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luisa-madrigal-magic · 2 days ago
Picture this: Somebody giving Luisa the fluffy unicorn toy from Despicable Me.
Tumblr media
Thank you for opening my eyes
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angelshizuka · a day ago
Quickest way for me not to trust you;
Claim Mirabel, Luisa and Isabela’s birth order is “wrong“ because how dare it not be exactly like the birth order stereotypes that most families don’t even fall into, how dare Encanto show us the order you were born in doesn’t set your personality in stone! /s
Congratulations on proving to me forced stereotypes are the most important thing to you.
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calicot-zc · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
~ YES SO... Tía Pepa being an emotional Tía with baby Mirabel
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hashafasha03 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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unidonkey · a month ago
Head empty just Isabela and Mirabel being supportive sisters
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inamindfarfaraway · a month ago
Luisa: (to Mirabel) How’s the best sister in the world doing?
Mirabel: I don’t know, how are you?
Luisa: (crying) I-I’m fine.
Isabela: (across the room) I’m great, thanks!
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veryberryghoul · a month ago
Isabela: You say "please" and "thank you" in front of your younger siblings all the time and they never repeat it.
Isabela: But when you say "fuck" ONCE—
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dos-oroguitas · 28 days ago
Playing with the Madrigal Grandkids in Minecraft + S/O prompts, Platonic! Antonio
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would almost always give you flowers. Randomly dropping it in front of you and shift crouching so that you'd know even in game, she loves and appreciates you.
Proclaims the two of you as the rulers of the nether. Would probably make her own custom texture so that you two could have matching crowns.
Very much protective of you, she may only have flowers and a lava bucket in her inventory but you can count on her to risk herself to fight off mobs who would approach you.
Gets jealous of the dogs and cats you tamed who you'd always baby talk.
"They're not baby! I am, I'm your baby!"
Grumpy Isabella noises. What do those animals have that she doesn't have?!
Most likely would have tried to hide them so you could pay attention to her instead. Feeling bad midway and apologizing profusely when you get online.
She'll insist on having matching Minecraft skins.
Most definitely names your armor before giving it to you like the netherite helmet? 'Mi Amor's Head Protector', your sword? '(Name) and Luisa's bonk stick'.
She's proud you're wearing the armor that she herself crafted and mined for.
Puts her Minecraft bed next to yours as soon as you have a home in Mirabel's Minecraft replica of Casita.
"Mi Amor, don't wander off too far."
Yeah you'd most probably be like Camilo, getting lost for god knows what reason. You just liked to explore the world!
Her Minecraft character scurrying after yours when she notices you're straying away too far.
Let's face it, she'd build a shrine for you. Not in a creepy way. Well, she'd plant flowers on your statue's feet. It's cute, shh.
Most likely plants red poppies in the shape of a heart and crouches in the center of it to show how much she loves you.
Banner and pixel art for her significant other!?
Probably away a lot, collecting materials for her new map art that features the two of you together.
Lots of texts in-game
Randomly places signs in front of you with little cute messages of how she loves you.
"(Name) I made another map art!”
“(Name), Me encantas. :D <3.” She would say while standing on an enchanting table.
Makes a Minecraft playlist for her significant other!?
'Songs to listen to while you play Minecraft with the Love of your life.'
'Don't need to mine any diamonds when you're the only precious one to me.'
Cheesy playlist names
Gets you a parrot in your preferred color. Lets them sit on the juke box with one another.
She would make music out of the note blocks in Minecraft of your favorite song.
Only hops on the group call when you're on.
"Hah. Simp." - Most likely Camilo.
Camileon was k*lled by Dolores.
Teases everyone as a simp but the biggest simp there is when it comes to his s/o.
The boy would most likely ask for admin privileges just so he could impress you with his super duper powerful 'Sharpness 100' sword.
This boy is at your beck and call. You need trees? He'll get the saplings for you. You need diamonds?! Say less, he's already TNT mining at y 11.
Most likely would cry about you if Isabela bans him.
"Isabela! Please, I can't live on without seeing them in-game. I need them! I need mi vida!" He would sob.
Would probably get scolded by you when he randomly attacks Bruno.
"That man is dirt poor! You leave him alone, Madrigal!"
Antonio (Platonic)
You are very protective of Antonio in game. They're like the brother you wished you had/ never had.
Probably buys him Minecraft plushies.
Pepa would absolutely love how you spoil Antonio. She is very grateful.
Once Camilo had accidentally hit a dog and instead of helping him, you two just watched as he was mauled by the dogs.
"Should we help him, (Name)?"
"Nah, he deserves it."
Camileon was k*lled by Wolf.
