kissing him on the lips— while sneakily grabbing the jar in your other hand while he was distracted.
You pulled away, quickly kissed his cheek and ran holding the jar to your chest, while yelling "this is mine now."
He snapped out of it, chasing after you, all around the house.
"What are you both doing?" You heard someone say.
Both you and Bruno stopped your actions, both breathing heavily and looked for the source of the voice.
It was Mirabel.
"I- Mirabel, y/n and I- we were just looking for some Umm... food!" Bruno stuttered, still panting.
"Oh, yes. Food!" you added.
"Okay, maybe... I will make a good decision tonight and just leave the two of you with whatever you're trying to do—" She said awkwardly, with wide eyes, trying to figure out what to say.
"I'm just gonna go now... And please keep it down. there are some people who are trying to sleep." She continued, eyeing you suspiciously, as you tried to hide the jar behind your back.
"Okay, ummm good night!" You gave her a big smile.
While you tried to contain your laughter because of how awkward the situation was, Bruno was standing awkwardly and waving, waiting for Mirabel to enter her room.
She began to slowly walk to her room still eyeing you both, she opens her door and—
Thankfully, she went inside before you finally broke and laughed a little too loud.
Bruno's head snapped to look at you, and started chuckling himself.
Both of you stayed in the kitchen until 2 in the morning, eating, stealing random kisses and having some dumb but deep conversations.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aboutthatbruno · a day ago
Bruno Madrigal x reader (fluffier)
"Brunito!" you called him from across the house.
"Yes?" he came running in.
"Baby, did you remember to grab limes from the store when you went?" you asked from your spot on the couch.
"ummmm, no. I forgot. I'm sorry" he looked at you with sad eyes.
"Ai Bruno, ven aquí" you held open your arms for him and he laid in them. You rubbed his back and gently played with his hair as he laid there peacefully.
"You know, I think you're the first person to actually give me affections like this" He speaks. "It's amazing"
"I just wanna give my favorite boy the attention he deserves" you say kindly.
"y-you mean that?" He asked looking up at you as you smiled.
"Yeah! Of course! I love my Bruno!" You said in a giggle.
"And I love my (Y/N)" he left kisses all on your belly. Holding himself up to kiss your lips. "I love my (Y/N) so much" He kissed you again.
"Hey Tio Bruno..." you heard a voice. "I- oh! Sorry!!" Miracle stuttered and nearly fell trying to get away.
"Mirabel!" Bruno called, she stopped dead and turned around.
"Come here" he beckoned
"What's up, kid? What do you need?" he said happily.
"Oh, I was just wondering if you needed anything from the market?" She said.
"Yeah, (Y/N) wants limes, but I don't need anything, gracias " Waved goodbye to his niece and turned back to you.
"Aw, thanks baby" you pull him in for more kisses.
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luna-s-journal · a day ago
POV: Someone made Luisa cry and her sisters find out
Tumblr media
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ichigobunsss · 17 hours ago
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Pepa!🌤♡ And her many emotions✨
Okay this is prob my fave out of the madrigal cosplay's i've done lololI (plz excuse the bad editing lmao)
heres my insta!! https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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doodleswithangie · 12 hours ago
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that's what you bring to the team, mirabel - management skills!
remembered this scene from the spongebob musical after rewatching encanto and here we are
[image description: a five-panel comic of isabela, mirabel, and luisa madrigal based on dialogue from “spongebob squarepants: the broadway musical”. mirabel is trying to persuade a skeptical isbaela to help her and luisa save the miracle.]
Transcript: Mirabel: (to Isabela) We have a miracle to save! And we need you on the team! Mirabel: (reluctantly gesturing to Isabela) Brains... Mirabel: (excitedly pointing to a flexing Luisa) Brawn! Mirabel: And - though I don't have a special skill to bring to the table- Mirabel: (happily pointing to herself) I'm coming too! (On either side of Mirabel, Isabela facepalms, and Luisa grins anxiously.)
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always-and-forever-pan · 2 days ago
Unpopular Encanto opinion: Abuela Alma's trauma does not excuse her actions to her family. However her actions where subconscious in response to her trauma which means she is not a bad person for them.
I always either see posts that seem to dismiss her actions because of her trauma, because she was willing to apologise and try and be better or posts that completely villainise her for have trauma responses in the first place.
But the thing is neither of those are really how things work in the real world. Like I have trauma myself: generational in similar (and yet also different) ways, personal, religious etcetera, so I took have acted in ways that are as a response to that. I've clung tightly to people, shut others out, lashed out, isolated myself in all the ways, put pressure on people to be perfect. And we see Alma do all of that. But just because I was able to recognise my trauma and seek help dealing with that trauma does not mean the people I hurt unintentionally and with love in mind simply forget my actions.
My point is: Alma is a good person, she is making good strides in reparing what she unintentionally damaged, she is not bad for having trauma. But simply recognising and owning her trauma does not undo her actions or give her a free pass in dealing with the consequences.
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anonymous-tals · 19 hours ago
It’s sibling bonding time!
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Julieta, nodding sagely: We all have our demons.
Félix, carrying Pepa: This one's mine!