Bonus! Bruno
Rambles about this fun block game he's been playing with the kids for a while.
Manages to convince you to play it with his nephews and nieces.
"Auntie (Name)! :D !!" Most likely fills the chat.
Pranks wars with Camilo.
Bruno's defender when Camilo suddenly attacks.
You probably spawn kill Camillo while he screams for mercy.
"Maybe you should take it easy on Camilo, Mi esposa/ Mi esposo."
Camileon was k*lled by (Name). F's in the chat.
Tumblr media
Minecraft with the Madrigal grandkids s/o + platonic Antonio? I'm very into Minecraft right now, please don't judge me.
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bigfrozensix · 29 days ago
At people making “Luisa should’ve been the eldest child, Mirabel should’ve been the middle child and Isabela should’ve been the youngest child” claims and use extremely stereotypical arguments for it: Just admit you can’t imagine other people’s experiences being different from yours and think your experience is the only valid one and go. Because godforbid people with siblings don’t fall into the stereotypes expected from birth orders.
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megpeggs · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Flower crown 🌸💕
(Tap for better quality!)
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gabineteolvidado · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
im obsssesssed with this movie, se supone que iba a postear esto ayer pero creo que no lo hice :/
Also this asample for ych, i make commisions too 20usd!
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totallycorrectencanto · a month ago
Isabela: This is just a reminder that all psychiatric and therapy services are completely covered by the fire station’s health insurance plan
Mirabel: Why do you always look at me when you say that?
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talesofmetalandmagic · 28 days ago
All the discourse around Isabela Madrigal’s possible lesbianism seems to ignore a key aspect: what if she still wants kids?
They’d adopt, wouldn’t they?
Could adopted Madrigales have powers?
I feel like there’s a cool concept to explore around there.
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the-writer-nerd-ro · a month ago
Julieta playing "Guess which one of my daughters is gay" with Alma only to reveal it's all of them
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jadejam · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Madrigal twins sisters
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unidonkey · a month ago
The adorable Madrigal sisters but then it gets weird
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectly-encanto · 6 days ago
Luisa: Is this movie going to make me cry?
Isabela: Probably
Isabela: Everything makes you cry
Mirabel: You cried when you got here
Luisa, tearing up: I was just so happy to see you
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rae-arts777 · a month ago
I Stan protective Isabela over Mirabel
Isabela: My little sister Mirabel is so annoying.
Someone: Mirabel is annoying.
Isabela: 💢💢 *ties them up with vines* WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY BABY SISTER?! 💢💢💢 do you want to know what the inside of a carnivorous plant looks like?
Mirabel: ISA NO!!!!
Mirabel: this is my boyfriend!
Isabela: please to met you, Mirabel, be a doll and get my coat
Mirabel: of course! *heads off*
Isabela: Now listen here you small dick bitch. You EVER. Break her heart, or hurt her, and I’ll use my powers to make your life hell, that you will fear the very grass you walk on in fear that I might be controlling it…waiting….waiting to make you pay.
Mirabel: Im back!!!
Boyfriend: *screams*
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dos-oroguitas · 29 days ago
Harana to Mi Vida II
Tumblr media
Will Camilo's efforts pay off? Will (Name) give him her sweet, sweet 'Yes'? Tune in next time to find out! Kidding. This is part 2.
Tumblr media
“I love you too much,” Camilo starts out quietly, gazing up at your still closed window as he pursed his lips. “To live without you loving me back..” He cleared his throat quickly, his nerves getting the best of him in the first few lines.
Breathe, Camilo. Breathe. He reminds himself. Think happy thoughts, he tells himself once more as he closes his eyes. You got this. Mirabel had started to worry about her primo, faltering in her strumming to look upon him with concern.
“I love you too much, Heaven’s my witness and this is a fact.” He lets out a chuckle after the line, picturing the times he’s prayed to the miracle for his destiny to be with you or the times he’s begged his Tio Bruno to look into his future to see if you were in it with his Tio only shaking his head in response. “I know I belong, when I sing this song..” His shoulders were still tense but it was clear he was getting used to what would be the performance that would hopefully earn your love. Happy thoughts were with (Name) after all.
Happy thoughts was hanging out with you on Casita’s roof, gazing at the stars that burned in the night sky. Happy thoughts was climbing the mango tree with you and holding your hand while he helped you climb up. Happy thoughts was you, cuddling up to his side during the cold nights where you hung out before he had taken off his ruana to gently place it around your shoulders. Happy thoughts was (Name) and her dazzling smile that would stop his whole world and rid it of motion.
Without you, it felt like all of his mamá’s storms were raining down on him specifically. He never knew life in Encanto without you after all. “There’s love above love and it’s ours cause I love you too much.” He slowly loosens his grasp on the bouquet of flowers that he was holding, more relaxed now. “I live for your touch, I whisper your name night after night..”
And he had. Each night he would whisper your name but instead of your last name, he replaced it with his own. (Name) Madrigal. (Name) Madrigal. It had a nice ring to it, didn’t it? And he would grab onto his pillow and smile like the dork he was, flustered by his own thoughts of you being his bride. All this would be heard by his sister Dolores who would tease him as revenge to the many times he’s informed of Mariano’s arrival with a ‘Dolores, your boyfriend is here!’ though she would mean well, encouraging him after to shoot his shot.
“I love you too much.” As if allowing the whole world to roll off his shoulders, a great weight had been lifted off him as he sang. “There’s only one feeling and I know is right..” He wondered if you could hear him. Though as his eyes fluttered open, it was also the exact time you had gently swung the window shutters open and he swore he felt the air in his lungs leave him.
Even in the moonlight you had looked as radiant as ever.
Upon the coaxing of your parents who had heard the singing from outside, insisting that you take a look yourself, you were greeted by the sight of Camilo and Mirabel. At first you didn’t really get it. Was there trouble with Casita? Though as soon as you saw the flowers and the tiple, it all clicked. Your cheeks warm and just like the shapeshifter, your breath hitching. You attempted to hide behind the white curtains of your room, gazing at the boy who, unbeknownst to him, had also managed to capture your heart like you had with him.
He wished you had kept the windows closed though. Dios mío. Now the nervousness that had slowly melted away from him was coming right back in. It took everything out of the poor boy to keep his powers at bay, knowing damn well he would’ve been shifting all willy nilly if he had let himself do so. He took in another deep breath before he mustered up all his courage to call out your name.
“(Name)!” He shouts your name with all his heart and in a sudden too that Mirabel had no idea whether to keep playing or not. Though she would quickly correct herself, strumming the guitar once more as Camilo sang. Hearing your name being called out by the boy that you had loved since you were a little girl made your heart thump like a thousand beats of a drum.
“I know I belong, when I sing this song,” He sang loudly, pouring his feelings with each and every word that flowed out from his lips. “There’s love above love and it’s ours ‘cause I love you too much.” He looked at you, adoration in those eyes that resembled brewing coffee in a summer’s morning.
“Heaven knows my name, I’ve been praying,” He continued. “To have you right here by my side.” He sang each word with such passion that it made your heart flutter, your cheeks red, and your heart that has already been captured by the shapeshifter, to be caught in the nets of his love even more. “Without you a part of me is missing. Just to make you my own I will fight.” As he said these words, his eyes were filled with determination, a fire inside of them that would burn passionately and you knew he meant every word.
“I know I belong.. when I sing this song..” He murmurs the last lines of the songs in a way that would still be heard by you. “There’s love above love and it’s ours ‘cause I love you too much, mi vida.. Te Quiero!”
He panted as the last of the song’s words left him. Heart threatening to burst out of his chest as he gazed up at you who, joined by your parents, had rushed their way downstairs. As soon as you were face to face with him, he sucked in a breath.
“(Name), mi reina, mi corazón, will you.. will you allow me to court you?” As soon as the question left his lips, a smile made its' way upon your face despite the warmth that still lingered on your cheeks and you answered him, not even hesitating.
“Sí, Camilo!” You threw yourself into his arms, laughing happily as the stunned boy was frozen with surprise before he had picked you up, twirling you around happily as he pressed soft kisses on your face.
“Ay, they can skip the courting stage at this point.” Your mother had muttered with a shake of her head. The joyous couple’s chuckles and happy giggles were accompanied by Mirabel whooping and cheering for her primo.
Somewhere in Casita’s walls, a certain young woman had squealed in happiness along with the Madrigal family who erupted in triumphant yells and happy cries.
“She said yes!”
Tumblr media
A.N. The moment you've been waiting for, I hope you guys like it! I've always loved the Book of Life and 'I love you too much' seemed like the perfect song for this one!
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bigfrozensix · 2 months ago
I love how being called selfish is what broke Isabela.
Since she was about to go into a loveless marriage and become a baby machine just for the family’s sake, and was suffering silently while doing so.
That’s far from selfish, but I can’t really blame Mirabel for calling her that, because it definitely came across that way on the surface. And it was a tense scene in general where neither were being really nice to each other.
But this also goes to show how important communication is and how much it helped Isabela to finally let down her guard and do what she wants, instead of what’s expected of her. That’s when she truly bloomed.
And I also love how though Mirabel sought out Isabela for a hug, purely because of the vision, the actual hug ended up being genuine and initiated by Isabela.
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