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incorrect-encanto-quotes · 2 days ago
Agustin: I wasn’t sure what kind of chocolates you liked so I got all of them Julieta: Agustin… There are like 300 boxes here… Agustin: I panicked, okay!! Valentines can be very stressful!!
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charminggirl-jatp · 2 days ago
In rewatching Encanto, I realized that some person decided to throw a whole ass accordion at Mirabel without any warning during Family Madrigal and I think I find it funnier than I probably should
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chocolatadafria · a day ago
random sketches while rewatching Encanto
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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calicot-zc · 10 days ago
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~ LET IT RAIN ! I do believe that the young triplets used to support each other when they were struggling with their gifts… But Alma eventually lead them to repress their feelings and add more and more pressure on their shoulders with years passing.
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aboutthatbruno · 2 days ago
Bruno Madrigal x Reader (Fluff)
"(Y/N)" He said gratefully as he walked into his bedroom to see you laid in the bed watching a football game.
"Hey mi amor" You say as he tosses himself into you. Resting between your legs with his head on your stomach and his around around your waist. "What's wrong, Brunito?" You ask.
"I just had a really long day." He sighed as he shut his eyes. "Missing my mariposa" He said rubbing your belly.
"Aww, I missed you too" You say playing with his curls, a light smile etched on your face as you watched him fall asleep in your lap.
"Hey, what do you think about having babies?" He said out of the blue.
"Marry me first. After all, Tio Bruno should reall make me a Tia (Y/N)" You winked.
"Soooooooo" He started. "We can have babies?"
"Sí Bruno" You say.
"Yay!" He shouted happily. "hernando and Jorge will be so happy to hear. "
"Funny you mention Jorge, I was just thinking about him" You giggle.
"Ha ha ha" He faked. "Very funny" He rolled his eyes.
"Estoy jugando" You kiss his nose. "I love your eyes" You say. He stared into your (E/C) ones
"I love yours too"
"I love you" you say. He sat up to look at your beautiful face.
"I love you too" He kissed you softly. "Now, lets make a baby!!" He exclaimed kissing you hard.
"Bruno, marry me first." You warn.
"Oh yeah!" He pulled out a box. "Marry Me?" He asked. A very informal proposal, but nonetheless, a beautiful scenario.
"Yeah, I'm a Madrigal!"
"Yeah, and there will soon be 3 little Brunos!!" He kissed you.
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cipherscriptures · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I had the idea of “what if Mirabel made some dresses for her family with more design elements on them instead of just the ones they had.”
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holdnarrytight · a month ago
I just realised yet another little detail that symbolises so much in the story!
During Dos Orugitas, we see a young Alma Madrigal that seemed to be cheerful, playful and even a little clumsy. The braided hair, the frilly dress and the big smiles help create an image of her as a sweet, carefree young woman who was not afraid to just be herself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Once the tragedy with Pedro happens and the miracle is born, Alma immediately takes shelter in casita and we see her alone, silently processing the events of the evening; looking extremely weary, lonely and traumatised. She looks down at her babies. Her Julieta, her Pepa and her Brunito, and her expression changes. She knows she needs to be strong for them. She’s resolute, but there’s a sadness in her eyes that says she knows what this means for her, too. She can never go back to the woman she used to be.
Tumblr media
The next time we see Alma, she is putting on a black cloak and leaving the room. This room was the cocoon where she transformed into a new person, leaving her old self behind. She's become different. Her smile doesn't quite meet her eyes anymore. She looks tired, somber. Older, even.
Tumblr media
There's a shadow, a trauma she's carrying that soon takes form in the perfectionism and control that eventually hurt her loved ones. This event shapes the way she deals with challenges from this moment on, and she is always in fear of the family losing their home once again.
She became harsh. Strict. Everything has to be perfect in order to protect and earn the miracle the love of her life granted their family with his noble sacrifice.
Tumblr media
This is an incredibly strong woman who has been through hell and came out alive, for her family's sake. This black cloak follows her from her young years to her old age, and becomes a constant throughout the movie. It represents the weight and the burden of the grief she silently carried ever since that moment, and will continue to carry for the rest of her life. It represents the change she had to go through, putting her emotions last in order to become the strong matriarch her kids and the village needed. It represents the loss of not only her beloved Pedro, but also of her innocence, her youth, her laughter and her smile.
From the moment young Alma Madrigal and her children were gifted a miracle, she became the one responsible for the whole village. She, as the only one blessed with the magic and the one whose gift repelled the enemies, was naturally placed in a position of power and leadership in the worst moment of her life.
Tumblr media
It's likely she was the one everyone immediately looked to for directions right after the miracle happened, and that she had to leave her feelings behind to help other lost and grieving people rebuild their lives and their homes, creating what the village of Encanto eventually became. She put everyone else first. She was extremely selfless.
Alma Madrigal is such a complex character. There are so many layers to her personality. This is why you guys can't just write her off as a villain or as a horrible person/grandmother. It's not so black and white.
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Mirabel: What are you doing?
Isabela: Stargazing.
Mirabel: Why are there pictures of you taped to the ceiling?
Isabela: The stars are beautiful tonight.
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incorrect-encanto-quotes · 2 days ago
Dolores: Words ending in “ie” are so cute! Like cutie, sweetie, cookie… Isabela: Die
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